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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Happy New Year to All

What does 2015 hold?

Wrexham Borough Council to amalgamate with Flintshire County Council?

Will Penyffordd Community Council Website be run in a proper manner?

Will younger people come forward to help run things Penyffordd?

Friday, December 26, 2014

Hanson Cement Alleged Fallout

A Happy Xmas to all.

This week the windscreen of my car on at least two morning maybe three has shown a deposit that does not remove when windscreen washers and wipers are applied.

This is a classic sign of fallout from Hanson Cement.
As is the deposit appearing magically overnight.

Someone in the Post Office told me that certain parts of the village have received letters from Hanson Cement recently offering a free cleaning of their vehicles.

Why only parts of the village? My house was in the main zone for fall out when the previous plant was running.

I'm not looking for a free valete I just want my car to be free of cement fallout.

The new plant works well most of the time. What's the issue here?
Pushing the limits of the filtering system?
Production over environment?
Maintenance work not carried out?

Any further instances will result in an official complaint to Hanson Cement with copies to Penyffordd Community Council, Flintshire County Council and Natural Resources Wales.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Upcoming Events

Wrestling returns to Penyffordd British Legion.

It's £50 for New Years Eve at The Millstone
Car park was packed at 3ish this afternoon

Monday, December 08, 2014

The Weather

Horseshoe Pass closed till after lunch and loads of idiots on the A55. This snow stuff makes roads slippy apparently..................

The wintery weather caused the accidents not the idiots in the cars.

Penyffordd Pedestrian Improvements

Modifications to further slow traffic in the middle of the village. I salute those with vision. We do not have to be a fast short cut, we have a bypass.

postscript: This will upset those who come flying around the bend over the no go area.

Further postscript: How about compulsory 20 mph zones outside the Post Office and Spar?

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

It may be a bit cold but

In my opinion a load of tosh

Still it keeps a lot of people in very well paid jobs.

Wish I didn't have to help pay for them.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wrong Timing

So they want to pay Welsh AM's an extra 10 grand a year. This is at a time of zero hour contracts, employment migrating from full time to part time, declining job security, serious cuts to local services, poor NHS service, etc

They're taking the P aren't they.

Hanson Cement's Economic Barometer

I use the sign of emissions (mostly water vapour) from Hanson Cement as an indicator of national economic activity.

Haven't seen too many emissions lately or for that matter years but it appears the outlook may be getting better.


One hopes the increased grinding capacity will be quiet...............

New Powers for Flintshire County Council

Another article on

If the powers are used well, a power for the good. One presumes NWP will be helping!

The decline of local newspapers, the way it is.

A good article on on the relationship between local government and local newspapers.

Also there are large losses in national newspapers such as The Guardian which loses about £50 million a year at present.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd

A letter in the Flintshire Chronicle. 
Seems our government don't want to encourage too much nationalism.

Websites a bit short of stuff ie. a few images as I write.

Dog Poo Dodge

I took a parcel to the Spar this morning. It was £5 (edit £7) cheaper to send than Royal Mail (over 2kg). You sign up with Click Plus online, pay, print off a sticker for the parcel then drop it off.

Between the Millenium Clock and the Spar which is less than 200yds there are 4 lots of dog mess that has been trodden along the path.

So its eyes down rather than straight ahead.

Rather impossible to miss in the dark...................

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Accidents galore

Cyclist killed last week near St Asaph

Cyclist seriously injured near Rhostyllen this morning

4 cars involved last night at Broughton

Dobshill biker injured last night.

Accident this morning at Post House roundabout, two cars.

Had an idiot biker behind me trying to kill himself and other people between Penyffordd and Pontblyddyn this morning.

Nothing is done about it.

No road policing and nobody cares except those affected.

Monday, November 17, 2014


ACCIDENT: There's also been a collision between a car and motorcyclist on the A550 near the A549 Dobshill Roundabout, no word on an any injuries as of yet.

Daily Post 6.16 pm

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Remembrance Sunday

Penyffordd remembered those that fell today with the annual march. The weather has been kind this year.
An alternative view of the great wars is put forward below.  In the comments section it is stated that WW1 didn't need to happen, that a million people volunteered to go to war in this country.


Saturday, November 08, 2014

Bonfire Night for Penyffordd

All the good people of the village are building the bonfire.  Weather forecast not bad. Showing chance of rain at 6, but its only a chance.

postscript. It's 4.30 pm, volunteers are still at it loading the bonfire. So that's nearly 8 hours and counting. Damping down after the bonfire will require effort past 8 this evening.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Housing Survey introduced by Cllr David Williams and my thoughts

Apols for the wonkiness of the scan. This is Hewlett Packard's attempt at intelligent automatic cropping.
If you have an opinion on this place it in comments or write to David on
I agree with David on this issue.

Can I expect to get pensioner accomodation?
My thoughts are do we wish to become a Broughton, or a Buckley?
I think the village is large enough, there is no need for us to become part of an urban sprawl from Saltney to Mold.

It's time to discourage population expansion. More people equals more trouble. Time to pay people not to breed. Time to stop payments for breeding.
Time to control immigration.
Time for our government to start governing.

The survey is here. A Wrexham B.C. and Flintshire County Council initiative

I've tried filling in the form online but I've fell at the first fence. I'm a bit short of an ID number.

Apparently you can fill the form in by just putting in your Post Code, no need for an ID number..............................

"This is the on-line version of the 2014 Wrexham Council and Flintshire Council Local Housing Survey. Please work your way through the survey and select the answers that apply to you or to members of your household. Your answers are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and are protected under the 1998 Data Protection Act which places very stringent conditions on the use of the data. We appreciate that some questions are sensitive but it is not possible for the Council to link responses to individual addresses. Research is being undertaken by arc4 Ltd on behalf of the two Councils. Please type in the ID number printed on the front sheet of your questionnaire (this appears as a number with up to 5 digits (WHOLE NUMBERS) and allows us to match responses to neighbourhood only). Alternatively please insert your full Postcode (e.g. LA11 1AY Capitals and middle space). Thank you."

