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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Klaus - the opposition gathers its forces

That's quite a lot of cllrs in Flintshire. The Flintshire Chronicle has three knocking letter against him today. One from former Chronicle editor Kevin Hughes and two from county cllrs. There is no love lost in Penyffordd towards Klaus either. Which FCC cllrs has he not upset?

Why can't Klaus get interested in speeding traffic and villages that have rat runs. Plenty of new material there. He can do what my current cllrs David Williams and Cindy Hinds refuse to do.

You need people like Klaus if you have cllrs like ours. Four years is too long.

keyword KAB, Klaus Armstrong Braun.

A little known fact. Klaus added the Armstrong bit.

How to get rid of a county councillor - the traveller camp gambit

Inspired by comment here

A few years ago a retired county councillor told me the following story. It may not be entirely correct because I had had a few wines. The substance is correct however.
One Friday night this councillor received a phone call, a meeting the following Tuesday to discuss the siting of a traveller camp within the county*. Quick thinking cllr said that's not three full working days notice. Chairman said the meeting was taking place anyway.

More quick thinking. Cllr rings chairman back and says the meeting is illegal and he will be applying for a court order to stop meeting.
Tuesday arrives cllr turns up at meeting and places a plain white envelope in front of him on the table.
The cllr involved is being set up for a traveller site in his ward the sight of the court order makes chairman go for plan b.
Another ward is put to the vote. Carried. Unfortunate cllr looses his seat at the next local elections.

The cllrs envelope contained a blank sheet of paper, he was bluffing.

Coincidences. Cllr Tony Sharp is currently deputy leader of FCC. He was also a county councillor when the above incident happened.

Is Cllr Alison Halford between a rock and a hard place? 

* Not Flintshire in its current format

Flintshire towns and villages battle it out for Best Kept Communities titles

I have however let the side down. I keep my hedges thick and uncut to try to drown out all the short cut traffic. This however is impossible with the illegal exhaust brigade.
Cllr McGuill said: “Taking part in the Best Kept Communities competition helps to improve the environment of villages and towns throughout Flintshire. It encourages community spirit and improves the appearance of the area.
Our councillors have no respect Hilary. They won't even press NWP to do their job over speeding. Is it because of mates down the Red Lion I wonder?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Airbus competitor takes off

This will be good for UK companies who will make 25% of the aircraft. This aircraft is made of advanced materials of which Airbus Chester is currently making its first prototype.

Link Telegraph

Penyffordd District Gardening - Rea Mammoth Quince

These look very nice. As hard as a cricket ball. The tree in its first year.

Flintshire Road Fatalities An email to County Councillor Mike Peers

Hi Mike
You're concerned about road fatalities in Flintshire. You won't get any proper help from FCC and NWP because they are part of the cause. 

Shall I offer my three penneth worth?............... I'm going to anyway.

1. N Wales. Each week end N Wales is used a race track by bikers and tourists in cars. What are NWP doing about it? Very little, just pretending. They are scared of the bikers and the Daily Post.

2. Flintshire. Each morning major roads are used as race tracks by rush hour traffic. Try the A5104 Pontblyddyn Penyffordd between 7 and 9. Lots of drivers coming dead fast around blind bends 3 foot over the white line. What are NWP and FCC doing about it ? Nothing.

2a There is NO traffic policing after 6 pm and 10 am the following morning. Youth can  hammer around until they crash. Cllr Sharps even suggested in The Leader that speeding after dark was ok. They published my protest letter.

3. Flintshire Highways are stuck in a mid 20th century time warp. They are not interested in speeding in Flintshire communities, unless we are taking Northop Hall.

4. Flintshire Highways staff lied to NWP officers over the amount of speeding traffic in Chester Rd., Penyffordd. They hid the data from me then told police it was 5% when it was really 34%. This was minuted at Penyffordd Community Council meeting.

5. Gosafe turn up at 10 am in the morning when the rat run rages between 7 and 9.
Amateurs? or doing what Penyffordd cllrs want.

6. Gosafe / FCC have persistently denied me April 2007 traffic data for Chester Rd. FOIE's mean nothing to them.

The number of speeders each day through the village at that time was about 2000 a day. Of course Penyffordd cllrs are gagging to look at the data not !

7. County Councillors Cindy Hinds and David Williams know speeding goes on
and do nothing.

8. Carl Sargeant AM Minister for Roads knows speeding goes on he will do nothing.

9. Mark Tami MP  knows speeding goes on he will do nothing.
10. Neal Cockerton  knows speeding goes on he will do nothing.
11. Cllr Arnold Woolley  knows speeding goes on he will do nothing.
12. Cllr Tony Sharps  Head of Roads knows speeding goes on he will do nothing.
13. Carl Longland Director of Environment  knows speeding goes on he will do nothing.

14. Future Flintshire 20 mph zones for communities have very high qualification bars.

Most of the above is about Penyffordd but it happens in lots of places in Flintshire.

