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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Penyffordd District LDP Consultation did happen

Quote verbatim off Penyffordd Community Council website.



LDP - Local Development Plan

There is an important extra meeting on Wednesday 21st May at 6-30 in the institute where the head of forward planning will be explaining to members how to make representations for the plan.

This is an extremely important matter that can shape this village significantly with regard to housing and amenities over the next 20 years.

Further information will be posted before the meeting.


It was advertised on the council website
But where else?
How many turned up?

Council held meeting on the Penyffordd LDP

Minutes were past

So they past minutes on Penyffordd LDP on the 13th of May then held a public consultation on the 21 st of May. (edit: no they didn't wrong year )

Surely the wrong way around?

postscript: Looks like very important meeting happened a year ago

Councillors Communicating (or not)

Something you don't see much of around here, councilors with telephone numbers on display.

No Penyffordd councilor details on the Post Office notice board, no councilor details on our £600 councilor website front page. ( edit its along the top one click away) ( further edit fir trees got in the way)

Treat the peasants like mushrooms, do all the important stuff off councillor minutes.

Cllrs Hinds, Williams and Vidamour  emails can be found if you look carefully.

As far as I am aware all councilors have email or access to email they just don't want you bothering them.

keywords MI5, masonic.

postscript: After a telling off from Clerk Sarah I give you Penyffordd Councillor contact details. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Coming shortly a Roman Fort near you

ps. I'm looking for volunteers to help me run my business. You can have as many free books as you can carry as well...................

A483 Posthouse

Apparently the job is done. Penyffordd which is quite a few miles away has been affected. Our bypass has had bumper to bumper crawling, the village used as a short cut. Hopefully all the short cutters or long cuttters will return to the A483.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Village Rocking Today

A Mini Triathalon at The Councillor Arms (Red Lion). Tonight The Milly is doing turn away business, loads of people on the balcony.
Mary's Jemoley Cafe has a do, standing  room only.

Tripadvisor Links

Arbitary Removal of Sunday Bus Service

Someone brought up the headline subject on a comment.

I'm sure Penyffordd district residents will be waiting for Penyffordd Cllrs to tackle the bus companies on this.

No Spar shop and no buses? Perhaps residents will have to use taxis to get to Buckley or Broughton to get a bottle of wine and a few quavers?

Cllr David Walker said "This is not an impending lack of a Sunday bus service this has actually happened and as far as I am aware without any notification."


There's a couple girl's outside in fluro. Apparently there's a triathalon in progress.
Triathalon is a much abused term. To me it means a 26 mile marathon, a long bike ride and a long swim.

What they will be doing outside is some mini version. I always ask what people mean if they say they are running a triathalon, just to have a leg pull because its never a proper one.

Not sure what order they do stuff in. I could run a marathon in 3.5 hours without stopping. If I had to do swimming I would drown and then a bike ride on top!

Hard exercise on a day like (hot) today is highly punishing the heat makes everything extra extra hard.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Penyffordd Health - Vaccines

I've just finished a course of vaccines I didn't particularly want to have. I refused a flu vaccine last winter.

That flu vaccine was something in the region of a 98% failure.

USA is currently trying to make some vaccines for children compulsory.

MMR - I don't think the truth told.

Cllr Linda Vidamour to stand down?

I hear rumours that Linda is to stand down in 2016.
I think one of our best councillors.
Intelligent, perceptive, willing to ask questions.

I can think of at least another Independent Tom Jones Party who will not be standing.

Is the Red Lion Group to become the dominant group?

Who is the power broker of the Independent Red Lion Group
Cllr David Williams or Cllr Clive Weed?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Is it Friday yet?

Congratulations to our new Penyffordd Community Councillor David Walker

Well done David on being co opted on to Penyffordd Community Council.

Many thanks for making a comment on the blog on political relationships within Penyffordd.
I admit I know nothing about you except from a comment made that your are a friend of County Cllr David Williams.

When 9 out of 10 cllrs have to to stand as Independent, due to Conservatism being out of fashion in Flintshire one has to make groupings.
I have made the mistake of grouping you with the Red Lion Independents.

I am sorry.

I have edited you to being just Independent.

