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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mark and Eric - Light relief from traffic hammering through Chester Rd

Someone familiar

in The Flintshire Chronicle.

Gosafe - measurements of traffic Chester Rd Nov 2010

Following an FOIE to Gosafe I have received part of the information I asked for.
They have forwarded me an excel sheet with all the data recorded.
It includes times, types of vehicles, speeds etc.
Thank you who ever.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gosafe (formerly Arrive Alive) and Lack of Freedom of Information

postscript: Gosafe have written to me and released full data for Nov 2010.

(sent to First Minister Carwyn Jones)
Since I have them looking at the site at the moment perhaps its time to go through their non record of compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. This is off the top of my head I'm not wasting much time on this unaccountable quango. When I started this epic journey I was a little wet behind the ears one learns with experience. This is all to do with traffic speed recordings.

1. Asked for data recorded over 10 days before a meeting arranged by Cllr David Williams with Flintshire Highways ( April 2007). Refused for operational reasons. Objected it the took 6 months to review and they said no again.

2. Asked for all the data held for North Wales. Refused said it would take too long to do.

3. Asked for data recorded June 2008. Refused again. Eventually after Cllr Arnold Woolley stepped in I was given a partial password protected version in pdf which was given to me in a format in which it is not possible interrogate. Found a password hack online and loaded data into Excel. I found that 34% of vehicles were still breaking 30 mph. Our CBM told PCC it was 5%. If I didn't have data I would not have known which suits my cllrs very well. I was told that 2007 data was "lost".

4. In Dec 2010 an instrument was put across Chester Rd to measure traffic. I applied to FCC for a copy of the data only to be told that they did not have a copy, Gosafe did the survey. Flintshire representative for Gosafe works for Flintshire County Council. Go figure.

5. I again applied to Gosafe for the three sets of export data in full with original files. This again was denied through grounds of vexatiousness. It seems it's vexatious to persist when information is not given. This will be going to the Information Commissioner for a decision.

6. Asked Gosafe to say whether they  take the top 15% of speeders off data before using statistics to deal with the rest. They use something called the 85th percentile when dealing with road traffic. This is apparently industry standard. I wanted to know if the data is made to look better by taking the top 15 % of speeders out of the data before processing. Guess what, its been refused.

My question is has anyone ever got data which affects Welsh communities out of Gosafe. I think not.
One would have thought proper councillors would be gagging to get any data on traffic going through their community. You may think again, they are all part of the conspiracy.

Anyway Cllrs Cindy Hinds and David Williams are talking to Flintshire Highways at present.

Finally it is possible using FCC equipment to count how many lorries go through our village each day. Today I reckon over 40 lorries ( many the same on multiple trips ) came through the village even though we have a bypass.

keywords: Geraint Evans Data Manager - Rheolwr Data, Jim Moore, All Wales Safety Partnership, AWSP, Welsh Assembly Government.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Everything is looking brighter

It isn't really. Or do I read the wrong articles? Read the comments section.

Links The Independent

Have Gosafe defeated me?

I asked for three sets of data. I have part of one set. I asked for the original data plus export files for the three. I asked for the data in this way as a hope of checking data had not been altered.

Bottom line is

1. Gosafe refuse to come to Chester Rd
2. Gosafe refuse to issue data.
3. I still get cllrs saying speeding traffic is minimal

4. Cllrs Cindy Hinds and David Williams are currently talking to Flintshire Highways about traffic calming.

I am still of the opinion that we have over 1000 speeders a day. In their reply Gosafe accuse me of a threat I made in my blog. The threat doesn't ring true. How can I threaten Gosafe? I presume they searched my 3000 page blog for reasons to refuse handing over data.

To answer the title. It doesn't really matter if our county cllrs get concessions to slow down traffic. At the end of the day you look what Gosafe do rather than what they say.

1. 1000+ speeding vehicles a day in Chester Rd a risk to our community.
2. What are Gosafe doing about it? - Nothing!

Accident T junction Chester Rd - Penymynydd / Broughton road

Around 8 this morning

The state of our caring profession?

Nurses as thick as planks. Not sure what some of them get their wages for. Will anything be done? Don't hold your breath.

in The Daily Post

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The clocks go one hour forward tonight

Do mobile phones and computers alter automatically?

