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Friday, July 03, 2015

Friday Night


More jobs news.

Nothing happening much in Penyffordd. Gardeners will be waiting for the down pour tonight. Do we pull all our electric equipment including broadband in case of damage by coming electrical storm?

Jo up the road had aubergine plants for sale outside the house raising money for MS. At 9.10 am they were all gone!

Anyway the job. Not in Penyffordd but up the coast.

Been there are on two yoga retreats. No mobiles, no alcohol, vegetarian food, yoga practice morning and evening for two weeks............
You come off the island, if you can get off when you want to, a bit spaced out.

Bishops and priest also go there. Some of them took cases of port and wine.......

How do find your work, do you find it exciting?

I have a friend whose small company has recently been bought by a national company. He is currently being processed to work inside the Borg ( larger company). The larger company admire how the small company works how they deal with customers, their customer retention. The small company have in the past dealt with the larger company, the staff's attitude leads a lot to be desired.

One of the questions asked him was the subject title. Is this a trick question? How do you answer this question? I think if you have a family and mortgage you have to lie.

I have a friend who is an HR director of a big company I should ask him.

I once ( twice) worked for Airbus down the road. The job was in an engineering workshop that was noisy and smelly . I made high precision parts for commercial and military aircraft. I had volunteered to go back to the department I had served my apprenticeship in as work where I was had not yet turned main stream.

After 3 months I got a call for an interview with Gill*banks Jnr and my department manager. One of the questions was part of the title. How did I find my work?

I replied that my work was not similar to being an airline pilot, the job paid the bills, allowed me to go on foreign holidays. Cue office door with another 3 months probation....................

I've sacked about 12 companies over 45 years of work. Sailed close to the wind a few times with one or two.

Currently I work for 7 companies. One of them fires you by robot. Appeals against decision are read by robots.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Local House Sales

Address    Sold    Price   Sold date   Type

5, Bilberry Close, CH4 0LT £126,500 29 Apr 2015 3 bed semi-D

24, Min Y Ddol, CH4 0EB £292,000 08 May 2015 4 bed detached

Acrefield House, Platt Lane, CH4 0HX £495,000 13 Nov 2014 detached 

Bryn Eithin, Bannel Lane, CH7 3AP £355,000 01 May 2015 4 bed detached

To view all Land Registry data for CH4 0LS click here

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Penyffordd District LDP Consultation did happen

Quote verbatim off Penyffordd Community Council website.



LDP - Local Development Plan

There is an important extra meeting on Wednesday 21st May at 6-30 in the institute where the head of forward planning will be explaining to members how to make representations for the plan.

This is an extremely important matter that can shape this village significantly with regard to housing and amenities over the next 20 years.

Further information will be posted before the meeting.


It was advertised on the council website
But where else?
How many turned up?

Council held meeting on the Penyffordd LDP

Minutes were past

So they past minutes on Penyffordd LDP on the 13th of May then held a public consultation on the 21 st of May. (edit: no they didn't wrong year )

Surely the wrong way around?

postscript: Looks like very important meeting happened a year ago

Councillors Communicating (or not)

Something you don't see much of around here, councilors with telephone numbers on display.

No Penyffordd councilor details on the Post Office notice board, no councilor details on our £600 councilor website front page. ( edit its along the top one click away) ( further edit fir trees got in the way)

Treat the peasants like mushrooms, do all the important stuff off councillor minutes.

Cllrs Hinds, Williams and Vidamour  emails can be found if you look carefully.

As far as I am aware all councilors have email or access to email they just don't want you bothering them.

keywords MI5, masonic.

postscript: After a telling off from Clerk Sarah I give you Penyffordd Councillor contact details. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Coming shortly a Roman Fort near you

ps. I'm looking for volunteers to help me run my business. You can have as many free books as you can carry as well...................

A483 Posthouse

Apparently the job is done. Penyffordd which is quite a few miles away has been affected. Our bypass has had bumper to bumper crawling, the village used as a short cut. Hopefully all the short cutters or long cuttters will return to the A483.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Village Rocking Today

A Mini Triathalon at The Councillor Arms (Red Lion). Tonight The Milly is doing turn away business, loads of people on the balcony.
Mary's Jemoley Cafe has a do, standing  room only.

Tripadvisor Links

Arbitary Removal of Sunday Bus Service

Someone brought up the headline subject on a comment.

I'm sure Penyffordd district residents will be waiting for Penyffordd Cllrs to tackle the bus companies on this.

No Spar shop and no buses? Perhaps residents will have to use taxis to get to Buckley or Broughton to get a bottle of wine and a few quavers?

Cllr David Walker said "This is not an impending lack of a Sunday bus service this has actually happened and as far as I am aware without any notification."


There's a couple girl's outside in fluro. Apparently there's a triathalon in progress.
Triathalon is a much abused term. To me it means a 26 mile marathon, a long bike ride and a long swim.

What they will be doing outside is some mini version. I always ask what people mean if they say they are running a triathalon, just to have a leg pull because its never a proper one.

Not sure what order they do stuff in. I could run a marathon in 3.5 hours without stopping. If I had to do swimming I would drown and then a bike ride on top!

Hard exercise on a day like (hot) today is highly punishing the heat makes everything extra extra hard.
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