The form appears to be for those near retirement age. There are over 40 questions mainly click answers. Hopefully not looking for help in the next 10 years myself lol..........................

Penyffordd Bonfire Night 2014

Saturday November 8th 2014

On The Institute field

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Parking at the Maelor

I notice someone on mentions the difficulty of parking. I noticed this on Tuesday. You should allow extra time to find a spot. It's like Fred Carno's Circus at the moment.

Ellis the gamekeeper has passed away yesterday

For many years gamekeeper to Sir William Gladstone on his Hawarden estate. For years I tried to avoid Ellis on the Hawarden estate. This was in the restricted areas.

In June he was in the bed opposite me in the Evington ward at the Maelor. As one of the walking wounded I used to go and talk to him. Ellis in fact beat me to the door being discharged two days before myself.

Ellis had a keen interest in cockerels which he used to breed. One visitor to the ward came with the express purpose of persuading Ellis to sell him two cockerels.

A gentleman who will be sorely missed.

keywords: Peter Davies

Monday, October 13, 2014

Penyffordd girl lops off locks for sick children

Brave Holly Crotty, 10, of Penyffordd overcame her fear of the hairdresser’s scissors and donated part of her blonde hair to the Little Princess Trust.


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Plas Teg

Whilst we're out travelling you may wish to look through Plas Teg house.

Penyffordd Wine Circle visited it a few years ago. You need a warm coat if you go..............

Here's a good photographic record that you can click through

To Llangollen

This is Horseshoe Falls on the River Dee. The falls supply water for the Llangollen Canal. The falls can be reached by walking past the Chain Bridge Hotel.


Thursday, October 02, 2014

Recent Property Sales

Sales recently added Edit location
7 Bilberry Close£147,500
Penyffordd, CH4 0LT21st August 2014
Sales recently added within 500m of CH4 0LJEdit location

Orchid Penymynydd Road£299,995
Penymynydd, CH4 0LJ28th April 2014

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

More Noisy Aircraft at 2.30pm Today

Aircraft that helped defend this country during WW2 will be doing a flyover at Broughton airfield today.
A Spitfire, Lancaster and Hurricane will be buzzing around on route to Southport.
Perhaps even over Penyffordd.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Road Closures

ROAD CLOSED: And drivers in Penyffordd in Flintshire should know that West View is closed due to sewer works around Alyn Drive until this Friday, September 12.

According to The Daily Post

Monday, September 08, 2014

Dust Watch

I have a film of dust on my car today. So does Lisa.

Is it ?

1. From the Sahara

2. Off the roads

3. From the local cement works.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

All Change at Penyffordd

Passengers abandon train at Penyffordd after lorry hits bridge.

Full story

Silly Mobile Phones

For my sins I run a Nokia Lumia 625.

Nice big text no messing around. It runs the Windows phone operating system

Today it died after 8 months.

Tried to recharge but no good, it tries then stops.

So its back to the shop tomorrow. Not keen on paying out.

I try Google for answers.

One suggestion says plug in charger then hold phone between hands to warm battery up.
You think they're joking.

Anyway it works, phone is on 9% and charging

Bottom line is phone gets so low it doesn't know what anything is.
Warming battery up increases power in battery slightly.

I have a meter on the front that said 91% charged before it died. This app seems to be malfunctioning after Microsoft's recent upgraded.

The Noisy Jet Fighter

overhead this afternoon was a Eurofighter Typhoon, so I am told.


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Penyffordd Lad signs for a Million

20-year-old Lawrence, who hails from Penyffordd, was signed late on Monday night by the Foxes from Manchester United for a fee in the region of £1 million.

Full story here.

Penymynydd Rd speeding

Is also on the September Council agenda. Councillors should spend a little time watching speeding on Chester Rd where the red speed bump is situated (part of the major route to school)

Some do 30mph plus. They are a danger to children and lolly pop.

Perhaps a bump upgrade or compulsory 20mph

There are those that will be horrified (cul de sac residents) but cllrs have a duty to protect residents and children from the idjuts.

My view remains the same. The village should not be a fast short cut. We have a bypass.
Those of us on main roads should enjoy similar environmental conditions to those on side roads.

The Millenium Clock Garden is a dog's breakfast

and has been for some time. My garden is too but the rate payers aren't paying for it.

A step in the right direction for Penyffordd Community Council

Today I spy September council agenda fully laid out on the council board. Well done Sarah !

I also see an item to discuss putting councillor contact details on their website.
Emails would be very nice councillors especially since nearly all of you have one!

Perhaps we can have council agenda and meeting minutes all in one place councillors?

Perhaps we can get rid of the awful fir trees

Can I have the wood?

postscript: A further thought councillors. Should Cllr David Williams be allowed to put personal views on the official council website.

I think not as it makes you all look rather silly and is completely unrepresentative of council views.

To The Maelor

You would be surprised who you bump into from Penyffordd. Every time I go I add someone to the list. Today I see three people from Penyffordd.

A quick talk with Cllr Colin Bithell who is having some remedial surgery done. Good news for me, one more visit in three months time to give me the all clear.

Good news hopefully for Colin too.

Back to school today?

Some will be starting school, changing schools today. Can you remember your first day in primary school or secondary school?

My first school was Sandycroft PC. It was three quarters of a mile away in Mancot. I was presented at the school on the first morning when I was 4 years of age.

After that I had to find my own way there.

Secondary school was an unwanted change of routine. Pupils wanting to be top of the class in a bullying sort of way. Then another change when we became Comprehensive joining with a grammer school. More unwanted change.

Shortly many will be on the university trail. I find some of the subjects taken to be of little use.
We need inventors, engineers, scientists, educators, designers, entrepreneurs, people who inspire, people who will employ.

Rewards for putting your house on the line to start succesful companies

Many are pressured to go to uni who shouldn't be there.

A 50k loan to repay at the end ridiculous. (edit I read of various amounts else where)

postscript: school hasn't started, perhaps next week.....................................

