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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Our friends in the pond

No sure what's going on here.
Mum has had enough of the pond, doesnt like the water? There's another pond 30 feet away. She has hauled herself out the pond with Dad still attached. Or is it all over and Dad has no idea?
Such a serious business................
The newts are also about but don't tell Klaus........................

Welsh Assembly Elections May 03 2007

First leaflet through the door Plaid Cymru.
Main Points.
Help Save our hospitals. Too late Penyffordd.
More money for schools.
Protect our Post Offices.

Not mentioned......................................

The removal of RAF Valley and DARA Sealand including jobs?
plus the removal of any other British Defence organisations. 5000 skilled jobs or 10,000?

Lest we forget.........................

Local Walks within a 30 minute Drive

Click here.

Traffic Watch

Saturday 31st March 2007 15.45 hrs

4 motorbikes most probably coming from Corwen Rd to Chester Rd towards Broughton
Speed past Penymynydd Rd estimated at 60 - 90 mph , near the latter I think.
The limit is 30 mph.

There are ways to stop this ............................................

Penyffordd Traffic Video Watch going live shortly.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Welfare Attorney

It is now going to be possible to appoint a close friend or family member to make vital decisions on their medical treatment after new guidance was issued by the British Medical Association.
This is very welcome.
Next of kin or immediate family are not always availble

Click here.

Penyffordd Wine Circle

Overheard in the Post Office

A couple who are thinking of moving into the village were asking Mary Post Office
what time the Neighbourhood Forum started and what sort of things were discussed.
One of the locals chipped in "They will be discussing the 2 murders that happened
last week............................"

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Penyffordd Community Council now has an email address

The power of The Internet knows no bounds. Any issues with regards to Penyffordd can now be emailed to

Emails will then be collated and printed and delivered to The Clerk
to the Council Mr Jones.

Penyffordd Community Council Refuse to join the 21st Century

A letter hand delivered from the Clerk to the Council.
The council have decided communication by email is a no no.
Members of the council do not have email addresses.
A fib I think!
I realise that email is not for everyone but come on!
An email address for the clerk is all that's needed.

The clerk mentions the vigorous speed calming campaign
over the last two and half weeks.
The van in the wrong place and fluorescents everywhere.

A vigorous talk between council members on ways to STOP the rat run
is required.
A policy and strategy to be drawn up

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Penyffordd Community Council Members

Colin Bithell Chairman
Stan Davies
Edwina Davies
Cindy Hinds
Tom Jones OBE
Mr JW Bell
Mr J Davies
Mr S H Shone
Mrs M D Jones
Linda Vidamour

Laws to change in regards to Speed Camera Installation

Until now it has been almost impossible to get a speed camera installed unless villagers are seriously injured or killed.
Click here for law changes from 1st April 2007.

Slave Trade

How can one be responsible and apologise for something that was stopped in principle 200 years before you were born?
Answers on a postcard.
Slavery is still happening today. It would be useful to target countries where it still happens.
Problem is that some of them are very wealthy.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Drug Education

An interesting graph.

We have nutmeg in the house...............................
Isobutyl Nitrate otherwise known as Poppers. (Click here)
In some circles it is thought may be one of the causes of AIDS, it depletes the immune system. If you dont believe do a search on benzine poisoning.
Have grown Datura plants for years, its called the Devil's Weed and rightly so.
The books of Castaneda discuss its effects.
The books although highly interesting has been challenged as a fake.
As far as I am aware Datura is NOT illegal

GHB was used French hospitals gave it during birth to mothers.
Have met doctors on holiday that took Ketamine.

Magic mushrooms not stuff to be sold like alcohol.
LSD's position seems a little low by a long way, similar to the mushrooms
Marjuana at the bottom is strange. A leading London doctor says 95% of his screwed up patients had done Marjuana. So do screwed up people seek marjuana or does Marujuana screw up people?

Discarded spliffs are in the streets of Penyffordd. Fact.

Oh by the way, we do red wine. alcohol...........which seems to be 7th worst.

So we open up our bottle of red wine and can drink to the fact that cocaine, ectasy, codeine, mescaline, Rohypnol, dimethylytriptamine, kava kava, nitrous oxide, psilocybin, LSD, Marjuana are less damaging to our bodies?

Which one should we downgrade to?

I think not.................................

Penyffordd Butchers

Penyffordd Butchers. Run by Steve Vaughan one of the village characters. Steve is famous for his sausages which have won awards.

Penyffordd Bowling Club

Penyffordd Football Club History

Records of Zion Presbyterian Church, Penyffordd (Hope)

Penyffordd Junior School Inspectors Report 2003

Requires free pdf reader.

