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Friday, October 30, 2015

We make aircraft at Broughton

This is how they make them in Russia

Bad Move


North Wales Police control room saying cows that were threatening to get onto the A55 at the A550 Dobbshill earlier this morning are now back in their field.

Meanwhile in Wrexham someone has set a bobby's car on fire (perhaps premature comment we shall see). That's on top of the 7 cars set alight last week

Crossways, Penyffordd has a bobby and Crime Scene Investigation on site.......


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cuts are on the way

Flintshire County Council want your help to save money. Gordon Brown wound
our debt up to £0.8 trillion, then George Osborne sent it up to £1.5 trillion.

Here's the deal.


I'm not a supporter of Liverpool FC
But perhaps.
Here is a man with presence, emotion, humanity, not a robot.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What the heck..........

Sweet Surrender - You remember.............

Your hands are cold but your lips are warm...................

Monday, October 26, 2015

Have you seen?

Penyffordd Health

I see our new health centre in Hope is coming on well. Will they have enough doctors to run it?

Here's something to help you stay away from the doctors.
I take it every day with piperine to increase absorption of the curcumin.

Was it Albert Steptoe or my technical college lecturer who used to label curry as
that " foreign muck!"?

Song for Penyffordd

Friday, October 23, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bad Driving II

I see the M56 was closed yesterday afternoon for 12 hours and the trains stopped. 4 car pile up A55  at Conway. Cyclist knocked off his bike in Wrexham.

I suppose its all due to volume and a legion of  idiots.

Which leads me onto........

Speed restrictions are going to happen on the Penyffordd Bypass. Not sure if the restriction includes the bypass but we are talking south of the village.

Cllr Stan Davies has mentioned the speeding on this section of road some years ago.
I find walking on the path next to this section of road un-nerving. 60 mph traffic within 3 feet of the path unacceptable. Some do 80 mph.......

Flintshire County Council advisory notices are on lamp posts.

ps.  Councillors there is speeding over the speed humps on Chester Rd. If you don't believe me get FCC to put down speed recording equipment.

Time for full time 20 mph zones in the village for the idiots.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

North Wales Bad Driving in The Daily Post

What's done about tail gaiting which is endemic - NOTHING

What's done about bikers using N Wales as a racetrack - NOTHING

NWP traffic section have been whittled down to NOTHING

What's our North Wales Police Commissioner doing about dangerous driving NOTHING

What will the proposed Welsh Government initiative do about all the
 idiots currently driving around - NOTHING

Well done Daily Post!

" North Wales Assembly Members including Aled Roberts, Mark Isherwood and Darren Millar, have also called for a safety review of the dual carriageway."

Flu Jab?

I'm going to be asked shortly.

I think I'll pass..................

The science on vaccines is not awfully well understood.

ps. Last year's flu jab was a waste of money because they chose the wrong strains.........

Friday night a bit early

A Song for the Prime Minister David Cameron

And...........for all those displaced and killed in the world by the US of A and their
willing poodle the UK.

" If I don't get shelter, I'm going to fade away........................"


We'll leave Vietnam out.

Whoa ! There goes my visa............

Isn't Charlie Watts class! Listen to that drum beat.

#sexonlegs  #takeyourpick  #syria  #GCHQ

Monday, October 19, 2015

Anti Social behaviour by youths tonight

Comment put on blog tonight.

"I see the village idiots have been at it again in the park. They are antisocial enough with their daily shouting, drinking, playing loud music etc to all hours at night. Tonight the clowns reached new levels with a very loud firework and creating a large fire in the allotment area. The fire engine has just been down to put it out. How long do we have to out up with these asbo youths?"

One presumes our councillors will get on the case.

Perhaps a few of them need a good tasering...............(edit) that's anti socials not cllrs...

and a month in jail.

Or perhaps a few days in the village stocks by the Millenium clock.
Eggs and tomatoes supplied.

Up S Creek Further

Public transport companies who service Penyffordd community have been looking to make efficiency's including stopping buses to our health centre in Buckley.

There also appears to be trouble with school children getting Castell Alun our main secondary school.
Cllr Cindy Hinds reports there are serious issues with the bus company that takes our children to the Hope school. Flintshire County Council are getting involved.

Perhaps by now it is all sorted.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Penyffordd Local Development Plan

We've got off very lightly you should see Buckley's

So ! We have the candidate suggestions in, to shape the future development of Penyfffordd district. There are tens of millions of pounds swilling around in the barrel.

Who is doing the suggesting?  You have to go to county hall to find out.

It can't be emailed or put on the Flintshire County Council website.