The controlling Flintshire group walking the walk but not talking the talk.

Wrexham has loads of controlled speed  areas. Flintshire back the speeders.

What will happen? nothing. Lots of you should be out of a job.
But you won't the electorate are too stupid

NWP are reduced to controlling the traffic at fatal accidents , writing reports, dealing with grieving relatives. Stable door policy. As effective as eunuchs at an orgy.

 Do Flintshire Highways still have the practice of needing three fatalities in one place before they will do anything?

Flintshire Highways need tearing apart it's full of Jeremy Clarksons.

So have you got that?  It's the fault of FCC, NWP, NWPA, our elected representatives and loads of idiots who shouldn't have a license.

What will happen? Nothing. We just have pretend politicians in Flintshire. 

best wishes Colin

Probe call into ‘worrying’ death toll on county roads

Perhaps its something to with no traffic policing. Gosafe are a joke. It's also down to cllrs like Cindy Hinds and David Williams who are scared to do anything about speeding in Chester Rd, Penyffordd.

They won't ask for a speed survey, scared of the results, scared to loose votes. Votes over village environment and safety.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wales buckles down in the face of cuts

by increasing public sector jobs. I also see UK PLC spending reached its highest point ever in August.

So much for hard times !

Our leaders do not live in the real world. Very shortly they are going to be rudely awakened by the reality of the Eurozone and USA.

According to Nomis, there was a rise in public sector employment of 35,800 jobs between June 2010 and June 2011 – equivalent to 8.7%.

Over the same period, there was said to have been a decrease of 35,000 jobs (3.7%) in the Welsh private sector. In percentage terms, this was the biggest private sector drop behind the East Midlands at 4.2%.

Link Walesonline

Look out !


Residents urged to become councillors

Link Daily Post

Do they have many "sheets of ten" in Denbighshire? A Penyffordd "sheet of ten" is where an individual in this case Cllr Tom Jones gets himself and 9 mates to sign up to stand for 10 out of the 12 places.

No work required, no need to plod the streets, just hand over a tenner and a photograph, we''ll do the rest.

Last time someone was signed up to stand whilst on their death bed.

It takes about £150 for printing, about 10 hours to deliver leaflets. If you're a Tom "yes person" you don't need to do this.

Tom has total control because if you "act up" a bit not going along with what he says you do not get invited the next time on to the sheet.

Last election time my wife was sent a black mail note advising her not to stand. NWP and FCC would do bugger all about it. I did however get Colin Everett the returns officer on to me over an omission on my election literature after a Cllr Colin Bithell complaint.

Who sent the note? I still have it in a plastic bag cllrs.

The whole system is full of poo. The Welsh Assembly Government talk about having vibrant local democracy. They're full of poo as well.

Penyffordd is an example of what happens when people like Tom Jones can operate in the way they do.

Are you listening Carl*?

* Carl Sargeant AM Minister for Local Government.

ps. Tom, any "sheets of 10" this time will get massive negative publicity

pps. Still no traffic policing in Chester Rd Tom, it's 5 years now. Lets hope loads of your voters have "gone" or are in old folks homes out of the area. Time to go Tom you have done enough damage.

( Cllrs Tom Jones  and his lieutenant Cllr Colin Bithell are two of the councillors who hide their email addresses. ) more later on that.

Have a nice day !

Friday, September 23, 2011

Letter to The Flintshire Chronicle - Why don't the thieves do us all a favour?

As criminal gangs are regularly stealing everything from power cables to metal railings in order to cash in on increasing scrap metal prices, why don't they go for something that would benefit almost everyone?

I refer of course to on and off-shore wind turbines. Those of us who live along the North Wales coast would rejoice if we looked out one morning and they had all gone, returning one of the world's most spectacular seascapes to the way nature intended.

The other bonus is that we tax payers and electricity users would no longer have to keep subsidising these inefficient white elephants.

And politicians would be happy as it would get them out of the green hole they have found themselves in.

Brian Christley

Letters to the Editor

I'm a keen reader of the letters page whether it be local or national. For years I read Private Eye. If you like such stuff the Henry Root books are worth  a go. Henry used to send highly entertaining "piddle take" letters to the great and the good with a crisp twenty pound note attached. The books are his highly entertaining letters with the reply from whoever usually someone in the public eye. Some realised the letters for what they were others were hooked, line and sinkered.

As someone pointed out in the comments the other day letters pages all end up for recycling. I've previously copied a Gareth Williams letter from the Chronicle. Here's another from a favourite local writer of mine Brian Christley who also gets letters posted nationally in such papers as the Telegraph. Wind turbine fans might need to look away now. Any writer who takes offence at letters copied can have them removed if they send me a bonafide email.

Friday night entertainment

The streets of our capital Cardiff. Click half way up the image on the right to scroll through.

Local Pub in The Flintshire Leader

THE Spinning Wheel* in Broughton is a cosy inn offering visitors a warm welcome, home-cooked food and real ale.

