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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yet another crash

Too fast? Definitely too close. The Highway Code some distant relic from the past

CRASH: A woman was taken to the Wrexham Maelor hospital after a five vehicle pile up on the A550 at Dobshill, Flintshire. It happened shortly before 6.25pm. 

Source Daily Post

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Flintshire Local Development Plan Penyffordd Candidate Sites

Taken from FCC website

Penyffordd Community Council Special meeting dated 15th April 2015

Appendix A has the candidate sites for future housing and other uses

Here is the candidate map for Flintshire

Monday, May 25, 2015

New Penyffordd Primary School for the Village

I have received the following comments on another post. I know not who commented nor do I need to know. The question is are these comments accurate?

Comment 1

"You might want to start asking questions about the plans for the new primary school in the village. Following the merger of the infants and juniors, a plan is in place to merge them on one site.....taking over the community garden, play area, children's park, allotments, caravan park and ....Millstone...all by compulsory purchase.

And our community councillors know do our county the council get to sell off two existing school sites, for housing no doubt, more greedy developers, rob the village of more community amenities and don't give the proverbial for what they are doing to our village"

Comment 2

"I've heard the same...outline planning permission to be put in soon, but the headmistress at the school has the plans!

The amount of money invested in the Millstone...people prepared to invest in a local business and will see it all taken away...all the homes on the caravan park....the time and money put in by allotment holders....with councillor support......more children's play space taken away...more development likely.....less and less care shown by our civil representatives....just look at how the voted for the new may councillors were missing from the vote....dereliction of duty...can't be bothered to turn up......or just pretend it isn't happening so i don't get tarred with voting for it"

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Red Arrows over Penyffordd

The Red Arrows flew in formation over Penyffordd at 12.30 today.
Also between 3 and 4 pm

Makes me proud to be British.

There were other flyovers including a puff of smoke from one.
A salute to Penyffordd?

Here's a couple of videos taken.

Penyffordd Meditation

Not something I thought I would write about regards Penyffordd. In my youth I learnt Transcendental Meditation and later practiced Hatha Yoga which included two one week retreats on the Island of Bardsey.

The above group's website is here

Details of the Penyffordd meetings here ( Youth club opposite children's play area )
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