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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve - What to do?

Years ago we used to go to a golf club do. They left it to the last minute (August) to arrange entertainment, so we got the worst.

You go to your local pub get charged at the door and the place is full of people you don't see for 364 days of the year.

Taxis cost a mortgage.

So we are staying in. Everything under control.

Happy New Year !

Friday, December 30, 2011

So ends 2011

As far as Chester Rd is concerned (it's where I live)

1. Increased traffic levels to trunk road levels on occasions.
2. Token traffic policing.
3. Our rat run still hammers through every work day morning
as it has when I pointed this out to Penyffordd Cllrs five years ago

Presuming this stays as it is up to local elections in May.

Last election on a voting of 2000 approx the three county council contenders
were I seem to remember within 10 votes of one another.

Presuming the main three groups put forward a contender

What if I stand as a county councillor ? How does that alter the numbers?

Happy 2012 councillors !

ps. It must be said that both Labour and the Independents have betrayed Chester Rd and other main roads within the village used instead of the bypass.

Perhaps someone else will stand, it would make things even more interesting.

Or perhaps its all off if we get the Higher Kinnerton speed bumps treatment?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Penyffordd meanders into the new year

One of these in the garden this afternoon. I've lived here nearly 30 years and never seen one in the garden. I released one from a trap last year which is apparently against the law. You have to watch what your doing as they bite.
Traps should be made illegal they're barbaric.

I'm familiar with their lifestyles. Lots of other wild life such as robins and blackbirds are nasty when you get down to how they live.

If you want a little free entertainment buy a rubber robin and nail it to the top of a post in the garden with a view from the house. Then watch what happens when the local robin sees it. He'll knock five buckets of guano out of it.

On the allotment front it's tidy up time. Strawberry runners to be potted up.
I have a large box of vegetable seeds that are a few years old. I have a friend who planted out seeds that were ten years old. Many  were successful.

I have ten old varieties of lettuce, we shall see.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Places not to go on Xmas Eve

Two years ago we ended up due to circumstances beyond our control booking haircuts in Wrexham on Christmas Eve. Traffic and parking was dire.

It would appear this issue had an extra ingredient this year.

In The Daily Post

ps. The chap in the photo looks remarkable like the Green Man from Treuddyn. Our nickname for the man who drives only green.

Happy Christmas

May your God smile upon you.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Simple Seed Swapping 2012

Black Krim Tomato

I am in the process  of ordering tomato seeds on Ebay.
I have ordered 9 different tomato types. This will bring me over 1000 seeds!
You get a 100 seeds for 99p whether you like it or not.
This of course is a little over the top.

So I am open to some plant material swapping
in groups of 10 seeds.

What I have.


1. Principe Borgese
2. Black Krim
3. San Marzano 2
4. Cherokee Purple
5. Striped Stuffer
6. German Orange Strawberry
7. Beefsteak Pineapple
8. Soldacki
9. Cuore di Bue

I also have to swap fruit tree scions, please enquire.
As examples I have victoria plum, bramley, various pears, quince.

What do I want?

Cucumbers, peppers, other tomato, fruit tree scions, strawberry plants, grape cuttings.

I'm looking for a simple swap. No money exchanges just stamp addressed envelopes or packages. (perhaps adjustments may be needed for post)

Email Colin in the first instance
The comment box below can also be used for communication.

keywords: surplus, seed swap, 2012, growfruitandveg, growyourown, grapevine

Friday, December 23, 2011

Church metal thefts in Wales rise five-fold in two years

Among the biggest claims was for nearly £53,000 after metal was stolen from St John the Baptist Church in Penymynydd, Flintshire, in 2007.

read BBC News

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Speed Cushions

Higher Kinnerton which has a similar issue (speeding /short cut traffic) but smaller volumes than Chester Rd is to have speed cushions along its main road. (presuming not too many objections)
Last week Chambers Lane, Mynydd Isa was advertised for similar.

Is Chester Rd,  Penyffordd to get road cushions?

They have the data, they know what's happening.

Are we to carry on being a major support for local trunk roads?

We shall see.

Penyffordd schoolchildren perform Christmas carols in Ewloe

in The Flintshire Chronicle

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alison Halford Part 2 - Control Freakery, Anarchy, Indiscipline and Back Bench Muppets

Link Alison Halford

Alison on Perjury and Malfeasance in Public Office

Link Alison Halford Blog

There's nothing on the telly

Tonight a feast of a program about food and culture in Jerusalem in houses and restaurants of Israeli's and Palestinians.

Internationally-renowned chef Yotam Ottolenghi returns to his home town of Jerusalem to discover the hidden treasures of its extraordinarily rich and diverse food culture. He meets and cooks with both Arabs...

Yotam Ottolenghi
Yotam Ottolenghi (2)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shopping List from PACA

Mr Sian Le Tissier presented Penyffordd Community Council with a wish list of facilities for local organisations.

1. Premises modification for Scouts / Cubs / Beavers and possibly Brownies.
2. A youth pitch for Penyffordd Junior Football Team. (one presumes a pitch without sheep grazing)
3. Penyffordd Senior Football Club would like some assistance for a wet room.
4. A skate park ( not near my house please)
5. BMX outdoor adventure area ( again not near my house please)

Mr Le Tissier's letter included realistic costings.

Copies of letter were sent to Flintshire Chief Planning officer and Chief Leisure Services Officer.

Penyffordd Community Council decided to support the above aspirations.

Penyffordd District comment.

Sian Le Tissier's efforts are a breath of fresh air, he is to be congratulated over his efforts.

Penyffordd has many little play areas dotted around. How often are these areas used? I think very little.

Would it not have been better to have one large area and buildings that all the sports teams could use? From a social point of view people would mix more readily in one central area.
Why do I ( and any one else) have to drive to Padeswood to watch Penyffordd Senior's football?

224 Housing plus points

Cllrs David Williams and Cindy Hinds' meetings with Flintshire Planning has borne the following developments some of which are ongoing.

1. Large play equipment on the Millstone Playing Field.
2. Section 106 gain for Penyffordd and district would be in the region of £150,000.

Sunday Morning Walk

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dog walks get colder

We have had a little trouble with the roads. In the end we left the car on the trunk road. Perhaps a 4 x 4 is the best way forward.

