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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Race to become a County Councillor for Penyffordd 2008

Since I have * 2000 cars that speed passed my house every day that is a route to school I have paid attention to what Councillors we have in the village both County and Community. So here will be the ones who are most probably standing.

1. Colin Bithell (Independent) - Colin has been around in politics for about 30 years. I think Colin has been Labour but got in last time as an independent, I think with emphasis on environment. I have met Colin fairly recently and we were to meet further but he called it off. I can't myself see why he is slow to calm traffic through the village. Is he getting too old? Perhaps Airbus votes?

I realise speeding is not a big issue to some but the voters of this village must have some concern. We have a by-pass at present we have about 1,040,000 vehicles through the village each year. There are over I think about 100 HGV's who use village as a short cut each day. He stays silent about the following which are going to add large numbers of extra traffic through the village.
We are going to have maybe another 2,000,000 cars coming through Chester Rd a rural village with a bypass. I've asked Flintshire County Council for figures but they are currently being a little shy on a number of fronts.

1. Warren Hall A55 exit. Penyffordd will be used as a short cut
2. Warren Hall Business Park
3. Broughton Park Extension
4. 400 houses at The White Lion Penymynydd
5. Saltney Retail park
6. Large new housing estates at Gwersyllt and Brymbo which must be about 2000 houses

Healthcare. We are a village of over 3000. He appears to have stood by whilst our health clinic is being closed down. Our elderly and Penyffordd residents have the choice of a trip to Buckley or Hope to visit a proper surgery. It looks like they will build houses on our clinic. Once again Penyffordd the soft touch.

Castle Cement have increased the emissions of harmful metals and gases with the increase of cement production at Padeswood. Where is Colin? It takes Arnold Woolley from Buckley to raise the alarm.
Route to School. Each school day lives are put at risk by speeding residents taking their children to school. Colin Bithell and Tom Jones who I think are school governors and councillors appear to have done little to stop the speeding traffic. What ever they have done so far it is still a daily event.

2. Cindy Hinds (Labour) Cindy does a lot for the village for free, not on 10K a year like our County Cllrs. Keeps the village up to date with her own newsletter. The only councillor in Penyffordd to do so. At present Cindy is a community councillor. Helped to set up the Pen Y Group which is a registered charity that raises funds for youth projects. Cindy also helps with youth club I think.
3. David Williams (Independent) Some say independent with a small "c". I went to college with David but recently trashed him in front of the great and the good by email. I have got fed up after a year. Just like Colin Bithell he has done little to halt this daily trashing of the village. David was elected county councillor after the death of Derek Darlington which was a dark day for Penyffordd. Derek was Leader of Flintshire County Council and knew of the trouble to the village posed by the developments mentioned above.
David is forever saying he has not got the time. I've written him an email today telling him to get rid of this no time mantra. I've told him I'll vote for him if he stands for community as well, I mean I'll vote for him for community.
In David's defence he set up the meeting with Flintshire Highways, arranged the rumble strip, extra 30 limit sign and pro active warning signs. Flintshire Highways have dragged thing out most probably partly due to me. Probably Colin Bithell in the mix.

To be added to with links

Environment Agency Wales Report on Castle Cement March 2008

Click on image to read

Click on image to read
Images are cropped and shrunk to load quickly.

A Letter to The Evening Leader - Police Forums

A letter for possible insertion.

Last week in The Leader there was an article on poor attendance at Policing Meetings.
Communities are failing to come together even when their community has a problem.
Councillors have little excuse for not attending, 80% of Penyffordd Councillors have never been to a forum. It is an open forum where community members can bring up issues and have a dual dialogue instead of the monthly community meeting where members of the public are not allowed to speak.
If communities have problems they can only be solved quickly and properly if the community work together
with their community beat managers. Councillors should be proactive in getting residents to come to Neibourhood Policing Forums especially those with issues that require Police attention. A more structured advance notice by CBM's would also help.
Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

May Local Elections for Penyffordd 2008

Things hotting up a little. Visits to houses for nominee signings. This coming Friday the last day for nominations for Penyffordd County and Community Cllrs for the next 4 years.

