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Monday, February 26, 2007

Wikipedia Entry for Penyffordd

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

MultiMap Penyffordd




A Valid Point by Cindy Hinds

At the Police Neighbourhood Forum on Tuesday, 16th January, 2007 in the Institute speeding was brought up along with heavy traffic that uses the village as a short cut instead of the by-pass. Community Beat Manager, Ian Millington did say that if anyone could take the names of the companies on the lorries or registration numbers of the heavy goods vehicles or speeding traffic he could look into it further. This is another angle of trying to stop it, but it is not a permanent solution.

(The last line being most important Community Council ! ) my comment, not Cindy's

Speeding in Penyffordd

As someone who travels by car through various regions of the UK I find our Community Council's view of speeding a little cavalier. Travel through Broughton regularly at plus 30 mph and you are sure to pick up a minimum of 3 points. Every working day 100's of cars travel through Chester Rd, Penyffordd at plus 30mph with impunity. My beef is the noise (for me) and dangers to the community. The stretch of road between Penymynydd Rd and the Garage has various activities, pensioners travelling at 0.5 mph across the road to get pensions, school children some unaccompanied, horses, bus stops near junctions, a give way road that should be a stop road, idiots driving through the village at speed.
The recipe does not look promising.
The committee's answer to my issue is to get the village bobby to look into the matter.
This matter although partly in his domain is a matter also for the Community Council and County Council.
Two weeks on traffic still zooms............................................

Congratulations to the newly elected.

Congratulations are in order for Linda Vidamour (Community Councillor) and David Williams (County Councillor) our newly elected representatives. I hope they will put Penyffordd matters before any personal political stance. Commiserations to those not elected. A thank you to Cindy Hinds and Susan Jones who put an email address in their election literature. Thank you for answering my queries.

About Me

At the moment (Feb 07) I am concerned at the lack of interest shown by Penyffordd Community Council towards speeding on Chester Road in the village. I originally intended bombarding all interested parties with my issue. I have decided however that others in the village also have issues of a varying nature or have events or hobbies they wish to bring to other people's notice in the area. So from here we start.............................


In general Penyffordd is a quiet village handy for the cities of Chester, Liverpool and Manchester। Open countryside alround.
Penyffordd (Pen-y-ffordd) used to have a website but it is no longer around which is not a bad thing because its forum was poor. This is a blog about Penyffordd and the surrounding districts. At the time of writing the blog will used to stir up Dad's Army (75% of Penyffordd Community Council) into action over 2000 daily speeding motorists in our village.
I will then continue to add items about village life as they arise.
It will in general be about the Penyffordd area but will include various miscellanea. There are 2 Penyffordd's in Flintshire. This blog is about the one near Chester. Anyone who wishes to contribute articles are welcome. Please email me
Contributers can be anonymous. I require an active email address to allow you to contribute.
Content should be neither libellous or personally insulting. Arguments backed up with reference and fact.
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