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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why is UK PLC in so much trouble?

Because we hold a quarter of the world's bank debt. This will affect Penyffordd residents in some way for quite some time.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The days of Wales’ 22 local authorities having 22 chief executives are coming to an end, writes local government minister Carl Sargeant.

Carl wearing rose tinted spectacles also says
"I do not underestimate how tough a local authority's job is. I pay tribute to councils for the vast range of services they provide. The quality of these services is the direct result of the hard work of all the staff and elected Members to ensure that our communities are served well."

Link Walesonline

Penyffordd District says
I see officers who evade FOIE's
Officers who give us half a rumble strip so that traffic can hammer passed my house.
I had a senior officer sit opposite me knowing 2000 vehicles a day ( 2007 April)  broke the speed limit.
I see officers who have stuffed Chester Rd with regards A55 Warren Bank exit
I see officers who hide traffic speed data and conspire with NWP to downplay speeding in Chester
when advising Penyffordd Community Council.

Lets see Carl Sargeant put the servant back in Public Servant

Min Y Ddol

has severe traffic calming installed. The residents there however will be able to hurl through Chester Rd as do many others. Penyffordd Council have no interest in Chester Rd.
100% traffic policing free.

keyword: Meadowslea

No Policing changes for Chester Rd.

Theresa May scraps Labour police beat pledge

Home secretary warns attempt to set national minimum policing standard is unsustainable in face of big budget cuts.

Since NWP will not traffic police Chester Rd there will be no change here.

Link Guardian

So you think the government is doing well with cutting wastefull spending?

It's still rising..........................  Link The Raccoon

UK Debt Graph

Monday, June 28, 2010

Being a Numpty Neighbour

Number 1 - Have 7 fires in 7 days like this one.

Number 2
Set hedge on fire. He was seen according to a neighbour watering the hedge to stop the huge flames from setting the leylandii trees on fire.

Number 3 Cut off all the damaged branches making it look a bugger. 

Number 4
Have another fire to get rid of branches. He also does noisy chainsaw cutting on Sunday afternoons and late evening. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Hounds Of Winter - Sting

This is sad.

Sting - fortress around your heart

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

Congratulations to Superintendent Simon Shaw

Road deaths in North Wales lowest since records began.
Daily Post quote by Superintendent Shaw "

The number injured in North Wales has also fallen from more than 4,000 a year in the mid 1990s to 2,610 last year, a 36% drop.
This varied from 541 casualties on roads in Flintshire to 225 on Anglesey."

He added that from January to May 2010 the number of casualties is down by a further 10%.

North Wales Police said enforcement and road safety measures had led to the sizeable decrease.

Or has it anything to do with us being in the middle of the largest depression in over a century

Link Daily Post

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cllr Chris Jones' commitment to road safety in Sealand


Click photo to enlarge

An email to Cllr Chris Jones

cc. Home Secretary, Chief Constable Mark Polin and others

Dear Cllr Jones 

I read your letter in The Flintshire Chronicle with interest. I have followed your protest campaign also with interest. I live in the village of Penyffordd nr Buckley on a major route to school in the middle of the village. Where you are interested in road safety my community council Penyffordd are completely disinterested in fact I'm sure they would rather I just go away. When someone gets run over one of our elderly cllrs who lives up a cul de sac will be wheeled out to say that they had done all that they can which is a lie because they have all foot dragged for three years plus.

Whilst I admire you standing up to the speeding in your community I feel less enamoured with what you say about the Flintshire Road Safety Team. My experience of the road safety team is the following. They come out to your community once every Preston Guild. They carry out speed education in working hours when few of the main culprits are on the road. They measure speeding vehicles for you then refuse to hand over the data. They conspire with North Wales Police to down play the level of speeding. Recently our CBM told our community council that speeding was 5% over 30 mph when the actual figure is 34%.

You mention that education is the way forward. Cllr Alex Aldridge (former Flintshire County Council Leader) recently made this claim in The Leader. The Leader were good enough to allow me to ask Alex through the letters page how he would educate the legion of low life that race around our roads Alex never came back.

I consider your letter propaganda and little more. There is a speeding epidemic out there that is not being addressed.

1. We currently get around 700 speeders a day through the Penyffordd village. NWP, FCC, Penyffiordd Community Council  are not interested at all.
2. At night the roads are left to the youth to tear around with the results such as in your manor where two fatalities happened on consecutive nights
3. North Wales as whole is used as a race track at the weekends by bikers and tourists.
4. We also have the additional insult where bikers with illegal exhausts can be heard two miles from the road on which they are screaming along.

The new policing is engaging with the bikers and the young drivers. So people will go on killing themselves and others such as Danny Evans. I note his mum wants the death penalty for the offender.

 Engaging with speeders is doing nothing and allowing NWP and FCC to get off from doing their job which is to police and control the roads so they are safe for us to travel on. I would hope you will consider this before appearing in any further propaganda exercises which do nothing to alter what is actually happening on our roads.

