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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Clwyd and Border Golf Alliance Website

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To foster the fraternal and fellowship elements of golf

Website includes fixtures, tee times and results.
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Mike Parry
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The dogs having a game

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

North Wales Police - What they are allowed to get away with

Badger seen next to Penyffordd train station

Scuttling up the bank next to the road. First time we have seen a live one. We know where dozens of setts are. We have friends who have a sett within 50 yds of the house.

Blogger gets 19 years in jail

There's a few in Penyffordd would like that sort of penalty.

Link Telegraph

Tata Steel

John Summers Steel works ( Corus) to be renamed Tata Steel. No one would have thought 30 years ago that UK's steel industry would be decimated and the rest sold off to India with the active help of the EU. The above photo is similar to the two furnaces that were part of our local steel operation 40 years ago. As an apprentice I had the opportunity to see one of these furnaces in full operation. I also visited Brymbo Steel Works which used electric arc to make steel. In fact our own Cllr David Wiliams was an apprentice at British Steel another of it's names. We went to the local Tech college together.

Link Daily Post

Monday, September 27, 2010

Keynote speech by Ed Milliband new Labour Leader

"Look, let's be clear about this: I am not and never have been Gordon Brown, who of course was to blame for everything and I never liked him anyway. What I do have is a few worries about immigrants, a head of steam with which to fight mill-owning Tory infidels, and access to Ed Balls' gigantic brain with which to maul pipsqueak Old Etonian drapers. The policies used as weapons in this Holy Jehad will have been received by me direct from the hand of Mrs God (Harriette) , and will in turn be spread far and wide by the North English & Caledonian Society for the Propagation of the Labour Gospel (Old Testament revised version, 2010).
Unlike Lord Mandelson, I feel profoundly uncomfortable with the idle rich, and tend to come out in protesting hives whenever accidentally exposed to them. Thus will my trusty fag Mr Balls ensure that their riches are decimated by taxation in very short order. However, I find Trade Union officials to be well-intentioned and generous donors, although much maligned by the popular press which, at times, sails perilously close to the wind of change.
Above all, I accept the necessity for cuts, and pledge here and now to cut the hours worked by every teacher, nurse, civil servant, woman, black person, immigration official and export manager".

link The excellent Slog

When you are young

you do silly things.....................

Carnage continues

No traffic policing in N Wales equals

Tinkersdale should have been made 30 mph 20 years ago. It is used a race track by many. When driving through its best to stay as far away as possible from the white line in the middle.

keywords. Cllr Clive Carver, Hawarden, A550, B5125,

Further Link Daily Post 

Postscript: This accident according to photos in the papers happened within 100 yds of a stop junction. It is a 30 mph stretch of road. It's opposite the top end of the carpark.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

To The Indian

Or rather the Bangladeshi opposite BQ in Shotton. Possibly the best restaurant of its type in Wales or even UK. Sir Anthony Hopkins calls in specially if he is passing within a 100 miles of the place.
If it's good enough for Sir Anthony it's good enough for me. I always have the Chicken Tikka Masala, Lisa has 10 vegetarian curries to choose from. We have a portion of rice and chips with nan bread as well.

Tonight we have had a takeout which we set out as a meal at the table at home with heated plates. There is enough of it left for a second banquet tomorrow evening. ( I tell fibs more ammo will be needed for the curry left overs ( rice and chips) ).

The takeout can take up to 30 mins to do, best phone in order


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Penymynydd Car Collection Services placed in administration

Link Business

To The Post Office

David has mentioned me in his latest councillor newsletter, perhaps the county's legal heavyweight Barry Davies will not be needed.

I see in Penyffordd Community Council minutes July 2010 that Chester Rd is to have it's road markings altered so that action can be taken against speeders. This was asked for months ago but county council moves in ways at it's own pace.

Will North Wales Police then do it's job, one of which is speeding? Not holding breath....

Public left to fight anti-social behaviour alone, says top policeman

Speeding is anti social behaviour. Chester Rd has been left on it's own for 4 years now. Perhaps this may change.