It seems the A55 is best avoided when we have snow. Further tales on the A55.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Plans for 224 homes in Flintshire village approved

Bad news for Chester Rd, Flintshire County Council's covert trunk road. More traffic, no policing, no traffic calming, increased traffic from A55 Warren Bank. Of course traffic calming can't be put on trunk roads can it?

Cllr Cindy Hinds spoke against the plans.

Link Flintshire Chronicle

ps. I tell a little fib. Gosafe was seen last week....................
A lot of traffic continues to ignore the limits. We are just a big fast short cut.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How Inflation affects Penyffordd

This is particularly good. A comment in The Telegraph


Inflation is heavily influenced by personal spending patterns. For example, if you are not one of those people who has to have the latest electrical gadget in your home, then you can remove this factor from your calculation. Therefore, it does not matter to you if such goods are not rising in line with inflation or, for that matter, actually becoming cheaper.

What really matters are the necessities in life, a roof over your head, food on the table, keeping warm and healthy, and the cost of travel to and from work. When you look at these essential factors in life, it is clear that some, if not all, are subject to large price rises and have been for some time.

Current methods of calculating inflation, particularly the ludicrous CPI unsurprisingly relied upon by this inept Government to suppress demands for wage increases, pay no heed to the question of priorities, essentially relying on a calculation that lumps together the cost of luxuries and necessities.

Finally, anyone using CPI as a measure of inflation is either an idiot or a politician, admittedly difficult to distinguish because the two are synonymous.

Penyffordd Today

Cold and Windy with some sun.
The Post Office doing brisk business.
Chester Countess Hospital has the Norovirus.
Eight days to go then we have the Winter Solstice.
Then it starts to get lighter each day whilst getting colder.

British high streets are disappearing before our eyes
Runcorn has a 30% shop vacancy rate.
Local towns such as Mold and Buckley face an uphill struggle
as the raised taxes bite to pay for our government / bankers folly which
still remains largely hidden

Further a field the EU is on the edge of bankruptcy.

The simple life awaits in 2012.
Pastimes that attract little tax such as the allotment.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Penyffordd Community Councillors have no moral compass

On Wednesday 26th October a meeting was held to hand out £3200 to community groups in Penyffordd. Cllrs Tom Jones and Colin Bithell wished it to be recorded that they wished Penyffordd Wine Society which has been going for nigh on 30 years to be excluded, no reason offered.

Did any councillor or Chairman David Williams ask why? Not a peep.
I am particularly disappointed in Cllrs Linda Vidamour and Cindy Hinds remaining silent.

meaning: morality

Smile of the Day

Apologies to any offence given.



In Penyffordd it's raining. A window of opportunity this afternoon to walk the dogs. Gale force winds occasionally over the next week. I need to get my allotment prepared just like the new Penyffordd Allotments planned. As Cllr Tom Jones alluded to at last  committee meeting. Spring will be upon us in no time. I have 25 blueberry plants on order. An acid soil home needs to be prepared for them. Raised beds with plenty of pine needles being the favourite option with sprinklings of ammonium sulphate to keep the soil pH to 4.5 - 5.5.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Sign of the Times

This is a small sample of what is going on in the back ground whilst public sector workers strike. They really don't know what day it is. Who pays public service wages and  pensions? The Private Sector.

What happens when the Private Sector can no longer pay?


Rescue founder Sheila Stewart blames ever-increasing economic pressures on families for the situation, which she claims is the most serious the 30-year-old centre has ever seen.

She said: “The position at the moment is just unbelievable. We are absolutely full to bursting and cannot possibly take any more animals in.

“In recent years, I have taken one or two calls a week from pet owners who are being evicted from their homes or having to move out due to money problems.

Now I’m taking about three calls every single day. I think the impact of the economy is having a worse effect than ever before.

So many jobs are being lost and businesses closing. People are hanging onto their pets for as long as possible but just can't cope with the cost any more.”

in The Daily Post


"No more Boom and Bust" copyright Gordon Brown.
Let's not forget Margaret Thatcher ( don't read if you are having a bad day )

Buckley Police Station to close

in The Daily Post

Also Saltney.

One wonders what "corporate buildings " are.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Quote of the EU Millenium

Terry Smith, CEO of City broking firm Tullets, says…

“The UK is as isolated as somebody who refused to join the Titanic just before it sailed “


Carl Sargeant AM impressing

One of my bug bears is seeing traffic orders in local papers. They cost a fortune and a lot of people don't read papers. Carl Sargeant AM Welsh Transport Minister has launched a formal consultation to remove local council obligations with regards advertising in the dead tree press. (newspapers).

Ken Skates AM is in the article below. It should be pointed out that he is an ex Chief Reporter for The Leader.

While Carl's at it can the price of 20 mph compulsory zones be reduced and implemented.

This could be applied to Chester Rd to show WAG really didn't want it to return to trunk road status after the opening of A55 Warren Bank.

Question asked to Penyffordd Cllrs. " How many vehicles go through Chester Rd daily?" Answer: Go away we don't want to know !

Link Walesonline

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Penyffordd's Child Guardian in The Flintshire Chronicle

Colin Bithell of Penyffordd Community Council had been calling for an investigation into the site for 10 years.

“I’m not satisfied with the outcome of it,” he said. “We also wanted assurances the health of young people in the village would be monitored for the next 10 years to see if there’s an increase in cancers. There are two primary schools practically underneath the plant.”

Link Flintshire Chronicle


postscript: Colin has done his level best to ignore speeding through the middle of the village. When our youth get their bikes and scooters out in the summer Chester Rd is an accident waiting to happen.

He resorted to asking North Wales Police and Flintshire County Council to do something about me.

CBM Chris Pullen said I had a democratic right to protest over his and Penyffordd Communty Council's lack of action.
I presume legal eagle for Flintshire County Council  Barry Davies said similar.

Penyffordd Councillors stick the boot in to Penyffordd Wine Circle

It would be fair to say that Penyffordd Wine Circle has diminished numbers for various reasons not related to the current financial climate. Each year Penyffordd Councillors dole our our money (rates) to communities and groups through out the village and further. This year they have in their infinite wisdom decided to give Penyffordd Wine Circle the grand some of £25. Whilst everyone else receives over a £100 pounds.