I presume you will be standing next year 2016. I will also presume that you will publish and deliver all your own Penyffordd Cllr candidate literature and will not be on the same sheet as Cllr David Williams or any other . I stood in 2008 and 2012. My wife helped me deliver my leaflets.
At today's rates I think printing leaflets for our area in the region of £300.
Not too bad going and you get to be called councillor and get your ear bent down the pub for free.
Nothing like a few pints of Stella and discussing village issues.

You should also take a good look at electoral law. One of the times I stood I forgot to put on my leaflet that I had published the leaflet myself. A Penyffordd Councillor complained to Colin Everett who then sent North Wales CID  ( yes the police ) to interview me under caution. You should be ok though being one of the Penyffordd Borg. Only Cindy has not been assimilated.

I will be able to check on your expenses to stand as councillor after the election with the Returning Officer Colin Everett, CEO of Flintshire County Council.

The £300 comes out of your own pocket, you should also know that being a community councillor costs you money and time. There is no salary and no expenses. No watching Liverpool on a Wednesday night. Such is the sacrifice necessary in the service of our fellow Penyfforddians.

I think it unfair to to ask you about LDP Pen041, you have been thrown in the very deep end.

I will say this to Penyffordd Community Council if you as a council  think you passed LDP candidate suggestion Pen041 by mistake you are living in cloud cuckoo land. The village won't fall for that line.
We are not all sheep.

I will answer all your points shortly
This is a test to your Independency.

With regards LDP Pen035 which Penyffordd Community Council voted to bulldoze the The Spar and build houses on it.
Would you like to explain why you as a councillor voted to close one of Penyffordd's most valued assets?
I can't find any minutes discussing this major decision.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FCC reply to my questions on LDP Candidate Representee's and Councillor personal interests

Dear Mr Hughes

The list of people putting forward candidate sites for the LDP is not published by the council. The documents submitting each candidate site are available for inspection at the council offices should you wish.

Councillors are required to declare a personal interest where the matter under debate at a council meeting would affect their well being to a greater extent than other taxpayers in their ward. Having done so they can continue to take part and vote on issues. If that interest is so significant that it is likely to prejudice their ability to judge the public interest then they must declare a prejudicial interest and not participate. I would expect that if someone simply attends a pub it would fall into the former rather than the latter category.

Cllr Williams tells me that PEN041 has been withdrawn by the applicant and so the council will likewise withdraw its support - I think it was marked in the wrong place on the map when it was submitted.

I trust this answers your questions

edit : officer's name redacted

Recent Built Primary Schools in Flintshire

I have asked Flintshire County Council for information with regards the above.
This is to keep the village informed.

The cost of building and capacity.
Holywell is work in progress

*Holywell New Campus (Sept 16)
£31M with a capacity for Secondary of 600
pupil places and Primary (F/T) 315 pupil places

Ysgol Ty Ffynnon, Shotton, (Primary School) 
£7.5M with a capacity of (F/T)
210 pupil places

Ysgol Caer Nant, Connah's Quay (Primary School £8.5M with a capacity of
(F/T) 315 pupil places

*(Holywell has relatively high abnormals given the sloping site).


Monday, June 22, 2015

Pen041 Councillor Vandalism - Further Detail in Comments brought to the top

"Zoopla values the homes at Millstone at ~£115k - I guess this is because they are privately owned unlike the guys at Llay who pay ground rent and own nothing other than the unit.
Interestingly the land they propose to forcefully steal (Pen041) works out to be approx 14 acres. In comparison, Castell Alun high school sits on just 9 acres, Abermorddu primary & infant school sits 3.2 acres and the current Penyffordd infant school is on 1.7acres, if you were to include the barely used football pitch next to it it would add up to 5 acres, more than adequate!

I for one will be voting for a change, we can't have people like this calling the shots."


Many thanks for that. I will up the £3 million pound + of compensation require to build the new Penyffordd Primary School.

There is the human cost which cannot be calculated in £'s sterling

Penyffordd Recycling Centre Closure Threat

Political Make Up of Penyffordd District

edited 30/6/2015

County Councillor Cindy Hinds - Labour
County Councillor David Williams - Independent Red Lion

Community Councillor Cindy Hinds - Labour
Community Councillor David Walker - Labour ( edited after comments)

Community Councillor David Williams - Independent Red Lion
Community Councillor Clive Weed - Plaid Cymru
Community Councillor Helen Jones - Independent (edited)

Community Councillor David Walker - Labour ( edited after comments)

Community Councillor Tom Jones OBE - Independent Tom Jones Party
Community Councillor Colin Bithell - Independent Tom Jones Party
Community Councillor Edwina Davies - Independent Tom Jones Party
Community Councillor Stan Davies - Independent Tom Jones Party
Community Councillor Linda Vidamour - Independent Tom Jones Party

Labels, we have to have labels. I label the councillors on the grounds of political affiliation, who shares electoral expenses. The Red Lion pub has nothing to do with this discussion excepting the above labeled councillors drink their and have support of various groups who use the Red Lion for refreshment, sport and social.

