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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To an Environment Agency Wales Exhibition on the monitoring of Castle Cement

In the Penyffordd Institute. The lovely Ann Weedy on reception. I see from the visitors list that Cllr Colin Bithell and Cllr Hadyn Bateman have been to the exhibition this afternoon. My wife Lisa looking at the information boards.

We speak with Chris Jones from Environment Agency Wales. I raise various issues regarding furnace temperatures and the above spike in dioxins in 2004. It was explained to me that 2004 was the last year that the old kilns were in operation which may have accounted for the rise.

I said I was very pleased with the reduction in cement dust in Penyffordd. Castle Cement have made serious efforts to deal with fugitive dust. Cement dust no longer gathers on our car.

Enforcement notices against Castle Cement.

The exhibition is also on tomorrow between 1 .00 pm and 9.00 pm. Your attendance is welcomed.


Environment Agency Wales

Castle Cement

The beginning of the end for Airbus Chester?

Airbus have opened their first factory in China. How long before all Airbus aircraft are manufactured in India and China?

Labour costs in China and India are a fraction of the costs of Airbus Chester.
China will have the largest market in the world.

Showing China how to manufacture Airbus aircraft is a step in the wrong direction.
It reminds one of the courting spiders. The male embraces the female, they mate, then she eats him.

keyword: Broughton, inscrutable,

Link Airbus China story

Monday, September 29, 2008

Penyffordd Power Cut

Electricity went off 2. 00am. Flickered back on around 4.00 am then went out. Flickered back on at 6 ish then went out. Came on finally about 8.45 am. Areas affected, centre of village. Up as far as Abbottsfield Rd and over to the Coed y Craig estate Penymynydd.

Since this is becoming a fairly regular occasion I am going to make alternative arrangements. Not to save the world but to have a cup of tea when I want to.

Also an UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source ) for our servers.

Link : Me and the fragrant Mary Foley Postmistress in The Leader

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Amazon Type Service for North Wales Police

cc: North Wales Police, Cllr Cindy Hinds, Cllr David Williams, Cllr Linda Vidamour, Cllr Tom Jones, Cllr Patrick Heesom, Cllr Tony Sharps, Carl Sargeant AM, Mark Tami MP.

Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom wants police force to emulate Amazon's customer service
Click here The Daily Post

Here in Penyffordd we appear to have no problems at all according to North Wales Police website as of today

Click here North Wales Police Penyffordd Area.

( I have reported website to NWP as it does not scroll down, it may be fixed by the time you see it)

Over a 12 hour day period in Chester Rd Penyffordd a major route to school we have 2.25 vehicles doing more than 35 mph every minute of that time of 12 hours. (worked out using limited FCC traffic speed data for Chester Rd)

We also have anti social behaviour ongoing.

There are illegal exhausts by the 100.

Some way to go.

NWP need to be pressed to update their website Penyffordd councillors.

As a seller on Amazon I get charged a hefty price to use their services. Their terms are dictatorial and final with no form of comeback, you are dead, gone, such is the Amazon way of doing things.

One hopes North Wales Police do not emulate this part of Amazon.

Environment Wales - Castle Cement Advice

Click Image to enlarge

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sgt Katie Quinn's Blog

Inspector Alun Oldfield's Blog

Community Councillor Jane Hopwood

in the Evening Leader on the Evening Leader stand at Mold Food Festival 2008.
Evening Leader photos can be bought here.

Threatening Telephone Calls

There are an element in the village that are against speed calming in Chester Rd Penyffordd. On Monday evening my wife Lisa received a threatening phone call. The coward is of course so threatening he with held his phone number. NWP are investigating this incident. BT have been asked for the withheld phone numbers.

Penyffordd Village Idiots

I have put a Utube video here of the speeding traffic here

Comments on the video

Has there been any accidents in the area you are talking about. You misunderstood. I am against speeding, but you are going about the issue the wrong way. You have no right to take pictures of people without their consent, let alone put registration plates on the net, especially since u base your evidence on how fast you THINK cars are going because of how they sound. Your evidence is poor and so are your methods. Leave it to the professionals.

