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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Olympic Torch

was escorted through Hawarden village on Tuesday. It is said that Hawarden had not seen such crowds since the funeral of William Gladstone at the beginning of the 20th century.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Brown water may be coming to a tap near you

Dee Valley Water have said that the discolouration experienced in certain parts of Wrexham is down to the hot weather, which has caused a high demand on water supplies.
They issued a statement to say: “We are aware that some customers in the Rhosrobin, Gwersyllt, Llay, Penyffordd and Johnstown areas may be experiencing occasional discolouration of their water supply.

read further

New Police Officer for Penyffordd

Penyffordd has a new police officer. He is PCSO  2872 Rob Bainbridge.
His telephone number is 07854 355040

Serious crimes on 0845 6071002
Anti Social Behaviour 101

Or 999 for emergencies.

Take your pick !

Source Cllr Cindy Hinds' May Newsletter 2012.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Road incidents in the last three days

1. Lorry turns over on Post House roundabout
2. Pedestrian killed on A55 between Broughton and Post House
3. Accident causes severe delays at Rhuallt
4. Hit and Run at Ewloe

Be careful out there

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Speeders and illegal parkers to be shot in Penyffordd?

North Wales Police said that the ( armed ) officers are a police resource who deal with all manner of incidents, including traffic matters.

Click the following link and read with incredulity.


Penyffordd District says there is no place for guns on UK streets unless there are special circumstances.

NWP defending the indefensible.
Leave the guns in the van.

Potential Broughton Retail Park Expansion

in The Flintshire Chronicle

( more through traffic for Chester Rd too)

Leanne, out to see The Queen

Leanne Uttley, of Penyffordd, a pupil at Castell Alun School in Hope, was there for her ‘once in a lifetime chance’ 

In The Flintshire Chronicle 

Castell Alun Bus catches fire

Castell Alun being where most of our teenagers go to school. Full story in The Daily Post

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mary's Plan for Penyffordd Post Office

Mary our Postmistress has plans before Flintshire County Council
to extend the Post Office to include a cafe.

This application should be fully supported by
the village on the grounds that :-

1. It will be the only place where villagers can meet most days that is not a pub or a club.
2. A place where the youth of the village can meet.
3. A planning application that strengthens the viability of keeping a village post office.
4. A planning application that strengthens the social cohesiveness of the village.

Link: Mary and Jim's Planning Application

Postscript: You may have to type in this number
Planning Reference Number 049718

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why is there all this traffic going into Chester?

Coming out of Chester this morning towards the Post House roundabout we pass streams of cars heading bumper to bumper into Chester. Glad we're not in that I think. Five minutes later we are heading back into Chester at the rear of this queue......................

Post House roundabout closed.

The police could have let traffic slip off left onto the A55 towards Sainsbury's as it does not go onto the roundabout. But who am I to question...........


Warm weather means

Barbecues in the row.
For some reason that means smoke coming through the back windows whatever the wind direction.
So you have to keep all the windows closed.

Someone blocking the gate that has a big notice saying please do not block the gate.
But who'se blocking the gate?
Are they in The Legion, Chip shop, Institute or visiting someone in the row.

All part of life.

ps. the record for blocking our car in the drive is 15 hours. This got sorted after a NWP call.
They had parked over the gate, gone to the Legion then walked home to Hawarden Rd.
Wife late for appointment.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Penyffordd and Broughton Doctor provision

Broughton  280 new houses, a new Health Centre promised by the developers.

Penyffordd 224 new houses ( plus over 100 White Lion ) no health centre promised.....

postscript: Or needed?


Penyffordd Health Care

It would appear we have no local representative

Local democracy for health care seems non existent.

Here's a reply from Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board to an FOIE

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Burglar's Arm

Doesn't like letting go.
Best to keep hands well away from mouth.

Having a drink and a cool down.
Water looks nice and fresh !

The Three Musketeers

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The New Penyffordd Community Chairman Council

as predicted by Penyffordd District is Cllr Tom Jones.
Vice Chairman Cllr Colin Bithell.

A thank you to Scribe Nigel for supplying the answers.

Flintshire Politics in The Chronicle - The New Administration

Click image to read

An interesting letter from Gareth Williams in The Chronicle. I think they should pay Gareth for a weekly column.