Cllrs Colin Bithell and Tom Jones had it minuted that they wish the Penyffordd Wine Circle to receive no further grants.

You would wonder why Penyffordd Wine Circle deserve such treatment. What have they done to Penyffordd Cllrs. Nothing.

ps. I'm a member

keywords: petty, vindictive, small time,

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Gosafe in attendance at lunchtime

Thank you Gosafe.
Thought things a little strange everyone was doing the speed limit.
Excepting those that had not been warned by other drivers.

ps, they hammer through the village every work day morning
as you well know you have the data.

There are some arrogant arses want nailing, they need a lesson or three.

There are of course Penyffordd councillors who are for the morning rat run being allowed to speed. You think me unfair. Why then does it continue after 5 years.

I'm surprised Cllr Linda Vidamour goes along with the speeding after 5 years.
Part of the problem of being in Tom's gang Linda.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Flintshire Planning Permission NOT

How many unusual designed houses do we have in Flintshire?
Not many, this above would never get planning.

This house is so good.

Accountability and Transparency move steps closer in Penyffordd

Is Cllr Tom Jones retiring you might ask? you might be disappointed....

Tomorrow night on the agenda of Penyffordd Community Council is an item to discuss Penyffordd residents having more of a say in monthly meetings. Usually us the great unwashed are allowed to speak once a year.

You can of course write to the council. The normal Tom Jones sort of reply will be "contents noted", end of story.

I mention councillors who hide their email addresses from residents as an example

Also apparently Penyffordd Council agendas and meeting minutes are to go online

A bit of a move away from the Cllr Tom Jones method of ruling us wasters. Which is to treat us all like mushrooms.

Hanson Cement works has not caused ill health - report

on the BBC NE site.


I've lived in the village for nearly 30 years. Cement dust emissions have fallen drastically from a car windscreen unable to be seen through due to sun dried cement emissions to no dust emissions on the car wind screen at all.

Penyffordd Cllrs will walk a mile to discuss Hanson Cement yet continue to ignore speeding short cut traffic through the middle of the village to A55 Warren Bank and Airbus. They hammer through the village each day.

I'm quite prepared to put up an embarrassing poster for the next 10 years over cllr foot dragging.

Speeding traffic kills children a lot faster than fairy dust councillors!

Village environment for you starts with daffodil bulbs and ends with their planting.

No Gosafe, no police, no interest.

Bottom line being Hanson cement has more political points than children's lives on Chester Rd. ( but we've done all we can, they say)

Penyffordd councillors disgust me.

First snow of the winter

Didn't quite reach Hope Mountain but found the hills behind on Pen Llan y Gwr.
This fungi is fly agaric. It grows near silver birch. It was spied on this morning's walk on Pen. Doesn't look very inviting but it is psycho active. It has been taken by Russian witches for 100's of years. As they say on telly. Don't try this at home.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Alison in full blog mode

Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill and closer to home Cllrs Arnold Woolley and Patrick Heesom.

link Alison Halford

Road Deaths around Penyffordd over the last 10 years

Click to enlarge or go to link and put your postcode in.

Traffic is still hammering through Chester Rd, councillors!
What happened to Gosafe? Can't go upsetting the speeders (voters) can we?
It will be alright for Colin lolipop to get run over then?
Foot dragging five years on............................


Highways officers will tell you any old twaddle to explain why you cannot have a gatso. I have been told you need at least three road deaths to qualify. They just make it up I think.

Pontybodkin / Coed Talon has a gatso. There are no road deaths showing on the linked map.

Two deaths missing, one in Padeswood and one in Dobshill are after analysis was taken.

Hawarden has an epidemic.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Penyffordd Institute Strange Happenings

Last Wednesday Penyffordd Wine Circle and the Pilates class had a chilly evening, no central heating. Apparently the boiler had been switched off at the wall sometime between caretaker morning check and the Over 60's meeting in the afternoon.

It would be fair to say that 99.9% of Institute users are unaware of the position of the boiler. That narrows it down a bit!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Penyffordd butcher wins Eblex lamb competition

A Welsh butcher has won £1,000 in an Eblex lamb display competition.

Vaughan’s Family Butchers’ in Penyffordd in Flintshire won the award for creating an eye-catching display in its counter using new, alternative cuts of lamb.

Butcher Steve Vaughan placed branded cabinet cards and a recipes book on the counter to help show customers how the meat, which included a saddle of lamb as the centrepiece, with stuffed shoulder and lamb rumps, should be cooked.

read further

Monday, November 28, 2011

234 houses continued

Planning application 048313 is on for 7/12/2011 at 1.00 pm.
Those who have made objections and wish to speak at the committee meeting need to advise FCC.

Thought for the day

Local footballer takes his own life, massive coverage in media.
British soldier killed in Afghanistan yesterday, 10 second mention.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Penyffordd Allotments

Penyffordd has allotments next to The Millstone. I think Cllr Cindy Hinds has organised these.  Cllr David Williams has recently sent a flyer around the village to see if there was further interest. The response has been robust.
Gladstone Estate are willing to provide land near Penymynydd church. Even the planning officer is quite enthusiastic.

There will be enough  land for 50 plots. Test ploughing has been mentioned. The area comes with a ready made car park which cannot be said for The Millstone plots.

It is hoped the allotments take off and become well established.

There is good advice here on allotments.

I have an allotment in my back yard. I have a poly tunnel, raised beds, compost bins and a greenhouse made of patio doors. I'm not too keen on growing cabbages but next year we are having a salad garden outside the kitchen.

My main interest is fruit. I have various plants and trees including apple, pear, grapes, a quince tree, plums, damsons, rasberries, strawberries, tomatoes , cucumbers, blueberries, peppers, figs, peach and cherries. Many are in their early stages.

I intend to build a low energy heated seed bed this coming year to start tomatoes etc off early.

Here's a chap who sells fruit tree bits. You choose a rootstock and graft scions to produce cheap fruit trees. Anyone wanting to swap scions please get in touch.

Aldi , Lidl, Wilkinson, Poundstretcher, etc sell fruit trees from £3. It's best to get on their mailing lists of special offers if you are interested.

