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Friday, February 28, 2014

Ieuan Morris, aged 5, from Penyffordd, attending his first rugby international at The Millennium Stadium


Cement Dust Monitoring Removed

Cllr Colin Bithell in The Leader


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Penyffordd Wine Circle met last Wednesday

Non Owen a herbalist from Ruthin gave an interesting talk on herbs used as medicine. Non did a digital slide show presentation with various herb samples on display. Samples were past around among members.


Next month Arwel from Gwynology of Mold will be doing a wine tasting. Last year's event was well attended and well received.
£6 a ticket for non members. A notice of the event will be posted in The Penyffordd Post Office window.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So Farewell Wrexham Island Green carparks

For some 10 years I have been using car parks in Wrexham. A few years back I got done £36 for parking in a car park that had been previously free.

Half the shops are empty the place looks like a bomb site.

Today the situation has changed and I no longer have to use Island Green extension car park again. So farewell no more car parking fees ever Capita !

A lesson for towns for car park charging?

Upcoming Funeral Mrs D Crossley

Penyffordd Institute AGM 2014

Going to Wrexham by car?

At the moment there are road works at Hope on the main road Penyffordd to Llay. Not nice at rush hour.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weather Update

Stuff happening below in Wrexham
This is happening around here too
Wind gusts strong.
Trees are blowing down onto roads.

I've had a frost warning for tonight for 2 degrees C.

When are the locusts appearing...........

postscript 17.46

Trees blocking roads Kinnerton, Bretton and Hawarden
Garden City gridlocked due to Flintshire Bridge closure 17.51

Bidston to Wrexham line shut 19.07
That means us Penyffordd.

Tree blocking main rd to Llay at Sharps 17.30

Steve Bagnall Daily Post says winds now subsiding. 20.40

The bobbies say don't dial 999 unless there is danger to life.
101 for trees.

British Winter Weather 2014

Penymynydd Rd road closure

No longer happening at the moment, signs taken away. Perhaps the wind.............

Monday, February 10, 2014

Penymynydd Rd closure update

It would appear I guess the wrong utility

Penymynydd Road Penyffordd, both ways at Fammau View Drive

Flintshire - Water main work and temporary traffic lights on Penymynydd Road in Penyffordd near the Fammau View Drive junction.


Many thanks Graham for the heads up.

Perhaps this work is to stop water running down the road instead of down the drains whenever we have a downpour.

There is a ditch under Penymynydd Rd that runs under the path next to the Institute. It runs under Chester Rd down the farm lane then reappears next to the foot path in the field.

I saw a kingfisher along this stream last winter.

postscript: Or perhaps not, reading the bit between the lines

The Weather

Largest snow flakes I've ever seen, two inches in diameter.

Here's Wrexham snow pictures below.
Jack knife lorry and abandoned cars on Wrexham bypass.

Someone says turning to rain at 11.30 am

Why is Penymynydd Rd closed?

Someone asks.

Good question.

The signs have been against the hedge since last Friday.

The road works on Hawarden Rd this last week were related to BT.

I think these roadworks will also be related to BT. The role out of Fibre within the village. Anyone with any info please use comments.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Renewable energy

Nothing much happening in Penyffordd except the weather.

I say that but the Penyffordd Panto is happening this weekend.

Large wind turbines that stand out like a sore thumb in our green countryside are mere tokenism and expensive tokenism at that which we are paying for in our energy bills.

Here's a different more pleasing route

Monday, February 03, 2014

That eyesore over the hill

If you go up Chester Rd towards Broughton you will come across a derelict farm on the right at the cross roads junction. The current owner wishes to knock it down and build a new farmhouse. According to the Community Council agenda at the Post Office ( not sure if its on their web site)  Flintshire County Council are not going to let the above happen.
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