The pub, which was built in about 1815, is owned and run by Mike and Maggie Vernon, who bought it 30 years ago.

“We bought it in 1981, before that I think it had been closed for a while,” said Mike. “I do know that it used to be called the Old Hawarden Castle Inn, but it changed its name in the late 70s.”

* The Spinning Wheel is currently part of the ward of Penyffordd.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gareth Williams of Mold on long standing traffic issues in Mold

On the letters page in The Leader and most probably in The Flintshire Chronicle next week. Gareth gives a full analysis of the issues and finishes off with a suggestion that a traffic survey should be arranged in October.

Would this be a Flintshire County Council traffic survey where all data is given to concerned rate paying residents? This will be something brand new. Traffic data for Chester Rd April 2007 has been consistently denied me with the full knowledge of Penyffordd councillors with the full complicity of Flintshire Gosafe officers, road safety officers and highways officers of FCC

Gareth also mentions 20 mph zones being kicked into the long grass. We couldn't possible have 20 mph zones in Chester Rd anyway now we have returned to trunk road status. 20 cars a minute in the morning cllrs. Just a rat run for through traffic.
I'm going to put a big board saying "Penyffordd Council Rat Run. Speed as fast you like they don't care. "

Perhaps if Gareth gets back in next May he can look at the "can of worms" which is Flintshire Highways dept.

Gareth is a former deputy leader of FCC. I like the cut of his jib.

Chester Rd Rat Run 5 years on

It still happens every work day
Penyffordd Cllrs are scared of the speeders.
No NWP or Gosafe.

Time for action councillors.

3000 vehicles past the house each day and rising due to A55 Warren Bank.
A big protest poster for every one to read
Letters to the paper

postscript, apols for the revolving record.

Congratulations to Sue in the Post Office

who is getting married today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welsh Politicians bending over backwards to support business

Things must be serious.

I think it's too late. Private industry provides the capital for society to exist the way it currently does. They have been taxed and red taped to the hilt.

The far east is a lot leaner than western europe industry.

This will take some time to undo. If ever........................

How to get chucked out of Tesco's in Broughton

Write prices down on a piece of paper. Look what's ahead when Tesco rules the country. Read comments below story. 

I 've got a mate called Whitey. He used to get chucked out of supermarkets for writing prices down. His dad owned a supermarket.......  They later sold out to Albert Gubay's Quicksave.

Welsh Education bosses having a laugh

Wales has the poorest education metrics of any country in the UK. So lets brain wash them with so called global warming.

If global warming is real why don't politicians discuss the answer?

Population control.

If population was cut down the so called carbon outputs would fall. So would methane output as less cattle would be needed.

The above doesn't quite fit into the grand plan for sheep people though.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Watch out on the 23rd

The above lump of metal is coming back to Earth.

The problem is they don't know where. 

Odds are that nobody will be beaned by any remaining chunks of the nearly $750 million spacecraft, with NASA experts forecasting a remote 1-in-3,200 chance of a possible injury from the satellite's debris.

Here's Dave's link if you can understand it................

The Leader comments system is a joke

I had two comments removed by someone yesterday. Anyone can remove comments. The comments were criticising NWP over token traffic policing that makes it look like they are doing something when in reality they are doing very little.

How many comments are reinstated? I think very few.

Half the comments could be removed because they are written by muppets.

£2.2trillion in orders will secure 6,000 jobs at Airbus in Broughton for the next 20 years

Good news for Penyffordd in The Daily Post

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Millstone further

Apparently the new people taking over run 20 pubs. They are also looking for a new chef.

Our morning rat run continues unabated

Our councillors do nothing, so NWP and Gosafe do nothing
Flintshire County Council does nothing.
Welsh Assembly Government do nothing

I once said to a councillor I though the village full of philistines.
She protested, I still think the same a few years on.

I use Rossett as an example of good village traffic calming.

We are a major short cut for trunk road traffic including HGV even though we have a bypass.
No traffic policing.
Gosafe will not release traffic data in a proper manner
Flintshire County Council lies over the amount of speeding.

Here's a token effort in The Leader just to show NWP appear to be doing their job. Meanwhile the rest of us suffer.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wales - A Dependency Culture

Next time you hear a politician saying Wales should go it alone the following should be borne in mind.

20 % work in the private sector.

So in effect these pay for the other 80%. England and the EU make up the very substantial short fall. Statistics are available from the ONS, Office of National Statistics.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Penyffordd British Legion

This afternoon I bumped into Arthur Arnold who has a lot to do with the legion. I asked how things were going in the current climate and the difficulties Llay Legion is facing ( Head office wants to sell site for about £3 million)
He said the club is in robust health and now allows community groups free* use of the Legion. Many community groups now use Penyffordd Legion as a meeting place. This is good news for Penyffordd residents.

* non business use

Friday, September 16, 2011

Followed by idiot No2

Wales' carbon emissions drop 15% over past five years. (The green brigade reckon the news below is good)

"Welsh environmentalist Gordon James said the recession is likely to be playing a big role, with businesses shutting and individuals aiming to cut back on energy and vehicle fuel bills."

