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Monday, June 30, 2008

Petrol set to go up further?

Someone told me that there was a program on Al Jazzeera with OPEC representatives being interviewed. The representatives smiled when they were asked to increase production due to shortages. They said there was no shortage of oil.
The markets are at fault for the rises.

Link The Guardian

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A reply to Letter against Speeding Traffic Initiatives in The Leader

Hi Evening Leader
A Letter for possible inclusion.
cc. The Great and the Good

Re Letter Police No Longer giving value
(no link to the letter as The Leader Letters page is down)

Mr P Thomas writes that he is against Community Speeding Projects in Marford. Each week in The Leader there are communities who are up in arms at speeding. There are well over a 1000 communities in North Wales who would welcome speeding education initiatives on a weekly basis. Mr Thomas you are out of touch with reality. The Cllrs Mike Edwards and Beryl Blackmore who stood with the PC Kay Muldoon and PCSO Wendy Harris are to be congratulated for their support. North Wales Police are only there due to complaints from that community. As for a Police state may I recommend North Korea they only let you wear one colour jumper there.

regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District
still 2000 speeding cars every day through Penyffordd..........................................

Add this to my file please Alun lol.

Chester Rd Penyffordd Traffic update

If you want to know what drove me to spend £140 of my money on wrecking election leaflets and untold hours on research visit me on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The traffic just flying through Chester Rd.

I've emailed the great and the good explaining that if I had a gun I would shoot a few as examples.
I've been waiting for North Wales Police to come around.

I'm quite happy to be arrested. I no longer need a CV.

keyword: lowlife, scum, anti social behaviour

Friday, June 27, 2008

Quote of the day

'The man who dies rich," the Scottish-born American magnate Andrew Carnegie wrote in 1889, "dies disgraced."

CBM Chris Pullen is to have a cycle

North Wales Police have given Chris a bicycle.
Do not wish to appear unkind but do they actually make cycles to take Chris' form?
Chris has to duck when going through doors and would give most sumo wrestlers a hard time.
This has its merits in Penyffordd occasionally.

Penyffordd Neighbourhood Forum gaining momentum

Some good points by Cllr David Williams. Five councillors present and about 8 other residents.
David asked if CBM Chris Pullen would support an HGV ban. Top marks!
Also the possible removal of yellow lines outside the Penyffordd Post Office. Also top marks.

Cllr Cindy Hinds has asked Flintshire County Council about traffic data they have recently compiled.

Castle Cement backing Llangollen Eisteddfod children's day

Published Date: 27 June 2008
ONE of the area's leading employers will be supporting the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.

Read the rest here The Evening Leader

keyword: Padeswood

The photo in the article looks vaguely familiar.

Emission Watch have detected Uranium in Spon Green

TRACES of uranium found in two areas of Flintshire were yesterday sent for analysis.

The material was discovered in air-monitoring equipment belonging to the charity Emission Watch (EW).

It says it’s the first time the monitors have detected the radioactive material.

EW spokeswoman Chris Hall, of Penyffordd, said the monitors, one testing south of Buckley and the other in the Spon Green area, were set up in 2005 to check emissions from Castle Cement’s new £64m kiln in Padeswood.

click here to read the rest The Daily Post

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Police Inspectors in North Wales not a happy bunch.

In The Evening Leader. A study carried out by The Police Federation (Police Union) found that Police Inspectors in North Wales were working excessive hours, excessive demands being placed on them and having difficult working relationships.

A similar survey on Police Inspector well being in 2006 showed that the current situation is in deterioration. Head bobbies have promised to look at the issues.

The Police and Teachers continue to take the brunt of our ill educated masses.

Is our own Inspector Alun Oldfield feeling the pressure?

North Wales Police as a corporate unit seem little bothered by 2000 vehicles a day that speed
passed my house which is a route to school.

postscript. I have a friend who oversees 3000+ employees. He has been there about 2 years. He set certain targets with regards employee well being. Last year he set a target of 10% improvement on various metrics with regards employee well being. The results have just been published for the last year. The improvement in employee well being is 26% .................................

keywords: HR, Human Resources, Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie,

An email to Carl Sargeant AM re: Mold Rd mini roundabout

Hi Carl
Hope you are well.
I see in The Evening Leader we are having problems with Bernie's mini roundabout.
As mentioned the warnings are not big enough. Today's drivers
( constituents) don't want to be slowed down by any such devices as a mini roundabouts. It's foot to the floor I've got to get somewhere racing fast.

