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Monday, October 31, 2011

Chester Rd is having a traffic survey

Two weeks after castigating Cllr David Williams in the local papers over short cut traffic levels through the village ( we'll ignore zero traffic policing) whilst his political bosses Cllrs Arnold Woolley and Tony Sharps have stopped speeding short cuts through their wards we find we are having a traffic survey.

Chester Rd has been allowed to return to part time trunk road status by our councillors ( god bless them)

The device used are the wires across the road which can measure exact speeds and even type of vehicle by measuring the distance between the wheels of vehicles which pass over the device.

Everything is digital now so the results can be whacked into MS Excel to show the true profile of traffic through Chester Rd.

This data is kept top secret we individuals who pay public servants are deemed too stupid to be allowed to look at such information that affects our environment and safety.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Local property details

Land Registry recent sales
The table below lists the most recent transactions recorded by Land Registry near you. If you want to see more details, simply click on the property you are interested in. To see all the Land Registry data for ch4-0ls click here.
Postcode Address Price Date Profit/Loss
CH4 0JS 3, Towers Way £155,000 25/08/2011 more details
CH4 0JW 13, Corwen Way £95,000 02/09/2011 more details
CH4 0HR 34, West View £169,000 25/08/2011 more details
CH7 3AA 8, Acorn Close £185,000 26/08/2011 more details
CH7 2AR 5, Oakfield Road £95,000 23/08/2011 more details
CH7 3DX 96, Drury Lane £135,000 14/09/2011 more details
LL12 9RE Llwyn Owen Farm, Pigeon House Lane £555,000 31/08/2011 more details
CH7 2JL 9, Padeswood Road £125,000 24/06/2011 more details
LL12 9NE 11, Mountain View £150,000 29/07/2011 more details
LL12 9HA Rhanberfedd Cottage, Mold Road £125,000 20/09/2011 more details

Discounted property for sale
Are you interested in snapping up a bargain? Below are properties for sale where the asking prices have been reduced - simply click on any property to find out more. Search for all reduced property near ch4-0ls by clicking here.
Address Type Beds Price Listed On Reduction
Hawarden Road 3 £114,500 14-03-2011 8%
Hawarden Road Detached 4 £275,000 18-01-2010 8%
Little Mountain Road Detached 4 £300,000 13-05-2009 9%
Little Mountain Road Detached 4 £245,000 20-07-2010 16%

Other property for sale
The list below shows what is currently on the market for sale near you. To search for more property on the market click here.
Address Type Beds Price Listed On
Hawarden Road 3 £114,500 14-03-2011
Hawarden Road 4 £300,000 11-05-2011
Hawarden Road Detached 4 £275,000 18-01-2010
Penymynydd Road Semi-D 0 £140,000 08-08-2011
Allerton Close 3 £200,000 30-07-2011

Chain-free property for sale
Below are properties nearby that are available 'chain free'. These are often properties that have been repossessed, but will also include property where the seller is not buying a new home or has already moved out.
Address Type Beds Price Listed On
The Oaks Lower Mountain Farm Lower Mountain Road, Penyffordd, Chester CH4 3 £350,000 24-10-2011

Property for rent*
The list below shows properties for rent near you - select any property for more information. To view more results in your area, click here.

Address Type Beds Rent (pcm) Listed on Implied value*
Wrexham Road Detached 3 £875 12-04-2011 £224,754

* Penyffordd District knows that this list of rents is far from accurate.

From all of us here at

Funeral - Mr Murray Cowie - Tuesday

Friday, October 28, 2011

Penyffordd Crime September 2011

Overview here,%20Chester,%20Flintshire%20CH4%200LS,%20UK

Crime Map,%20Chester,%20Flintshire%20CH4%200LS,%20UK#crimetypes/2011-09

You can alter the month on the above crime map. The scheme started from last April.

Click here for detail,%20Chester,%20Flintshire%20CH4%200LS,%20UK

Two violent crimes and half a dozen anti social behaviours.

The two violent crimes are of concern.

Were the committed on open streets or in houses.
Were they committed during the day or at night.
Are the offenders out and about? (of course they are)
What was the reason and nature of the violent crimes?

Silver Birch Way 2 anti socials
Coed Y Graig  1 anti social
Cae Fawnog 1 anti social
Hawarden Road 1 anti social

Abbottsford Drive 1 violent crime
Hawarden Road 1 violent crime

Violent crime as described by NWP includes GBH, sexual assault, common assault.

The above blog was a voyage of discovery. The original link I got through a national newspaper had no links to such items as the crime map.

Web site navigation poor.

If you are going to Wrexham

by car towards the football ground ( Mold Rd) especially first thing add 40 minutes to your journey. Or try another way around.

Link ( read comments)

Penyffordd Bonfire Night 2011

on Saturday 5th November at 6 o clock at the Penyffordd Institute.

keyword: fireworks

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Penyffordd Community Council

reverts to mid 20th century mode. Hand scrawled agendas on the community board.
September council minutes nowhere to be seen.
My copy not delivered.
Post Office copy not available.

