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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Penyffordd Websites Galore

A friend gives me a heads up on a new website for Penyffordd.

So we have mine, Penyffordd Community Council.

One for the Institute and this new one.

Spoilt for choice!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mrs Margaret Knapper - Funeral

Saturday, April 27, 2013

An Unusual Sight.

Driving past the railway station on the way to Pontbylddyn I nearly got stuck behind a horse and carriage pulling out of a driveway with a dozen people behind it. They were heading towards Padeswood Lake Rd where the animal rescue place is.
What was unusual was the carriage was black, the coach horses were black and the two occupants were dressed up similar to Count Dracula, makeup and all.

Just to confirm that I was not hallucinating when I got to Padeswood Lake Rd there were two people in high res with a large camera on a tripod similar to what movie makers or TV would use. They were waiting for the carriage.

Where were they going? No idea.

Google fails to come up with an answer.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A380 Flight Simulator

If you want to fly an A380.

Now you can.

Yours for a mere £400.

The link is at the bottom of the article. The comments section worth a read. The A380 appears to be too big for airports and too many passengers to process at present.


The accident waiting to happen

Hawarden Rd passed the Spar is a bad place. Sitting outside whilst Lisa picks up supplies I have witnessed various near misses. Yesterday the inevitable happened.

Saying that this was a middle of the night job not much traffic !


To Penyffordd Wine Society for wine tasting

A good night that was very well attended. Arwel from Gwinology in Mold gave a very interesting talk on various wines. Members and guests sampled the above wines. Hazel and Maureen laid on a very good spread.

One might notice the spitoon on the end of the table.
Some of us thought such an item a waste lol.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Penyffordd Cafe opens Sunday 28th April at 10am

Here's their new website.
( still in the developmental stage as of this date )

They have email.
They have a blog.
They are going to have Twitter

They have Facebook
where Sue can be seen in action putting a flat pack together.

And most importantly The Menu

Not a fir tree in sight ! ( sorry inside councillor joke )

Some lessons to learned for the council in the art of communication.

Here's a little known fact. You can fax the Penyffordd Community Council.
As for email I must check again.
Will put their website up when it has council information and communication details.

Monday, April 15, 2013

If you fancy a laugh

Perhaps you might amble over to

Not for the homophobic. This man is seriously funny and entertaining, he lives in Trelawnyd.

The sexing of Camilla

and Eric the Cockerel

Toy boy down the Lane

Dog Toothpaste

A good history of Trelawnyd here

The Boys from the Black Stuff get stuck in

Traffic Calming for beginners

Off we go ! It's just gone 8.30 am.
The tee junction platform laid down inside four hours.
Penymynydd Rd shut. Chester Rd on single lane traffic light.
This team know how to do their stuff.
The old man on the machine a master of this black art.
Poetry in motion.

Final main section being laid.
Cllr Bithell's favourite company involved.
I once put to a previous head of Hanson Cement that
 traffic calming made with Hanson Cement
would be a good marketing strategy. Nearly got it any way.

A skim to finish off tomorrow.

Digging out water manholes.
Bolting down entrance ramps to platform.
Not severe enough for my liking.
Some cars just about ignoring them.

We shall see when all is finished.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

From 2800 to Zero

In 2007 we had in the region of 2800 vehicles driving through Chester Rd every day even though we had a bypass.

Two thirds were breaking the 30 mph speed limit.

Next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday there will be zero vehicles driving through Chester Rd as the road will be shut whilst the traffic calming platform is laid.

So from next Thursday onwards, no more buses, lorries, bikers or cars hammering along Chester Rd.

A safer place for children and residents.

In my opinion a big day for Chester Rd environment.

To those that are not happy I say use the bypass.

I will do a roll call of those who have helped along the way once the black stuff is down.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring ball in Penyffordd

Marquee hire firm Tents and Events will host a spring ball in support of British Heart Foundation Cymru later this month.
The black tie evening will be held next Saturday, April 20, at Clawdd Offa Farm in Penyffordd from 7pm until 12.30am.
Ben Newell from the Tents and Events said: “My mother Sue suffered a heart attack September. This is a way I can say thank you to all the staff who helped.

Read further in The Flintshire Chronicle.

Policing the Police

Seems our new Lib Dem ( sorry I mean Independent ) North Wales Police Commissioner is a waste of space. A waste of time contacting him full stop.


Monday, April 08, 2013

Danger Chester Rd 3 Way Traffic Lights

Be aware of green tractor with slurry tank. It goes through on Red.
( And others apparently)
I'm not talking amber gambler here I mean solid red for 30 seconds.

I have reported driver to NWP.  I and my wife have seen miscreant do this twice. Nearly hit a small silver car this morning. Did same thing this afternoon. Was behind him as he went through on red.

Looks like I will have to go to court for reporting this incident.

Cllr Cindy Hinds makes headway over Dobshill speed limits

Dirty Mile to be reduced from 50 to 40 mph.

20 mph Speed Limits within the village

Cllrs Clive Weed and David Williams have raised the issue of 20 mph limit zones within the village. This is most welcome especially near schools. Nigel is writing to FCC to clarify recent press statements regarding 20 mph limits in Flintshire.

Improving Penyffordd environment I think of large importance. We should be a village with a bypass and not a huge short cut for lorries and cars. Traffic calming now being constructed will help.

reference: Penyffordd Community Council minutes.

Dog Bakery Business in Penyffordd

A WOMAN has launched a bakery business - for dogs, after years of making canine treats at home.

Sharon Ludgate, of Penyffordd, sells a wide range of homemade goodies including snacks to tackle bad breath and even birthday cakes for dog owners to spoil their beloved pets.

Redrow Marketing on the White Lion Development

I personally think if your building in Wales developments should have Welsh names. Not Englishised by Redrow and Taylor Wimpey. It should be WAG law. Otherwise no planning permission.

Heritage Park ! Shouldn't be allowed. What's Welsh about it? Nothing.


Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Millstone

Roll up, roll up for another mug. Paint tins in the Millstone. Must be having a quick lick of paint before re opening.

I'm not sure what the new tenants think they can bring to make the Millstone a going concern. Six previous tenants failed.

One hopes they are not relying on UK PLC having turned the corner into a new era of prosperity.

Good luck to the new tenants.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Penyffordd Traffic Calming Under Construction ( Chester Rd )

The FCC Highways Engineer walking down the road to
 inspect the new road drainage.
It may look like summer but that's snow on the right
hand edge of photo.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Magic Car

Cars used to be quite straight forward. Faults reasonably easy to diagnose. Computers under the bonnet and  in the passenger space have changed all this.

Even main dealers get perplexed charging you an arm and a leg whilst not fixing faults.

I used to be able to turn and remove the ignition key whilst the engine continued running. To stop the car I had to open the nearside passenger rear door.

This has now stopped.

Today the car decided not to start at the petrol pumps. This happened after turning off engine to wait 5 minutes for the car in front.

Many thanks to the young man who offered to help me push car ( people carrier ) off court

It appears that turning the engine off without getting out the car causes the immobiliser to reset to on.

Googling Sharan and immobiliser issues shows many a nightmare.

You might also wonder how I found the faults causing the above. So do I !
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