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Monday, March 02, 2015

Congratulations to Penyffordd Community Council

After 3 years, up to date minutes and agendas are now appearing on the community council website.
Can we please get rid of the fir trees councillors?

Penyfforrdd Community Councillor Vacancy

Elected Councillor Joe Bell has been disqualified because he doesn't attend council meeting. Joe has been rather unwell for some time and should not have stood at the last election. ( keywords, sour grapes )

It would be fair to say a proportion of our active electorate would vote for the village clock or a sheep if asked to do so.

That's politics for you.

Details of how to apply for the vacant position are on the Council notice board outside the post office.

Next full community council elections will be in 2016.

Monday, February 23, 2015


A week last Sunday I went to Northampton. I haven't been down the M6 for some years. The traffic was awful around Birmingham. A sign to me that there are too may people living in this country. The traffic horrendous.

There are now overhead gantry affairs every quarter mile around Birmingham with a speeding camera sign on them.

You ignore the speed limit at these gantries at your peril. On the other side of the gantry are a row of cameras to sense your speed. I was amazed at the number of drivers who were ignoring the speed limit. I thought they must know something I did not know. ie cameras were switch off. Silly me!

It would appear the many drivers I saw breaking speed limits will have been booked. The Treasury must be raking in money by the million.
Speed Awareness Course companies must be doing very well indeed.

An article in the ST were branding them stealth cameras. I thought this a bit silly as the speed camera sign was two foot square and reflective white. They also had a list of the top speeds for various cameras. 135, 140mph, etc.

Doing 50mph through road works with no road work being done was purgatory.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Penyffordd Lad aims for Parliament

Daily Post quote "Alasdair Ibbotson, of Penyffordd, is a politics student at Stirling University and is the youngest candidate on the ballot paper in Flintshire."

Full story here.

I thought the small series on Parliament currently happening on BBC2 interesting.
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