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Saturday, July 12, 2014

You just don't listen do you !

So says a commenter (troll) over me criticising my views over the strike.

FACT As I said private sector pays for all public services and their employees.

The government have ways around this of course. They keep inflation rates artificially low penalising those that have savings.

They print money by the billion making your savings and earnings devalued.

Back to the troll.

In the previous blog about firebrigade pensions ( which a commenter says are gold plated)
There were good detailed comments explaining, informative and intelligent by at least one teacher.

Then we have the above plonker who wrote the title
Bet you won't say who you are.
I have no issue with anons, otherwise I wouldn't get any comments lol
I have issue with the above comment, similar and personal abuse.

I have kept all IP addresses since 2003.
I'm sure it could lead the way to those who tried to blackmail my wife from standing a a community cllr in the ( edit 2008 ) . It took 5 years but I now know where the information came from. Who set up the CCTV looking at my house. Might even lead the way to those who damaged my car twice. ( got infra red now fellas) Who got the parent to ring up accusing me of being a pedo ( I dislike children) Then we have council minutes of my victimisation.

A minority play hardball in this village
I think I know who you are . A scrutinisation of IP against events would be interesting.
I keep all evidence off site. The dog knows where they are but Lisa doesn't.
Its up Pen Lan y Gwr ( Gods country )

Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me, copyright Kenneth Williams or perhaps the writer of the film, play, whatever.

So sorry for the rambling back to the troll
Originally 6 comment were published in 8 minutes

A concerted effort. You can tell from the style of writing that they are from different authors

I've noted a trend in a few school teachers
When challenged they go into "class mode" and talk to you as if you are a 12 year old
Perhaps its hard to switch off

The above comment was published at 20.00 hrs
A teatime session in The Red ?
Without looking at the IP's I don't know whether it was from in the village or not.
I'm not looking


  1. Please explain how the comment " you don't listen do you" is abuse.

    I find your blog very informative, I find your stance against the penyffordd clique something I agree with.

    I find the personal attacks against you, repulsive. I don't believe i deserve the abuse you have just dished out to me. But it does seem from your replies to my posts that you are not really prepared to enter into a serious debate and have quite entrenched views.sorry to have offended.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I don't consider the comment abuse, I'm just commenting. There is a very small minority who play hardball. It should be recorded. Either we have this very small minority or we have a Machiavelli at work.
    It's all over now isn't it?

  3. Oh I forget. A visit by two detectives from the Crown Prosecution Services after a complaint by a Penyffordd Cllr. Got off with a warning.
    I also had a telephone call from FCC CEO Colin Everett. ( Returns Officer) I got all my leaflets delivered before returning the call

  4. you did call me a plonker - that is abuse

    I just said you don't listen

  5. You may think that.
    It could have been a fireman from Wrexham.
    Your first comment narrowed the field.
    If you hadn't commented....................
    You twist your first comment around.
    Can you do me a favour?
    I'm going to write to the Penyffordd Community Council asking them to show all agenda and minutes on the board. My request is a fair one that has been abused for years. If Tom says "item noted" he can look out. I've got one on me, its the tablets lol. Its time he was kicked out of everywhere. As I said he's a dead hand. Someone told me lies when I wrote to the council complaining about speeding traffic (2007). I'll press that if he doesn't shape up. I've got two witnesses, one independent.

  6. I'm not David Williams if that's what you think!

    My solicitor friend informs me that calling someone a plonker on a blog can constitute defamation of character if the plaintaif can prove damage to reputation. I'm not interested of course because i have enjoyed our debate - your plonker label aside. He also told me that your assertion that you have kept IP addresses and an apparant threat you made to disclose them could be deemed as threatening behaviour -be careful Colin others might persue this if you threaten.


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