I agree with Jonesy ( posted yesterday evening)

Some of our locals take offence at not being able to speed through Chester Rd.
Their comments above show their level of intelligence and care for Penyffordd children

370 cars do more than 35 mph every day on Chester Rd
Flintshire County Council have the data they have measured it.

Fact Three weeks ago a young girl missed death by a second. Click here
Fact There is a young child up the road who crosses Chester Rd on a cycle with no brakes.
Fact A young child cycled out of Crossways without stopping or looking for cars last week
( Quote CBM Chris Pullen) Chris had to have a word with him.

You people are a disgrace to the village of Penyffordd.
Your kids can't play football if they have broken legs plebs!

3000 vehicles each day through Penyffordd a village WITH a bypass.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Warren Hall A55 Exit

Warren Hall Strategic Business Park - construction of the A55 Warren Bank Interchange Improvements. (Saesneg yn unig)

LINK The Welsh Assembly

The Deputy First Minister has agreed to the implementation of a County Road Scheme by FCC under Highways legislation, implementing existing planning consent granted 15th October 2004, in relation to the procurement of the Warren Bank Interchange Improvements.
Date of decision / Dyddiad y penderfyniad:

5th August 2008

Statement of information / Datganiad gwybodaeth:

Planning consent for the development of the Warren Hall Business Park was issued to the Welsh Assembly Government by Flintshire County Council on 21st April, 2008. This consent requires the improvement of the adjacent A55 Warren Bank Interchange to be up-graded before the business park can be occupied. A separate planning consent was previously granted on 15th October, 2004 for the Interchange improvements. These included the provision of two additional easterly slip roads to create an “all way interchange” together with the creation of two additional roundabouts on the A5104, either side of the A55.

Warren Bank Interchange has a grade-separated junction with 2 slip-roads only (eastbound-off and westbound-on). Existing traffic travelling in the opposite direction goes through Broughton (county roads) to access / egress the A55 at the next interchange (eastbound-on and westbound-off). With the expansion of Airbus (A380 Wing Facility) and the Retail Park in recent years, a greater demand is now placed on the existing county highway network to serve the area of Broughton than was envisaged when the Warren Hall Interchange was previously approved in 1998. As highlighted within the Transport Impact Assessment for Broughton, Flintshire County Council view the construction of the new eastbound-on slip-road and westbound-off slip-road as being of network benefit to the area, by providing a 20% reduction in traffic passing through Broughton village to link onto the A55 to and from the east, thereby significantly improving environmental and highway safety conditions within local communities.

In order to facilitate the delivery of the slip roads, which would be constructed entirely on land within Assembly Government ownership, Flintshire County Council wishes to implement the works as a “County Highway Scheme”. The Council, as local highway authority, is satisfied that this scheme has network benefits for the county highway network and traffic congestion as well as direct economic benefits to both Warren Hall and the Airbus Facility at Broughton. The Council would utilise its powers conferred by the Highways Act 1980 by implementing the planning permission granted for the scheme in October 2004 (planning reference 036330).

The Minister for the Economy and Transport is being asked to consider the relative merits of the above scheme which is critical to the successful development of the Warren Hall Business Park.

The above scheme will be very retrograde for Chester Rd, Corwen Rd, Wrexham Rd environments in the village of Penyffordd.

Penyffordd Community Council October 2008 meeting

is being postponed to a week next Wednesday.

A talk with Nigel Jones Clerk to the Council Penyffordd

Previously I have written that Nigel had been quoted as saying plans had not been passed. Nigel assures me he said no such thing. Nigel says he is fully behind the Multi User Games Area now being constructed.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An email to Sgt Katie Quinn with regards speeding on Chester Rd

Dear Katie,
Hope you are well.

Inspector Alun Oldfield is in The Leader cracking down on speeding in Saltney.
FCC hold data that shows 370 vehicles speed through Penyffordd each day at over 35 mph through a village centre that has a 30 mph limit.
Also we are a major route to school.

Since speeding in Chester Rd is back on the Penyffordd Neighbourhood Forum list after being removed for no reason except it being a permanent embarrassment I hope action will now be taken to stop this wholesale speeding.