In the past the groupings have shared political expenses excluding Cllr David Walker who was co opted recently to replace Joe Bell who was Independent Tom Jones Party.

Work in progress

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Animal, Mineral or Vegetable?

I was going to do a cartoon series called Bulldozer Dave but this has been over ruled by the executive.

So instead I'll discuss this which is in the garden. I've walked fields and woods for 50 years and never seen this. I have two samples of it in the garden. First I thought it was a catapillar until I accidentally snapped off a piece.

It's a nettle fungus called nettle rust or Puccinia Urticata.

The French are very big about nettles. They use it as a fertiliser and even a herbicide. It fills the plant with nitrogen and kills it. The silly EU tried to ban the French from disseminating information about nettles. A move prompted by Big Agri who don't like people having stuff for free. You have to use their costly poisons that buggers everything up.

Of course the French being as the French are took plenty of no notice. We could do with a little French spirit within the village.

More Local Development Plan News

Yesterday was the village carnival which went off very well. I'm pleased for the organisers who do lots of hard work.

My wife and I did try to help one year. I  volunteered for doing the clearing up, Lisa helped on the gates. I used my car to transport a big tent down the fields. We were so underwhelmed by the attitude of the carnival leader we thought " f  " it, let him get on with it in future ( current chair PCC )

Yesterday I'm told County Councillors Cindy Hinds and David Williams had a PACA stall raising money for a skatepark.

PACA did lots of work raising money from the community for the
Multi User Game Area near The Millstone.

Cllr Cindy Hinds and Cllr David Williams voted to tear the MUGA facilty down ( Pen041)

As a village peasant I have to confess this is all well over my head.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Penyffordd Carnival 2015 Weather Outlook

Possible light rain morning
A cloudy afternoon

They're not always right

I look here

The ground needs moisture. Perhaps it could have done it over night similar to Camelot.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Oh Dear! Penyffordd Bridge Sign Wrong

Penyffordd LDP Candidate Pen041 Collateral Damage

This is a candidate site put forward by a Penyffordd Cllr. The objective is to clear the way for the new Ysgol Penyffordd Primary School.
A candidate site is a suggestion only. Flintshire planners put candidate sites before Flintshire councils to accept, disagree. Then a process begins. Our councillors past committee minutes in April 2015 on over 40 candidate sites in Penyffordd district. The persons who put forward candidate sites are currently unavailable. I have asked for the representee list for Penyffordd. I am awaiting a reply from Gareth Owens, Monitoring Officer for Flintshire County Council.

* It should be noted that Flintshire Planning have advised me that Pen041 is to be withdrawn. This does not let off Penyffordd Councillors who also want to close The Spar the only shop in the village.
The red dots are homes, allotments, play areas, parts of a commercial going concern, all weather children's play area. All these areas would be leveled to the floor, destroyed.

7 Penyffordd Cllrs voted for Pen041 to happen.

Below I approximate house and land values. Its just a guide.
Most of the land and building would be subject to a compulsory purchase order.
Whether values would be at a premium or a discount I have no idea.
Edit - The Wiki below explains well.
A judge might not allow the compulsory sale of the homes.

1. £450,000
2. £300,000
3. £300,000
4. £800,000 edited to £1,150,000
5. £0
6. £75,000
7. FCC owned
8. FCC owned
9. £100,000

Grand Total of Compensation  £2,025,000 approx edited to £2.375 million
excluding agricultural land

4. Static caravans price are based on prices of static caravans in Llay
Zoopla say £90,000 so I'll say 80k each for Millstone Mobile Home
edited to £115,000 each
5. Don't know how many allotments there are, don't know how to value them.
6. PACA paid for the MUGA (multi games area ) with donations and fund raising I think
can't find anything on my blog search I'll say £75,000
9. How do you value part of a pub that is useful? I can't I'm guessing.
10. Land values not added.


