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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Welsh Assembly Elections

All you need to know by Martin Shipman in The Western Mail

Locally to us it seems to be between Carl Sargeant ( Lab) and John Bell (Cons).
Mark Isherwood (Cons)  is on the second sheet which is a vote for a party of choice.

Is that clear?

Carl Sargeant
Mark Isherwood
John Bell

postscript: Haven't seen village environment mentioned anywhere

Penyffordd district health tip of the year

Nothing happening in the village. If you read the Flintshire Chronicle village section Penyffordd hardly gets a mention where 20 other villages have activities reported.. Why is that?

Anyway I hate skimmed or low fat anything. I call it Frankenstein food. I don't knowingly touch it. Lisa managed to get me to have a yogurt with the artificial sweetener aspartame in it last week. I thought it had a strange taste. So I got my magnifying glass on the label. There is was the last item. You don't need much as it's so powerful.

In the Telegraph comments section

is TommyTCG. Tommy sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

" What, no raw milk yoghurts? Pateurization destroys 90% of the phosphotaze enzyme needed for calcium absorbtion, and destroys the good becteria, not the bad ones, (although yoghurt re-introduces the good ones). Delicate heta sensitive immune boosting proteins are damaged.

Yo Go is fat free? I do wonder WHY? Cream, butter and full fat: milk, yoghurt cheeses, contain the omegas in perfect proportion, arichidonic acid, short and medium chain fatty acids, and conjugated linoleic acids. Also present are selenium, iodine, manganese, zinc, chromium, lecithin and vitamins D3, A, B2 and B12. 

Cream, synthesise vitamin B6 through the friendly intestinal bacteria. B6 lowers heart disease-causing homocysteine. Malhotra S L Dr et al Lancet 1975.

Is the fat fattening, Yo Go? No. Its the carbs that fatten. Digested carbs first top up the live and muscle glycogen stores, the rest rapidly converts to body fat in the cells mitochndria via the Krebs and citric acid cycles. Digested fats only slowly convert to energy molecules in the liver, not to bodyat.

I`ll pass on these, as I eat for health, not to support yoghurt makers with long out of date science advisors. I`ll stick with my home-made raw goat milk keffir and get its the massive health benefits.

postscript: There was a shop in Flintshire that had a crate of green top under the counter. This was unpasturised milk. 
Marvellous stuff, not sure if it is still allowed.

234 extra houses - an email to Carl Longland Director of Environment Flintshire County Council

cc Chief Constable Mark Polin

 Morning Carl

Long time no email. Hope you and the family are well.
I presume the above has been on your desk.
Funny how you can get a bunch of jokers in over noise when building lots
of houses but not to measure traffic noise on our large daily rat run in the centre of our village
Chester Rd.
Chester Rd needs your help Carl. Seems everything has been looked at down to invertebrate level. ( re the building plot)
We have been given a couple of coloured strips called traffic calming.
Seems we figure very low on the scale of things.
Another set of jokers are Singleton Clamp.
Who is right over Wood Lane Farm traffic SC or the St Mary's Park Community Group, Mold over the effect of new housing estates?
I suppose really you pay consultants lots of money to give you the answer you want.
Just to set the scene in Chester Rd for the wider audience
Chester Rd will bear a lot of traffic from Wood Lane Farm
We are a major rat run due to the short comings of Penyffordd Bypass
We have somewhere near 3000 vehicles a day
We have ZERO traffic policing.
We are a major route to school
Over 1000 vehicles break our 30 mph speed limit every day
FCC continue to hide 2007 traffic speed data
We are a major short cut for HGV even though we have a bypass
We have no effective road traffic calming
We are in effect a de facto trunk road.
I feel we should be a 20 mph zone , a village centre fit to live in.
The above development will turn our village centre into an environmental hell hole at varoius times of the day.
Well Carl are you going to help us in Chester Rd?
Have a good Easter but stay away from North Wales.
Chief Constable Mark Polin, NWPA and some large company that sell illegal exhausts
are sponsoring a high speed bike race on the public highway.
A biker in your car doing 140 mph is no laughing matter.

best wishes Colin
Penyffordd District

keywords:  linkedin

postscript: I put the dig into NWP because little is being done about bikers speed and NOTHING is being done about illegal exhausts that are in the 1000's.

