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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Penyffordd Wine Circle - Canapes and Pre Dinner Drinks

The evening's feast made by wife Lisa. An exhibition of finger food.

Penyffordd Airport continued.............

In the Flintshire Chronicle, Dave Goodban  reports a meeting between Airbus, Aviation Park Group and  Broughton and Bretton Community Council over the above

Judith Richards, chairwoman of Broughton Action Group said the councillors are acting like "lapdogs".
Councillors did not ask the right questions.

They will do anything Airbus want.

Airbus' assurances over the limitations of the commercial airport operation are full of generalizations.

Will council leader Penyffordd Cllr Tom Jones take a stand or just be seen to be doing the right thing?
Will the airport reach the Penyffordd Council agenda sheet?

I'm presuming those who want to take an interest can do so through here.

Nothing about the airport on the site so far.

Further link Broughton and Bretton Community Council *

* they have council agendas and minutes on the site.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Penyffordd Accident Black Spot Numero Uno

BT replacing the telegraph pole that got bust in half a couple of days ago. The section of road past Penyffordd Railway Station to Pontblyddyn is a death trap. Motorists, lorries and bikers go so fast around these bends they can't stay on the same side of the road even on blind bends.

The accident rate along this section of road is large.

No one wishes to do anything about it though.

It's a matter of Carry On crashing !

As a daily traveller along this road I would recommend staying as far from the middle white line with hand on the horn to blast anyone coming over the line.

I've nearly been killed by a fuel oil lorry along this section

Downpour Day 3

Penyffordd remains relatively unscathed due to our geographical position. Other localities have suffered. To have a house that gets flooded every time we have sustained downpours is heart breaking.

Implications of house value, replacement, insurance, etc.

Here is news of various difficulties in The Leader

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Farmers are going to start killing badgers

Your chance to make a difference. It's not happening in Wales at the moment but you can make your feelings known. 

One line of attack being if they don't stand against the farmers killing badgers you will stop shopping at their stores

Tesco Customer Services

Asda Customer Services

RSPCA calls for badger friendly milk

Postscript: Many thanks to Mark Tami MP for raising this matter in The Flintshire Chronicle.
Mark says as in our comments section that culling is not the way forward.
Mark is to be congratulated as opposed to ASDA who sit on the fence.

Padeswood Main Rd Closed Yesterday

In Flintshire, the A541 at Caergwrle, A548 at Greenfield and A5118 between Padeswood and Penyffordd were closed.

Read further BBC NE Wales

Village Grant Time Again

Thank you to Scribe Nigel who has pushed the grant form through the door for the Penyffordd Wine Circle. Last year the hand outs were a farce with councillors getting revenge for my intransigence.

My continued protest on speeding traffic, etc.

Grants are handed out by Penyffordd Community Council to local groups. This is part of national governments attempt to halt the decline in local social cohesiveness which by the way continues to slide down hill rapidly.

May I suggest the following.

1. Grants are handed out on an equal, transparent and fair basis.

2. If you wish to use alcohol as an excuse for blocking grants please consider doing this across the board. ie Red Lion groups and Pontblyddyn Cricket Club which are based at licensed premises.

3. The voting for one's own groups by cllrs be it religion, youth or otherwise should be stopped as it is unfair and not allowed at county or national level.

postscript: I think the term used is " vested interests " .

Penyffordd Wine Circle could be described as the following.

A group of mainly Penyffordd residents who meet monthly who have an interest in wine and food. Previous meetings have included talks by the Erddig Head Gardener, a local beekeeper, food and drink grown in various regions of the world. Recently Ludlow Food Festival was visited.

Penyffordd Wine Circle use the Penyffordd Institute and pay money annually for the Institute's upkeep.

Notes: Cllrs Tom Jones, Colin Bithell and Clive Weed are community cllrs and are also members of the Penyffordd Institute Committee.

Last year I wrote to the Penyffordd Institute Committee condemning Cllrs Jones and Bithell for recommending Penyffordd Wine Circle should not receive any further grant money.

postcript: I got an email back saying if Institute Committee members wanted to stick the boot in to a group that had used the Institute for 25 years it was ok and above board !

Lets hope this does not arise again and that sense and fair play will prevail.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Chester Rd flooding issues

This is part of the cause of Chester Rd flooding issues.
Photo taken for council reference purposes. re traffic calming and drains infrastructure.

There are three added extras to Chester Rd surface water

1. The above which I think is a BT grid on Penymynydd Rd
2. The council grid on the road next to it. Water comes out of it rather than the other way around.
3. Surface water off the Institute flows through gateway and onto Chester Rd.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mrs Olwen Williams

passed away in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Mrs Olwen Williams, devoted wife of John and mother of six. A woman completely devoted to her family who asked nothing of anybody and was always ready to help others. Born in Drury, one of eight children of the family of the Wainwrights shop and news agents in Drury that was started by her father.

