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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If your children go to Castell Alun and enjoy Cricket

Perhaps you would consider signing this petition below started by our neighbouring county councillor for Hope ward Tim Newhouse.

Tim is campaigning for better facilities than those pictured above.

Link: Castell Alun Head Teacher: David Mountfort: Stop killing sport in Hope

Why should anyone pay for Penyffordd Wine Circle to sit around and drink wine?

Good question. This question has been asked twice in the comments section. This will be answered shortly in my position as a Penyffordd ratepayer.

Cllr Tom Jones OBE is 85 years old

Thank you to the residents who emailed me his age. So that will make him 89 years old if he gets through the next 4 years.

Time to go Tom. You had your chance to sort Chester Rd out but environment and safety on Chester Rd were of no concern to you and your cronies, Cllrs Colin Bithell. Linda Vidamour, Edwina and Stan Davies, Margaret Jones, Joe Bell and Jane Hopwood.

So be gone, not fit for purpose.

Gosafe on Chester Rd early morning

Thank you Gosafe. Can you attend again at this time? Some of the uncaring idiots will need a reminder.

Rush hour traffic has hammered through Chester Rd every morning since I pointed it out 5 years ago. We're not talking 5 or 10 here we're talking hundreds.

Perhaps at last the uncaring idiots will have to slow down. It's unfortunate that all those that were pressing cars in front didn't get done as well.

Every morning they just hammer past Colin the lolipop man

Thank you whoever has asked Gosafe to attend.

Do we have an election coming up?

Link Gosafe

Monday, January 30, 2012

Yobbery at Penyffordd Pharmacy

Some degenerate has hurled concrete slabs through both front windows. It happened in the early hours of Monday. Must have made hell of a bang !

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is Cllr Tom Jones OBE the oldest councillor in N Wales?

Tom wants to stand again for public office. What is his comment on the electoral sheet? " It gives me great pleasure to serve the community"
The following rider should be added however. "Only if you do what I say."

How old is Tom?

Please use comments to say.

Is he 80?

That would make him 84 at the end of the next term

Tom got paid off to be a county cllr. This was to make way for younger blood. It should have included community cllr as well. Although he would still have had his puppets in place.

Penyffordd councillor training

Flintshire County Council Legal and Democratic services are arranging induction training for Penyffordd councillors

Perhaps a waste of time before the coming elections. Most of Tom's gang need to stand down as not fit for purpose. eg.  Cllr Joe Bell.
What does Joe actually bring to the table?
Please feel free to use the comments section, its anonymous.

The training should include such foreign measures to Penyffordd Council as honesty, moral fibre and integrity.
Councillors who will stand up to point out wrong doing.

Those shabby vindictive Penyffordd Council Minutes in Full

Pen-y-Ffordd Community Council
Reports and resolutions of the meetings held on
Wednesday the 26th October 2011
G N I Jones
Clerk and Financial Officer
to the Council

Pen-y-Ffordd Community Council

The minutes of the proceedings of a special meeting of the Pen-y-Ffordd Community Council held in The War Memorial Institute on Wednesday the 26th October 2011

Cllr D Williams, Chairman of the Council (in the chair)
Cllr T W Jones OBE, Vice Chairman
Cllrs J W Bell, C Bithell, Mrs E M Davies, Mrs C Hinds, Mrs M D Jones, Mrs L Vidamour

Were received from Cllrs S E Davies, Mrs J Hopwood

G N I Jones, Clerk to the Council

The clerk advised that the budget allocation is an amount of £3,200.00.
The list of applications numbered twenty-eight in total; there were three national organisations, Shelter Cymru, N S P C C and Age Concern North East Wales.

Three other organisations were Pontblyddyn Cricket Club, Flintshire Diabetes Voluntary Group and Nightingale House Hospice.

Members agreed to discard the national organisations, also the Flintshire Diabetes Voluntary Group. (Excepting Nightingale Hospice.)

With regards to Pontblyddyn Cricket Club quite a number of young people receive coaching at the club, they also play for the junior teams, and coaches from the Cricket Club coach in the three schools in the villages:  it was agreed to include this application. ( Our clerk is also a member )

Members considered to more favourably consider applications from organisations with a youthful flavour. ( excepting those certain Penyffordd Cllrs were members of )

The youthful flavour was put forward by Cllr Tom Jones. No one put forward the position that it is the older social groups who are shrinking out of existence. No one challenged Cllr Tom Jones who used this as a way of getting at the Wine Circle.

