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Monday, April 30, 2012

Your Pick for Penyffordd Community Council 2012


1. Joe Bell
2. Colin Bithell
3. Edwina Davies
4. Stan Davies
5. Cindy Hinds
6. Colin Hughes ( Me)
7. Helen Jones
8. Tom Jones OBE
9. Linda Vidamour
10.  Dr Clive Weed
11.  David Williams

You can pick up to 10 nominee's.

David, Clive and Helen continued

Many thanks to the blog reader who pushed David, Clive and Helen's election literature through my door.
Can't understand their reluctance to give me a copy. Work beckons will discuss later.

Postscript: It appears I am wrong


Helen Jones.

Helen has issues similar to myself. Environment, traffic, lack of village investment, lack of health care within the village.

Helen mentions the top end of Penymynydd Rd that is going to be used as a rat run by Green Park, the Tate Estate and Wellhouse each working morning when White Lion estate is built.

How this can be mitigated is going to be difficult.

There is a testimony by David Williams on the back of Helen's electoral literature this is to be commended.

Helen says we ( Penyffordd) are struggling with a real lack of amenities.
I wonder why that is Helen?

Helen mentions lack of a health centre.
I wonder whose fault that is Helen?

Helen presses all the right buttons. She is on message with what Penyffordd ward requires.

Helen Jones is one of the candidates who gets my vote come Thursday. A fresh face, keen with all the right ideas and the right side of 80 years of age.

Declaration of Interest
I am Colin Hughes
I have the best interests of Penyffordd in mind.
I am standing as a community cllr in the elections.
I have never spoken or communicated with Helen Jones.


New council leader will need to show ‘vision’

FUTURE leaders of the council will have to set out their “vision” and give annual update reports on how this is progressing.

Did I discuss this in the last fortnight?

This drew 197 views and 23 comments. Having a strategy for Penyffordd seemed a bridge too far for some. Problem is you don't like doing forward strategy when your over 80 !

Oh! Forgot to say the article's about Anglesey. Doh.

Link Daily Post

After the Storms

Don't know if anyone noticed but we didn't get the gales. Did get some water in my brake servo system though..........................
A google explains why.

News of weather in The Daily Post 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The View from the Roof

Saturday morning in where I call our village centre. People going about their business a steady stream going into the Cake Sale at the Institute including Cindy Hinds. I spy two of our village characters, one from either side of the village. They appear to be drinking themselves to death. They are left to their own devices. We are still a free country to do such things.

A friend of Lisa looks up and waves as she comes down Penymynydd Rd. The only person to spot me sitting on the roof watching the world go by. A coach from Nottingham arrives. I presume it's the standard two day affair of darts competitions and whatever one does in clubs.

There used to be a character in these parts called " Black Betty" She would walk around the area in a large black coat with cold dust rubbed all over her face. I used to wonder if the coal dust offered any protection from the elements or just to make the locals keep away. She slept rough. Betty used to be "normal" I'm told she was married before she turned. She would raid the chip shop waste paper bin. Fish or chips a week old. Tony Fish thought she had a stomach of cast iron, special tummy bugs.

She was sitting in the alley one day so I got Lisa to make her a cup of soup. Betty told her to go forth and multiply. I'm told that there are regulations in place that if she didn't accept food from anyone the authorities couldn't take her in. Perhaps Betty a lot smarter than people thought.

At night she would wrap her big black coat around her and fall backwards into someone's hedge. This must have given a few people a shock seeing a body in the hedge.

My fans might wish to know I had a legitimate reason for being on the roof, I've got slates missing................

My Election Leaflet

Something for some of you to attack or comment on. Whilst I'll let you attack me if your argument has substance, puerile or inane nonsense will be removed in future without comment.

Go set up your own forum. It's not obligatory to come here.


1.To encourage PCC to set up an email for the community council so residents have a quick easy method to communicate with PCC.

2.To encourage PCC to have Council Minutes and Agendas online to increase council transparency.

3.To encourage PCC to adopt a strategy for the village. To include the returning of Health Care Facilities to the village which have been allowed to leave whilst cllrs have sat on their hands.

4.To fight for a local agreement where all Penyffordd councillors retire at 75.

5. To encourage the council to improve their search for grants.

6. To out councillors who use their positions for personal political gain over village benefit.

7. To press NWP to deal with matters ASBO quickly and firmly.
A recent long term ASBO issue dragged on for too long.
A family suffered unnecessarily. Many others too.

8. To fight against Penyffordd councillor oppression to freedom of thought and comment. Me being the subject of a secret meeting a symptom of the sickness in this village.

9. To allow residents to have the right to address PCC at any monthly meeting given notice.
( a David Williams idea)

10. To press for political alliances in the village to be named in election literature.
The term "Independents" is too vague a term.
Groups of cllrs should have a name such as " Tom Jones Indpendents" or " Red Lion Stroller Independents". I have approched the Electoral Reform Society over this issue.

11. To press for through traffic and HGV to use the Penyffordd Bypass. We currently have in excess of a 1000 vehicles  a day who use the village as a short cut.

12. To press Penyffordd Community Cllrs to ensure proposed traffic calming in Chester Rd is carried out and to support other Penyffordd communities with traffic issues.

This may be added to.

Colin Hughes
Prospective Community Cllr for Penyffordd

Promoted by Colin Hughes, 1 Belle Vue Terrace, Penyffordd, CH4 0LS
Published by  Colin Hughes, 1 Belle Vue Terrace, Penyffordd, CH4 0LS

Rain stop play

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Men Only

Something you need to consider.
The comments a must read.