We could do with Bernie's mini roundabout up here on the Chester Rd / Penymynydd Rd junction to slow the odd 1000 vehicles that come leathering through here everyday.
Flintshire Road Safety Officer Hugh Jones has seen first hand how the locals use the large pavement outside my house as a turning point. 100's of locals use it everyday.

Shall we have a swap? You have our Tee junction and we'll have Bernie's mini roundabout.

regards Colin

Penyffordd District

actively avoiding rush hours.........................

Still the odd 1000 or 2 speeding on a Penyffordd major route to school everyday.

keyword: Cllr Bernie Attridge

Link: Inventor of the mini roundabout

The Blogging Revolution

By Roy Greenslade in The Guardian

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Judith Chalmers goes Commando

and has done for 30 years.

The mind boggles.

Judith must have a book out...........................

Link The Daily Telegraph

Do we need regime change at North Wales Police and Arrive Alive?

On Friday we have the Penyffordd and District Police Forum. I'm not going because after a year of speeding traffic it was taken off the agenda with no real effort to stop it.

I still have over 200 + vehicles of all varieties speeding passed my house every morning which is a major route to school. The police have the data but just sit on their hands. North Wales Police are acting in a manner that is unaccountable to the residents of Chester Rd Penyffordd.

Both North Wales Police and Arrive Alive are not fit for purpose with regards our rat run in Penyffordd. North Wales Police will not back an HGV ban their current position on this with regards community policing a disgrace.

Still over 1500 vehicles speeding through the village everyday

keywords. Inspector Alun Oldfield, Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie, Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One stop shop for dealing with Flintshire County Council

cc. Cllr Patrick Heesom, Cllr Arnold Woolley

Dear Bernie,
Hope you are well.
With regards your article about Flintshire County Council and its communication with rate payers who pay their wages
in The Evening Leader

Why do we have to put up with a third world council system?

I attended Penyffordd Community Council meeting last week. The Clerk to the Council Nigel Jones phoned on 4 separate occasions with promises of a phone back.
Not one phone call returned.
Us out here in the real world of business with modern communications return calls within seconds or minutes.
We have to get the business. If phone logs are kept and looked at daily by managers they can see immediately if there are issues to sort.

regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

ps I have about 8 FOIE 's that Flintshire County Council refuse to even acknowledge.

copied to my blog

Monday, June 23, 2008

Photographer's Rights

I have been tagged a pedo in my quest to stop speeding traffic from running down our children. Usually by people who live in traffic calmed cul de sacs.

Links Wales on Line


Click on image to enlarge


Click on image to enlarge

More Newts

New Newt Photos

Click image to enlarge

I have some new newt photos which I will endeavor to put on over the next few days. This newt as far as I know was from this years mating. The adults are less obvious so I think they have started to leave the pond. Although some adults do stay in the water.

Newts swim like Komodo dragons that have made the headlines recently.

Link Komodo Dragons

Berwyn Iron Works

Plenty of damage around after the strong winds yesterday. Trees across roads, power and telephone lines down. Berwyn Iron works river a nice place to eat a lunch time sandwich. This area would have been covered in dense acrid smoke and loud noise when the iron works was in production. The stream above the waterfall has brown trout which you can see when the water is clear.

Link The Daily Post

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Penyffordd Carnival 2008 photos

The Children's Magician Stephen Cooil

John Martin explains an issue with Cllr Tom Jones whilst Reith Ingman looks on.

A good turn out despite the inclement weather.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flintshire fire crew join in car wash charity fun

St John the Baptist School in Penymynydd welcomed a crew from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, who dropped in on their fundraising event.