1. Why did Flintshire County Council Planners grant this 
candidate the light of day?

2. Why is a single static caravan allowed to remain?
( see last caravan on the right )

3. Why did 7 Penyffordd community councillors vote for it?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Friday Night Early

Quote of the week

Seeing as the Top Gear job has gone to Chris Evans I suppose I'll have to settle for replacing Foo Fighters at Glastonbury.

The Spar - A Fishing Expedition

Who suggested closing of the only proper shop in the village to Flintshire County Council?

ref PEN035 This was the item passed by Penyffordd Community Council to get their shiny bright new primary school, selling their soul's for a school.

Might be best if answers are cryptic for now.

I think it an affront to democracy that these representee's might be hiding behind the Data Protection Act.

I have questioned this with the legal eagles at FCC

Primary school plans comment floating to the top......

"a certain somebody commissioned an architect friend to draw up the plans, of his own volition, non of the other school governors knew....nor the school.......this is one man's mission.......the fact that it protects the Red Lion pitch is immaterial!!!!! and if you believe that... "

keywords: vested interests, declaration of interest, transparency, teamwork,
quod erat demonstrandum, councillor

That will show him? £100 fine for much chaos caused to many

Should have been £5000

Time for some flashy lights?
Stop you idiot! Flashing on and off
Best to be multi lingual as well

Penyffordd Traffic Rail Chaos

LORRY CHAOS: A5104 in both directions closed due to Penyffordd Railway bridge struck by vehicle, recovery work and broken down lorry between A550 (Penyffordd Roundabout, Penyffordd) and A541 (Pontblyddyn).
A lorry carrying a heavy load is stuck underneath the bridge and Police expect recovery to take some time. Rail services are also affected.

Source: Daily Post

New Penyffordd Primary School Plans

Apparently Ysgol Penyffordd School plans have been drawn up for LDP site PEN041.
I was going to ask Flintshire County Council who drew up the plans, were they subcontract and how much did they cost?

It appears FCC did not draw up the plans. I am told Ysgol Penyffordd were surprised at their introduction, they knew nothing about them.

I am told FCC will not release the name of individual / company that drew up the plans at present

All those who have made suggestions as to the future of Penyffordd should be in the public domain. How many of our aspirants are house/school building companies?

All this has certain finger prints attached to it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Millstone Pub Clarification

On closer look at the map I see its the Millstone surrounds are earmarked not the pub. Although the boundary line of the aspiration does go through the pub balcony and all of the bowling area which will be required to fullfill the pub's potential. I did ask planning whether the pub was part of the plan, his answer did not answer my question presuming something slightly different.

postscript. Cllr intentions with regards the Millstone land
(ref LDP PEN041 )would be akin to building houses on half the Red Lion car park.

I don't think Penyffordd Cllrs who are Red Lion patrons ( at least 3) would vote for Flintshire County Council to consider this in the Local Development Plan.

Many thanks to the Flintshire Chronicle for publishing my letter.

Penyffordd Carnival 2015 British Legion Refreshments

Penyffordd Community Council Minutes March 2015 Extract regarding Penyffordd LDP

You know I can go a week without finding anything Penyffordd to write about then.......
My problem being I rarely look at the Penyffordd Council site due to issues over the last 3 years on how its being managed.
145. Flintshire Local Development Plan – Candidate Sites Cllr Williams circulated an email on 3rd March with an A4 map detailing candidate sites for the LDP. He and the Clerk had also received a pack including an outlined map of each individual candidate site. Cllr Williams advised that FCC have asked for views of elected members by 20 April 2015.

Due to the short timescale of receiving the information it was resolved for the Cllrs to consider the sites and be carried forward for discussion on next month’s agenda. Cllr Williams will contact Andy Roberts to request a digital copy of the pack to enable him to email to all other Cllrs.


If you Bank with Natwest or RBS there may be a problem

Missed Bin Recycling Collection

They missed us yesterday.
Here's where to go to get it sorted.

postscript. Form to fill in is dead clever and complicated and won't work even with adblocker turned off.

More Proposed Vandalism to Report

On a slightly larger scale.

