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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Penyffordd in the News

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

192 Houses Redrow Public Enquiry Part II

Resumes 10 am Monday 11th December 2017 at Penyffordd British Legion

Your attendance required.

There may be time at the end of the day for public comments.If you are around the village at all during the day, please pop in - sign the attendance form and be seen, even if you can't stay. It would be fantastic if, at 5:00pm the room is full of concerned residents.

Please note. On the 12th the inspector and landscape experts are likely to visit the site. We are not allowed to speak to the inspector during the site visit, it could prejudice our case.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Penyfford Youth Club - A Plea from Cllr David Williams

Save our Youth club and Old School!

We do not know what Flintshire County Council have in mind for the building so we need to keep pressure on to make sure that it is not lost. There is an open evening on Tuesday 28th November at 7-00, for ex pupils and former youth club members to have a look around and share memories and old photos. Anybody interested in the building or preserving one of the few heritage features of the village are also welcome to attend. Please contact David Williams if you need any further information.

Email: David Williams

Monday, November 20, 2017

Wrexham Maelor Hospital Map PDF

I have an appointment this week. I am familiar with the hospital but I am going to an outpatient dept of which I am unfamiliar. I'll do a google to find a hospital map.

20 minutes later... zilch.
I am familiar with google search I use it most days.
I'll email them to ask for a map location of the net.........
Another brick wall with email address.

Anyway here it is.

postscript: Map is not dated but it is old. A department I know exists is called something else. Best get confirmation on the way in.
Parking the car an eternal problem. How much time do you allow for parking? How long is a piece of string? I have 3 favoured areas, one normal, one on mud near signs saying do not park and another one on mud around the corner.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Redrow 190 Houses Planning Appeal

In the centre standing the Welsh Assembly Government Inspector. On the left QC for Flintshire County Council. On the right Paul Tucker QC for Redrow.


Redrow Appeal Link

Planning Appeal Basics

Redrow 192 Housing Development Appeal has been adjourned on Day 3

It was deemed that not enough time was available for the completion of the witness testimony*.
Once a witness commences it has to be heard in its entirety with no breaks.

To be continued 11th December at Shire Hall.

* I'm not a solicitor so terms might be wrong

Monday, November 13, 2017

192 Redrow Proposed Development Public Enquiry starts Wednesday

For 3 days

Venue Penyffordd British Legion
Time 10am

Last enquiry I attended went something like this.

Welsh Assembly Government Inspector on the top table
On the left side Planning Officers for the local authority
On the right side agents for the planning application

The Inspector lays out how the enquiry will be carried out.
Including procedures for those who wish to speak.

Residents sit at the back.
Your support at the enquiry is a must.

Details here

Update: Cllr David Williams says " You need to register on the first day to speak.
If you or anybody you know wants to speak and can not make it on the first day, somebody else can put the name down for them to speak on the Thursday or Friday.

Carl Sargeant

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Vounog Hill Development Update

Copied from Facebook

Vounog Hill Development Update

Yesterday we met with Strutt & Parker land agents, who are representing the landowner of the fields on Vounog Hill.

It was speculated in social media a couple of weeks ago that surveyors were on the land between Meadowslea and Vounog Hill. Following the meeting we can confirm that plans have been drawn up for 37 homes and the planning application is expected to be published for pre-planning consultation later this month.

In this case the people we met with, and the landowner by implication, appear very community focussed and reasonable. They are aware of the Redrow and other applications and the objections from the community. They admitted that they fearful of ‘missing the boat’ if they wait for the full LDP process (the site has been submitted to Flintshire as a potential LDP candidate site now).

They are looking at a continuation of the line of the Meadowslea houses, connecting them to the road but no further down the hill (see map).

They are aware that we have objected, on principle, to any planning applications that come ahead of the LDP process, irrespective of their content, as set out in the Penyffordd Place Plan (if you haven't signed up to it yet please do it now, we just need your name and address - email

In spite of our position, they are keen to ensure that the development, if built, fits in with the community and causes the least harm. We discussed the proposal in detail and they listened to our concerns for neighbouring residents and the needs of the wider village.

As soon as the proposal plans come through with the detail, we will make sure they are shared and we can provide detailed feedback.

Penyffordd and the future Flintshire LDP

Where we stand at present.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Hanson Cement Proposals

The old equipment is not being replaced. They are to be mothballed. Main concerns should be about what comes out the chimney from the industrial waste that is burned.
Plastic, oil, paint, brake fluid, rubber tyres etc.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Penyffordd Railway Bridge height wrong

Sign for bridge shows  4.1m - 13 ft. When in fact the correct conversion is 13.5 ft. So lorry drivers think the bridge is 6 " higher.

FCC must have known this forever.

* info taken from Daily Post comments
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