Funeral arrangements will be announced shortly.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Penyffordd Fibre Broadband Further

Someone knowledgeable in such matters has left the following comment.

" The Cabinet on Corwen Road provides FFTC service to the part of the village towards Vounog hill. The FFTC cabinet outside Penymynydd school provides FFTC service to the top portion of Penyffordd/Penymynydd. The centre of the village including all the oldest properties are served by the cabinet outside the Spar. BT has no plans to install FFTC here. Thus denying most of the businesses and Junior School fibre broadband."

The question is does the above comment accurately reflect the current situation. If so this needs to be challenged with BT.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Street Light Problems in Penymynydd

So says the notice in the Post Office window. It requires the utility company to spend some of their billions. The notice is unsigned, anonymous.

How about putting your name to stuff who ever you are.

I'll have 50p on it being Cllr David Williams.

Friday, September 14, 2012

'No evidence' Padeswood cement plant caused cancer

in The Leader.

Bowel cancer increase only. Usually diet related.

Some Penyffordd cllrs and local politicians ( not necessarily of Penyffordd residence )  will not be pleased with this outcome.

A quote from Cllr Carolyn Thomas of Treuddyn. Everyone else silent.

Gosafe presence on Chester Rd this morning

Many thanks. You would be surprised how many drivers just don't get it though.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Penyffordd Parish Plan

Before the elections I went on about Penyffordd Council not  having a strategic village plan. That's a plan that goes beyond spending as little money as possible. This drew considerable comment so it must have hit a nerve or two.

I have before me " Guilden Sutton Parish Plan ". This is a grand affair. No expense spared. A 32 page, A4, cast coated, full colour booklet.

A steering committee was set up in 2006 of councillors and non councillors. It was setup to be separate from the community council.

The contents

1. The Introduction
2. Our Parish
3. Timeline
4. Overarching Aims of Parish Plan
5. Household Analysis
6. Communications in the Parish
7. Guilden Sutton as a community
8. The Parish Council
9. Parish Events
10. Transportation
11. Public Transport
12. Policing
13. Local Business
14. Environment
15. Planning
16. The Way Forward


Facilities Young People
Communications in the Parish
Parish Council Communication
Events : What residents would like to see more of
Traffic and transport
List of Actions

The above annex contains graphs of questionare's of people's views.


This document is highly recommended to be read. Perhaps our councillors will consider asking Penyffordd residents what they wish for the future of Penyffordd.

This would involve ALL Penyffordd councillors working together for the good of the village.
Is it possible?


The above document is available to be borrowed, please ask.

Flintshire County Council approves Penyffordd bungalow bid

PLANS for a new dwelling in Penyffordd received a cautious thumbs-up from Flintshire planners last week.
Applicant Dave Evans submitted a proposal for a new four-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow on land at the side of Talossamme, Abbotts Lane.

read the full story here Flintshire Chronicle

The Penyffordd Taliban

The other day I had a conversation with someone about
the proposed " bloody traffic calming ". Really it was a waste of time engaging in a conversation. This person also holds the view that traffic matters can be solved by stopping women from driving........

I suppose there will be some out there who will be hunting out this individual to tell that the Penyfford blogger has mentioned them on the Internet.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welsh Education

So you do your examinations. They are marked, then the results published.

You would think the above is how education examination is carried out.

You would however be entirely wrong.
It would appear chicanery is carried out by those in charge. This devalues the hard work done by pupils in preparation for their exams.

The system stinks. Employers use exam results these days as a guideline only. They have developed their own metrics for dealing with the rigged education exam system.


Monday, September 10, 2012

E S Jones' Showroom ( one of ) to become a pet store

Pups and Pets are moving from Hawarden to Dobshill


A sign of the times. A European wide slow down in car sales
Vauxhalls at Ellesmere Port are to halt production for one week

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Charity - Weekend comment

If you walk around the middle of a the likes of Chester you are likely to be confronted ( pressurised) to give to charity by paid sales people. I personally think it should be banned.

When I hear media going on about child poverty in UK I always question what they mean by poverty.

Below is an article by a doctor which lays out in a plain manner
the current state of  "child poverty" and the charity industry.

Link The Telegraph

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Roman 'eco-fort' plan for Penyffordd outskirts

FLINTSHIRE is tipped to become home to the world’s first reconstruction of a Roman eco-system.

Plans are progressing for a major tourist attraction at Fagl Lane Quarry in Hope.

Full story in The Leader

Here's a thought. Have you ever thought where the sand in Fagl Lane came from?

Further on this when I find the link.
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