Gordon Williams responds to David William's letter

I was going to comment on Gordon's reply to David William's letter to The Chronicle (here).
Wifey has managed to loose that particular edition. Will comment more fully when I get a copy of the letter.
Wifey has rung around, we now have the letters section from a friend's recycling bag.
Oh the uses of recycling.
Our friend says Gordon has been very unwell. I hope you have made a full recovery Gordon.

"My Chance to set the kiln record straight"
To follow...............

Friday, March 23, 2007

Incineration Problems

Castle Cement's Emission Statement

Click Here.

Our cars have had little cement dust on them for quite some time. The last 3 weeks has seen dust on the cars.

Emission Watch for Penyffordd

Click here.

Penyffordd Tower Clock

Penyffordd and Penymynydd British Legion

Penyffordd Tower Clock

Councillor Bithell speaks out on behalf of the village

" Stop experimenting with People's Lives"
Colin Bithell has demanded a halt to the burning of alternative fuels at Castle Cement. The scheme should be shelved as we do not yet know the implications of burning animal waste.
Colin comments that neither the Environment Agency or Castle Cement are providing information about these alternative fuels. A health study was promised into the effects of burning these fuels in the kiln, this has not so far been forthcoming. Castle Cement is experimenting burning one different fuel after another. He comments that the experimentation is playing with people's lives

Cemfuel Link 1

Waste Burn Risks 1

Defra on Waste Burn

BSE Enquiry

MBM in Transit

BSE via Environmental Pathways

Quantitative assessment of the BSE risk associated with fly ash and slag

Incineration of MBM

Incineration in the EU 2002

A Scottish Council Struggling with Incineration 2006 (not for those of a weak stomach)

Penyffordd Dental Practice

The Millstone

Penyffordd Institute

Local People 1

This is Bob, he has driven millions of miles as a lorry driver. Now enjoying retirement. Lived in the heart of Penyffordd for many years but has now downsized to Penymynydd. Bob and Ann enjoy gardening, country and western music.
Bob is always pleasant and always up for a chat. He thought I was joking when I said I'd put him on the Internet. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Novel Effective Method of Traffic Calming

This suddenly slipped into my head the other day from the Great Unconcious, there is nothing new its all up there.
This method does NOT include bumps, chicanes, single lanes or whatever.
A set of traffic lights are strategically placed. The traffic lights turn to red if someone breaks the speed limit, set off by the methods employed in proactive road signs. The traffic is penalised according to how persistent the speed limit is broken. The more it is broken the longer the lights stay on red.
Of course there must be someone out there who has put this into practise.

A little Googling reveals they have been used in Spain for 25 years, also in Portugal. As one cynic noted however there is no revenue with this type of traffic calming.
True but authorities for a little time now have shown they are interested in traffic calming without revenue. We have proactive speed reminder devices. The Police are stopping speeding motorists for an educative talk.

Banner Links

Community Councils who are Pro Active in Traffic Calming Measures

Click the Link
East Lothian Council
Rossett (pdf format) free download
New Brighton, Wirral

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Public Enquiry A494

Your Elected Representatives- Write To Them Here

The Proposed Upgrade to the A494 Drome Crorner to Ewloe Road Improvement Scheme

The Map at Oct 06

A494 Drome Crorner to Ewloe Road Improvement Scheme

There is a presentation that will need Microsoft Powerpoint.

For those without Powerpoint.
Site drawings are in PDF Format.

Organisation & Team
Current Situation
The contract
Key Issues

Current Situation
§Maximum capacity exceeded
§ Regular peak time congestion
§ Poor accident record (particularly at junctions)
§ High environmental impact (noise & air quality)
Existing structures in poor condition

§Increase road capacity
§ Improve road safety
§ Maintain good local access
§ Ensure sustainable and innovative design
§ Minimise disruption during construction
§ Mitigate visual environmental impact
§ Mitigate traffic noise impact
§ Provide a 40 year road life

The Contract
§Widen existing A494 between River Dee and Ewloe Interchange
§ New 4 lanes + hardshoulder Southbound
§ Reconstructed 3 lanes + hardshoulder Northbound
§ Replace / refurbish existing structures
§ Close at grade junctions / alternative provision (Plough Lane & Aston Hill)
§ Visual and noise screening (landscaping, low noise surfacing)

Key issues
§Local road access arrangements
§ Maintenance of public rights of way
§ Minimal disruption
§ Maintaining public awareness
§ Enhance the as built environment
Demonstrating value for money

The Objectors
Local people have objections which will be linked to here as they are gathered.