Services will be resumed shortly................

A helpless male, two dogs and a wife in hospital with a plaster cast over her hand. I have lists. Four pages for the dogs and one for me. I don't normally deal with credit cards my lifestyle doesn't require them. I use Paypal a lot which is electronic payment over the internet. There was some protest when I asked for pin numbers and credit debit cards and bank account balances before she went in.

Hospitals are funny places. Sometimes you can't leave for various reasons. It's no good me being here with no finance facilities.

Countess food is pretty awful. It would appear they have not heard about vegetarianism.
Quite a good way to loose weight................

Looks like Lisa "may" be coming out tomorrow. Such normal stuff as cooking and driving may be a little way off.....................As in two weeks time.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good luck to William and Kate

To A + E

I thought I was going to Penyffordd Wine Circle fate decides otherwise. Two lack of judgements the first one recoverable from the second not, tiredness a factor. Off to the Maelor as we live in Wales. Blood and little bits of hand internals showing. Not that much blood so arteries and veins have been avoided.

Haven't been to A and E since I had what I would describe as severe food poisoning others might have called it moderate. Staff and doctors very good, seen very quickly. The unit modern first class.
At one stage there were 8 medical people looking at the damage. X rays are taken the damage which is not to be looked at if squeemish includes a  broken metacarple?

So it's off to The Countess of Chester with xrays and a letter. Three hours into the experience. Reception a bit shirty when  a reasonable question asked. Nurse business like. The Iranian surgeon a gentleman of the finest nature.
Lisa goes into surgery this afternoon to put the little bits (ligaments) back into their right places with the help of some wire.

Monday, April 25, 2011

To the Duke's

Click image for a better view

That's the Duke of Westminster of course. He's never in when I call. Must be because it's an open day which is one of four a year. This is a truly British occasion. All the best that is British can be seen on one of his open days. I'm all for the Duke running the country the way he runs his estate.
More pics to come.

Friday, April 22, 2011

North Wales Traffic Cameras

Latest pics of traffic conditions at BBC NE Wales.

Things to do this Easter

Visit Chirk Castle
Visit Erddig
The Duke of Westminster Gardens are open at Eaton on Sunday
Chirk Carboot Sale Sunday ( There will be heavy traffic after 7.30 am)
Drive up the A55 to the coast with millions of others.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strange plant

And it's still a strange plant name not found. I'm thinking it may be a fungi.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Noise from Penyffordd By pass

A company has been subcontracted by the developer of Wood Lane Farm which is right next to the bypass to assess traffic road noise from the bypass. The company of course are paid to present bypass noise in the best possible light. I live in the centre of the village which is over twice or three times the distance away ( wrong ! houses line the bypass. I am a third of a mile away not 50 yds as will the developed houses will be) from the bypass as the proposed development. I find bypass noise an issue when certain winds are blowing.

Link Hepworth Acoustics

Wood Lane Farm Development - 234 houses

This will have a large impact on village life and environment. You have till May 2nd (which is a Bank Holiday) to make representations and objections to Flintshire County Council.

The application is here. You can make your objections online. You do have to remember however that what you say is public domain and will remain so. There are various sections, application details, local map, associated documents and committee minutes.

Information Help

St Mary's Park Mold
St Mary's Park Public Enquiry
St Mary's Park further

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sand from the Sahara?

Cement dust from Hanson cement
April showers from the Lord

Equals make walls with bricks.

