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Friday, April 30, 2021

Is it Friday Night?

Not sitting outside in the cold with your overcoat on drinking beer are you? Woodfire and a bottle of wine here 70 degrees, I have my pyjamas on. Saw someone go into the Spar today. Put on his mask and made the sign of the cross across his chest before going in........... One of my neighbors walked past my house today fully masked up....... A friend's child coughs in class this morning and is ordered home, one despairs at this fear created by government and media. May you roast in hell.

Vision for former Ysgol Penyffordd site

A vision has been set out which could see shops, bungalows and an events area created in place of an old school building in Flintshire.

Local councillor David Williams said he would like to see businesses, housing and an open space where events could be held.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Hurray! Penyffordd pubs have reopened.

I am told there were zero cases reported in Flintshire over the last few days. I've driven past our 2 hostelries at tea time. People sitting at tables outside with over coats on due to the cold weather we are experiencing, no inside stuff allowed

Outdoor Carboots I go to are closed for another month. Who in their right minds would vote the current bunch of wnkers back  into the Welsh Assembly?

Saw a man today in a smart coat in a cemetary in countryside on the outskirts of Llay on his own, wearing a mask .....

The Maelor Hospital back to normal, no where to park. Another Welsh Assembly success. There was loads of land next to the carpark but they built an F off central fire station most of the land and outside resources are never used. 

Fck you voters, yet you stupids keep voting for them. Will you never learn. Apparently not. You deserve what you get.

So,I'll pick Lisa up from work


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A55 Posthouse to Sainsbury's roundabout currently closed for 4 hours due to accident. So its over to Larry's at Pontblyddyn then into Wrexham. Cefn y Bedd traffic the best option.

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