I like the map on
Leighton Andrews aged 7 and a half lol

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

LDP Comment - Brought to the top

"I too noticed that the football pitch at the infants school has been referenced for protection and voted on by our community council. Who thinks it's ok to protect a football pitch used by one team every other week instead of a successful thriving pub, a childrens play park, a multi use games area, a small childrens football pitch, a dozen allotments, a caravan park and a house? Someone who has a vested interest, who doesn't have the community needs in mind...someone who should hang their head in shame. If is is one of our elected representatives, they should be named and shamed and resign or be hounded out. Looking at all the plots referenced its obvious that there is a lot of vested self interest and not much community interest going on. This village has seen too much development, much of it poor quality and having a negative impact on the community and our local reps have stood by and done nothing. disgrace....time for change Penyffordd."

Penyffordd Carnival 2015 on Saturday

Colin Lollipop is on the Mend

After a week or so in the Maelor. Says he likes hospital food.............. I found hospital food ok last year but I was on 16 steroid tablets a day.

Lets hope he heals quickly.

Colin could do a marathon in 3hrs 15mins. That requires some respect.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Further LDP Candidate Comment

"The pyf councillors should be ashamed of themselves for passing this candidate site. No objections either? Absolutely ridiculous. The perfect site for the 'new school' is the existing infant school, there is more than enough land, it's a no brainer. Furthermore I see that one of the candidate sites is the playing fields / football pitch of said school, and that is proposed to be protected, hmm, something is going on here... developers and money maybe, pub wars maybe, who knows.
I'd look forward to seeing who proposed this site, i'll put money on it that it is no one affected, the millstone pub is thriving and has achieved the top20 of tripadvisor best places to eat in chester - they hadn't bought the place when the proposition was put forward. The millstone park home site is owned by the residents and none of them would consider this, park is council property and allotments are privately owned but on a lease to the council i expect.
You are right, all my faith has been lost the councillors after reading this - they are obviously motivated by something other than the best interests of the community. It is time for a change."

Water Pressure

I live in a row of 100 year old cottages serviced by a common lead water pipe. The lead pipe has a build up on its internal diameter. Quite a good idea with it being lead.............

Neighbours have got that fed up with low water pressure over the years that they have had a new plastic pipe plumbed in from the main pipe outside the front.

Tonight I notice higher pressure from the cold downstairs tap that is piped off the rising main.
This is good news. Lets hope it stays.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

LDP Candidate Site Guidance Notes

All site submissions will be added to a Register of Candidate Sites and made available for inspection on the Council’s website and when all submitted sites have been compiled, they will be available for inspection at Council offices and libraries. Please note that submissions cannot be treated as confidential although personal information will not be published within the register.

Further Information & Contacts For further assistance on the Candidate Sites process or the LDP in general please email or contact the LDP helpline on 01352 703213

Penyffordd District LDP Candidate Sites

Penyffordd Councillors agree to close the only shop in the village

Might as well put it on now as I've just found it.
Post Office can be discounted.

Would a Penyffordd Cllr like to explain why a shop that serves the community from early morning to late at night very well is voted by them to be knocked down for housing.

Many 100's use this shop each day.

Who suggested this!

Nearest shops Broughton or Buckley

Spar Shop,
Hawarden Road,
Pym Retail to Housing

Agree subject to a Single Site School

More LDP Planning Madness

One of my informants tells me about further planning madness. This is separate to The Millstone, static caravan park, etc. Will publish after I have checked details with Flintshire County Council tomorrow.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Something Different

Comments with regards a New Primary School Site

1. the list of suspects gets narrower......Cindy is after all a great supporter of the allotments. Wake up people of Penyffordd...look what your apathy is achieving ...a Community council that blindly accepts a ridiculous set of plans that rips the heart out of our community, destroys the only truly communal green area in the village and votes it all through... We need fresh blood on the community council, younger people to reflect the changing demographic....don't stand by and watch this self serving bunch further ruin our community - stand up!

2. namely the current infant school with the huge football pitch behind it.......oh wait.....i see now why a site at the heart of the village was nominated....ruin businesses, destroy up £000000's in the all weather games area, children's park, allotments......must protect the full size football pitch that is only used by one set of stakeholders!

3. we have two county is a fan of the allotments, one wants to protect the full size football pitch behind infants school - which given its size is the obvious site for a new village school.

