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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Barracks Lane field musket shot

The lead musket shot were found where an English army division was stationed. It is said this unit was sent to Mold when the Mold riots took place and four people lost their lives.
Some digging to do.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little effect of strike action at Chester Rd

We have no kids, we are not going on holiday, we can get rid of our rubbish. Mind you if the Royal Mail decide to join in ........
There's a piece in The Leader today about teachers one of the commentors Boycs says they start on £23k. There are an awful lot of people who do not earn that.

Good intelligent comment

Link The Leader

ps. Mervyn King of the Bank of England says Greece will affect us big style if it goes bang. Greece going bust or defaulting is a dead cert where I read.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Signs of the Times

In The Independent TJ Hughes and Thorntons Chocolates appoint administrators. 83 graduates applying for every job.

Public service unions are nuts going on strike. The Private Sector pay for ALL their jobs. The Private Sector is in its 4th year of double digit shrinkage in profits. The construction industry in dire straits.

20% and 10% respective rises in gas and electricity will add to the pain.

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Perhaps Labour should be put back in power.

Penyffordd Junior School

Are the teachers going on strike on Thursday? Still no decision as of this morning.
Here is the school list in The Flintshire Chronicle. Abbots Lane are on the list

Monday, June 27, 2011

Penyffordd Politics

Last local county council election in 2008 three candidates stood.

1. Cllr Colin Bithell  (Ind)  622 votes
2. Cllr Cindy Hinds (Lab)  630 votes
3. Cllr David Williams (Ind)  629 votes

Two positions were voted for so Cindy and David got in much to the disappointment of Colin who if he had got in would have been a county boss in the new Independent administration.

The result was so close that more than one recount was required.

Cllr Colin Bithell got what he deserved. My prospective community councillor election sheet criticised him for his negligence of Chester Rd environment. I like to think I played a small part in his downfall.

Cllr Tom Jones has been a major force in Penyffordd politics, Colin Bithell being his man. I presume David Williams represents a substantial group who are fed up of the Tom Jones spend no money policy. ( also no vision for the village)

No idea who is going to stand in 2012, no one tells me anything but there will be David Williams, one from Tom Jones' camp and one from Labour.

Cllr Cindy Hinds ( Lab) is luke warm on Chester Rd environment so far. I have an email in which she says there is not much speeding traffic. ( I say still over a 1000 a day breaking 30 mph, prove me wrong get FCC to do a survey with the results made public) ( we could also have a survey on how much HGV is using the village. )

Do we have anyone else in the village who is fed up of  the Cllr Tom Jones gang of Independents. There's me I'm fed up with living on an unpoliced road that is a major short cut for lorries and village outsiders.

That's how people get started in politics when they see poor administration by the incumbents. Where David Williams will stick to the rules I won't. The sheet of 10 independents standing for 12 positions is an afront to local democracy used by Tom Jones to keep new faces off the committee. It should be banned. Tom invites new people to stand who he thinks will toe the line , who are meek and mild.
Not much effort required in standing just supply a photo and a few details and a tenth of the printing costs.

Penyffordd is a major short cut because a Labour led Flintshire County Council and a Labour led Welsh Government Assembly decided so.

The current Independent led Flintshire County Council are quite happy with Penyffordd being a short cut. Cllr Tony Sharps of Northop Hall who is in charge of  Flintshire roads to be sure would not put up with the current traffic arrangements in Penyffordd. Northop Hall has major speed bumps at each end of the village.

Independent led Penyffordd Community Council? Oh! they wrote a few letters in protest.

If anyone thinks any of the above is wrong please comment and put me right.
Current issues in Penyffordd district which will shortly reach over 6000 residents

1. Insufficient sports facilities for the youth
2. No proper health centre within the village.
3. Better online communication by Penyffordd Community Council required.
( minutes and agenda)

There is of course my issue that we are used as a speedy rat run in the village centre for outsiders and HGV. We have a bypass using the village should be made very awkward for through traffic.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Summer's Evening Walk

5 miles away from Penyffordd is Nant y Ffrith. This is the living room of an abandoned lodge that was part of the Nant Y Ffrith estate. Which fell into disrepair was used to store explosives during the second world war then demolished later.
The woods cover from Ffrith to  Bwlchgwyn with a river running along the bottom. There is also a path up to the top of Pen llan y Gwr from where you can see Snowdonia , the Wirral, the Pennines, Liverpool and beyond.