Read here The Flintshire Standard

Penyffordd Carnival 2008 today

It's going to be smaller than usual. We normally have bus loads of children dancing in competitions.
I did not realise that all these bus loads get paid. This year it will be more village centric.
The weather is not good. Steady rain. The rain radar shows there is a chance it may go off.
Lisa is helping on the gate. Buckley band are coming which is good.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Relief as Penyffordd post office is spared the axe

WORKERS at a Flintshire village post office are celebrating after hearing it will not be affected by the closure programme.
Mary Foley, owner and postmistress at Penyffordd post office, says she is delighted after receiving a letter confirming that her post office will be able to stay open and will not be effected by the proposed branch closures happening across Wales.

Read the rest here The Evening Leader

by the fragrant Kate Forrester

Mai Gaught - A Service of Thanksgiving

A service of thanksgiving has been held at the Trinity Chapel Penyffordd. Mai was very active in many different spheres of life. Charities, animals, fundraising, Penyffordd Flower Club and many other activities.. A happy woman who commanded attention.

Mai's late husband was Dr A Spencer Gaught my former headmaster.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

To The Penyffordd Community Council meeting

Last month Cllr Colin Bithell and Cllr David Williams had a rant at me whilst under the protection of the meeting. Residents are allowed to watch but can't talk. Colin Bithell had a 20 minute rant after a set up question from Cllr Edwina Davies. My wife had to sit and listen.

So because Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie of North Wales Police was supposed to be coming along and there was probably going to be further fall out with regards myself I decided to attend.

Cllr David Williams turned up 11 minutes after the meeting had started. David seems to have made a life time of learning of how to turn up late.

To be continued....................

Still no photos

I have a little curse on me at the moment. My main computer has decided to stop. Is it the mobo, the ram, the power supply or the hard drive or do I have a virus or have Microsoft allowed North Wales Police to mess with my computer?

My computer has various softwares loaded for work and processing of digital photos. All of which is not on other computers.

Also my pocket computer decided to stop working. I ordered a new battery off Ebay and it started working again.

My camera which has a very good zoom lens has started to play up. Some issue with the various modes, it suddenly decides to turn itself off after starting up.

Today Amy Illingworth of The Evening Leader phoned up. We had just heard the fire engines but thought they were on the Penyffordd By Pass. Do we know about a fire in Penyffordd?
Colin is just ready for his afternoon siesta, can't find his camera. Anyway my photos should be in The Flintshire Leader tomorrow. Camera seems to work if I stay away from auto mode.

Postscript. Now working.

An Evening with Dennis Parry of Penyffordd

I had a telephone call from Dennis the other day whilst I was in the middle of Conway , Lisa was getting fish and chips from one of the best chippies in North Wales. Dennis said that because Labour were no longer in power in Flintshire he wanted to start a blog. Its called The Flintshire Watch. So I set one up for him.
I went around the same evening to show him how it works.

Dennis and I talked about everything. The price of oil, Al Jazzeera, Flintshire politics, Penyffordd and its characters and everything else.

Dennis has a nice laptop with Vista and no mouse. I don't like XP and it was my first go on Vista.
I've told Dennis to put a mouse on it as its keyboard equivalent is a pain in the a*rse.

Dennis appears to be an incorruptible left wing whilst I am an amalgamation of several parties.
Being self employed sways one towards Conservative.

Before the election I had met Dennis on two occasions. Once six months ago when he was at a Carl Sargeant AM and Mark Tami MP surgery for 3 minutes and one day before the election when I put election literature through his door.

It has been put around the village that my trashing of Cllrs Colin Bithell and David Williams in my election literature was a joint effort between Dennis and myself. This is not the case. Dennis left me to my own devices. 15 months of over a 1000 cars speeding passed my house drove me to rubbish the pair of them and that is all. I will do it again if we have any feet dragging.

I hope to see Dennis in the future he is good company with many a tale and a good host. I now remember however why I gave up beer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An Email to Hugh Jones Road Safety Officer for Flintshire County Council

Dear Hugh
Hope you are well
I see you are appearing regularly with SID (Speed Indicator Display) in
The Evening Leader. Whilst Policing by Media has its place it grates a little when I see over a 1000 vehicles a day speed passed my house which is a major route to school.

