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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Local shops for local people

Any fans of League of Gentlemen may recognise the title. If you are of a delicate disposition do not google !

Jonathan Sibun in The Telegraph reports on the local shop downfall.


The above explains the battle that Mold and Buckley face.

Hopefully no windmills for Hope Mountain

It would appear that sense is finally showing through IMHO. UK needs a permanent solution to energy not just a part time expensive one. Your electricity and gas bills have been raised to pay for these monstrosities.


You may not like nuclear energy but at least it runs 24/7.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Penyffordd Bonfire 2012

Saturday 3rd November 2012

If you wish to help with the bonfire organisation please contact Cllr Cindy Hinds.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm just nipping around to The Spar

Ice on the car windscreen this morning , a cold northerly wind.
Which brings me nicely to the state of Alaska.

We sell books. We have sold a book called the Alaskan Bootlegger's Bible, I picked it up at Chirk Car Boot Sale for 50p.

Shopping can be an annual event in Alaska. Or even to the extent where you get an annual visit by a boat delivering your yearly shop. In the introduction the author talks about a friend who lives on one of the outlying islands. One year the boat sank but they were able to retrieve the cans of food.

One problem was that all the labels came off the cans so every meal that year was a surprise !

Have a good weekend.

The Secret Bonfire Update

Jewsons the building suppliers have dropped off a lorry load of pallets.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mark Tami MP speaks up for the badgers

speaker:Mark Tami : 1 Commons debate

Business of the House: Badger Cull (25 Oct 2012)
Mark Tami: Does the hon. Lady accept that if the vaccine was available,
there would be no need for a cull? I think some Government Members House
want the cull regardless.


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What's happening out and about

Three degrees this morning.

Each day you want to be up to date with what's happening on the roads etc.

I usually find  lots of stuff online out of date.
The Daily Post have started North Wales Live which tells you what's happening in the region now.


For example olympic champion Jade Jones twitters that she doesn't want to get out of bed !

On a serious note its traffic info seems accurate and very current.

Something to look at before going out or even out on your mobile. Best not to start the day with an hour long wait on the A55.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bear Grylls meets Penyffordd Scouts

Chief Scout Bear Grylls dropped in at Llyn Brenig on Sunday where Scouts from across North Wales – including a group from Penyffordd – were taking part in activities including sailing and canoeing.

Penyffordd Scout Jamie Dixon, 13, said: “It’s good that Bear came to see us today as you see him on the TV but you don’t really get to see him in person that much.

Read further Flintshire Chronicle. 

Penyffordd Bonfire Night 2012 - Is it happening?

I'm being asked by readers what's happening. My spies tell me pallets are being stock piled on the Institute field, this is a good sign.

Perhaps time to role out some advertising. Over 2500 vehicles through the village each day. Time to put the sign up?

Mark Tami MP in The House debating Energy Security

speaker:Mark Tami : 1 Commons debate

Opposition Day - [7th Allotted Day]: Energy Market Reform (24 Oct 2012)
Mark Tami: Does my right hon. Friend agree that, while it is all very
well for the Government to have a mythical lowest-tariff policy, until
they have a coherent energy policy that ensures security of supply,
prices will continue to go up and uncertainty will remain?

speaker:Mark Tami : 4 Westminster Hall debates

There are more results than we have shown here. See more:

[Sir Alan Meale in the Chair] - Offshore Wind Generation (North Wales) (24 Oct 2012)
Mark Tami: I agree totally with my hon. Friend. Does he agree that in
the past the argument has wrongly been seen as a choice between
renewables-such as wind-and nuclear, when they are part of the same

[Sir Alan Meale in the Chair] - Offshore Wind Generation (North Wales) (24 Oct 2012)
Mark Tami: Does my hon. Friend agree that, although we have the skills
base, if the certainty is not there or people do not see it, they will
look for jobs in other sectors and that that will be a loss to the
energy sector?

[Sir Alan Meale in the Chair] - Offshore Wind Generation (North Wales) (24 Oct 2012)
Mark Tami: I was about to make that very point. If Mostyn had been
unable to expand into other areas, the whole cost would effectively have
fallen on to Airbus, because that is the route that the A380 wings take.
There would not be a feasible alternative route, and that would impinge
on whether the work was at that factory.