First sight of horse flies tonight. Avoided two that were looking for a meal. 

Flintshire and Wrexham councils have details of walks in the area.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

CBM Howie Williams

This afternoon I have had a visit from Howie.The first part of our meeting was the discussion of an irate email I sent to a firm over my perception of their drivers behaviour in our village last week. I admitted to the wrongness of words.

I have apologised to the firm concerned with a copy to those on the original email list.

We also discussed June 2008 Chester Rd traffic speed data that Howie was given by another agency and which Howie used in his report to Penyffordd Community Council.

Since I was given after numerous requests (inc a meeting in Cllr Woolley's office) a crippled redacted copy of the data Howie was quoting from I knew what he was saying was wrong.
My blog will be edited to reflect this.

I have agreed that my actions are a negative and will not get any where.

My aim is a village centre where traffic cannot hammer through at any time of the day or night. An HGV free village except for access. Civilised streets, we have a bypass.

I have previously told Council Leader Arnold Woolley that I believe Flintshire County Council are being highly selfish by using Chester Rd to support the  Flintshire trunk road system.
The new A55 Warren Bank exits adding to the problem as thought.

I hope my elected representatives see my vision as worthwhile where OAP's can walk across the road and school children can bicycle to school through the middle of our village, a compulsory 20 mph.

What's good enough for Rossett is good enough for us.

Come the next local elections I will stand for county and community council if I see no improvement.
I have little confidence in Flintshire Highways as I see them as anti community, anti road calming and pro vehicle, we shall see.

Other discussions included Howie's new role in NWP. From now on he will cover an area from Saltney to Denbighshire I think its called Flintshire.

I couldn't understand why all the traffic was doing 30 mph whilst I talked to Howie. A quick look up the street saw the answer Howie's police car..............

I wish to thank Howie for the visit and talk.

Colin Hughes
Chester Rd.


keywords: Neal Cockerton,
Head of Highway Assets.

postscript: In a future blog I will discuss Doppler effect technology used by councils to measure traffic. Since discovering the device they use on a lamp post near my house I have seen such devices in Derbyshire on well known biker roads.

Saturday morning - bustling Chester Rd

I'm doing something this week on the outside of the house. It's been driving me nuts with all the speeding traffic. I forgot how crap Saturday morning is. Short cut traffic hammering through to such places as Broughton Retail Park and Chester.

Chester Rd has been stuffed by the Labour led Flintshire County Council and the Labour led Welsh assembly Government. We are now a very speedy short cut for Warren Bank A55 exits. We should have been protected.

Does Saturday have 4000 vehicles through Chester Rd now?

Just a big short cut for everywhere courtesy of the above.

I hear the Penyffordd Community Council might have written a letter or two in protest. What was former County Cllr Colin Bithell doing whilst all the above was being planned. Swanning around Shire Hall?

keywords: Carl Sargeant AM Transport Minister

Enthusiastic gardening in Broughton

Link The Daily Post

Partly caught out by the smell. You can get something on Ebay to take the smell away. If you look on Ebay under the term "hydroponics" you can see what sophisticated equipment is available, the industry is multi million, people grow the stuff in their airing cupboards, lofts and greenhouses. Yes I have an interest in hydroponics, no I don't smoke and don't do drugs beyond a couple of bottles of beer.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wood Lane Farm 234 house development update

I understand that there are currently issues with the footpath people. The nearby footpath behind the butchers has been the site of much anti social behaviour over the last few years. Solutions to the anti social behaviour have been stymied by the footpath brigade.

One would presume footpaths between houses on the new development will cause similar issues..

Penyffordd Bypass issues on the above development
Question - Who would want to live next to a 60 mph bypass that has 20 or 30,000 vehicles a day. A percentage have illegal exhausts especially at weekends. Noise mitigation does not currently include a lowering of the speed limit which would also be beneficial to those of use who live in the middle of the village. Those next to the bypass are to get better double glazing and wooden fences.

Vehicle Pollution.   Some of our councillors always happy to kick Hanson Cement but don't say anything about particulate emissions caused by vehicles on the bypass. What are the levels that will be ending up in gardens of proposed houses that will be next to the bypass?