BBC Link

Protest Site

Plus our MP and AM's

A walk too far for me, 4000 ft from the floor

They have built a glass bridge above the Grand Canyon.
Click here.

Not all the way across but too much for me.
Website is a bit snazzy may need a download to run

Tastefully blended in but still too much for some.

A 3rd Letter from Mark Tami MP

Young idiots who push you along the road

Having driven a car for more than 30 years I now find something I found a pleasure to be wearing. I get 200 yds up the road towards Broughton still in the 30 mph zone and someone will be on my tailgate trying to push me up the hill. Its not me getting old, its people being stupid. If I have 8 vehicles in front of me on an A road what use is it for the vehicle behind me to be 20 feet from my bumper at 60 mph?
I have been asking my wife Lisa if there are any films out that promote this silly type of behaviour.
Lisa answers in the negative.
Well finally I have my answer. Click here.

Computer racing games encourage reckless driving.
Problem is about half the driving public seem to be playing these games.
When are the authorities going to crack down on tailgaiting?

Its a pain, its not needed as no one gets to their destination any quicker.
It just makes multiple pile ups a certainty.

I see tailgaiting everywhere. People out in their cars, minding their own business being pushed along the road by cars and lorries. I have had various to do's with lorry drivers I wont have 30 tons of lorry 20 feet from my bumper doing 50mph.
I get my wife to phone the company up, not sure if the driver always gets sorted though.
There needs to be a police number to report a lorry driver or car driver for tailgaiting.
An idiot database, it would soon become apparent who the idiots were, with suitable re-training or loss of license for persistent offenders. An excercise in motorists policing the driving system. The police can't because there are too many of us.

Its 9.20 am Penyffordd returns to a peaceful village, Rat Run over for now.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cold Today

A sprinkling of snow on Hope Mountain
Further a field it looks white towards Leeswood.
Picked up a cold last week, there's lots going around
Office work today I think.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Letter to Aaron Shotton, Leader of Flintshire County Council with Regards to Penyffordd Rat Run

Hi Aaron,
Good to see you have an email address.

I live in Penyffordd, Chester.
I have started a blog.
This in frustration at the Community Council over speeding motorist who use
Penyffordd as a Rat Run and short cut.

When the A55 Warren Hall exit is completed, Penyffordd will receive much higher densities of traffic.
It is quicker using Penyffordd village than the By-Pass
When Aston Hill is opened up this will lead to higher densities at Penymynydd Roundabout which is
inadequate for current volumes at certain times of the day.
The Hope T junction is also a major pain.

There are 2 housing developments in Penyffordd/ Penymynydd that are going to happen whether I like it or not.
Money can be extracted to keep Penyffordd a village not the preferred main route through the village for many hundreds of
passing motorists each day.
The relevant authorities are using £100's of millions of pounds at the two schemes mentioned above. I feel they should fund the mess they leave us in at the end of the line.

kindest regards Colin Hughes

copy Mark Tami MP, Cindy Hinds CC.

Padeswood Castle Cement Kiln Construction

Penyffordd Wrexham Road

Penyffordd Rhos Avenue

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Traffic Dynamics of Penyffordd and District

Monday to Friday.
Early morning somewhere near 6 ish cars start to rush through the village, mostly I think to get to BAE or Raytheon. Then it dies down till just before 7. 30 am. The rat run then picks up and will have the highest volume and speed for the day. I am thinking of monitoring traffic levels. I think levels of 15 - 20 cars per minute are reached. Will check. Traffic dies down towards 9.00am but there are still plenty flying through the village up until 10.00am.

After 12. 00 pm traffic picks up, not to the same levels as the morning. Workers going in for shift work. After a certain point traffic from shift workers flows in the opposite direction from Broughton into the village. This seems to finish after 13.30 pm. After 16.00 pm we have the homewood bound traffic which is gentler than the morning assault. After 18.00 pm levels drop off.

After dark we have just the occasional local "top gun" with wheel spins.

I would say over 70% of drivers early morning before 9. 00 pm are plus 30 mph

Penyffordd Speed Calming Initiative continues

Spotted yesterday (Wednesday) Policeman without fluorescents with what looked like reporters near the Millenium Clock Tower.
Today a Police presence up The Vounog before 9 in the morning.

Health Tip of the Day 1 - Fruit Juice

Scientists have done the research.
Here's the results.

The juice league table

Millimoles per litre of phenolic anti-oxidants:

1 Purple Grape 0.98

Made from grapes with dark flesh which have the highest level of anti-oxidants

2 Cloudy Apple 0.67

Cloudy apple juice has four times the level of anti-oxidants of clear apple juice.