Good game, good game

Where we walk the dogs in Nanty Ffrith, Scottish Power informed. It's been chain sawn down. The wire is touching the trees. Scottish Power man rings me up to confirm where it is. He says there's another one down similar in Brymbo this morning which is just over the fields. Some of these lines carry 11,000 volts.

Brass neck Labour style

Gordon Brown and Ed Balls effed the country trying to buy unending Labour governments. Now the TUC are marching in protest against cuts that have to be made whoever is in power.

The voters are stupid enough to vote Labour back in. Was dumming down of education part of the " Grand Plan"?

It will serve Labour right, then we'll see some fireworks. Perhaps those who earn the real money, the private sector will decide they have had enough of high taxes?
Read a few comments in the article below. As someone says the private sector have been accepting cutbacks for years.

Portugal next to be rescued. Spain can't be as it owes too much.

In The Telegraph

Friday, March 25, 2011


We have a bypass for through traffic so how many lorries are coming into the village? Not sure if there are any large contracts in the village but I reckon we will have had over 40 lorries along Chester Rd today.
Why have previous councillors not asked for or secured an HGV ban?

Changes at N Wales Police for Penyffordd

I am told that Chief Superintendent  Ruth Purdie who was in charge of South Flintshire of which Penyffordd is part of has left. Our CBM Howie Williams has extra areas to cover including Leeswood and Treuddyn.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Patrick Heesom's Curriculum Vitae continued

as further told by Gareth Williams of Mold in The Flintshire Chronicle.
Whilst not wishing to get into a spat with Cllr Patrick Heesom regarding FCC budget, I do seem to have touched a nerve. He states (Views March 17) that I was dumped by my electorate in the last local elections. Correct, as is their right. But he states it was because I did not understand council business.

Well between 2000 and 2008 I was a senior member of the executive, which during that time invested in new baths and new schools and upgraded three nursing homes, while other authorities were shutting theirs, as well as starting the process of putting into place two extra care facilities..

We also invested in all town centres during that time.

One thing I do understand is that as a county councillor for a good many years  Cllr Heesom never suported any budget put forward by the controlling group of whatever political colour.

I also understand that as an elected member Cllr Heesom signed a Code of Conduct which sets out the protocol for the good management of the council and which all members and officers are bound by.

Cllr Heesom's conduct has seemingly been called into dispute. Whilst not suggesting one way or the other who is to blame, one thing I and everyone else knows is that it's the Flintshire taxpayers that will have to pick up the bill.
Money I'm sure which could be better spent in other areas.

I think Gareth means ratepayers. No mention of that political party that he was deputy leader of..........
Patrick's letter from last week was missed by my good self. Wifey has been too efficient with recycling.
If anyone has a copy email

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

April 1st comes early at Shire Hall

The inner workings of local government as explained by Cllr Alison Halford here.
Setting the annual budget.

Penyffordd people

Mr Richard Heaton here

Some cllrs think I am mad

I say just determined to live in a village environment. Here's a blogger off the deep end. (The Post)

North Wales Police to share helicopter with other forces

There is no doubt that a helicopter is a very valuable asset for North Wales Police to use. It's efficiencies and functions are vast in certain circumstances. NWP are going to share their chopper with Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and Cumbria. (here Daily Post)

Whilst taking the dogs for a walk last year we noticed the police helicopter hovering over a nearby village. After being out hour and a half walk we came back in the car via this village with the chopper still hovering over the village. There were  about a dozen police officers in a car park having what appeared to be a social. The story never got to the local papers, one wonders why?.

One of Penyffordd's more infamous offspring was involved.

NWP are big on reassuring communities over crime. This usually happens after the incidents. Shutting stable doors after events seems to be a main NWP policy. In the case of the area described above which was Treuddyn the helicopter hovered for hours, I think a total waste of money, totally over egged after the event.

fact: North Wales Police and Penyffordd Community Council continue to ignore our daily rat run. We have elections for our councillors in 13 months time cllrs you get voted on not the police. The council have this time to stop the traffic hammering through Chester Rd. Otherwise all will be revealed, the four years of prevarication with school children safety and Chester Rd environment. Perhaps Penyffordd residents will vote for the rat run. We shall see.