I have commented to various councillors that I feel there should be more dialogue between county and community councillors. Although County Councillors are the big players I think the community council should push them to pursue matters.
They currently seem to be left to their own devices by and large.

A big change in community cllrs needed. One who is standing again didn't even know we were having elections 2 months ago.

As for County Councillors. We must be the fastest village in North Wales. 2000 cars speeding through the village each day. Most of the community council and county councillors have tried to ignore this issue.

As have Penyffordd School Governors and headmistress.

Newly hatched tadpoles sunbathing

Saturday, March 29, 2008

To Penyffordd British Legion

A fund raising night for cancer organised by John Martin who is such a lovely man. His wife Moya (spelling) is also a special person. A very good night myself and Lisa part of Maureen Roberts' group of ten.

It's funny how good chicken and chips tastes after a bottle of wine. The carcinogenic effects of deep fried chicken ignored the taste delicious. I think eating the wrong food all the time not very good but you can have whatever takes your fancy on an occasional basis.
We arrive home happy and bankrupt. No house red and red wine £9.50 a bottle!

A night out at the Legion dearer than Northop Golf Club.

Links Hangovers

Friday, March 28, 2008

An email from Will Gallagher in The Chronicle

Will Gallagher writes about Post Office Closures to Mark Tami MP urging him to support the Tory motion to suspend closures. A good email. Mark Tami MP replies also good. All very polite and to the point on both sides.
Myself I think the Post Offices should stay open and given as many revenue streams as possible.
Some parts of the United Kingdom Ltd should be able to run at a slight loss. The busy Post Offices supporting the less busy.

Staffing in The Post office as compared to private carriers still seems to be too bloated. Would I like to be a Post man? Not really, the hours are not nice and they have to work hard. I have had to work hard but it is not through life style choice. Man was not put on this world just to work. A lot of people forget this.

I think Will Gallagher may be standing for a county councillor place at the coming local elections in Penyffordd.
I am from Sandycroft, I remember Will's grandad running ye old Sandycroft village garage. A white coat overall with his glasses parked on top of his head.
Will's aunty lives in Penyffordd, Decima who I have come to know over the last few years.
Decima has a vistors book in the bathroom, very novel. I signed it three times one night.

A Letter from Carl Sargeant AM - Hostile Village Environment

Click Image to Read

Key words: Jane Davidson Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing.
The Environmental Noise (Wales) Regulation 2006.

My email to Carl Sargeant AM

Hi Carl
Hope you are well.
I recently tried to get FCC to measure road noise outside my house
Their "get out" excuse was that it was outside their legal remit.
Under Welsh Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 2629 (W.225) The Environmental Noise (Wales) Regulations 2006
Are FCC not legally bound to make noise maps for Penymynydd, Penyffordd and Chester Rd as they have major roads very close and the major developments of A494 and Warren Hall Exit A55 which will affect the above areas adversely with regards noise pollution?
regards Colin
ps the above seems to apply to Aston Hill and the A494's

An Official Complaint against Flintshire County Council

As more than 2000 vehicles continue to speed passed my house every day which is in the middle of a rural village with a bypass
I must continue to press matters. Flintshire Highways have known about the daily trashing of Penyffordd
village for over 330 days. Yet they continue to prevaricate.

A meeting was held in the Penyffordd Institute on the afternoon of 2nd May 2007

My complaint is the following.

That Charles Hughes Head of Engineering of Flintshire County Council deliberately misled Penyffordd residents and councillors
at the meeting by failing to report the true facts of the issue which led to a detrimental outcome.
The facts being that over 2000 cars speed through Chester Road, Penyffordd every day.

Charles Hughes failed to carry out his responsibilities as leader of Flintshire Highways.
His misleading by omission of the relevent facts also failed to inform my elected representatives County Cllr Colin Bithell, County Councillor David Williams and Cllr Linda Vidamour of the true serious nature of speeding on this major "route to school" in our village.
Charles Hughes continues to fail the residents of Chester Road, Penyffordd.