David, Clive and Helen

It appears they do not want our votes. No leaflets through the door with 5 days to go.

I call Tom's crowd ( 6) the " Tom Jones Independents"
Perhaps we can call the above (3) the "Red Lion Stroller Independents" ?
Then we have Cindy ( Lab) all on her own.
And me of course all on my own.

Just so the voters know whose aligned with who.

If any of the above is not involved with each other perhaps you can put me right in the comments section.

Sharing leaflet distribution counts as a joint effort

How many leaflets has Joe Bell delivered?

keywords: Lazy blogging

Friday, April 27, 2012

Election dirty tricks

In 2008 I had the Crown Prosecution Services around the house because I made a small insignificant error on my election sheet.

"Someone" ( whose standing for election) reported me to the Returning Officer.

Lisa told them to go away as they looked like double glazing salesman not detectives.

I laughed for a week after.

Here's some dirty tricks in S Wales.


Treuddyn - A village website to aspire to


The more technical amongst you will notice its designed using Wordpress.
One of those dreaded free blog softwares.
I fancy WAG grant money was used to develop the site.


Batten down the hatches

Car boot looks off.


Twitter ye not

I think Frankie Howard holds the copyright on the term twitter.

Things not to do on the internet.


"Rape victims have anonymity for life."

Penyffordd District says so should defendents found not guilty.

And for the commenter who keeps calling me a stupid boy.

keyword: disrespectful, disgusting

Email Official Notice

Stan and Edwina Davies, Colin Bithell, Tom Jones all have email addresses.
Problem being only MI6 know about them.

That just leaves Nigel..................................

I'm getting plenty of criticism

I pay my taxes , I pay my rates.
We live in a village living in the past.

This is just the way 85 year old Tom Jones wants to keep it

1. We have no email address for council

2. No agendas and minutes online

3. The village gets very little grant money

4. Tom Jones and Colin Bithell were up to giving White Lion planning approval BEFORE
village grants ( Section 106 monies) were finalised. ( it's council minuted)
David Williams and Cindy Hinds were not happy with this.

You need to ask yourself who Tom and Colin were batting for on this.
Was it the developers, the county council? Or was it a political ploy for personal advantage?

Can someone explain the logic of giving the developers what they want without getting what Penyffordd wants. As a form of negotiation "it sucks".

5. When the Multi Use Games Area was being built councillors were being negative.
These are the same councillors who has sat on their hands whilst Penyffordd has been
overtaken by most other villages with regards youth facilities.
These are the same cllrs patting themselves
on the back over stuff they had little to do with. ( PACA)

Your choice. Vote Tommy Trout in for another 4 years.
He'll be 90 at the end

After the election he will have a council majority, this is 99% certain.

Final thought. What's the sum of the ages of Joe Bell and Tom Jones
who are standing as councillors.

I think its 165 years.

Something to think about.
Vested interest: I live in the village and I am standing as a community councillor
My name is Colin Hughes

Electoral Reform Society (Wales)

I've had a word with Stephen Brooks Director of the above over Independents standing as groups.

He says "We're producing a post-election report and one of the things we'll be looking at is the "independent" label. 

Raining Again

Mostly cloudy with outbreaks of rain this morning, the rain heaviest on east-facing slopes, though some western areas staying mainly dry. Rain dying out in all but eastern districts by evening. Some sunshine likely for Gwynedd, Conwy and Anglesey later. Maximum temperature 12 °C.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


If you are short of something to do perhaps read this at Zerohedge.
It's America, it's financial, it talks about stuff hitting the fan sometime soon.
It's what the politicians won't tell you.
Don't go near the comment section though


Cake Sale at The Institute

in support of Penyffordd and Penymynydd Parent and Toddler Group

They seem to be a bit short of a starting time but I'm sure those who have been before will know.

The water is from the river running down Penymynydd Rd.

Flintshire Voters are stranded in ‘democracy wasteland’

I think this applies to Penyffordd as well. Tom Jones' sheet has destroyed our democracy.
The result being a village without healthcare, used as a large short cut to the A55 Warren Bank by HGV and a 1000 cars a day. Little grant money from the WAG. Poor resources for youth.

Perhaps David Williams and his gang will give us a bit more democracy.

Tom Jones will be looking for a majority of 6. He requires all his nominees to get elected to have a majority on the council. There are 10 places. You do NOT need to vote for a maximum of 10.

I've made the point to Colin Everett the Returning Officer that I consider Tom Jones and his group should stand as the " Tom Jones Independents". Our electors then know where they stand.

I have argued that they are a closed group.

Further reading of democracy wastelands in The Leader 

Who have been Penyffordd's Health Board Representatives for the last 15 years?

I've done an FOIE to Betsi Cadwalider Trust to find out?

They are doing a little stone walling.

Or am I being stupid again presuming Penyffordd has a representative on our local health board.

Some commenters raise important points about the lack of Penyffordd Health care here.


Flintshire County Council investigating ‘serious complaints’ levelled against election candidates

FLINTSHIRE County Council is investigating a number of serious complaints against candidates standing in next week’s local elections.

The authority has confirmed it has received ‘several serious complaints’ about ‘a small number’ of candidates as voters prepare to go to the polls on Thursday, May 3.

Read further Flintshire Chronicle

Penymynydd schoolchildren star at Flintshire Festival of Youth Sport

SPORTY pupils of a village school starred in a county-wide competition.

read further Flintshire Chronicle

Election Talk

Clive Weed, Helen Jones and David Williams all drink in the Red Lion.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It would appear Wednesday's down poor is scheduled for a rerun tomorrow Thursday.

