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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Well known local jogger spotted in Chester

Slight profanity warning.

Brian also has letters published in the broadsheets.

Drivers still driving the wrong way at the top of Penymynydd Rd

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Some Words about the WAG

Bonfire Night Revisited

Just had a look through County Councillor Cindy Hinds' news letter. As mentioned by Cindy there was an awful lot of green garden waste.

Volunteers were burning off excess material before the bonfire and the day after Sunday. One house on Chester Rd was subject to a 2 day barrage of toxic smoke. Lots of the garden waste was from Landscape companies. One client who got turned away was trying to dump a cooker, metal gate and washing machine........

Next year there is going to be a system to control "contributions" for the bonfire. This will be challenging with the road next to the institute field handy for throwing over contributions........

Friday, December 02, 2016

Good News for Chester Rd and Penymynydd Rd

The new single primary school is to be built at Abbott's Lane. Construction planned to start Jan 2018.
Less traffic and less speeding parents entering Penymynydd Rd on 2 wheels. I nearly got "took out" by a parent mounting the path outside the school the other day.

Less traffic first thing. Just speeding cars and through lorries to be dealt with. The Rat Run.

Fiercer bumps perhaps for the  4 x 4 's. Through traffic banned from village. Lorries banned from the village. After all we have a bypass.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Lorries and Penyffordd village

Why do we have lorries coming through the village if we have a bypass?  I've previously queried why lorries need to come through the village to no avail.

Here's some residents in Rhyl who are fed up with lorries and a rat run. We in Chester Rd, Penyffordd have a similar issue if not quite as bad. Our's polarized to early morning and teatime.

Why can't we have " except for access" ?

Friday, November 18, 2016

Skips News

After Flintshire County Council backing down over closing recycling centres ( pressure from WAG to cut down on recycling centres) I hear Buckley recycling is to be closed for about 2 months next January February 2017 whilst modifications are made to upgrade centre.

Flintshire not getting its proper share of Welsh funding

Interesting session on the continuous austerity faced by Flintshire County Council at Broughton library this evening. Despite being the 6th/22 largest county in Wales, Flintshire is 19th in reciept of funding capita per head of population. Newport for example is similar to Flintshire in terms of population but last year received £29million more pounds in funding. Furthermore, we pay more business rates and tax as a county and get nowhere near as much money as this back.
After cutting back as much as it can (e.g. reducing senior management posts and support by nearly 50%, middle management posts by around 25% and admin/clerical staff by 40%, sharing buildings and services with other authorities), the council is currently making a case to have its funding increased in the coming year.

postscript: In the comments below in reply to Cllr David Walker's comments I mention the North / South Wales divide.
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