The Arrive Alive Partnership over the last year have told lies over FOIE's and have refused to hand over valuable data that shows the true extent of speeding in Chester Rd, Penyffordd

You now have traffic data for Chester Rd for 2 periods that includes the begining of May 2007 and the middle of June 2008.
This data can be put on Microsoft Excel and will show if any progress has been made.

The data you now have can show in my opinion based on looking at your equipment.

1. Total number of vehicles per day
2. Total number of speeding vehicles each day and their exact speeds
3. Total number of speeding lorries and buses each day
4. Increase of traffic density between surveys
5. The wholesale disregard by Airbus and Raytheon shift workers for Penyffordd village environment.

Are Flintshire County Council and The Arrive Alive Partnership going to honour their commitment to road safety or are you going to continue with this charade with councillors hiding their incompetence behind your refusal to show anonymous traffic data that is vital to the safety of children in Chester Rd, Penyffordd?

On Wednesday evening Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie will address Penyffordd Community Council. This would be a good opportunity for North Wales Police who are part of the Arrive Alive Partnership to show leadership and give a complete set of traffic data for the periods above.

regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

Geraint Jones' email with regards child safety in Penyffordd.

Hi Cindy
This is a copy of Geraint Jones' email.
Flintshire County Council, North Wales Police and Penyffordd Community Council
continue to take a very cavalier attitude to our village safety.
At the meeting on the 2nd of May 2007 in front of 12 people Flintshire Highways promised to contact Penyffordd Primary School headmistress to fill in route to school forms for funding. This was never carried out.
Penyffordd councillors remain highly negligent. The school governors amongst them hold positions which are untenable
regards Colin
Over 1000 speeders everyday on a major route to school.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, April 04, 2008 9:22 AM
Subject: Safe Routes - Penyffordd Juniors

> Dear Mr Colin Hughes,
> I refer to your general enquiry regarding the above.
> For your information Penyffordd Junior school featured in the above
> initiative in June, 2003. This involved a consultation meeting
> with the Headteacher, Chair of Governors, Parent Governor, Local Members,
> Council Officers and a representative from the N.W. Police.
> As a result new signage was provided on the approach to the school and the
> 'school keep clear' zigzag markings were made mandatory.
> Also, a zebra crossing facility was installed on Hawarden Road near the
> Junction Corwen Road (by Scouts Hut).
> The initiative is now called Safe Routes in Communities programme and any
> schemes identified must be supported by School Travel Plans before any
> bid can be considered for funding by the Welsh Assembly Government.
> There are no immediate schemes being considered for Penyffordd Junior
> school. However should any scheme(s) be identified as a result of a Travel
> Plan being
> submitted by the school, these will need to be prioritised in conjunction
> with other Flintshire schools.
> I hope the above information clarifies the situation.
> Kind Regards,
> Geraint, Senior Road Safety Officer

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dennis the Menace to start Blogging

Dennis Parry of Penyffordd staunch Labour supporter, whistle blower and former Clwyd Council Leader is to start blogging. Dennis will be the true voice of Flintshire people. Watch this space.

Link Flintshire Watch

Penyffordd Post Office to stay open

Mary has had the letter from whoever that says Penyffordd Post Office will be remaining open.
The fact is hidden in the 3rd paragraph. Its not a total get out of jail card but its near enough.

Calls for better Police Accountability

With about 1500 speeding cars passed my house everyday I would like to see better Police accountability from North Wales Police.
We also have in the region of 200 illegal exhausts passed the house.

Chester Rd, Penyffordd in the hands of the Law Breakers.

Link Daily Post

Monday, June 16, 2008

No Post Office Decision given yet.

Mary was to be told today about whether Penyffordd Post Office was to face closure or be left open. Mary the Postmistress knows of one Postmaster who was being closed down who booked a long holiday taking in many places such as Paris. The locals organised petitions and managed to get the decision reversed. Holiday cancelled......................
Each Post Office gets about £60,000 if they are closed down.

Hugh Jones takes his magic box down.

Will we be given the proper facts or are they going to mess around with averages which do not show the true extent of the speeding which allows Cllr Colin Bithel to make outrageous statements
to Penyffordd residents and the press?

