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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Penymynydd Rd speeding

Is also on the September Council agenda. Councillors should spend a little time watching speeding on Chester Rd where the red speed bump is situated (part of the major route to school)

Some do 30mph plus. They are a danger to children and lolly pop.

Perhaps a bump upgrade or compulsory 20mph

There are those that will be horrified (cul de sac residents) but cllrs have a duty to protect residents and children from the idjuts.

My view remains the same. The village should not be a fast short cut. We have a bypass.
Those of us on main roads should enjoy similar environmental conditions to those on side roads.


  1. hi i dont have a problem with the speed bumps in the village but what i do have have a problem with is when i slow down to go over them people try or overtake me !!! but i often catch them up at the next turning

    1. Yes you have a point. Happens to my wife on Chester Rd. Problem is there is no traffic policing. Tail gaiting is my least favourite. Offenders should loose their licences for 3 months. Again no policing......


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