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Strange men with theodolites

have been seen on Chester Rd. Perhaps measuring up for the traffic calming? Let's hope so.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Penyffordd District Website Statistics Porn

Weekly Stats Report: 15 Oct - 21 Oct 2012 
Project: Penyffordd-district


Unique Visits11112898129908387726104
First Time Visits851037910272657658283
Returning Visits2625192718181114421

Every community needs a blogger

Well they do in my opinion. Someone who will bring up that which needs to be said. The blog also functions as a forum for anyone who feels strongly about an issue and wants the issue raised.

The door is open to any serious topic to be discussed.

A Fan writes...........

"99% of your blog is still a rambling vendetta with only one clear path - speeding. Parking with four wheels on the pavement is illegal - as illegal as speeding - we know of someone who does that don't we! Speeding is a pain and dangerous, so is parking on pavements, so is the idiotic parking and driving by the Spar. You have previously stated it's your views on this blog, as does your current tagline, but your constant slating of people, councillors or not, at the same time running under this blog name and URL, is casting aspersions on the village as a whole. These are not the views of the village as this does suggest based on name and URL alone. Change the name to "Victor Meldrew's Views On Speeding, And Random Rants" – that would be better, and would stop people who happen by this blog on the off chance - ultimately leaving in the belief that the entire Penyffordd area is filled with people harbouring these such of views! on Traffic News"


The above was written on 15th Oct 2012

Some points.

This blog was started when I wrote a polite letter to the Penyffordd Community Council pointing out there was a lot of speeding on Chester Rd.

Tom Jones got Clerk Nigel to phone up to say " speeding is nothing to do with the council"

FACT: In 2007 the average daily vehicle count through Chester Rd was 2800
Of which two thirds were breaking the 30 mph speed limit

It is a fact that speeding in the village is everything to do with the council.
It is part of their remit.

I should also point out that the cars that are parked outside my house on the path every night are 99 times out of a 100 nothing to do with our household.

Local Blackspot claims another life


Condolences to the deceased's family.

My view is that accident blackspots such as this should be made compulsory 30 or even 20 mph and rigorously enforced.

Whilst not wishing to pre-empt any investigation it should be noted that all the usual elements are in place.

The Pontblyddyn to Penyffordd road is also a constant accident issue. You would not believe the number of vehicle drivers who go well over white lines on blind bends.

The authorities seem content to allow it to continue.

Penyffordd Health Care

Re Minute 98 in which Mary Burrows CE of the University Health Board  informs the council that a review of health care in Penyffordd shows no shortfall.

One presumes the Health Board ( I presume Betsi Cadwallider ) thinks it ok for all residents of Penyffordd district to use personal and public transport to visit their doctor whether that be Buckley, Broughton or Hope.

Our former clinic now lying unused.

Penyffordd sacrificed so a new heath centre can be built in Buckley?

We are not the only community stuffed by the Health Authorities. The town of Flint springs to mind.

Extra Penyffordd Allotments

Cllr David Williams' efforts to increase allotment facilities in the village have taken a move forward with a planning application to FCC. This will include a plot for a disabled person.

Penyffordd Post Office Cafe

has been granted planning approval. This now means there will now be a non licensed meeting place for residents that is open all day. Mary and Jim are to be congratulated on this development which has been helped by a Welsh assembly Government grant.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Penyffordd Community Council minute - Re Hanson Cement Investigation - long

Below was minuted at a Special Meeting held August 1st.


The Chairman, Cllr T E Jones informed members that he had been approached by the Vice Chairman, Cllr C Bithell, who had been very much involved with the enquiry, which is probably the  most important report ever to become before the Council
He continued that in his opinion the report merits a response, and that he had received a request from the Vice Chairman to call a Special Meeting.

He added that he had been criticized in calling a Special Meeting in August, it was however at his discretion to call this meeting, and as long as a quorum is present, then the business could proceed.
He concluded that the document is of a very professional nature and that it had been compiled by professional people in their appropriate fields.

The Vice Chairman, Cllr C Bithell informed the meeting that the report had been received very late, and that Buckley Town Council had in fact not received a copy of the report prior to the final meeting.
Cllr Bithell referred to Recommendation 1, Communication and Engagement, which is to be improved between Hanson Cement, public agencies and bodies and the local community in order to rebuild trust.

Cllr Bithell continued that the report did not say how communication would be improved.
Cllr Bithell commented that what we want is something put in place to protect the generations to come.
He quoted from the report that dioxin level has been exceeded for six months, and that self reporting is not satisfactory.
He informed that at the meeting that he posed the question how long does it take to catch cancer, unfortunately there was not an answer.
On the whole the report was considered to be poorly written.
Cllr Bithell continued that a monitoring system had been in place, but that cancer is not a notifiable disease.