"He added: “Another reason carbon emissions seem to be going down is we’ve exported so much of our manufacturing to China."


Yes, Gordon so what are all our youth going through universities going to do? Sheep farm?


One presumes non of these environmentalists (muppets) has a proper job in the private sector that pays for ALL the public sector. I'm all for having a green and pleasant land but we do after all have to eat. Whose going to pay for
all the kids iPhones?

Wrexham Industrial Estate has an embarrassing amount of space for sale or rent. Warren Hall Business Park down the road hasn't started yet. The WAG will have to bribe someone like Moneysupermarket to go there.

Times are hard and will be for some time.

Brass neck of gargantuan proportions from the architect of our current economic woes

Gordon Brown fears euro crisis worse than Lehman as 1930s beckon.

Links Telegraph  (read the comments section, someone calls him "McBust" )

You couldn't make this up.........................

""The European banks as a whole are grossly under-capitalised: they have liabilities far in excess of American banks. We have now got the inter-play with sovereign debt because we socialised the liabilities," he said.

 "It has morphed into a sovereign debt crisis, and is more serious than 2008 because governments then could intervene to sort of out banks. Now both banks and governments have problems," he said."


Can you remember what you did and said on a certain day two years ago? I have trouble with last week or even half an hour ago. It does however depend on subject matter. Cllr Arnold Woolley who has been castigated for keeping detailed notes on a daily basis has been having a little trouble. The Labour led Welsh Assembly Government must be loving this.
As a tool the Public Services Ombudsman is perfect to keep councillors in their place. Especially non Labour.


Klaus also thinks the Ombudsman a good idea. Alex Aldridge and the fragrant Carolyn Thomas are fed up with him so are thinking of complaining to the WAG.
Klaus says he will be loosing no sleep. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crash Central Penyffordd District

FIVE people including a child were treated by paramedics after a two-car collision in Padeswood.

The carnage goes on. Seems its alright with the authorities. It's not alright with those affected. The behaviour considered acceptable by Flintshire Highways and our politicians.

The Millstone

Has reopened. Staff are required.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Important news – we’re updating your BT Business Total Broadband service

Honest they are!
They say there may be a few minutes disruption.
That won't be anything new our broadband can go off many times in a day requiring a modem reset.

I think we are getting faster speeds. I think it applies to Buckley exchange 01244 of which half of Penyffordd is connected. The other half are 01978.
Perhaps it applies to business lines?

Date of upgrade 3rd October.
For the best possible broadband speeds and experience, we recommend using a router or modem that's been built or upgraded specifically for ADSL2+ (for example BT-supplied equipment such as the BT Business Hub or the Voyager 220).

Flintshire Town centres the future

"TOWN centre chiefs say action must be taken to help struggling town centres before it is too late.

The call comes after Flintshire Council announced it is to carry out major health checks on its eight town centres – Mold, Flint, Holywell, Connah’s Quay, Shotton, Queensferry, Saltney and Buckley."


It is too late. What can a council do to stop people not spending money on local high streets. In effect nothing.
Rates are too high, the business model of a bricks and mortar shop is not sustainable. For example I needed an inner tube for the gate. Its a heavy gate it's got wheels. Ebay click, click, click ordered and paid for. The inner tube will arrive today by first class post.

On the broader front, goods are going up in price, people are not spending over job security fears. They are paying off money they borrowed against their houses which was an ill advised folly of enormous magnitude.

I have watched change of behaviour at Chirk carboot sale over the last 4 years. People are even being careful there over spending a pound.

Public service unions promising strikes may find they will come unstuck this winter. They will only hurt those who need help.

We are fed up of paying for you all, get real

What is required is a low tax economy. Governments of either side have milked the golden goose dry. Now you will reap what you have sowed. I watch from the side lines.

234 houses continued

At the July meeting ( ratified September) Cllr Stan Davies opined that the above could take over 10 years to build at 25 houses per year.
In my opinion this is good news. Cllr David Williams continues to play hardball over the design of the development from the sewers to the number and function of units built. This is to be commended. Cllrs Tom Jones and Colin Bithell seem ideal councillors for developers, an easy push over which explains why Penyffordd has few recreation facilities when considering its size.

If council minutes were digital I would quote TEJ and CB ( who represent the "sheet of 10" ) verbatim. This is still some way off. It's done on purpose. Perhaps I'll get Lisa to type it out so you can see what a wet CB is. CB needs to remember he represents Penyffordd not the developer. PCC should vigorously back David.

I think they are more keen to see him come unstuck and for that matter Cllr Cindy Hinds. Local politics rearing its ugly head again?

We need more councillors like David Williams. ( that will not go down well in many quarters)

Monday, September 12, 2011

A big thank you to walkers in Cefn Lane, Bagillt

whose presence of mind helped a distraught wife. Trolley the dog whilst on his weekly run around decided to go awol. The walkers far more attractive than running around with other dogs at the farm.