3 Pomegranate 0.45

One of the newest juices on the market. Has a high anti-oxidant content.

4 Cranberry 0.32

Known for its health-giving benefits, especially as a treatment for cystitis in women.

5 Grapefruit 0.30

Interacts with some medicines reducing their effectiveness.

6 Clear Apple 0.26

Processes used to remove the pulp, which makes juice cloudy, remove the anti-oxidants

7 Tropical 0.12

Mixed fruit juice that contains a range of anti-oxidant compounds - but made from juices that have low levels

8= Orange, Pineapple, Tomato, Red Grape, White Grape less than 0.1

Article here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The world moves on..........................

A nanotechnology company have found a way of "printing" electronic circuits.
Some of the new sensors are 100sm thick. Others are just ten atoms wide. To give you an idea of the scale, a human hair is 50,000nm thick.
Look nano .

Penyffordd Community Council Monthly Meeting

I have asked for the following information.

1. Names , addresses , emails of councillors.

2. I have asked for each councillors position on traffic calming and
stopping the village being used as a short cut.

3. I have asked for an email address for the clerk to the council.

Reasonable questions.

How many answers will I get?

Its looking like none :(

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Carbon Offsetting for Beginners.

20 is Plenty

Is on the way I have sent for the pack.

Reply to Email sent to Transport 2000

Hi Colin

There are a number of options including traffic calming; changes to the street that encourage drivers to slow down; speed cameras. Take a look at the New Life for Main Roads web site: under Good Practice.

You can also find a briefing on how to campaign for a 30mph zone in villages which has some relevant information – go to the Transport 2000 web site at Select Change your streets – then select Campaign guides and briefings.

Government guidance recommends that schools, wherever possible, have a 20mph zone on surrounding streets - this should add to your argument for a 20mph speed limit.

Ways of slowing traffic without traffic calming include:

2. Informal crossing places (as opposed to zebras and pelican crossings) marked out with traditional materials (and since they are informal they don’t need lots of zigzag white line) show that the street is shared with pedestrians.

3. If the street has centre white lines, removing these can slow drivers down – increasing uncertainty for drivers encourages them to take their foot off the accelerator.

4. Encouraging people to get out and use the street as social space also affects drivers. David Engwitch (in his book Mental Speed Bumps) claims that the effect of a street festival on passing traffic lasts a lot longer than the street festival itself.

You may also want to take a look at the following web sites for ideas: (Save our Streets) Street Facts (photographs of streetscapes in Europe) Home Zones in UK

Would you like a 20’s Plenty campaign pack? If yes, please email me your address.

Let me know if you need any further help

All the best

Linda Beard

Streets and Traffic Campaigner

Transport 2000


Zimbabwi continues to descend into chaos.
The World sits on its hands.
What exactly is the UN for?

postscript: well done Margaret Beckett

Click here.

North Wales Police Bloggers

Penyffordd Speed Calming Initiative continues

Police continue with their efforts to calm traffic. This time during end of school day. PC Ian Millington and colleague checking motorist's speed entering the village. Showing a high visible presence. The operation is not about collecting money its to educate drivers.

Monday, March 12, 2007

An interesting article on Speed cameras

The People's Speed Camera Toolkit

plus links


Road Calming Snippets

A road hump/gateway  scheme is considered  suitable and  this
could be implemented in two stages. However, if the two
stages are carried out simultaneously, it does appear that
the site could be a suitable candidate for the introduction
of a 20 mph speed limit zone (see paragraph 3.3 of the
report). This would further benefit the scheme as signing
and road marking requirements are considerably reduced, thus
lessening the visual impact on the street scene and the
overall cost of the scheme. Authorisation for an experimental
20 mph zone would be required from the Department of

High Street, Buriton - Same Problem Penyffordd

B.1 The Parish Council are concerned at the volume and speed of
traffic passing through the village with regard to pedestrian
safety , particularly at the village infant school. Traffic
levels through the village are very low, except on weekday
mornings between approximately 0800 and 0900 hours when
levels increase due to traffic queues on the A3 south of
Petersfield. The High Street then becomes part of a
'rat-run' route involving the C200 and B2146 and enables
traffic to access Petersfield from the east. The problem,
however, will be resolved with the completion of the
Petersfield Bypass, expected in 1995.

B.2 An 'S' type chicane scheme is proposed, situated immediately
to the west of the school entrance at the point where lower
vehicle speed is desirable.

B.3 The estimated cost of the scheme is £5,000 and would provide
a good example of traffic calming where there is a
'rat-running' problem in a rural village.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be given priority in the village, with traffic nuisance kept
to a minimum.

