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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Alison discusses Flintshire County Council politics

The only blog on the inside.

My question on The Leader comment section finally answered by Alison.
Why did Labour abstain?
Answer " A fly on the wall admitted there is no way Labour wants to resume government with only a year to go before the next election."

link Alison Halford

Village Pest

Apparently that's me. So says a commenter
Not brave enough to put a name down though.

I presume the above came after an email sent to specific people this morning.

Seems fighting for a safe environment is an issue for someone.

postscript: I find the general outlook for environment in the village depressing.

Why should we have speeders, it's still over a 1000 a day.
Why should we have through lorries.
Why should bikers tear along the bypass at 120 mph with illegal exhausts
Why should we have a 1000 vehicles using the village as a short cut everyday.

Yes the commenter is right. I should leave the place it's full of little people.

No environmental ambition just happy to be the biggest speediest short cut in Flintshire.

Further postscript. Thank you for the encouragement Ann. My email

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Running a Business by Committee , not the way to go

The struggle to find a lasting solution to Wrexham FC continues. A lot of Penyfforddians support Wrexham. Owning a football club in UK appears to involve burning money in large amounts. Sky Sports have so unbalanced the sport where Premiere League get nearly all the spoils and those below are left with the crumbs on the table.

I wish the club well but fear there will be tears before too long.

Link Daily Post

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Woe is me

Council Ward Boundary Changes for Flintshire

to be put in place for 2016 instead of 2012.

Source Treuddyn News - Cllr Carolyn Thomas

The roads are busy

around Chester. Whatever you do do NOT approach the A494 to Queensferry from the M56. Tailbacks building by the second. The road system in the area remains a dog's breakfast due to Aston Hill two lanes.


BBC NE Wales Travel News

If you wish to see the chaos

postscript: Bikers hammering along the Penyffordd By Pass with illegal exhausts as per normal. What speed? 120 - 140 mph ?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogger is messing around

Service will be resumed shortly. We have three computers, blogger malfunctions on two out of three. Well done Google.
Two machines working now. That will have to do. The fix is to remove all cookies, cache and temporary files.
Which is not very good on a working machine. This fault is experienced by tens of thousands of bloggers, Google should not mess us around like this

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Driver attitudes

This morning I have had a driver shake his fist at me because I had the temerity to point at him speeding. This of course is the same attitude as drivers getting mad at funeral traffic slowing them down. This scumbag behaviour needs stamping on. Our CBM Howie Williams on strike won't do the speeding rat run. This with councillor approval?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Support for Council Leader Arnold Woolley from an unusual source

A letter by Gareth Williams in The Flintshire Chronicle May 19 2011

Leader deserves a bit of moral support

Following on from recent reports regarding the AGM at Flintshire County Council and the re-election of council leader Arnold Woolley.
Your report suggests Cllr Woolley was not really flavour of the month but still managed to get re-elected as the leader of the council, with only the controlling groups supporting him.
Well nothing new there then. It always happens that way, controlling group members supporting their own and opposition groups either abstaining or voting against..
The opposition should have put up an alternative leader; otherwise shut up ans get on with the business of delivering council services.
I worked along side Cllr Woolley for several years, and while we agreed to disagree on many occasions he did always try to do his level best. You can't ask for more.
I'm not aware of failing services in Flintshire. Some could do better; and there will always be a need for service improvement, but many are excellent and others continue to improve.
What has really ticked me off - and, I suggest, many other people - is some of the comments made from the opposition councillors, who should know better

Gareth Williams , Mold


Gareth Williams stood for Labour in Buckley Bistre East in 2004 and was elected with 485 votes.
He failed to get elected in 2008

Will he be standing in 2012 as an Independent given the above letter contents?


Flintshire Elections 2004
Flintshire Elections 2008

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Upcoming Reality for Penyffordd

Saint Vince Cable talks sense in The Guardian.

Today I have reached the grand old age of 57.

Birthday wishes. 

