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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Penymynydd Rd closed

On a Saturday morning at 8am
What for I do not know
Not too many people take notice of such signs anyway.

Utilities I suspect.

postscript: Perhaps not. Roadworks on A5104 which is being closed.
source: North Wales Live - Daily Post

Perhaps a roundabout for the White Lion estate on the Penymynydd / Broughton road.
Good to slow traffic down past the Junior School.

No, not a roundabout just a couple of red stripes..................................

Thursday, August 21, 2014

To the Flint and Denbigh Show

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Denbigh and Flint Show on Thursday

Not sure when everything starts. If you've been before you might have some idea.

The weather?

Same as current with perhaps extra rain in afternoon.
But that's two days away so it could change.

Traffic Alert Wrexham A483 / A55

Between September and March there will be large delays Posthouse roundabout etc.

The response from those in charge of minimizing delay is very very very pathetic.


Highways Agency project sponsor Mark Mosley said " “We do not provide diversion routes unless a full road closure is necessary, but drivers can plan their own routes to avoid the work if they feel the delays are unacceptable.”

Not if you're in a 2 hour queue on the bypass you cant !

Non locals will not know its happening either.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Where does your rate money go within Flintshire?


Education – £10 million
Adult social services – £48 million
Capital and other financing costs – £37 million
Waste and the environment – £16 million
Children’s social services – £14 million
Highways and transportation – £11million
Leisure, libraries and culture – £9 million
Local democracy and community support – £5 million
Housing services such as homelessness, housing advice – £3 million
Planning and development – £1 million


What do Flintshire Council contribution to services cost?
The average cost of a secondary school £3.3 million
The cost of a medium sized primary school £632,000
School transport – £6.8m (total cost £6.9m)
Youth service – £1.2m (total cost £1.5m)
Average contribution for a residential care home £748,000 (total cost £986,000)
Learning disability day care services – £967,000 (total cost £983,000)
Running disability work opportunity centres – £1.8m (total cost £2m)
Older people day care services – £535,000 (total cost £571,000)
Leisure centres – £2.8m (total cost £8.3m)
Libraries – £2.1m (total cost £2.3m)
Clwyd Theatr Cymru – £1.1m (total cost £5.3m)
Highway maintenance – £6m (total cost £7.5m)
Waste collection services – £5.5m (total cost £9.8m)
Household recycling centres – £2.7m (total cost £2.9m)
Streetlighting costs – £1.2m (total cost £1.3m)
Town centre CCTV – £240,000 (total cost £356,000)
Countryside services – £356,000 (total cost £417,000)
Costs for trading standards service – £751,00 (total Cost 774,000)

If an aircraft lands in your garden

Alternative Title. An accident waiting to happen.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The JW's

Have been doing their rounds today in Penyffordd. I have big issues with someone trying to sell me something.

Something I don't want whether on the streets of Chester or at my door.

In fact I think door selling should be made illegal.

I have a relative who was visited by the JW's early this week in Saughall.
Denise stands no messing from anyone. (ex school teacher)

The JW's dont believe in blood transfusions.

"Do you realise my husband would not have seen any of his grand children if he went along with your silly rules"

Exit stage left..................

keywords: Jehovah Witnesses

Car Tax Disk System to be abolished come October

I've seen cameras on lamposts springing up everywhere.
Now it all makes sense.
There's one near Dobshill garage if you want to see one.

The cameras are also good at surveillance. Just type in your registration number.............

M56 closed Runcorn

You may need to know this.

Penyffordd Airport: Commercial flights plan 'dead in the water'

Perhaps the politicians can have a commercial airport next to their houses.

Soil their own doorsteps.

Better still Ms Sandbach AM can be put to live at the bottom of the runway.

Summer Holidays

Bardsey Island

Nothing much happening locally. I spent two summer holidays here.
Two one week yoga retreats.

No alcohol, no mobile phones, no radio and no telly.

Can only be reached by boat. If it gets too rough to go back to the mainland it's tough. You just have to wait for the right day.

Link Daily Post

Monday, August 11, 2014

If you like ice cream

May I recommend this from Lidl.