Quotes: Cllr Aaron Shotton " Words cannot express how proud I am to have been bestowed the great honour of representing my county as leader of this council.

Cllr Tony Sharps " We are Independents, not members of the Labour Party . We are free to vote at all times. This was a sensible business arrangement in the interest of the people we represent.

Further positions. Big Bernie Attridge is Deputy Leader. Cllr Ann Minshull is Chairman and Cllr Carolyn Thomas is Vice Chairman.

Can't see a position for Cllr Tony Sharps.......

Will put links on when Chronicle website is updated.

comments for this article can be left at 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Comments in Future

This blog was started originally because councillors were taking no notice of Chester Rd environment in 2007.
This has now thankfully changed.

I have highlighted issues such as no village healthcare, councillors that are too old to be of any use.
Councillors voting their own pet projects grant money. A council that will not have an email address or publish council agendas and minutes online

I have also highlighted good work done by Cllrs David Williams, Cindy Hinds and others.

It would be fair to say that some commenters on here have no interest in village environment.
It would be fair to say that some of the Penyffordd Establishment have very thin skins.

Best perhaps if you go elsewhere.

I've altered comment settings and will alter them further if necessary.

I'm quite happy to help the community council set up a free website for minutes , agendas etc.

Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

Penyffordd Scouts Car Wash

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gosafe seen

Driving along Hawarden Rd at 7.30 on a Saturday night.
Seen earlier Pontblyddyn 4 .30 pm

Latest News at Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club

Coaching Sessions

Saturday 12th May 2012
Week 2 of the 5 weeks of free junior coaching is this Saturday 12th May, weather permitting. Please note the change of time for 8 and 9 year olds:
- 2pm: Members under 10 years old
- 3pm: Members 10 years old and older
Please just come along (with form & cheque if you've not yet joined) or phone Sarah Douglas (see below) for more details.

Monday 14th May 2012
The next adult coaching / club play session is this Monday at 6pm. All members are very welcome at these sessions, both new and old. If you haven't been before then why not come along and give it a try? You don't need to arrange anything beforehand, just come to the club at 6pm and the club coach will organise some play and coaching for you. These sessions really are an excellent opportunity to play against some new opponents, meet other club members and also get some free coaching. If you're not a member then one of these sessions is the perfect time to try us out - just come along and you can join in as a guest for just £5.

Other coaching sessions
Club Coach Sarah Douglas is available for private coaching sessions. Please contact her for details (07564 977745).

Penyffordd All Day Breakfast Tomorrow

In aid of Penyffordd Youth

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Street Naming Competition

Recently the developers of a new housing estate on the edge of Drury got in trouble over their street naming strategy. Apparently the street names differed little from those in sunny Berkshire. The difference being that we are in Wales.

So we have two new estates of White Lion and Wood Lane  that will require new road names. May I start the ball rolling.

Tom's Way - This should be one of the major roads. This in recognition of Cllr Tom Jones OBE's iron grip of Penyffordd Community Council for the last thirty years.

Scribes Retreat - Perhaps a side road off the rat run that will pass through the White Lion Estate from Wellhouse.

Cement Rd - In recognition of days gone by when car windscreens were covered with cement.

Alan Skips Way - A name change for Chester Rd which has become a trunk road again.

Turkeys End - A fitting memory for all those turkeys that have ended up on Xmas dinner plates from Mr Hewitt's farm.

Oulton Park - For a cul de sac near the Penyffordd Bypass where bikers hurl along at 120 mph with illegal
exhausts on Saturdays and Sundays from Spring to Autumn.

Please feel free to participate in the comments section.

keywords: Redrow, Taylor Wimpey.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

HGV Short Cut Watch

You protest to have a bypass built then let HGV use the village as a short cut.
This in my opinion is part of the Tom Jones Way.

Alan Skips and Hollingsworth Bros currently are using the village as a short cut.
Is it 20, 30, 40 or 50 vehicles a day?

Hanson Cement and their contractors do NOT use the village  as a short cut.

Cllr David Williams is the only previous cllr to bring up this issue.
Cllr Clive Weed mentioned HGV on his election literature

Deeside Metals in my opinion are a major short cutter through the village.
It's hard to tell though as they have no identification on their vehicles.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Flintshire Politics

Labour Leader Aaron Shotton has struck an alliance with a newly formed Independent group formed by Cllr Tony Sharps.