You say education is the key factor. I would say humbug. Good luck on your attempt to get a pedestrian crossing.

Colin Hughes


keywords: Cllrs Shelley Webber, David Wisinger, John Dodd, Mary Southall.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lisa's Kitchen - Asparagus with scrambled egg and salmon on toast


Vounog Vehicle Accident Update

Caroline Roberts says
" Hi, my friend Emma told me about the photos of my dad's accident when he had a stroke driving his RANGE ROVER on 23 December 2009. He is doing well now after all the care he received from Countess of Chester Hospital and Stroke Rehab at H M Stanley St Asaph. Thanks to everyone. "

Penyffordd District hopes Caroline's father recovers well.


The Slog Viewpoint of the Election

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Budget 2010

# VAT to rise 2.5% to 20% from January 2011
# Deficit reduced by 77% spending cuts, 23% tax rises
# Departments face cuts of 25% over the next five years
# Two-year pay freeze for most public sector workers
# Child benefit frozen for three years and tax credits cut
# Disability benefit claimants face new medical checks
# Corporation tax cut from 28% to 24% over four years
# Capital Gains Tax hiked to 28% for top-rate taxpayers
# Bank levy from 2011, raising £2bn a year
# Income tax threshold raised £1,000 to £7,495
# Pension link to earnings restored or 2.5% rise from next April
# Civil list frozen at £7.9m as Queen also feels the pinch

Link Mailonline Full Details

Airbus gets 32 new A380 orders


First Minister Carwyn Jones AM - Vision for Wales

To be written later

Kingfisher babies ready for bed


Link Mailonline

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mark Isherwood's daughter in the news

Link Walesonline

1. Has Penyffordd the most exposure from Hanson Cement ?
2. Has anyone in Penyffordd got or had the same condition as Mark Isherwood's daughter
who lives nr Pontybodkin which is in a  different wind and geographic direction to Penyffordd ?

Follicular Thyroid Cancer
Thyroid Cancer

Carl Sargeant AM leaves Welsh councils in the dark

Last Thursday Carl Local Government Minister addressed over 300 Welsh local government officers and leaders in Llandudno. The message from Carl was that central government ( read Gordon Brown )  and the bankers have dropped us in the mire. Carl said that local government and ordinary people in the street were expected to get the above out of trouble.

Dark threats were made against any council that refuses to toe the line as decided by the WAG. When finished Carl was very shy and wanted to leave immediately. He was however persuaded to face up to a Q&A session in which he ducked and dodged every question.

Jane Hutt AM Minister for Finance and Budgets then addressed the conference waffling on about hard times, fair share of the burden and protecting the vunerable etc.

The questions that Jane Hutt will not answer are as follows.

1. Does she intend to go for cuts NOW during the current financial year ?
2. Will she defer this years share of the cuts till next year ?
3. How large are the cuts involved ?

Council's need to know now to be able to plan forward instead of being unwilling players of blind man's buff.

keyword: WLGA

Chirk carboot sale


The bi plane not for sale. A perfect day sunny with a small breeze. The field full with sellers. There must be well over 500 carboots, that's an educated guess.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Carl Sargeant AM tells Local Government how it is

Hard times are coming so Carl's directive seems more sensible than making people redundant.

Link The Daily Post

keyword: WLGA

Penyfford and Penymynydd Carnival 2010

Link The Leader

New Government let communities down

No traffic policing and no slow down devices. There is a GATSO near Mark Isherwoods house it is very effective. So what do communities look forward? Just unending speeding.
174 communities in Flintshire want Gosafe help. Currently 14 communities get help.

Link Mailonline

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Carl Sargeant AM sings troubled waters

Link Daily Post

Plot to overthrow leaders of Flintshire council

Patrick Heesom
The Flintshire Chronicle

Castle Cement Probe Starts

Quote " Just 2% of cancers are caused by environmental factors, the rest by life-styles, the meeting was told. "
If the above is true are counclillors chasing fairy dust?

On the other hand

"Flintshire council leader Arnold Woolley, who is also a Buckley Town Council, warned many residents were sceptical of the latest investigation.
He said: “For 12 years our serious requests for information have been deferred and delayed.
“We have never been able to get any information that we can relate to our communities."

Link The Daily Post

Why should we be members of the EU ?

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dire Straits - Single Handed Sailor

Dire Straits - Once Upon a Time in The West

Thin Lizzy - Still in love with you

Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the Moonlight

Class Television - Come Dine with Me

A Big Thank You to the Leader

for publishing this

Diversity champion takes on North Wales Police Authority role

NWPA to become more politically correct. Never mind such basic policing as speeding in communities. 700 speeders a day in Penyffordd at the last count.
No traffic policing. Are communities  going to be treated lower than minority groups? I think so.