Half the price, as a good if not better quality, with more ice cream than the over rated Haagan Daz

The question will be of course is it in stock? ( no its is'nt )

Registering for Elections

An article here about Wrexham Borough. Same applies to Flintshire.

I recently had cause to search the Wrexham Electoral Election. Someone told me that my father had a sister, unknown to me.
The sister had a daughter who lived in a certain post code area of Wrexham. The daughter's married name was Jones, I also had initials for her and her husband.

You can look through the Electoral Register by hand. It is your right. They do however handicap you. It would be very easy for it to be database searchable. The rules do not allow for this.
My task was to look through tens of 1000's by hand.

Council's sell the names to 3rd parties. You can elect not to be sold I think.

I realised the futility of the search. So I paid £12 to and found address immediately.

Perhaps unfair.

In the end one happy relative ( and ) who had been searching streets that my parents used to live in for clues of my existence. Angela now has an extended family from Wales all the way to Greece.

Apparently the new registration will make it more difficult for electoral fraud.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weather update

Wind apparently starting 6pm
Rain to follow

postscript: we get to 6pm , not much wind................
not that I'm complaining.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Here it comes......

The tail end of the Bertha hurricane. I presume this is only the start as it will pass over tonight with loads turning up tomorrow.

Buckets and mops at the ready...............

Carboot looks off.

Perhaps the Snowdonia mountains will take the sting out of it?


postscript: looks like we missed it lol

Friday, August 08, 2014

Nothing much happening Penyffordd wise

Going to the M56 via Queensferry should be avoided this morning.
See Daily Post.

I continue to recover from my recent hick up
Someone invited me to walk around Pwll Glas Golf Course.
I declined as this still a bridge to far.

I was complaining to my doctor that I still had this inertia.
Well Colin, you've been very ill she reminds.......

Something I forget.

Here's a tale

Monday, August 04, 2014

2014 Real Schools Guide

Put Castell Alun,  Hope in the appropriate square

World War One

We're going on an adventure!

Today the First World War is commemorated.
I see Ed Milliband being a twerp at the Cenotaph.

postscript: It seems that the Department of Culture made sure Cameron wrote on his card, but did not ask Clegg or Miliband.
This is a stitch up by Tory spin doctors with no respect whatsoever for the war dead. It's disgraceful.

Penyffordd lads were sent to Turkey ill equipped to deal with conditions
Red hot in the day, freezing cold at night.
No antibiotics for wounds.
Many must have begged for a bullet through the head to end the suffering

Still the sanitized version prevails I see.

Recruits were not fully conversant with what they were letting themselves in for.
Those left at home were kept very much in the dark
All letters sent home were screened with anything bad removed
Protesters at the senseless carnage in the trenches were shot.

The Media had to go along with The State
( Main Stream Media still does ! )

The reality and horror best summed up below.

With thanks to The Slog

"French Second Lieutenant Alfred Joubaire wrote in his diary about WWI just before he died that “Humanity is mad! It must be mad to do what it is doing. What a massacre. What scenes of horror and carnage! I cannot find words to translate my impressions. Hell cannot be so terrible! Men are mad!”

10 million dead.
Millions with shellshock and post traumatic stress
A bankrupt United Kingdom.

And what for?

Yes all because of our idiot politicians.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Lead Water Pipework Further

The definitive view from DEFRA

Chester Rd Junction Traffic Accident Death Update ( November 2013 )


Penyffordd Health - Ebola - No risk to us is it?

Whirling Tword on Zero Hedge says

I'm sorry but, there is something really different about this ebola outbreak.

When doctors wearing bio suits that go through 3 decontaminations including spraying them off with bleach are getting infected with this then, this outbreak is different, in my humble opinion, at least.

Much profanity in comments

Ebola transfers by touch and fluids.
Talk on ZH and Natural News suggests its airborne too

So do you shake hands with people who have been to an area that has Ebola?
Have you been near someone who sneezed who has been to an Ebola area?
How long is the virus live for on a surface?

Somethings to consider.

Why transfer people who have something highly contagious and incurable to a city with millions.
Best an island  USA base and fly people in.

postscript: I'm going somewhere next Tuesday evening where people will be who have lived or currently live where Ebola is present.............. The Hospital

postscript: The definitive view

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