Traveller Woes

Those out there who think I give a hard time should look at the comments on this Leader story.
They may be removed by the time you get there.


Clerk Nigel and Emails further

Nigel is Council Clerk and Financial Officer to the following councils.

Flint Town Council

None of the above have proper email addresses. - Funny that !
By proper I mean not a form on a website.

I can look or search for emails I have sent over 4 years ago to Cllrs David Williams, Cindy Hinds, Linda Vidamour, Carl Sargeant AM, Mark Tami MP, First Minister Carwyn Jones AM.
If Carwyn isn't too big to have an email and reply why should Nigel not have one !

Perhaps Penyffordd Community Council will  decide to enter the 21 st century with regards communications with their residents.

After all Nigel they're free and you do have Internet and must be able to operate a computer
because of the account side.

Perhaps time for councils to become a little less accommodating to you?

ps. Tom Jones hides his email address

Time to lie down ! Ed.

Use Your Vote Wisely - copyright T E Jones

Through the letter box pops Colin Bithell's election literature along with the sheet of six, Tom Jones, Colin Bithell, Joe Bell, Linda Vidamour, Edwina and Stan Davies.

Say what you like but I think Colin Bithell's and the sheet of six a joint venture using Tom Jones' system that has used for the last so many years.

Use your vote wisely is the sheet of six's sound bite.

I would say that the Penyffordd Electorate should vote Clive Weed and Helen Jones who are new and will be keen.

I am told Helen is a woman of substance!
This will come in handy.

Use your vote wisely they say.

Well that should mean no one in the village should vote for Joe Bell.
If we had Penyffordd Community Council minutes online I could do a search on any initiatives or wise comment over issues Joe has made over the last 4 years.

I would imagine the comments over the Chester Rd proactive speed sign made by Joe will not be in the minutes. ( memory clue "flashy signs" )

Why not to vote for Joe?

He's unwell, he has family unwell. He doesn't attend all meetings. He is too old.
He doesn't get a full grip on meetings.
He has nothing further to offer Penyffordd community.
He is their to block.
Tom Jones should have told him it's time to retire.
Whilst Tom Jones still has all his marbles at 85, Joe however old he is has not in my opinion as a ratepayer.

I should express a declaration of interest here. ( A recent requirement for Penyffordd Cllrs)
If Joe hadn't stood I would have walked in as a Penyffordd cllr.

What does Joe bring to the table, Nothing except a warm chair if he turns up.


What do I bring to the table?

1. The technical ability to give Clerk Nigel a free email address so residents can contact him from the warmth of their own homes at the speed of light.
The old councillors of six won't like having an email, it means extra work. Dealing with stuff they would rather ignore.

2. The technical ability to give Penyffordd Community Council free web pages in which to put council minutes and agendas so residents don't have to go rooting around in the desk draw at the post office. That's if someone hasn't borrowed them.

The free web pages and advice also extends to any community in the village that wants a web presence
that's easy for them to use themselves and requires no programming

3. I have an ability to use the net to look for grants that Penyffordd is missing.

4. An ability to understand the requirements of a community of Penyffordd size.
ie. Health Care, Sports Facilities, Environment.
To press other councillors to support having a village health centre. Instead of residents having to trek to Hope, Buckley or Broughton.

5. The ability to stand up to Tom Jones if he puts village politics before village benefits.

6. My blog has the facility for residents to discuss matters that are important to them. This allows matters to be displayed and debated anonymously in the public arena.
This makes it harder for councillors to just ignore residents' concerns as they have done in the past over Chester Rd environment and sports facility under funding.

7. The battle of Hanson Cement is won. Time to move on. However Wales Environment should be pressed to make further research and demands for lowering small particulate emissions

7. No , I'm not a member of the great and the good. Can't boast any school governerships. It's a closed shop anyway. If your not a councillor, crony or a mate of a councillor forget it, you can't become one !

8. That's enough.  Ed.

Remember Use Your Vote Wisely ! copyright T E Jones.

keywords: disgraceful, disgusting, disrespectful, the truth

drnnng....... drnng..... drnng........ Is that Colin Everett ?

My Childhood

Rain stops play today, so it's computer work. ( this isn't work)
Sandycroft has a rich industrial past. I see little of it recorded.

This is the Sandycroft docks on the River Dee early 1900's I think. Sandycroft is from where I originate. This was a parents nightmare. My father's brother drowned in a Chester Canal during the blackout in the war. I am named after his brother.

We used to fish in this dock for fluke and eels. The building on the right with the curved rood used to be an entrance for us into the burnt out factory (1960's). The roof by now was missing and it was relatively easy to climb up to roof level to get inside.

Inside large glass vats of acid and various unknown chemicals across the floor.
We always made sure we didn't stand in anything ......

Fred Knowles the boss used to play merry hell.

I spent most of my child hood on  the river bank between Queensferry and Saltney. There was a boat to take people across the river at Saltney. At Queensferry I used to go out with the salmon fishermen in their boat who used nets to trap huge salmon.

To the left of the dock in the main river was a large sand bank which in summer would cause the river to contract in width. We would strip down to our underpants and wade across with water reaching chest high to the other side of the River near Bees nurseries. You had to keep an eye on the tide coming in. Other wise it would be a long bare foot walk to the Queensferry bridge then back to our clothes.

In 1962 when I was 8 years old, the River Dee froze over it was a foot thick. You could walk on it. Didn't tell dad about that either ...............

keyword: International Electrolytic Company, Fred Knowles,

Future Airbus Handicaps

Airbus is vital to the Penyffordd Economy. The last thing Airbus need is extra taxation. I am not a fan of global warming. China, India etc are laughing at us all the way to the bank.