Mean while on the national front Wales now has a budget

Link The Guardian

North Wales Crime Statistics

Carrying on in the same vein here are N Wales crime statistics.

Link UKCrimeStats

"North Wales Police has one of the highest percentages of visible uniformed Officers compared to other Police Forces in England and Wales. Community Beat Managers, working in partnership with local communities, will devote their time and energy to listening to the needs and concerns of local people."

I presume this is a quote from NWP.

Link UKCrimeStats Penyffordd

Police coverage in N Wales

If  NWP are to make savings. Will this be similar to Devon and Cornwall?  Foot soldiers and the back office get hit whilst all the bosses keep their jobs. By bosses I mean those that are not on the front end of the coal face.

Read The Slog

ps. could be a little profanity especially if you wander.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Apparently Penyffordd sheep do not eat trees

Which is a bit of a plus if you have Xmas trees and want to keep the grass short.

Peter and Joy Price have bought a small flock of Shropshire sheep to graze their 10-acre plantation near Llandegla, Wrexham.

This summer he bought eight ewe lambs from established breeders Brian and Beryl Higgins, of Penyffordd.

Where Mr and Mrs Price live is a special part of Flintshire. It's so good our MP lives there, much better than living amongst the proletariat.

postscript: I'm talking pants they live over the next hill, seen the sign for the xmas trees today.

Daily Post

A gentleman with my problem

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, added: “While this action is legally dubious, it shows the deep feelings the issue of speed limits and speeding drivers arouses amongst the nation’s 62 million citizens.

A spokesman for Devon County Council said average speeds in the village were below 30mph.
Standard council practice of downplaying speeding using statistics.

in The Telegraph

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time for North Wales Police Authority to go

in The Daily Post

"Police Minister Nick Herbert made clear PCCs “will not be expected to run the police”, but will be the voice of the people, holding forces to account, and allocating budgets worth tens of millions of pounds."

Our MP Mark Tami supports the current system where police management are unaccountable to the people they serve. Where NWPA have no real power and are of little practical use.

Our local Penyffordd councillors support NWP in their non traffic policing in Chester Rd. It costs votes you see. It upsets the speeders.

It is fair to say NWP have been pathetic in their action over speeders on Chester Rd. Not interested , nothing to do with us.

It would also be fair to say that speeders are not just a Penyffordd problem. A quick scan of the papers this last week reveals, a young man killed in Anglesey, a pensioner killed on the outskirts of Wrexham, a car run into a house in Rhyl, a car on its roof in Wrexham. It just goes on and on. Our politicians do not care, from community councillor to MP.

Certain political groups are saying the police should not become politicised. If they did their jobs properly on law and order we wouldn't be in the state we are today. Armed burglary, stabbings, diesel pinching, metal pinching  not a policeman in sight. All safely tucked up in bed, doing paper work or on a diversity or gay awareness course......
Time for change?

How printing money affects the Penyffordd pound

The excellent Dominic Lawson in The Independent

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Red Lion at Penyffordd


New Central Depot for Ambulances at Dobshill

The Welsh Ambulance Service Trust is expected to announce concrete plans to shut down stations in Flint, Holywell, Mold and Queensferry and replace them with a new central depot in Dobshill, within the next few weeks.

Link Daily Post


As an infrequent visitor to Upton, Chester I can tell you that lots of Countess ambulances can be a right royal PIA. Upton from an environmental standpoint is ruined. When ever there is an emergency which is about every half an hour sirens blare for about 10 minutes. It's awful.

This H&S policy of siren blasting is not yet happening in Flintshire but for how long?

Wet and Miserable

Nothing happening in Penyffordd. Here's why your energy bills are going through the roof.

Link: The Telegraph

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vounog Hill

One of Penyffordd's more attractive houses.
Taken off Google Streets.
Perhaps a little stretched......

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saint Tony Sharps of Northop Hall in The Daily Post

SPEED limits in Flintshire are set to be reviewed.

Flintshire’s Council’s executive committee approved plans to review limits on A and B roads at a meeting yesterday.

Executive member for environment Cllr Tony Sharps said: “We have a tremendous amount of complaints about speeding traffic in towns and rural areas."

“It gives me great pleasure to move this report so we can proceed and satisfy the needs of local people and councillors.”

Speed limits on A and B roads near schools would be included in the review.

in The Daily Post 


So its just not me. The Welsh Assembly Government could help by streamlining requirements to change speed limits. They could also give Flintshire County Council extra funds.

postscript: There has just been another speed traffic survey carried out on Chester Rd by FCC recently so they know the figures.

Chester Rd is a C road that acts similar to an A or B road. It is also a major route to school.

Further Postscript: Speeding on Chester Rd was discussed at Penyffordd Community Council October meeting.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seating in the countryside (Penymynydd woods - Hope Rd)

Cllr Stan Davies has suggested that a form of seating be set up by the Old Nook, the Water Tower and Brynteg farm. This is an excellent idea. It was suggested that the Hawarden  Estate be approached for three large tree trunks. These areas are a frequent walking area for Penyffordd/Penymydd senior citizens.

One group of senior citizens are affectionately known in our house as "Last of the Summer Wine". ( Scribe Nigel, Colin lolipop and John Large)

The logs of course will need to be much larger than a certain senior citizen's chainsaw........

Colin Everett is coming to town

" Who he" some of you might ask. Colin is the Chief Executive of Flintshire County Council. He is too visit Penyffordd and speak to Penyffordd councillors in the not to distant future.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Millstone

is closed again....................
Welsh pubs are currently closing at one per day.

postscript: My sources tell  me its opening again next week.............

How to build an Airbus 380 Wing

is on the telly tonight (20.00 hrs). I used to work on Airbus 300 and 310's. These wings however are monsters.

Airbus 380

postscript: Good video. The script for Broughton was poor. Is Paul McKinley the only person in Airbus Broughton who doesn't sound like he comes from Liverpool?

Too much time spent on lifting the huge wings. You looked at the factory whilst filming and it looked like a holiday camp. Totally wrong impression on how things really are.

The wings went together like magic. Not much sign of the manufacture of hundreds of thousands of holes and rivets used in construction, or the sub contract companies who make all the parts that are assembled at Broughton.

