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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Penyffordd Wine Circle Summer Barbeque Bash

Ted and Sylvia Plevin

Something amiss in the layby.

Update: Here is the answer
The Evening Leader
BBC NE Wales
The Daily Post
Further Daily Post

Layby between Penymynydd and Broughton closed. North Wales Police present. So are the Fire Brigade and a red trailer.

A Talk with GNI Jones in the woods

We meet Nigel in the woods. We are dog walking to retrieve transport after a barbecue at the Penyffordd Wine Circle. I report street light panel missing. Nigel is straight on to those who fix these things at Flintshire County Council. It appears there is a meeting tomorrow with regards Warren Hall developments.

Warren Hall developments will be very bad for Penyffordd and district unless we are protected.

Postscript. Cllr Cindy Hinds informs me the meeting is early September.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Banning of HGV's through Penyffordd

Today I have rung up Garner Haulage to complain about one of their lorries speeding in Chester Rd. Here is a letter about a village who managed getting HGV's banned.

The Letter

Sir: The letter from Councillor Mollie Toy from Southwell (30 August) about sat-nav luring HGVs to her small town with inadequate roads struck a chord with residents of our tiny village of Milton Malsor in Northamptonshire.

We regularly get huge HGVs stuck in our narrow streets, damaging the cottages as they struggle to get out. We believe some of them are aiming for Lodge Farm Industrial Estate, five miles away, rather than our Lodge Farm.

Can anything be done, asks Councillor Toy? Well, we have been pressing the county council to impose a weight limit on the access roads to our village, although it has dithered for months, worried about the policing of such a limit. It needn't be. We will be out there with our cameras dealing with lawbreakers until the haulage companies know that they can't mess with Milton Malsor without getting fined.

A village with spirit!


Letters: Revenge on sat-nav
Sat Nav Scourge
Sat Nav lorries damage roads

Reverse North South Divide with Post Office Closures

South Wales hit harder than North Wales with Post Office closures since 2003.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Penyffordd and District Traffic Survey

Cllr David Williams has presented the above form to Penyffordd Community Council for their backing. The form has been handed out to various communities that are plagued by speeding traffic. Please print the above form and fill in the details. We should be a village community not some speedy short cut for over 1000 outsiders every day.

Meadowslea Hospital circa 1926

Click image to enlarge

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deeside Sunday League Donation

From the Left: Penyffordd Community Association Chairman Steve Johnson, Deeside Sunday League Chairman Peter Robinson and Peter Olsson of Penyffordd Red Lion Strollers FC.

A cheque was presented by Peter Robinson to Steve Johnson for £400. This money gratefully received for a Multi Use Games Area for the youth of Penyffordd. The £400 will go towards the £52000 needed. The current total stands at £45,000.
Castle Cement have generously agreed to do the base.
Cllr Cindy Hinds has been heavily involved in this project.

Over the years the Deeside Sunday League have raised over £30,000 for various groups in Deeside.

A copy of the photo may most probably be purchased from here The Evening Leader

Flintshire County Council joins the 21st Century

Delivered this morning by the postman from Flintshire County Council. A booklet entitled A-Z services and a colour brochure outlining the political changes plus more about services. The A-z has an email address for every county councillor............

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Politicians in row over closure of Deeside building society

Click here The Evening Leader

Quote from Dennis Parry of Penyffordd.

"Society member Dennis Parry said: "I am disgusted by the closure.
The Cheshire is not a ruthless bank – it is a building society and is supposed to be one of the country’s top employers. There should have been full consultation with staff and members and I would call on the society to halt the closure process until we get the full facts.”

Monday, July 21, 2008

A letter to The Evening Leader with regards speed in villages

Re: John Butler's excellent open letter to Welsh MEP's with regards the adoption of a better greener transport plan for Wales.

Whilst we await their deliberations may I mention the following.
Many communities in Flintshire are daily subject to danger from speeding and its sisters noise and air pollution. There are currently 3 consultations in progress with regards the above.

Carl Sargeant AM has a consultation about road safety and 20mph limits in communities. The Taith Regional Transport Plan Consultation for the next 25 years is taking place
and locally to Penyffordd Cllr David Williams' Speed Survey. The first two can be found by
searching The Leader Website.