They rang the mobile number on the tag on his collar. Silly dog ( what's the problem) reunited with part time family in twenty minutes. (that's after I had to rugby tackle him as he wasn't wanting to go back on the lead.)

Would you like a Penyffordd Allotment?

growing strawberries vertically

David my favourite councillor * asks. Attempts are being made to form an allotment society. This is most commendable.

A large piece of land has been identified in the village for this purpose. Penyffordd Community Council are supporting the venture.

Perhaps one of our developers or Mr Hewitt who has recently sold land for 234 houses might wish to donate an allotment for the village ( plus a few football fields inc. all weather with lights?)

* actually he dislikes me

David's details at this time are 01978 762486 or

Perhaps I could become a member without a plot?

I am fortunate to have a large allotment at the bottom of the garden along with a polytunnel and greenhouse. Have started to build an orchard in pots. I have over a 100 strawberry plants. I'm aiming to have everbearers which crop from June to September. I'm also looking to grow them vertically to keep the fruit off the floor. I'm looking for automatic watering for everything which currently takes about 30 mins to do. I've invested heavily in roof water collection. Current capacity is near 3000 litres. (that's no misprint) Currently I have over 70 different fruits in the garden, many started from small cuttings which have some way to go.

Security is pretty impressive with large teeth and a very fast 0 - 60 mph, very protective of the property, with free roaming after dark. It's said they don't let go but they do eventually, honest!

postscript: Why mention security and allotments? I have had two targeted vandalism attacks against my car. You may think I imagine the targeted bit. The car has been vandalised in two different locations. We have little people who live here. They like to hammer through the village each morning. They stand against civilised streets in Penyffordd. Some councillors stand with them by their constant non action, their sitting on hands. Time to go councillors, your ideals are bankrupt.
Wrexham and Chester have 100's of compulsory 20 mph zones. Flintshire has one.
A neanderthal county who backs the speeder unless you live in Northop Hall. 

keywords: Neal Cockerton, Cllr Tony Sharps, 

Hanson Cement Dioxin Output

"Since 2004, measured dioxin emissions from the cement plant have reduced dramatically,"

Ann Weedy, from Environment Agency Wales, said: "As regulators of Hanson Cement, we prevent, or where that is not possible minimise, the impact of the site on the local community and environment."

Further work still to be carried out includes a study of the health impacts of environmental factors such as noise and odour.
Penyffordd District says "What about Penyffordd Bypass noise? This is far in excess in quantity and loudness of anything put out by Hanson Cement.

Penyffordd Institute - current standing

Tony and Decima are "gone"

In the short term Treasurer John Martin is dealing with any booking enquiries on
(no longer required) ( see below )
This number will be removed when proper communication with Institute users ( I think they are called customers) is resumed.
Lets have a booking clerk of good temperament who knows how to deal with people.
Lets have some proper info on the notice board Institute Committee, preferably in ink that does not fade in the sun.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Will Chester Rd get revenge on the EU?

EU money built A55 Warren Bank exits. Chester Rd is used as an unpoliced short cut to the A55 even though we have a bypass.
We have been hung out to dry by WAG and FCC.
Our councillors did write a letter of protest I am told.

Greece is bankrupt. Will the EU fall apart?
Lets hope so. Just keep looking at the headlines over the next month. The Germans are fed up with bankrolling those countries that have lived for years beyond their means.
Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and us UK.
The faceless unelected eurocrats have shown they are not up to the job.
Perhaps our AM's will loose their jobs too?
Perhaps the end of the United States of Europe without our proper say so?

keywords: Von Rompuy 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I have a kingdom

not too far from Penyffordd. The above photo is near a badger sett one of dozens I know. My MP Mark lives quite near. It is over 10 square miles in size and contains three small Welsh mountains, rivers, streams, woods large and small, fir and deciduous, a Roman road, demonic concrete gargoyles sitting on a wall. 

There are bridle paths and footpaths, quite a few local land owners have tried to destroy. Ordnance survey does not normally lie however. We also have our secret paths through woods that join up to the official paths. The above photo location might see humans once or twice a year. Idris a former local councillor used to plough the fields up here

There are ruined houses left to rot that would cost a fortune if planning was available. In the last century people used to die of cold up here.

A former chapel has five footpaths that converge to its door. Local people would walk miles across fields there and back to praise the Lord on the Sabbath. 

There are occasional visitors. The Bike Man a Scouser who has escaped the smoke and Friar Tuck who we think a secret naturist. Always happy to pass the time of day are they. Bike Man can be seen fast asleep under a tree in summer right in the middle of no where, not a care in the world, his bike propped up against a tree. There are the brothers who live on a hill, one an awful sad man who scowls if you park on council verges near his house. One the other side a joyful soul who has a dog called scumbag.

