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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Giving money to BT for free

You would think BT has enough money barring the pension fund hole but that's another matter. Recently we have signed a new contract with BT over broadband. We have got a good reduced rate in exchange for a capping of 12 gigabite per month. We get fined for over use the current month being £8.

Why are we going over our limit? I now have our wireless network box encrypted so any laptops in the area apart from ours cannot hitch a free ride on the net. I have found a free little program called Networx which logs net use by all computers to help evaluate our bandwidth situation.

So I am thinking we might be signed up as a slave for some robot army, programs are closed down all except one machine with Mozilla and Outlook Express open. Outlook turns out to be the broadband hog.

We leave one computer on 24/7 for various reasons to do with databases. I had emails set up to look for new emails once a minute, then I altered it to once an hour. If no one is using the net our machine with OE open consumes about 7 meg per hour.  24 hours x 7 meg is 168meg per day.

On a 30 day month this is 5 gigabytes per month which is nearly half our monthly allowance.

So no more gifts to BT..................

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Salmon with Cous Cous

Friday, October 29, 2010

I feel like Michael ( in Ryan's Daughter)

and have done for about a week now. I have torn (I think) a muscle in my foot behind my toes. Apparently there are 4 layers of muscles there. It's hard to see from this picture but this is the excellent actor Sir John Mills hobbling around as the village idiot. The doctor (Lisa) thinks it was done by being dehydrated whilst playing golf at Maesdu, perhaps she is right. The treatment for most stuff like this seems to be rest.

It is very frustrating not to be able to do what I normally do. Rooney is having the same issues...

Thank you to Cllr Linda Vidamour

I read in the Penyffordd Council minutes for September that Linda (Chairman) had pressed CBM Howie Williams to do traffic policing in Chester Rd. A councillor with some grit. We need more of those.

It would be fair to say I could not have written the letter that appeared in The Flintshire Chronicle if I had known the above. That's where Penyffordd Community Council are constantly stupid. If residents such as me are given information we cannot complain.

You get fed up of looking in the draw at the Penyffordd Post Office for the minutes. If they were online that would be good but we can't have residents having information at hand, it's made as difficult as possible.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

‘Mewsings’ Of A Member

read here

The murky workings of Flintshire County Council.

"Codes of Conduct hang over the backbenchers like the sword of Damocles and one Executive member has really left a bad impression by being described as treating a particular cllr as “shite on the shoe”.  Not good!"

One wonders which executive member? It gives you a flavour of how county council's are run. Mobiles handed out like sweeties but you can't get hold of anyone, service provided but not for the benefit of those who need it. My FOIE's ring similar to what is said above.
Avoidance and prevarication at many points. The complete opposite of the private sector.

Penymynydd schoolchildren hold fundraising car wash

by Francesca Elliott here

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

North Wales Police

Since the above will not traffic police Chester Rd, Penyffordd I feel they are fair game to take a pot shot at in the local media. It's quite easy to do. Just read the local papers and wait for the opportunity to criticise. The down side being I can expect no help from our CBM should I require police help.

It should also be pointed out that Penyffordd Cllrs back the non action by the police over school children's, pensioners lives and our village centre environment. The easiest solution would have been back in 2007 for NWP to pile on police presence and media coverage to kill (euphemistically) the 2000 odd speeders dead.

NWP being standard for a public organisation at the moment will not do what those who pay their wages want. Whether it be patrolling the streets, ignoring speeders and illegal exhausts or whatever.

I may get a letter in the local papers in the next day or so criticising their Spanish practices.

Roll on the Police Commissioner appointment. Lets have some accountability.

Shock surprise Cllr Alison Halford has a male lodger sharing her bed

Alison appears to have been on operational silence this past month, now two blogs in two days.
Link Alison Halford

False hopes for Alison

I wish Alison would keep her Flintshire county council stuff in one place. It used to be in Council Capers, its been elsewhere and now its in "Musings". Discipline Alison we need discipline.