Also I hope NWP will liase with FCC to put a permanent stop to this unending speeding thus releasing NWP to deal with other matters. I give the excellent example of Cllr Sharps' village of Northop Hall as the gold standard.
I also hope in the future that NWP will side with Penyffordd Community to rid the village of the HGV plague since we have Penyffordd By Pass.

NWP should be batting for Penyffordd Community not the Road Haulage Association.

Flintshire Highways currently have no regard for Flintshire communities.
An example of which is Rhydymwyn where 3 people have been killed and Highways still insist on a stupid 60 mph speed limit that rips open their community environment and kills people.

Hoping that Flintshire will better regard their village communities in future

regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

Published to Blog

Inspector Alun Oldfield enforcing 30 mph in Saltney

in The Evening Leader here
As Inspector Oldfield is in charge of Penyffordd we could do with him up here to stop the 370 vehicles each day that do more than 35 mph through our main street that is 30 mph.
Data from Flintshire County Council.

Saltney town clerk 'could be our saviour' of council

Saltney mayor Cllr Klaus Armstrong-Braun praised Mr Thorniley's work.
He said: "He has had to sort out various problems and he has done a wonderful job.
"With his vision and experience, he may be able to drag Saltney Town Council out of the dinosaur era and into a professional future for the benefit of the community.
Mr Thorniley has replaced Gareth Williams, who was town clerk for 34 years.

Time for change in Penyffordd?

Full story The Evening Leader

Is Dad's Army going to stop messing around?

For Dad replace the word Tom as in Cllr Tom Jones. Penyffordd people have worked hard to get the current Multi User Games Area under construction as we speak. The late Derek Darlington had a lot to do with pressing for this project. Cllr Cindy Hinds has had a lot to do with this project and many others. Castle Cement are in the mix. Cllr David Williams and Steve Johnson have marked out the areas. Flintshire County Council have passed the plans. The passing of the plans by Penyffordd Community Council have been passed and minuted.

One week into the construction.

Cllr Tom Jones comment "Your making a mess of this."

Cllr Colin Bithell phone comment " Someone has made a complaint from the football club"
Heard saying " There I've done it for you" as he put the phone down.

Penyffordd Football Club " No we haven't complained"

Cllr Joe Bell Chairman rings Cllr Cindy Hinds and is extremely rude to her.

Clerk to the Council Nigel Jones saying the plans haven't been passed.
Nigel Jones did the minutes that said the scheme had been passed.

It's time Nigel Jones read his code of conduct. He is supposed to neutral, not batting for Cllr Tom Jones who is behind all this nonsense

I have written above that Nigel had been quoted as saying plans had not been passed. Nigel assures me he said no such thing. Nigel says he is fully behind the Multi User Games Area now being constructed.

Yes Dad's Army just about weighs the highlighted Cllrs above.

Postscript. Part of Penyffordd Community ( ie Tom Jones and cohorts Cllr Colin Bithell and Cllr Joe Bell) have contested the actual positioning of the MUGA and wanted to stop it.
They made the decision where it should be and then said that was not the situation they agreed too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

and Hello to my new readers.

A Big Thank You to The Flintshire Leader

for publishing the following letter in this evenings edition.
Hi Leader
A letter for consideration
Re Letter speed cameras good as prevention not traps
Your correspondent condemns NWP for their positioning of the Arrive Alive van at the bottom of Broughton hill. Would it not be fair to say that if speeders are unimpeded by traffic they will have broke the speed limit all the way from the A55 exit. A quick look at Broughton's Neighbourhood Forum shows three items with regards speeding. It is a fact that all fines are returned to central government. Arrive Alive respond to community concerns they have no interest in fines as they do not receive a penny. Your correspondent finally comments that " NWP are focused on motorists and not necessarily criminals" Motorists turn into criminals when they speed inappropriately injuring or killing motorists and pedestrians. NWP and the WAG are committed to lowering deaths by vehicles in North Wales. North Wales communities fully support this committment.
regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

Environment Wales advice on Castle Cement

RESIDENTS living near Padeswood cement works near Buckley are being invited to dropin sessions by the Environment Agency to find out how it monitors the site.