Monday, March 21, 2011

No news

in Penyffordd apart from some richard hammering around the village on a bike doing 60 -80 mph with an illegal exhaust.
Worldwide - Libya being reported to death by the media
Budget on Wednesday - Did you know that private industry that pays for everything has 21,000 regulations? You would wonder how we exist really. The politicians have done a really good job of effing us up.

No jobs for millions of young people.
Businesses of all sizes feeling the pain.
No mortgage money available
Houses still with inflated prices.

Bankers still taking the piss after the politicians allowed them to bet the country 10,000 times over with us picking up the bill.
Raw materials for manufacturing rising.
Older peoples savings and income being crippled by artificially low money rates. ( the banks are making billions from this arrangement)
Families under great pressure having to earn money to pay for mortgages that take up over half their income

What is wanted is quality of life, environment and sound money. This is not going to happen any time soon. Oh! forgot, Mark Tami MP talking about conkers in the House of Commons yesterday...........

Chester Rd update to Penyffordd Cllrs

Alternative Title. Is Chester Rd, Penyffordd the biggest short cut in Flintshire?

Morning Cllrs

Nice sunny day
As per normal traffic hammering through Chester Rd a major route to school.
How many vehicles an hour do we have coming through Chester Rd, 500 or 800?
Do you care?

I'm sure if I did not raise the issue you would be quite content for traffic
to hammer through the village everyday. Is this not disgraceful?
Did anyone oppose Warren Bank?
Did anyone think to ban HGV?
Is there not rotteness in the council, lack of foresight etc? Mind you if we have cllrs who are flunkies for the county council?

I see Tom Jones has  been telling lies at Penyffordd Junior School
It's in print as well.
Tom talks about school environment, has he gone deaf?
I'm going to report the old trout to the LEA for misrepresenting facts (telling lies) queue whitewash.


ChesterRd, no policing, no gosafe, no idea, no one cares..............

next installment. Why is Cllr Linda Vidamour so against Chester Rd safety environment?
13 months to go to elections, will that be unlucky for some?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Good news at the Penyffordd Institute

They are having a new car park.

Cllr Tom Jones talks manure at Penyffordd Junior School.

Tom Jones    
Chairman of the Governing Body
School Council

Tom talks about a wonderful environment and talks about being eco friendly.

What about the 1000 plus speeders a day past the school on a major route to school Tom?


keywords : Mrs Jayne Jones.

note FCC hold data which prove what I say.

Pupils catch speeding motorists

Here's an example of the North South divide. In South Wales they do this. Up here cllrs and police are not interested. Perhaps we have to wait till we have a few run over? The problem with the S Wales exercise is that it is soon forgotten, where three points for three tears is more effective.

It doesn't help that the same mob that are against doing anything about speeders are also school governors. Penyffordd Junior School head seems oblivious to the dangers pupils are exposed to. Perhaps she has been advised by those highly intelligent school governors that there is nothing to worry about.

Still over a 1000 speeders a day cllrs.

postscript: It should be added that Chief Constable Mark Polin who has children has no interest whatsoever in the safety of Penyffordd Junior School pupils.

keyword: Inspector Martin Best

On a lighter note

Could you make this up?

An angry mother called in police after finding her teenage daughter’s backside branded with a “100% Welsh lamb” tattoo.

In The Daily Post

Dear John

An email to John Bell Welsh Conservative candidate for Alyn and Deeside

cc Chief Constable Mark Polin

Morning John,
Just having a look at you're election priorities on your literature.

Lets have a look at the present situation from my point of view.

I live in the village of Penyffordd on Chester Rd. We have just been stuffed by WAG and FCC with regards the new "improved" transport links at A55 Warren Bank. Lots of extra traffic now use Penyffordd village as a speedy short cut instead of using the bypass which is not fit for purpose. Speed is guaranteed on our major route to school as Penyffordd cllrs have sided with North Wales Police to do nothing.

Since you've been in politics quite a long time do you not consider it bizarre that a council will side with NWP over child safety and environment of Chester Rd Penyffordd? Its' not a recent phenomena its being going on now for over 4 years. The speeding traffic used to be near 2000  a day our councillors have been advised not to look at the data FCC have though.

