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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Secret Lake

This lake is within half a mile of Penyffordd but most residents do not know it exists.
You can get to it down Stryt Isa. Along a footpath, over the railway.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Mark Tami MP - Brexit

Mark says he's not going to vote for Theresa Mays' Brexit bill today. The substance of which is remaining in the EU. Well done.......

TM has put the Conservatives in suicide mode.
JC  of Labour is not any better.

Over the last few week about 400 MP's of various parties have done their best to stop Brexit
Lists have been taken and Conservative constituencies that voted leave who have MP's who wish otherwise will be in for a shock come the next general election. Mailshots will be carried out to point out their mutinous MP's behaviour.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Local Crime

Last night someone had all his tools stolen from his van on the Groves estate. Also a house was wrecked elsewhere looking for car keys.



A van has been broken into overnight on OAK DRIVE, PENYFFORDD and a quantity of tools were stolen. Have you got CCTV covering the area? Have you checked your work vans for missing tools? Please contact us on 101 quoting ref. X037414


Attempted break in of van on Wellhouse Wednesday night. Failed due to owner having special locks.


STOLEN VEHICLE – Please could the residents of Flintshire keep an eye out for a stolen DARK BLUE VAUXHALL CORSA (see similar model photographed).

The vehicle was taken from a driveway on Wednesday Evening near Padeswood.
If you see a car like this in your area that is out of place and not usually there please call us on 101 quoting reference number 19100124031.
and Someone is driving around on estates taking pictures...............
Car is a dark BMW

Since the above a 4x4 farm vehicle has been taken. Also on 29/3 three men in a black range rover trying to break into houses on the Elan estate. (top of Vounog left) 

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Early Evening Entertainment

NWP bobby chopper doing low level over the village. Back and too, back and too. Police cars dotted around, also police dogs in use. Heated argument by 3 youths in a local shop. Second by second updates on FB.

Apparently an attempted burglary happened in Penymynydd. Door was open. Whether the two incidents are related is being discussed.

I've recently put in a new back door after last years spate of door trying.
Also building a collection of Chinese £20 Wifi security cameras.
Personal security has been stepped up. I've been in a lot of houses over the years with work. Its amazing how many people have truncheons, cricket bats and golf clubs handy.

Someone on FB said a bobby had approached one of the youths mentioned above as he was wanted. Youth fled and escaped, bobby slipped on dog muck in the chase. ( local joke)
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