* Cllr Tom Jones can be added next to Cllr Colin Bithell.

keywords: Flintshire Highways.

The monitoring of speeding traffic in Chester Rd, Penyffordd continues

Lots of speeding recorded, its been there for at least 6 days. I've tried to copy data off the device being used with my pocket computer. The device Hugh Jones Flintshire County Council Road Safety Officer uses is blue tooth enabled. I set my blue tooth enabled pocket computer to roam but the device Hugh uses must be tied down with a user name and password. Never mind........
One hopes my councillors will be shown the data. The current denial of this data is criminal.
My FOIE will eventually bear fruit if Flintshire County Council continue to leave Chester Rd wide open to about 1500 speeders a day.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Welsh Assembly Government publishes road and rail noise maps

At the present time it appears you have to send for the noise map by post. There is a cost. I can't tell straight away which grid number Penyffordd By Pass is on.

Penyffordd By Pass makes more noise than Castle Cement ever did but is ignored by some villagers in favour of bashing Castle over noise levels. The elephant in the room is ignored.

Noise Maps and Monitoring.

Major Noise Source Project Areas

Decibel levels in Wales available at a click (Well South Wales anyway)

Link here

Friday, June 13, 2008

Places to go Local - Nant Mill

Nant Mill

Places to Go Local - Gweryd Lakes

Gweryd Lakes

Link Gweryd Lakes

New Work for Flintshire?

Since Flintshire sits on a large coal field perhaps ..............................................
Inventor’s cleaner power holds hope for Welsh coal

THE Welsh coal industry could be revived if a new kind of power station invented by an American engineer becomes the norm.

Alex Wormser of Boston yesterday told an environmental conference that his prototype for a coal-fired power station combined significantly lower carbon emissions with being more economical to build and run.

Link IC Wales

A Further Email from Carl Sargeant AM

Carl must have 100 items on his plate at any one time but he is very quick with responses to emails. Ten out of ten for communication.

Carl Sargeant AM to Meet Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie

Hi Carl
I see you are to meet Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie today.
Can you ask about access to speed data.
Councillors at this end are hiding behind the non disclosure
of important data that shows the danger children in the village
are being exposed to.
The data is also important in showing HGV movement
and traffic increases in our village.

regards Colin
Penyffordd District
ps perhaps you might pick this up on your Blackberry
if you are already out lol

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Panic Petrol Buying - I'm full up

SIGNS of panic buying at the petrol pumps are breaking out across Flintshire as drivers attempt to beat the planned tanker strike.

Read here The Evening Leader

Flintshire drivers ignore advice and panic buy at the pumps.

So what will the authorities do for those who heeded the above advice and are left with no fuel to get food or to get to work?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Speeding Traffic Trouble in Dobshill

A CAMPAIGN is under way to halve the speed limit on a stretch of road labelled as "hazardous" by residents.
Cllr Cindy Hinds and Alyn and Deeside AM Carl Sargeant met residents to discuss their fears about the 60mph limit on Chester Road, near the Dobshill roundabout, heading towards Buckley.
Resident Jennifer Ashford pictured with fellow residents and AM Carl Sargeant and MP Mark Tami, who are all calling for the speed limit to be reduced.

Read here The Evening Leader

Postscript. The photo shows a road in Dobshill that is usually one lane due to the amount of cars parked outside houses. The road is similar to Chester Rd Penyffordd in that it will be used by Airbus and Raytheon shift workers racing into work.

A Talk with George Jones of Chester Rd, Penyffordd

I had a little talk with George Jones this afternoon. As we talked all this traffic was flying passed. This is the speeding traffic Penyffordd Community Council as a group denies the existence of.
George has lived in the village for 76 years so he has seen a few changes. George cannot get his head around Cllr David Williams being County Councillor. George can't see how he has the time.
I'm not saying anything myself as David has brought up the speed survey sheet at Penyffordd Community Council. Is the council going to ignore it?

I'm not speaking out of turn as George asked me to put it on the blog.....................

A Letter from Penyffordd Community Council re Speeding Traffic Chester Rd

I have had a letter from Penyffordd Community Council part of which states,

" The Police and Community Consultative Committee has now taken the matter off the agenda as I understand speeding traffic in the area is no longer a problem."