Watching school kids play on our main road yesterday afternoon whilst traffic hammers through the village raises hairs on the back of my neck. There was a grandad trying to catch his little boy who thinks jumping out onto the road part of the game. At one stage there were 8 children on the road. " supervision" was a 100 yds away talking. I'd have taken a picture but you get dragged over the coals here for doing that, you get a visit from our CBM. It's ok for them to get run over but don't take picture. We're pretty bizarre up here John.

I don't think Carl Sargeant should come to Penyffordd after not standing up for the village over Warren Bank. That's just my point of view, I don't take the sheep line.

Why is our village used as an HGV short cut when we have a bypass? Has Tom Jones a hand in this arrangement or is it just plain incompetence or FCC refusing to budge?

Further afield but still law and order

1. Why are young people and bikers allowed to flagrantly break the law with regards noisy exhausts?
2. Why are bikers allowed to use N Wales as a noisy race track endangering our lives?
3. Why are lorries and cars allowed to tail gait law abiding citizens with impunity?
4. Why are non sentences handed out to those who kill people with vehicles. ( Flintshire cpl court case last week, he was doing 60 mph when he hit them on the M56, couldn't see them, why was he doing 60 then?)

Will the Conservative party do anything to improve that discussed above, I think not.

Colin Hughes

ps Is it not time for Tom Jones to stand down? He is too old and has no interest in Chester Rd.
He calls me a "running sore" I think the fact he allows our village to be a rat run a disgrace, completely out of touch. ( Oh forgot he's not a Conservative, sorry)

wanting to live in a village not a speedy short cut, my vision unfortunately not shared by Penyffordd cllrs.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bad Day

I've had a bad day today, speeding traffic whizzing me off by the 100. Watching junior school kids playing games on Chester Rd unsupervised whilst traffic hammers past shows our community council have no idea. Inspector Martin Best saying speeding traffic isn't much is talking horse muck. Should police be allowed to tell lies? I think not.

I've been to see Larry head shrink at The Bridge in Pontblyddyn. Now everything is ok

To become a councillor

or perhaps not.................................................

Perhaps best to be on the outside peeing in? That is until they stop the mass speeding.
( President Johnson On FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover) . . . It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.

Or just watch the p and q's on the likes of Facebook.
Here's a local councillor who did not.

Link Flintshire Chronicle

An email to two Flintshire County Councillors over their efforts to control speeding traffic in their communities

An Email to Cllr Chris Jones of Sealand and Cllr Ann Minshull of Shotton. 

Morning Chris and Ann,

I see you two are still banging the drum over speeding in your communities in The Leader and The Chronicle. It's a bit different up here in Penyffordd.
There appears no respect for Penyffordd village environment whatsoever.
Our highspeed shortcut too important to Flintshire road infrastructure.
Are we over 4000 vehicles a day yet?

You can hammer through the village at whatever speed you want.
Our Cllrs back our CBM on not doing his job.
They also back the non attendance of Gosafe.

Can't be upsetting the speeders you know, its modern community policing.
We're alright for shortcut HGV traffic too. I think some cllrs are in the
pay of the local lorry firms.

We have half a rumble strip, this I think must be a first in Flintshire
unless Cllr Tony Sharps says different. The half a rumble strip allow cars to avoid
slowing down by going over side of the road. It also allows those who want a good start
from the middle of the village to hammer up the road.
The half rumble strip exemplifies council attitude to village safety.
Just look like you're doing something.

Communities in Northop Hall, Cheshire and tens of thousands
across UK are switched on about environment.
Sadly Penyffordd cllrs are not amongst them.

It's 4 years now cllrs since I was told speeding wasn't a cllr matter. ( no joke)
I hear my cllrs are talking to highway officers

The same officers who sat across from me in 2007 knowing full well nearly 2000 vehicles 
were breaking 30 mph each day.
You see we're a soft touch here
Our community council is rotten.

Our local wise man (aged 92) makes sure anyone with an attitude is kept off council.
Have a good day

Still over a 1000 speeders each day
( or get the equipment out and prove me wrong cllrs)

Colin Hughes

fighting to live in a village and not a race track
copied to blog so future generations can see how crap we were.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time called on Anglesey Cllrs

Local Minister Carl Sargeant AM in a statement to the Senedd said: "Too many Anglesey councillors are still more concerned with pursuing their own advantage than with meeting the needs of Anglesey’s citizens. This is not democracy it is the politics of the playground.