The stress testing of the A380 total aircraft in Germany was good.
So was the footage taken in at Filton, Bristol which is now owned by GKN.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fighting County Councils

In the last week or two both Cllr David Williams and myself have been taken to task for criticizing Flintshire County Council officers.

Here's a professional. Her crime, taking a video of a council meeting.


postscript: I have nothing against open transparent councils I think they are a requirement in a balanced society. What I am against are the tactics of the likes of Carmarthenshire CC with the collusion of the local Chief Constable, Fire Brigade chief and even the Welsh Assembly Government. It stinks.

What's that phrase? " We work for you "

Six Properties Targeted - Fuel Oil Thefts in Penyffordd

Chief Insp Wareing’s warning comes in the wake of a spate of thefts in the Penyffordd area of Wrexham Road where, according to one resident, six properties have been targeted within a couple of weeks, with the loss of hundreds of pounds worth of essential fuel.

Read full story in The Leader

One of our dogs has been unwell but is getting better

The source of so much trouble and pleasure has been unwell.
The dog that can pull your arm out of your shoulder socket reduced to a wreck.
The dog that has to be taken out whether its the height of summer or two foot of snow on the ground.
The dog that will see of off any silly burglar.
The dog that makes me walk a 1000 miles a year.
The dog that takes me to areas of Flintshire rarely visited.

He is however on the mend. We think he has eaten something that hasn't agreed with him. This is always an issue with some dogs, we try where ever possible to stop him eating something we haven't given him. The vet has given him antibiotics and anti inflammatories. He is now eating again. Another visit today. He finds the vets interesting loads of other dogs to talk to. Our other dog reduces to a quivering wreck at the first hint of the vet building.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

To make a dull day brighter

I find because my machine is not loaded with the latest chip and loads of ram some youtube videos jump. So I start the video off then stop it while it preloads then play it.

When are Penyffordd Council going to have proper communication with Penyffordd residents?

Earlier in the week I did the following blog in which I questioned the use of the word "unfortunate" in the council minutes. Nigel the clerk has made a comment over this.

Nigel has Internet the above comment just about proves it.
( As far as I am concerned Nigel has been under orders from Penyffordd Cllrs or Cllr Tom Jones individually not to reveal to me that he has an internet connection ) This situation has been ongoing for the last 5 years.

If I wish to send a communication to Penyffordd Community Council I have to print it out, put in an envelope, attach a stamp and an address, walk to the post office which is over the road or walk to Nigel's house which is 5 minutes away.


I could send him an email which takes seconds.

But the latter is not available as Penyffordd Community Council have decided that residents don't deserve email communication. PCC have decided that council knowledge is dangerous and should be kept low profile as much as possible.

Council minutes are kept hidden in a draw in the post office. That's if someone hasn't borrowed them.

Time to change Penyffordd councillors? Time for an email address for the clerk and email addresses for all those councillors who hide their email addresses.

It should be pointed out that county councillors David Williams and Cindy Hinds have email addresses. David doesn't usually answer my emails.

Community Cllr Linda Vidamour displays an email address. I'm disappointed with Linda for not pushing for the community council to have an official email address.
Part of the downside of being in Cllr Tom Jones' Independent ( keep residents in the dark)  Party.

Time for change councillors whether you like it or not.
Time to become digital.
Time for council minutes to be online.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Driving in bad conditions

Last Friday tea time we had a 20 minute monsoon with an extreme amount of water in a short time. Normal drains are unable to deal with these situations. Chester Rd with its inadequate drains acts as a river with a lot of it diverted down to the farm opposite us. There was a stretch of water all the way across the road outside the post office. Some drivers slowed right down others ploughed straight through.

Lisa was out in this deluge coming from Llanfynydd. It was not a good experience.

I hate driving on roads in poor visibility. There are some who drive at speeds that are dangerous. There are others who tail gate you because you will not drive at speeds acceptable to them.

Then we get accidents like the carnage caused last Friday. Are they really accidents? Many drivers drive at distances where they are unable to stop if there is trouble in front of them. They are not accidents.

Our government (small g) fail yet again allowing lassez faire driving with no proper enforcement or punishment for the idiots who should not have licenses.

Flintshire County Council allow accidents to happen again and again in the same spots. Outside Dobshill garage is one of them.

Poor national and local government.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Penyffordd Bonfire 2011

Volunteers have worked hard today. Looks a little big? A bit of a song and dance the year before last when sparks landed on someone's head.

I think the fire brigade have a hose off a fire hydrant just in case it gets out of hand.

Good news is every thing went well. I often wonder how catholics feel about bonfire night. 

Penyffordd district property sales

Some of these may be have been repeated recently.

Sales recently added within 500m of CH4 0LS Edit location
13 Corwen Way £95,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0JW 2nd September 2011
3 Towers Way £155,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0JS 25th August 2011
Sales recently added within 500m of CH4 0LJ Edit location
34 Coed Y Graig £185,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0XD 18th May 2010
Sales recently added within 500m of CH4 0HP Edit location
34 West View £169,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0HR 25th August 2011
You can search all these sales totally free of charge by going to

Friday, November 04, 2011

Noise continued

Just found this. What on a Friday night? Why aren't you out in Wrexham you might ask? Been there, done that, got the tee shirt. ( I'm having a cheap beer, one that's not from a pub)

The Welsh Assembly Government don't want to know about noise, one reason for their dissolution. Most governments are similar. Only the China and Hong Kong have active programs.

The Telegraph have the story.

Noise - Why do people put up with it?

Here is the noise survey for the proposed White Lion. Why people will pay up to £400,000 to live in dwellings where traffic noise can be heard is beyond me.
All the cheaper houses are nearest the main road would you believe.

ps All the houses will be built with radon protection built into the floor.

Link White Lion Noise Survey

White Lion Development - Penymynydd Rd

Proposed layout. This may be changed. Brown road on left is the old Penymynydd Rd. White road at the top is the Penymynydd to Broughton trunk road. This is a partial view just showing that mentioned above. For full details follow the link.