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Penymynydd Rd closed

On a Saturday morning at 8am
What for I do not know
Not too many people take notice of such signs anyway.

Utilities I suspect.

postscript: Perhaps not. Roadworks on A5104 which is being closed.
source: North Wales Live - Daily Post

Perhaps a roundabout for the White Lion estate on the Penymynydd / Broughton road.
Good to slow traffic down past the Junior School.

No, not a roundabout just a couple of red stripes..................................

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Denbigh and Flint Show on Thursday

Not sure when everything starts. If you've been before you might have some idea.

The weather?

Same as current with perhaps extra rain in afternoon.
But that's two days away so it could change.

Traffic Alert Wrexham A483 / A55

Between September and March there will be large delays Posthouse roundabout etc.

The response from those in charge of minimizing delay is very very very pathetic.


Highways Agency project sponsor Mark Mosley said " “We do not provide diversion routes unless a full road closure is necessary, but drivers can plan their own routes to avoid the work if they feel the delays are unacceptable.”

Not if you're in a 2 hour queue on the bypass you cant !

Non locals will not know its happening either.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Where does your rate money go within Flintshire?


Education – £10 million
Adult social services – £48 million
Capital and other financing costs – £37 million
Waste and the environment – £16 million
Children’s social services – £14 million
Highways and transportation – £11million
Leisure, libraries and culture – £9 million
Local democracy and community support – £5 million
Housing services such as homelessness, housing advice – £3 million
Planning and development – £1 million


What do Flintshire Council contribution to services cost?
The average cost of a secondary school £3.3 million
The cost of a medium sized primary school £632,000
School transport – £6.8m (total cost £6.9m)
Youth service – £1.2m (total cost £1.5m)
Average contribution for a residential care home £748,000 (total cost £986,000)
Learning disability day care services – £967,000 (total cost £983,000)
Running disability work opportunity centres – £1.8m (total cost £2m)
Older people day care services – £535,000 (total cost £571,000)
Leisure centres – £2.8m (total cost £8.3m)
Libraries – £2.1m (total cost £2.3m)
Clwyd Theatr Cymru – £1.1m (total cost £5.3m)
Highway maintenance – £6m (total cost £7.5m)
Waste collection services – £5.5m (total cost £9.8m)
Household recycling centres – £2.7m (total cost £2.9m)
Streetlighting costs – £1.2m (total cost £1.3m)
Town centre CCTV – £240,000 (total cost £356,000)
Countryside services – £356,000 (total cost £417,000)
Costs for trading standards service – £751,00 (total Cost 774,000)

If an aircraft lands in your garden

Alternative Title. An accident waiting to happen.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The JW's

Have been doing their rounds today in Penyffordd. I have big issues with someone trying to sell me something.

Something I don't want whether on the streets of Chester or at my door.

In fact I think door selling should be made illegal.

I have a relative who was visited by the JW's early this week in Saughall.
Denise stands no messing from anyone. (ex school teacher)

The JW's dont believe in blood transfusions.

"Do you realise my husband would not have seen any of his grand children if he went along with your silly rules"

Exit stage left..................

keywords: Jehovah Witnesses

Car Tax Disk System to be abolished come October

I've seen cameras on lamposts springing up everywhere.
Now it all makes sense.
There's one near Dobshill garage if you want to see one.

The cameras are also good at surveillance. Just type in your registration number.............

M56 closed Runcorn

You may need to know this.

Penyffordd Airport: Commercial flights plan 'dead in the water'

Perhaps the politicians can have a commercial airport next to their houses.

Soil their own doorsteps.

Better still Ms Sandbach AM can be put to live at the bottom of the runway.

Summer Holidays

Bardsey Island

Nothing much happening locally. I spent two summer holidays here.
Two one week yoga retreats.

No alcohol, no mobile phones, no radio and no telly.

Can only be reached by boat. If it gets too rough to go back to the mainland it's tough. You just have to wait for the right day.

Link Daily Post

Monday, August 11, 2014

If you like ice cream

May I recommend this from Lidl.

Half the price, as a good if not better quality, with more ice cream than the over rated Haagan Daz

The question will be of course is it in stock? ( no its is'nt )

Registering for Elections

An article here about Wrexham Borough. Same applies to Flintshire.

I recently had cause to search the Wrexham Electoral Election. Someone told me that my father had a sister, unknown to me.
The sister had a daughter who lived in a certain post code area of Wrexham. The daughter's married name was Jones, I also had initials for her and her husband.

You can look through the Electoral Register by hand. It is your right. They do however handicap you. It would be very easy for it to be database searchable. The rules do not allow for this.
My task was to look through tens of 1000's by hand.

Council's sell the names to 3rd parties. You can elect not to be sold I think.

I realised the futility of the search. So I paid £12 to and found address immediately.

Perhaps unfair.

In the end one happy relative ( and ) who had been searching streets that my parents used to live in for clues of my existence. Angela now has an extended family from Wales all the way to Greece.

Apparently the new registration will make it more difficult for electoral fraud.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weather update

Wind apparently starting 6pm
Rain to follow

postscript: we get to 6pm , not much wind................
not that I'm complaining.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Here it comes......

The tail end of the Bertha hurricane. I presume this is only the start as it will pass over tonight with loads turning up tomorrow.

Buckets and mops at the ready...............

Carboot looks off.

Perhaps the Snowdonia mountains will take the sting out of it?


postscript: looks like we missed it lol

Friday, August 08, 2014

Nothing much happening Penyffordd wise

Going to the M56 via Queensferry should be avoided this morning.
See Daily Post.

I continue to recover from my recent hick up
Someone invited me to walk around Pwll Glas Golf Course.
I declined as this still a bridge to far.

I was complaining to my doctor that I still had this inertia.
Well Colin, you've been very ill she reminds.......

Something I forget.

Here's a tale

Monday, August 04, 2014

2014 Real Schools Guide

Put Castell Alun,  Hope in the appropriate square

World War One

We're going on an adventure!