In my Kingdom foxes and badgers are left largely to their own devices. There are redstarts, peacocks, one type which are white, herons and Canada geese, ravens, magpies and crows, squirrels and rabbits, newts and toads.

At sunset you can hear owls and see bats. A large brown owl can be seen gliding silently over a large derelict walled garden built by a soldier exactly two centuries previous.  He would be proud of his legacy, huge beech and fir woods which he would never see in their prime. Perhaps less proud of the crumbled remains of his estate which has miles of delapidated stone walls which must have taken years to build.

During the day you can hear buzzards calling from the air thermals well above the forest. The roads are little used. Paradise and so it shall remain, a secret part of Flintshire that's much less traveled. 

Storm Warning

The forecast team at the Met Office are continuing to keep an eye on the remains of Hurricane Katia as it moves across the Atlantic Ocean. Currently the storm lies just south of Newfoundland in Canada, but it is expected to move towards northwestern parts of the UK through the course of this weekend, arriving some time on Monday morning.

Perhaps it will miss. 

Friday, September 09, 2011

Penyffordd Community Council Open meeting further

Apparently 30 kids turned up to ask for a skateboard  run. Another example of Penyffordd being at the back of the queue. Some chap wanted to know why we needed a tidy up man. He thought people should take their litter home! He needs to get out more and read the papers. Mervyn does a very good job.

Penyffordd Institute further

Former bookings clerk has removed phone number from Institute notice board. No secretary phone number available. No Cllr Tom Jones phone number who is chairman on the web.

Customers wondering what's happening.
Lisa has to go to the Post Office to take Tom's number off the Community Council notice board.

Welcome to Penyffordd 21st century. I offered to do a village website for free with free running costs. What do we get? An embarrassment with loads of dead pages. Come on David admit defeat. You haven't the time or inclination.

How about putting Penyffordd councillors who hide their email addresses on David? Our conditionally elected representatives.

postscript: Institute vacancies may be premature.......... 
prevarication the order of the day.
Who was it who sung " When you see a chance take it" ? 
Stevie Winwood of course. 

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Millstone

Is shut, no lights on. Not open at lunch time either. Another one bites the dust?

postscript: Apparently they have done a runner. The pub is owned by Punch Taverns.
They are in a bit of a mess as well.
Taking on a pub in the current climate is in my opinion kamakazi.
The outlook for the medium term depressed.

The Institute - Situations vacant

Required -


A DIY background would help.

This position carries a remuneration.


Booking Clerk

A willingness to work with people essential regardless of their politics. You will be required to bring bookings register to each meeting. Co-operating with the Institute committee will also be helpful.

postscript: I live across the road and am available for the caretaker post, will also do booking clerk job as well.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Penyffordd property sales

Property sales are slow .......................

69 Penymynydd Road £144,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0LF 1st July 2011

You can search all these sales totally free of charge by going to

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The reality - Penyffordd Cllrs are scared of upsetting the speeding vote

The won't ask Flintshire County for speed data for Chester Rd.
They won't ask North Wales Police to traffic police Chester Rd.
They won't ask Gosafe to stop our speeding morning rat run.

Risking lives for votes next May

A letter from Chief Constable Mark Polin to the Flintshire Chronicle over last week's cover story " Secret Police"

Letter from Chief Constable to Flintshire Chronicle

I was extremely disappointed by the sensational and misleading cover story – “Secret Police”, Flintshire Chronicle.

To say that 99% of crime is not revealed to the public is not just grossly inaccurate, it is misleading. North Wales Police is now more open and transparent than ever with up to date crime statistics readily available on the website. Information is also regularly disseminated at local council and public meetings, on Facebook, Twitter and through local newsletters.

The Force has never sought to suggest that crime is lower than it is and to suggest otherwise is to attack the integrity of an organisation, the members of which strive hard to tackle crime where it does occur rather than become embroiled in cosmetic and distracting debates about how figures should be interpreted or not. To the contrary, the crime statistics we regularly issue to the public are full, accurate and audited nationally. I can assure local people that North Wales, including Flintshire, remains a safe place to live, work and visit.

I understand that local newspapers are under extreme commercial pressure, given that residents may choose to get their news from the many other more reliable sources available, including the North Wales Police website, which has on average 100,000 hits a month.

However, the paper and the wider public need to understand that we are not a news agency and we will only issue news releases when there is a policing need to do so and not to assist the paper in boosting circulation figures and income.

The basis of the Chronicle article appears to be that the editorial team are not happy because they do not always get what they want from North Wales Police.

Their apparent frustration is mirrored by our own regular disappointment at the quality of some reports which seem bent on unnecessarily scaring and unsettling local communities. It therefore came as no surprise to us that this misleading, no doubt attention grabbing headline appeared on the front page when the more thoughtful and insightful piece about how the Force is coping with the budget cuts was consigned to page 14.

I would also ask them to consider that in many cases the issues we deal with involve human trauma and tragedy and our first concern is always for the victim and not the demands of a local newspaper.