Standard Penyffordd Community Council practice.
Nothing online they like to keep the community like mushrooms, in the dark.......

Cllr David Williams is currently chairman.

Something to hide David or an administration hickup?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Leader - Bygones - The Opening of Abbotts Lane School 1978

The Leader are running a new website called Bygones. Photos are available for sale, at the time of writing £1. Here above is one of my most favourite councillors.

There are four pages of photos to do with Penyffordd.,t297.htm

Cllr Edwina Davies being a good sport.
Edwina's the one showing leg and suspenders


The European Experiment

is currently looking a bit shakey. Last night 80 Tory MP's backed an EU referendum against the wishes of the PM.
Sovereign debt to Eurozone countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland is unrepayable because they have spent so much. France is in big trouble over the amounts their banks have borrowed to the above countries.

A55 Warren Bank was built with EU money. As a village we should been given protection against short cut traffic. The Welsh Assembly government decided not.

We are run by unaccountable people who have no idea of what they do.
Most people have never heard of Von Rompuy ( Who he?)

It was always a recipe for disaster.

Link Von Rompuy

Monday, October 24, 2011

Plas Teg

is on the telly tonight. It's on More4, a repeat. Your chance to see the eccentric Cornelia. She used to keep the parrots in the kitchen. I think they were removed for the film shots.


Latest Episodes
Next Time

Series 3 Episode 13
Plas Tag - revisit

Ruth Watson revisits Cornelia Bayley at Plas Teg, a Grade I listed Jacobean mansion that has remained virtually unchanged since it was built in 1610.

Next Episode: Mon 24 Oct, 10PM on More4

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rip Off Britain part 543

Pensions in The Telegraph

A Big Thank You to The Chester Chronicle ( my letter published today)

for helping to high light the continued daily assault by through traffic. Flintshire County Council and the Welsh assembly Government have long planned that Chester Rd would resume its former trunk road status as a large short cut to Broughton.

A pox on you all.

Our cllrs have just sat there like dummies. They won't get Gosafe and NWP involved in the morning rat run. Why is this so?

Why have HGV through the village.

Are we up to 4000 vehicles a day yet. Do our cllrs even care?

I am still of the opinion that former county councillors have sold us down the river.

Large chimney for sale

Dr John Marek has decided to offer a large 120 ft Victorian chimney for sale. It is in the middle of Wrexham. He has offered it for sale on Ebay after there was no local interest. It started at 99p and has so far got to £510 with 33 bids with 6 days to go.

You won't be able to buy it for its Ruabon bricks as it is listed.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alison on AD Waste, black bags, allotments, hostile meetings, spear tackles and shall I stand again as a county councillor

Amusing as ever.

Link Alison Halford

Super Tony to the rescue

It wasn't so long ago Flintshire councillors were griping over out of ward interference by Cllr Klaus Armstrong Braun.

These rules of course are for Klaus only. Big beasts such as Cllr Bernie Attridge and Cllr Tony Sharps operate across Flintshire with impunity.

Super Tony has waded into the proposed gypsy site at Ewloe. Is this a fight against officers or are we getting near an election?

Read further in The Flintshire Leader

Tony's the one who thinks cars can hammer around Flintshire excluding Northop Hall where he is councillor.

Dirty brown drinking water last night

Left tap on all night now clear.

postscript: Not quite. Dirty baths until cold and hot water tanks change water.

The Internet is changing our brains

It changed mine quite some time ago. You have a question or project so you look on the net at all those that have struggled with your issue before you.
My current project to halve my energy bill inside a year has a very rich vein of knowledge on line

Some net knowledge is plain wrong. It's a matter of sorting the wheat from the chaff.
Apparently Facebook alters how various parts of the brain function.

I don't do Twitter of Facebook for various reasons.

Here's the story.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Italian and Sicilian Cuisine comes to Penyffordd

At The Millstone

Telephone  07590 753 884

The Capo Di Silva restaurants are around other parts of N Wales. Try this for a menu.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Penyffordd district houses for sale and rent

Discounted property for sale

Are you interested in snapping up a bargain? Below are properties for sale where the asking prices have been reduced - simply click on any property to find out more. Search for all reduced property near ch4-0ls by clicking here.

Address Type Beds Price Listed On Reduction
Hawarden Road 3 £114,500 14-03-2011 8%
Hawarden Road Detached 4 £275,000 18-01-2010 8%
Coed Y Graig 0 £120,000 20-06-2011 20%
Little Mountain Road Detached 4 £300,000 13-05-2009 9%
Little Mountain Road Detached 4 £245,000 20-07-2010 16%

Other property for sale
The list below shows what is currently on the market for sale near you. To search for more property on the market click here.

Address Type Beds Price Listed On
Hawarden Road 3 £114,500 14-03-2011
Hawarden Road 4 £300,000 11-05-2011
Hawarden Road Detached 4 £275,000 18-01-2010
Penymynydd Road Semi-D 0 £140,000 08-08-2011
Allerton Close 3 £200,000 30-07-2011

Chain-free property for sale further afield

Below are properties nearby that are available 'chain free'. These are often properties that have been repossessed, but will also include property where the seller is not buying a new home or has already moved out.