Perhaps we need to follow the money.
Who is Mr Big? Making all these suggestions.

Why aren't our councillors explaining things properly?
Ah! they will say "If you had attended so and so meeting and looked at this spread sheet and that spread sheet you would know what's happening."

All this could be explained on the council £600 website (and counting)

But its not. I feel it's Penyffordd Community Council's job to communicate before it's too late.
Pen041 an example of why they can't be trusted.

Some of you are having a skate park, Spar type shops, etc next to your houses.
Some of you won't be able to see Hope mountain after they're finished.
Have you looked at the above document properly?

I've been going on about the bulldozing of houses (Pen041) and the knocking down of The Spar (Pen035)  our only village shop. I've not looked at the rest properly. It's been better explained to me by Flintshire planners. A job our councillors are not doing. It's not a question of waiting until someone asks a question. It should be about communicating the possible options that are going to happen.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Penyffordd Institute

Cllr Cindy Hinds in her recent newsletter mentions a possible upgrade to the Institute which is showing its age. An architect has been appointed. Mark Tami MP and Carl Sargeant AM have been contacted

This is good news.

I think the Institute Committee should improve their communications to be inline with 21st century practice. A contact email on their notice board, one on the Penyffordd Community Council board and website.

It's current profile similar to Penyffordd mason's lol

It's easier to contact President Putin of Russia than book the Institute for a do.

postscript Full story in The Leader

I see Bob Oldham has an email address on the bottom of the Leader article.
Good for you Bob.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Street lights are to be switched off

Flintshire County Council are looking for many ways to save money. One of the ways forward is to turn off certain street lights. Dangerous roads, junctions and pensioner complexes will not be affected. Cindy is opposed to this measure being taken.

source: County Councillor Cindy Hinds Newsletter

Baby delivered at side of the road

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Call Me Councillor II

Just had a conversation with Lisa that spurred thoughts on how up to recently new community cllrs were chosen. Say we have 10 community cllrs. I'd check but its not written down anywhere easy.
A bit like the Masons.

There is a political divide within the village. Recently it was 9 - 1.

Nine Independent ( some old Conservatives ) and one Labour

The nine Independents all go to the electorate on one sheet. So all electoral costs are vastly reduced.
I've tried twice to be a community cllr and failed twice, personal costs are well over £200 an election plus a walk around every house in the district delivering leaflets. The £200 is non return it's a cost full stop.

The village voted in a sick man who shouldn't have stood. He beat me, no hard feelings, residents did me a favour. It's better being outside the tent rather than inside the tent.

quote:  (adult content)

I didn't ask Tom whether I could go on his sheet.................We had a temporary difference of opinion about speeding traffic on Chester Rd. It lasted 7 years.

Also you don't get paid or have any expenses as a community cllr. In fact it costs you in money and time. Such is the sacrifice for you're fellow residents which is not generally appreciated.

The old way of doing things was for the political head of the village to invite you to stand. This is after he's decided whether you have the right qualities to join his gang. We won't go any further on that one................

The main objective to keep Labour out of everything. The only problem being Labour run Wales and Flintshire County Council.

So that may be part of the reason why the village has under developed public facilities.

Why PACA was formed to develop village amenities.
Why Red Lion patrons got involved.

Cllr Tom Jones is political leader. His knowledge of procedure and local politics great.
Tom's reign is theoretically coming to a close. He's about 88 years old.
The village got fed up with him as a school governor.

I think he should be given an advisory role due to his knowledge.

So from the 9 -1 we go into the 2016 (edit please read comments its altered to 2017) local elections with may be more than one Independent standing down, maybe 3 or 4.
We have a new Labour community cllr so that makes two. A Plaid Cymru cllr has recently come out of the closet. ( perhaps I didn't read 2012 election literature properly)
Red Lion patrons will perhaps wish to make gains

I see Labour trying to make more gains. Cllr Tom Jones' power base collapsing.

This is my opinion. If I talk "pants" please say so in comments with qualification.

postscript. The 2016 local elections will have as a backdrop diminishing local money. We have a UK government that owe £1.5 trillion. (we'll forget the 100's of trillions of derivative exposure by the "investment companies") UK Government are telling England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland they will be getting a lot less money to spend. Welsh Assembly will be giving counties less money. Flintshire County Council will be giving town and village councils less money. There is currently a program of asset transfer from county to community ( read community paying for stuff instead of county council but  you're rates will still rise). So not much room for facility improvement except if we have another 1000 houses......