Chester Rd Speed Rat Run

Still continues unabated, unpoliced over 5 years after it was brought to the attention of Penyffordd Community Council who said speeding was nothing to do with them. This is still the case.  

Time for Cllr Tom Jones OBE and his cronies to go.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have been in the front garden today. I am of the opinion that lorries taking short cuts through the village has increased many 100's of percent since the A55 Warren Hall exits have been opened.

It's depressing really. An email sent to Carl Sargeant AM Transport Minister pointing out the vandalism wrought on Chester Rd by the WAG.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Mark Tami MP last week  said we had to go the nuclear path for energy. I'm with Mark on this, windmills are just a token unworkable effort. 

Closer to home we here at Chester Rd have gas and electric bills of £1400 per annum. Our house has solid walls and I'm a hot house flower.

When the utilities were privatised we were told they would compete with one another. Instead they all act as a cartel raising the prices by as much as they can get away with.

So just as our country should not rely on countries such as Russia and Iran we at Chester Rd are not going to totally rely on the robbing utility companies. So its forward with a wood  burner, 4 inch thick Kingspan, a 12volt led battery lighting system, solar powered hot water and electricity.  

REUK one of my favourite night time reads.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My blog makes more money than The Guardian

I kid you not. Dead tree media (paper) is in terminal trouble and has been for sometime.The Guardian master company lost £33m this last year. I think it was near £40m the year before.
The TimesOnline  behind a paywall is suffering having lost nine tenths of its online audience.

My blog has just made £60 in six months.

Local newspapers are also haemoraging  cash through lack of advertising care of Google, Ebay and other online companies.

One way forward is for government to pay to keep newspapers going. It is vital that local papers keep going but perhaps they would be afraid to bite the hand that feeds.

Fearful times ahead for traditional media.

The way forward perhaps is local blogs like mine but much better. All the community having a say and contributing.

Link Riches to rags 

Alison has a mixed bag

Link Alison Halford

Penyffordd Carnival weather update

So far so good, just over an hour to opening time and no rain. According to the forecast there's a chance of rain and hail.

According to the rain radar above we may miss it however, everything on the map above is moving up and slightly to the right. The weather in S Wales may not get here if at all till tea time onwards.

Friday, June 17, 2011

So it's the Penyffordd Carnival tomorrow

The Met Weather forecast is thus at this moment


Some sunny spells and scattered heavy, blustery showers, with a risk of hail and thunder. Winds will tend to ease during the afternoon, with showers tending to fade by evening. Maximum temperature 15 °C.

Updated: 1526 on Fri 17 Jun 2011

Two years ago I offered to help clear up. I took my car over which has the seats removed . I transported a small marquee from the top field to the bottom field and helped put stuff away. John Martin was very appreciative the same could not be said for the chairman and others. Not sure what their issue was.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anti Social Behaviour

I've had a comment published in The Leader today. The wording not very well thought out but the bottom line was why do we get involved in situations all over the world when we can't sort out our own problems. Anti social behaviour by youth and others is an ongoing problem that gets worse in summer.

Why is it tolerated? The youths should be given one opportunity to right their ways and if not the full force of the law should be applied to make it as uncomfortable for them as possible keeping in mind we live in a civilized society.

More respect for teachers and police and less trouble for us. This softly softly approach is wrong. The anti social youth just laugh at us.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Waste discharge on Blackbrook farm land further

There are two comments on the blog I did. One from Kerry Wilson and one from Trade Effluent Services. Thanks very much for the comments. The bottom line will be what the community think of the smell should it come in our direction.


Penyffordd Clrs hide their email addresses

Three councillors volunteer their email addresses, the other nine either hide theirs or do not have one. It would appear they that hide email addresses stand for council on their terms and not that of the community. This shows the underlying sickness in our local democracy distorted by the "sheet of ten".  There are 12 places for community council. Last election 10 of them stood on one sheet. You have to be asked to get on the sheet. No need for traipsing the streets, spending £200 getting leaflets printed and published, talking to people just hand your photo and a few details over to Clr Tom Jones and Cllr Colin Bithell and the jobs done.

I wonder how many older residents are "helped" with their postal vote. The odds are stacked against a fresh face who is not part of the weary old pack.