Mark Tami MP raises important issues in the house.

speaker:Mark Tami : 3 Written Answers

Written Answers - Business, Innovation and Skills: EU Emissions Trading Scheme (24 Apr 2012)
Mark Tami: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and
Skills what assessment his Department has made of the effect on future
levels of investment in UK industry of the introduction of the EU
Emissions Trading System Scheme.

Written Answers - Business, Innovation and Skills: EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Aviation (24 Apr 2012)
Mark Tami: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and
Skills what assessment his Department has made of the effect of the
inclusion of aviation in the EU Emissions Trading System Scheme on (a)
jobs and (b) workforce skills.

Written Answers - Business, Innovation and Skills: EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Manufacturing Industries (24 Apr 2012)
Mark Tami: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and
Skills what assessment his Department has made of the effect on UK
manufacturing of the introduction of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Penyffordd in the scheme of Flintshire Politics

The Independents want a David Williams + Colin Bithell ticket
Labour want a Cindy Hinds + A N Other ticket

2008 - 2012 Flintshire controlled by an Independent, Cons, Lib Dem  Coalition

Pre 2008 Labour controlled

Nigel's Minutes now online

Doh ! Wrong village !

This is how Penyffordd should be.

Agendas and Minutes online.

Penyffordd Medical Facilities

What does the panel think?

No proper doctors in Penyffordd
Penyffordd residents have to go to Buckley, Broughton or Hope.

Buckley and Hope are have new state of the art medical centres built.

Who have been our representatives on Health Boards over the last ten years?

What has been the role of Penyffordd Cllrs?

Perhaps our expert who likes to give me a good kicking can explain where we went wrong

There will be 4000 residents in Penyffordd within the next 10 years.

Penyffordd Democracy ( lack of) continued

A commenter's point of view which is put far better than I ever could.
Penyffordd and I are in your debt for such errudition.


Only 11 candidates for 10 seats speaks volumes. It smacks of a clique who have the Community Council well sewn up, thus no new faces would be welcome or tolerated. Character assassination it is not. We are all entitled to our opinions and these people have put themselves up for Public Office, they are in the public domain. If they cannot endure the criticism then they know what to do.
Basically, they are big men behind closed doors but they lack the moral fibre to come on here and have a frank discussion, they prefer to hide and let their cronies bleat for them. 


Why don't more people stand?
Tom's sheet of (altered to 6) makes sure they don't.
There is not a level playing field, Tom has seen to that.

If Joe Bell who I consider not fit to stand for election had to arrange his own election literature,
Pay £150, then deliver it he would not be standing.

Would Colin Bithell do his own election work?

If Edwina and Stan Davies had to arrange there own election campaign would they stand, I think not.


Could Linda Vidamour who I have a high regard for find the time to do the above?

Only David Williams and Cindy Hinds will be doing lots of their own work.

The system stinks.

All those standing on Tom Jones' sheet should be known as Tom Jones Independents.

The Welsh Assembly Government should make it illegal for 8 ( six this year, 8 in 2008)  to stand on one sheet for 10 places.

Community Council Elections Tom Jones' Team

Tom Jones
Colin Bithell
Stan Davies
Edwina Davies
Joe Bell
Linda Vidamour

If any you above are arranging your own election campaign please let me know and I will edit.
I somehow think I will not be getting any complainants. (wrong) !
Thank you for the comment below.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi, what's your angle?
First it was Northumberland, now Worcester

Penyffordd Community Council communications for the 21 st century

Dear Tom
When you take up your position as chairman of Penyffordd Community Council next month are you going to have an email address for the council?
They're free you know, GMail or Hotmail are fine.
Us serfs deserve an email address communication. It's the 21 st century not 1967.
It's a ten minute walk around to Nigel's house.


ps.  I find it a bit arrogant that you didn't wait until the first meeting to declare yourself chairman. It's taking the piss out the village really.

Perhaps it would have been better for the previous chairman David Williams to start the next meeting. You could have phoned all your cronies up before the meeting saying it's my turn again, then it's a shoe in.

Penyffordd an Embarrassment to Democracy

Alternative Title: Penyffordd the New Zimbabwe

Tom Jones fans may want to look away now.

One year ago Tom Jones decided he would be chairman of Penyffordd Community Council AFTER the elections in May 2012.

He will also control Penyffordd Council through his cronies.

It will make no difference how the 2000 residents of Penyffordd vote on May 3rd.

Tom Jones Independents' Sheet of 8 smother the democratic process to Tom's own ends.

This time seven out of the eight of Tom's cronies are guaranteed a councillor position and so a natural majority.
Many of them will have done nothing at all towards their effort to become a councillor.
They just sit at home no effort required.

This means no doctors within a village of over 3000 people. Little investment in youth facilities. No grant money for places such as the Penyffordd Institute.

His sheet of 8 is a disaster for Penyffordd.

copied to Carl Sargeant AM Local Government Minister for Wales.


postscript: If you stand as a true independent your election costs are over £150 plus 4 days of delivering leaflets.

Tom Crony efforts are near zero. That's why you end up with dead heads on the council.

* David Williams is standing as an Independent. As far as I know he has nothing to do with Tom Jones' Independents which they should be named as on a election literature because they are all beholden to Tom's shilling.

Those who think different might ask themeselves why I'm not invited to stand as a Tom crony. It's because I have a few brain cells and a differing point of view.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Follow for the upcoming Wrexham local elections

It would be good to see a Flintshire version of this site.