Traffic entering the settlement will be dispersed along three main routes which will be
subject to traffic calming to produce design speeds of 25mph.

Cars will not be excluded from the village centre. They form part of the activity which
will bring life to its heart, and informal parking will be permitted in the street and
square. However, the linear form of the village centre will ensure that all essential
facilities should be within walking distance of most residents, thus reducing the number
of car journeys.
Type of data collected by Councils

4.1 Recent traffic monitoring (June 2006) along Long Line shows that:
· typical 2-way flow during the working day is less than 180 vehicles per hour (that is less than 3 vehicles a minute),
· the maximum peak hour 2-way flow is 360 vehicles per hour (that is 6 per minute),
· 71% of drivers exceed the speed limit,
· 35% of drivers drive above the enforceable level of 35mph,
· 15% of drivers drive downhill at more than 41mph,
· 15% of drivers drive uphill at more than 38mph.

Mr Brunstrom in trouble again

A lady from Bagillt takes Mr Brunstrom to task for having the temerity to have a blog. Its translated into Welsh by someone getting £13 per hour. The lady says that his sole job is to run the police force. The current political tug of war regarding funding continues. Is Mr Brunsrom the cause of the trouble?
I take the line that he should have his blog. Chief Constable's are seen to be remote. The blog is a move in the right direction.
Have you ever tried to complain to the head of an organisation? They usually hide behind layers of bureaucracy.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Iraq - A View

The Future .............................tx samizdata

This is the future:
I pulled up at the checkpoint on the outskirts of town, waved down by the ever present uniforms.
"License, ID and travel permit please sir." said the traffic warden after I'd wound down my window, his conspicuously armed friend wandering around my car and peering in the windows. "Travelling alone are we sir?"
"Yes, as it says on my permit." I Reply. Travelling in general is frowned upon these days, but travelling alone in a car built to hold five is looked upon with the same disdain as injecting heroin in public.
"Says here you're going to pick up you wife from hospital sir. Sick was she?" sneers the officer, his friend now using a mirror on a stick to check under the car.
I open my mouth, my reply forming itself before my brain can intervene. This, with hindsight, is where it all went wrong, a life destroyed because of a careless word. It was almost worth it to see the look on the officious little pric*s face, I don't think anyone has talked like that to him in a very long time. "Very, not that its any of your business. Can I go?" was my response to his disdain and what I got in return was "If you'd like to step out of the car sir, there are a couple of things we have to check."
That was 2 years ago, as far as I know my wife is still waiting to be picked up...
Thats where we're going, no travel without premission (unless of course you walk everywhere), every movement monitored, regulated and controlled. Usually by disgusting little bureaucrats who get their kick from making people miserable, and can manipulate the system to such a degree that revenge may mean being banged up for a totally fictitious crime. All perfectly legal of course because the system has been 'abused'.
Its not those at the top who we have to worry most about when our country completes its transition to a totalitarian regime, its the little men with their clipboards and forms and rules. They're the ones who can work magic with a monolithic bureacracy, and bend it to their will. All the poor sods who don't really want to be paper pushers, form fillers, or grey men who don't go out much and have a cat. They resent their jobs and take it out on whoever they come into contact with. We've all met them, we all know who they are. Imagine them with a gun and the ability to make you disappear for anything from a few days to a few years
This is where Cameron, Blair, et al, are taking us. Prompted by those empty cans who rattle at every Daily Mail headline, Guardian environmental crisis, and every shot from the air pistol of government scaremongering. It is not going to stop, there is nothing you can do to oppose it, the system will not allow it. I'm really shocked that everyone seems so surprised by the behaviour of politicians these days. Petition the Queen to dissolve parliament and start again from scratch. She can still do that can't she?

A lesson in integration into British Society

When Lenny Henry the comedian came over to this country in 1950's his mother made the family go out and integrate with British people. In the house they were Jamaican, out of the house they were British. A wise mother. nuff said............................

The Conservative Party commits suicide

No further comment needed. RIP

Perhaps further comment is required.

The polls are suggesting not........................

Vulcan Rising

The sight of a Vulcan flying low is a wonder to observe. I saw one at a BAE Chester or a Hawker Siddeley Open Day some years ago. The planes were grounded for safety reasons. This one is going to fly again in London in the summer. The link says that the RAF wanted 1.2million to make aircraft safe, a trust has done it for 80,000. That's Pounds not Euros.