Read further The Leader

postscript. Cllr Tony Sharps in the Flintshire Chronicle says he is a spokesman for the new group.
It would be fair to say that Tony is usually a bit more than a spokesperson.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Recent Penyffordd Property Sales

Sales recently added within 500m of CH4 0LS Edit location
10 Silver Birch Way £200,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0GH 1st March 2012
11 Vounog Hill £127,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0EY 24th February 2012

You can search all these sales totally free of charge by going to

Airbus finds solution to cracks in Broughton-made wings

Read  the story here BBC NE Wales

A Village Website

Below are two comments from perhaps the designer of Treuddyn village website and the operator of. Perhaps Penyffordd Council might wish to investigate.

Comments about Treuddyn Website

the Treuddyn website only costs £120 per year to host - I do all the updates for free and it isn't a great overhead. The painful part of getting the site up & running is getting all the info from the local groups & associations - but much of this doesn't change from one year to the next unless they want to post current committee members or photos of events. You don't have to know anything about java, html etc - it is basic pc skills with some idea of presentation. Often the hardest thing is to get an image for the page - but this is obtained from a free to use library. We planned the site for news/information/publicity about the village - we steered away from blogs etc as they are often devisive rather than cohesive - there are many other forums to have that type of activity. We also created a Twitter page in the same style as the web page to get a wider audience to the events we publicise - we are followed by a number of local journalists and welsh media/tourist sites which help. We get approx 700 separate users a month, and I can see we are picked up in many searches. I get approx 20 contacts a month via the Contact Us page, if I know the answer I reply directly, if not I forward them on to a more appropriate person. Many people use the website to prepare to move to the area and find out about the facilities, other people want to know about local accomodation, news etc or invite our local groups to participate in other towns' arts festivals etc. It is a good forum to show what is planned for the village - putting up the site plans etc of a new housing development - to make community issues more open. It is better to separate fact from opinion though. Our website is also bilingual english/welsh - but unless an article is on a permanent page we rely on the provider of the information to furnish a translation. Sorry to go's kind of my baby, but it's definately worth the effort to get up & running. This might duplicate a post as my previous attempt appears not to have saved. 


just to advise - the Treuddyn website only costs £120 to host per year. No costs other than that. I maintain and update it for free and it does not require any in depth knowledge of html etc it's actually harder to find the images (which are generally from a free to use website). We have deliberately designed the site to be a news/information/publicity platform for the village and steered away from blog-type postings as there are many other forums to post that type of info and it tends to be devisive rather than cohesive. We also have a Twitter page designed with the same graphics as the website to get publicity for our events and news (we have many local reporters and news groups who pick up feeds this way). The painful part of the website was getting the original information to launch from the various groups in the village - most of this doesn't change over time. It is definately worth the effort - we get over 700 separate hits a month and I can see that we are picked up in many searches. People hoping to move to the area use it as good reference information and I get about 20 emails a month via the contact us page with general queries about the village or village groups/organisations and I reply to them or forward them to a more appropriate person if I don't know. I think there's a place for both type of webpage, but if you want to promote Penyffordd it's definately worth separating fact from opinion in how you organise things 

Monday, May 07, 2012

Is being a community councillor and a Christian possible?

Actual camera used to spy on me
( Yes but what's the CCTV got to do with Christianity?) Ed.

Elsewhere I have been accused of lacking Christian values, the comment has been removed as the comment is in a very inappropriate place.

Two scenarios

1. Letter from Penyffordd Community Cllrs
Dear Mr Hughes thank you for your letter with regards speeding on Chester Rd. We will get the county council to measure the traffic and get back to you.

a. Phone call by Scribe Nigel - Mr Hughes speeding is nothing to do with the community council. ( A lie, it is. )
b. Don't stand as a community cllr in 2008 or we will tell everyone things about you. ( Blackmail)
c. Can't you do something about him? Question to CBM Chris Pullen. (Trying to use the state to bully)
d. Writing to the county solicitor. ( trying to use the state to bully )
e. Organise secret council meetings ( as previous)
f. Use covert CCTV to spy on me. ( No cllr would own up to what CCTV was was for. )
The answer I received eventually from NWP I do not believe.