Penyffordd had 18% Postal Votes in 2008

A letter from that nice man Colin Everett the Returning Officer pops through the letter box. Is it yet another complaint from Colin Bithell?

No, It's Colin E telling me all the postal votes have been collected.


I haven't even handed my election literature out yet !

I did the same thing last time but this time I know what the score is. It's just the same though. I can think of little to do about it. It's one of those advantages long term local politicians have. As a newcomer you are literally urinating into the wind.


Drnggggg, Drnggggg, Drnggggg, half an hour later Mrs Edwards answers the phone....
Mrs Edwards is crippled with arthritis.
Hello Mrs Edwards its that time again. I'll pop around and we'll order your postal vote.
One week later Mrs Edwards is helped to fill it in. She's also developing dementia so needs a little help.
I'll post it for you as well.
Another vote safely in the bag !

In the old days you would taxi all the OAP's down to the Polling Booth. Now you have everything under control. It's a much better arrangement

I suppose some nominee's have little books with names in

In 2008 there were 18% of the Penyffordd ward who voted by postal means if my arithmetic is right.

I did an FOI to FCC to find out.


Penyffordd Newts

Adult Female Common Newt

Adult Female and Juvenile Newt

I found these under a compost bag. Between now and July the adults enter the pond for courtship and mating. Their swim patterns can be seen from the election bunker. They look like micro crocodiles but are very gentle. The rest of the year adults spend on dry land. The babies will appear in August sometime. Someone want to ring KAB to get some newspaper exposure?

Here's some babies below from a few years ago.
They have to be treated like fish as they have not got their lungs for breathing air developed.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lisa's Kitchen - Salmon and Potatoes

Recent visitors might think this site is just about councillor abuse. It is not. After the elections I expect no further issues as they will all be mad keen to work out a strategy for the village, a strategy for getting grant money, etc.

( Don't you mean a strategy to give Labour a good kicking? ) Ed.

Hopefully not. As someone said we're all in this together.

A long time ago I started Lisa's Kitchen. There are many photos. If anyone finds anything attractive to cook and can't find a recipe please ask.

Lisa pays attention to HFW, Jamie Oliver, Master Chef, Hairy Bikers, A Cook's Tour (Anthony Bourdain), James Martin and many others.
I pay attention to Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith

A little known series is TV Dinners by Hugh FW which I think rather excellent
The various series show life across the United Kingdom. A true taste of British life.



Cuckoo Problems

Earlier in the year I covered an experiment to find where cuckoo's migrate to. Here's the update. There has been a casualty.


Should Penyffordd Ratepayers subsidise drinking clubs

I am indebted to the attack dog who last night added interest to a quiet evening. I wonder whether the person was an ex wine circle member on the wrong medication or on too much sherry? We recently had someone leave and then tell anyone who would listen that we had closed down! lol

And to those who will listen Penyffordd Wine Circle is mainly food and social orientated. No one is sloshing bottles of wine down their necks. It's a mid week meeting and there's work next day.

Note: Each year Penyffordd Community Council are given money by FCC to distribute amongst social, sport and other groups within the village. This is law as laid down by WAG ,FCC or Westminster.

Anyway to the issue.

A few months ago Tom Jones and Colin Bithell abused their positions as councillors to recommend that Penyffordd Wine Circle receive no grant money now and in the future. No reason given, such is their arrogance. All the other councillors sat around the table saying nothing. ( cronies and lemons )

Apart from Cllr Jones and Bithell abusing their positions as cllrs  the subject requires serious debate.

1. Should grant money be awarded to such groups as the temperance related Red Lion Strollers Football Club or the Penyffordd Council Clerk's favourite watering hole Pontblyddyn Cricket Club.

If councillors object to the Wine Circle receiving money I object to other drink related groups receiving money.

2. It also raises the issue of Penyffordd Community Councillors awarding grant money to groups they and their mates have a vested interest in. It's against councillor code in my opinion.

And for those who are going to get hot under the collar. It's your mates Colin and Tom who started this ! Blame them.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Woman arrested after entering mannequin into council elections

One is tempted to say we have one standing in Penyffordd.........


Penyffordd County Council Election Results 2008


Colin Bithell, Independent, 622

David Williams, 629, E

Cindy Hinds, Labour Party Candidate, 630, E


E stands for ?

Speeding biker’s death ‘avoidable’ inquest told

Nino Sorrentino, 28, was riding a green Suzuki Bandit when he was involved in a collision with a black Renault Clio on Kinnerton Lane, Higher Kinnerton, on July 23.

Read further The Leader

Penyffordd Civil War

You may have thought Oliver Cromwell was well gone but civil war still rages in Penyffordd.

Tom Jones who I think a Tory through and through hates Labour with a vengeance. This in turn is reciprocated by the Labour tribe within the village.

This is one of the contributing factors of why Penyffordd has fewer new facilities and grants compared with other Flintshire wards.

If you disagree please say why.
ie. You've seen Cindy Hinds and Dennis invited to Tom Jones' house for tea, etc

As a normal resident who is neither Tory or Labour I wouldn't know about any of the above. As a candidate in the 2008 elections the above became clear to me.

keywords: village dirty washing

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Home Truths for Tom Jones and previous Penyffordd Community Cllrs

Below is a comment that requires to come to the top. It needs to be read by cllrs before every council meeting. I take on board the criticisms of myself with which I agree. I am indebted to the commenter for his/her elucidation.


I have to say, as a relative newcomer to the village (I moved to Penyffordd in 1997) I was genuinely not aware of the history and accomplishments of Mr Tom Jones.