The two current councillors who did not stand on the sheet of 10. Cllr Cindy Hinds quite obviously as she is Labour and the sheet of 10 are "Independent" ie do as Tom says. Also Cllr David Williams who is Independent had separate literature printed.

Three councillors who freely publish their email addresses

1. Ind  Cllr Linda Vidamour
2. Lab  Cllr Cindy Hinds ( County)
3. Ind  Cllr David Williams (County)

Denbighshire roll out traffic calming measures

Wrexham Borough are well advanced.
Flintshire appears to be sitting on its hands

in The Daily Post

Sunday, June 12, 2011

An obnoxious smell coming shortly?

The above tanks most probably full of human poo. Sponsored by the government. Trade Effluent Services look like they are going to spray the fields of the deserted Black Brook farm with processed human waste. One would think processed would make the substance benign, this is not so. 

There are various ways of spreading this stuff. 
The best way is for it to be injected into the ground. The contractors prefer to spray it on the top as this is the easy way. I have had to wade through this stuff that covered a footpath. It had also polluted the water courses which is illegal.
You would be surprised how many human made substances survive the trip from a house waste system  through the sewage works. Hormones, contraceptives, medicines, etc

The wind is currently blowing from Black Brook Farm towards the villages of Penyffordd and Penymynydd.......................... 

To Chirk Carboot

Alternative title - The Calm before the Rain.
There 8.00 am back 9.15 a bit wet.
The rain as shown moving up at a rapid pace.
Started coming up last night from Lands End.

Couldn't believe how many car booters were still there.
Always best to look at the Met rain radar to see what's happening.
Sometimes Snowdonia takes all the rain from Ireland
but not this lot coming up from the south.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just a Reminder

These two who bankrupt the country trying to make the oppositions unelectable. These two should be locked up in the Tower till they die. You may have quite a few years to mull over this pairs sacrifice of our country for personal ambition.

Full story in The Mail

Friday, June 10, 2011

The State of the Economy

Anyone who does business will be feeling the ongoing current situation which is still not being felt by public services (government spending continues to rise.)

Sales of Argos electrical goods down 25% March / April.
These figures are grim and show what a state private business is in. I thought Ipod's were immune it would appear not.

"The news co-incided with a major survey showing that 40pc of consumers – equivalent to 20m people – have made "significant" spending cutbacks in their daily lives since the turn of the year."

Link Telegraph

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Baked Bean Crime

I kid you not.....................
A can of beans ( Heinz) thrown all over a car in the row.
I put the can in the bin, couldn't work out what a can of beans open quarter full was doing in my drive.

Now I know why..............but not if you know what I mean.

Reported to Howie.

Chester Rd rumble strip completion 4 years later

An email to Neal Cockerton, Head of ........................
Hi Neal
I see your workmen are putting down the second half of the rumble strip.
This is most welcome.
The initial half measure done 4 years ago indicative of the half measures many cllrs in Penyffordd feel about village safety and environment.
You should try the old road between Abergele and Llanddulas
some time. If you miss the 30 mph sign and go over the rumble
strips too fast they shake your car to bits.
Can we have a similar upgrade if the scumbags continue speeding?
We do of course have a by pass for through traffic
Penyffordd distict

postscript: That gentle, just mere tokenism.............................. 

1984 continues to arrive

Apparently such practices as keeping a personal diary and having opinions will land you in serious trouble.

Link The Leader

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Penyffordd & Penymynydd Carnival

18th June 2011 

Gates Open 1 - 4 pm

Adults £1, Children 50p

My flag has gone

When we had the strong winds a blue tarpaulin got stuck up the telegraph pole outside the house. For the last two months it's been trying to rip the cables off the post.

Some locals think I put it up there, this is not so. I would imagine it has been winding up Penyffordd councillors. Should the speeding traffic continue I will have various items blowing in the wind which will stay until the speeding traffic is stopped be it one year or five.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A walk in Nant y Ffrith

More Action from Gosafe

In Chester Rd at 2pm. Many thanks. The scumbags hammer passed 7.30 to 9.00 am fellas.

copied to Carl Sargeant AM Welsh Transport Minister

Cllr Linda Vidamour successes

Perhaps I'm being a little unfair. Clerk Nigel's usual practice with council agenda was to put the agenda which could run to eight pages in the notice box which is locked with just the front page showing. All the interesting stuff hidden. After me asking about three times Clerk Nigel now spreads the agenda across the inside of the glass fronted notice board.