Number 1 scenario would have happened with a proper balanced council.

Number 2 scenario actually happened.

Would someone wish to explain the Christian values of number 2 scenario. Are these the values I am short of? The above was carried out by cllrs who are stoutly defended on here by some. They also go to church ( the cllrs).

All the above will be council minuted excepting possibly the CCTV incident. If you look up the lampost by the millenium clock the cctv bracket is still there.

keywords: Penyffordd Community Council 2007 to 2012, hypocrisy, anti christian


And the answer to the title question. Possible for some but not for others.

I will draw a line under the above, I remain defensive. However councillor defenders need to wake up. Not all councillors are models of Christian behaviour. Much nearer Hades..............And not too far away either.

Batten Down the Hatches Part II ?

I thought I was reading last weeks news. I've just told one of my email correspondents that the weather is going to warm up except for storms on Thursday. It would appear I talk "pants".
Perhaps it will miss us.


Gosafe Continuing to protect Welsh Communities( even on a Bank Holiday )

The normal sort of profile for traffic at weekend in the summer is for us to be used as a fast short cut by holiday traffic heading for and coming from Mid Wales.

From an initial career manager at Arrive Alive who wouldn't do his job and wouldn't release traffic data to show he was NOT doing his job we now have a Gosafe team that are excellent.

Please continue protecting our community.

Carl Sargeant AM Minister for Welsh Transport is to be congratulated for turning a joke quango into a real protector of Welsh Communities.

Keyword: Jim Moore.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Penyffordd Health

With the sun currently not showing much here is a much needed article on the benefits of Vitamin D.
Many of us do not have enough. The short and long term consequences are grave.


The Position of Penyffordd Community Council Chairman - A Clarification

I have repeated on here that Tom Jones would be Chairman come the new council meeting. A commenter puts me right. My apologies for any false information given.


Reference your comments about the Chair of the New council.
We have to remember that the old Council elected Cllr Tom Cones to serve as it's Vice-Chairman as was their choice, nothing to do with Cllr Tom jones at all. Someone had to stand in for Cllr David Williams if he was absent.
When the New council meets Cllr David Williams will preside, and after all Members have signed in and accepted the Code of Conduct, and relevant declarations have been made the Chairman will call for a proposition as to who should be Chairman, and it will then be open for any name to be put forward. Neither Cllr Tom Jones nor Cllr Cindy Hinds will have the power to put themselves forward, it will be entirely a matter for the Elected Members. In the event of more than one name being put forward, then it will be put to the vote, in the long accepted standard procedure. The person receiving the most votes will be Elected. The next step in the process vwill be the election of a Vice-Chairman 

Friday, May 04, 2012

Penyffordd Community Council Results 2012

 Cindy HindsLabour / Llafur83016%Elected
 David WilliamsIndependent / Annibynnol60112%Elected
 Tom JonesIndependent / Annibynnol53911%Elected
 Helen JonesIndependent / Annibynnol4849%Elected
 Colin BithellIndependent / Annibynnol4799%Elected
 Linda Vidamour4479%Elected
 Edwina Mary DaviesIndependent / Annibynnol4298%Elected
 Clive WeedIndependent / Annibynnol3848%Elected
 Joe BellIndependent / Annibynnol3567%Elected
 Stan DaviesIndependent / Annibynnol3417%Elected
 Colin Nicholas HughesIndependent / Annibynnol2304%Not elected

Turnout 17%


I would like to thank all those who voted for me and those who have made considered comments on the blog. As far as I am concerned progress has been made in turning a moribund community council into a more youthful enthusiastic committee fit for the 21st century.

Colin Hughes

Things not to put on your election sheet

All Poles, Latvians, Romanians and the like should be sent back home if they haven't got a job after 3 months.


Not in keeping with the great European Experiment

Source: Flintshire Chronicle.

Flintshire Politics - Horse Trading to commence

Link Daily Post

Penyffordd tells Tom Jones where to go

Well done Cindy Hinds, a brave woman.

Tom's man Colin Bithell resoundingly defeated. Will county council results be translated at community council level?