I would suggest that the editorial team needs to take time to think about their approach and to appreciate that what they may consider to be of interest to the public may not, from a police operational point of view, be in the public interest.

My final suggestion is that rather than waiting to be spoon fed by North Wales Police, reporters could, if they so wished view local crime statistics at street level through Crimemapper, an electronic database which is regularly used by members of the public. The information that was obtained through a Freedom of Information request, requiring a member of staff to reply, was after all freely available by reference to the website and arguably in a more useful form to a member of the public who might be interested.

I would encourage your readers to explore Crimemapper as I believe it is an important tool in assisting our officers and communities to understand where crime is occurring and to tackle it.

Yours sincerely,

Chief Constable Mark Polin

* published with NWP permission

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Do we need to get someone killed councillors

before speeding on Chester Rd gets onto the council agenda?

Speeding in Dobshill is on Wednesdays agenda. Would it be because of the recent death of the girl cyclist?

Is there more speeding in Dobshill than Chester Rd? You have no idea have you.
All you have is lies from Gosafe and Flintshire Highways who even lie to North Wales Police over speeding levels in Chester Rd.

Cllr Cindy Hinds finds it very difficult in deed to say there is speeding in Chester Rd on her newsletter. Not sure what Cllr David Williams' newsletter says can never find one.

Five years on cllrs since I was informed by Clerk Nigel that speeding was nothing to do with Penyffordd Community Council and so it remains so. Traffic still hammers through the village every morning. What gives these drivers the right to speed through our community?

Your continued ignoring of speeding in Chester Rd shows you have little interest in the welfare of children, OAP's and residents environment.

You fail to press Gosafe or North Wales Police to take action. Most of you should be gone come the next local elections. Not fit for purpose.

Postscript: As Penyffordd cllrs you continue to shoot yourselves in the foot collectively. My account remains the only on line statement of what happens in Penyffordd. Your future relatives will wonder what you were all playing at. Having a bypass and allowing HGV and through traffic to hammer through the village when ever they want. All named and shamed.

Further postscript: An elderly lady in the post office says she nearly got run over earlier in the week.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Road safety measures

KEEPING children, pedestrians and others safe is a top priority for one council.
No not Penyffordd it's not even on the horizon. A previous attempt to slow traffic down by getting grant money was quietly dropped.

Speeders ignore our lollypop man everyday cllrs.
Penyffordd Council, no vision just a village that's a speedy short cut to everywhere.

It doesn't help having a philistine dept such as Flintshire Highways who are pro speeding and HGV in Penyffordd.

Denbighshire is due to submit an application for Safe Routes in Communities funding for the town.

Safer routes, what are those?


Back to school

Colin the lollypop is back on duty. Traffic increases, being more frenetic as children are ferried to school. It takes my wife 10 minutes longer waiting in vehicles queues to get into Chester during school term.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Favourite Dish has a Health Warning

Apparently it's official. I only have one every now and again and it's from the Bengal Dynasty who use top quality ingredients. Once a week I have lunch at someone's house. The food tastes rubbish even though a lot of care is taken in preparation and variety. The reason why is that no salt is added to ingredients during the cooking stage. The salt is hidden away because hubby has heart issues and is on a low salt diet.

The chicken tikka  masala sauce at the Bengal is divine.


Bank of America - local employer - further

A couple of weeks ago BOA said its Chester credit card operation was up for sale.
Local politicians went through the " we are very concerned bit" but in reality they will be able to do nothing whatever BOA decides.

I'm a regular reader of The Slog. Below he covers BOA. It would be fair to say things are not looking very good. Some slight profanity, lots of financial stuff. Bottom line they are in big trouble.


The comment by DaninSpain at the bottom particularly grim.

postscript. I should add that John Slogs middle name for some is " doomster" lol

Friday, September 02, 2011

Dog walkers should be more aware of cattle

Our bull terrier would love to chase cows. Perhaps its got something to do with the name of the breed...... Another fatality this week. The changeover to farmers breeding more continental breeds part of the issue.

We have just about given up walking in fields with cows in. The last time we got chased over a hill by 20 bullocks. They thought it was great fun as did the dogs.

Farmers have a duty of care to walkers. It can cost them dearly. Precedents have been successfully set in the law courts where injuries to walkers have happened.

Link The Telegraph

Penyffordd Bypass accident further


According to Wxmgirl in the comments the car involved in the accident swerved to avoid another vehicle. This is the driver NWP want to interview.

Bacon sandwiches for Alison?

In the Daily Post

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Cllr Carol Ellis of Buckley - Welcome to the real world.

Buckley councillor Carol Ellis said she would be raising the issue at the town’s next police liaison meeting.

"I can’t see the reasoning behind (NWP) saying crime is lower than it is," she said.

"We are not being told the full story and it is totally wrong.

"People need encouragement to come forward and give information about crimes and the media can be used for that.

Taken from here 

The excuses by NWP pathetic.  The corporate speak crap defending the indefensible makes you want to vomit.  