Address Type Beds Price Listed On
Chester Road, Dobshill, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 Semi-D 3 £142,500 09-08-2011
Hewitts Lane, BUCKLEY 2 £85,000 19-09-2011
Brittania Road, Leeswood, Flintshire 3 £125,000 01-09-2011
Wellington Road, Broughton, Chester CH4 Semi-D 4 £200,000 23-08-2011
Ewloe Place, Buckley Terrace 2 £89,950 20-09-2011

Property for rent

The list below shows properties for rent near you - select any property for more information. To view more results in your area, click here.

Address Type Beds Rent (pcm) Listed on Implied value*
Wrexham Road Detached 3 £875 12-04-2011 £224,855
Chester Road 3 £625 18-06-2010 £160,611
Drury Lane Flat 1 £395 12-04-2011 £101,506
Drury Lane Flat 2 £550 23-02-2011 £141,337
Drury Lane Terrace 2 £500 23-05-2011 £128,489

*This is the current value estimate that is implied by the rental price and by typical rental yields in the area.

From all of us here at

Chief Constable Mark Polin's pathetic answer regarding bikers in The Daily Post

Biker speeding is at epidemic proportions on N Wales roads.

A reader asks the CC
Q What does Mr Polin intend to do about the influx of bikes that North Wales has to endure every weekend? We live on the A525, just past Bwlchgwyn on the Wrexham to Ruthin Road and we are constantly asking the police to do something about the speed of bikers that pass our home. On average a bike passes at speed every three minutes on Sundays in the summer and the danger this presents to residents leaving their drives is horrendous.

(from Sheila Brownhill,

Bwlchgwyn, Wrexham)

The Chief Constables slime ball answer to their predicament which in no way solves their or many others issues over the bikers. All our politicians cowardly hiding behind the sofa on this.
A North Wales has long been popular with motorcyclists. We use a mix of enforcement, engagement and education to try to ensure they use our roads sensibly and with respect for other users, as well as those who live alongside popular routes. We take a proportionate approach to enforcement, using unmarked cars and bikes on problematic routes, supported by our GoSafe speed enforcement vans. We also work with BikeSafe to get safety and consideration messages across to motorcyclists and together with our partners evaluate engineering solutions for our roads.

I'm pleased to be able to say that motorcycle casualty levels are down from 144 to 117, 18.75% down from January to September this year, compared with same period last year. Motorcyclists as a group are extremely vulnerable, and we will continue to target high-risk routes at various times of the day to deter inappropriate behaviour by all road users.

Penyffordd District quote. Casuality levels will be down due to less drivers using roads due to credit crunch. Note the Chief Constable is a biker. No policing of exhaust levels either. An FOIE on the amount of bikers caught speeding would be interesting to read. 

Speeding ad nauseum..................

The last word on this issue for a few weeks (I also tell fibs)

1. Top of Penymynydd Rd Penymynydd Access Only. Short cutters have been booked.
This is long and ongoing. I had a mate get booked here 30 years ago.
Will White Lion development put a stop to this? White Lion development of course will have severe traffic calming and rat run?

2. Outside the White Lion ( now deceased) Apparently 40 drivers have been booked for speeding. ( its very near a school, very dangerous.)

3. Thank you to The Flintshire Leader for publishing my letter last Friday. The contents that are on another machine will appear shortly.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thank you Gosafe

for attending Chester Rd today. You have 3 sets of traffic data for Chester Rd you know when the issues are yet you turn up when traffic will be at its minimum and also at its most well behaved.

Do Penyffordd cllrs ask you to turn up when the village is quiet?

Airbus workers are the worst. Why are they immune from not having to do the speed limit?

You could always shut me up by doing a speed survey ( our cllrs are scared of surveys) and showing everybody rather than hiding it. There is no advantage to me telling anyone the equipment is set up on Chester Rd is there?

As unaccountable as ever, classic sign of a Quango. Paid by us but which over which we have no control.

Emailed to Gosafe and Carl Sargeant AM Minister for Welsh Roads.

keyword: keystone cops

postscript. I have written to the Gosafe representative for Flintshire. I have protested at the "pretending" to do the job. Time to get serious.

Lisa's Kitchen - Warm Caulflower Salad

View from Min y Ddol

Penyffordd Church Revamp

Penyffordd Bat House

Bats were found in the old Meadowslea hospital. This is their new home. There are slits in the walls for entry and exits. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Carry on taking us to the cleaners

That's the energy companies and the government . Mixed in with energy bills are the green taxes to pay for inefficient generation such as windmills and loads of extra money to prop up the bankers.

Will the watchdogs do anything, not really. Over paid non jobs.

Who will suffer? The poor and the elderly..

" It emerged yesterday that recent price hikes have increased the profit margins enjoyed by Britain’s big energy firms to £125 per customer a year from £15 in June."

read further Walesonline 

The Milky Bar Kids are coming to town

 and will be in the Penyffordd British Legion on Friday 4th November between 1 and 2 pm. (Mark Tami MP and Carl Sargeant AM, Assembly Minister for Roads and Communities.) to look at your concerns and issues.
I have been to see them about speeding through the village. They have helped not at all, although they do know WAG have vandalised the village by not protecting us against A55 Warren Bank traffic

They are however up against the dark forces of evil, Flintshire Highways and North Wales Police who stand in the way of any community who want serious speed reductions.