Perhaps the electorate were sick of having no doctors surgery, little investment in youth facilties, the ignoring of A55 Warren Bank making the centre of Penyffordd a large short cut for through traffic and HGV.

Perhaps it was the fielding of candidates that were too old and decrepit.

ps. Tom Jones will STILL be chairman of the new Community Council. Perhaps Clive Weed might have something to say about it, maybe not !


Flintshire Election News

Alison Halford, Tim Newhouse retain seats.

Klaus looses his. 74 votes out of a 354 votes

Derek Butler is back at Broughton, David Macfarlane out

Gareth Williams fails in Mold.

Hilary Isherwood scrapes in by 5 votes Llanfynydd.

Ray Hughes Leeswood retains seat.


Penyffordd Election Results 2012

Penyffordd / Pen-y-ffordd - results - County Council

Election Candidate Party Votes %

 1. Cindy Hinds Labour / Llafur 812 47% Elected

 2. David Williams Independent / Annibynnol 563 32% Elected

 3. Colin Bithell Independent / Annibynnol 362 21% Not elected

Community Council Results are counted this morning , results towards mid day

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Flintshire Election Results Live - Flintshire Chronicle

The Live Blogging at the Flintshire Chronicle has started.
First results due to be anounced at midnight.


Penyffordd District Local Election Predictions


1st David Williams
David has done a lot of work he should see his share of the vote increase

2nd Cindy Hinds. Cindy works hard under a handicap. Should see an increase in vote share due to national politics

3rd Colin Bithell. Colin in my view was wrong to use his immense personal tragedy as part of his election leaflet. Sitting in the polling room today whilst residents voted also an error of judgement.

Voters don't want politicians around whilst they are voting. Colin is part of a political group grasping at straws. Their time has passed they should have moved aside.
Long gone are the times when being a councillor involved just a monthly nose at the planning applications.

It remains to be seen if voters took any notice of Colin's personal tragedy and got all sentimental.

I won't be staying up. Not sure who is following the count. Flintshire Chronicle has an on line blog which I can't get working. Or perhaps its just no one is using it yet.

Please feel free to put any results in the comment section.

Good night.

Has Colin Bithell broken electoral law?

Colin Bithell this morning was sitting with polling staff  IN the polling room.
He was not standing outside the polling room as they normally are.

I read elsewhere that tellers who work for candidates are NOT allowed in the polling room.

Commenters complain that they found this situation intimidating.

More here in the comments section.

Election Intell

Apparently Colin Bithell's on the door at the polling station already. I've lost our polling cards, you don't need them though. Might be asked for driving license or some other form of proof.

The Daily Post View of Flintshire Elections

Slightly biased but never mind.


Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Commenter's View of Penyffordd Councillors

Thank you for your effort Sir/Madam
Reproduced here from a comment elsewhere
It deserves a place at the top.


I have refrained thus far from entering the fray, but the time has come where as someone who has had dealings with many Councillors and Local Government Finance, that I feel I must intervene.
I am full of admiration for Men and Women who selflessly give up their quality time to attend meetings on behalf of the Community, without any remuneration whatsoever. (unlike those who get Elected to the County council on £12,500 per Annum plus expenses). So I have been taking a look at what has been achieved these past 4 years by Penyffordd Community Council, and this is what I have found:-

2008/9 MultiUse games area £12,000 

Millstone/Melwood play area £6000

Melwood and Dobshill play Area--£5000

Annual Litter Collection--£5,500 per year

Seasonal grasscutting-- £3,750 per year

Christmas Lighting--£4000 per year

Summer Play Scheme --£900 per year

Street Lighting--£5000 per year

Grants to Organisations--£3200 per year

Grant to War Memorial Institute--£3400 per year

Provision of extra salt bins--£1000

This equates to a Band D property Council Tax Payer of 60p per week. One of the lowest Band d Charges in Flintshire.

I believe this to be highly commendable, and I hope this will be helpful both to yourself and all those who read your blog.

I also believe it reflects great credit upon all the existing Members of the Council and I urge Electors to re-elect those who are seeking re-election together with some new blood in the form of Clive And Helen, then we will have the right comination of experience and drive.

I do this in the interests of Truth. 

Welsh Election News

LABOUR is on course to make massive gains in Wales in this week’s local elections at the expense of the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and independents, a new poll published today shows.