He has clearly had an influence at many levels

But without wishing to sound sarcastic, it's quite surprising that having had someone with such influence at district, county and national levels, that facilities in Penymynydd and Penyffordd have been allowed to lapse to such a low level.

We have no doctors, few shops and three schools that are pretty much at capacity, and yet further developments are planned, to put yet more strain on the existing facilities with little or no benefit to the existing residents.

If Mr Jones has had such influence over the years how come the village has "lagged" those in the surrounding areas?

Even simple things, like the policing of the restricted section of Penymynydd Rd is sporadic and ill-enforced?

This has been on-going for the last thirty years.....the influence is there but not used to "our" advantage.

I'm not saying that "new" is necessarily good, but based on what I can see with my eyes, surely we can improve on what has gone before?

And just to provide balance, I should mention that I have followed this blog for a while.

Whilst I wouldn't agree with Colin's methods, at least he has the conviction in what he believes in, even if I don't necessarily agree with his method of "delivery".

If the current community council members had the same level of "passion" for their community, then perhaps the facilities within our community would be on-par with those close by.

Further discussion about this here

Boy Racers cause accident on Chester Rd, Penymynydd

at the Old Hope Farm Rd. Three boy racers with illegal exhausts in a convoy pulled out onto the main road without looking. The victim in the car hit on the main road suffered a collapsed lung.
The miscreant was on a previous caution for dangerous driving.

The judge gave him 9 months in prison. Plus a 4 year driving ban.
Of course you don't do the full stretch any more.

Not mentioned in the story is the mortgage required for a years car insurance next time the young man has a car.

The young man expressed regret. I think he will be doing this for some time to come.

Penyffordd district comment.
Many drivers hammer around roads at night usually only caught when the hit another car, wall, gate etc. No one is doing anything about illegal exhausts.

My letter not in The Chronicle

Last Saturday I wrote a letter to the Chronicle copy to Carl Sargeant Local Government Minister about the schlerotic nature of local democracy. I received an email Sunday morning and then asked the Chronicle not to print. It was possibly too near the truth. Mind you there's still a few letter pages to go before the election.........

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flintshire cement factory report ‘does not tell full story’

Colin Bithell commenting in fairy dust in The Leader.

Fact: Colin Bithell decided that 2000 speeding cars in Chester Rd in 2007 was not of interest.

Colin Bithell has no interest in child safety in Chester Rd. He's more concerned with parked cars in his cul de sac ( that's in the minutes)

If your going to comment can you use some council minute or something to support your argument.

Penyffordd Community Council will of course punish me for my intransigence. Traffic calming for Chester Rd will be cancelled. Just you watch. There's people commenting on here who live in cloud cuckoo land.

I wonder if any Labour supporters in the village think Tom Jones and Colin Bithell such outstanding people.

Politics happen in Penyffordd.

There is a lot of naivety on here at the moment.

Longframlington Northumberland

I wonder who my most avid reader is? Why is someone in Northumberland interested in Penyffordd politics.

Who decides on a coherrent strategy for Penyffordd District

Is it Penyffordd Community Council or Penyffordd County Councillors of which there are two?

If it's Penyffordd Community Council it's Tom Jones as political leader of the village who has the final say.

Do we have a four year strategy or do we just bungle along?

postscript: Looks like I've hit a nerve. No strategy then.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quote of the Day

" I'm all confused, I've got my Friday socks on but it's only Tuesday!" A young man from Penyffordd Junior School on his way to school this morning.

It's a Family Affair

We're all mates together except Cindy who is Labour.....

If one looks at who nominated who for community councillor a certain pattern appears.

Here's a run down of former councillors nominating each other. Which I may add is not against the law.

Tom Bell - Tom Jones and Stan Davies
Edwina Davies - Linda Vidamour and Colin Bithell
Stan Davies - Linda Vidamour and Tom Jones
David Williams - Clive Weed plus AN Other
Linda Vidamour - Edwina Davies plus A N Other

Clive Weed is Chairmain of the Institute Committee on which Tom Jones and Colin Bithell stand.

Colin and Tom blocked grants to a society to which I belong which has used the Institute for 25 years. A complaint to Clive gets no where as you would expect.

There is a malaise in the village. It comes from having a group of councillors run by one man with a very limited vision. The system needs changing. I have written to Carl Sargeant AM Local Government Minister pointing out the short comings of Welsh so called local democracy.
A note to Colin Everett ( Returns Officer). If there's anything you or the lawyers don't like on here send me an email with relevant arguments for its removal. I'm not responding to phone calls as I don't record them.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Flintshire Election Politics

A quick look through the nominee sheet reveals the following.

The previous incumbent at Higher Kinnerton is not standing.

Terry Renshaw is not standing for Oakenholt. He lost last time I think.

Gareth Williams who was Labour second in command before his 2008 election defeat is standing for one place amongst four in Mold as an Independent. Gareth has had quite a few letters printed in the Flintshire Chronicle. I thought they might be sponsoring him lol.

Carolyn Thomas of Treuddyn is unopposed. Not surprising with her procuring over £600K in grant money over the last few years.

Tim Newhouse of Hope the previous county councillor is up against it. He has six residents standing against him. Last election I think he upset the local establishment by getting in..
Looks like they're out for revenge.

Derek Butler who got kicked out last time is standing again in Broughton.

In general Flintshire has a healthy set of nominees with not too many walk ins.

postscript. Forgot to mention my favourite traffic rat run protester John Yorke of Flint who stood in the way of the 800 house development at Croes Atti. John and his wife are standing.
The results may prove interesting.