2. First Pen-y-ffordd Brownies - £200.00
3. Pen-y-ffordd Scout Group - £150.00
4. Pen-y-ffordd Beavers £150.00
5. Pen-y-ffordd Cub Pack - £150.00
6 Pen-y-ffordd Flower Club - £125.00
7. Pen-y-ffordd Youth Club - £200.00
8. War Memorial Bonfire Appeal - £200.00
9. Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club - £200.00
10. Pen-y-ffordd Play Group - £200.00
11. Emanuel Church - £125.00
12 Pen-y-ffordd Wine Society - £25.00

Note:  The Vice Chairman, Cllr T W Jones, and Cllr C Bithell wished it to be recorded in the minutes that they had voted for this organisation to be excluded.

13. Red Lion Cricket Club - £125.00
14. Pen-y-ffordd Senior Football Club - £125.00
15. St John's the Baptist Church Pentrobin - £125.00
16. Trinity Chapel - £125.00
17. Pen-y-ffordd Junior Football Club - £200.00
18. Pen-y-ffordd and Penymynydd Toddlers Group - £200.00
19. Pen-y-ffordd Area Community Association - £200.00
20. Red Lion Strollers FC - £125.00
21. Pontblyddyn Cricket Club - £125.00
22. Nightingale House Hospice - £100.00.

End of minutes


Why are they shabby? Because of the vindictiveness shown to Penyffordd Wine Circle which has been a social element of Penyffordd for over 20 years. It is not a drinking club. If drink was a factor then many of those on the list should have been excluded.

Cllr David Williams as Chairman should have challenged Cllr Jones and Bithell on why they wanted Penyffordd Wine Circle excluded.

Nigel as clerk should have also raised the unfairness of this decision.
Nigel as Village Clerk should hold a neutral position and advise councillors of unfairness. Ask them to explain themselves.

Why should councillors vote for their own groups? ie. Cllr David Williams and the Red Lion Strollers.

The whole system is corrupt. Cllrs Tom Jones and Colin Bithell show themselves to have no idea of fairness. They have used their positions to stick the boot in.

With such prejudice should they be allowed to be councillors. Klaus has nothing on these two nasty pieces of work.

I've asked Nigel what comments were made when Cllrs Jones and Bithell  advised for Penyffordd Wine Circle removal from the grant list.

No councillor made any comment. Why were their actions not challenged?

Where was the normal voluble Cllr Edwina Davies a former Wine Circle member on this. - SILENT - Shame on you Edwina. The village needs better than you as a councillor !

All scared of an 80 year old man, quite pathetic !

Perhaps Tom Jones' Independents should be renamed the Penyffordd Mafia.
They have all the morality of such organisations.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

EU to take over Wales?

You may think this unlikely.
According to The Slog the EU have effectively taken over the money management of Greece.
If you have no money on a personal level or on a sovereign level you are basically knackered. You have no control if you do not control your money.

Perhaps you were under the misapprehension that the EU evolved for better trading links.


The Slog

Dissapointment for Flintshire County Councillors

Former Saltney mayor Klaus Armstrong-Braun will not be able to practise as a town councillor for four months, but will be able to continue his duties as a county councillor for Saltney Mold Junction.

"Among the incidents were his refusal to accept the advice of the town council clerk."

Does scribe Nigel have powers as well as Cllr Tom Jones  ?

Full story Daily Post

Penyffordd Railway Station

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cllrs Tom Jones and Colin Bithell shoot themselves in the foot

Whilst Chairman Cllr David Williams looks on.

Still on the Tom and Colin theme. Wednesday night was Penyffordd Wine Circle night. I decided to let the society know about the dirty deeds of Penyffordd cllrs over their refusal to give a proper level of grant money as given to the three legged football club the Red Lion Strollers  ( prop Cllr David Williams).

I took along some photocopies of the council minutes. The girls weren't happy, voices were raised. Me, I said nothing.

Tom and Colin can expect a few votes less. Lisa says may be 18 plus family members.

As for Edwina an ex member selling her mates down the river?

Is Cllr Williams the new Penyffordd Machiavelli?

The Tom and Colin Way to deal with those blasted bloggers

I also read mobile phone users in N Korea are to be classed as war criminals.

