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Saturday, August 31, 2019


Do you park on paths, double yellows or single yellows?

I have someone who parks on the big path outside my house. I've told him he'll get himself booked but to no avail.

It's Saturday afternoon, there's a young lady traffic warden who has just put parking tickets on 6 cars in Hope and Caergwrle.

Finally...........Rachel Flowers Live at the Libbey Bowl - Malambo

What Is and What Should Never Be (2012 Remaster)

Friday, August 30, 2019

More Planning News

Speaking at September’s meeting, Penyffordd councillor Cindy Hinds said the houses being put forward at Vounog Hill did not meet the needs of people living in the area. She said: “Our village has had enough building to last a lifetime. “If you are building any more, people are asking for reasonable, rentable accommodation, something affordable they can buy and some bungalows, which are essential. “We as a county council should be making sure this happens. We are in our own buildings, but not in private developments. “There is not one bungalow on the Vounog site or any other site which has been passed by the authority or Welsh Government.”---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you have read in previous post what Andrew Farrow has to say one might wonder where this is going apart from in the bin.

Penyffordd Planning Matters

Penyffordd councillor David Williams said: “The ward has accepted over and above the required housing allocation under the life of the developing local development plan.

“These approvals have already resulted in approximately 30 per cent growth of the village.

“The current application is for retirement homes that may appear appropriate, but there is no binding assurance that this will actually happen.

“The road infrastructure of the village is inadequate to accept further development and the proposed site access will add to the dangers in this location.”

The proposals will be decided at a meeting being held at County Hall in Mold next Wednesday.

Friday, August 02, 2019

Village Safety - Flintshire County Council are hopeless

Most Wrexham BC communities now have compulsory 20 mph zones

I think head of FCC Streetscene a waste of space.

Question. Why are Gosafe only operating outside Cllr David Williams' house? That's a question to Penyffordd Community Council.

Its just a matter of time till some idiot knocks someone over.
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