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Monday, November 29, 2010

Recent Property Sales

Not all of them but.............

25 Min Y Ddol £135,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0EB 1st October 2010

9 Min Y Ddol £127,142
Penyffordd, CH4 0EB 24th September 2010

11 Min Y Ddol £127,142
Penyffordd, CH4 0EB 20th September 2010

37 Min Y Ddol £331,995
Penyffordd, CH4 0EB 16th September 2010


The truth slips out

Still very cold in Penyffordd. The dead tree press shown up for what it is

Greenslade Blog

Comment on the above


28 November 2010 4:23PM
They oppose Wikileaks for the same reason that politicians do, and for the same reason that so many journalists and columnists hate twitter and blogs - because however much they might try to pretend otherwise, they are part of the establishment. They like to control the debate and ensure that people believe, "the right things". "

Also The Guardian
Further on Wikileaks in The Independent

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's cold and I have a cold

When your partner has a cold its hard to avoid one yourself. It's a year or more since my last one. I have a 1000 things to do, I do not feel like doing anything. Sleep is strange, everything is just existence without much joy. After a cold I always feel better, more toned, more refreshed. Just a week or two to go.

A55 Chaos

And in the real world The Daily Post

Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter Snow

Everything – whether you live in the middle of town or the middle of the countryside and however dull and quotidian – is stiller, quieter. The pace of life is forced to slow in a land suddenly rendered both beautiful and unfamiliar. You can't help but look at your world anew and the sight restores and replenishes, at some deep and primal level, the soul. It's the loss of that sense of restoration that causes us to bemoan the modern lack of proper seasons.

Link The Guardian

Carry on Speeding

Link Walesonline

No electric trains for Penyffordd

in The Daily Post

Quote Wales is the only European country with not a single metre of electrified track other than Albania and Moldova.”

Twitter the snow

If you do Twitter you can Twit if its snowing near you.
Here's the current snowfall.

At the time of blogging its snowing in East England, North Wales and a little in Scotland.

postscript. The standard of comment by some who Twitter is derisory. No wonder I leave the social platforms alone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


in The Guardian. These are the banks we have bailed out. They should be nationalised. They are currently of no use to society just a huge drain with no benefit except for rhemselves. Eric the Cantona has recommended the withdrawal of savings from these banks. He has a valid point.

This is how it continues David Malone ( slight swearing) The comments are worth a read.

Jim Corr
Dominic Lawson

Monday, November 22, 2010

Waste Matters

Brian November 22, 2010 at 16:07If you murder someone make sure you put them in the right bin. Just leaving them somewhere counts as fly-tipping and the only defence to that is being a traveller.

Link Anna Raccoon 

We are a stupid nation

The Labour government previous wrecked this country's finances. ( It is yet to be played out)  Now they are in the lead poll wise with a vacuous leader who talks of "profound change" bullshit. Why are we soooooooooooo thick?

The Guardian

Ed Milliband

Our favourite curry house

named the best in Wales. The chicken tikka masala which is NOT a traditional Asian dish but created in the UK is divine. Sir Anthony Hopkins thinks it's good he pops in if he is within 50 miles of the place. Me I'd have it airmailed to California.

BBC NE Wales
Bengal Dynasty

We're all doomed!

I have had an email today from a partner of the Motley Fool. The email is advertising their financial news letter. The basic message is 

a. Get out of property as an investment ( not your home)
b. Buy Gold
c. Get rid of anything to do with the Euro
d.  The Bond market is about to burst
e. The FTSE 100 companies are well over valued.

Link (not sure for how long)

The above happens when governments fail to regulate markets properly then try to hold everything together with manipulation.
None of the above should be classed as financial advice.The sites I read however are all shouting the above. We shall see.


An ex policeman's view of law and order

(and mine) in The Mail.

"As a retired police officer I, and many of my colleagues, have always felt that the government have always deliberately put hurdles in the way of the police gaining convictions resulting in terms of imprisonment.
The prison population has remained relatively static in the last 50 years yet the crime rate has increased dramatically.
My impression was that the government created legislation and procedures to make policing so difficult that a specialist solicitor could always get somebody of on a technicality (deliberately built in).
Another way of keeping effectiveness down is woolly soft sentencing. When I joined the service anyone assaulting an officer automatically went to prison. The theory was that the courts must protect those that protect the public.
Now, they don't even necessarily get prosecuted for that. Offenders can even badly beat up the elderly and still avoid prison.
The government does not protect its public and has not done so during my lifetime."

Read more:

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Blogger exposes himself

The Druid of Anglesey has come out. His blog is the way forward for democracy. Flintshire could do with a couple of Druids. Their flavour of no consequence just an honest dialogue and a way forward. IWJ non comment and Albert Owen MP comment are to be expected if the blog is read as their non performance is constantly mentioned.