If you think safety and environment are important to your community
you should make your opinions known to the above representatives.
If you do not take part you will have no right to complain later.

regards Colin Hughes


John Butler's letter yet to appear on the Leader website

Carl Sargeant's


Notes: Cllr Cindy Hinds is currently in discussions over traffic and HGV's with Flintshire County Council.

Our Welsh MEP's here

I have heard Eluned Morgan (Labour) speak at a fund raising night, have exchanged emails with Glenys Kinnock (Labour) and Jonathan Evans (Conservative).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carl Sargeant Am's Traffic Speed Consultation

AM Welcomes Consultation

Carl Sargeant, AM for Alyn and Deeside, has welcomed the launch of an Assembly Government consultation on new guidance for setting local speed limits on Welsh roads.
Mr Sargeant said: “I am regularly contacted by constituents who are concerned about specific local aspects of road safety, be it outside schools or through the villages in our constituency. The Welsh Assembly Government is committed to continually promoting road safety in Wales and to reducing the number of road collisions and casualties, and this consultation marks an important step in delivering appropriate speeds in our communities.
“I am very keen to hear what constituents think about this issue, and would encourage interested groups and individuals to share their views with me by calling me on 01244 823547 or emailing I will be sure to feed any ideas or comments into the consultation process.”
The 12-week consultation will look at several key issues relating to the setting of speed limits, and includes:• 20 mile an hour speed limits at appropriate locations - such as in the vicinity of schools; • Speed limits through villages; • The categorisation of routes by quality and traffic use; • The potential for, and implications of, 50 mph speed limits on lower quality rural roads; and, • A proposed period of five years for Highway Authorities to review and amend speed limits on their road networks.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Luck Edwina for the weekend

Cllr Edwina Davies is Lady Captain of Padeswood and Buckley Golf Club for 2008. It's Edwina's Lady Captains Day this weekend. Lets hope Edwina has better weather than Birkdale had on Thursday.

keyword : The Open 2008. Birkdale

North Wales Police to be more accountable

The politicians are calling for more accountability at a local level. With over 1500 speeding cars a day passed the house with lots of illegal exhausts I'll drink to that. Labour have their proposals the Conservatives have theirs.

Other proposals contained in the Green Paper, entitled Policing Our Communities Together, will mean the police must respond to emergency calls within 15 minutes, to “priority cases” within one hour, to telephone calls and e-mails within one day and attend non-emergency calls within two days.

Currently CBM Chris Pullen is not responding to me at all.

Link Daily Post

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Labour Politician's of Penyffordd and District past

I have bought a copy of Maurice Evans' book The Flintshire Labour Party - its History and Growth. I purchased it for 2 reasons. One to see if any Penyffordd history was present and two to resell at a profit, one has to live. I have a couple of advantages and overheads over Maurice with regards marketing and purchase. At present Maurice's book is not visible on The Internet which it will be in an hour of writing this and also customers will be able to buy the book with a couple of mouse clicks.
( I fib it may be a day or three)

No writing letters and posting. Just three or four mouse clicks and its bought with full details of delivery such is the advantage of The Internet.

Maurice Evans is a former resident of Penyffordd who was our County Councillor for a period.
In the book Maurice mentions the late Sam Ithell OBE of Penyffordd who played a big part in the shaping of the Flintshire Labour Party. Sam was Irene White's election agent.

Sam Ithell's record as Flintshire County Councillor for Penyffordd 1967, 1964, 1961, 1958, 1955, 1952, 1949. Chairman of Flintshire County Council 1967.

Background. Sam Ithell was a steam roller driver for Flintshire County Council. He was made an Alderman in 1970. Served as a Justice of the Peace for 25 years.

Thomas Rowlands' of Dobshill record as a Flintshire County Councillor for Penyffordd 1931, 1928, 1925, 1922, 1919. Chairman of Flintshire County Council 1925.

Background Tom Rowlands was a miner's agent.