A blog to Flintshire County Council Polling / Returns Office

Thank you for the phone call.

I have removed what I consider to be offending blogs over fellow nominee councillors.

We'll forget the attempts to get NWP and FCC lawyers to silence me over the last 4 years.
We'll forget the blackmail attempt to stop my wife standing at the 2008 elections.
I still have the note!
We'll forget the attempted secret council meeting over my continued protest over 2000 speeding cars a day ( 2007).

Seems its ok for former cllrs to play hardball but they don't like it when it's payback time !

If you have any further issues email me quoting blog title and I will remove said items.

Colin Hughes

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mapped: All North Wales' would-be councillors

Link Daily Post

A bit of a clue if it interests you. You need to zoom in and click on the area interested.
The article raises important issues on the waning of local political interest in some areas.

To Chirk Carboot Sale

 A lovely spring morning even if there was frost on Penyffordd house roofs. We look at every stall. At the height of summer there are over 800 sellers. Today's haul included two tomato plants that are three times the height of mine. A weather proof anorak, one's they use on yachts, wind proof and weather proof for the princely sum of £1. Sixty seed trays for £3.

Concentration is required to find what we are looking for. We have about 10 competitors looking for the same book stuff as us. There's usually enough to go around for everyone.

The keen ones are there at 6.00am looking what everyone is bringing. Thankfully we turn up at a more leisurely time.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Penymynydd school boy is a big hit on Australian TV show

Eight-year-old Alex, from Buckley, wants to be the “next Johnny Depp” after tasting stardom in big budget drama The Straits.

Alex, a former pupil at St John’s Primary School in Penymynydd, headed down under in 2009 with mum Alison, dad Chris and little brother Ryan and now lives in Kewarra Beach, North Queensland

Read further in The Leader

Cindy Hinds quick off the mark

Election literature through the door. Labour do try hard.

Colin Bithell used to be a Labour councillor I'm told.

Rocking at the Milly tomorrow night

Wifey says election stuff is boring reading. Tomorrow night at the Millstone,

Madd Bill are rocking.

Be there or be square. I can't go because of my tinnitus. Perhaps if I open a window we will be able to hear.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good News for Penyffordd Airbus workers

The Airbus plants in Flintshire and Bristol have been boosted after a £326m deal to sell 11 A330 aircraft to airline Garuda Indonesia was agreed.

Link Read further BBC NE Wales

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Penyffordd District 2012 Election Prediction - and yours ?

This is with regards to our county council places. Two out of three get seats at the county table.

1st. David Williams

2nd. Cindy Hinds

3rd. Colin Bithell

If anyone has different predictions please feel free to put them in the comments section. This blog will be referred to on the announcement of the county election whether that be the 3rd or 4th of May. If you put a reference number, letters or whatever to your comment we will be able to differentiate between you anons out there.

Penyffordd County Councillor Nominations as of April 4th.

Candidate's Surname Forename Party




No. of Candidates for the Area: 3

No. of Seats: 2


Penyffordd Community Council Nominations

Electoral Area: PENYFFORDD COMMUNITY COUNCIL Candidate's Surname Forename Party
No. of Candidates for the Area: 11 No. of Seats: 10


Monday, April 09, 2012

Thought for the Day

on his deathbed in response to a priest
asking that he renounce Satan.

Now, now my good man,
this is no time for making enemies.

FCC Councillor nominations will be announced at noon tomorrow
by FCC CEO Colin Everett.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

New Penyffordd Allotments - Progress being made

The original site that Cllr David Williams had wanted for the new allotments is back on the table with the sub tenant agreeing to his original plans.
This is good news for all those waiting for a plot.

reference min. 226.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Penyffordd Elections 2012 - The smearing starts

ptlns has left a new comment on your post "Nominated Penyffordd Cllrs":

Maybe Colin if you do get elected all this tripe you type on here will stop, as surely it would not be ethical!! But as I say maybe if you are elected, because you sure wont be getting my vote. Do we really want someone who's partner has a chequered past. Or even you who complains about traffic calming day after day that is no somewhat boring, when will you stop parking your vehicles on the public footpath, the poor children (or as you call them yobs) and elderly that struggle to get past, lets see what Mr PC plod has to say about that shall we?


Hi Tx for the comment.

If you don't like what I write don't read. it's not compulsory.
Regarding the footpath outside my house.
I park there very little if at all.
A previous CBM would only hand out tickets if a double width wheel chair could not get through. The cars you see parked out there at present and for many months if not years are not mine but neighbours in the row. Two houses in our terraced row have parking and I live in one of them, you might know the other one. Last time I looked NWP had decided to give up on parking on paths and speeding. It's been passed to FCC who have a different set of rules. ie. they book everyone !
NWP have passed speeding to Gosafe.

Regarding traffic. In 2007 on Chester Rd there were over 2000 vehicles breaking the speed limit every day. There were various councillors who did not want to look at the data. The first response from Penyffordd Community Council was that speeding was nothing to do with them. Tens of 1000's of communities in UK enjoy slow traffic through their communities. Why shouldn't Chester Rd, we are a major route to school, we have a bypass.

The comment regarding my wife. This subject was the basis of a black mail attempt before the last local election in 2008 to stop my wife from her legal right to stand as a local councillor. As far as I am concerned it is a criminal offence.

Be assured that all references regarding my wife and the subject above on this blog will be saved along with traceable IP addresses. I still have the blackmail letter. In my opinion there is enough evidence in the blackmail note to catch the miscreant.
I have your IP address, ISP and computer operating system details.