Since Flintshire County Council are doing a large foot dragging exercise with extremely high Olympian qualification bars for compulsory 20 mph zones is it not time for Carl to get serious, he is after all head of Welsh roads.

All this red tape to justify simple community decisions needs to be swept aside. Here's something to make your name Carl.

Are you for the "Jeremy Clarksons"  Carl or are you for long suffering Welsh communities? Flintshire Highways and NWP want a good kick in the pants. Are you the one to do it? You have the power, use it for the good of communities.

ps I am of the opinion that police kill more people on British roads than the supposed blood bath that would happen with a reduction in speed limits through communities. ( What other excuse do police have for their foot dragging apart from the fact they currently have the power to do so?)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wood Lane Farm Application Further

The planning application has been amended.

It is here. 

If you have made objections they need to be restated or new comments made.
You have 12 days to make your views known (26/102011)

If you follow the link it can be done online.

North Wales Police Brass Neck

NWP traffic policing in N Wales is just about non existent. A former bobby let out of the bag that former Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom decimated the traffic division.

Gosafe are supposed to do NWP traffic policing but are just a bit beyond the joke stage. They are unaccountable to communities, they hide their speed data. I take Gosafe as a marker of how awful the Welsh assembly Government are.

Any alteration of speed limits NWP have to poke their nose in. I am of the opinion if they object you have no chance.

Here is the agency that allows wholesale speeding by bikers all over N Wales at the weekend. No traffic policing between 5 at night and 10 in the morning. An agency that will not police vehicle exhaust law demanding a say in matters involving communities but have all but withdrawn traffic policing.

They have just turned down a communities plea for 30 mph. Instead they have insisted on 40 mph which is double the noise in decible terms.
This community lives between two roundabouts that are three hundred yards apart. All traffic has to stop at the roundabouts.

Altering the speed limit to 30 mph is a no brainer

NWP are luddites. They stand against better environments in communities. Traffic policing and its funding should be removed from them altogether. I like to think they are better at other forms of policing.

keyword: Keystone Cops.

Internet Difficulties

All day the internet has been highly intermittent. Outlook Express not down loading messages. 15 restart computers and modem to try to clear things.
20.20 hrs suddenly we are going like a train on speed.

BT do my head in. World class company? P*ss poor ex public monopoly and still behaving like one.

Do the Daily Post know what day it is?

Quality reporting here in N Wales.
WALES’ First Minister Carwyn Jones will officially open the new north factory at Airbus Broughton today.

DAVID CAMERON opened the new £400million Airbus factory yesterday and thanked the plane maker for safeguarding thousands of jobs for decades to come.

postscript: Perhaps for security reasons they couldn't say the Prime Minister was opening the factory so they used First Minister Carwyn Jones as a decoy !

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Airbus 350 Wing Factory now open

This is the Beluga aircraft we see most days.
A section of the new carbon fibre wing arrives from Germany 


I served my apprentice at Hawker Siddeley. Jack Garston was MD
Later I returned and worked on Airbus wings 300 and 310.
My background is light alloy machining pre cnc 
Although I do fancy building a cnc machine. You can get the bits on the net for a diy project. CNC is where the computer directs the machine to make the part.  CNC machines at Airbus are two cricket pitches long

Can any of our politicians lie straight in bed

This chap is running defence. Perhaps he couldn't run a party in a brewery. Is it arrogance?

Here's a version of what's happening you will not read at the BBC


Gareth Williams of Mold calls continues to call for traffic survey in Mold

in the letters page in The Flintshire Chronicle. I know we are talking Mold here and not Penyffordd. Gareth who is an ex deputy leader of FCC says that around Mold schools there are no speed restriction, no traffic calming measures, nothing. Do we have to wait for accidents he says.

Well Gareth you most probably know that this is the modus operandi of Flintshire Highways. Talk about lowering speed limits and they bring the fatality book out. What! you haven't had three fatalities ! You have no chance!

Flintshire live in the mid 1950's. They care nothing for communities. Qualification bars for 20 mph zones are at Olympic height. WAG need to force Flintshire they are hopeless.

Visit Wrexham communities. 30 years ahead of Flintshire.

I hope Gareth gets in next May. He could have Sharpie's job.


1. Which party will Gareth be standing for
2. Which ward will he be contesting

ps calling for a traffic survey and not being a councillor.  Flintshire don't like that.
I don't like the relationship between councillors and county. We residents don't count one iota.

Playtime more fun than ever at Penyffordd school

Headteacher Dawn Westaway said the school’s PTA and the Friends of Penyffordd Schools group helped raise the £3,000 needed for the revamp.