Penyffordd Community Council meets tonight at 6.30 pm

In the Penyffordd War Memorial Institute. Residents can attend but not comment. A good place to corner a councillor after the meeting is finished. Lisa is in attendance taking notes. Lisa hopes the meeting finishes prompt because Celebrity Master Chef is on. Cllr Stan Davies most probably does too as there is football on the telly.

No show from Stan, perhaps the match?

Also Cllr Jane Hopwood sends apologies.

Cllr David Williams in standard form. Promises to turn up but doesn't. Sends The Council a three sheet statement, which doesn't go down well because he has not turned up.

No show by CBM Chris Pullen, no apologies either.
Doesn't reply to emails about 5 cars in the dogging woods at Penymynydd Primary school home time about quarter a mile from the school.

Cllr Tom Jones sees absolutely no advantage to himself to the having a village website. Tom remains fixed in the 1970's watching his control of the village slip from his grasp. His legacy to the Penyffordd village will be here for the future to show how narrow minded he was. 2000 speeding cars through the village each day and he is not bothered one iota.
Village safety doesn't even register. His re election a disgrace. Why do people act as sheep?

County Councillor Cindy Hinds business like and to the point, keeping Penyffordd Council up to date with what is happening at Shire Hall.

Councillor Linda Vidamour was superb.

The power of The Internet is doing Cllr Colin Bithell's head in.
A relative from Australia has been doing a little Google and telling Colin what's on about him.
Cllr Bithell went on about control of the village website. I have offered to do one for free.

Penyffordd Community Council are going to pay for one. All that's required from my end is I set one up for them, they change the password, control handed over.

Not that I would alter or put personal points of view on a village website.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flintshire Council strike to cause little impact in Penyffordd District

We have no children and are self reliant of Flintshire County Council with the exception of rubbish collection. If we separate further food waste from non food waste we can last out indefinitely. I'm even looking at methods of composting left over food. I am assured by Lisa that we waste little food. We have a 4 legged food disposal unit called Dolly Dog who is first assistant in the kitchen.
Dolly of course comes with her waste disposal issue.

It is another matter though if you are reliant on Flintshire County Council due to ill health and old age...............

link : The Evening Leader

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cllr Colin Bithell in the Wrexham Leader

Decision reached on future of Flintshire horticulture college.

After years of wrangling, plans to merge the Welsh College of Horticulture in Northop with either Deeside College or NEWI in Wrexham have been scrapped.
Former Penyffordd councillor Colin Bithell, a governor at the horticulture college, said: "There has been a tremendous amount of talking and a lot of tension, but it's possible now to go forward.

Click here to read The Wrexham Leader

Jack Garston, boss of Hawker Siddeley Chester circa 1964

Click image to enlarge

The front man in the middle with the piercing dark eyes Jack "Black Jack" Garston, head man when I started my apprenticeship in 1970.
Jack lived in Saughall at the bottom of the runway, a big white house.
Years later Lisa and I got to know his daughter Karen Roden who lived in Penyffordd.

keyword: Airbus, De Havillands,

postscript: Barry Champion 1st left.

Former Penyffordian Maurice Evans

Source The Flintshire Chronicle.

Maurice Evans has written a history of the Labour Party in Flintshire. Maurice was a councillor for Penyffordd and Hope, Clwyd County Council and Alyn and Deeside Council. Included in the book is former East Flint MP Eirene White.
Does Penyffordian Dennis Parry who was Leader of Alyn and Deeside Council feature in the book?

The book which is priced £10 post free is available from Mr Evans at 43 Cil y Craig, Lllanfair PG, Angelsey, LL61 5NZ. Telephone 01248 712169.

A letter from Nigel

I offered to set up a free website with a free email address for the Penyffordd Community Council, plus free technical assistance and education. This has been declined. Such is life.

Penyffordd Council continue to take umbrage at being told they are not doing their job. ie 2000 speeders a day through village.

One wonders on who decided. A committee decision not as they have not met. Is this Cllrs Tom Jones/ Colin Bithell democracy or were all consulted?

One waits for the accepted offer. Is it going to be free or is it to be paid for on an ongoing basis?