Read here The Daily Post

Monday, September 22, 2008

A phone call from an irate parent

who seems to think I am not very approachable and up for an argument and he has my name and phone number which is ex directory. I am under the impression I have removed said photos that he is upset with.

Penyffordd Councillors* and governors remain indifferent to Penyffordd children's safety.

*Cllr Linda Vidamour and Cllr Cindy Hinds the exception.

Photographs, Children and Useless Councillors?

Tonight I have had a surprise visit by CBM Chris Pullen. The parents of a child in the village who I fear will be the first one to get knocked over in the speeding traffic have complained to NWP about a photo I took of said child. I have also mentioned on the blog various conversations I have had with the said child. All these have been taken the wrong way by the parents, perhaps with a little encouragement from a few Penyffordd Community Councillors. The parents appear to put a harmless photo of no consequence ahead of their child's safety.

The roads are dangerous in Penyffordd and Tom's Army sit on their hands.

Perhaps it was someone else's feathers I have ruffled. These include FCC, NWP or Penyffordd Community Council.

Busy week for me and NWP. I have a meeting with them on Friday.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Plan view Dobshill Hospital

Click image to enlarge

Plan View Meadowslea Hospital

Click image to enlarge

Taken by satellite before it was demolished.

Dirty Tricks?

Lots of local people have given a lot of money and a lot of their time to raise the money ( £40k + ) for the Multi Use Games Area that is now a week into construction. All those involved have had months to see the plans. Those involved also had a site meeting.
Why are we having arguments now over the plans?

Answers on a post card.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Financial Advice

If you had purchased £1000 of Northern Rock shares one year ago it would now be worth £4.95.

With HBOS, earlier this week your £1000 would have been worth £16.50,

£1000 invested in XL Leisure would now be worth less than £5,

but if you bought £1000 worth of Tennents Lager one year ago, drank it all, then took the empty cans to an aluminium re-cycling plant, you would get £214. So based on the above statistics the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle.

Link The Spectator

Postscript. Rather than giving £214 away, crush your cans and go to Chadwicks in Sandycroft. They have rufty tufty lads but the business is run by a lady.

ps I hate Tennents Lager................................

For Sale The Old Parsonage

The house next to Penymynydd Church. Just a snip at £730,000.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A visit by Detective Craig Turner of Mold CID

Together with an assistant. This is serious stuff, two detectives!

Chief Executive Colin Everett as Returning Officer has given North Wales Police four names to investigate over Election May 2008 irregularities. My name is on the list as I think Cllr Colin Bithell made a complaint regards my election literature which failed to comply with election law.

My crime being the non disclosure of my publisher on my literature!

When printing my literature I had the forces against me. Since I liked Cllr Colin Bithell's election literature I went around to see his printer. Since I have experience in design I had my literature on a CD ready to roll. What an amateur lot were his printers. After half an hour at the printers I thought it easier to use a photo copier so I went to Mold. Half way through the print run the machine broke down. This needed a visit to Llandudno next day to pick up the rest as time was running out.

The end result being I am told by Detective Craig Turner not to do it again!

I feel an FOIE in the wind................................

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Meeting with Mold CID

Four months after the local elections I am to have a meeting with Mold CID over my election literature. This afternoon I have run it passed Sue, Grabbit and Runne, my lawyers.
The meeting is later on this week.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A letter from Carl Sargeant AM with regards WAG speed consultation

Click to enlarge

This is a letter from Ieuan Wyn Jones AM to Carl Sargeant AM acknowledging representations made by Penyffordd Community Council with regards vehicle speeds for villages.

keywords: Ieun Wyn Jones AM Deputy Minister,

Pen Y Group Project started

Work has commenced on the £40k+ multi game use area for the village. Cllr Cindy Hinds and others have worked hard to find this money. An area next to the Millstone is being worked upon. I think Castle Cement are providing the base.

Friday, September 12, 2008

North Wales Police in Penyffordd

Part of Sgt Alun Davies' email.