Link Daily Post

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mark Tami MP in the House

speaker:Mark Tami : 9 Commons debates

There are more results than we have shown here. See more:

Business, Innovation and Skills: Topical Questions (18 Nov 2010)
Mark Tami: In response to my hon. Friend  the Member for Wrexham (Ian
Lucas) and my right hon. Friend  the Member for Leicester East (Keith
Vaz), the Secretary of State gave vague assurances on intra-company
transfers, particularly those that are vital to the future of Toyota on
Deeside. When will he finally end the uncertainty that still hangs over
this issue?

Backbench Business - [9th allotted day]: Immigration (18 Nov 2010)
Mark Tami: I shall briefly address two issues, tier 1 workers and
intra-company transfers, and following your guidance, Mr Deputy Speaker,
will give climate change and air travel a wide berth. It is already
clear that the Government's cap, as originally formulated, does not fit,
and once again a headline-grabbing policy that went down very well with
the tabloid press has turned out to be far from...

Backbench Business - [9th allotted day]: Immigration (18 Nov 2010)
Mark Tami: I accept the hon. Gentleman's point that, in some aspects,
tier 1 has gone wrong, but we should not put the whole thing in the bin
and say, "We are going to introduce a blanket ban at some point when we
reach some quota that is made up as we go along." I accept that there
are problems, but I am discussing a company that directly employs and
pays such workers; they do not come to this country...


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The View from Model Farm over to the Cheshire Plain

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Coalition Government is making cuts

Public borrowing rises yet again.....................

Link Bloomberg

Alison is saying nothing

Link Alison Halford

Road safety and vigilantism

in The Economist. The police as usual quite happy for the slaughter to continue.

Chester Rd traffic survey.

Chester Rd is having a traffic survey. I've asked Cllr Cindy Hinds who put it there and for what purpose. Cindy knows nothing. This seems to be par for county councils. To my mind anything done in a ward, our representative should know what's happening, they are just not told.

This unit is different to speed survey equipment held by Flintshire Highways and Gosafe. They use doppler wave technology with no wires.

On a general note this machinery is currently everywhere I go in Wrexham Borough Council and some Flintshire trunk roads. 

Tube Counter

keyword: count on us,

Investment in Chester Rd, a new waste bin.

Flintshire towns get millions spent on them but hey let's not moan. This one's smart and has been bolted down well. Anything not bolted down gets lifted up and thrown around by those short of something to do or those with too much ale inside them.

I am not made of the right stuff

For the last few years I have had the annual opportunity to travel to a golf country club in Derby with £50 in spends plus travelling expenses for a days golf. After two goes I have decided it's not worth the candle. Braving the morning and evening rush hours a right PIA.

In The Flintshire Chronicle we have Geoff Coote who travels from Derby to Sandycroft and back every working day. A 200 mile trip and three hours of travelling along some of UK's busiest roads. A large photo of Geoff with the reported article. He looks very pleased with himself , I think a prime candidate for therapy.........

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Idiots who block you in or out of your drive

This year I have had some problems with idiots. They block my drive with their cars then come back maybe five or ten hours later.
Hence the various signs plastered on my gate. (its still happening).

Here's a man who has the right idea. His punishment completely wrong.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Remembrance Sunday 2010

Penyffordd and district remember those who have fallen in the wars. The weather cool with rain. Those present that I  recognize. Cllr Cindy Hinds, Cllr David Williams, Arthur Arnold, John Martin and wife, Tony and Decima Hodge, CBM Howie Williams on duty with his military service medals on full display. Also in attendance former Penyffordd CBM Ian Millington in the leading police car..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quantitative easing explained USA style, we're doing it too

Cattle trouble again

We hate walking through fields with cattle in. We have just about given up excepting there being a very healthy distance and an option to get out the field before they get to you. Having bull terriers who wish to "engage" makes it ten times worse.
Here's a couple who did not make it.

Link Mailonline

Friday, November 12, 2010

The policeman's policeman Sgt Antony Heaword of Deeside

Flintshire Footpaths

I have a bit of a whinge over footpath issues in Flintshire. Cllr Cindy Hinds got the footpath over the road sorted recently for us Penyffordd footpath walkers. Barbwire across the top of the stile is quite popular. I have had one woman in Treuddyn asking me to get out of her garden when I was standing on a public footpath. Still haven't got her sorted. FCC seem decidedly slow for some reason.
Klaus can come in handy you know, especially if he hasn't been in the paper for awhile.

It does seem however we are well ahead of counties in South Wales. Carmarthen has only 35% of public rights of way open. Here is God's country on the edge of Flintshire, not known to many..................

