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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Robbing Banks

We are consolidating a few building society accounts. Not too consolidated, eggs in one basket etc.

My wife walks into The Nationwide who took over the Staffordshire BS to ask them to close our account.

Its already been closed says the girl.
Perhaps your husband closed it?

"No I think not."

Then Lisa has a long conversation with the manager.

Apparently the account was classed as dormant
No letter to us to advise of course.
Hoping we've forgot about it, etc.

Our money turned up today. Wont be using Nationwide ever !

Bastard banks want closing down.

Bosses put in jail for a minimum 10 years.

ps. Did you know those in power are lining up customers to be the suckers if your bank or BS goes down the drain. Yes madame we've used your life savings to pay for our bad bets.
If this is not so please explain why.

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