Speed checks in Penyffordd on the evening of 10th September. This was not Arrive Alive, but the roads policing dept.
Outside the chip shop / British Legion on Chester Road, we only had one vehicle exceeding the limit.
We then moved onto Vownog Hill, where just one car was issued a ticket for speeding.
We spoke to a number of residents, who were very supportive of our presence.

Chester Road, Penyffordd is much appreciative of the attention.

Also the 2 hour session by Arrive Alive CNH

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A letter from Elwyn Davies Chief Education Officer for Flintshire County Council (plus my reply)

Click to enlarge

A reply to the Chief Education Officer for Flintshire Elwyn Davies

Dear Elwyn,
I hope you are well. Thank you for the very speedy reply to my letter which is here. It's good to be dealing with the top man. You say that Penyffordd Junior School has an up to date Risk Management plan that is regularly audited.

I think the auditer's need auditing.

Lets take a look.

1. No lolly pop lady
2. No advisory 20 mph
3. Minimal speed humps.
4. You (FCC) have data that shows speeding at school starting and leaving times. 370 vehicles speeding at above 35 mph each day.
5. Arrive Alive show no inclination to do the job properly.
6. North Wales Police have so far shown little enthusiasm to police our daily rat run part of which is on our major route to school.
7. Two weeks ago we nearly had a young girl on her bicycle run down. Click here
8. We have Charles Hughes and Derek Kirby overseeing planning of huge increases of traffic
including HGV's for our major route to school even though we have a by pass.
9. To get Charles Hughes' attention we need to have 3 fatalities on Chester Road

Does it all not seem a little too dangerous for our children Elwyn?

regards Colin Hughes

Published on The Internet for ALL to see.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Lettter to Councillor Colin Legg ( or better still Cllr Owen Thomas)

Dear Cllr Legg
I hope you are well and enjoying your new role in FCC.
I have thought about emailing you before but was unsure if you represented Rhydymwyn as Rhydymwyn is not on the map politically on Google or FCC site. I am still unsure............

Tonight I have been to Rhydymwyn for dog training at the bowling club. My wife Lisa does the training with our new puppy, I watch the entertainment.
I find the traffic that thunders through Rhydymwyn quite awful. The instructor cannot be heard over the 60 mph traffic.
It also seems to me a big distraction to the bowls club.

As a Flintshire rate payer I would hope that will consider environment in future.
I feel 30 mph is quite adequate for Rhydymwyn. One could then hear oneself think.
The 60 mph an insult to your community

Flintshire Highways need reeling in. They put speeding traffic above community environment.
I also hope you will back 20 mph limits for village centres and the end of illegal exhausts in Flintshire.

regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District
Flintshire Rate Payer

Postscript: Owen Thomas is councillor for Rhydymwyn a fact hard to find on the internet.

Monday, September 08, 2008

A Letter to The Leader about Secret Meetings over Warren Hall Business Park

Dear Leader
A Letter for possible publication in your letters page.

Re Secret Meeting over Warren Hall Business Park
Recently there has been a secret briefing by Flintshire Highway officers
Charles Hughes and Derek Kirby to Penyffordd Community Council. Last Wednesday Warren Hall was brought up at Penyffordd Community Council meeting but there was no move to inform Penyffordd residents as to the contents of the meeting.

Given Flintshire Planners recent shenanigans at Croes Atti that was well documented in The Leader we are greatly perturbed at the lack of information. When the alarm was raised at Croes Atti the planners bent over backwards to supply 10 mph squareabouts to slow down rat runs. Warren Hall Business Park may be the jewel in the crown for Flintshire County Council but it is a poisoned chalice for Penyffordd village.

Penyffordd Community Council leaders and FCC are keeping Penyffordd residents in the dark.
We are sleep walking into an environmental disaster for our village.

Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

note: Cllr Linda Vidamour and Cllr David Williams were on holiday when the secret meeting took place.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Current Flooding and Penyffordd

As we live on a hill and not in a valley flooding does not affect Penyffordd much. One area where we have difficulty is drains. The grids in Chester Rd were lifting yesterday as the drainage system cannot deal with heavy rain. Sewage ends upon Hawarden Rd in some areas. Cllr Cindy Hinds has made representations to the utilities concerned. I suppose no more houses built till the systems can stand up to heavy rain would galvanise them into action.