Housing plan gets the go ahead in Higher Kinnerton

with the promise of traffic calming.

in The Leader

postscript. Is traffic calming for the main road or the development, most probably the latter

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Cindy and The Independents gang up on David

Here is minute 118 of Penyffordd Community Council meeting. Cllr David Williams steps out of line with an email. I'm with David on this housing subject. His comments about lack of affordable housing spot on. We need more David's on the council. Other councillors are far too soft.

Scribe Nigel the Clerk to the Council uses the word "unfortunately" twice in this minute. Once when referring to Cindy and another time referring to David. Why is the word unfortunate used? Is it unfortunate to Penyffordd Community Council, unfortunate the Independent led majority of cllrs.  Should the word "unfortunately" be in the minutes at all.

Nigel has put the following comment below. " To my good friend Colin (The Blog) from Nigel (The Scribe of Penyffordd Community Council).
You appear to criticise my use of the word "unfortunately", twice, in minute number 118. You should realise that I am quoting verbatum what the particular Councillor said. It is not my style to repeat words, perhaps you could ammend your 'unfortunate' error,(this is a pun) in your post. Re minute 118. Goodnight."

I feel the council needs a more balanced set of councillors. The Independent group are too weak for Penyffordd and hold too much of a majority.
Time to get rid of the Tom Jones electoral sheet of 8. If they had to stand as individual cllrs and stand all the costs and work individually to be elected most of them would not be councillors today

Many thanks to scribe Nigel for supplying the minutes


Cllr Mrs C Hinds referred to an email that had come to her attention, a copy of which she had circulated to members of the Council.

The email was from the Chairman, Cllr D Williams to Mr John Keryakoplis, with copies to various other persons in the village, some of which are involved with local organizations.

The email referred that the new plans for the Butchers Estate are due to go out for consultation shortly.  The Chairman had a viewing of these, and to be blunt he considered them to be a disgrace, and that in his opinion the Planning Officer is not doing his job as he should be.

There is no increase in the amount of land they are prepared to provide for recreation.

Unfortunately Cindy has indicated that she is happy with the new proposal, as she is scared that we may lose out on what they are offering.

Cllr Williams expressed his opinion insomuch that as far as he is concerned they are only offering what we should have had fifteen years ago and we should not allow these developers and landowners to walk over us again.

One other matter to be aware of is that the Community Council is to consider the application for the White Lion site.  This is for 85 houses that include about eight starter homes.  The other 77 are to be detached houses with a starting price of £250,000 going upwards to about £400,000.

Cllr Williams again considered this to be disgusting as the development should have a mix of houses that people in the village can afford.  To have the cheapest home costing £250,000 is obscene, but unfortunately Cllr Williams seems to be the only one on the Council who thinks this.  Unless there is audience at the meeting on Wednesday therefore I am in no doubt the plans will be approved by the Community Council.

Cllr Mrs C Hinds considered the contents of the email to be disrespectful to herself, and all the Councillors, as everyone has their own point of view, which Cllr Williams should respect even if he does not agree with it.

Cllr Williams responded that the new plans (presumably Wood Lane) do not come up with what the Leisure Services want.

With regard to the White Lion development there are in excess of 70 detached houses which Cllr Williams did not consider to be appropriate.

Cllr Mrs E M Davies agreed that the content of the email is disrespectful to other members.
Cllr Mrs C Hinds statd that all the organizations in the village are aware of what is being offered, and are quite happy with this.

Cllr C Bithell considered that the County Councillors had their own views, and will put forward what they want, and this should be made quite clearly with regard to communications with the Planning Officer, and not put over that it is the views of the Community Council.

Cllr Mrs L Vidamour referred to the part of the email, “unless there is an audience at the meeting on Wednesday, the plans will be approved by the Community Council”.

Cllr Mrs Vidamour continued by asking what makes you think that an audience would influence the decision of the Community Council.  She considered this to be an appalling suggestion, which should not have been put in writing.  She considered that Cllr Williams have overstepped the mark.  At the meeting with the developers all pertinent questions had been asked, and the answers had been provided.

The Chairman, Cllr D Williams accepted that he had perhaps acted out of order, and so he apologised.

Cllr J W Bell stated his opinion insomuch that sending letters out to the public is unfair, and such matters should be discussed with the Community Council, and as the Chairman of the Council Cllr D Williams is here to conduct the meeting.

Cllr Mrs L Vidamour stated that Cllr D Williams is entitled to his own opinion, but that he must not speak about it in the way that the Community Council could be swayed.

Cllr Mrs M D Jones questioned whether the Planning Officer knew what Cllr Williams had said, insomuch that the Planning Officer is not doing his job as he should be.

Cllr Mrs J Howood suggested that Cllr Williams should send another email to the people that he had communicated with, stating that he had overstepped the mark.

Cllr Mrs E M Davies commented that in all her years, she has never before experienced action like this.

Cllr D Williams asked members to appreciate that he is attempting to do the best for the community, and that he is not wishing to miss out on anything that would be forthcoming under planning gain, and again asked members to appreciate that anything that he was doing, he was doing with the best interest for the community, and that if he had gone about it in the wrong way, then he apologised.

Cllr Mrs E M Davies referred to Council work over the last thirty years, but it is only over the last ten years that the year has changed with regard to land issues.

She continued that with regard to the previous Wood Lane development that she had been involved with, the developers did not have to provide a football field, but they did. (Is this the football field that can't be played upon because sheep are allowed to graze on thereby making a no go zone for residents to play football on due to possible transfer of animal disease? ) Penyffordd District

What we want now is good facilities, in the youth club, scout hut area, but cautioned that green could result in the builders walking away.

The discussion concluded with the Chairman, Cllr D Williams emphasizing that he was still relatively new to the position of Councillor and Chairman; he reiterated that everything that he had done again was in the best interest, and not for personal gain.


That details of the foregoing dialogue be recorded. ( then kept from most people as they are on paper and not in digital format. PD)

ps. David. If you want a more of an audience to see the workings of Penyffordd Community Cllrs get the council minutes published in digital format. Then they can all go on here. Scribe Nigel's secretary must have the minutes on a computer or does she use a typewriter?

I have been taken to task

by a leading officer of Flintshire County Council. Every morning traffic hammers through the village. Our county councillors David Williams, Cindy Hinds and community councillors continue to ignore this dangerous state of affairs.