Read More 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Government Census 2011

I've just filled ours in online. There is a set of numbers to put in to get you started. The dead tree version is 32 pages long......... I think the online version the quickest.
Ours is dead simple. If you have a family and a couple of lodgers you could be some time..............
I see there is no messing around with multiple languages. It's Welsh or English and that's you're lot. If you live here you should learn the language or go back from whence you came.
It takes about 20 minutes to do. It's mainly box ticking like modern exams.
A few trick questions for those who might not be truthful.
Once you fill it in and press the final button there is no going back to edit.
It's supposed to be secret for a 100 years. Government data is supposed to be data protected.
I'm sure data mining would throw up quite a few claiming benefits who filled the form in wrong.


The morning rat run hammering through

Many 100's of vehicles speeding through the village taking a speedy short cut

1. Where are the North Wales Police?
2. Where is Carl Sargeant AM?
3. Where is Mark Tami MP?
4. Where is Gosafe?

It's over 4 years now since it was brought to the Penyffordd Community Council attention.

I am told the Highways dept have been out to have a look. I bet they haven't been out 7.30 am to 9.0am

Still get the line " can't stop all the traffic speeding" and "it's only a few", "what about the emergency services" off cllrs. Meadowslea has traffic bumps to die for, ambulances have to go over them....
They don't know what decade it is, never mind what day.
I reckon it's still over a 1000 a day. This could be proved or disproved by FCC, no cllr will go near that option to see how much the problem is though.

I wonder why?

postscript: I've got an FOIE for three sets of Chester Rd traffic data that Gosafe have. After the next stage if it not handed over it's off to the Information Commissioner in April.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The MP's MP tracking down bent police and media

in The Independent.

North Wales Police against Flintshire communities over speeding traffic

This letter was sent following an article in the Leader yesterday ( Thursday)
Dear Leader
A letter for consideration
In your article on speed bumps it is stated by North Wales Police that only sites involving collisions resulting in personal injury or sites of serious concern will be considered for traffic calming. North Wales Police have a very schizophrenic attitude towards community safety. In  Wrexham Borough many communities enjoy increased safety and improved environment due to engineering traffic measures whilst here in Flintshire communities have to suffer daily invasions of speeders.
North Wales Police are in effect saying "carry on speeding" by their uncooperative stance. It is hoped that this continuing "opting out"  by North Wales Police on speeding traffic in communities will be not be given approval by Flintshire County Council Executive Committee.
Colin Hughes

postscript: Or you take the view that Flintshire County Council cannot afford or do not want any further traffic calming at present so North Wales Police who are unelected and unaccountable take the hit.FCC and NWP working together against Flintshire communities?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cllr Patrick Heesom's Curriculum Vitae

As told by Gareth Williams of Mold in The Flintshire Chronicle on the letters page.
Following on from your recent report of Flintshire's budget meeting and comments attributed to Cllr Heesom, the leader of the "New Independents" group, did Cllr Heesom reject the budget in full?

Yes, nothing new there then.

Did he offer alternatives which were viable, deliverable and affordable?
No, nothing new there then.

Did he say " You're out of your depth you don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, again, nothing new there then.

Perhaps he recognised the position that Flintshire and in fact ALL local authorities are in financially, and offered his support?
Nope. Nothing new there also.

Perhaps given the severe constraints on the council he offered some or all of the £100,000 plus set aside in the budget for HIS legal costs to offset against the closures of some of the local libraries, or even the cafe at Flintshire leisure centre.
Of course not silly me. Had he done so perhaps he would have had some credibility and support across the chamber.

Cllr Heesom has never proposed anything, achieved anything, given anything or delivered anything in all the time he has stood as a Flintshire County Councillor.

Not so much a New independent, as same old, same old.


I am presuming that the writer is the former deputy council leader when last Labour governed Flintshire.
Last election he was defeated.
Flintshire Chronicle are giving Gareth a lot of space on the letters page. One presumes he will be standing as a county council candidate in next years local elections.
I was told some time ago that this would not be as a Labour candidate.
We shall see in the fullness of time.

