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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Penyffordd Health News

One of our surgeries is having difficulty seeing patients

Two causes here I think.

Allowing our investment banks to bet the country to make vast profits with no come back to themselves
( Financial Crash 2008)

The Idiot EU allowing free access to any EU resident through out the EU.

Free housing, Free money, Free education, Free health care paid by you and me
is rather attractive to those from other countries less well off.

The current emigrant crisis a good example started by the good US of A. is an added extra.

World News

Whilst I await the Autumn gloom to lift many 1000's if not 100,000's fear for their lives in the ME.

We the UK have been partners in the destabilisation of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

Many have died, many millions have suffered.
We are currently backing murderers and torturers.
One group we are backing blew up the World Towers in NY

One hopes our PM is not going to order our military to get in the way of Russia........

Our puppet media do not show true news.
The Internet now makes it possible to see other view points.

Here's an alternative view, one American, one Russian and I'm not sure what planet Essential Intel comes from.

warning: Zero hedge can have grown up comments.
warning one or two pics a bit grim

ps. Its all to do about energy and pipelines
The people are all expendable

Friday, October 02, 2015

On being short

I've always been short. Was starting to worry at start of secondary school because I was 4ft 6 ins.

I'm 5ft 6 ins now.

Being short has many implications for those of us less enlightened.

Anyway the truth is out.

Loosing County Councillors

For those who may not know, we have two representatives at Flintshire County Council.
Cllrs Cindy Hinds and David Williams.

I seem to remember reading that because we have extra housing we would get a third.

Now I read the following........... 

Penyffordd district property news

19, Green Park, CH4 0LY    £155,00014 Aug 20152 bed detached

1, Pleasant View, CH4 0YU   £167,50028 Jul 20152 bed detached

23, Alyn Drive, CH4 0HP    £215,00030 Jul 20153 bed semi-D

26, Llys Derwen, CH4 9AA   £144,00014 Aug 20152 bed terraced

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last chance to see the Vulcan aircraft flying

On Saturday Oct 10th the last air worthy Vulcan will fly over Hawarden and Broughton.

I remember seeing these once at an Airbus open day, the sound makes your internal fluids vibrate.

Times for flypast will be published here

Monday, September 28, 2015

Up S Creek

That's residents without wheels wanting to go to the doctors. Also from July council meeting.
Arriva (want /are going to) withdraw certain bus services

77. Transport – Bus Routes Both Cllr Walker and the Clerk have written to Arriva Cymru regarding No.3 Bus Service, to date no response has been received. Cllr Walker again raised his concern regarding the Sunday bus service. The first direct bus route on a Sunday into Penyffordd is 8pm from Mold and 9pm from Chester. With regard to residents attending the Medical Centre, the Council discussed WBCT (Welsh Boarder Community Transport) and the fact that they extremely busy. The Council requested the Clerk to contact WBCT to clarify the eligibility criteria and display this information for residents. IT WAS RESOLVED the Clerk will liaise with WBCT for the eligibility criteria and advertise this service on the website and post office.

Open Council Meetings

79. Open Meeting/Public Questions Cllr Williams brought to the table the option of having either an Open Meeting or Public Questions. The Council discussed a number of various options. IT WAS RESOLVED the Council will consider these options and this item will be included on September’s Agenda.

The above was in the July minutes. This indeed a good idea. Perhaps David, the council could go one step further and video meeting live and recorded on the council website. Instead of attending a two hour omnibus, one could sit in the comfort of one's own home sipping a glass of red. One could even fast forward to the more interesting bits.

A first for a Flintshire town or village council!

I should mention that currently anyone can attend a council meeting unless they are having a secret session. You are not allowed to speak or interrupt unless asked.
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