Link Daily Post

keyword: Cllr Chris Bithell, Nia Evans, Mold, lesbian, gay, Stonewall

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Pine Martins are making a come back

I suppose one reason I have never seen a pine martin is that they are nocturnal. This is the same reason I don't see live badgers who are also nocturnal. I do however know where dozens of setts are.

Link Walesonline

Required viewing for Tony

Cllr Sharps Head of Roads is up in arms with the WAG for not giving him any more money for his 5300 potholes in Flintshire.
Tomorrow night on ITV 1 potholes in Britain are investigated.

Chester Rd could do with some deep potholes to slow the speeders down which were 700 a day at the last count.

Link Yahoo TV 

Speed Camera Vans in Chester

Link The Leader.

Still plenty of speeding in Penyffordd councillors.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cheese and Onion Flan with Orange Salad


Sweet and Sour Chicken


Pasta and Chicken


Chicken with Red Peppers


Sunday Brunch - Cheese on Toast


Greek Chicken and Vegetables


A Bird in the Hand


Found this young rock dove in the garden. Very exceptional for a wild bird it let me pick it up and take a photo.

5300 potholes in Flintshire

Sharpie tells the WAG.

Link The Daily Post

keyword: Cllr Tony Sharps, Northop Hall

Monday, June 07, 2010

Fruits in Season

The blackbird has pinched all the ripe strawberries. Some netting is required.

The young sausage maker and his six cousins

Robert has begun making a name for himself as the farmshop’s sausage maker. Having gleaned tips from Penyffordd butcher Stephen Vaughan, the British and Welsh champion sausage maker, he set about perfecting his own bangers.

Link Daily Post

Abbot’s Lane Infants School pupils earn eco flag

Eco also includes the village centre councillors.

Link Flintshire Chronicle

The Doors - Riders on the storm

The Story of "Light My Fire" by The Doors

Elton John Blue Eyes

Elton John - Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding

Dreamer Roger Hodgson (Supertramp)

The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin´67

Friday, June 04, 2010

Penyffordd Area Community Association

A Letter to The Leader - Leader Letter - re On the Beat by Chief Constable Mark Polin

cc Chief Constable Mark Polin, Superintendent Simon Shaw Head of Traffic Policing
North Wales Police ; Mold Cllr Chris Bithell ; Cllr Clive Carver ; Cllr Glenys Diskin ; David Hanson MP ; Cindy Hinds ; Mark Isherwood AM ; Rt Hon Theresa May ; Jim Moore ; NWPA ; Go Safe ; Carl Sargeant AM ; Cllr Tony Sharps ; SKATES, Kenneth ; Mark Tami MP ; Cllr Linda Vidamour ; Cllr David Williams ; PC 1469 Howie Williams ; Arnold Woolley  
Dear Leader
A letter for consideration
Chief Constable Mark Polin is to be congratulated on his new column in The Leader " On the Beat" which discussed how NWP deal with rape. With regards the anti social behaviour of speeding Gosafe (formerly Arrive Alive) have had 174 communities ask for their assistance in Flintshire. Currently there are only 14 communities within Flintshire receiving support. 
Clearly the agencies of Gosafe and NWP are falling a long way short in dealing with  this issue.
I look forward to a similarly erudite article in "On the Beat" with proposals to tackle this on going plague in our communities.
Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

House Sales in May 2010

8 Cae Fawnog £112,500
Penyffordd, CH4 0HH 29th March 2010

11 Poppy Field Drive £212,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0GE 26th March 2010

You can search all these sales totally free of charge by going to

The EU collapse explained from Australia

who are sitting on thousands of millions of pounds worth of Gold. Gordon Brown  sold most of ours.

When we went to get our tyre sorted

we saw this The Flintshire Chronicle

A Moratorium

is to be held on attacks against Penyffordd Cllrs, Gosafe, NWPA and North Wales Police with regards lack of traffic policing in Chester Rd.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The State we are in

The Slog is known in some circles as Doomster. This however is his analogy of the current state of UK finances.

"Imagine you have a business projected to lose £108,000 per annum. Your one asset - the house - is worth £34,000, and falling....but your mortgage on it is £890,000. How easy do you think it would be to borrow more money? And at what point do you think repossession might be on the agenda? Do you think your accountant would say you were close to trading insolvently? Or do you think he might just recommend you default and go bankrupt?"

The Slog 

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Penyffordd Community Council June 2010 tonight

The agenda will be mostly hidden behind glass on the council notice board at the Post Office and it will not be online. So much for transparent democracy.

Will our morning speedy rat run continue to be ignored?

Postscript. It is as thought a fraction showing of tonight's agenda.The item showing mentions our CBM recommending the employ of a traffic warden to police the illegal vehicle use of the top of Penymynydd Rd, Penymynydd. Nothing new there then . NWP refusing to do traffic policing just like in Chester Rd.

Blue Nile - Body and Soul

The Blue Nile- Over the Hillside



THE BLUE NILE- The Downtown Lights

Blue Nile Tinseltown in the Rain

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