Alison has the only view of county council apart from Council Leader Arnold Woolley on the net.

This entry below discusses the news brought by the Tory leader that Arnold was going to stand down. Champagne is called for then its found out not to be true. Who's winding up the Tory Leader?

Link Musings

Postscript: The Leader reports today that Alison has been reported to the Welsh Ombudsman for bullying Council Leader Arnold Woolley.

Penyffordd Bonfire 2010

at the Penyffordd Institute on Saturday 6th November 2010.

Gates open at 6.00 pm.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My sort of guy

In the Daily Mail

Carl Sargeant AM calls for action on speeding drivers in Higher Kinnerton

here in The Flintshire Leader
and here in Penyffordd there is no interest in the safety of school children or OAP's or village environment. CBM Howie Williams is on strike supported by Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie, Inspector Martin Best and  Penyffordd Cllrs.

Would a councillor wish to comment on why they will not press NWP to do their job? We are currently spending £300 a month on a traffic warden. It's a little known fact that speeding cars kill more people than stationary ones.

Or perhaps a statement to say that they are happy with 1800 speeders a day which was the last count by Flintshire County Council.

Dobshill speed limits

I understand there is movement over this long standing issue. Moves have been started by Flintshire Highways to reduce the open speed limit currently in place. I believe we have a new broom in charge of Highways

Here's a clever chap

If you want to understand why the country is in it's current mess.
You could try this

Economists talking rubbish again

Quote in The Guardian " "The second successive fall in retail sales in September is surprising and particularly worrying given the importance of consumer spending to the economy," said Howard Archer at IHS Global Insight.

There is bad news everywhere and these plonkers expect us to carry on as normal filling up the credit cards.
Full rubbish story in The Guardian

A lot of us started to buckle down quite some time ago. These people live in cloud cuckoo land.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today it will be announced that jobs are to go, this is very, very sad. I think it should be made illegal to make jobs for political ends as Gordon Brown has done for the last dozen years. Same goes for immigration for votes.

Link The Telegraph

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have about 140 strawberry plants enough one supposes to feed half of Penyffordd. Suffice to say this has not happened. Hydroponics has the potential to increase crops many fold with a vast increase in taste quality.

 Although aware of hydroponics I have left it alone due to my uneasyness with what seems a chemical process. There is also the issue of growing in plastics. PVC and other plastics are used a lot in hydroponics. Plastics whilst appearing to be magic have the properties in them known as endocrine disrupters. Fish in polluted lakes in the USA are ending up with multiple sex organs. It would be fair to say I have had enough trouble with one..............So plastics in growing vegetables and storing foods need to changed. Baby items such as milk bottles offer a steady stream of endocrine disrupters, this is not a good thing.

So I am looking for a low energy 12 v hydroponic system that uses as many non plastics as possible and definitely no PVC. So we are talking porcelain and glass vessels, clay pipes, bamboo with a 12 volt led growlight system. This might be enough to get the bobby chopper hovering over my new polytunnel wondering what I am growing in the green and red light...............The market for growing mind altering substances with hydroponics seems to be a multi billion £ business, my equipment will be for veg Howie!

Current Political Lineup Flintshire County Council

The composition of the 70-member ‘hung’ council now is: Labour 22, Independent Non-Aligned 18, Liberal Democrats 10, Conservatives 9, New Independents nine, Plaid Cymru one, as well as Saltney councillor Klaus Armstrong-Braun.

Info:  Flintshire Leader

Flintshire Council leader’s future

THE leader of Flintshire Council Cllr Arnold Woolley is expected to announce whether he will stand down today.

"But Cllr Heesom, a former member of Cllr Woolley’s executive committee, insisted that the demands have not come from his rival group.
He said: “We believe this request actually came from within his own group.”