The water stained, sun faded remaining notices a testament to what the community council thinks of residents. Where mushrooms are kept springs to mind.

There's nothing on the telly

but when there is it's all on at once. Tonight Dan Cruickshank on the final look at a British house  never seen by the general public, second to last one of six. Also on at the same time on BBC4 A Confusion of Names, a fascinating programme on Botany.


postscript: Dan was class, a national treasure.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Penyffordd Goal Keeper moving up

TALENTED ten-year-old goalkeeper Jack Atkinson will get the chance to line up against Real Madrid.
He said: “I played in defence or midfield, but then I gave it a try in goal and I made all these saves. They asked if I wanted to be the goalkeeper for Penyffordd and it just went from there.

Link Flintshire Leader

A Memo to Inspector Iwan Jones Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for South Flintshire

cc Chief Constable

Congratulations Iwan,

On your new position as Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for South Flintshire. I hope you do better than your predecessor Inspector Martin Best who has consistently ignored the 1000+ speeders a day that hammer through our village.
If you want proof of this ask to see data held by Neal Cockerton. Don't rely on our CBM who was found lying to our community council over traffic speeding levels. Talking of lying, Inspector Best also lied to the Flintshire Chronicle over the same.

Best wishes
Colin Hughes

Wanting to see elected representatives do their job instead of pretending......
What are actually NWPA for?

keywords:  County Inspector Darren Wareing 

Lowering of crime - Council meeting further......

Cllr Linda Vidamour referred to the excellent news with regards "the propaganda" ( my words) put out by the previous Inspector Martin Best.
(Linda forgets the 1000+ speeders a day through the village that endanger child life) 

Crime figure reductions previous 12 months ( I presume Flintshire)

All Crimes reduced by 11.1%
351 fewer victims of crime
Serious aquisitive crime reduced by 32.5%
Violent crime by 5.3%
Vehicle crime reduced by 33.7%
Theft from vehicles a staggering (GNI's words)  47.3 %
Anti social behaviour reduced by 11%

So all the above figures have been reduced by CBM's driving around our ward and others, being extra dilligent and hard working, stopping or reducing  crimes.

I think NWP have very little to do with the above data outcome. It has more to do with an unexpected side effect of the credit crunch. How long it will hold is another matter. I think police should stop acting like politicians.

keyword NWPA 

North Wales Police need to do better

In the council meeting Cllr David Williams mentioned during the item on Police Liason that vandalism which he had reported in the previous week had resulted in no communication from NWP.

Nothing new there then.....................

postscript: It was pointed out that Howie rarely attended council meetings.

Cllr Linda Vidamour Chair Penyffordd Community Council 2010 - 2011

I consider Linda one of the best councillors we have, intelligent and dilligent, hard working, giving up time to be a councillor despite having limited spare time.

I hope these comments below will not discourage. They do however for the sake of Chester Rd residents need to be said.


1. Chester Rd rat run happens every work day morning, in my opinion many 100's of vehicles hammer through the village every morning. This has been purposely ignored by Linda and for that matter every other Penyffordd Cllr.
( We still have over 1000 speeders every day and have done for over 4 years)

There has been some sort of agreement between PCC that Linda is chair of that CBM Howie Williams did not have to traffic police Chester Rd which is a major route to school , is used by many old age pensioners.
Gosafe have never been pushed to attend.

2. Communication with the village still remains in the stone age.  We should have agendas and minutes of meetings online. At present there is a hand scrawled letter from Clerk Nigel on the notice board, its all a disgrace.
The bottom line is that the community council treat residents like mushrooms until they need the votes. ( I must add that Cllr Hinds and Williams do produce news letters. )

I could set up a free blog that could be bolted onto the malfunctioning community website in half an hour. What it involves is Cllr David Williams doing his job properly and Clerk Nigel joining the 21 st century.

( My offer is always refused )

The Origins of PACA

which stands for Penyffordd Area Community Association. One of our previous CBM's Ian Millington referred to the lack of provision of facilities for young people in Penyffordd. This then led to individuals and groups within the village forming PACA.