Today the First World War is commemorated.
I see Ed Milliband being a twerp at the Cenotaph.

postscript: It seems that the Department of Culture made sure Cameron wrote on his card, but did not ask Clegg or Miliband.
This is a stitch up by Tory spin doctors with no respect whatsoever for the war dead. It's disgraceful.

Penyffordd lads were sent to Turkey ill equipped to deal with conditions
Red hot in the day, freezing cold at night.
No antibiotics for wounds.
Many must have begged for a bullet through the head to end the suffering

Still the sanitized version prevails I see.

Recruits were not fully conversant with what they were letting themselves in for.
Those left at home were kept very much in the dark
All letters sent home were screened with anything bad removed
Protesters at the senseless carnage in the trenches were shot.

The Media had to go along with The State
( Main Stream Media still does ! )

The reality and horror best summed up below.

With thanks to The Slog

"French Second Lieutenant Alfred Joubaire wrote in his diary about WWI just before he died that “Humanity is mad! It must be mad to do what it is doing. What a massacre. What scenes of horror and carnage! I cannot find words to translate my impressions. Hell cannot be so terrible! Men are mad!”

10 million dead.
Millions with shellshock and post traumatic stress
A bankrupt United Kingdom.

And what for?

Yes all because of our idiot politicians.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Lead Water Pipework Further

The definitive view from DEFRA

Chester Rd Junction Traffic Accident Death Update ( November 2013 )


Penyffordd Health - Ebola - No risk to us is it?

Whirling Tword on Zero Hedge says

I'm sorry but, there is something really different about this ebola outbreak.

When doctors wearing bio suits that go through 3 decontaminations including spraying them off with bleach are getting infected with this then, this outbreak is different, in my humble opinion, at least.

Much profanity in comments

Ebola transfers by touch and fluids.
Talk on ZH and Natural News suggests its airborne too

So do you shake hands with people who have been to an area that has Ebola?
Have you been near someone who sneezed who has been to an Ebola area?
How long is the virus live for on a surface?

Somethings to consider.

Why transfer people who have something highly contagious and incurable to a city with millions.
Best an island  USA base and fly people in.

postscript: I'm going somewhere next Tuesday evening where people will be who have lived or currently live where Ebola is present.............. The Hospital

postscript: The definitive view

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spot the Penyfforddian


The above photo and many others can be purchased through The Leader on the above link.

Dove Cottage Gardens open to the public in aid of NGS

From the middle of Penyffordd you travel along Rhos Rd to the roundabout, straight over towards Corwen then left before railway bridge. There will be yellow signs directing.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Robbing Banks

We are consolidating a few building society accounts. Not too consolidated, eggs in one basket etc.

My wife walks into The Nationwide who took over the Staffordshire BS to ask them to close our account.

Its already been closed says the girl.
Perhaps your husband closed it?

"No I think not."

Then Lisa has a long conversation with the manager.

Apparently the account was classed as dormant
No letter to us to advise of course.
Hoping we've forgot about it, etc.

Our money turned up today. Wont be using Nationwide ever !

Bastard banks want closing down.

Bosses put in jail for a minimum 10 years.

ps. Did you know those in power are lining up customers to be the suckers if your bank or BS goes down the drain. Yes madame we've used your life savings to pay for our bad bets.
If this is not so please explain why.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How well do you know Penyffordd?

Put your post code in here

I got 31% ( I did mine without Google )

The survey asks if I've ever been to Penyffordd lol

If you work in Flintshire County Council in planning or are a councillor you may find it easier.

There's no questions about the Millstone or Red Lion.

If you want to have a proper go at this you need to know how many people lived in the Penyffordd  political ward at the last census about 2010 / 2011 or there abouts.

You can tell from the map area covered what the ward consists of.
I know I've walked it lol.

On Using No protection

I occasionally correspond with county councillors not of this ward. Yesterday I started receiving spam from a county cllr. I don't use anti virus software or malware lookout stuff.

I happened to open one of the spam emails nothing more.

Two hours later I notice I have started to send spam to people including customers from my address book exactly the same as the one I opened.

Ah ! you say you should have anti virus software. It would appear that such software has no use whatsoever for server side run operations.
( The Cloud )

So I changed my email password, that fixed it thankfully.
I also deleted all such emails.

So what did I and the county cllr have in common?

We both use Gmail
We both opened an email, nothing more.

I've informed said cllr using another  email address.

A sign of things to come? - Powercut

No sooner do I mention energy security and the lights go out last night at 8.15pm. No bath, no internet and no telly.

How long is it to be off for? An hour, 2 hour or 5.

It would be very easy for our energy company to set up an online form where you could leave your mobile number for them to text you when the lights go out.

ie. sorry about fault it will take about 2 hours to fix.

There would appear to be more important considerations than customers such as executive remuneration.

So we went to bed at 9.15 and the electricity came back on 9.40pm

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Penyffordd Comment - Energy Security

So our very brave Prime Minister David Cameron is calling for very strong sanctions over the recent commercial plane that crashed in Ukraine against Russia.

Who controls natural gas that UK and Europe has to use.

Russia   Doh!

If you rely totally on gas ( I don't, it was a concious decision ) you have a problem this coming winter if the above is not sorted  out amicably with Russia

Increase energy prices will affect jobs, the economy, keeping your house warm in the winter.


And the markets won't use this as an excuse to put up gas prices will they !

Rosedale comment on the above link
"The central premise of this badly researched article that "the price of LNG in Asia has crashed from $20 to $11 per British thermal unit since February" is essentially false (apart from the obvious typo - per BTU should read per million BTUs).

Russia is a reliable and presently irreplaceable supplier of large quantities of relatively low-cost pipeline gas (and continued to be one even through the height of the cold war). A boycott would be pointless and futile anyway - Europe would be freezing and half its factories shut long before Russia ran out of money or anything else.

