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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Castell Alun Full Up !

Chairman of Flintshire Council, Carolyn Thomas, says the council’s planning and education departments are running the risk creating “fractured communities” by approving extensive housing projects but failing to expand schools.

A total of 400 new homes are being built in Penyffordd, near Mold, but there are fears that secondary schools in the area do not have the room to accommodate the expected influx of children.

Primary school children from Dobshill, who usually go on to attend Castell Alun High School in Hope, have been told they will be going to Hawarden High School from September.

Cllrs Carolyn Thomas and Cindy Hinds making the waves that need to be made.

Full story The Leader

Monday, July 29, 2013

Political Grouping Flintshire County Council - Cllr David Williams

This may be old news but I was unaware that Cllr David Williams was a member of the New Independents. A political group formed by Cllr Patrick Heesom. I see the FCC pin up girl the fragrant Cllr Carolyn Thomas is Deputy Leader of the group.


Scroll way down...........

postscript, Carolyn is also Chair of Flintshire County Council

Local Blog - Gladstone and Beyond

Click photo to enlarge

This is from a local blog Gladstone and Beyond.

The sign deadly amusing. ( the bottom line )

Our dog which is a bull terrier would like to do nothing better than to chase cattle around a field. Bullocks always seem up for it. Most probably kill the dog though.

We don't go with the dog in fields full of cattle full stop. Been there, done that, got the tea shirt.

It's a very bad idea people get killed ( inc farmers)  in UK every year with incidents involving cattle. Mothers with calves one of the worst potential scenarios.

Millstone Charity Bash

Click on photo to read

Saturday, July 27, 2013


I'm told he has gone. He wrote some of King Eric's more memorable hits Cocaine and After Midnight.

" After midnight we're going to shake your tambourine "    JJ Cale

Links  Eric - Cocaine     Eric - After Midnight  Clapton - Knopfler

and moving away

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Illegal parking outside my house

will come under the umbrella of Flintshire County Council shortly.
NWP do not want to do it anymore. It upsets the natives.

Full story in The Leader

ps. I have to admit to occasional transgressions

Monday, July 22, 2013

Normal Service will be resumed when

I find out what Google have been messing around with. Photos are missing from the front page.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Richard's 60th Bash ( Hippy BBQ )

Birthday Boy Richard


Gill and Jim

Hippy Couple

Dance floor supplied by Tents and Events

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Look after your own

Men get lost some times as years unfurl................

What the head makes cloudy

The heart makes very clear

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two weeks of sun cue hose pipe bans

When I were a lad before global warming, summer holidays were wall to wall sunshine. N Wales has areas that have the highest precipitation levels in UK.

Why are we not creating more lakes and selling water? Employment, revenue what more do you want?

Postscript. Also when I were a lad (1963) the River Dee froze over and the ice was a foot thick and we had frosts for weeks on end and the ponds on the river bank made excellent ice rinks.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's happening to Penyffordd Community Council website?

I still can't see any minutes just Latin infill.
Is this an example of how Penyffordd Community Council is run?

The minutes and agenda must be created in digital format.
Or are they still done on a typewriter?

It's many months now councillors still no minutes or agendas

£400 spent and all we have are some silly fir trees.

Some big foot dragging going on here.

In an hour I could put up a site with minutes and agendas for free, with no running costs.
It would be easy to maintain by councillors too.

You are looking very silly councillors.

Penyffordd's Head Teacher retires after 34 years


Castell Alun is the secondary school for Penyffordd youth.

ps. Is Penyffordd Cllr Tom Jones (aged 87 years old ) still a governor?
Please answer in comments.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Penyffordd Air Space

Not sure how many of you have time to look upwards. We have buzzards that soar over Penyffordd. Further up there is air traffic soon to increase when Penyffordd Airport opens.

Here's a live map of air traffic for UK

If you hold your mouse over an aircraft symbol and click it you can see the aircraft's details.
Members of this site yesterday wondered why a Boeing Dreamliner was constantly flying around in a circle over North Wales. Apparently they were burning off fuel.................

Not a good sign if you are on board !

Thanks Ann for the heads up !

Charity Collections - I've had enough

It all seems very simple. Someone puts a bag though your door. You fill it full of unwanted to stuff. You leave it outside on the day of collection. Y Bont Charity left us a bag. So we put our collection in the bag inside the bag of the two other charities who had failed to pick up our collection.

It's still there this morning.

We're not up some lane we're in the middle of the village.

No more door step charities, bugger off stop wasting our time.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Raw Milk Locally

I like green top milk. It tastes bloody marvelous.  Skimmed and semi skimmed are crap full stop. How you can drink such stuff amazes me.

There are arguments that the fat removed from the above adulterations have to re added by the body to make it digestable

There is an article in the Independent today. As usual big business is out to cripple.

I used to get it from Oultrams in Ewloe. It seemed all a bit under the counter.
Seems they are still going.
They are on the old main road between Ewloe and Northop Hall at the petrol station.
There is also a farm in Rhydymwyn details below.

Raw milk is not cheap because of government subsidy means farmers sell milk at a loss.
Work that one out will you!
( £1.50 - £2.50 per pint )

Good advice here.

You may wish to write to Mark Tami MP or Carl Sargeant AM to push for a fair outcome to this issue.

Newbridge Farm

H W Oultram & Co.

Ewloe, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 3BS

T: 01244 532108


Breed: Pedigree Ayrshire herd

Feed: Grass fed in summer, silage and maize in winter

Other: Sells fresh daily raw milk from small 'Dragon' fuel station


Plas Wilkin

C M Davies

Rhydymwyn, Mold, Clwyd. CH7 5HH.

T: 01352 741263


Breed: Ayshire cattle

Thursday, July 04, 2013

One of the attractions of Penyffordd plus WAG Opt Out Organ Rant

The ambulance should get to you inside 5 minutes as the new base is at Dobshill.
We could discuss the Keystone Cops act carried out on my late mother in law but lets not spoil things.

Dobshill Ambulance Station in the Leader.


Carrying on a medical theme


Would you let this lot below make decisions on whether to end your life and remove your organs?
( New Opt Out Organ WAG legislation)


Postscript: Look at the film plot for

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Taylor Swift & Def Leppard

I sent this to a friend. I thought why not share. The first song Photograph my favourite.
If you have a few hours to spend you can read about this remarkable girl's background.


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