To live in a village centre community with a bypass and not a massive unpoliced short cut designed by the Welsh Assembly Government with Flintshire Highways.
IMO speeding is still over a 1000 a day cllrs.

Postscript:  I forgot this is supposed to be our last day on this earth.
Hold you're breath at 6 pm tonight for the big rapture

Link Stupid Bastards

Friday, May 20, 2011

Secret Meetings

There was a meeting Wednesday night in the Institute over the 234 house Wood Lane Farm development. I live on Chester Rd that will have extra masses of traffic with the above development. Where were notices put up?
I am told about 20 residents turned up. A developers and council's planning dept dream?

Not everyone uses the post office or the Spar. It would have been quite easy to have a sign on Chester Rd next to the Institute or perhaps an email broadcast.

Peddling lies on blogs

Lord Judge in The Guardian

Gosafe visit Chester Rd

Right place guys but wrong time. The morning rat run has elements that fly past our new lolly pop man.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Alison Halford on Flintshire County Council social housing

An excellent  view of the issues from the inside.

Link Alison Halford

keywords: Clare Budden, WAG,

Penyffordd History

This used to be up Chester Rd. It was used during the WW2 as an aircraft  monitoring post. The site has now been leveled but it is believed the monitoring room underground still exists.

Link Royal Observer Corp

Penyffordd Environment

This afternoon Public Health Wales have been at Penyffordd British Legion to publish results over health fears regarding emissions from Hanson Cement. The outcome being that no cancer clusters have been found in Penyffordd and district. Lifestyle choices ie. ( drinking, diet and smoking ) playing the most significant role.

Quote from Penyffordd Community Council

In a letter to Mrs Hart last April, Penyffordd Community Council clerk, Nigel Jones said it is a "known fact that there has been an increase in the cases of various cancers" within Penyffordd and nearby areas Penymynydd, Padeswood, Buckley, Leeswood and Hawarden."

It would appear not to be so.

"Professor David Russell, head of the centre, said: “Air quality relating to particulate matter is  good, comparing favourably with other parts of the UK. It is comparable with air quality in a typical rural community or small town in the UK".

Read on in the links below.

 BBC NE Wales
Flintshire Chronicle

Postscript: I consider noise from Penyffordd By Pass more of an issue. As far as I am concerned this is the elephant in the room environment wise that is never acknowledged. Has anyone ever asked about vehicle emissions off the bypass?

Further postscript. The recent "fallout" from Hanson Cement could not have been them as the plant was not even operating during the alleged incident time frame.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Carl Sargeant AM retains Local Government position and gains Transport

Cabinet Profiles

keywords: The Welsh Government, Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister,

Welsh Police and Crime Commissioner rethink - Russell Roberts WLGA Deputy Leader

cc Chief Constable Mark Polin

Morning Russell,

I read in the Daily Post that you are against change with regards Welsh Policing.
You say current arrangement are strong enough.

Might you suggest a way forward with regards the community where I live?
We have over a 1000 speeders a day through the village. NWP know this and will do nothing. They even get inspectors and CBM's to tell lies ( downplay) to local councillors and the press.

As you are aware making complaints to police on such matters is a waste of time.
NWPA seem to have decided that speeding through N Wales communities is an acceptable pastime.

The current level of accountability by NWP to those who pay their wages a continuing disgrace.

Colin Hughes

Penyffordd District

Link  Daily Post

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cllr Arnold Woolley retains Flintshire County Council leadership

But many councillors refused to support him, including the New Independents, who voted against his leadership and the entire Labour group, who abstained from the vote."

So why did the Labour group abstain?

Link Daily Post 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chester Rd half a rumble strip - quarter measure traffic calming

In September 2007 the above was installed. It is general practice by highways departments to put these rumble strips across both sides of the road. In the above case only traffic coming into the village had  " a reminder" that they were entering a community. Some motorists avoided the rumble strip by going over the other side of the road.