4. I should think it is quite possible to be a representee without being the owner of the land. After all, it's quite possible to submit a full planning application for land you have no control over, as you can see in the following link
Did you explain that you had seen the proposal in the community council papers? It's not hard to understand why people would think that gives it credence is it?

Penyffordd Community Planning Competition

Use this map or google maps to come up with a land plan that does not include the destruction of homes or jobs.
You can email copies to me at
You can do it anonymously if you make a new email account up using hotmail or gmail.

It took me 5 minutes to remove £1 million pounds of compensation from the current land plans.

The current use of land mentioned on the FCC map is wrong. It is not agricultural it's residential, commercial and agriculture

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Night with Taylor

Penyffordd Councillors voted for ripping the heart out of the village.


April Community Council LDP Special Minutes -
Land rear of Millstone Park,
Pyf - Agricultural - School - No objections ---------------- 

So the Penyffordd Community Council were for the new school with a sacrifice of residents homes, allotments, a thriving pub business, people's jobs.

Will someone tell me I have this wrong? Since there were no objections one presumes all ( edit - see list below) councillors were for this vandalism.


Present: Cllr Mrs E Davies - Chair, Cllrs, Mr S Davies, Mr D Williams, Dr DC Weed, Ms C Hinds, Mr T Jones OBE, Mr D Walker -  In attendance: Mrs S Hughes, Clerk & RFO to the Council

Apologies were received from Cllrs: Mrs L Vidamour, Mr C Bithell & Mrs H Jones.  

Millstone Pub Area Site - New Primary School

An email to Flintshire County Council


I wish to have details of the candidate site surrounding the Millstone Pub
which I have been told has been earmarked for a new primary school.

1. Is the earmarked development for a primary school on the area including the Millstone definite?

2. Will you supply plans for the proposed Primary School?

3. Have any Penyffordd representatives been involved in the above proposal, if so who?
Many thanks

Colin Hughes ( address redacted)


Dear Mr Hughes

Thank you for your email regarding candidate sites. Explanatory information about what candidate sites are, as well as the complete register of sites (including maps) is available on the Council's website. However, given you specific query I have attached a pdf plan of the site you refer to.

I also need to clarify what seems to be your impression that candidate sites have been proposed by the Council - they are not. The Council made a 'call for sites' last year allowing anyone with an interest in requesting land for consideration as part of the LDP process, to make a representation. These sites simply represents people's aspirations therefore, and there is no weight or certainty assigned to them at this stage by the Council. Indeed they are going through an assessment exercise at present.

It would also have been useful to have know from whom you received the information as again you have been misled into thinking that the Council has plans for a school on this site - it has not.

A candidate site was received for the land as you say surrounding the Millstone pub and as shown on the attached plan, with a request that it be considered as a site for a new school. As I say this is just the expressed aspiration of the representee and is not a Council proposal. Unfortunately due to data protection rules I cannot disclose who made the representation to you. However, I can say that I have been made aware this week the the representee has submitted this land in error, and I am currently awaiting formal notice from them of their intention to withdraw the candidate site. When they do so, the Council will not consider this site any further.

I hope that I have answered your query.

Name ( redacted )

Planning Strategy Officer
Flintshire County Council

Further Information & Contacts For further assistance on the Candidate Sites process or the LDP in general please email or contact the LDP helpline on 01352 703213

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cloudy Water

Penyffordd and Penymynydd are going to have cloudy water.

A maintenance procedure is to be carried out

Between June 12th and June 22nd.

Starting at 11.00 pm and finishing 7.00 am next morning.

Run taps for 20 mins to clear

If further problems contact

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Penyffordd Development Plan - Ripping the Heart out of the Village?

The following comment has been repeated on this blog

" nothing about the county development plan and all the proposed development sites....which are now confirmed as going in to the county plan and that does mean compulsory purchase of the Mill Stone, the Caravan park, the removal of the allotments and play area to make way for a new single site school.....the plans have now been seen by our county councillors.........where is the debate and public consultation????? "

Penyffordd Community Council meeting tonight

Of interest.

The proposed closing of Hope Recycle Centre.

Marks and Spencer spending money in the village.

Also Community Asset Transfers ( read higher council rates ).

Margaret Astbury - Funeral

Monday, June 08, 2015

Recent House Sales

Wentworth Bannel Lane £340,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0EP 13th April 2015

Laburnum Cottage Penymynydd Road £300,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0LJ 2nd April 2015

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