The above filled out on their complaints form. Click here. (pdf)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Late night blog shouldn't really

In one of the previous blogs I mention the Kni*ght family. Two of which are going to jail for drug sales. Young Mr Kni*ght ( I presume) is riding around the village annoying locals with his loud motorbike exhaust also currently using his horn at 10.30 pm. I am sorely tempted to give him a tenner to concentrate on Cllrs David Williams and Colin Bithell's areas of residence.

I have suffered for the last year why shouldn't they?

Postscript. As David points out I will not have to pay for him as he is en route.

A494 Protesters win their fight

FLINTSHIRE campaigners are proclaiming victory today, after plans for the 'North Wales Motorway' were sensationally scrapped.

Click The Evening Leader

Flintshire drug dealer forced to sell home after court fines

POLICE say a two-year investigation which has resulted in a Penyffordd couple having to pay back £146,000 shows drug crime does not pay.
Inspector Alan Oldfield of the Eastern Division of the North Wales Police said, "This concludes an investigation that has been on-going for over two years.

Click The Evening Leader

Link The Daily Post

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

North Wales Police to hide speed cameras in a horse box?

Each year North Wales is used as a race track by 1000's of motorcylists. Penyffordd By-pass sounds like Oulton Park some Sundays. So more unusual methods are needed to stop the
motorcylists speeding. We in villages also need more unusual methods to slow down the ever prevailing speeding public. I discuss hidden speed cameras at the bottom of The Evening Leader article.
Article removed by Evening Leader
My discussion I thought was above board and informative. Someone had it pulled.
Perhaps North Wales Police?
It is a fact that North Wales Police and Arrive Alive cannot deal with the amount of speeding in North Wales. It's all smoke and mirrors.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Olly The English Bull Terrier

Olly was due for the knackers yard. Taken to the vets to be put down because the family's child was allergic to Olly.

How sad are people?

Olly is a giant of a dog in size and personality.

The vets rang Bullies in Need, Olly was rescued. This is Olly on the beach at Pensarn with the new owner's child.

Sometimes there is a God.

Links English Bull Terriers Bullies in Need Pensarn Meet

My self indulgent blog.

My Councillor David Williams thinks I am not up to any criticism so I publish in full his email and my reply. The blog is open to anyone, the content has to be more than just calling me mad and being an idiot though. Since I am god of my blog I reserve the right to not publish that deemed puerile. Colin at


Hello Colin,

Thank you for your recent e.mails, unconstructive and damaging with the sly personal comment as usual! I did not intend responding to you again, but with elections on the horizon I felt I should put you in the picture over my current position on the possibility of me standing again, and the feedback I am getting from within the village.

You seem to be getting quite a reputation now, not only down at the Red, but in the Millstone, the Post office, the chip shop the Spar and around the streets that I walk! Unfortunately you have already done immeasurable damage to the campaign against speeding in the village with your wild and inaccurate claims, and now you are getting a reputation for being a child photographer. It seems that everybody is wrong apart from Colin/Lisa!

It has got to the stage now where I am having serious reservations about the sincerity of your campaign. From what people are saying it seems to be more a case of a sad little man with nothing better to do who is trying to make a name for himself with no real concern for others. You are certainly succeeding in getting a name for yourself, mainly for the wrong reasons, and as a consequence, losing support for addressing the speeding problem.

I will be making a final decision on whether or not to stand by the end of the week. Whatever I decide though will be based on my conscience as to whether or not I can do the job justice, and the pressure those who I have been able to help during my short time as a Councillor put me under. It will certainly not be affected by your pathetic digs at me!

Undoubtedly as far as you are concerned I should call it a day, and if that is what I decide to do, I would willingly nominate you to stand. I am sure you could do a better job than me with your immense knowledge of the village, council procedures and the people you mix with in your front room, on your computer and on the golf course. All very valuable contacts to help improve the quality of life in our village! Then again, as you have stated, you would not have the bottle for it, you would rather sit back and criticise those who have the guts to give it a go!