Global Warming

This map shows how The Sunday Times reports that UK will look in a 100 years time. Its very hot and partially underwater, half of Angelsey is underwater, we are somewhere near the red dot. By we I should say our relatives...................
I'm one of those unconvinced. I will show the case for and against. Last Thursday on Channel 4 there was the case that the current accepted model for global warming is not correct. (Can be viewed here in its entirety courtesy Google Videos)

Climate scientist 'duped to deny global warming'

Read this but you need to read the bottom bit. The film is 10 years old and it certainly looks he was not duped.

Here's the other side on the programme.

Heat is on for deniers of global warming

The comments at the bottom of the article are interesting. The "global warming deniers" term reminds me of those in the last century who had the temerity to suggest that The Earth was NOT the centre of the Universe and the Sun did not orbit the Earth.
Persistence in these thoughts talked about in public led to being burned at the stake. A horrible way to die. Still if you recant you may still keep your job. Its a lot better than the stake.
The stifling of open public debate makes one dispair.


Russian Scientists Forecast Global Cooling in 6-9 Years

Created: 25.08.2006 17:47 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 22:33 MSK


Global cooling could develop on Earth in 50 years and have serious consequences before it is replaced by a period of warming in the early 22nd century, a Russian Academy of Sciences’ astronomical observatory’s report says, the RIA Novosti news agency reported Friday.

Environmentalists and scientists warn not about the dangers of global warming provoked by man’s detrimental effect on the planet’s climate, but global cooling. Though never widely supported, it is a theory postulating an overwhelming cooling of the Earth which could involve glaciation.

“On the basis of our [solar emission] research, we developed a scenario of a global cooling of the Earth’s climate by the middle of this century and the beginning of a regular 200-year-long cycle of the climate’s global warming at the start of the 22nd century,” said the head of the space research sector.

Khabibullo Abdusamatov said he and his colleagues had concluded that a period of global cooling similar to one seen in the late 17th century — when canals froze in the Netherlands and people had to leave their dwellings in Greenland — could start in 2012-2015 and reach its peak in 2055-2060.

He said he believed the future climate change would have very serious consequences and that authorities should start preparing for them today because “climate cooling is connected with changing temperatures, especially for northern countries.”

“The Kyoto initiatives to save the planet from the greenhouse effect should be put off until better times,” he said, referring to an international treaty on climate change targeting greenhouse gas emissions.

“The global temperature maximum has been reached on Earth, and Earth’s global temperature will decline to a climatic minimum even without the Kyoto protocol,” Abdusamatov said.


In answer to Gordon William's Letter - P H Gaston

Mr* Gaston who lives in Hawarden had difficulty following Gordon's argument as to the resulting election. Mr Gaston states that Gordon fails to understand the difference between Parliamentary and Local Elections.
In Parliamentay Elections only a small amount of electorate will know the candidate or have met him/her personally.
Also some candidates do not live in the constituency.
Therefore the politics of the candidates party weigh heavily in favour.

He then argues that the opposite is the case in local elections.
He then states that locals will know the record of candidates if they have served on councill's before.
Mr Gaston then points out that Gordon and Klaus have both been County Councillors. That the voters put Gordon in 4 th place and Klaus with 38 votes, less than even the BNP!
He ends with "No further comment necessary."
End of letter.
The BNP seem to scare the pants off the established parties.
National politics in my opinion require a shake up, less spin more action. The current Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem parties make one dispair. I'm for a benevolent dictator who prefers market forces and small government accountable at a local level. (not Mr Chavez!)
Klaus didnt get many votes. I know nothing about his record in local government beyond what I read but being a fully paid up member of the awkward squad can be an advantage.

* I presume a Mr and not Ms /Mrs

David Williams CC - Letter in Chronicle

Scathing Attack Uncalled For. Title of letter.
I went to college with David we shared a lecturer Terry Hewitt from Hawarden, a man of great personal integrity, who taught Engineering Mathematics. I have never spoken to Gordon Williams. Gordon's record on his election sheet looked very impressive. Two weeks ago Gordon had a long letter published in The Chronicle. To the casual eye it looked patronising with sour grapes thrown in for good measure. There are 2 letters in last Friday's Chronicle following Gordon's letter. Haven't got Gordon's letter as I didnt forsee where it would go, silly me.
In the letter David paid tribute to Cindy Hinds for her honest campaign that centred on the best interests of the village.
Then David went on to scorn Councillor Gareth Williams for offensive comments (look here) and a lack of knowledge of the Penyffordd electorate. Gareth's claim that if Gordon Williams had not stood his party (Labour) would have romped home were seen as a nonsense by David who noted he had 2 independent candidate's to fight.
David then goes on to Gordon William's record in local government. Mentioned are failure to stop the kiln, a badly designed bypass and accepting large developments without gaining improvement in amenities.
( In hindsite I think stopping the kiln was never going to happen, I was part of the stop the kiln group)
( Getting money for a proper traffic calming system when/if the hospital site is developed was inspired by reading David's letter.) :)