Elected representatives included the late Councillor Derek Darlington, Cllrs Cindy Hinds, Edwina Davies. Also CBM Ian Millington and the current chairman Steve Johnstone and many others.

This has led to the generation of funds and building of an all weather games area * near The Millstone. The construction of a community garden and the successful fight against FCC to keep the youth club open.

CBM Ian Millington should be highly commended for setting off the above chain of events.

The above information was gleaned from a letter sent to Penyffordd Community  Council by Steve Johnstone in the Penyffordd Community Council minutes.

Penyffordd District comment

* The construction of the multi user games area was not without issues. Some Independent Councillors were minded to criticise its construction to try to make political points. These councillors would be the same cllrs that have sat on their hands for years doing bugger all for the youth of the village. I know who they are too but will refrain from mentioning them at this time. Clue - they are all over 70 years of age and male.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Internet Browsers do my head in

A pleasant Sunday, quiet. No bypass noise, little traffic through the village.
( there's still speeding though lol)

What I want when I go online is a fast reliable service. What I get is hanging browsers that mess around for minutes.

So gone are : -

Google Chrome. Best browser but uploads data from your computer without permission each day. I've unloaded Chrome but it's still uploading data back to Google headquarters.
Currently about 23 mb a day. Has been as high as 60+ mb per day. This ads up when you are limited to 10 gig then get penalties.

Mozilla. Latest version is supposed to be 6 times faster. Have just closed it after hanging for 2 mins.

Explorer. It keeps asking me stuff. Why can't it just do what you want?

Opera. I'm going to give this a try

Friday, June 03, 2011

Food Standards Agency gives ‘sub- standard’ hygiene ratings to 13 Flintshire businesses

Guess who is on the list? This is a little unfortunate as the new chap has just taken over. Work has been done recently which I think is due to the above. I have an issue with fan noise and odour but that's a separate issue currently being looked at by FCC.

Link Flintshire Chronicle

Hottest night of the year

The local idiot has a fire going so we have to close all windows. I reckon he does landscape gardening and brings the rubbish home to burn at night. Two more fires and I'll report him.
Will give him a chance first with a note through the door.

Alison Halford - A Life so Far

Link Museum of Liverpool

Rubber Fetish

Here in a supposed area of outstanding beauty. Charlie with his favourite chewing material. Happiness is a big chew on a rubber tyre.

The mind boggles

A blue sky today, a school holiday so traffic seems to be halved, no frenetic dash before school opening. I have a mechanism that shows certain information about who looks at the site. For instance the Welsh Ombudsman office look because I have an Alison Halford Link.
Someone in Turkey has taken the trouble to translate my blog into Turkish this morning.
The mind doth boggle. Some Penyffordd news of substance coming up shortly. Clerk Nigel has posted the minutes of last Wednesday's council meeting through my letter box.

If you wish for a small sum of money you can have council minutes delivered or you can read them in the Post Office. They are hidden in a draw near the till with previous copies, that's if someone hasn't borrowed them.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Penyffordd proposed housing development in The Leader

 Penyffordd councillor David Williams said they had been left as a “commuter village”.
He said: “As far as I’m concerned we’ve been victims of development for the past 30 years with no investment in recreation or community amenities.”

Well said David.

Link The Leader

My comments before some idiot deletes them.

1. This will make Chester Rd the biggest rat run in Flintshire
2. An extra 1000 vehicles a day through the village centre. Chester Rd returned to being a trunk road in all but name.
3. The proposed houses next to the bypass will have tremendous amounts of traffic noise including the racing bikers who hammer along at 120 mph at the weekend with illegal exhausts.
4. Question. How do vehicles from 280 houses get out of ONE junction between 8 and 9 each work day morning
5. Why do 5000 residents of Penyffordd have no flood lit football and no medical facilities? Time for Cllr Tom Jones to retire.Should have gone 10 years ago.
6. Penyffordd councillor David Williams said they had been left as a “commuter village”. He said: “As far as I’m concerned we’ve been victims of development for the past 30 years with no investment in recreation or community amenities.” Well said David.
7. 30 years with no investment in recreation or community amenities. 30 years of Cllr Tom Jones................. Time to go Tom

The Flintshire Chronicle are also covering the story for Thursday
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