As you are being criticised again, something you are clearly sensitive to, I do not expect this to appear on your self indulgent blog, so I do not intend communicating with you again unless there is anything of real importance and relevance. A shame it has come to this, but you are too much of a liability to be relied upon for making any real difference to the problems we have in our community; speeding or otherwise!


David Williams.


My reply

Dear David
Tx for the email
Hope you have had a good Easter break.
My comments are spurred by 14 months of little progress.
I always knew it would be uphill. Councils take your money and behave in a intransigent manner.
It is a sad fact that 2000 (maybe 2200 with inflation lol ) cars speed passed my every day which you , Cllr Colin Bithell, most of Penyffordd Community Council, Arrive Alive, North Wales Police and Flintshire County Council will not admit to. ( I think we can add Cllr Tom Jones to the mix)

We are a rural village with a by-pass, no lolly pop lady, no "route to school policy" a daily high speed rat run of 500 + vehicles each morning. HGV's trashing the village all day.
We are pretty big for HGV training with such firms as Emerald and Gatewen.

Rossett village centre which I travelled through today remains the gold standard on vehicle environmental control.
(Please note Flintshire Highways)
I await my FOIE on traffic speeds from either FCC, Arrive Alive or NWP
The daily trashing of our village my main concern.
The Pedo slur won't stick lol.
The children of this village my concern which you fail repeatedly to address.
Penyffordd remaining a soft touch on environment and health care.
The legendary Clr Tony Sharps has his village tightly bolted down.
Dave Faulkner on call whenever.

Penyffordd village remains part of Flintshire Highways main trunk road system, a soft touch!

Not a village centre just a short cut to everywhere from Hope to John O'Groats
My reputation matters little, I have the moral high ground.
I know what I am and what I am not.
The village idiots can take a hike.

Since I am liitle known in the village I think a stand for County Cllr would be futile at this stage.
The experience however would be enjoyable and challenging.
regards Colin
ps I am writing to the Penyffordd Primary School tomorrow to advise that they are endangering the lives of the pupils by their non action.
I note that Cllr Colin Bithell and Cllr Tom Jones are governors, that just about weighs things up.

Billy No Mates The Blogger

A late email from my Councillor David Williams. I have a policy of not doing late emails except for friends because sometimes next morning the content looks a little embarrassing. Emailing the great and the good requires care and checking. I hate to look foolish.

Anyway it would appear I am not liked much in the village because of my speed protest against 2000 speeding cars passed my house which is a 30 mph limit, centre of village and a major route to school.

David says I am unpopular in The Red Lion, The Chip Shop, The Millstone, The Spar and on Penyffordd streets.
It seems I 'm must be ok for the Penyffordd British Legion his father's watering hole as David does not mention it.

Boo Hoo!

The perversity of this minor element of Penyffordd village is alarming. I think their profile will be something akin to the following.

1. They know Cllr David Williams
2. They drink in The Red Lion
3. They play or have played football for the village team
4. They work for Airbus, Raytheon or related to David.
5. They live in cul de sacs and sheltered estates but think nothing about
flying passed my house morning, lunch time and evening.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Newt sunbathing and another coming up for air

Taken on a cold Easter Friday.

A letter from Arrive Alive

20th March 2008
Dear Mr Hughes,

Further to your recent request, I can now provide an update on Arrive Alive activity at the Vounog Hill/Chester Road area of Penyffordd for you to circulate.

The Chester Road/Vounog Hill area of Penyffordd has been included as an Arrive Alive area of community concern for mobile speed enforcement and the following actions have been taken or planned:

  • The casualty history has been checked for the last three years showing there have been no reported injuries from road traffic collisions on Chester Road with one slight injury on the Vounog Hill section. Therefore, this site does not meet requirements to install a fixed camera
  • A speed survey has been carried out which measured the speed of some 16854 vehicles with an average speed of 32 mph.
  • The 32 mph average is a red herring which hides 2000 speeding cars a day.
  • The area has been visited in excess of 6 hours during 2008 for speed enforcement by Arrive Alive officers
  • The times/days of these visits have been varied
  • Hugh Jones has also visited the area for roadside education and to raise driver awareness. These sessions have been at various times of the day
  • The area is currently a Police Community site and we are aware that local officers visit
  • Rumble strips have been installed by Flintshire County Council
  • A flashing vehicle activated sign is due to be installed shortly .
  • I have previously asked about having Arrive Alive signs in the village, this has been ignored. CNH
  • We intend to carry out another speed survey shortly to compare results and see the effect that our education and enforcement programme has had at this site. I suggest that the speed survey results are more relevant than the number of tickets issued which is operational information and not normally released.
  • I am highly disappointed of your total unwillingness to share anonymous traffic data with the Chester Rd Community and the 700+ communities of North Wales. CNH.
  • Speed awareness courses may be offered to drivers who have received a speeding ticket in North Wales as part of an educational programme.

As you can see there is effort taken to raise driver awareness of the speed limit and to educate drivers. However, throughout North Wales there are inevitably some road users who travel at inappropriate speed above the limit and it those drivers who risk prosecution.

With regard to the speed at which tickets are issued – this is operational information and is not normally released. There is no reason at all why this data cannot be released.CNH. However, I can say that Arrive Alive operates within the guidelines set by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

It should be noted that we have invited you to the Arrive Alive office to discuss the matter further. As you did not take up this offer, we arranged for an enforcement officer to visit you and discuss the site in detail, I hope this discussion was useful.

As I have over 2000 vehicles that speed passed my house every day I could not see the point of me visiting Arrive Alive as it would not gain anything although I am very impressed indeed with Arrive Alive staff comittment CNH

Please be aware that the volume of traffic, noise of traffic and road engineering are outside the remit of this department.
Noise is generated by large volumes of traffic breaking the speed limit. I guestimate that over a 1000 cars a day go faster than 40 mph passed my house. CNH

Every effort has been taken by Arrive Alive to assist you but our time and resources must be used to the best advantage throughout North Wales. In view of this, I must now advise you that no further responses will be given to emails of this nature sent to Arrive Alive. We will, however, inform you of the next speed survey results.

The results will only have relevance if speeds of vehicles can be compared. CNH

I trust this information reassures you that appropriate action is being taken at this site.

Arrive Alive lack the resources to be effective. A full non-disclosure of data confirms this.

Yours sincerely,

Rose Middlemas (Mrs)


pp Essi Ahari (Insp)

Rheolwr, Siwrne Saff/Manager, Arrive Alive

Partneriaeth Lleihau Anafiadau Ffyrdd Gogledd Cymru/

North Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership

Llinell Uniongyrchol/Direct Dial: 01352 781435

Ffacs/Fax: 01352 781436

One casualty on our roads is one too many - preventable death and injury is unacceptable. /

Mae dim ond un anaf ar ein ffyrdd yn un yn ormod - mae marwolaeth neu anaf a ellir gael ei osgoi yn gwbl annerbyniol.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Penyffordd By-Pass Noise Map

Noise can be a big problem in Penyffordd. The prevailing wind makes our by-pass sound as if we are next to the A55. A constant roar. As a human being with a nervous system I find the noise offensive and wearing. Do other people have nervous systems and wish to enjoy their garden environments?
Answers on a postcard?

The National Assembly for Wales (hereafter referred to as NAfW) has a responsibility
for most noise related policy in Wales.

Penyffordd By - Pass is a First Round Major Road A-Road.
This means our Penyffordd By Pass is near the top of the list.

1.2 Directive 2002/49/EC
Environmental noise policy in the European Community will develop over the next
few years and Directive 2002/49/EC, relating to the assessment and management of
environmental noise forms the basis of that development. This Directive, often
referred to as the Environmental Noise Directive, or the END, was adopted by the
European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on 25 June 2002.