Read further in The Flintshire Chronicle

Ted Plevin RIP

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Opening missiles fired

Our councillors might wish to live in a village that's an un policed short cut for everywhere. Because I live on the main road I don't. My fault again, silly me living in the middle of the bypass ( sorry I mean village)

I have sent out three letters in email form to The Daily Post, The Flintshire Leader and The Flintshire Chronicle. My election campaign starts here.
Perhaps they might reach the printed page. 

 Cllrs Arnold Woolley and Tony Sharps are top of the list.
Part of the problem is that everyone else is hopeless as well. 

Motorist Behaviour

Tonight I was driving up the A5104 at Coed Talon doing the 30 speed limit. A look in the mirror revealed a car steadily gaining on me. I have dogs in car the with out seat belts. It's been raining and the car is attempting to push me first in a 30 zone then a 40 mph zone.

So I put my foot on the brakes. This of course is the last thing these idiots expect you to do. Queue very fast breaking behind. He then overtakes pointing to the side of his head.

You see I am in the wrong. ( he a middle aged male, white collar worker)
Nothing a base ball bat in the side of the head won't fix or perhaps just his legs as a warning.

Our idiot politicians have left us on our own no mechanism is available to deal with the idiots until they severely injure or kill someone. Whether they be bikers, cars, lorries or buses.

I refuse to be pushed along the road by any of the above in fact I've nearly stopped police in the past. Advance police driving now includes pushing cars along the road, I've seen , I've watched. I steer well clear of police they kill lots of people.


So we get home. A vehicle is blocking my drive. The same vehicle whose owner I have asked to move said vehicle four times. Part of the issue with blocking vehicles is that there about 5 places the miscreant could be. They are just leaving a neighbours house. I say " I wouldn't block your drive , why block mine ? "
An apology.
Neighbour will know be non speak for a while. See it's all my fault again.
Could be worse, years ago hubby would have been around for an argument.

The mate of a neighbour four doors up  blocked my drive, had left it unlocked. So I pushed it into the middle of Chester Rd. This neighbours mates have blocked drive about 6 times. Stewart has I think got the message now. He still says hello, I make him.

The world record for blocking me in my drive is 15 hours ( police came out, they don't normally though) . I have three signs on my gate for the above people. It's routinely ignored. I've considered clamping vehicles and calling the police as they are on the path as well as blocking my gate.

This of course would then be all my fault.

One couple had their house on the market three days after an argument with one of my neighbours . ( not me)

Part of our sick society, just keep your head down , keep out the way.
We pay police 40 k a year for little in return.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ted Plevin has died

Ted has been active in Penyffordd society for many years as a councillor and held various society memberships.

keyword: funeral

Lounge Lizard Transport

Also good for carrying logs.
Apparently it's not their transport
They are just posing. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Penyffordd Bypass crash victim starts to rebuild his life

in The Leader

Flintshire County Council Power Balance

Question. Who do Klaus and Plaid Cymru side with? 

Independents 19
Lib Dem 9
Conservatives 9

New independents 9

Plaid Cymru 1
Klaus 1

Labour 22 (Opposition)

Lib Dem Hilary McGuill
Lib Dem Richard Jones
Lib Dem Neville Phillips OBE
Lib Dem Grenville James
Lib Dem Nancy Matthews
Lib Dem Robin Baker
Lib Dem Robin Guest
Lib Dem Quentin Dodd
Lib Dem Chris Dolphin


Independent Arnold Woolley
Independent Tony Sharps
Independent Helen Brown
Independent Carol Ellis
Independent George Hardcastle
Independent Mike Peers
Independent Dennis Hutchinson
Independent Eric Owen
Independent Brian Dunn
Independent Dave Mackie
Independent Rosetta Dolphin
Independent Fred Gillmore
Independent Colin Legg
Independent Norma Humphreys
Independent Haydn Bateman
Independent Marion Bateman
Independent David Williams
Independent Veronica Gay
Independent Doreen Mackie


Conservative Nigel Steele-Mortimer
Conservative Clive Carver
Conservative Adele Davies-Cooke
Conservative Alison Halford
Conservative Norma Jones
Conservative Matt Wright
Conservative Jim Falshaw
Conservative Owen Thomas
Conservative Hilary Isherwood


Labour Aaron Shotton
Labour Bernie Attridge
Labour Mike Reece
Labour Billy Mullin
Labour Ron Hampson
Labour Stella Jones
Labour Peter Macfarlane
Labour David Barratt
Labour Ian Roberts
Labour Alex Aldridge OBE
Labour David Cox
Labour Trefor Howorth
Labour Ted Evans
Labour Peter Curtis
Labour Alan Diskin
Labour Glenys Diskin JP
Labour Chris Bithell
Labour Cindy Hinds
Labour David Wisinger
Labour Christine Jones
Labour Ron Davies
Labour Ann Minshull JP


New Independent Patrick Heesom
New Independent Carolyn Cattermoul
New Independent Peter Pemberton
New Independent Emlyn Cooke
New Independent Rita Johnson
New Independent Tim Newhouse
New Independent Raymond Hughes
New Independent Carolyn Thomas
New Independent David McFarlane


Plaid Cymru Gareth Roberts

Eng. Klaus Armstrong-Braun

Sunday, October 09, 2011

How to get your own back against the Bankers and Government

The other day our Prime Minister David Cameron was urging us all to fight against our economic woes.

