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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Penyffordd Comment - Energy Security

So our very brave Prime Minister David Cameron is calling for very strong sanctions over the recent commercial plane that crashed in Ukraine against Russia.

Who controls natural gas that UK and Europe has to use.

Russia   Doh!

If you rely totally on gas ( I don't, it was a concious decision ) you have a problem this coming winter if the above is not sorted  out amicably with Russia

Increase energy prices will affect jobs, the economy, keeping your house warm in the winter.


And the markets won't use this as an excuse to put up gas prices will they !

Rosedale comment on the above link
"The central premise of this badly researched article that "the price of LNG in Asia has crashed from $20 to $11 per British thermal unit since February" is essentially false (apart from the obvious typo - per BTU should read per million BTUs).

Russia is a reliable and presently irreplaceable supplier of large quantities of relatively low-cost pipeline gas (and continued to be one even through the height of the cold war). A boycott would be pointless and futile anyway - Europe would be freezing and half its factories shut long before Russia ran out of money or anything else.

The Russian people, as history shows, have an immense capacity to suffer hardship and privation when their homeland is threatened, and I doubt that things have changed so much over the years or the centuries that the Russian government will alter its present policies under the threat of sanctions as long as it sees its vital national interests being at stake."


  1. I think that the country being more aggressive and more in trouble with the Russians is Germany. They applied stronger sanctions and without Russian energy, their economy is on the verge of collapse.

    Same applies to the UK. Russia is not only supplying energy, they are injecting a lot of capital in the London property market -and probably in lots of other places as well.

  2. Yes you are right Alex. I read Merkel is not red hot on sanctions though. Neither should she either.


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