Full story Daily Post

Monday, October 18, 2010

You are what you eat - food for thought

A South African I admire's view on food and organs of the body. (well someone who passed it on to him)

Link Synaptoman

Friday, October 15, 2010

Alison Halford is NOT blogging

It seems the authorities take a very dim view of transparency and the public's right for open debate. This is all wrong.

Here is Alison not blogging.

Link Alison Halford

Hope Sport Centre - Cllr Tim Newhouse

 His Speech to a Flintshire County Council committee

Yesterday and today Richard Penney, Jon Merrick, Dave Kay and I spent 10 and a half backbreaking hours starting the creation of new turf cricket pitches at Hawarden High School.

We are doing this voluntarily over the next six months because the shameful legacy that this Council has left is that no inter school cricket was played in Flintshire last year.

This is the type of project that councils in Australia do – because they know the many and varied benefits that sport brings to people's lives.

In 2007, I started the only female cricket team in North Wales. It involved coaching at schools, setting up an inter school competition, forming a squad and then running the team, which still plays today in the Cheshire League.

This is the type of project that councils in Australia do – because it is the right thing to do.

This Council gets off very lightly financially when it comes to sport and leisure because of the huge contribution of mugs like me.

Council's investment in this vital area is pathetic.

It's record at Hope Sports Centre is an embarrassment.

At the end of my four-year term, I will be able to point to millions of pounds worth of new community assets that I have brought to Hope at no cost to Flintshire Council.

I will also be able to point to hundreds of thousands of pounds of extra income that I have helped Hope generate for the Council.

The least that the people of Hope should expect in return is for its Sports Centre to have increased investment in it. The formula is simple, if you invest in a Sports Centre, more people will use it. If you don't invest, fewer people will use it and then some narrow-minded bean-counter will call for its closure.

Give me unfettered access in County Hall and I'll identify £609,364 in waste inside a week.

Attack sport and you attack me. Attack Hope and you attack me. This is a war that should not have been started.

If we are to be driven entirely by profit – then I fail to see why we have a Head of Leisure Services or an Executive Member for Leisure, because I don't see either of those positions turning a profit. All I see is a diminishing service.

Mr Chairman, let us not waste any more time on this insult to our intelligence. Let us take the vote now to consign this wafer-thin, bean-counting document to the recycling depot where it can be transformed into toilet paper.

Cllr Tim Newhouse
Member of the Lifelong Learning Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Link The Daily Post

It is hoped that Penyffordd Councillors will back Cllr Tim Newhouse whatever their political persuasion. Sport is a vital pathway to channel youth energy in a positive manner for Flintshire society. As you can see Tim is on a war path. Flintshire could do with more cllrs like Tim.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Global Warming Hoax

from a physicist's point of view. here

Whilst here in N Wales

"Meic Davies, North Wales flood risk manager for Environment Agency Wales, said: “Climate change is happening, which means sea levels will rise and coastal communities will be placed at greater risk of flooding from the sea."

Link James Delingpole (over 3000 comments and counting)

New FCC Independent Group members named

Leader Patrick Heesom
Deputy Leader Former Lib Dem Carolyn Cattermoul
Former Lib Dem Tim Newhouse for Hope
Cllr Ray Hughes
Cllr Carolyn Thomas
Cllr Dave MeFarlane
Cllr Rita Johnson
Cllr Peter Pemberton
Cllr Emlyn Cooke

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sacking your councillor (not really)

also in The Druid

The Great Councillini opines on FOIE

and so says Penyffordd District who has struggled in this area greatly.

The Great Councillini said...

Mine wasn't a FoIA request, but a criticism of the methodology used.

I wouldn't shy away from FoIA requests if I were you; it is your statutory right, given by Parliament, and unless you are acting unreasonably or vexatiously, the public body must respond. Remember, it is not a public body's right to know why you want the information, nor what purpose to which you will put it.

Think of it this way: by making requests and insisting compliance with statute law, you are improving matters for everyone, including the bodies themselves, who often need considerable improvements in how they handle FoIA requests.