It's a pity local media cannot find a way of publishing letters on line, perhaps even involving a paywall to look and comment. All letters written in The Flintshire Chronicle and The Flintshire Leader end up being recycled pulp. This is a pity. I hope Gareth doesn't mind his letter being cast in stone so to speak rather than used as fish and chip wrappings.

‘Forceful councillor orchestrated bullying campaign’

in The Leader

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Chirk Carboot Sale 2011 starts proper

27th March on big field

If you are on Facebook try

The biggest for a 100 miles or even further. It takes about three and half hours to walk around at its peak. ( we look at every stall)  You may need wellies if its wet to start with. Flip flops a no no as are white trainers. In the midst of summer if its 8 am you're late.....................
You can camp over in your camper van or whatever the night before.

More Chirk Carboot blog pages  here.

New plan to tackle speeding in Flintshire

in The Leader. Can't see any mention of Penyffordd though..........................

A new rubbish regime

Last night at teatime I could hear a megaphone outside. Was it World War 3 or a Welsh Assembly prospective candidate? No it's the state telling me to put my rubbish bin out at 7am next morning. Smacks a little of of Eastern Germany before the wall came down. There are various reasons why people do not want to get up before 7 in the morning. I can think of at least a 100 when its dark and raining.

This is all a dictat of the EU which is commendable in its outlook. All our vegetable rubbish now goes in a tall green dalek type structure I bought from the carboot sale. This will turn into compost for the garden. I have two other daleks some one gave me last week which will be filled full of sheep manure from Elwyn's farm where we walk the dogs.

How a family will manage with this new arrangement only God knows, the bins a tad small for 2 weeks. We have been looking at can and carton crushers on Ebay.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Cllr Heesom tribunal warming up

in The Leader

The daily rat run at full force

It's a nice frosty morning, most are hammering through the village as it has done every day except two in the last 4 years. It's growing I think, getting up to 20 vehicles a minute at times. How many vehicles go through Chester Rd between 7.30 am and 9.00 am? Perhaps 400 at any speed you like.

I will persist, it shouldn't be happening we are a village with a bypass. Chester Rd residents have been continually let down. Various Penyffordd councillors should have a look in the mirror and ask why they stood for council last time. Village environment means much more than planting daffodils.
Over a 1000 speeders every day councillors. And why do we have HGV coming through the village?

Friday, March 04, 2011

HSG1(51) New Housing Development Proposals White Lion, Penyffordd. Nov 2007

Work on the above will be starting sometime.
If you want to look at the above in better detail click the FCC link below. You may have to look at it sideways as my pdf reader didn't have the ability to flip images through 90 degrees. Too much magnification is not good.

Top of the drawing is the A5104 road Penymynydd to Broughton. It has a roundabout in it to slow down traffic. The road bottom left joins Penymynydd Rd. This will be used as a rat run by Wellhouse, Hazel Drive area and even Green Park. There are two sets of platforms to slow down traffic. ( Chester Rd could do with platforms for our rat run) The whole White Lion site should be a compulsory 20 mph zone.

The top of the Penymynydd Rd, Penymynydd looks like its got traffic calming measures to protect parents and children walking to St John Baptist school.

Further: There has been a consistent pressure by certain residents on Penymynydd Rd to stop through traffic. In fact my favourite councillor David informs me that Penyffordd Community Council have become very unpopular as about 15 traffic violation tickets have been handed out to those going through Penymynydd Rd which is a restricted area for access only.

The new development seems to have two accesses on to Penymynydd Rd. Why two I don't know. Whilst half of local residents may gain traffic relief from the White Lion development other residents will see substantial increases of traffic of many 100's of percent. ( or even1000's)
Wellhouse residents will be well chuffed.

In The flintshire Chronicle last week a lady resident of St Mary's Park Mold stated that an extra 50 houses would generate up to 400 journeys a day through their road.

Below I have noted the complainants non of whom live near this development. Cllrs Hinds and Williams could have been representing local residents. (Yes Cindy has here)

I notice no objections from Penyffordd Community Council or our two elder statesmen.