Is Cllr David Williams to be the " El Presidente" of Penyffordd? He's taking lessons off Tom.

Watch this space.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On being a councillor

Of moral degeneracy, cowardice.
Of backwaters, wild bisons and spoiled brats.
All alleged of course excepting the wild bisons and backwaters.

Penyffordd should be a backwater we have a bypass..........................

KAB in the Daily Post and The Leader

Monday, January 23, 2012

Alison on Gypsy site applications and other matters

link Alison Halford

Penyffordd Diesel to double?

Lovely piece of kit. One of the American aircraft carriers in the Gulf. My dad used to fly off one of these in the second world war. I've sailed on Arab commercial shipping as a ship junior engineer. 

In fact I was employed by United Arab Shipping that used to get torpedoes through their ships during the Iran Iraq war by the Persians.
I'd left by that time fortunately.

USA and Europe have picked a strange time to pick a fight with Iran the third largest oil producer in the world with all their economies down the toilet.

Fuel is at high cost levels. USA and Europe have trillions of dollars, euros and pounds outstanding in derivative bets that are being hidden from the taxpayer.
Their economies are a parcel of lies held up by the main stream press.
Business is refusing to invest and rightly so.

We of course are going to pick up the tab through higher taxation. Call it green taxes call it what you like.

Higher fuel costs means more taxes. More money to pay down bank debt of which we were not a sharer of any possible profits, just the debts.

World wars are used to stimulate economies.

We can stand a doubling of diesel price in our household, a lot can't.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend Food for Thought

Here is an article on the food, drugs, healthcare industries in USA. You may see the connections. One provides the other with lots of business. This is so to a lesser extent in this country.

"Mother Nature cannot be fooled for long. A sedentary lifestyle and a diet heavy with sugar, empty carbs, salt and unhealthy fats derived from factory-farm animals cannot sustain a human body selected for an omnivorous, active hunting-gathering lifestyle. Health is simply impossible when the body is destroyed by this sort of diet and inactive life."

The excellent Zerohedge which has a million readers a day.

Link Zerohedge

Friday, January 20, 2012

Flintshire County Council Traffic Calming Proposals

Good news for Chester Rd, Penyffordd. There is a qualifying points system using various metrics. Chester Rd is one of the sites that qualifies.

Chester Rd should qualify in any case due to the daily invasion by " shift workers", Broughton Retail Park customers and A55 Warren Bank traffic in my opinion.

This will be subject to available funding, Penyffordd Cllrs and other agencies.

Thank you to whoever made this so ! Most probably Penyffordd County Cllrs.

Kodak RIP

Kodak the inventor of the digital camera has filed for bankruptcy.

Link The Independent.

The Millstone rises from the ashes

Full and overflowing car park at lunch times on occasions. I am told the management also run the Shamrock pub Buckley. Well done.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

For Penyffordd Allotment Holders

This is Alexandru from Romania, a lovely person, he works in a fruit research station in Cluj. Always willing to answer questions. Such is the beauty of the net. 
Why is he waving all those roots around? Gardeners might understand.

Alternative ways to multiply plants. Float hydroponics. Music as well if you are set up.

Zombie Councillors

Penyffordd has a councillor who has difficulty keeping up with events. The councillor will make comments on council items that were discussed 20 minutes previous, four items on....................

Penyffordd residents voted for this councillor 4 years ago. How were they to know. The above knowledge was hidden from them.

The councillor's function is to keep other able minded residents from the council table, nothing more.

Part of the sickness of Penyffordd Council.

Is it not time for potential councillors to undertake tests to show they have the skills to lead the village? That they have the physical stamina to be able to attend 12 council meetings and to show a willingness to help the community?

To have councillors who are individuals and not "yes people" for the head man?

Mr Davies' son Ian has died aged 42.

Apparently a heart attack brought on by a chest infection. Condolences to his family and dad Eric.

keyword: Chester Rd, Wrexham FC

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adverts on this website

I have no say on what adverts appear. They are triggered by word content, ie. speeding. It would be fair to say there are some of which  I disapprove.

It is possible for me to attempt to control certain advert content. It is something however I am not currently familiar with. I will most probably end up blocking adverts that I do not wish to.