1.2.1 The aim of the Directive
The Aim of Directive 2002/49/EC, is to provide a common approach between
Member States with the intention of avoiding, preventing or reducing on a prioritised
basis, the harmful effects, including annoyance, due to exposure to environmental

More data to follow

Noise Map Penyffordd By Pass

An Email to the Great and the Good

Good Morning,
A Happy Easter, may be those of you who should be doing a better job than you are should wonder
if you are in the correct position or employment.

14 months on still traffic speeds passed my house at 40 to 60 mph by the 100, 2000 a day.
We are a Route to School, a middle of a rural village
Arrive Alive hide behind their 85 percentile nonsense, they will not show the true figures.

North Wales Police have given up
Airbus employees continue to tear through the village
Flintshire County County continue to drag their collective corporate feet
A pair of county councillors who get 10k for nothing
A majority of useless community councillors
Gross ineptitude continues wholesale.

Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Letter from Arrive Alive

Click to Image to Read

Points raised to the letter from Inspector Essi Ahari.

1. Still no admittance to actual speeding vehicle numbers, it is near 2000 vehicles a day.
They will not currently release information.
I have an FOIE against information
2. I have mentioned vehicle noise and numbers of vehicles through Chester Rd to Arrive Alive personnel. Yes inappropriate speed equals noise.
3. Inspector Ahari writes " I trust this information reassures you that action is being taken".
Quite frankly Inpector Ahari it does not, action is not being taken.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blogger (me) reported to the Police again

On Sunday I saw 4 children on scooters and bikes pedalling back from crossing our 2000 speeding cars a day centre of village road. I sensed a photo opportunity so I took a picture with their consent with Lisa and Dolly our dog.

This morning within an hour of primary school opening I have North Wales Police around asking what I was doing.

The school appear to have dropped their route to school plans or they are being very quiet about the plans or non plans.

Have they dropped the project?

Postscript. I have enquired with regards the above with Flintshire Highways through their web pages. There is a form to fill out.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Route to School Funding from the WAG

Carl Sargeant AM and Assembly Government Deputy First Minister and Ynys Môn AM Ieuan Wyn Jones have secured funding from the Welsh Assembly Government for Route to School projects. Meanwhile Chester Rd Penyffordd a Route to School remains a race track.

In The Evening Leader
Flintshire schools get cash help in safer journeys campaign

By Kate Forrester

The Daily Post

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Possible reprieve for Flintshire Post Offices?

Here is a story in The Daily Post in which Gwynedd is attempting to stop Post Office closures.
I think this whole exercise a bad mistake. Our older people need Post Offices. They are no good with pin numbers and hole in the walls.

Link Post Office's Gwynedd

Penyffordd Openzones

Penyffordd currently has 2 Openzones. These are public wifi points. Just like your wireless router but for everyone. Most cities, towns and villages appear to have them now. You sign up with BT Openzone buy some minutes then you can access the internet on your wireless device such as a pocket pc or laptop. (I'm sure set up will be the normal boggle with the grey matter)

I have a pocket pc on which I need to check web information whilst I am out so this development is very welcome.
Our Openzones which have a 100 metre radius are Penyffordd British Legion and The Red Lion.

Links Google Maps,

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Air Quality in Penyffordd good

A TWO-year study has shown air quality near a cement factory is “good” according to the Environment Agency.
Castle Cement
Air Quality Penyffordd 2005

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Top 50 Most Powerful Blogs

Click here

Pro Active Speed Warning Sign Post

Flintshire County Council highways men have put the post and perhaps the power supply in for the proactive speed sign. Very impressed with the workers. They had the percussion drill digging a hole within 5 minutes of turning up. I have this biased view of council workers that requires altering. Lets hope the traffic takes more notice of the pro active sign than they do with the cow sign.
Postscript. Which way is the sign going to face? Into the village or out of the village.
Answers on a post card. If its going to face coming into the village this will not alter the morning rat run one iota

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Batten down the Hatches

The pink bit on the left is going to move across the Irish Sea and will hit mainland UK overnight and will last for 2 days. This is the result of very low pressure forming off the East coast of Iceland.

Link. Met Office Radar

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Buckley Town Council CBM's and PCSO's also HGV's

Link here (pdf format)

Arrive Alive do Penyffordd again

A thank you for another visit from Arrive Alive. I see Bretton had a dose earlier with Airbus and Raytheon workers changing shift.

