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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Penyffordd Skate Park

The comment below  has been made on a previous blog about a skate park for Penyffordd. The comment deserves better illumination so I have copied it here.


I'm sorry but I know that a lot of people are concerned that the skate park would be anti-social or attract 'yobs' as us teenagers are referred to nowadays, but the fact is that what would you rather, a place where kids and teenagers can meet up to learn and practice their hobbies or would you rather them skating all over the streets and making noises outside your house.The teenagers around here have no where to go to do this unless we are expected to walk a decent 2 miles everyday to the nearest skate park which would be Buckley, a lot of villages around here have a skate park already and a lot of people love it.

I see that we have a football cage and basketball court for everyone to play on but what about the teenagers who bmx or skateboard or kids who scooter? why shouldn't we have a place to be able to go and have some fun instead of getting shouted at by making too much noise on the streets? I think a skate park in the village would be a fantastic idea and many people would enjoy it as it would be a great social place for everyone to meet up and practice doing what they enjoy.

Also the skate park could easily be fitted onto the Millstone park land, or even the actual millstone garden which is currently not being used at all. As it is no where near houses, and if some people are concerned that the noise will continue late at night, just make sure that the skate park would not have floodlights in so when it goes dark the skate park wont be used so no noise would be made after dark.



Noise Level in communities

My campaign to slow traffic hammering through Chester Rd daily is partially driven by noise levels. An extra 10mph nearly doubles vehicle noise. Hopefully shortly traffic calming will slow down traffic which will make less noise. Chester Rd levels are between 2000 - 3000 vehicles a day.

Short cut traffic that uses the village instead of Penyffordd Bypass I estimate to be about 1000 vehicles a day. There is also the issues of lorries which cause much noise. This week lorries have been coming through the village at 30+ a day due to quarry materials from Grianrhyd being used somewhere north of Penyffordd.

There is also the traffic noise from Penyffordd Bypass which is far more than any noise that comes from Hanson Cement. This however is conveniently forgotten by certain cllrs with a grudge against Hanson.

The Welsh Assembly Government for some time have been putting a noise map together on the instructions of the EU.

One thought arises. Will the new Wood Lane estate help to block traffic noise off the bypass?


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Future of Penyffordd Junior Schools

If anyone wishes to write a coherent article on their vision for the future of junior education in the district of Penyffordd ward please do.

In the comments section or email to Your email address and name will remain anonymous unless you wish it published.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Penyffordd British Legion presents........

Something to look forward to on these grey days - God's Country

Allotments and Primary Schools

Last Penyffordd Council meeting Cllr David Williams was due to meet the headmaster of Penymynydd Junior School over the placement of the new allotments next to his school. The passing of the allotments application appeared to happen without the headmaster knowing.

The headmaster was/is not amused.

Penyffordd District Solution.

At present there is a move towards joining the two Penyffordd Junior Schools together. Perhaps if this is stretched to include Penymynydd Junior School we save the cost of a further schoolmaster and have no further problems over the ( planning passed ) extra allotments lol

Monday, February 18, 2013

Chester Rd Traffic Calming Intell

Four fluorescents seen loitering with intent on Chester Rd. Otherwise known as Flintshire Highway Officers.
I'm told traffic calming money is in place. The legals have been sorted.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Cllr David Williams in his most recent newsletter mention lorries taking short cuts. David talks about them being offenders but this is not so, they are doing nothing illegal.
Still he's one of the only cllrs to raise this issue. He is to be commended.

When Penyffordd Bypass was built our wise elders should have pressed to ban lorries from the village. They did not, perhaps they are mates of the local Haulage Association or perhaps its one of those Masonic things.

The main roads are built to A road specification as ex main roads but are now C roads.

Not A roads, B roads but C roads

We have a bypass, this should be the route used by lorries.

Hanson Cement and their sub contractors do not come into the village as a token of their support or our environment. They are to be congratulated.

Hollingsworth Bros use the village as a short cut. Their drivers have little respect for the village. I think pressure can be put on Hollingsworth not to use the village. They are currently doing a project for Airbus. They are most probably on the list of contractors for the WAG and FCC. There lies the leverage for contracts.

When local contracts are happening there can be 40 lorries a day through the village.
We are the short cut between quarries and the A55.

Deeside Metals use the village at least 4 times daily. No lettering on their skips.
Airbus and Magellan Aerospace use the village.

Lorries could be banned from the village except for access. NWP have to be involved unfortunately. Their first words will be it's unenforceable. Which is wrong because it is with help from residents and the local media.

So carry on David. lets make the village environment better.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

You thought you were eating horse

Apparently you may have been eating donkey too.
I've wondered if they've been messing with my pork sausages  !

A lot of people would give up meat after visiting an abattoir.

I've tried macrobiotic, fruitarian, vegetarian, fasting.

Try a week without any food. Better still try 10 days.
The mental clarity and energy is astounding after you get over the headaches. lol

ps. My wifey is a veggy.


The Millstone - Further Sign of the Times

There is a notice outside The Millstone saying they are closing on Sunday thank you for your custom.
Pubs face a number of issues including social change and the cost of beer.

This will however not stop someone else having a go.They might wish to consider why the last ( is it 6 landlords? ) in the last 5 years cannot make The Millstone a going concern.

If you wish to waste your money perhaps you should draw it out the bank and set fire to it. A lot quicker without the thankless toil of running a business model  that has run it's time in many cases.

The amounts of money to go into the Millstone and the monthly payments are eye watering.

I could make a prediction with regards another hostelry that sells alcohol in the village. It will be perhaps unfair and make me more unpopular.

Note: As far as I am aware Punch Taverns own the Millstone. They have rather a lot of debt. In fact it is billions. They operated an aggressive pub company buying policy before the crash.


Penyffordd Health Care Comment

It's not  my comment really. Carole Malone in The Mirror says it all perfectly.
People responsible for the hospital tortures need to be made to pay. From the top down.


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting Feb 2013

Tomorrow night at The Institute. All are welcome to attend. On the agenda, new allotments, dog fouling, the council take over from NWP of  illegal vehicle parking, the continuing battle of Stryt Isa where a building is having to be pulled down for having no planning permission. Don't know the details but Flintshire Planning deal with quite a lot of retrospective permissions. As someone once said you can't beat city hall.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Houses sold and for sale


23, Bilberry Close, CH4 0LT


06 Dec 2012

3 bed semi-D

115, Penymynydd Road, CH4 0LG


26 Nov 2012

3 bed detatched

Property for Sale
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Chester Road
3 bed Detached
The Forge
4 bed
Poppy Field Drive
4 bed
Well House Drive
4 bed Detached 

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