Penyffordd Wine Society

will be meeting a week on Wednesday. Glynne Smith, Head Gardener at Erddig will be giving a talk on Erddig's vast collection of fruit trees, walled garden and history. All are welcome to attend. Food is available. A small fee is charged.

It should be pointed out that every Penyffordd Cllr would prefer the wine circle to be dead and buried. (re last two meetings)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Neighbourly Deeds

A neighbour has washed his car with a pressurised cleaner spraying water everywhere. The neighbour has also cleaned another neighbour's car. The public pathway was soaking wet and is now sheet ice. Just right for those coming down to the pub and chinese.

Ice skating whilst under the influence take out in hand or maybe all over the deck.

Broken legs and sprains are a pain.

Anyone for telling said person they're on the blog? Some people inc cllrs are like that. Children risking their lives on Chester Rd comes second to getting revenge.

I could mention how some absent parent whose lad was cycling around the main road without paying attention, was wound up. Even our local CBM saw him at it.

Someone kindly gave the parent my phone number which is ex directory.
I got an ear full and a warning not to speak to him again.

This was a public service blog.

stop press: It's getting warmer !!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Parking in Penyffordd

Penyffordd has the services of a traffic warden for 9 hours per week. This is currently being used to stop motorists illegally using the top of Penymynydd Rd, Penymynydd as a short cut. ( Just as Chester Rd is legally used for Airbus and Broughton Retail Park) (and HGV for A55 Warren Bank).
NWP have or are going to wash their hands of such lowly matters as parking which is going to be taken over by Flintshire County Council.

Residents are between a rock and a hard place because planners didn't realise every house would want at least three parking places. Shotton is going to be a nightmare for car owning residents without drives.

Cllr Colin Bithell is unhappy with cars parking on the path in his cul de sac. Will the warden be booking offenders?

Will offenders including me be booked for parking outside my house which has a wide path and double yellow lines. I have this silly idea I am on the target list.
Mine's the big Mercedes tank, councillors!

Former CBM Chris Pullen would only book cars that stopped a double wide pram from traversing the path.

Early on in my speeding protest I had a visit from the excellent CBM Ian Millington asking me to move my car immediately. This would was after his report to the PCC meeting.

There is no suggestion that he was sent across to lean on me. There is no suggestion either that I am the only person who has ever been asked to move his car on the wide path outside my house.

Vehicles park outside my house every day and over night  breaking parking regulations. Just the odd idiot blocks the path.

Just a small example of community council power abuse.

This was when we had over 2000 cars a day breaking 30 mph on a major route to school and none of them wanted to know.

Time for change councillors? Will Penyffordd sheeple wake up?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Affordable Homes within Penyffordd - Cllr David Williams

David has had a battle on his hands over this. As far as I can see looking at council minutes he is the only councilor standing up for affordable homes in Penyffordd. Where is Labour Cllr Cindy Hinds on this? This is supposedly her natural territory.

David is to be congratulated for not letting this go. Other cllrs need to be reminded of when they first tried to buy a house.

Other cllrs in my opinion are out of touch. Or are they playing politics with an election approaching?

I'm surprised at Cllr Linda Vidamour she has grown up children. Perhaps she is under orders from Head Prefect Cllr Tom Jones.

North Wales Charity Ramblers Do

Penyffordd Pantomine 2012

Arrive Alive ( Gosafe)

Currently on duty. I thank you. So should the village.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Free Pole Dancing Lesson

Between Tuesday, January 17, and Sunday, January 29, Chester pole-dancing company Candy & Chrome, run by Amy Butterworth of Penyffordd.

in The Flintshire Chronicle.

Our neighbour village website ( Higher Kinnerton )

It's free David, gratis, it costs us the ratepayer nothing as Penyfforrd Community website should be.
When are we getting agendas and minutes online?


(password protected for some reason)

Police/Road Safety– Cllr. Howard Jones noted the positivity of the recent traffic calming meeting with FCC. The Clerk confirmed notes from the meeting would be made available to members with a summary to be included on the website. It was agreed the Clerk would write a further letter to Anthony Stanford (FCC), copied to Ian Wellwood and the Chief Executive, expressing members’ appreciation of all the work being undertaken in relation to the Traffic Calming Scheme.

Cllr. Howard-Jones confirmed enquiries were on-going with the police to determine a date for a Community Speed Watch.
Further on speed cushion layout here

Penyffordd Cllrs might wish to note the above points given FCC's current position with regards Chester Rd, Penyffordd.