Operation Gazelle Penyffordd

This week Penyffordd is being subject to an attack (so sorry initiative) from various agencies. Quite a few agencies that have that tax element in their goals but not all.
I think it may be called Awareness Week.

1. CBM Chris Pullen has been out with DVLA in the village in an attempt to catch the car tax dodgers.
2. The TV License people have been in the village.
3. The Enforcement Agency for non-payment of fines are about.
4. Housing Officers.
5. Arrive Alive (Non tax)
6. The Police Helicopter has been out and about especially in the evening (non tax)

Still the Rat Run and whole sale speeding continues.

Post script. Cllr Linda Vidamour informs me of the value of high profile agency enforcement with which I agree. My aoplogies for any slight fly comment.

North Wales Police Appointment

Chief Superintendent Phil Thompson is retiring from being in charge of Eastern Division and Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie will be in charge. Ruth being an ex police woman for Penyffordd who gets on very well with Cllr Edwina Davies.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A vote of no confidence for Penyffordd Community Cllrs

I have 2000 cars a day speeding passed my house and not one mention of it during tonight's Penyffordd Community Council meeting. County Cllr Colin Bithell who won the local vote on environment sits on his hands whilst the rat run trash our village centre each day.

The term " You couldn't make it up!" springs to mind.

Colin says nothing about the extra million cars we will have coming through here over the next 5 years. Flintshire County Council quote figures of 1 - 2 % increase in traffic over the next 25 years. Their (con) sultants getting paid for what Flintshire County Council want to hear.
A little research to be done

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Traffic Law and Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

Someone from the above city has been looking at my blog, they were searching about traffic law in "the great britain". The Internet continues to know no bounds. As they will be able to see there is no traffic law in Penyffordd, we are wide open to daily wholesale breaking of village speed limits.

Monday, March 03, 2008

GNI Jones nine out of ten

Nigel, Clerk to Penyffordd Community Council has various new notices on the Penyffordd Community Council notice board outside the Penyffordd Post Office.
Cllr Colin Bithell has been having trouble with his shower, the electric ones require a certain pressure. The estate that Colin lives on has poor pressure. A letter from Welsh Water(maybe Wrexham Water). A letter from Environment saying its ok to eat veggie from the garden after Cllr Arnold Woolley said it wasn't. The only hitch was 2nd page of the agenda was a not on show.

Spring Approaches

My complaint against North Wales Police

I have made a complaint against North Wales Police so Inspector Alun Oldfield has asked me to withdraw his email from my list of recipients who I draw attention to articles I have written on the Penyffordd district blog.
This I have done.
When one has a complaint against you to North Wales Police or you make a complaint yourself any Internet activity appears to be monitored. My log shows unusual IP addresses emanating from London. (Hi there fellas or madam?)

When Flintshire County Council made a complaint against my writings in the blog I had similar IP addresses monitoring the site everyday. At one stage I thought they were copying my hard drive because my internet connection was that slow. It turned out that my Wireless Router was wide open as it is on default and I had 2 neighbours sharing my connection. lol
To quote the great man.

Honest vehicle owners expect the law to be upheld and offenders punished.

Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom North Wales Police.

This is partly what drives me on with this protest that has the moral high ground.

Who do Flintshire County Council work for?

1. They work for themselves and their pensions.
2. They work for the Road Haulage Association (they won't ban HGV's)
3. They work for Wrexham and Denbighshire drivers who want a good fast short cut as Penyffordd by-pass is gridlocked.
4. They work for the millions of holiday makers who use Chester Rd as a short cut.
5. They work for Airbus shift workers who want a good 50 -60 mph short cut.

Who do Flintshire County NOT work for?

Chester Rd residents who help to pay their wages and the black hole in their pensions.

The rat run currently at full flow in a village with school children, OAP's, horses and houses.
A By-pass that doesn't work at rush hour.
The Rat Runners don't give a flying fish really........................
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