Some things need to be put straight David. The economic woes are nothing to do with us. We pay you all very good money to stop such disasters you have all failed us miserably. Gordon Brown as Chancellor and Prime Minister opened the flood gates.
You continue to spend our hard earned money like water. Current government spending will be at its highest £1.5 trillion by 2015. That's with cuts. Gordon Brown should be in the Tower of London for what he has done to us.

The government have been printing money which lowers the value of our hard earned cash. They give it to the banks who just use it to try repair the enormous damage they have caused to their companies.

Banks have made trillion £ derivative bets that are  still to come to the surface. Do I want to help private companies that made these extremely silly bets and of which I was not going to share in the success of if they had turned positive.

Why should we get these greedy idiots out the lurch over the next 30 years?
They should all go to the wall.

No David, you can take a hike !

It's fair to say some of the measures below will affect the weak and the innocent, this cannot be helped in the short term.

The way to hit the government and bankers is as follows.

1. INCOME TAX. Consider working less if possible. Less revenue for the exchequer.
2. VAT.  Spend less. Consider pass times that attract little spending past an initial spend. Cycling on cycle tracks or walking. Tell the children to take up hiking lol.
Oh the social stigma of not having an iPhone ! lol

3. ENERGY. Consider wood instead of gas. It is possible to make solar hot water heaters that don't cost the earth.
4. CLOTHES. Consider using charity shops and car boot sales ( not to everyone's taste)
5. FOOD.Establish a program to grow your own. Swap food with others. Organise a group.
6. PETROL /DIESEL. Consider using your car less each week.
7. Car boot sales are good for quite a few items. Not much government tax.
8. CASH. If have any spare cash don't put it in the bank or building society. Hide it.
9. SAVINGS. Consider moving your savings to a prudent bank. ( Is there one?)

Additional methods by the governments ( I'm joking)

1. Get rid of all the QUANGO's
2. Cut AM and MP pay and pensions by 30% to start with.

What we need is a revolution. Consider how you can legally limit government tax.
They need to be taught a lesson they won't forget.

The bottom line is UK governments have little idea what makes us tick.  They are in for a huge awakening. Lets have the two jokers Ed and Gordon back in, the sheeple demand it. Lets make it a 1000 times worse.

Link The French Revolution   ( not for the squeemish)

But mum all my mates are going to university

It's warm in Penyffordd today. Some darts team have traveled from the other side of the country (Cumbria) to play darts at The Legion on Saturday and Sunday.

Is it have a drink, play darts, have another drink, play darts, go out to Chester. wake up Sunday with a thick head, play darts, eat hamburgers, play darts, have another drink, fall asleep on the coach on the way home? Work tomorrow.
Postscript. Go home bankrupt.

Chirk Carboot this morning remained dry. Didn't expect to buy any stuff to sell on the net came back with £200 worth. Such is the car boot sometimes a pleasant surprise. We once bought a couple of hundred books from a chap we call "the scouser" He had done a house clearance of this professor who was moving in with his girl friend. She said " you can get rid of all those books for a start" His loss our gain. We still sell his books each year, his chosen subject rare and complex. His name neatly printed in pencil in the top corner, a very clever man, but not too clever, women can cloud the mind.

and so to the title.............

The current fees charged for offspring to go to university are eyewatering.
I would prevaricate greatly on spending tuition fee sums involved on a dead cert business idea. Borrowing the money against the house even if the banks were lending would be a big no no.

Here's some big university failures. Bill Gates, Steve Balmer, ( Microsoft)  Mark Zuckerman, ( Facebook) Larry Ellison ( Oracle) , Michael Dell (Dell Computers) , Brin and Page (Google), Steve Jobs (Apple).

Nearly all billionaires

This is Steve Jobs' story.

in The Guardian 

Saturday, October 08, 2011

and Finally

One of the gypsy spokesmen defending the recent battle in the high court against being kicked off land was talking to DM reporters. His mate butted in " Don't tell em your name Eamonn ! "

The State we're in

Don't read if you are in a good mood.
The comments as interesting as the article.
Tontohombre explains the politician's dilemma.

Watch Russell Grant on Strictly instead..........................

Hedge Laying Competition - Flintshire Farmers Ploughing Society

Friday, October 07, 2011

Have the Independents hung Cllr David Williams out to dry?

Council Leader Arnold Woolley's Buckley, the centre bypassed of vehicles.

Deputy Council Leader Tony Sharps' Northop Hall has bumps at both ends and an HGV ban to repel the masses from CQ.

Penyffordd a quick unpoliced short cut to A55 Warren Bank, Airbus, Broughton Retail Park, the village a gateway to Mid Wales, the bypass ignored.

Are they not betraying David, treating him as "soft lad" ?

Is this what's called team playing ?

David should dump this group of Independents they are hypocrites of the highest order.


I and I would imagine a lot of householders are getting sick of being taken to the cleaners by the energy companies and the government. It's a joint effort.