The Russian people, as history shows, have an immense capacity to suffer hardship and privation when their homeland is threatened, and I doubt that things have changed so much over the years or the centuries that the Russian government will alter its present policies under the threat of sanctions as long as it sees its vital national interests being at stake."

Penyffordd Carnival 2014 Thank You

Stuart Guy, Chair of Penyffordd and Penymynydd Carnival Committee
issues a big thank you to all those that made the event happen

Mrs Mary Price - Funeral

Tuesday 29th July 2014 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Penyffordd moves to a different beat

School holidays have begun.
The kids disappear
Always wonder what they do in the mornings
Computer games? Television? Mobiles? Sleep?

A lot less traffic, no hassles parents in cars.
You can even drive into Chester easily

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Penyffordd Health - Saturday Special

They're very clever bacteria. Here's an article on why antibiotics are failing.
If mine had failed I'd have been dead a week ago. Pneumonia does not take prisoners.
It appears we are growing new bacteria in the sewage works.

The term " brink of armageddon is used" by a scientist

Friday, July 18, 2014

Water Works - Possible Lead Toxicity Issue?

Last week we had a letter from our water supplier to say that maintenance work will be carried out on the water main to improve flow. This would involve temporary water discolouration.

Today I see a sub contract company for the company who own the water network have started on Chester Rd.

It seems the job entails sending rods back up your tubes from the stop tap outside your house.
edit addition : perhaps they back flush?

We have lead pipes which must have a good internal deposit. Is it healthy to remove it?

Lead is nearly as toxic as the mercury amalgam that I have in my teeth fillings.......doh

Thinks I'll ask.
Or perhaps I need to look first.

No good have emailed Dee Valley Water on

You might want to too.

below edited:

You may ask "and the photo ?" That is Johnny Depp playing The Mad Hatter in Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland. Hatters suffered from mental problems due to mercury exposure in the hat manufacturing process. We won't talk dentists and mercury exposure.

There's not much difference between lead and mercury.

The Google

Or for those who would wish for more education

DEFRA are in charge of water quality.
This is what they have to say about lead pipes. I found this tonight after writing article.

Speed Bump Dodgers on Chester Rd

A commenter says

"They need to put a kerb or a post to the left of the first speed bump on way into Penyffordd. People barrel down the road and swerve onto the muddy verge to avoid the bump. Seen two cars skid doing this when it's been raining. Accident waiting to happen."

Thursday, July 17, 2014

School child nearly killed on Chester Rd Penyffordd yesterday

Not quite sure of all my facts here Edwina .......but here we go.

A schoolchild cycled down the Penymynydd Rd yesterday afternoon after 3.20pm  across the road onto the wide path outside my house then down to the Chinese then did an abrupt left hand turn on to Chester Rd in front of a moving vehicle that managed to miss child.

This scenario a nightmare of mine

Ysgol Penyffordd are aware.
Post office might be aware
Chinese was shut and won't be aware

Media should get permission to talk to council personnel

All Ysgol Penyffordd children are warned of the dangers of traffic on Chester Rd.

Time for compulsory 20mph between garage and institute and Penymynydd Rd to the school.

Note to Cllrs. Some drivers hammer over the speed bumps.

Apart from what I've said, I kno* nothing.


*copyright Private Eye

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Talk with Edwina

Tonight I have had nearly an hour chat with Cllr Edwina Davies. Edwina put me right on a few misconceptions I have on council. In another blog I will put down what I thought and what the actualitee is
as Alan Clark would say.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


There I was talking to a baby blackbird up the garden, no one around. I leave the greenhouse door open. She had been headbutting the window because I turned up. It must know where the door is, it goes there most days when not plundering gooseberries.

Then I here this brrrgn brggn...... a moby

Next door in covert mode. Or not quite..................

Oh dear !

Flintshire County Council Bin Services

The other day I said there were possible interruptions

Services appear to be running as per normal

white bag day etc

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Penyffordd Elections 2016

I've got all the paper for a fiver from the carboot
I have free printing facilites.
Tom splits the costs between 8
(postscript I forgot his cronies are diminishing)
If Tom's standing I wonder which yes man will be replacing Cllr Joe Bell?
Its time half of the committee stood down.
We've got no full size football fields for public use
We have no doctors surgery

All that's needed is the hoof work to deliver
Best to get them all out before the certain phone call from FCC CEO Colin Everett (Returns Officer).
He said he didnt like the tone of my literature
I said I didnt like blackmail attempts against my wife when standing for council
Did I mention the late night silent phone calls (no)

How do I get hold of a list of old, gaga and infirm who have a postal vote?
See they always need help when filling their voting slip in.
Just put your cross where my finger is.
You say you'll pop it in the post on the way past

Am I standing for

1. County Cllr?
2. County Cllr and Community Cllr?
3. Or none of the above?

Your decision.

Memo to Penyffordd Cllrs

The new clerk is hiding information of council meetings on the council notice board. Under instructions from Tom? Or perhaps its in the council minutes. (Joke)

Somethings don't change do they.

I'm going to press this. Its a fundamental right that cllr meetings are available to read.

If not why have a £10000 clerk for 3 days work a month.

Memo also to the Penyffordd clerk. Best you get any "off Penyffordd committee instructions" in writing. Your job is to be neutral and to advise cllrs when they are being unfair and vindictive


1. Secret meeting by Penyffordd Community to get Flintshire lawyers ( very deep pockets) to take action against me for having temerity to suggest 2000 cars a day breaking 30mph on a major route to school was something they didnt want to know about. Previous clerk visited the house to tell me.
He said speeding traffic is nothing to do with the council.  The agenda hidden because only the front page was showing. I should have had a go then.
Notice the modus operandi. Verbal with no record.
What he said to me and a witness is a downright lie. It is a function of council. Not the clerks fault acting under instructions. I wonder if clerks comments to me were discussed in council and who passed minutes? Someone say "don't make us laugh please"

2. Cllrs taking vindictive action with the distribution of grant money in the village. Was it 3 years on the run they gave grant money for their mates and nothing to a society I belong to.