Takes a while to load. ( pdf format)
Link Flintshire County Council


Personal  ID,  Representation Number, Objector,  Stage of Plan,  Conditional,  Withdrawal

4699,   12191,   D. Parry,   DEP,  No

0767, 1021, Mr & Mrs Hewitt, DEP, No

0767, 1023, Mr & Mrs Hewitt, DEP, No

0767, 1027, Mr & Mrs Hewitt, DEP, No

4702, 12198, C. Hinds, (petition), DEP, No

4698, 17718, C. Hinds, DEP, No

4721, 12248, Cllr D. Williams, DEP, No

4721, 18378, Red Lion Strollers FC & Cllr D. Williams, PC No

4721, 18605, Red Lion Strollers FC & Cllr D. Williams, PC No

4724, 12255, Mr & Mrs R.D. Heaton, DEP, No

keyword: Redrow

And it's a YES for more powers

in The Flintshire Chronicle

Of those who voted 21,119 voted Yes (62%), while 12,913 voted No (38%).

Welsh Referendum Turnout


  • Bridgend 35.64%
  • Caerphilly 34.5%.
  • Cardiff 31.3%
  • Carmarthenshire 44.36%
  • Ceredigion 44.07%
  • Conwy 33.79%
  • Flintshire 29.4%
  • Gwynedd 43.4%
  • Merthyr 29%
  • Monmouthshire 35.83%
  • Neath Port Talbot 38%
  • Pembrokeshire 38.7%
  • Rhondda Cynon Taf 34.6%
  • Swansea 32.9%
  • Torfaen 33.8%
  • Vale of Glamorgan 40.10%
  • Provisional Wales total: 35.2%
  • Source: Official counts. More to follow later

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Penyffordd district house sales increasing

10 Kent Close, £170,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0LP 22nd December 2010

Somerset Cottage, Chester Road £162,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0LD 10th December 2010

*46 Plas Yn Rhos £210,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0JU 15th May 2009

10 Kent Close, £170,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0LP 22nd December 2010

16 Abbotts Lane £160,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0HW 13th December 2010

Cartref,  Rhos Road £105,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0JR 26th November 2010

*although I'm not sure about the date on this one

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Time to back off?

Surprise ! A letter in The Flintshire Chronicle and one in The Leader. Both a little edited but who cares. When I decided enough was enough, there were in the region of 2000 vehicles breaking 30 mph each day back in 2007. A polite letter to the Penyffordd Community Council about speeding was rebuffed with a " nothing to do with us" phone call from Nigel the clerk. (nothing to do with Nigel who is a nice man, he is just the messenger for the council)

Since then there has been past a certain point an ignoring of the issue, even siding with North Wales Police over the interests of Chester Rd residents, Penyffordd School children and OAP's who have to cross our road.

I have been told that Cllrs Cindy Hinds and David Williams are talking to Flintshire Highways over methods to slow traffic down. This is good news for myself and Chester Rd. (also Penyffordd children and pensioners, we have the Penyffordd Post Office here one of the few shops left)

It is hoped North Wales Police will back any moves to slow down traffic speeding through our community. There are lessons to be learned here. As I stated in my letter we are not all thick.
Gosafe also need to start working with communities instead of hiding speed traffic data

Letter No 1 edited

Letter No 2 Written because WAG know what is happening in Penyffordd. They built A55 Warren Bank exits with no thought for Penyffordd increased traffic levels.

Dear Leader
A letter for consideration
On Thursday 3rd March 2011 the Welsh Assembly Government are asking you to vote in a referendum for greater powers. In the near future the WAG are going to carry out a cull of badgers in Wales. This is your chance to tell the politicians what you think of them. Vote NO on Thursday against greater powers or don't bother voting. Show the politicians that Welsh people care for wild life.
Colin Hughes

Thank you Flintshire Chronicle and Leader

At the moment we in Chester Rd and other Penyffordd roads are a very convenient speedy short cut to and from Broughton, Chester and the north of England and Scotland. In my opinion it should be made unattractive as a short cut. We do after all have a bypass.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Flintshire U3A

Here's a useful group for Penyfforddians to join, well worth a look, some good days out, a chance to make new friends a chance to  learn something new.

Quote " Flintshire U3A is a lively association of groups, which meet informally primarily to enjoy learning together.
These meetings also offer a chance to make new friends, share interests and develop new skills in an informal and friendly atmosphere.
U3A is an international self-help organisation for those people no longer in full time employment providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in lifelong learning. U3As are learning co-operatives which draw on the knowledge, experience and skills of its own members."

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