Hi Carol
Seems you've stumbled on something.
Shall I tell you a secret, promise not to tell.

North Wales Police and Flintshire Highways continually down play speeding ( which is a crime to communities) and accidents in Flintshire which are of epidemic proportions. Former Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom did an audit of Penyffordd when we had about 2000 vehicles  a day breaking the speed limit on Chester Rd. He forgot to mention speeding in his 2 inch thick report which Penyffordd cllrs liked because speeding doesn't really exist.
Flintshire Highways and their Gosafe representative have speed data for Chester Rd Penyffordd for May 2007. It's been continually refused even when asked for on FOIE's. Ask Arnold Woolley.
It's so Penyffordd cllrs can say there is not much speeding.

Flintshire Highway officers told our bobby that speeding in 2008 was 5% a day over 30 mph when it was really 34%. Our bobby told Penyffordd cllrs who were really happy with the 5%  so they could ignore speeding in Chester Rd. See Carol its me I'm mad making speeding up.

FACT. North Wales Police and Flintshire Highways continually down play speeding in Flintshire communities it makes their job easier. You will notice no roll out of 20 mpg zones in Flintshire that were promised. Why is that?
Sharpies all right he's got his speed bumps what about the rest of us who suffer daily?

Over the past 6 months you may have noticed NWP  bragging about how lots of crime is falling. As you know their presence on the streets is ghost like yet they are apparently performing miracles. Car theft down plus many other crimes.
My theory is that its an unexpected side effect of our current ongoing depression. Nothing to do with the police.

The bottom line is that public servants are pretending to do their jobs. It's got to end.

postscript. Why does NWP need a head of corporate communications on over a £1000 per week plus silly pension rights. I thought NWP were in the business of crime prevention and detection. One supposes they are needed for media cover ups.

Why do NWP need diversity personnel? This takes according to NWP 3.54 staff. 

Our political elite continue to show they are hopeless. Except for lining their own pockets. eg. Carl Sargeant AM and wife salaries £2000 per week.

and David Hanson MP former head of police well...................He takes the biscuit.

Further Postscript. NWP have retired from any form of traffic policing in Chester Rd Penyffordd with the full backing of Cllrs Cindy Hinds, David Williams and Penyffordd Community Council. We have a rat run every workday morning.

A small part of the great sickness.

99% of Flintshire crimes not revealed to public

or Penyffordd either. Speeding has never made NWP crime statistics in Penyffordd which suits  Penyffordd councillors. They are collectively like the three monkeys.
Hear no speeding, see no speeding etc. What morning rat run?

Well done Flintshire Chronicle  for raising this important issue.

NWP is run by blockheads.

Read the pompous reply by North Wales Police’s head of corporate communications Sue Appleton.

Pure cow muck of the male variety.

Read in the Flintshire Chronicle 

Tutor offers advice to Flintshire GCSE students

Sharon Hughes, of Penymynydd, who runs Tutors4GCSE says she received numerous calls from parents and students who thought they would need to re-sit maths and English exams before results were even released

Read the full story in  The Flintshire Chronicle

Link   Tutors4GCSE

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting 7th September 2011

Open Meeting.  For the rest of the year you can say nothing unless asked if you attend community council meetings. On Wednesday at 6.00 pm until 6.30pm you have your chance to question Penyffordd councillors.

Last year I asked why various community councillors hid their email addresses from me. It's not against the law advised Cllr Colin Bithell. It may not be against the law Colin but its against he spirit of being a community councillor. Its a symptom of the sickness by the "sheet of 10"

Cllrs Linda Vidamour, Cindy Hinds and David Williams freely give out their email addresses. The other nine either hide their email addresses or do not have a computer.

North Wales Police catch 589 speeders in week on A55, A470 and A483

but still won't go anywhere near our daily rat run. Sorry to be repetitive it happens every work day morning, councillors don't care. I'm going to put a sign up so 3000 motorists who come through here very day can see it.

Penyffordd Morning Rat Run

Each workday morning 100's of cars hurl through the middle of the village. They have the full support of all Penyffordd Community and County Councillors, Flintshire County Council. Mark Tami, Carl Sargeant AM Welsh Minister for Transport,  Arnold Woolley , Neal Cockerton, Chief Constable Mark Polin and North Wales Police Authority.

Councillors Tom Jones, Colin Bithell, Linda Vidamour, David Williams, Cindy Hinds, Margaret Jones, Stan Davies, Edwina Davies, John Bell, Jane Hopwood.

The above are part of the sickness which leads to death on the roads. No traffic policing or control equals suffering for some.

Next week Penyffordd Community Council  will meet as they have for the last five years since the speeding was pointed out to them. I believe it was in the vicinity of 2000 vehicles a day breaking the 30 mph speed limit. The speed data recorded is illegal hidden by Flintshire County Council and Gosafe the unaccountable quango.

The above recorded for future generations.

keywords: freedom of information act, FOIE
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