The Chairman, Cllr T W Jones stated that we must have some credit to the bodies involved, part are environmental people.  And that this is a report that all bodies have agreed to.
With regard to the report, the Chairman, Cllr T W Jones stated that it must be realized that if there are any complaints they will fall back on the report, he questioned who would be competent enough to argue with its content.

Cllr Dr D C Weed informed that he had read the report from back to front; he considered it to be a very good report.

Cllr Mrs L Vidamour stated that the eminent people involved had worked independently not together.

Cllr T W Jones questioned who has prepared the report;  Cllr Mrs L Vidamour responded Public Health Wales is the parent body, and that she did not consider the report to be a whitewash.

Cllr Dr D C Weed considered that Dr Andrew Jones was the wrong person to be in charge of the enquiry.

The Chairman Cllr T W Jones considered that to reject the report outright would be irresponsible and that we should make our own points and direct them to the Secretary of State.

Cllr Dr D C Weed commented that as individuals we can make our own observations to the Environmental Agency.
With regard to self reporting this was considered not to be satisfactory, and that the Environmental Agency should have the right to demand figures, statistics etc from Hanson Cement.
It was considered therefore to look at the recommendations and then to make the necessary points.
Prior to this a paragraph in the report, to the effect that soil samples and animal health had not been taken into account was considered to be negligent, and this would not build trust within the community.
For example milk taken from Dyke Farm had to be mixed with other volumes of milk, before it could be fit for human consumption.


That the following points be made.

To Dr Andrew Jones informing that the report was recently considered by the Community Council, the report recognized that communication should be improved between Castle Cement, public agencies and bodies, and the local community, unfortunately the report does not state how communication and engagement will be improved.

The Community Council would recommend therefore that half yearly reports should be prepared on the state of health in the area, included instances of Cancer, and relevant illnesses.

Furthermore there should be more extensive research into the contents of the smaller particles in the atmosphere.
The comment from the Community Council is that all relevant monitoring and sampling is reviewed by regulatory agencies.

The Community Council is concerned that self reporting is not ideal and that the Environmental Agency is not on a regular basis provided with the information, consequently the Environmental Agency should have the powers to demand relevant monitoring figures, statistics and information.
As a general point, under the heading of Building Trust within the community, the report states that animal health was not included in the investigation.
As you will be aware there has been speculation with regard to animal health in the close vicinity of the Castle Cement works, therefore if animal health issues were not included, then this will obviously lead to mistrust in the thoroughness of the investigation.

We are told that mild in the vicinity cannot be used until it is mixed with mild from elsewhere, furthermore there have been animal deaths, which are unaccounted for.
The report therefore should provide updates on soil contamination, animal health with regard to farms surrounding the area.

To the Environmental Agency, that the Community Council welcome any observations which it may have considered, following the report.

The Community Council would wish to extend an invitation to yourselves to attend a special meeting of the Community Council, in order to receive the benefit of your expertise.

4. To Mrs Mary Burrows Chief Executive, Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board, to provide Mr Burrows with copies of correspondence forwarded to Public Health Wales and to the Environment Agency, and a request for any observations that the Board may have stemming from the report which would be of benefit to the Community Council.

Black Gold Hunter

We have two of these dogs not as sturdy as this one. The above dog Nellie can find truffles. Must try ours up the woods.

Link Daily Mail

plenty of ammunition of things Penyffordd coming up

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ian Charlesworth for Prime minister

Ian wants petrol diesel reduced to £1 a litre
I'm with him on this one.
We'll forget his lorries use Penyffordd as a short cut

To be sure Ian's vision will spur the economy.

There's one large problem. This government continues to spend more than the last government and it's increasing. We are basically broke.
I see the latest madness is to let new fathers have a year off work.

To be sure none of these plonkers have ever run businesses which supply all the money they spend.

Blockade story in The Daily Post

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Penyffordd Community Council website setup - easy peasy

During the July council meeting discussing the promotion of local democracy Cllr Clive Weed stated " that running the Institute website is an enormous amount of work, he suggested that one person running a  a council website would be too much work."

Quite frankly Clive talks "pants".

Prerequisites. An email from Scribe Nigel with last month's minutes and an email with the next meeting agenda.