Penyffordd Community Council as a body has no grip on reality. Who ever agreed this letter needs to resign forthwith as they have no idea what so ever.

The current speed survey by Flintshire Highways will show what a completely farcical statement the above is.

If North Wales Police do not distance themselves from the above statement I will be making a formal complaint to Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom.
Also Penyffordd Community Councillors should distance themselves from this gross mistruth.

Still over a 1000 speeders every day on a major route to school.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An Email from Carl Sargeant AM with regards speeding traffic

Tuesday, 10 June 2008 -- Press Release

For immediate release


Carl Sargeant, AM for Alyn and Deeside, has welcomed the launch of an Assembly Government consultation on new guidance for setting local speed limits on Welsh roads.
Mr Sargeant said: “I am regularly contacted by constituents who are concerned about specific local aspects of road safety, be it outside schools or through the villages in our constituency.
The Welsh Assembly Government is committed to continually promoting road safety in Wales and to reducing the number of road collisions and casualties, and this consultation marks an important step in delivering appropriate speeds in our communities.

“I am very keen to hear what constituents think about this issue, and would encourage interested groups and individuals to share their views with me by calling me on 01244 823547 or emailing I will be sure to feed any ideas or comments into the consultation process.”

The 12-week consultation will look at several key issues relating to the setting of speed limits, and includes:

  • 20 mile an hour speed limits at appropriate locations - such as in the vicinity of schools;
  • Speed limits through villages;
  • The categorisation of routes by quality and traffic use;
  • The potential for, and implications of, 50 mph speed limits on lower quality rural roads; and,
  • A proposed period of five years for Highway Authorities to review and amend speed limits on their road networks.



For further information, please contact Rebecca Evans on 029 2089 8716

Rebecca Evans

Office of Carl Sargeant AM for Alyn and Deeside

National Assembly for Wales

Cardiff Bay

CF99 1NA

Tel: 029 2089 8716

Fax: 029 2089 8293

A Letter published in The Evening Leader

MB of Higher Kinnerton is concerned about the nightmare traffic increases, rat runs etc that Warren Hall Business Park will bring. The nightmare is already a reality in Chester Rd, Penyffordd. So far Flintshire County Council and The WAG are ignoring protests from Chester Rd, Penyffordd.
MB of Higher Kinnerton has every right to be concerned.


This is the sanitized version. I must have been having a particularly bad day.

Thank you Evening Leader.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Decision Day for Penyffordd Post Office next Monday

Mary who co owns the Penyffordd Post Office will be told next Monday whether our Post Office faces closure.
Closure would mean going to Buckley. This is not very green thinking. I think the politicians who set out to do this need to loose their jobs.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Message of thank you to the Penyffordd Electorate

I wish to take this opportunity to thank those in Penyffordd and surrounding districts who turned out to vote on May 1st 2008 in the local elections. Although I did not get elected 371 of you thought my ideas for the village had merit.

My election literature included items such as compulsory 20 mph zones for busy centres of the village and major routes to school.
The banning of short cut HGV's from the village, lower speed limits for Dobshill, email communication by the Penyffordd Community Council, regular reports by Penyffordd County Cllrs on matters in the village and at Shire Hall that affect our villages, better relations between councillors and North Wales Police, the reduction of the 40 mph section of Penyffordd By Pass to lessen vehicle noise, better facilities for the youth. The Warren Hall Business Park and Warren Hall A55 exit which will double or triple Chester Road traffic if not diverted to the by-pass.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cllr Cindy Hinds and Cllr Linda Vidamour for their understanding of the traffic issue that faces Chester Rd and Corwen Rd. In Cindy's recent Summer newsletter it was mentioned that speeding traffic was still a small percentage. I think Cindy was referring to the Vounog.

Chester Rd remains a major danger to our children. I am of the opinion that Chester Rd has well in excess of 3000 vehicles each day and rising even though we have a by-pass. The number speeding is still well over 1000 a day.

Cllr David Williams at the last Penyffordd Community Council meeting handed out a Traffic Survey Form for the Penyffordd Community Council to consider. This is most welcome. I hope Penyffordd Community will back Cllr David Williams and Cllr Cindy Hinds in their endeavors to return Chester Rd to a village centre rather than its current status a short cut and race track.