Friday, September 05, 2008

North Wales Police Horse spotted in village at 8.20 pm

Don't recommend Chester Rd the horse and rider will get run down...................

Home Zone Chester Rd Penyffordd

Charles Hughes and Derek Kirby will be able to think of a 1000 reasons why we can't be a homezone. We of course are the second bypass.

Homezone Website
Homezone Regulations
Chester Homezones
Living Streets

Neighbourhood Forum September 2008

Place Penyffordd Institute
Time 6 . 30 pm
Present Cllr Colin Bithell, Decima Hodge, Cllr Linda Vidamour, Cllr Cindy Hinds, Cllr Margaret Jones and about 5 residents.

Lisa my wife has gone. I stopped going when they took speeding off the list. Its no good having forums if complaints are not acted upon. North Wales Police and Flintshire County Council have an anti social behaviour partnership. Its not working here in Chester Rd Penyffordd with regards speeding traffic.

The worst problem in the village remains a big issue. (not the problem I have)
A resident getting irate about lack of action by NWP. I know how he feels.

Lower Mountain Rd speeding by Airbus shift workers was brought up. The resident involved has found a place for North Wales Police to operate speed gun. Airbus idiots are doing 60 mph plus in a lane that should be 30 mph. Flintshire County Council sits on their hands. Altering speed limits akin to pulling teeth.

Speeding in village added back to the agenda. Hooray!

Airbus continue not to honour their corporate statement commitment to local environment.

keyword Mark Stewart HR, 380, @

An omnibus session by Arrive Alive

A big thank you to Arrive Alive. There is a problem however. As soon as the van leaves the breaking of speed limits in our village returns. Today has been the wettest day in a long time. Surface puddles across the road. Does this slow the traffic down? A proportion but there are still loads of nutters out there with nothing between the ears.
Publish Post

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hope quarry plans rejected by Flintshire planners

Flintshire villagers are celebrating today after plans to re-open a massive quarry near Wrexham were thrown out.
The controversial proposals would have seen the disused sand and gravel quarry at Fagl Lane, Hope, opened again after four years.

Link The Evening Leader

Postscript. The people of Penyffordd, Hope and Caergwrle owe Cllr Stella Jones a big thank you for her efforts to stop this planning application.

Further Postscript
Hope Councillor Tim Newhouse put his written objections to the quarry in his report to the Flintshire Planning Committee.
This decision thankfully overturned Cliff Shone's vote FOR the quarry in 2002.

A letter to FCC regarding school governors in Penyffordd

Governor Development Officer Administrative Officer
Flintshire County Council

cc Penyffordd Cllrs

Dear Sir / Madam

I live in Chester Rd Penyffordd which is a major route to school to Penyffordd Junior School. For the last 18 months I have tried to get Penyffordd Community Council interested in the concept of road safety for our children. It has been a large uphill struggle with various councillors who in the past have held office at Flintshire County Council. It has got to the stage where they are actually pro active in stopping anything to do with child safety.

A week ago a young girl was nearly killed in front of my wife and myself outside my house on Chester Rd. I have written to Penyffordd Community Council whose attention to my letter did not even raise a comment.

I think it is time for Cllr Tom Jones and Cllr Colin Bithell to relinquish their school governorships.
They may have done good work for the community in the past but are now well past their sell by date.

They continue to put Penyffordd Junior School pupils lives at risk by not having a proper risk management plan. They see no merit whatsoever in pushing North Wales Police and Arrive Alive to do their job.

sincerely Colin Hughes

ps I do hope you respond as communication is a little patchy with FCC
This has been published to The Internet


School Governors and Child Safety

Are school governors responsible for child safety? I think so.
Both Cllr Tom Jones and Cllr Colin Bithell refuse to see the danger posed by over 370 speeding cars a day on a major route to school where they are both governors.

There are more than 370 speeding cars. I have to use Flintshire County Council data which says that 370 vehicles a day exceed 35 mph.