This next year they will get somewhere near half they got this year. Then the following  year half again with biomass* , solar and high insulation.
I also have some serious 12 volt led equipment.

They all need teaching a lesson. What we need is a revolution. Small honest government, small taxes and no investment banking if they are using our money.
An end to this dependent culture.

*biomass is the new word for wood burning

We have won the lottery

Lisa says it was £10. It turns out to be something like £70.
Another number might have made it interesting
Perhaps we need a double check on the numbers?

Google have sent us a cheque as well

So we have squirrelled it away so our nice bankers who have bankrupt the country for the next 30 years can take it to the derivative casino

We are whizzing with the wind so to speak.

Speed Limits in Penyffordd

made it to Penyffordd Community Council October agenda. The Independent led Flintshire County Council have so far proved useless in the role out of 20 mph compulsory zones. All talk talk. Cllr David Williams is a member the leading group. So is Cllr Tony Sharps. One rule for Northop Hall David and one rule for Penyffordd with regards traffic calming

Neal Cockerton Head of FCC Road Assets seems to be a speed man. What exactly is Carl Longland, Director of Environment's function?

Job Cuts

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs RIP

Jobs on [the blue screen of] death:

“Death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.”


Concert to celebrate life of Joy Soffe

A MEMORIAL concert in tribute to a popular teenager killed in a road traffic collision (Dobshill)  is to be held in Hawarden.


Cllr Tom Jones in The Flintshire Chronicle

Tom's a trustee of Flintshire Local Voluntary Council. The FLVC have had another successful year.


Castell Alun demanding £1,000,000 from Penyffordd

Well its just about a million give or take a few bob. Castell Alun in Hope is the secondary school that Penyffordd children go to. With the development of Wood Lane Farm's 234 houses the Director of Flintshire Education has named his price for Wood Lane Farm estate children going to Castell Alun. The money would give us a few sporting facilities. The above issue was raised two council meetings ago and is minuted.

I thought education money came out of central funds.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Solar Furnace

Here is something I have an interest in. The French have one somewhere in the south. The mirrors produce heat a million degrees or so. Molten salt is pumped through the tower and the super heat transferred to tanks which can produce steam which will drive turbines even when the sun goes in.

I'm going to make one "sans" the molten salt as you can't get molten salt pumps on Ebay.


Am I obsessed?

A commenter rightly asks. If one is almost daily subject to environmental issues it does get under the skin. It does affect one's health, physical, mental and spiritual.

I modify my environment each week to remove this nuisance outside my front door.
I have further projects to make our house totally inward looking towards the back garden

When our council go digital with their agendas and minutes there will be more grist for the mill.

I will make a promise to keep my traffic whinging to the minimum in future. The Betrayers of Chester Rd will stay on the side link.

We have an election next may. I intend to try my best to make local politicians pay for 5 years of foot dragging. I'll try keep it away from Penyffordd District though.

Further thoughts post bath. Perhaps I'll start a new blog called "Chester Rd Betrayers which will catalogue past and continuing non action of our elected representatives.

Penyffordd Community Council further

Apparently the village scribe Nigel is unhappy. Tonight's meeting is going to take forever.
324 house development and 40 grant applications for local organisations to be discussed.

It's dead easy really. Just go along with what the developers want to do and be thankful for whatever crumbs they gives after agreeing to development (Cllr Colin Bithell and Cllr Tom Jones) and give every local organisation the same amount of money. This will not do though as the Penyffordd wine society to which I belong will get more than the pittance we got last year. ( Cllr Tom Jones saw to that, very petty Tom)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting

is most probably tomorrow night. I've been passed the notice board twice but didn't look. Doh.

Chester Rd you can be sure will not be discussed. David's mates down the pub want nothing in their way when they fly through each morning. I remember one chap stopping when a previous CBM had his traffic speed gun in his hand. The basic spiel was haven't you got something better to do.

This sums up quite a lot of  Penyffordd. They don't care. They even speed passed Colin the lolly pop. My possible actions are unprintable and will get me a police warning.

Rest assured short cut traffic speeding or not will NOT be brought up by Cindy (quote  "there's not much speeding" - how does she know she's never found out ?) Hinds or David Williams.

Both are the speeders, short cutters and HGV drivers mates.

As per usual no meeting agenda on line and no minutes.

Flintshire politicians dragging us all down to the lowest common denominator.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Children settle into life at Abbot’s Lane Infant School, Penyffordd

Miss Lovelock’s reception class are finding their feet after starting their school life earlier this month.

by Dave Goodban, Flintshire Chronicle

The Betrayers of Chester Rd ( Urban Vandals )

be·tray (b-tr)
tr.v. be·trayed, be·tray·ing, be·trays
To give aid or information to an enemy of; commit treason against: betray one's village.To deliver into the hands of an enemy 
(FCC and WAG) in violation of a trust.
To be false or disloyal to: betrayed their cause to the village
To lead astray; deceive. To hide information from village residents that affects
their environment in a detrimental way.