Mervyn Griffiths' Funeral Arrangements

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Call me Councillor



1. There is a vacancy on the above Council caused by the death of Councillor Colin Bithell.

2. A by-election to fill the vacancy will be held if within 14 days (not including Saturdays, Sundays) from the date below, ten electors for the community give notice in writing to the Returning Officer requesting such an election be called.

3. The address of the Returning Officer is County Hall, Mold, Flintshire, CH7 6NR

4. If no such notice is given the Community Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

Dated: 8th October 2015

Signed: Mrs S Hughes – Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

Friday, October 09, 2015

Big Guns at Penyffordd Council September Special Meet

In attendance:
Mrs S Hughes, Clerk & RFO to the Council
Colin Everett Chief Executive  ( FCC)
Ian Budd Chief Office (Youth & Education) (FCC)
Andrew Farrow Chief Officer (Planning & Environment) (FCC)
Ms Jane Jones – Ysgol Penyffordd Head Teacher
Mr James Lloyd-Neilson – Chair of School Governor’s (Ysgol Penyffordd)
5 x Members of the Public

Quote of the year.

"Cllr T Jones wished to thanked the County Council Officers for taking time to attend this meeting, he felt this is quite an historic and important evening as this is the first time that the Community Council have had the Chief Executive and two Officers attend any of their meetings."

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Penyffordd ByPass is closed

Traffic is being diverted through the village. This usually means a traffic collision.

postscript - 9.10 am - now seems clear I can hear bypass traffic

Accidents in at least 3 different areas of Flintshire according to the Daily Post
including Hope and Rossett.

Also Lache Lane closed accident and Rhuddlan
It's slippy stuff this water.


Monday, October 05, 2015

Mervyn has passed away

Mervyn our village tidyman has died after illness. A very good servant to the village.

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting this coming Wednesday


1. Apologies 
2. Declaration of Interest – Members Code of Conduct To receive any declarations of interest from Members. 
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd and 9th September 2015 To receive the minutes and confirm as a correct record and then approve the Minutes. 
4. Matters arising To review any matters arising from the last meeting.

5. Public Questions Opportunity for public questions. 
6. Casual Vacancy To discuss the vacancy that has arisen and review the procedure for advertising. 
7. Minor Authority Governor – Ysgol Penyffordd To consider nominations for the above vacancy. 
8. LDP Settlement Survey To review the study documents received. 
9. Community Asset Transfers To review information received following the Expression of Interests made.

10. Millstone Playing Field To receive an update in respect of funding. 
11. Police Report PCSO Mat Gordon to provide a report. 
12. Planning Applications To review and consider planning applications received. 
13. Notification of Planning Decision To note planning decisions made by Flintshire County Council.

14. Correspondence To acknowledge and note correspondence received 
15. Any Other Business

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Penyffordd Health News

One of our surgeries is having difficulty seeing patients

Two causes here I think.

Allowing our investment banks to bet the country to make vast profits with no come back to themselves
( Financial Crash 2008)

The Idiot EU allowing free access to any EU resident through out the EU.

Free housing, Free money, Free education, Free health care paid by you and me
is rather attractive to those from other countries less well off.

The current emigrant crisis a good example started by the good US of A. is an added extra.

World News

Whilst I await the Autumn gloom to lift many 1000's if not 100,000's fear for their lives in the ME.

We the UK have been partners in the destabilisation of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

Many have died, many millions have suffered.
We are currently backing murderers and torturers.
One group we are backing blew up the World Towers in NY

One hopes our PM is not going to order our military to get in the way of Russia........

Our puppet media do not show true news.
The Internet now makes it possible to see other view points.

Here's an alternative view, one American, one Russian and I'm not sure what planet Essential Intel comes from.

warning: Zero hedge can have grown up comments.
warning one or two pics a bit grim

ps. Its all to do about energy and pipelines
The people are all expendable

Friday, October 02, 2015

On being short

I've always been short. Was starting to worry at start of secondary school because I was 4ft 6 ins.

I'm 5ft 6 ins now.

Being short has many implications for those of us less enlightened.

Anyway the truth is out.

Loosing County Councillors

For those who may not know, we have two representatives at Flintshire County Council.
Cllrs Cindy Hinds and David Williams.

I seem to remember reading that because we have extra housing we would get a third.

Now I read the following........... 

Penyffordd district property news

19, Green Park, CH4 0LY    £155,00014 Aug 20152 bed detached

1, Pleasant View, CH4 0YU   £167,50028 Jul 20152 bed detached

23, Alyn Drive, CH4 0HP    £215,00030 Jul 20153 bed semi-D

26, Llys Derwen, CH4 9AA   £144,00014 Aug 20152 bed terraced

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