I remain committed to living in a village with a bypass and not a village road that acts as a high speed by-pass.

A Reminder to Officers of Flintshire County Council

Your Operating Culture

Flintshire County Council is committed to the seven principles of public life, namely
objectivity, openness, leadership, accountability, honesty, selflessness and integrity.

High ethical standards should be adhered to and be demonstrated in
all the Council’s actions and decisions.

Taken from the Constitution of Flintshire County Council.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Best wishes to Nigel Jones

Nigel has had a little operation on a digit. His daily visits of walking in the woods with John Large of Penymynydd are somewhat extended since Nigel is not supposed to drive and walks from the village to Penymynydd woods. This is quite a walk. One New Years Eve, Lisa and myself got an invite back to the doctors at Dobshill after the party. The walk through Penymynydd woods after midnight in the midst of winter is a thing of beauty.

keywords GNI Jones Cleark to Penyffordd Community Council, Last of the Summer Wine,

Friday, June 06, 2008

Award for Penyffordd man Richard Spray

Richard a rail enthusiast has adopted Penyffordd Train Station. This is a scheme by Arriva to help keep railway stations in good condition. Richard says "Its a good way of using my hobby to benefit the community."

Source. The Flintshire Chronicle

The Travellers at Penymynydd in The Chronicle

It says the field where the travellers have left is owned by Hawarden Castle Estates and is leased out to a local farmer who is unknown. Could the unknown farmer be Cllr Tom Jones?
The gates have been left open since the travellers left last year.

Production cut at Castle Cement factory

PRODUCTION is being cut at a North Wales cement factory because of the recession in the construction industry.

General Manager Mark Cox said there would be no redundancies or lay-offs at the works.

Link The Daily Post

Thursday, June 05, 2008

To Wrexham

for a haircut. My hairdresser informs me lots of her mates do cocaine in Wrexham. Myself nor my hairdresser do Charlie. Its expensive and the benefits decline, the effects selfish, the side effects do not attract. I remember once doing LSD in Liverpool, a very silly thing to do, the folly of youth.

One of my favourite songs is Cocaine by Eric Clapton.
The drink Coke used to contain cocaine. It all started when someone discovered natives chewing leaves to traverse large distances.

Mild Amphets much more likeable. Ecstasy also looks attractive
I know an old man who had is heart chakra opened up with ecstasy.
I await the dawn raid, I have my paint ball gun ready.

Link Ecstasy

keywords: castaneda, don juan, don genaro

Penyffordd Doctor's Surgery Closure

Published Date: 05 June 2008
FRESH calls have been made to save Penyffordd's doctor's surgery from closure.

Link The Evening Leader

I smell complacency here of the Cllr Tom Jones and Clr Colin Bithell variety. Unless someone tells me different. If we want a doctors surgery Penyffordd residents need to use it. With 100% hindsight we should have been encouraging new people in the village to use village surgery

Why are we all sent to Buckley or Hope?

Again Penyffordd the soft touch.
No village environment, 1500 speeding cars daily, child danger, loosing our doctors surgery. Sounds like Tom Jones mis-management here?

ps The Leader have stopped Kate ringing me up. Which is a shame as she is very nice. You wouldn't believe her Face Book profile. Kate uses profanities. Its alright Leader I'm fixed up, I don't do dates.

Postscript. Perhaps my imagination the fragrant Kate has been on the phone. I also get phone calls from reporter Amy Illingworth.

Mr Knig*ht Junior treats the village

to the current nightly motor cycle display. There will be complaints about his illegal exhaust I have about 200 illegal exhausts passed my house every day. A lot of them from Airbus.
Welcome to lawless Wales.

keywords. Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie, Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom.

Penymynydd Travellers Leave

Inspector Alun Oldfield sees them off the premises.

Link The Evening Leader

Delays between Broughton and Chester A55

Starts today. It sounds like traffic at night will get off at Broughton get back on after going through Saltney and passed Chester Business Park and get back on at Post House Hotel.
A55 from Broughton to Chester and vice versa seems a "no no" for 3 weeks.