I think Gordon then criticised the Pen Y Group as being inexperienced. David backs the Pen y Group for what they are doing.
Gordon then went on to mention that being a County Councillor was a time consuming job when one has full employment as well (patronising).
David finishes by saying he will hound Shire Hall if residents have a problem with services or whatever till the matter gets sorted.
Have sent letter to David.

ps. I notice David also berated those candidates who had personal ambitions beyond the village. I heard one snippet on the grapevine that someone suggested a relative of theirs who was standing was future Prime Minister material. The candidate didnt get my vote because I want someone who is interested in Penyffordd!

A Welsh National Police Force?

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Horses plus idiots spell Disaster

Its Sunday Lunch time 2 girls on horses riding in single file past the Post Office towards the bend.
Cars parked opposite the garage. Cars giving respect from behind the horses giving wide berth as they pass which takes them into the middle of the road on the bend. Cars regularly come around this bend at 30 mph plus from the Wrexham side. No disaster today. All the ingredients are there though. National statistics on horse accidents are horrific.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Brit Blog Awards 07

Best blogs in the UK. Be aware that profanity may be found on at least one of the contenders.

Brit Blogs 07

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Taxation is TOO much

Quote of the day

Saturday, March 3, 2007 at 08:59PM
Posted by Registered CommenterBishop Hill in

In the UK we have 8,300 pages of primary tax law, second only to India with 9,000. Even the US - thought by many to have one of the most complex tax regimes - has only 5,100.

Andrew Green, of accountancy firm Mizars.

Thanks Gordon.

Mind Games for Drivers,6903,1635406,00.html

This doesnt work outside Penyffordd post office........................

I went over a well raised zebra crossing today, perfect to stop speeding cars if one was constructed outside the Post Office. They definitely work.

Travellers in North Wales

A senior member of Northwales Police has called for more Permanent Sites. Flintshire so far has only one. He says more sites will help to stop travellers camping down on any spaces left open.
(my translation of what he said). Having done business with travellers and Irish people who live in houses (choosing my words) we find it very difficult to tell them apart on the phone. They all sound the same. I support more permanent camps as well. The alternative is more trashed fields like Rhydymywyn recently. Friction between communities and travellers with the Police in the middle getting it from both sides. By the way it's illegal to have signs in your shop or pub saying "no travellers" as of July 2006.

Corwen Sawmill closes due to tree shortage

No, I'm not making it up.

Sumo wrestling in the pond

Its Spring and they are back again.

A Tale of Two Roundabouts.

One day it was decided by those in power that Penyffordd should have its own by-pass. Hurray! The bypass was built with a new roundabout on the outskirts of Penyffordd near the train station.
The roundabout at the other end at Penymynydd was left as it stood. The design of Penyffordd roundabout seems to be fine. Penymynydd is another matter, the roundabout looks like part of Bagdad Central, mangled signs, stop skid marks in grass, a knocked down fence, Tom Jones's wall is now repaired though. Its quite a large roundabout , why do people not see it?

Our Education System?

There was no " one , two, three and away," but they began running when they liked, and left off when they liked, so that it was not easy to know when the race was over. However when they had been running half an hour or so, and were quite dry again, the Dodo suddenly called out "The race is over!" and they all crowded around the Dodo, panting, and asking, "But who has won?"

This question the Dodo could not answer without a great deal of thought, and it sat for a long time with one finger pressed upon its forehead while the rest waited in silence.

At last the Dodo said, "Everybody has won, and all must have prizes."

from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carol.

Traffic Calming Information

Road Safety Strategy Summary for Wales (in pdf format, reader is a free download)

Traffic Calming Guidelines for UK

Traffic Calming Leeds

Traffic Calming Regulations

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If you want to read reasoned intelligent debate

on current issues go here

Warning other Drivers about Speed Cameras, its consequences

I hadn't really thought this through properly untill I talked to Pc Ian millington this morning.
These are my thoughts.
Speed limits are put in place because many drivers do not see the potential consequences of their actions. Someone makes an error of judgement, bad luck arrives, you have a child, OAP, a bike, a horse in front of your car. You are going too fast, you are going to collide.
By warning other drivers of radar cameras you are putting off a very important modification of their driving behaviour. You get stopped or get the letter in the post. Its 3 points and a fine.
You think, well do I want any more points? It starts to get serious after 6.
The bottom line is speeders need to learn the hard way.
For their sakes and others.