Quote "''They (the public) are on the streets and police are in buildings and vehicles, not doing other things. That is the critical issue."

Article in The Telegraph

Council to consider broadcasting meetings on the net.

No not Penyffordd silly, they still can't even get agenda or committee meeting minutes online.

Click Daily Post

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UK a bad place to live


The British Isles are the worst place to live in Europe, according to a new survey that claims residents endure higher prices, work harder and receive poorer public services than their counterparts on the continent. 

Link Telegraph

Also read 

UK pension gap worst in Europe

Britain has the largest pensions gap in Europe and people need to put £10,300 a year more on average into their pension pot if they want to keep their current standard of living in retirement, new research claims.

Link Herald Scotland 

Gordon Brown should be put in the tower ruining this country for personal ambition. Still you get the idiot you vote for on the ballot paper. 

Link Mailonline Crowded Britain

Postscript. The double dip second depression hasn't even started yet.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NWPA should go

The excellent Druid tells why here. They know speeding goes on in Chester Rd but do nothing, I've told them more than 50 times.

The Daily Post found out distorting information to suit their agenda

The comments on Druid needs reading.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Which is the hot one?

Moe ,Capsicum Annuum Yellow hot pepper 3-6 inches long smooth skin 50,000-75,000 skus. Problem being you label plants then the sun takes the ink off.


Life is changing fast

The Leader regularly has articles on how Buckley is turning into a ghost town and that pubs are closing. The credit crunch along with other factors have made people alter their lifestles drastically. We have had to alter ours and we have few overheads. In The Post there is an article on a pub landlord who has seen a 35% drop in turnover since last summer. These sort of figures are not sustainable and are being felt by a variety of business from top to bottom. I went in a BQ Super store last week. It was immediately apparent they were not doing very well. Stock levels of items was very minimal the racks looked three quarters empty.

There is no answer to the small shops closing unless there are radical solutions. What are required are very low business rates and low rentals without having to sign up for terms like 5 years.

This will not happen. The Private Sector which pays for the Public Sector is making large sacrifices. The Public Sector is going to have to change there is little money left.

The blogs I read say we are in for a double dip recession.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Penyffordd News - Little happening

We have a couple of lads with scooters buzzing around. Accidents waiting to happen, such is the current way of the world.
Oh! forgot the speeding traffic. Penyffordd councillors still collude with CBM Howie Williams to do nothing about speeding traffic on our major route to school.

postscript: scooters are breeding there are 4 of them now......eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, September 17, 2010

Education, Educasion, Educashun

It would appear our previous government have cocked up our education system as well as allowing the bank crooks to spend all our money including that for the next 10 years. I took the 11 plus which I failed. My reasonable understanding of mathematics not good enough to counter my poor grasp of the english language. Technical college was taken up with the Theory of Flight, mathematics of stress, strains, etc. I have continued my education ever since in whatever direction was needed.

It would also appear our education system rewards those who make easier examinations. You would wonder which idiots would allow the dumbing down of education which is the hub of our future prosperity and culture. Step forward the Labour party. I am not expecting too much from the new incumbents, we will have to see.

Link Corrupt and Diseased Education System in The Independent

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Compost Heap

Today I have been moving the compost heaps I have. I'm very rich I have four. The compost heap is the heart of fertility in the vegetable garden. Problem is they are all in the wrong place.

There's a resident of Cymau in The Leader. He found an adder (poisonous) with young in his compost bin. I have been taking things carefully. I have a friend who has grass snakes (non poisonous) in his compost heap. You draw the carpet back and they dive back down the holes in the compost.

Link The Leader

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fun about to start

The Prologue.

Gordon Brown took 13 years spending all our money and that of our children in an effort to keep any Labour opposition out of government for decades. Immigrants allowed in by the million to further dilute the opposition vote. He nearly did it.......

Fast forward to present day. Labour have rightfully been kicked out of office but instead of hanging their heads in shame at what they have allowed to happen to our country they try to mess things up further.

The unions are organising strikes against cuts needed due to Gordon Brown's purposeful mis management.