" Labour is seeking to regain a number of local authorities across Wales, including Newport, Torfaen and Flintshire. They are also targeting Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Wrexham and Merthyr Tydfil.


Yes that's Labour who hold the Welsh purse strings. Just a thought.


The comments section might be worth a read.

ps. Still doesn't affect Penyffordd District predictions for county councillors for Penyffordd.

Political Promises and Liabilities

The big day tomorrow for some. Our nominee councillors and those ready to gloat at my failure.

A commenter elsewhere brought up the promises of a skate park in Penyffordd.
Is not the art of politics promising to the biggest group?
Or a group of promises to make up a large audience of possible voters?

We have a nominee cllr who is promising to find a doctor for the village. The very same cllr who has sat on his hands whilst doctors have left the village.
Will the Penyffordd electorate even notice?

Then we liabilities. Chester Rd traffic and myself.

Before certain actions were taken I was going to leaflet Chester Rd with talk of our cllrs abandoning Chester Rd. It would have made little difference. Chester Rd does not have many votes.

Anyway sense has been seen we are on the traffic calming list.

If you want to loose votes in the election mention my name or Chester Rd traffic on you sheet. Guaranteed to loose you at least a 100 votes. The price of standing up to councillor intransigence.

It's a price I find acceptable.

Perhaps our new councillors will behave in a different manner to the old brigade ( Tom Jones crew) who by the way are certain to retain a majority after tomorrow.

The light of Penyffordd opinion is now switched on. Councillors may wish to ignore it but it will not go away.

I wish to thank those who have commented sensibly with intelligence, brought the issues that affect their lives to the fore, issues that they are concerned about.

The county council vote gets announced tomorrow night at a late hour
In 2008 they had about 5 recounts with differing results for Penyffordd.
The community council vote Friday lunchtime

Get well quickly Chris Lucas

Chris is recovering from very recent surgery.  Still chomping on the bit to to do a UK to France charity bike ride.

Thank you Gosafe

In attendance this morning. Making our Chester Rd community quieter and safer for residents, school children and pensioners.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Penyffordd Walkers will welcome

the Welsh Coastal Path that will open shortly. The walk stretches all around the Welsh coastline. This is a very worthwhile achievement by the Welsh Assembly Government.

The photo above is Harlech beach. The golf course on the right in the dunes one of the toughest in Wales.


The talk on current village politics will end Saturday

(By me anyway)

Commenters are welcome always to use the blog as a soap box.
You can use the comment box to be anon
I will transfer comment to appear as a new topic

or email
Your email address will remain confidential.

Elections come but once very 4 years they are of importance to the residents of the village.

Future Penyffordd Community Council meeting will be discussed once a month.
And the community council will have an email address so you can contact the council
in an easy manner with a record of what you said and when. ( of course they will! )

Everyone of course will be pulling in the same direction.
The tide against in the coming years a bit stronger than that of the last 5 years.
The EU in a mess.

An example of what Penyffordd is missing out on

A ward half the size of Penyffordd.
£170K for a skate park in Leeswood.

I'm not saying it's easy to get grant money, it most certainly is not.

It doesn't help however when you have councillors who have been cllrs for 20 years
who think turning up for a meeting once a month is all that's required.

Will you vote the same tired old councillors in for another 4 years of no ambition?

Your choice !


Treuddyn have one working.


A Phone Call from Colin Everett Returning Officer for Flintshire

It appears the polling machinery is running well with everything in place.

Colin Bithell has made a complaint. Third one in two elections?

After discussion I have agreed to remove certain comments I have made against other nominee cllrs.
Colin Everett's points fair.
He did also mention that he is encouraged to see healthy debate on issues facing residents

One hopes Colin Bithell when he becomes a Penyffordd Cllr after the elections will champion Chester Rd environment issues. We are after all Colin, a major route to school and short cut for over a 1000 out of village vehicles each day.

(We haven't had the election yet! Ed.)

Apparently there will be further media coverage over polling issues shortly.
It may disappoint but at the moment I'm not on the list.

David Williams Election Literature

David informs me it was he himself that put his election literature through my door whilst doing the rest of Penymynydd Rd.

I had previously stated that I thought our house had been missed out.

Quite happy to put the matter straight
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