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Friday, August 19, 2016

Water Utility Network Maintenance

Dee Valley Water have put a leaflet through the door. Water supply may be interrupted where I live Chester Rd  - Penymynydd Rd junction on August 23 and 24 between 7 pm and 11 pm.

Just when I have a bath......

We still have one of those old fashioned cold water header tanks which come in helpful in such situations.
Best keep an eye on your letter box for a leaflet. Don't know where work is being carried out.

Travellers spotted in Penyffordd

Travellers are currently staying in Mold

Villagers have spotted two white pick ups near the Institute field. Children were seen coming off the field then getting into white pickups.

An emergency stop for toilet duties?
Or a fishing trip for a new site to temporarily reside?

The current open gate policy at the Institute may need to be modified.
Maybe very quickly.
This of course will be a PIA for the village residents with regards use of our facility.

Cindy and David are on the case.
Its about time certain actions are no longer tolerated.
Does Brexit give us the option?

Our national political leaders continue to fail us.
Blog entry sent to Mark Tami MP, Carl Sargeant AM, Colin Everett CEO of Flintshire County Council

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Penyffordd website

Raison d'etre

"We aim to create a community development plan for our village, which represents the views of the people who live here."

Please visit, see if you can contribute.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Penyffordd Post Office Opening Hours

Opening hours are good for us here. I took my parcels 8.30am the other morning. No queue. We can even take them 10.30pm if we are so inclined.

postscript: If Penyffordd Spar has to stop Collect+ here's the other sites near

Collect+ are nearly half price against the Post Office for over 2kg

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Penyffordd Spar Post Office now open for business......

I spy Cllr David Williams

Cutting the hedge of the Millstone playing fields.
Well done David.

The Spar - New Post Office

My wife Lisa has been passed the Spar this morning at 6.55 am with the dog. There were 5 people standing in a queue waiting for it to open.

Theoretically the new post office opens in the Spar tomorrow. There will  have been 2 days without a post office in the village. I'll be turning up with about 10 packages.

Perhaps best to leave it an hour or two.
The opening hours of the Spar are very attractive, it will be interesting to see what hours the post office side will have.

Normally we would take parcels over the road, let Karen and Kath process parcels then give us a bill. Mary got a percentage for the process.

We have now signed up with the Post Office online. We have to do our own processing, printing stamp labels after determining correct postage with our letter box templates.
Then we just hand them over to Spar staff I think.............

No one needs to do as us. It just stops me being there with a queue behind me for 15 minutes.
Perhaps we can get discounts out of the Post Office.....

Door Knockers

A commenter writes at 1.50 am................

Completely unrelated to the post but worth mentioning on your blog.
Today we had some 'nottingham knockers' down our street (millstone area of penyffordd), knocking on doors and selling household wares. 3 young lads, claiming to be ex offenders on a rehabilitation program. No doubt a scam, and could be more sinister - casing out streets / houses. Can you make everyone aware please and to call 101 to report this if they experience the same thing. Better to be safe than sorry, we don't want cold callers frequenting the area.

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