I have replied to the leading FCC officer saying that if our councillors and Gosafe did their job properly there would be no need to raise the issue getting personal.

There is currently a measurement of traffic speed going on in Chester Rd. The data produced is static a point in time. What is not shown is that lots of vehicles are in acceleration mode when passing through the device.

The data of course will be kept secret. Nothing to do with Chester Rd community.
Leave it to us highway professionals we know best , you are all stupid.

We are five years into this, you're continuing lack of concern councillors for the safety of our lolipop man, school children, residents, post office users a glaring indictment.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Drag Night at The Red Lion - Ladies Only

Safety Thought for the Day

Are Penyffordd councillors risking the lives of Colin lolipop and school children and their parents who walk to school by failing to get Gosafe to come to Chester Rd at a relevant time. ie. during the morning rat run rather than 11 am Sunday morning?

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Our lolipop man Colin nearly gets run over

He's pretty easy to see Colin. He has a full fluorescent yellow coat on. This morning a women nearly ran him over. He had to slam his hand on her car bonnet to stop her.
He was standing in the middle of the road with his lolipop
Colin was rattled.
The incident was witnessed by three others including a former lolipop.
It has been reported to county hall.

A good case for taking the driving license off this women for a while?

A good case for 20 mph to slow down these manic robots whose only thought is to get to work as fast as possible?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Chester Rd is having a traffic survey

Two weeks after castigating Cllr David Williams in the local papers over short cut traffic levels through the village ( we'll ignore zero traffic policing) whilst his political bosses Cllrs Arnold Woolley and Tony Sharps have stopped speeding short cuts through their wards we find we are having a traffic survey.

Chester Rd has been allowed to return to part time trunk road status by our councillors ( god bless them)

The device used are the wires across the road which can measure exact speeds and even type of vehicle by measuring the distance between the wheels of vehicles which pass over the device.

Everything is digital now so the results can be whacked into MS Excel to show the true profile of traffic through Chester Rd.

This data is kept top secret we individuals who pay public servants are deemed too stupid to be allowed to look at such information that affects our environment and safety.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Local property details

Land Registry recent sales
The table below lists the most recent transactions recorded by Land Registry near you. If you want to see more details, simply click on the property you are interested in. To see all the Land Registry data for ch4-0ls click here.
Postcode Address Price Date Profit/Loss
CH4 0JS 3, Towers Way £155,000 25/08/2011 more details
CH4 0JW 13, Corwen Way £95,000 02/09/2011 more details
CH4 0HR 34, West View £169,000 25/08/2011 more details
CH7 3AA 8, Acorn Close £185,000 26/08/2011 more details
CH7 2AR 5, Oakfield Road £95,000 23/08/2011 more details
CH7 3DX 96, Drury Lane £135,000 14/09/2011 more details
LL12 9RE Llwyn Owen Farm, Pigeon House Lane £555,000 31/08/2011 more details
CH7 2JL 9, Padeswood Road £125,000 24/06/2011 more details
LL12 9NE 11, Mountain View £150,000 29/07/2011 more details
LL12 9HA Rhanberfedd Cottage, Mold Road £125,000 20/09/2011 more details

Discounted property for sale
Are you interested in snapping up a bargain? Below are properties for sale where the asking prices have been reduced - simply click on any property to find out more. Search for all reduced property near ch4-0ls by clicking here.
Address Type Beds Price Listed On Reduction
Hawarden Road 3 £114,500 14-03-2011 8%
Hawarden Road Detached 4 £275,000 18-01-2010 8%
Little Mountain Road Detached 4 £300,000 13-05-2009 9%
Little Mountain Road Detached 4 £245,000 20-07-2010 16%

Other property for sale
The list below shows what is currently on the market for sale near you. To search for more property on the market click here.
Address Type Beds Price Listed On
Hawarden Road 3 £114,500 14-03-2011
Hawarden Road 4 £300,000 11-05-2011
Hawarden Road Detached 4 £275,000 18-01-2010
Penymynydd Road Semi-D 0 £140,000 08-08-2011
Allerton Close 3 £200,000 30-07-2011

Chain-free property for sale
Below are properties nearby that are available 'chain free'. These are often properties that have been repossessed, but will also include property where the seller is not buying a new home or has already moved out.
Address Type Beds Price Listed On
The Oaks Lower Mountain Farm Lower Mountain Road, Penyffordd, Chester CH4 3 £350,000 24-10-2011

Property for rent*
The list below shows properties for rent near you - select any property for more information. To view more results in your area, click here.

Address Type Beds Rent (pcm) Listed on Implied value*
Wrexham Road Detached 3 £875 12-04-2011 £224,754

* Penyffordd District knows that this list of rents is far from accurate.

From all of us here at

Funeral - Mr Murray Cowie - Tuesday

Friday, October 28, 2011

Penyffordd Crime September 2011

Overview here,%20Chester,%20Flintshire%20CH4%200LS,%20UK

Crime Map,%20Chester,%20Flintshire%20CH4%200LS,%20UK#crimetypes/2011-09

You can alter the month on the above crime map. The scheme started from last April.

Click here for detail,%20Chester,%20Flintshire%20CH4%200LS,%20UK

Two violent crimes and half a dozen anti social behaviours.

The two violent crimes are of concern.

Were the committed on open streets or in houses.
Were they committed during the day or at night.
Are the offenders out and about? (of course they are)
What was the reason and nature of the violent crimes?

Silver Birch Way 2 anti socials
Coed Y Graig  1 anti social
Cae Fawnog 1 anti social
Hawarden Road 1 anti social

Abbottsford Drive 1 violent crime
Hawarden Road 1 violent crime

Violent crime as described by NWP includes GBH, sexual assault, common assault.

The above blog was a voyage of discovery. The original link I got through a national newspaper had no links to such items as the crime map.

Web site navigation poor.

If you are going to Wrexham

by car towards the football ground ( Mold Rd) especially first thing add 40 minutes to your journey. Or try another way around.

Link ( read comments)

Penyffordd Bonfire Night 2011

on Saturday 5th November at 6 o clock at the Penyffordd Institute.

keyword: fireworks

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Penyffordd Community Council

reverts to mid 20th century mode. Hand scrawled agendas on the community board.
September council minutes nowhere to be seen.
My copy not delivered.
Post Office copy not available.