A custom designed website that requires constant additions from a paid web master is not the way to go.

keywords: GNI Jones. Clerk to Penyffordd Community Council.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Penyffordd Junior Football Triumph Part 2

Click image to enlarge

Photos can be located and purchased by going here and typing in the number in the bottom right hand corner

The under 8's also came top of their age group.
Arthur Arnold also liked to thank senior Penyffordd Football Team players who gave up their time to referee the matches

Penyffordd Junior Football Triumph

Photos can be located and purchased by going here and typing in the number in the bottom right hand corner.

In The Flintshire Chronicle Penyffordd Under 7's have won their age group in a football tournament sponsored by Castle Cement. Penyffordd Junior's Chairman Arthur Arnold thanked the hosts Castle Cement also Shaun Wilkes, Phil Deduca and Neil Connah for all their hard work.
Also thanks were given for all those that turned up on the day.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A letter to the Leader Re:speeding Marford Hill

Hi Leader
A letter for possible insertion.
How does KF Miller know that only a small minority exceed the speed limit on Marford Hill? As a main route to the A483 I believe there will be 100's a day who plough up and down the hill. Wrexham Council have the technology to measure exactly speeds and numbers. They could prove if Mr Miller is right or wrong.
Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

Castle Cement supporting International Eisteddfod

CASTLE Cement, one of the UK’s leading cement companies, is supporting Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod this week.

Link The Daily Post

Monday, July 07, 2008

Garden Beetle

Green Hawthorn Shield Bug

Not sure why it isn't green. These are in the garden.

Penyffordd Philistinism Persists

There is an element of Penyffordd that doesn't want a village centre that is safe. They have kids of course and have houses in cul de sacs. They most probably play football, work in Airbus or Raytheon, most probably drink in The Red Lion.

They are alright but can't see the issue with speeding passed my house.
Chester Road, Penyffordd remains firmly in the hands of the law breakers. Just the odd 1500 every day.

keywords: unaccountable, North Wales Police not doing their job, Arrive Alive can't do the job.

Traffic Speed Checking a waste of time letter.

In The Leader letters page A R Fontes says that the speed checking on Marford Hill is a waste of time. I had a letter published last week defending the use of this tactic. I tend to back any education as some is better than nothing.

Whilst this may seem schizophrenic I actually agree with Mr Fontes.
This method is very inefficient. Drivers just warn each other and most carry on as before after the event.

At the end of the day there are only three ways of stopping the modern motorist from speeding.

Speeding points on license or the fear of and the inability through civil engineering solutions called traffic calming. Motorists including myself do not like platforms or bumps but nothing else stops the speeders in communities

Education will not work. A look at Chester Rd, Penyffordd rat run in the morning proves Mr Fontes' point.

It's 7.30am......I've been in bed for what seems like 5 minutes

The 60 mm solid insulation (Kingspan TT47) arrives. 1.2 x 1.2 square and 38 of them. The driver started off from Powys at 5pm, has about 8 calls the last one in Newcastle then back to Powys. His work load I do not like. He says production at the factory they buy the seconds off is down to 25% of normal. We are of course talking about the building trade for houses and factories. I have bought mine now as the product must be made of an oil derivative and will get dearer.

To Maureen's

Welcome to the 21st Century.
On the way home.
Milk being delivered at midnight.

At Maureen's I am occasionally told "don't
put that on the blog!"

keyword: Maureen Roberts.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

People for Proper Policing

Link People for Proper Policing

Sunday Race Afternoon on Chester Rd Penyffordd

Shoppers and holiday makers flying through by the minute.
2000 anti social behaviour acts each day plus the illegal exhaust systems
What happens to other villages? Do they just have to put up with it too.
North Wales Police and Arrive Alive continue to be unaccountable to North Wales residents.

The current withholding of full traffic data a criminal act in itself. They put these grand corporate statements on their website then completely ignore them.

keywords: Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie, Chief Constable Richard Brunstron, unaccountable.