This is now going to be put right. Many thanks.

Link Neal Cockerton Linkedin

keywords: Neal Cockerton, assets, Linkedin, Head of Assets and Transportation at Flintshire County Council,

Police chief faces sack after admitting gross misconduct

Pity ours can't get sacked at the moment for allowing our morning rat run to hammer through each day.

Link Yorkshire Post


Morning Chief Constable
Traffic currently hammering through Chester Rd Penyffordd with your full permission.
Your non action also backed by NWPA, Penyffordd Community Council, Mark Tami MP, Carl Sargeant AM.
Will a police commissioner make any difference?
Seems another CC is going.............................
Time for change?
Colin Hughes

Monday, May 09, 2011

Penyffordd Pensions

So you think saving may help for your retirement. Some troubling figures in the article below. Gordon Brown of course buggered it all up. The comments section enlightening.

Link Telegraph

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Penyffordd and district houses sold, for sale and to rent


CH4 0JD65, Hawarden Road£170,00011/02/2011more details
CH4 0JJ14, Hillside Road£155,95028/03/2011more details
CH4 0XD21, Coed Y Graig£210,00026/11/2010more details
CH4 0HR31, West View£158,00011/03/2011more details
CH4 0HR18, West View£140,00008/02/2011more details

Discounted Properties

AddressTypeBedsPriceListed OnReduction
Little Mountain RoadDetached4£275,00020-07-20105%
Chester RoadDetached4£399,95019-01-20106%

For Sale
AddressTypeBedsPriceListed On
Hawarden Road3£124,95014-03-2011
Hawarden RoadDetached4£300,00018-01-2010
Corwen Road4£220,00023-04-2011
Well House DriveDetached4£250,00021-01-2011
Penymynydd RoadDetached3£184,95013-04-2011

Chain-free property for sale
Below are properties nearby that are available 'chain free'. These are often properties that have been repossessed, but will also include property where the seller is not buying a new home or has already moved out.

AddressTypeBedsPriceListed On
Hawarden Road, Penyffordd, Flintshire3£124,95014-03-2011

Property for rent
The list below shows properties for rent near you - select any property for more information. To view more results in your area, click here.

AddressTypeBedsRent (pcm)Listed onImplied value*
Abbotts LaneDetached5£1,29525-01-2011£320,346
Wrexham RoadDetached3£87512-04-2011£216,450
Chester Road3£62518-06-2010£154,607

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Welsh Assembly Elections Live

on Walesonline.

Flintshire votes are being counted the morning after.

Link Guardian 

To the Polling Station

Two crosses and a yes or no required. Took ages to find the party vote I wanted. The AV question was rigged against the "NO Vote". There are ways of asking questions on polling slips. I wanted to vote no as I don't want parties that have small votes having influence. I hope the pro Av'ers get a good hiding. The question was put unfairly.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Penyffordd Community Council met tonight

The usual favourites minuted from last month, Penymynydd Rd, Penymynydd vehicle access. The footpath behind the butchers, Hanson Cement.

Speeding on Chester Rd? Don't be daft.*

* Highways are currently looking at Chester Rd. Is it still a 1000+ speeders a day Highways?
They are scared stiff about letting us have the data.

We shall see.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Wood Lane Farm development 234 houses

I am told there are details in the post office regarding who to contact over the above. One woman was heard complaining about traffic volumes. Those who live in phase one of the above are in for a rude awakening. Us in Chester Rd could get an extra 1500 vehicles a day on top of our 2800.

I have made my objections. They should appear online shortly. I see the deadline for objection has been extended to Thursday. Letters went out a week late to residents living in phase 1. Then the ending included two weeks of Easter holidays where one can't check proper traffic levels coming out of Phase 1. A variation on burying bad news?

St Mary's Park Mold raised a big stink over 50 extra houses worth of traffic coming past their houses. Will Penyffordd residents do similar on something of a much larger scale?

You can fill your objection in online below.
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