North Wales Police in Chester Rd Penyffordd

Car Drivers frustrate speed reduction measures in Penyffordd

North Wales Police including our PC Ian Millington plus the Arrivalive cameras were in central Penyffordd this morning to start the traffic calming of Penyffordd. Vehicle drivers have been reaching speeds in excess of 40 mph through the village as school children make there way to school. The initiative is in response to complaints by householders on Chester Road and The Vouwnog.
Their efforts were frustrated by motorists flashing one another to warn of cameras. This is very short sighted and narrow minded of them.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Quote of the Day

Buying 'Carbon Offsets' is the 21st-century equivalent of buying Papal Indulgences - a salve to the consciences of the deluded for having committed an entirely fictitious sin dreamed up - rather conveniently - by the indulgence-peddlers themselves. A 'Sin of Emission', one could say...

Less Traffic Better Towns

I have purchased a copy of this today and will internally digest.

Arrivalive spotted outside Post office

With the Beat Policeman at 8.50 am. Have fired off an email to Cindy Hines, Mark Tami MP and Arrivalive man at Shire Hall Hugh Jones. Will try to reserve comments on here till after they have finished their procedures.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Fishing sign in Polish, not Welsh

There's nothing on the Telly No.2

TV Dinners UKTV Food Sky TV
by Hugh Fearnall-Whitingstall.
If you entertain, cook and wish to see the
very rich diversity of British Life and the food
varieties, this is a series
to find. They are repeated quite often.
Hugh goes around to 2 houses who are entertaining
per programme. He helps in the kitchen beforehand
and during the meal.

There's nothing on the Telly No.1

Silver Surfers. Channel 4 Tonight 21.00
About people in their 70's using online to find partners.
Their positive spirit is refreshing.
The programme turns many of the stereotypes regarding senior people on their head.
Well worth a look for a repeat.

The Welsh Language

A blog I read says the following :-

Now here's a thing; my grandfather was Welsh (from Llanelli) and he had relatives in the north of Wales. He said that, actually, the language of north and south Wales was so materially different that the two sets of relatives had to speak to one another in English. So, this Welsh they teach in schools these days isn't actually an original Welsh language, but rather a blend of northern and southern Welsh.

I can't link to this site directly as the profanity is much.

Airbus 380

John Large of Penyffordd took this photo.

Copy of 2nd letter sent to me by Mark Tami MP

The Unitary Development Plan ( UDP )

I notice this in Cindy's Newsletter.
As a person of Penyffordd and Flintshire may I say I don't want a UDP.
I don't want more people, houses, cars in Penyffordd or Flintshire.
Everywhere is getting too busy.

I don't know any individuals who want UDP.
Our political master's are foisting this upon us. ( UK and EU)

Big business must be behind all this.

They need to be told its quality of life, not how much more money they can make at our expense.

Cindy Hindes CC Newsletter January 07 Part 2

Cindy Hindes CC Newsletter January 07 Part 1

Copy of letter sent to me by Mark Tami MP

Built with the help of Penyffordd People

Friday, March 02, 2007

Car accident Dobshill

The Chronicle reports a 3 car accident at Dobshill A550. No casualties just plenty of messing around with insurance companies. 20/03/07. The rate that traffic in groups travel at I'm surprised there are so few accidents. Coming up! Soapbox lectures on tailgaiting and bullies in cars.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

E - Democracy. The Way to Go?

This link takes you Number 10 where you can petition against the large difference between the cost of Microsoft Vista in the USA which is £195. As opposed to £350 over here.

An apology to PC Millington

Since I am not aware of how procedure works in this case, it may appear I am trying to go over the top of Ian, this is not the case. I have furnished him with optimum times for the rat run. They are a little anti social. I have been past Cheshire Traffic Police with radar at 7.50 am in Mickle Trafford.......................................

and his picture........................

P C Millington - A Profile

Community Beat Manager :
PC 2519
PC 2519 Ian Millington
Mobile 07787 177 500 Buckley

Since joining the Police service in 1986 Ian Millington has served in London and Liverpool prior to transferring to North Wales Police in 2004. Stationed initially at Buckley then Saltney as a response officer and then posted as CBM to Pen-Y-Ffordd / Higher Kinnerton in June 2005.

Beat Profile


The Penyffordd/Kinnerton beat consists of two residential areas: the villages of Higher Kinnerton and Penyffordd, both consisting of mostly private properties. This beat covers an area which spreads out as far as Dobshill to the North, with a population of approximately 3,500 people.


Buckley Police Station
Mold Road

Police Surgery
War Memorial Institute, Penyffordd (every other Wednesday, 2 to 3 pm)

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