Best you ask the wise heads at County Hall for advice . Don't want you mixed up in the politics.

We remain in the dark ages with a dead hand on the tiller.

What better example than Cllr Joe Bell. How many meetings has he attended in the last 4 years.
What has he done in the last 4 years. A comment made by Joe 2008 / 2012 about flashy signs on Chester Rd during committee was a golden moment.

I presume you cllrs remember that embarrassment

Tom's lot would vote for a donkey if asked to do so !

You just don't listen do you !

So says a commenter (troll) over me criticising my views over the strike.

FACT As I said private sector pays for all public services and their employees.

The government have ways around this of course. They keep inflation rates artificially low penalising those that have savings.

They print money by the billion making your savings and earnings devalued.

Back to the troll.

In the previous blog about firebrigade pensions ( which a commenter says are gold plated)
There were good detailed comments explaining, informative and intelligent by at least one teacher.

Then we have the above plonker who wrote the title
Bet you won't say who you are.
I have no issue with anons, otherwise I wouldn't get any comments lol
I have issue with the above comment, similar and personal abuse.

I have kept all IP addresses since 2003.
I'm sure it could lead the way to those who tried to blackmail my wife from standing a a community cllr in the ( edit 2008 ) . It took 5 years but I now know where the information came from. Who set up the CCTV looking at my house. Might even lead the way to those who damaged my car twice. ( got infra red now fellas) Who got the parent to ring up accusing me of being a pedo ( I dislike children) Then we have council minutes of my victimisation.

A minority play hardball in this village
I think I know who you are . A scrutinisation of IP against events would be interesting.
I keep all evidence off site. The dog knows where they are but Lisa doesn't.
Its up Pen Lan y Gwr ( Gods country )

Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me, copyright Kenneth Williams or perhaps the writer of the film, play, whatever.

So sorry for the rambling back to the troll
Originally 6 comment were published in 8 minutes

A concerted effort. You can tell from the style of writing that they are from different authors

I've noted a trend in a few school teachers
When challenged they go into "class mode" and talk to you as if you are a 12 year old
Perhaps its hard to switch off

The above comment was published at 20.00 hrs
A teatime session in The Red ?
Without looking at the IP's I don't know whether it was from in the village or not.
I'm not looking

Friday, July 11, 2014

Mark Isherwood AM

Haven't seen him in the Flintshire Chronicle for ages. Thought he'd died.

Anyway he is alive and well on Twitter.

Also here

Mark's website is impressive  perhaps Penyffordd Community Council might take a look.

Just in case you think I'm Conservative, I'll put Labour on shortly

On the presumption that Tom owns the field opposite his farm. I spy a Conservative placard at voting times in the past. Surely not you say he's Independent.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bin collections to be disrupted by strike

According to the Daily Post

Good job we haven't got a couple of young kids in nappies as mentioned on

Cllr Colin Bithell

This morning I bumped into Colin in the Post Office. I had a 5 minute conversation with him.

See ! I'm not all bitter and twisted.

Over the last 10 years Colin has suffered great loss.

The experience of Colin makes me wonder about a living god
How could God be so heartless.
He needs an apology from his god

I hope Colin is comfortable in his present circumstances.

A days holiday today for Penyffordd school teachers

Teachers start off at £22k and I presume if you've been there a while its £30k a year

There are many people on minimum wage and zero contract hours.

Teacher and Firebrigade leaders are taking the piss.

postscript. I think the government are trying to trim firebrigade pensions which are very adequate.
Never understood why I should contribute to public sector pensions.
I could never afford one.

The action is also political. More of this to come before the election

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

New supermarket for Penyffordd

I joke a little. It's to be built in Buckley. We like Aldi and Lidl.
As with a lot of stuff in Penyffordd its ok if you have a car.
Anyway who wants supermarkets, shopping mals in the village.
A doctors surgery might be handy..............


Monday, July 07, 2014

Don't set fire to your house on Thursday

As the fire brigade are on strike.
Excuse the flippancy but they get paid an awful lot more than me.
Did I mention their pension that I pay for that I haven't got.

A fireman mate of mine drives a new jag he's retired.
Had it one year bought a new one.


Candles are banned in our house - a Colin edict

Quote of the day

"A working wife gives a much better return than an ISA."

Colin Lollypop

Will you know where your children are during the school holidays?


My mum never knew where I would be.

From our Sandycroft home I could be on the river bank, Mancot, Hawarden, Queenserry, Shotton,  Connah's Quay, Saltney, Broughton. In any of the countryside between the above.
Used to wade across the River Dee to the other side.
From 14 onwards I was usually on Hawarden golf course.

Always turned up for tea

Drinking and drugs not. A swig out of a bottle of whiskey or gin revealed it to be very bad stuff.

Drugs? Didn't know what they were.

Signs of drugs can be seen in Penyffordd. Apparently there is the odd spliff to be seen in the road gutters. This I have not seen myself but have been told by a person who has a lot to do with our paths and roadways.

Penymynydd Roundabout Traffic

I see the above appeared on the Penyffordd Community Council July agenda.  This is an area I try to steer well clear of at busy times such as first thing and tea time. The roundabout has two lanes entry at some junctions. The roundabout is not designed for two vehicles side by side even if some sillies try it.

Cllr David Williams wants the roundabout decorated with plants and trees. I think is should be shrunk to allow two cars to go around at the same time in safety.
 The roundabout is a outdated, a bottleneck

A further option is to knock Tom's house ( Penyffordd Headquarters) down and make the roundabout bigger and make the section of road between Penymynydd and Dobshill a dual carriage way. ( I joke)

postscript: Also an issue is the Hope turning at Hope which should be made three lanes. This affects Penyffordd residents but is not in our parish

Friday, July 04, 2014

Road safety

Flintshire County Council are going to introduce advisory 20mph speed limits outside all schools. A step in the right direction. Our lollypop man Colin has nearly been knocked down twice since he started.