Links WalesOnline

Angela Merkel makes them have it

Speaking in Seoul, where she is attending the G20 summit, Dr Merkel acknowledged her demands have upset the markets but insisted it was unfair for taxpayers to be saddled alone with the cost of sovereign rescues. “Let me put it simply: in this regard there may be a contradiction between the interests of the financial world and the interests of the political world,” Dr Merkel said.
“We cannot keep constantly explaining to our voters and our citizens why the taxpayer should bear the cost of certain risks and not those people who have earned a lot of money from taking those risks.”

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shed Thefts

HUNDREDS of pounds of gardening equipment was stolen from a shed in Penyffordd between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, November 2-3.

Link Francesca Elliott at The Flintshire Leader

Looks like they knew what they were looking for, Stihl is good stuff. I have stuff similar to that stolen, it's next to where the dogs sleep.....

Temporary good news for Chester, Wrexham and Corwen Rds

Link Daily Post

Then the flood gates open courtesy of Flintshire County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government when A55 Warren Bank exits open in December.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Houses recently sold

4 Holly Drive £140,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0NE 3rd September 2010

22 Coed Y Graig £170,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0XD 1st September 2010

6 Coed Terfyn £171,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0XB 6th August 2010

8 Fairview £136,500
Penyffordd, CH4 0HZ 21st September 2010

Monday, November 08, 2010


Today we have had a kerfuffle between the dogs. We have the bitch who has been boss since she came and we have the young upstart puppy who pushes the envelope. There are house rules, puppy is not allowed in the kitchen which is the bitches' domain. 
The dogs have to be kept separate after being fed. 

So this evening we have one dog nursing superficial wounds to ears and cheeks. The puppy (young dog)  handed the damage out. When we first had the puppy he limped around for a month after he got taught a lesson by the bitch. So things even themselves out... .......

Dogs are domesticated wolves, their instincts persist, I am top dog after that it gets a bit hazy..............

The Long Weekly Walk

Last Sunday saw us on top of  Pen Llan y Gwr. It's the mountain behind Hope Mountain. On top is a concrete block with the above object on. A three hour walk which returned my injured foot which I thought was better...............

Lovely views over the Dee, Mersey, Wirral estuary, Hope mountain, Black mountain, Nercwys and Erryrys.

On our way around we bumped into a friendly local who has two sheep dogs one of which is called scumbag. Always welcome to pass the time of day. He lives on one side of the road on Bryn Common his brother on the other side. They are like chalk and cheese. One friendly, one hostile.


Penyffordd Bonfire 2010

This was taken from the bedroom window. I sat Trolly the bull terrier on the window sill and he watched the lot. Other dogs we have had  hated the bangs. The night was a success, loads there, the organisers did a good job.

Later some friends called in and suggested a visit down the local hostelry. So in we went, most of the tables set up for food so we ended up on a bench next to the pool table and parrot. Not very impressed. Prices of ale are eye watering ( the same everywhere) , no wonder we do not go out very often. Perhaps we should have gone to the Red.

Lisa's Kitchen Leftovers

The recipe - leftovers because it was what the Penyffordd Wine Circle didn't get to.


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hedge laying competition takes place in Penyffordd

here in The Daily Post

Penyffordd based group raise money

NORTH Wales Charity Ramblers has donated £12,000 to Wales Air Ambulance after a year of fundraising for the lifesaving organisation.
The Penyffordd-based group raised the cash through a variety of sponsored events over the past 12 months.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Lisa's Kitchen - Spaghetti Bolognese

Inspector Martin Best

has  five loaves and two fishes to play with in The Leader. Perhaps its time for North Wales Police to return to core community policing and such nonsenses as diversity officers etc kicked into to touch.

Penyffordd is joint policed with Higher Kinnerton  by CBM Howie Williams.
Penyffordd has about 3000 residents, HK will have similar or less.

What nobody asks is what does a CBM actually do in his working week?

Monday, November 01, 2010

The Slog does Australia


The Persistence of Penyffordd Community Council

Yes you are reading correctly. Penymynydd Rd, Penymynydd has an access only section at the top. This is because it is a major route to St John's junior school at the top.
It has no pavements as it is too narrow, it is unsuitable for traffic.
How many years have PCC pressed NWP to enforce the access only ?

1 year
5 years
10 years

Still CBM Howie Williams refuses to book people who take short cuts from Wellhouse. In the Council Minutes for September Howie still comes up with excuses on why he will not do his job.

One suggestion. Get Mervyn to deliver a letter to the Wellhouse ,Tate and Green Park estates saying as from a certain date ALL non access only traffic will be booked. It will cost a few bob but its fair.

How to keep local papers

At a time when local readership continues to shrink here is how one proprietor keeps going.

Link The Independent
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