Standard Penyffordd Community Council practice.
Nothing online they like to keep the community like mushrooms, in the dark.......

Cllr David Williams is currently chairman.

Something to hide David or an administration hickup?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Leader - Bygones - The Opening of Abbotts Lane School 1978

The Leader are running a new website called Bygones. Photos are available for sale, at the time of writing £1. Here above is one of my most favourite councillors.

There are four pages of photos to do with Penyffordd.,t297.htm

Cllr Edwina Davies being a good sport.
Edwina's the one showing leg and suspenders


The European Experiment

is currently looking a bit shakey. Last night 80 Tory MP's backed an EU referendum against the wishes of the PM.
Sovereign debt to Eurozone countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland is unrepayable because they have spent so much. France is in big trouble over the amounts their banks have borrowed to the above countries.

A55 Warren Bank was built with EU money. As a village we should been given protection against short cut traffic. The Welsh Assembly government decided not.

We are run by unaccountable people who have no idea of what they do.
Most people have never heard of Von Rompuy ( Who he?)

It was always a recipe for disaster.

Link Von Rompuy

Monday, October 24, 2011

Plas Teg

is on the telly tonight. It's on More4, a repeat. Your chance to see the eccentric Cornelia. She used to keep the parrots in the kitchen. I think they were removed for the film shots.


Latest Episodes
Next Time

Series 3 Episode 13
Plas Tag - revisit

Ruth Watson revisits Cornelia Bayley at Plas Teg, a Grade I listed Jacobean mansion that has remained virtually unchanged since it was built in 1610.

Next Episode: Mon 24 Oct, 10PM on More4

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rip Off Britain part 543

Pensions in The Telegraph

A Big Thank You to The Chester Chronicle ( my letter published today)

for helping to high light the continued daily assault by through traffic. Flintshire County Council and the Welsh assembly Government have long planned that Chester Rd would resume its former trunk road status as a large short cut to Broughton.

A pox on you all.

Our cllrs have just sat there like dummies. They won't get Gosafe and NWP involved in the morning rat run. Why is this so?

Why have HGV through the village.

Are we up to 4000 vehicles a day yet. Do our cllrs even care?

I am still of the opinion that former county councillors have sold us down the river.

Large chimney for sale

Dr John Marek has decided to offer a large 120 ft Victorian chimney for sale. It is in the middle of Wrexham. He has offered it for sale on Ebay after there was no local interest. It started at 99p and has so far got to £510 with 33 bids with 6 days to go.

You won't be able to buy it for its Ruabon bricks as it is listed.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alison on AD Waste, black bags, allotments, hostile meetings, spear tackles and shall I stand again as a county councillor

Amusing as ever.

Link Alison Halford

Super Tony to the rescue

It wasn't so long ago Flintshire councillors were griping over out of ward interference by Cllr Klaus Armstrong Braun.

These rules of course are for Klaus only. Big beasts such as Cllr Bernie Attridge and Cllr Tony Sharps operate across Flintshire with impunity.

Super Tony has waded into the proposed gypsy site at Ewloe. Is this a fight against officers or are we getting near an election?

Read further in The Flintshire Leader

Tony's the one who thinks cars can hammer around Flintshire excluding Northop Hall where he is councillor.

Dirty brown drinking water last night

Left tap on all night now clear.

postscript: Not quite. Dirty baths until cold and hot water tanks change water.

The Internet is changing our brains

It changed mine quite some time ago. You have a question or project so you look on the net at all those that have struggled with your issue before you.
My current project to halve my energy bill inside a year has a very rich vein of knowledge on line

Some net knowledge is plain wrong. It's a matter of sorting the wheat from the chaff.
Apparently Facebook alters how various parts of the brain function.

I don't do Twitter of Facebook for various reasons.

Here's the story.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Italian and Sicilian Cuisine comes to Penyffordd

At The Millstone

Telephone  07590 753 884

The Capo Di Silva restaurants are around other parts of N Wales. Try this for a menu.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Penyffordd district houses for sale and rent

Discounted property for sale

Are you interested in snapping up a bargain? Below are properties for sale where the asking prices have been reduced - simply click on any property to find out more. Search for all reduced property near ch4-0ls by clicking here.

Address Type Beds Price Listed On Reduction
Hawarden Road 3 £114,500 14-03-2011 8%
Hawarden Road Detached 4 £275,000 18-01-2010 8%
Coed Y Graig 0 £120,000 20-06-2011 20%
Little Mountain Road Detached 4 £300,000 13-05-2009 9%
Little Mountain Road Detached 4 £245,000 20-07-2010 16%

Other property for sale
The list below shows what is currently on the market for sale near you. To search for more property on the market click here.

Address Type Beds Price Listed On
Hawarden Road 3 £114,500 14-03-2011
Hawarden Road 4 £300,000 11-05-2011
Hawarden Road Detached 4 £275,000 18-01-2010
Penymynydd Road Semi-D 0 £140,000 08-08-2011
Allerton Close 3 £200,000 30-07-2011

Chain-free property for sale further afield

Below are properties nearby that are available 'chain free'. These are often properties that have been repossessed, but will also include property where the seller is not buying a new home or has already moved out.

Address Type Beds Price Listed On
Chester Road, Dobshill, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 Semi-D 3 £142,500 09-08-2011
Hewitts Lane, BUCKLEY 2 £85,000 19-09-2011
Brittania Road, Leeswood, Flintshire 3 £125,000 01-09-2011
Wellington Road, Broughton, Chester CH4 Semi-D 4 £200,000 23-08-2011
Ewloe Place, Buckley Terrace 2 £89,950 20-09-2011

Property for rent

The list below shows properties for rent near you - select any property for more information. To view more results in your area, click here.

Address Type Beds Rent (pcm) Listed on Implied value*
Wrexham Road Detached 3 £875 12-04-2011 £224,855
Chester Road 3 £625 18-06-2010 £160,611
Drury Lane Flat 1 £395 12-04-2011 £101,506
Drury Lane Flat 2 £550 23-02-2011 £141,337
Drury Lane Terrace 2 £500 23-05-2011 £128,489

*This is the current value estimate that is implied by the rental price and by typical rental yields in the area.

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