LINK: North Wales Police Intelligence

The above at the Liverpool Echo. The real power of blogs
They quote............
One would have expected controversial blogs by Chief Officers of North Wales Police to elicit more responses or posts than what gets published and that is exactly what happens. Many posts are not published on spurious grounds but the underlying reasons always seem to be a disagreement with the authors view. This is censorship, Chief Officers publish their view but they do not grant a right of reply. From now on I will copy and paste every blog published by Mr Brunstrom and Mr Wolfendale on this forum, which then allows everyone the right to respond....Please use the facility and enjoy.....

Link People for Proper Policing

Saturday, July 05, 2008

North Wales Police, Arrive Alive and Statistics

Are North Wales Police statistics correct that they hand out to the press? Arrive Alive are very unkeen to give you their traffic speed data. Two FOIE's outstanding. They hide the true situation with averages and percentiles.

Here's Ben Oldacre in The Guardian on the murky world of statistics.

Click here.

or here The Slate

Friday, July 04, 2008

To Liverpool

Under the water we go via Wallasey Tunnel. On a round trip that takes in Waterloo, Toxteth, Aigberth, Woolton, Penketh and Warrington. Lisa took this on our way through Toxteth perfect for that group girly night out.

keywords: stretch hummer, chick truck, pink.

Carl Longland New Director of Environment for Flintshire County Council

Carl's previous post was Head of Mobility and Development with Telford and Wrekin Council.
Carl starts his new role in September.

Carl Longland the new Director for Environment Flintshire County Council

cc Cllr Arnold Woolley, Cllr Patrick Heesom.
Hi Carl
Congratulations on your new position with Flintshire County Council
as Director of Environment. I've been looking at this website that appears to have been set up by your new boss Chief Executive Colin Everett.
Its entitled " In Flintshire we call it getting things done". (except for village environment)
On the website there are details of you terms of reference.
Click here. Click on job reference (pdf)
I've had a good look through.
Its full of good stuff (guff) like this

1. Corporate Management & Leadership

Contribute to setting the corporate strategic agenda through leadership, forward planning, management and overall delivery of the Corporate Strategy to deliver positive outcomes for communities in Flintshire. As part of the corporate management, team ensure that corporate governance arrangements are developed, maintained and adhered to across the Council.Ensure corporate strategies, policies and procedures are effectively and consistently implemented across the council.
All fine words but part of another universe, not reality.
A good look through the above shows that your job has very little to do with village environment.This shows in the currect status of Chester Rd Penyffordd which is a noisy rat run for 100's of cars,  lorries and buses. Flintshire County Council website front page gives the impression of a rural county. Underneath environment wise it is rotten to the core in places like Chester Rd Penyffordd. 3000 vehicles a day even though we have a by pass. The place is lawless North Wales Police have given up on speeding traffic and illegal exhausts. They seem rather too close to Airbus corporate wise.
Flintshire Highways are hiding traffic data that shows how crap the place really is.You will be having a challenge in your new position in this third world county. Good luck. I will be in touch when you start in September
regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

postcript 2010. Little change in the above

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Penyffordd Business People

Lampard Installations
Mr. Daniel Lampard
Rhos Road
CH4 0JR.

Tel: 01244 540750
Mobile: 07724450494


keywords: kitchens, bathrooms, tiling, decking and patios

Coed Onn residents of Flint stand up to Flintshire County Council

who are currently trying to pull one over them. There will be vast increases in traffic if Coed Onn is opened up to Chester Rd at Oakenholt. The one way system in Flint town centre has left a long route from the top of Flint towards Connah's Quay. The proposed rat run will be the ideal route.

Quote from the letter
Thirdly, the report also failed to point out that in view of these concerns the planning officers agreed to an urgent meeting to look again at these traffic difficulties.

Over here in Penyffordd we just role over and accept everything. No healthcare the village centre a noisy rat run.
Lets hope Cllrs David Williams and Cindy Hinds can stop years of neglect.
Penyffordd has been a soft touch for too long.

Link The Evening Leader Coed Onn Rd

keywords: Charles Hughes Head of Engineering, Flintshire County Council

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Batten down the hatches?

Talk of unemployment going up 0.4% next year in the national newspapers. Then there's talk of inflation going up by some miniscule percentage.
It's all a con.