With regards recent communication ( GP) between FCC highways and PCC.
Chester Rd continues to be been sold down the river IMHO.

Chester Rd speeding traffic

makes it to the Penyffordd Community Council meeting. I thank you. In a previous minuted item over a planning application Cllr David Williams raised the spectre of a vehicle every six minutes. Our rat run on Chester Rd David is in the region of 20 vehicles a minute.

Further re : communications between a certain highways officer and the council over 20 mph qualification. Higher Kinnerton are currently going through procedures to traffic calm their main road through the village.
What's the difference between Chester Rd Penyffordd and the main road Higher Kinnerton?

The only difference I can think of is the junior school is on the main road. Northop Hall has traffic calming too cllrs.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Penyffordd Elections May 2012 - The Postal Vote

I've done an FOIE to find out how much the postal vote matters. Thank you Flintshire County Council.

In 2008 the postal vote was in before my electoral leaflet was printed. Postal votes are bad news for new candidates. In 2008 it was 18 % which is considerable.

The number of votes placed in FCC Elections Penyffordd Ward 2008
for county and community.

Penyffordd Electoral Division

Number of votes cast: - 1193

Penyffordd Community Council

Number of votes cast: - 1194

2.  The number of postal votes recorded in FCC Election Penyffordd
Ward 2008 for county and community

Penyffordd Electoral Division     219

Penyffordd Community Council    220

3. The number of postal votes placed in FCC elections 2008
for the whole of Flintshire - county and community.

FCC elections 2008 - 8571 postal votes.


4. The closing date for postal votes for Flintshire Elections 2012 is
Wednesday 18 April 2012 – 5.00 pm.


Further comment shortly

ps.  Cllrs the traffic is still hammering through the village.

First flowers of 2012

In the wood where we walk. Cyclamen I think they are called.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Cracks found in Airbus A380 wings

in The Daily Post.

It is a fact that all wings on commercial aircraft develop cracks. Airbus have a team of fitters and engineers on standby to fly out and deal with any that are beyond established safety limits. They're a bit like large aluminium elastoplast.

Not something the flying public needs to know about perhaps..........

224 houses equals gridlock?

The Wood Lane development is going to be 224 houses. John Yorke, Croes Atti, Flint Chief Protestor over proposed Croes Atti  rat runs says in The Leader that the county planners standard for new houses is 8 journeys a day per house.

So 224 x 8  =  1792 journeys a day.

Not sure how many houses are currently on the estate.
Shall we say 300 inc present and future building.

So 300 x 8 = 2400 journeys in and out of one entrance each day !
As designed using Flintshire Planning standards.

Lots of it will becoming along Chester Rd which has no policing and has turned into a defacto trunk road. Our cllrs sitting around like lemons whilst this happens.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

How Penyffordd Cllrs (mad mullahs) would prefer that damn internet

Penyffordd Community Council have in the past asked for assistance from Flintshire County Council and North Wales Police to shut that me up.

They don't want to look at any data about speeding in Chester Rd so they can all say it's not happening.

They don't want council minutes and agendas on the net.
All but three hide their email addresses

I'm sure Penyffordd cllrs would wish for things like Iran are going to put in place.

Tom and Colin are truly the mad mullas of Penyffordd.

Meanwhile traffic still hammers through the village as it did in 2007 when they said "nothing to do with us". And thus it remains so.

Link  Guardian 

postscript: I am reliably informed that Cllr Colin Bithell does not have an email address. The very occasional conversation I have had with Colin suggested otherwise. He has said to me in open committee that he doesn't see why cllrs should hand out email addresses.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Things you don't do

Quiet in Penyffordd except for the wind and rain. Other parts of Wales can expect a month's rainfall today.

Alligator plus assorted reptiles stolen
Shop worker Paul Williamson described the 5 foot Caiman alligator as "aggressive". A 7ft yellow anaconda, carpet pythons and some smaller snakes were also taken.

Link Guardian

Microsoft have lost their way

What a bunch of idiots. Comet supplied a recovery disk which 9 out of 10 windows users don't know how to create. So Microsoft are suing them. Plonkers !

Link Telegraph 

Storms have gone but they're coming back

61mph in Hawarden, Flintshire.

Link Daily Post
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