They have been told in my letter to the Penyffordd Community Council that a child nearly got killed last week but still refuse to see the issue.

Key Issues - Risk Management Plan - Health and Safety -

No pressing of Arrive Alive Agency to visit village - no plan to slow down traffic in the village - no pressing of North Wales Police to take action.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Blogs have enabled those who think 'No' to say 'No'. Blogs are too cheap to be bought off or controlled, too easy to set up to be silenced. Blogs are bad news.

Quote on Samizdata

Penyffordd Community Council are not happy with me

Meeting Points.

Penyffordd Community Council wash their hands of speeding in Chester Rd, Penyffordd. They have no interest.

The above wording will form the basis of a protest sign for the 3000 people I have passed the house every day. It will also include the police. I have the moral high ground council, you cannot win.

Never mind the young girl nearly getting killed last week.
Never mind the 370 speeders each day.

I had a bit of a go because they do no tell me anything.

On a plus point Chester Rd has been reclassified which may mean it doesn't appear on GPS.

CBM Chris Pullen didn't turn up, no apology. Cllr Colin Bithell says police expect us to go to their forums. Colin is right.

Stan Davies doesn't like being called a train robber ( his election picture) It was just a leg pull Stan.

Stan raised the banning of HGV's. Flintshire say the road is suitable for HGV's.
Thank you for bringing it up Stan.

Cllr Margaret Jones singles out my car to the meeting. It's in the way stopping people getting passed. Loads of people complaining.
Fact: It does not block the path. If I do not park there someone else does. No problem with the others parking on double yellow lines either.
Victimization Margaret.

I think we had a pre meeting didn't we committee.

The Spinning Wheel is to be knocked down and houses built on it. Thus shows the dire straights of much of the pub industry. The Millstone will not survive either. Punch Taverns which leases The Millstone have seen a 15% drop in their share price today as they have decided not to give a dividend.

The meeting between Charles Hughes and Derek Kirby and Penyffordd Community Council was to discuss Warren Hall Business also diverting traffic away from the village. Except for HGV's that is. The Road Haulage Association must be paying Charles Hughes a few bob.

On a plus note Cllr Linda Vidamour brought up Carl Sargeant AM's 20 mph initiative to return villages to villages by reducing vehicle speeds.

Cllr David Williams wasn't half bad.

Fagl Lane planning application was refused at FCC. ( Breaking News)

Hope Parish Website

Flintshire Planning meeting Re: Fagl Lane Quarry

A long meeting this afternoon.
County Councillor Stella Jones for Caergwrle has made a speech before the committee.
Cllr Cindy Hinds attended part of the meeting.


1. Did Cllr David Williams attend and / or did he make representations with regards increased
lorry traffic through Chester Rd. On the BBC they are talking 120 lorries a day.

2. Did new county councillor Tim Newsome for Hope attend. Has he made representations?

A quick look through The Hope Church magazine September 2008 sees no mention of Tim. Why is that?

Update. Application is thrown out.

Hope Councillor Tim Newhouse put his written objections to the quarry in his report to the Flintshire Planning Committee.
This decision thankfully overturned Cliff Shone's vote FOR the quarry in 2002.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More Lorries for Chester Rd Penyffordd

Have your say in The Evening Leader

in The Daily Post, the re-opening of Fagl Lane quarry, Hope.

On the BBC NE Wales website its says:
Ian Redhead from Hope
I would like to get the views of local Hope residents about the application to re-open Fagl Lane Sand and Gravel Quarry and to extract 300,000 tonnes annually for 11 years which means 120 lorries a day using Fagl Lane and its link roads for over a decade if this application is approved.I will be writing to lodge my objections on the grounds of safey, noise and dust/pollution.

keyword: Google Maps

Penyffordd Community Council are meeting on Wednesday at 6.30 am

Will the promised visit by Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie materialise?
Are North Wales Police going to anything about 370 speeding vehicles (Over 35mph) through the village everyday?