1. Create a gmail account
2. Create a Blogger account
3. Disable comments
4. Press new post fill in title " Penyffordd Community Council Meeting Minutes July 2012 "
5. Copy ( Cntrl C ) Nigel's minutes into body.
6. Create label " Council Minutes ".
7. Publish

Time from No.1 to completion about 10 minutes
Cost to rate payer Zero.
Monthly time spent copying and pasting agenda and minutes, about 2 minutes.

Come on Clive ! Better is expected of you !

Stop the BS.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If you have an interest or work in Wrexham you may be interested in

Penyffordd Train Chaos

TRAINS have been halted after a lorry struck a railway bridge.
The incident happened shortly after 3pm when the heavy goods vehicle hit the bridge on Penyffordd Road, Penyffordd.
A spokesman for Arriva Trains Wales said engineers were enroute to assess the damage to the bridge.
The 3.32pm train from Wrexham to Bidston is currently stopped at Penyffordd Station, while the 15.32 Bidston to Wrexham service is stopped at Shotton Station while checks are carried out.
Delays of up to 60 minutes are expected.

Thus says The Leader on Facebook


More information on 

Penyffordd Community Council October meeting

is tonight at 6.30 pm at the Institute in the meeting room. All are welcome to attend. I'm told the agenda may be even online. Do not have any time now to hunt.

Get well to soon to Scribe Nigel who is having trouble scribing.

The Handshake

This what I call the perfect handshake for human beings. Eye contact with a pleasing disposition. You would be surprised the number of people who cannot bear looking at you when they have  to shake your hands.


Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Remember to be reasonable to burglars breaking into your home

in The Telegraph.


Can you make some of this stuff up?

Extreme prejudice can be expected here.

You would be surprised how many householders keep baseball bats, cricket bats, etc behind the front door or in the bedroom. Someone  I know keeps a police truncheon on a hook on the back of the front door.
My preferred weapon is a mashie niblick.

Call it premeditated, call it self defence. Take your pick

Today in The Daily Post

The end of the A483 at the A55 is going to get an upgrade. This is the junction with a silly pre roundabout that is difficult for an HGV to get around beside a car in the other lane. The number of idiots that try to go around this joke of a roundabout doubled up with HGV is troubling.

If you allow an HGV to go around the mini roundabout on its own you get muppets behind you pushing. You can see the looks on their faces. Go on get going, what's the problem !

So plenty of holdups here.

Which MP do you prefer? Mark Tami or David Hanson. You soon may have to make a choice.


Sunday, October 07, 2012

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Steve and Eric - Friday night early

House Sale News

Sales recently added within 500m of CH4 0LS Edit location
5 Fammau View Drive £125,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0JQ 12th July 2012
Sales recently added within 500m of CH4 0LJ Edit location
46 Well House Drive £230,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0LB 31st July 2012

Sales recently added within 500m of CH4 0HP Edit location
38 Berwyn Avenue £230,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0HS 5th July 2012

You can search all these sales totally free of charge by going to

Traffic News

1. This morning it seemed that all the bypass traffic was being diverted through the village at rush hour. Perhaps the accident at Dobshill was to blame.
Link: Flintshire Chronicle

2. Someone's taken out ( as in knocked it flat)  a sign at the junction at the top of the village going to Hope.

3. Someone's taken out the sign on Penymynydd roundabout.

4. A lorry ran into the back of a learner car at the junction at Bannel Lane this week. The lorry driver said " Why did you stop? " My friend who is a driving instructor said the driver was learning to drive and stalled the car..............
Not sure why some lorry drivers should have driving licenses.

5. Talking of driving instructors. There used to be one in the village who complained to a councillor about me complaining about speeding. At the time in 2007 there were approx 2000 vehicles a day breaking 30 mph on Chester Rd.

Yes it's you can't make this stuff up !

If you don't believe my figures do an FOI to Flintshire County Council for April/May 2007 Chester Rd traffic data. Then come back and comment.

6. Penyffordd Traffic Calming Consultation ended today.

keywords: Carry on crashing, muppets,

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Expert Tree Services

Telephone 01244 535944 or 07875 476052

Best to use phone for contacting.

Met Steve the boss today. Very friendly knowledgeable service.
Highly recommended.

All work to BS 3998
Fully qualified tree surgeons with over 20 years experience
LANTRA Trained

Areas covered include Chester, Flintshire, Wirral, Cheshire, Denbighshire.

Monday, October 01, 2012

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