From now until the next election and further I am going to remind people of the active betrayal of Chester Rd. Each culprit will named and their crimes against Chester Rd described. From turning a blind eye to being in on the grand plan.
We should be a quiet village with a bypass. Instead we have up to 4000 vehicles a day with peaks of 20 vehicles a minute including HGV.
The example of a village that has been allowed to do the job properly is Rossett
in Wrexham Borough. Many of those below should hang their heads in shame. Let this be a true record of their vandalism. Comments are open for the guilty or other readers.

The Prologue

Chester Rd is an old trunk road declassified to a C or group III road. As a trunk road it was known as a gateway there and back to mid Wales from the North of England and Scotland.
After much protest about levels of traffic within the village our Penyffordd Bypass was built.
Our former councillors with hindsight should have pushed to have through traffic bypass Penyffordd village centre by making it awkward coming through the village using civil engineering solutions. They didn't.

Chester Rd is currently totally unpoliced by Gosafe and North Wales Police who have quietly moved from traffic policing with the full knowledge of Flintshire County Councillors. We are a major short cut for many of the 6000 Airbus workers, Broughton Retail Park and the new A55 Warren Bank exits.

We are a good HGV short cut.

We have returned to a trunk road status in all but name. This has been long planned.
Some of our cllrs have known this.

The Welsh Assembly Government have always known traffic levels would increase through the village.

Our elected representatives have stood around whilst the above is happening like Dad's Army. (writing letters is no action cllrs)

Each name will become active as their "hand sitting" or active involvement  is analysed.

Cllr Linda Vidamour
Cllr Jane Hopwood
Cllr Edwina Davies
Cllr Stan Davies
Cllr John Bell
Cllr Margaret Jones
County Cllr Cindy Hinds
Cllr  David Williams
Cllr Colin Bithell
Cllr Tom Jones

Cllr Derek Darlington (deceased)

Cllr Arnold Woolley
Cllr Aaron Shotton
Cllr Tony Sharps

Neal Cockerton FCC Head of Road Assets
Carl Longland FCC Director of Environment
Flintshire Gosafe Officer

Mark Tami MP
Carl Sargeant AM Welsh Assembly Minister for Roads
Chief Constable Mark Polin
The N Wales Head of Gosafe
Airbus Chester

An object lesson on how elected representatives and agencies shouldn't act.
We need a revolution. We need more than talk shoppers.

Tax refund - I've won the lottery

Dear Taxpayer,

Read this message carefully and delete after submission of refund.

We have reviewed your tax fiscal payments for previous months and your filed returns online,
with this effect we have determined that you are eligible to get a tax refund of £9,855.50.

Please click the below link,select your bank and submit refund. 

http://hmrc/refund/index.htm?LOB=payasyouearn/Logon&WT    *

Refund cannot be made to account owner that submitted invalid account. We will make an additional
investigation with your bank on wrong submission of information and get rid of such account with wrong information.
Please also note that refund takes three weeks to get processed and refund to rightful owners account.

Yours sincerely

HM Revenue & Customs

This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and
intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom
they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please
disregard this message.

This footnote also confirms that this email message has been swept
by an antivirus scanner for the presence of computer viruses.

Copyright ©2011 HMRC.Income Tax Department Services(P800).
HMRC Email ID HR6435.

* The underlying link takes you to

Quite a sophisticated phisher. One presumes they make a claim for an illegal refund once they have your details.

Could Carl Sargeant AM* be collecting a P45 ?

French central bank chief signals support for Geithner plan as Berlin lays the ground for a potential eurozone exit.
The text is financially complicated. The comments by very clever people. Bottom line if Germany leaves the Eurozone can the EU survive?

Revenge for Chester Rd betrayal by WAG.

Link The Slog

*Carl and his wife earn over 100k a year through the WAG

Concert to remember talented musician Joy

Joy Soffe, 13, of Mare Hey Lane, Ewloe, was killed after her bicycle was involved in a collision with a car while she was riding on the A550 on Chester Road, Dobshill in July.

read further The Leader

Council Tax to be frozen next year

the Chancellor has announced. Will this help to make Flintshire County Council join the real world?

Sunday, October 02, 2011

To Erddig Apple Festival 2011

Erddig boast more than 180 varieties of fruit trees
Many very old. Here are some. Glyn Smith the head gardener did a very interesting talk on Erddig to Penyffordd Wine Circle last year.

This chap must 7 foot tall, I checked for stilts.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Future profile articles

on those who have let Chester Rd down. From community cllrs to AM to MP.

Chester Rd has increased HGV levels, increased levels of traffic, no traffic policing. Cllrs have no idea of speeding levels, they don't want to know.
Over a 1000 short cut vehicles a day who do not live in the village. We have a bypass cllrs for speed not the village. 

If minded the guilty persons or organisations can reply in the comments section. Perhaps in the rare chance of a reply you might consider dealing with the section in bold orange.

Since at present I am "the only voice in town". You might consider how your descendents will view your non concern of Chester Rd environment.

To Prestatyn

It's the first of October. The place is packed. Campsites that would have been closed two weeks ago are full. Hotels and pubs doing turn away business.
Good for business this global warming.
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