A Letter to GNI Jones Clerk to Penyffordd Community Council

cc. Flintshire Highways
Penymynydd Rd

GNI Jones
The Clerk to Penyffordd Community Council
Re On going Speeding Traffic Chester Rd, Penyffordd

Dear Nigel,
It is now well over 18 months since I brought to Penyffordd Community Council's attention the fact that there is wholesale speeding through Chester Rd which is a major route to school. Flintshire County Council have now finally confirmed that 370 vehicles travel at speeds greater than 35 mph on Chester Rd each day ( data from County Cllr Cindy Hinds ) (I do not totally agree with how the data is presented.)
You are also aware that a young girl escaped death by very narrow margins the other Friday night as you were there just after the event
Council has recently had a meeting with Charles Hughes and Derek Kirby of Flintshire County Council. One hopes that they haven't persuaded any of you of the benefits of lots more speeding traffic for Chester Rd with Warren Hall and other upcoming developments such as the proposed A55 Warren Hall exit.
I remain firmly committed to removing this cancer from Chester Road community. I will continue to press Penyffordd Cllrs, Flintshire County Council, North Wales Police, Airbus and Politicians for a lasting solution using The Evening Leader where they will allow, leaflet drops and numerous protest plackards in my garden hedge which has over 3000 people passed it everyday.
We should be a rural village with a bypass intead of an environmental sewer with excess noise from HGV's , 100's of speeding cars many with illegal exhaust systems at varying times of the day.
Yours sincerely
Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

Letter acknowledged then ignored. Blood all over the hands of Penyffordd Community Council when someone is run over.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Warren Hall Pre Amble by Charles Hughes and Derek Kirby

Warren Hall Business Park will saturate the village of Penyffordd even though we have Penyffordd By Pass.

In the last week or two Flintshire Highways have organized a little meet with Penyffordd councillors. It now turns out that Cllr Linda Vidamour and Cllr David Williams were on holiday.

Why have pre meets? Is this to try smooth the way with councillors so that its fine to have all this extra traffic short cutting through the village with no speed restrictions. To try to get councillors to persuade us stupid villagers that all this extra traffic will not make any difference at all.

As far as I can see Cllr Colin Bithell has stood by whilst Airbus and Broughton Park planning applications went through smoothly with no arguments from Penyffordd about the massive traffic increases.

We now have Warren Hall Business Park before us.

Then we have the new A55 Warren Hall exit to be built, Broughton Park extension to be built, perhaps 300 houses at The White Lion site Penymynydd then we have Saltney shopping park.
Wrexham UDP housing requirement will also add greatly to our traffic, it already does.

All this will add massively to Chester Rd Penyffordd traffic

I have made a fool of myself

over the weekend. Firing off emails. I of course do this because I am not given information that affects me here in Chester Rd.

I am still of the opinion that Flintshire County Council are going to stitch us up big style Since I read The Evening Leader every day I am fully up to speed with the Croes Atti debacle.

At the end of the day me shooting my mouth off without the facts is of use.

All that needed to be said was Charles Hughes and Derek Kirby are going to meet Penyffordd Community Council before a public meeting then everything is explained.

As is usual for Penyffordd I am kept in the dark, as I have been for the last 18 months. Penyffordd Community Council as a group have been a disgrace. I have early emails from David Williams explaining he had loads of other stuff and my 2000 speeding cars through the village posed little interest to him as no one else had complained.

Lest hope we have some movement from them.

Cllr Cindy Hinds and Cllr Linda Vidamour are not included in the above as they are good councillors.

An email sent Penyffordd Councillors re FOIE

cc Mark Tami MP and Carl Sargeant AM

Hi Councillors,
Below is an FOIE that I have made to FCC this morning with regards traffic data for Chester Rd.
You as councillors should be able to obtain all electronic traffic data for Chester Rd without FOIE's
Highways have at least 2 sets of data. If they have any other data we should be given everything.
If you do get copies before me I would be grateful for a copy.
I hope false excuses previously given by Arrive Alive will not be used.
For example.
1. You will not be able to read the data
2. It will take too many hours to collect information
As you have computers you will of course know that the above files will be stored in a folder system
that allows easy access and copying of any data held.
yours Colin Hughes
"hopeful to live in a village and not a noisy shortcut for many HGV's and outsiders, we have a bypass"
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