Down here in the real world, wholesale oil prices rose 100% in a year and still going up, gas has gone up wholesale wise 130%.
Food prices are going up, hardly anyone can get a mortgage.
People are going slow on motorways.
People wondering do we really need to go out for the day.
Everything to do with houses will suffer due to the nearly complete stoppage of building.
Most firms borrow money. The borrowings are based on certain assumptions. The current climate will not have been accounted for.
A lot of people have also borrowed the recent increase in equity in their homes. Large flat screens in 2 or 3 rooms, long distance foreign holidays every year. Two new cars on the drive.

Why can't the national newspapers stop handing out the fodder handed to them by Government and report the truth?

We live in a house with solid walls and inadequate roof insulation. The water heating system needs upgrading. I've got Lisa to bid for some Kingspan on Ebay tonight. We won the bid on £84 plus £30 postage. If I install it correctly it will pay for itself by Xmas.
The equivalent in BQ is £600. The stuff I'm getting has no foil barrier and are 2nd's

We now have triple glazing in nearly 30% of the house, this will be extended. This is a byproduct of having 200 illegal exhausts passed the house every day.

I have a solar panel design for for 60% hot water for the year. I also have a concentrated solar power system to sell back to the utility company. It involves 600 degree temps, steam and a steam turbine. My engineering powers will be needed to be re honed. I can get the stainless steel welded through a friend if I pay for the labour which will be very handy. Concentrated Solar Power will be the new oil. In USA and Africa anyway.

I'm looking to nearly heat the house with light bulbs because of the very high value of insulation for roof, windows and walls. A 12 volt light system will be put next to the 240 system.

I'm also looking at making small savonius wind turbines to heat water and provide lighting power.

Food wise I'm buying fruit trees.

A big thank you for publishing my letter Evening Leader

In which I criticised a letter complaining about wasting Police time on educating speeders in Marford.
Inspector Alex Goss of North Wales Police explained to the complainant the reasons why initiative was carried out and the result of the initiative. ie locals complaining.
The results always look small beer because drivers warn one another. If a speed test was carried out previous to the initiative using the magic box then compared with results carried out by the Police covered in fluorescents there would be quite a difference.

Vehicles continue to fly through Chester Rd Penyffordd. A form of traffic calming to stop vehicles dead is required. Lets hope Flintshire Highways move up a gear with traffic calming and compulsory 20 mph zones for villages and schools.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

So you want to be an MP

I don't but here's what you may have to do to be a Conservative MP.

Link ConservativeHome

Arrive Alive whitewash letter that hides over a 1000 speeding cars through our village road daily

Mr Colin Hughes

1 Penymynydd Road




Sent by email to: removed

My answer in red

1st July 2008

Our Ref: FOI Dec 07.03 additional information

Dear Mr Hughes,

Further to our correspondence I can now provide a breakdown of results from the latest speed survey on Chester Road, Penyffordd.

Results show:

June 08 (10 day survey)

Apr 07 (7 day survey)

Total vehicles



Average daily total



Average speed

28 mph

32 mph

85th percentile speed

35 mph

38 mph

Peak times of speed

Similar patterns shown

0700 and 2230 hrs

Peak volumes of traffic

Similar patterns shown

0830 and 1730 hrs

Arrive Alive's website say this
Vounnog Hill/Chester Rd, Penyffordd 30 / 39mph percentile

The above data continues to not show well in excess of 1500 speeding vehicles daily through Chester Rd. You continue to protect the companies AIRBUS and RAYTHEON from carrying out their corporate environmental duties to local villages such as Penyffordd. Your 28 mph average a total distortion of the reality of the situation.

Since we first received complaints of excessive speed on Chester Road, Penyffordd the following actions have been taken:

  • Site visits and speed surveys have been carried out by Hugh Jones
  • A site visit was carried out by Flintshire County Council Highways staff to discuss engineering.
  • You have been invited to the Arrive Alive office several times to discuss your concerns but have not accepted these invitations.
  • Of what use is a visit by myself if you will not address the reality of over 1500 vehicles speeding through the village each day.
  • The area has been included as an Arrive Alive site of community concern and visited routinely; we have also visited the nearby Vounog Hill area.
  • Visits once every Preston Guild are of little use.
  • The area has been included as a Police community site.
  • North Wales Police have abandoned Chester Rd with regards 1500 speeding vehicles each day.
  • The Community Officer and/or Safer Roads Officer have visited the area with flashing speed indicator signs as part of a driver education programme.
  • This has been of little success, you have the exact data but will not show the evidence.
  • Rumble strips and advance warning of the 30 mph limit have been installed.
  • A vehicle activated sign has been installed.
  • This has helped but there is nothing for the opposing direction, which is the direction of the morning rat run
  • The casualty history has been checked for 3 years to Jan 08, showing one slight injury occurred on the Vounog Hill section and one slight injury on Hawarden Road. No personal injury collisions are recorded on Chester Road during these 3 years.
  • You continue to ignore 1500 speeding vehicles which are a constant danger to our school children.
  • An Arrive Alive enforcement officer has been in contact with you to discuss your concerns and realistic expectations.
  • This officer identified the main problem is noise of vehicles with volume and speed of vehicles linked to this. It should be noted that the volume of traffic and noise are outside the remit of Arrive Alive. Speeding traffic is within the remit of Arrive Alive. 1500 speeding vehicles a day which you continue to hide.
  • After further correspondence the Community Sergeant arranged a visit to discuss your concerns. Yes I met with Sergeant Alun Davies but in what way does this resolve 1500 vehicles that actually speed through Chester Rd, Penyffordd everyday?
  • Hugh Jones has approached local businesses and is in the process of arranging a driver awareness programme at Airbus, this is part of our usual business. I also understand the Daily Post reported in February 08 that ‘Airbus, Broughton, won a national road safety award for Wales for creating better driving techniques and reducing risks for employees at the site.’ At the time of this award Airbus' employees continued to speed through this village and have done ever since.
  • Results from the latest survey have been fully interrogated and show a clear reduction in the levels of speeding at this site. You continue to hide the total data your position is a disgrace. You are acting in a totally unaccountable manner. Your actions in my opinion are one of falsehood and evasion.

As you see, effort has been taken to listen to your concerns and take appropriate action.
No , not really your action has been very poor. You have the total data but refuse to act upon it.

Our daily morning 300 vehicle speeding rat run during the time when primary school children are walking and cycling to school a continuing disgrace.

I am sure you understand that our staff must give attention to the needs of many and staff time must be allocated accordingly. You do not have the resources do deal with this problem. Arrive Alive is all smoke, mirrors and continuing evasion.

All the above efforts have seen very little real progress of speeding traffic through Penyffordd village centre which is a major route to school. You continue to hide anonymous data that can be put on any computer with MS Excel. You endanger school children, OAP's and horses that use Penyffordd village centre by your token efforts.

Therefore, I am formally asking you to remove the Arrive Alive email address from your circulation list. This is to ensure administration staff are able to provide a balanced service to each area of their work.

I am formally refusing to comply with the above request as we still have over 1500 speeding vehicles each day through Chester Rd, Penyffordd.

Thank you for raising your concerns and I trust this detailed response may be reassuring.

Reassuring is not the word I would use. Total unaccountability to the residents of Chester Rd, Penyffordd is nearer the mark.

Yours sincerely,

Essi Ahari (Insp.)

Manager, Arrive Alive

North Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership

cc Hugh Jones, Arrive Alive Safer Roads Officer

Carl Sargeant

Cllr. David Williams

Cllr. Cindy Hinds

Cllr. Linda Vidamour

Sgt. 1633 Alun Davies

Gerwyn Powell, Flintshire County Council

Other interested parties as appropriate.

Perhaps they might be Inspector Alun Oldfield, Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie

and Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom.

This will remain a public record of the unaccountability of North Wales Police and the Arrive Alive Partnership.

ps With regards my FOIE for data for May 2007 for Chester Rd in which you refused to give the data, I have objected, you stated there is then a 4 - 6 month appeals procedure. This period is now up give me your answer. A negative for the data release will result in me appealing to the Information Commissioner.

I will also be pursuing other FOIE 's to show the true position of the Arrive Alive Partnership and North Wales Police in relation to speeding traffic in the communities of North Wales.

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