Last week he was standing in Penymynydd Rd with his lollypop escorting children across the road. A motorist who thought lollypop was loitering in the road carried on moving. This was while two further children were crossing the road. The motorist had not seen the children.......
I think license removal for a few months might concentrate the minds of some.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Houses Sold

Address  Sold price  Sold date  Type

16, Green Park, CH4 0LY £135,000 01 May 2014 3 bed detached
9, Min Y Ddol, CH4 0EB £132,500 20 Mar 2014 2 bed semi-D
20, Alyn Drive, CH4 0HP £125,000 28 Apr 2014 3 bed semi-D
6, Warren Crescent, CH7 3BZ £114,750 30 Apr 2014 2 bed semi-D
Bank House, Lower Mountain Road, LL12 9RW £520,000 04 Oct 2013 4 bed detached

From all of us here at

Something for free

I have a Nokia 625 it runs the Microsoft Windows mobile platform. Anyway it says I'm being upgraded to 4G .

Lisa asks Have we any 4G transmitters around here?

I use mobiles for calls, emails and texts.

You cannot however beat a large computer screen.
Using mobiles all day is not my scene.

I'm with O2

postscript. Now they say I need a new 4G sim card,
So it isnt free lol

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Close to Home

Having just been in the Maelor for two weeks with pneumonia I have a special interest in the following issue. The PM bless him is calling for new antibiotics to deal with illnesses that currently defy treatment. C. Difficile, MRSA and other virus and bacteria are modifying so that antibiotics will not kill them.
Antibiotics are in our food. Meat and dairy I think.
Doctors hand them out for lots of stuff, although they are trying to cut down

Problem is Prime Minister the baddies alter all the time.

ps I'm currently on 14 antibiotic pills a day, good job they are working.
Think most of them are finishing tomorrow inc the steroids.


I get on fine with the China's. Jimmy is my favourite. Other neighbours are fine excepting 2.
One has never spoken in 10 years, not sure what the issue is there, their problem.
Another neighbour is friendly sometime and hostile other times. Had about 5 arguments there
 over the years. Currently no speak, don't know why.

Won't acknowledge my existence when talking to some people.
Again their problem

I'll talk to anyone, life is too short.

Bathing in micro waves

A perfect day in Penyffordd, warm and sunny.
I have a 100 jobs......................
Or is it 200.

Here I am in my little quiet office previously unaware that the BT wifi box is spewing out microwaves. Just like sitting next to the box in the kitchen that's on all the time.

If you don't need wifi some can be disabled.

Another way is to block the microwaves by giving the box a tin foil coat using aluminium foil from the kitchen. I suppose you have to leave it part open. My mobile uses One Drive and loads photos up to the cloud when I have new photos. This is a good function that gets rid of the need to use cables

Will put some links on later

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Internet has been down this morning in places

A couple of hours
Couldn't access our shops mainly in USA

Step forward BT

The Daily Post say
News: BT has apologised after "many" users in the UK experienced problems recently connecting to the internet, but says the issue has now been resolved.
Internet users complained they were unable to connect to some websites - including eBay, Twitter and Facebook - as a result of the problems.
BT said it was unable to say how many customers had been hit, but issues were reported in various parts of the UK.
The firm, which has about seven million broadband subscribers in the UK, said it was still investigating the incident.

Residents meet Dwr Cymru over Chester Rd flooding this morning

The fact is the water comes down Penymynydd Rd in the underground pipeway, the pressure builds up as the pipes can't take it. Then the inspection grid lifts and 1000's of gallons of water spew across Chester Rd and down Ken's and next door's drive.

I see it every time we have a downpour

I've spoken to a civil engineer they know the problem. They were going to put a camera down the pipes.

Previous blog explains what might be the issue ie. narrowed pipe work.

Why all the blogs?

Penyffordd blog material can be hard to find.
I have a robot set up that helps.

I'm currently on presnelone a steroid.
16 tablets when I started now down to 4
Makes you creative, hyper and gives you the munchies.
They give you sleeping tablets to sleep.
Great for cramming for university just for a few days
In hospital I would buy The Times and read it from cover to cover
Even the horse racing news section.

They also make you loose weight a stone in 12 days.
Can I keep the stone off!

End of course next week.

Not recommended for more than 3 weeks as they are addictive.

Wikipedia side effects considerable.................

Penyffordd First World War

As the anniversary of a Duke who got assassinated in some far off country arrives.

In the Institute are the names of those who fell in the war. Dan Snow tries to communicate the sheer horror. With some he struggles.


Chester Rd Closed for resurfacing

The yellow sign says open to residents only. This I think should be a policy aim for the village.
Through traffic to use the bypass.

The proposed road alteration at the junction of Chester Rd / Hawarden Rd will make it more difficult for commercial traffic

Friday, June 27, 2014

Penyffordd Monsoon

Half an hour of full pelt rain. Coming in places here I've never seen before. Cue buckets.
In Penymynydd Rd the ditch was piped years ago. It runs under Chester Rd then down into the stream.
At the moment there are 1000's of gallons pouring out the manhole for the drainage. Its running across Chester Rd and into Ken's garden.

Spoke to a utility man some time ago who opined that before the pipe goes into the ditch the pipe diameter reduces there by causing a back pressure up to Penymynydd Rd

Any reduction of pipe diameter shouldnt have been allowed if it has happened.

Usual nutters on the road who dont see the need to slow down.

Vaughan Family Butchers of Penyffordd clean up prizes

Vaughan Family Butchers of Penyffordd near Chester won all but one of the prizes on offer at the National Federation of Meat and Food Traders (NFMFT) National BBQ Competition in Coventry. - See more at:


CCTV Surveillance Creep

I tend to look up lamp posts. Its a habit I developed after finding a cctv camera looking my house. Flintshire County Council didnt know it was there. They own the lamp post...........
The reason eventually given after an FOI I don't buy

Anyway if you drive from Penymynydd towards Dobshill look at the lamposts on the right you will see what looks a sophisticated wireless camera pointing at you.