The Druid nails North Wales Police Authority

Druid quote  " So there you are: you can choose between 

(a) a number of unelected appointees/quangocrats who clearly do not feel they have to respond to reasonable questions from members of the general public; or 

(b) an elected commissioner who will be held directly accountable to residents for police priorities and performance.

I'm with The Druid ie B

Time for NWPA to be wound up.

Link The Druid 

As it appears that Cllr Woolley's Leadership of Flintshire hangs in the balance

This is what Arnold has to say about how Flintshire will be affected in future. I am of the opinion of what he says will come to pass with or without him being in charge. Click link below.

Link Arnold Woolley website

Power struggle at Flintshire County Council

in The Leader

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Little Known Practices on Farms No. 342

Elwyn of Green Lodge tells us he has been clipping the nether regions of his sheep over the weekend ready for mating. This makes it easier for the ram apparently. Below is one of his ugly sheep, its called a Belgian Texel or a Beltex in this country. This type will stand their ground against a bull terrier (on lead)

  1. Links Beltex Sheep Society

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Penyffordd lady can taste colours

Julia Hobbs inherited synaethesia from her mother Gwen which is a condition which mixes emotions.  Full story in the Leader. Emotions are not the same as senses but lets not split hairs over unique gifts.

The Leader
The Daily Post

Wikipedia Synesthesia

Penymynydd International Call Up

TWINS from Penymynydd have battled their way into the Junior Great Britain water polo team.
Charlie and Tilly, 15, read the rest in the Flintshire Chronicle.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Penyffordd Rat

Not sure if its a good career move living in the garden. There's next door with the poison and Trolley the ratter our bull terrier will dispatch the poor fellow in about 5 seconds. This part of the garden is separate from the dogs. Anyway I wish it the best of luck.

Penyffordd District Place Stone

It would appear my memory fails, this has been seen before.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Seen whilst out today

Houses for sale Penyffordd district

Property for sale
The list below shows what is currently on the market for sale near you. To search for more property on the market click here.
AddressTypeBedsPriceListed On
Chester RoadSemi-D2£169,95021-06-2010
Hawarden RoadDetached4£300,00018-01-2010
Abbotts LaneSemi-D3£160,00010-08-2009
West ViewDetached3£180,00008-05-2008
Lower Mountain Road

Thought for the Day

This from Alexander Fraser Tytler (1747-1813):
"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.

From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship...

The average of the world’s greatest civilisations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through this sequence:-
From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back to bondage."

Victims of anti-social behaviour can name and shame police who don't help them, says Theresa May in crackdown on louts

I seem to remember ex Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom saying speeding was anti social behaviour. Wednesday it's Penyffordd Community Council meeting where speeding on Chester Rd will continue to be ignored.

Link Daily Mail

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Houses sold in Penyffordd district recently

5 Ferndale Close £145,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0NH 6th August 2010

5 St Johns Close £245,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0YT 16th July 2010

27 Green Park £185,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0LY 16th July 2010

5 Wats Road £90,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0HD 23rd July 2010

23 Abbottsford Drive £192,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0JG 30th June 2010

You can search all these sales totally free of charge by going to

Friday, October 01, 2010

NWP expecting 25% cut

It will not make much difference to Chester Rd anyway. With Penyffordd Cllrs agreement our CBM doesn't have to do traffic policing.
Money for nothing chicks for free as far as Chester Rd police precept payers are concerned.


Daily Post 

Daily Post 2

In Penyffordd its raining

and miserable. In Ireland they have worked out that banker's greediness is going to cost every citizen of Ireland £10,000. (up to now)

Link Irish anger

Meanwhile UK, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France and USA are all in big trouble.

The Druid explains how much of a hole we are in here

Brighter weather possibly this afternoon.

Glad I didn't pay £430 to go to the Ryder Cup..............................
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