Regarding who would want to black mail me or my wife.
First it must be a Penyffordd Cllr or somebody related to a Penyffordd Cllr.
Cross the above out, make that a long term aquaintance or friend.

It must be someone or political party or group who consider me or my wife a threat to their election prospects.

That narrows it down a bit.
I have an idea who it isn't.
That narrows it down a lot.

Further thoughts.
Not that many people know my name in Penyffordd.
Not too many people know where I live.
This would suggest you live up Penymynydd Rd or drive along Chester Rd.
I would suggest you are or were a member of a political party of the nominee
councillor you are mistakenly trying to protect.
The subject to which you refer is very rare information.
There may be 4 people in Penyffordd who knew the history.
That is before you passed it around.
I think you are a very spiteful, hurtful and venomous person.

The nominee councillor needs to tell you to back off.
It will not do them any good.

There is enough information above for a few to work out who you are.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Water water everywhere and not a drop for the allotment

I now think privatizing utilities a bad idea. They've awarded themselves fancy compensation packages with lots of pension rights whilst in my opinion ignoring the leaks and designing a proper water system for all these extra people we've had boat loaded in from other countries. Call it EU social engineering without thought.

Hose pipe bans start from now until further notice with varying rules depending on which utility company you are with.

Could you make it up?

I have various damaged containers that with repair will collect for me 3000 litres of water off the house and shed roof. Most people aren't as fortunate.

Read about the mess here.

Dee Valley Services that supply us are not yet on the list of hose pipe ban utilities.

Further Link

A comment thread railed against high water bills and the fact that pipes leak 3.3 billion litres of water every day. One commentator read: “Why should I observe the ban? I pay just over £500 in water rates this year, which has been rising steadily over the years.”

Another asked: “Why is it they always criminalise the customer using what they are paying for?”

An Easter Dog Walk in six inches of snow

On the edge of Flintshire 

Nominated Penyffordd Cllrs

For those that care to know the official announcement is on Tuesday April 10th at 12.00 hrs.

Snow News

There is none in Penyffordd. It starts at Coed Talon on the A5104. It's up to 6 inches off road at Rhydtalog. Occasional drifts on road.

The Horse Shoe Pass on the way to Llangollen is closed. I haven't been there it's on the BBC NE Wales website news.

Penyffordd Cllrs the Best Cllrs in the World

Tonight on Penyffordd Council Agenda is correspondence and action required regarding Chester Rd traffic calming. It is some way off but it is a possibility.

keyword: the art of politics, schizophrenia,

There is a Skate Park Petition for our youth

in the Post Office to be signed.

Who says there isn't a God

Today I was to spend 4 hours in what would feel like sub zero temeperatures occasionally getting wet. This includes freezing hands. Denbighshire has had snow. Rhuddlan is in Denbighshire. QED.

keyword Golf.

Horses in Penyffordd village centre

There's a distressing story in the Post today. I'm not going to link to it. Each day there are horses in the middle of Penyffordd. One of the reasons to make the traffic slow down with the proposed traffic calming.

I have this silly idea that if Cllr Colin Bithell is made a county councillor this will be quietly dropped. To be sure Colin it will not be dropped quietly.

Penyffordd Community Council April meeting

I presume there is a a meeting tonight. This will be the council meeting before the elections. Cllr Tom Jones aged 85 and half has got it fixed so he will be the chairman of Penyffordd Community Council after the elections should he be voted back in.

Will Tom be the oldest councillor in Wales? Something to celebrate? I think not. A man firmly stuck in mid 20th century. You'll be alright Tom the sheep will vote you back in no problem

Will there be enough new "non Tom councillors" to stop him getting his way?
I mean little creativity, at the back of the queue for grants, spend no money except for a few mugs, no investment in sports facilities, no local health care...............

Monday, April 02, 2012

Councillor Nominations

Is David Williams going to stand? I've asked around. Even asked high up. No one's saying or knows. Some of my readers are logging on daily waiting for an answer to this important Penyffordd news for the future.

Linda Vidamour should stand again but I'm told there is doubt.

David not standing is bad news. Colin Bithell is all front and no substance.
He hates me because I have an interest in Penyffordd environment.

If Penyffordd votes him in again they deserve all they get. Little vision for the village. He also is not keen on local government transparency.

Knows all local government functions but where has he been getting grant money for Penyffordd. Where has he been over youth sport facilities. Just waltzing around County Hall all day. Getting red in the face over Hanson Cement.

We need someone to stand up for Penyffordd. Perhaps Colin has changed.
I think however old dog, new tricks.........................

Perhaps we have someone in the shadows. Someone dynamic who will show this previous council up for the moribund they are. ( Is that English) !

To be a councillor Part 14

There may be some out there who think I can't count !. It's a variation of a Private Eye joke where you are directed to page 74 when there are only 30 pages.

To County Hall, not Shire Hall as I am prone to say. I park next to CEO Colin Everett. There's usually a spot next to him. In the area to process nominations I sit down in the area provided. I can feel someone looking at me and when I look up I see it is Tom Jones. Not in person but in a photo on the wall with his chains of office. For the uninitiated Tom used to be top man at the council. Should have took a photo. The picture would look good in the Penyffordd Council meeting room.

I've filled the councillor nomination forms in. Only three errors. The dtp on the form a little wanting. Done by an apprentice perhaps.

The lady says the form is ok and I will receive notification in a few days.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Services of Gosafe

A commenter wants Gosafe to service the Vounog. Perhaps one of our councillors  will consider getting in touch with Gosafe.

Gosafe have been in Chester Rd this lunch time for an hour. They have also been in Pontblyddyn two days on the run. Yesterday and Today.
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