The cameras do ANPR they take your registration plate and store it somewhere. These cameras are also in Newbridge, Abermoddu, Marchwiel and elsewhere..

The State Machine continues its relentless to spy on its subjects . It needs stopping.

Penyffordd Community Council join the 21st Century

The Clerk to the Council Sarah Hughes has got an email address!
Details shortly.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

For Penyffordd Blues Music Lovers at Mold

Acts already confirmed include:

The John Verity Band, Babajack, The Cadillac Kings, The Brothers Groove, Stevie Nimmo Band, Tom Attah, Connie Lush, Rita Payne, The David Sinclair Trio, Forty4, The Screaming Beavers, Boys Allowed Out, The Reaney Brothers and A Shrewdness of Apes.

There are great ticket prices on offer, with advance Friday evening tickets at just £6.00 for adults and £4.00 for under 13’s.

View the event website for full details.

Venue: Kendricks Field, Maes Bodlonfa, Mold, North Wales, CH7 1QQ.

Times: Friday 1st August – 5.00pm to 9.30pm
Saturday 2nd August – 12.00 midday to 9.30pm
Sunday 3rd August – 12.00 midday to 9.30pm

Weekend tickets are available for the festival and accommodation can be arranged via the Flintshire Tourism Association website:

Monday, June 23, 2014

Congratulations to Sarah Hughes the new Clerk to the Council

Hi Sarah,

Can you ask Tom if its ok for you to expose council minutes in full on the notice board?
Today I see 2 pages exposed to view rather than the normal front page.

Most of the stuff on the notice board is unimportant
For example the village website that has not been in existence for 10 years.

Perhaps you can explain to Tom that his view that residents should be kept in the dark when ever possible except for election time is a little out dated.

ps I see no email address or anything else to contact you.

As the person of first contact you should have one

Fact Most Penyffordd Cllrs have email addresses but hide them.
Cindy Hinds, David Williams, Linda Vidamour and Dr Clive Weed the exceptions.

Some things in Penyffordd don't change.

keywords: Clerk to Penyffordd Council Mrs Sarah Hughes

Penyffordd Politics

Yesterday I bought a local history book ( isbn 0954113910 ) about Llanfihangel in the former Montgomeryshire. One of the chapters was about village politics.

I think this a good idea to discuss.
I have the handicap of NOT knowing the full situation as I rarely see cllrs these days.

So we have

Labour led Welsh Assembly Government
Labour led Flintshire County Council
Independent led Penyffordd Community Council

to be added to

Maelor Hospital Blog

On this page I will describe my 12 day stay in The Maelor . A frame work will be set up and then added to. Updated 08/July

The Prologue

February 2014  - Walking the dog up an incline in Nant y Ffrith forest I have to stop through lack of breath.
In April I develop a lump in my neck. I think the size of a ping pong ball, Lisa said smaller. I try some of my protocol for life supplements by May it has gone. Sheer luck?
The lump I thought an enlarged lymph node.
One evening in mid June I announce that I am dying. Doctors appointment brought forward. I've had xrays, bloods and ECG.

Day 1 To Marcher Practice, Broughton. After tests the doctor decides to send me to A&E Maelor. My blood oxygen levels are below 90 they should be 96.
We grab a bag of stuff on the way. Tests and questions for about 3 hours. Blood tests sent away.
Question: Have you got a parrot or kept pigeons?
Mr Kahn (Heart specialist) is in charge of diagnosis.
My doctor in A&E looks like Emma Watson the actress (Harry Potter)

Day 2 I am moved to cardiac in the middle of the night. I am wired up. 5 wires ECG, 4 litres of oxygen per minute through a face mask, blood oxygen monitor and an automatic blood pressure test every 10 minutes. Cant sleep because of the face mask. Removing face mask makes the blood oxygen alarm go off.

Day 3 "Can I borrow you Colin?" says Mr Kahn walking in with three apprentice doctors. Thus follows a masterclass in diagnosis using sight, touch and a stethoscope.
So I strip to the waste in bed whilst the doctors prod me and look at various clues. Question Am I displaying cyanosis? This happens with two consultants. It appears my symptoms are a bit unusual and a challenge for the trainees. ( and the consultants )
I am by the way able to lead a normal existence as long as I don't walk anywhere or talk too much.
I am however in hindsight going further down hill.
The illness in full stealth mode.

Day 4 Moved at 3pm in the morning. I'm moved to the grandma's room in MAU which is the Medical Assessment Unit. It's like the film Coma
Spend a day to two here. Visits from the Pharmacy people. My Gavascon and cough medicine are confiscated lol. All drugs are locked up and dispensed by a nurse.

Day 5 Moved to another ward in MAU. Not happy here. We have a loud eccentric woman, the telly is on all the time. We have a gypsy and a drug dealer who has the remote control for telly.
We have two patients who like the telly on all the time. Its having to listen I find a Chinese torture.
Get me out of here...........
The television in wards causes friction. I and others think wards should be quiet. Others think differently. Some wards in other hospitals have wireless headphones.
We have the World Cup coming up !

Day 6
The Tests
This is a circular xray machine. This gives a 3D picture of the lungs and other bits. I had a crackle in my lungs that could be heard with a stethoscope.
Mr Khan called it the polo machine.

I also had a bronchoscopy Wasn't looking forward the this.
Mr McAndrew the top lung man did this.
I had an intravenous sedative through my canula and a local one down my throat.
You have the option of no local anaesthetic down the throat which makes  your wind pipe flexible or a local anaesthetic. Mr McAndrew advised having the local anaesthetic. You have to sign a consent form for this procedure. 

He sprayed 4 lots of anaesthetic down my throat. After the second I could feel the top of my windpipe touching the bottom. I was concerned about breathing whilst this was going on. I did not however need to be concerned. The whole procedure was over in seconds. The tube is slid down your throat, they spray a liquid into the lung then suck it up again.
Lab results showed 4 bugs. The Pneumonia one, the one that caused my eye infection and two other spectators lol The procedure was not unduly uncomfortable honest !

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Further ramblings about health

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