The back roads through Lower Kinnerton or Saltney seems the best way to go.

Airbus shift changeovers and Office workers going and leaving at Broughton will not a good place to be.

Saltney will probably be bad at shift change too.

Postscript. It doesn't look like it will start until next Monday minimum.

Link The Daily Post

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Penymynydd Travellers continued

TRAVELLERS have descended on a site in Flintshire near the village of Penyffordd.
My picture in the paper, a mobile phone job. My zoom lens camera is playing up along with my main computer.

Read the story here The Standard

A response to a letter from Higher Kinnerton in The Evening Leader

A Letter to the Evening Leader

cc Chief Inspector Ruth Purdie of Eastern Division
keywords: Inspector Alun Oldfield, Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom.

MB of Higher Kinnerton is concerned about the nightmare traffic increases, rat runs etc that Warren Hall Business Park will bring. The nightmare is already a reality in Chester Rd, Penyffordd. 1500 speeders every day, over 100 noisy buses, over 200 lorries taking short cuts, illegal exhausts by the hundred. So far Flintshire County Council and The WAG are ignoring protests from Chester Rd, Penyffordd.
Flintshire County Council are currently breaking FOIE Law, I have 8 requests that have not even been acknowledged. North Wales Police are totally ineffective and refuse to back an HGV ban.
MB of Higher Kinnerton has every right to be concerned. Penyffordd moribund councillors in the main sleep on, oblivious..................
Penyffordd village centre remains a noisy dangerous place, a major route to Penyffordd primary school.
This of course is all Tom Jones' Legacy
Seems to me Cllr Tom Jones is a signed up member of the Road Haulage Association.

Travellers back in Penymynydd

Same field as last time. Gates left wide open for 12 months.
Read The Evening Leader for the full story tomorrow.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Cllr Colin Bithell and others

will be pleased to know my operating system on my computer is corrupted. A replacement motherboard and faster processor are on their way after a purchase on Ebay.

We have 6 computers Colin!

Safer Streets in The Evening Leader

Something perhaps for our village leaders to digest.

MANY thanks to your readers for the tremendous support we have received following the creation of the Wirral and Chester branch of Living Streets (formerly the Pedestrians' Association).
The group is growing rapidly and our main website is at

Some points in the letter.

* What will you do to reduce traffic volume and create towns for people, not just cars?

* What will you do to improve and maintain the quality of our public realm?

* What will you do to provide more spaces where pedestrians have greater priority?

* What will you do to make our streets safer for pedestrians?

The Evening Leader full letter

Cllr Cindy Hinds lets me down

Sunday, cars ripped through the village all day.
Monday Cindy says the speeders are a small percentage in her news letter.
Not if you live in Chester Rd they are not.

Arrive Alive won't divulge the speed data they hold they also cannot stop the speeding traffic
North Wales Police do not want to know.
Flintshire Council do not want to know
Penyffordd Community Council do not want to know.
Penyffordd County Councillors are not really interested.

I am sad.

Postscript. I have spoken to Cindy. Her remarks about small percentage of speeders relates to the Vounog.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The village of Holt have their own website

Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie to visit Penyffordd

With our current plague of 2000 speeding cars a day plus a couple of hundred illegal noisy exhausts I think Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie should stay away.
That's about 2200 Anti Social Behaviour crimes each day.
North Wales Police continue not to back a ban on through village Hgv's even though we have a by pass.

keyword Inspector Alun Oldfield.

Cllr Tom Jones' Legacy to Chester Rd, Penyffordd

15 months on Chester Rd remains a noisy racetrack. It is also a major route to school. A lot of communities have faced this issue. We have about 2000 speeders and about 200 vehicles with illegal noisy exhausts each day.

Cllr Colin Bithell can be added to the name of Cllr Tom Jones.

North Wales Police remain completely useless at traffic enforcement. Much better to be in the local papers headlining " no traveller " signs in pubs. Policing by media. Travellers will get our sympathy when they stop the practices that make the disliked.

keywords: Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie, Inspector Alun Oldfield.

My computer has broke

Pointing to the motherboard I think.
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