What we can look forward to?
Inflation  - reduced pensions - civil unrest - not many new jobs, industry including the automotive laying off large numbers of workers. They will be making cars that no one will buy. Houses are nearly impossible to buy for first time buyers. We know a couple whose mortgage has jumped from £450 to £900 per month. They cannot afford this and are now renting. More of this sort of thing to come.

USA is weak and will not recover. Obama wil be defeated.
Greece will default on its sovereign debt next year.
Portugal. Ireland, Italy and Spain are in big trouble, so are we.
The Germans are holding lots of Greek debt.
All the banks are telling BIG lies.

China will be the new world leader.

Batten down the hatches

Saint Les Rowlands of Leeswood

or an alternative heading " Creative Car Maintenance for Beginners"

The exhaust has been making a noise for about a month now. Time to get it fixed. Les finds exhausts a bit of hassle, there is little profit , he does not have the right equipment so we went to a garage recommended by "a friend ".

So up the car goes on the ramp for a check. A hand over the exhaust end shows the exhaust to be in good shape, then there are murmers about the inlet manifold. Further investigation shows that to be ok. Bonnet up bang bang bang goes the engine. Second opinion sought from another mechanic.

Questions - Have we had the timing belt changed recently, does the vehicle run well? How much are we willing to pay? Talk of taking it apart to see what's up. Murmerings about sticking valves.

Put us right off our sandwich from Philpotts off Watergate Street.

It is decided a second opinion is required. This garage are talking serious money plus vehicle hire whilst its in. Up to Les at Leeswood. Bonnet raised a few seconds attention to the air filter body - knocking noise fixed. Les recommends a hole drilled in plastic filter body for a self tapping screw to replace broken locking bracket. Total cost zero.
The garage involved is in Saltney.

Les prepares / takes cars for MOT's, does honest work if it's needed for retests.
Telephone 01352 770199

Friday, September 10, 2010

Uncle Colin with Trollie, Gregori and George

A Walk in the Dark

A walk in the dark and the wet tonight. Saw a barn owl and I think pipistrelle bats, dozens of them. Last week we saw another type of owl. I think a tawny owl although it was a bit dark in colour. You can't hear them fly they run on silent.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

North Wales Police management can't be trusted

Is it not time to call a moratorium on statistics issued by North Wales Police?

Daily Post quote " Police could not comment on why some incidents were not being recorded. But from statistics that had been recorded, a spokeswoman said anti-social behaviour had reduced in April-July 2010 compared with the same period in 2009 – 15,810 to 15,035, down 4.9%. Last year anti-social behaviour incidents reduced from 44,903 in 2008/09 to 41,584 in 2009/10, a reduction of 7.4%."

Read the story here

I complained about anti social behaviour two weeks ago. The result silence from NWP.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Hughes Family Greek Contingent

Visiting UK. All multi lingual even young Derek ( a little ). Michael my brother fluent in Greek, French, German and English. Currently teaching English.

Derek and Sophia

Lisa reads Thomas the Tank Engine to Gregori who goes to school this year but talks to me as if he were 25 years old. " Uncle Colin what do you think.............."  etc

Derek and Michael

Michael's family including George ( Go Go) second from right but
excluding Alexander who did not make the trip

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Property sales August update

32 Green Park £145,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0LY 8th June 2010

this excludes most probably sales on Meadowslea

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Call to keep HGV's out of village

Alyn and Deeside AM Carl Sargeant is calling for the county council to address the concerns over HGV's  after conducting a recent survey of householders in Hawarden.

Link  Flintshire Chronicle

Why should HGV's come through Penyffordd if we have a bypass?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting 2010

Half way through. Have just seen Howie. Is he to be let off speeding duty in Chester Rd? FCC have still not altered road paint on Chester Rd. Has anything been done over the impending increase in traffic from A55 Warren Bank exit that is currently being constructed?

When are we to get council agenda online?

Postscript: Was there a meeting? 
Further postscript: No there wasn't a meeting as some councillors were still in the Bahamas.
Meeting next Wednesday. Clerk Nigel has very kindly put all agenda sheets plain to see on the council notice board.
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