Link Flintshire Chronicle

What difference councillors can make

I look to Treuddyn. This is not a bash at our current county councillors. Our demise goes back a long way. Penyffordd district is a lot bigger than Treuddyn in my estimation.
Another  reason for the Tom Jones clan to pack their bags. I'll add it to my electoral list.

"A Flintshire village is officially opening its new £150,000 bike track after securing £500,000 in community grants over the past three years."


keywords: Cllr Carolyn Thomas

postscript: County Cllr Cindy Hinds informs me that the group PACA of which she is a member has raised £52,000 to set up the multi use games area and have also raised £4000 towards a community garden.

AV What's that, do we care?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Penyffordd recycling

Plenty of gbh going on over the road. Angle grinding, banging, pneumatic drills, the skip full with bricks. Seems however he's had enough of the recycling crowd who scour our streets looking for scrap. I let the builder doing next door put his skip in my drive as the council charge £30 for putting it on the road. The idea being that if there was any space left in the skip I could get rid of some of mine as well as being neighbourly.

Whilst the skip was there for 2 days I had three lots of people asking if they could take a look in the skip. I recently had a dish washer to get rid of so I put it on the front path with a notice on top of it saying " please take". One of my neighbours having his kitchen done out said if someone picks mine up can they go around to his front garden, so the sign had to be amended. Both units were gone in three days, they were happy and so were we.

One of my informants tells me that when they had their new washing machine delivered they had two offers to take it away as scrap before they had chance to get it through the door.

Seems the scrap business is very keen.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yesterday I went through a Gosafe camera on the A548 at Prestatyn. It's along a very wide open section of road that has no houses and is 30 mph. It's very hard to stick to 30 mph as you feel you are crawling along the road.
Which reminds me why do Penyffordd Cllrs not press for Gosafe to come to Chester Rd? We are on the list for cause for concern.

I have written them an email copied to the great and the good accusing them of epic foot dragging.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here's a chap who made sense

Frederic Bastiat - "Away with the whims of governmental administrators, their socialized projects, their centralization, their tariffs, their government schools, their state religions, their free credit, their bank monopolies, their regulations, their restrictions, their equalization by taxation, and their pious moralizations!"

Cllr Colin Bithell in the Leader ( dust levels March)

Always up for a quote on Hanson Cement
Never up for a quote against our daily rat run or speeding.

He lives in a cul de sac.
He even said he found speeding through communities at night ok.
( or words to that effect)

The Leader published my letter pointing out his hypocrisy.
He isn't standing at the next elections is he?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A new business venture

The blog has made £60. Google will be sending this after the first of May. So that's £60 for nearly 3000 blogs.........................
Still it costs nothing which cannot be said for the council website.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A walk in Llanfynydd

A mum to be, a Canada goose sitting on her nest.These will attack you if they have young and they feel threatened.


Lisa's kitchen - homemade fishcakes

Chief Constable Mark Polin

I have sent an email to the CC after receiving a copy of a letter sent by a NWP divisional commander to Mark Isherwood who had made representations on my behalf and other Chester Rd users with regards speeding traffic.

I have told the CC that I am not happy with NWP management down playing speeding in Chester Rd. This is done whilst proper updated speed traffic data is not available.
This has been copied to NWPA, Mark Isherwood, Carl Sargeant, Mark Tami MP, Flintshire Council political leaders and Penyffordd Cllrs.

This is the diplomatic version.

The little flashing green light

means we have no internet.

1. Is it BT?
2. Is it the network router?
3. Is it the ADSL box?
4. Is it the Zonealarm firewall?
5. Is it the network router firewall?

Much head scratching with only a blackberry for internet help. Half a day later it turns out to be the BT ASDL box. This must be the 4th one we have had. After a 12 week mess around with an intermittent fault a spare asdl modem is now kept at all times. But where has it been stored...............?

Swapping a new box is not the end of the matter. Software says the internet is working, I can see it's not. The asdl modem needs a user name and password this has been given but still no cigar.

For some reason it finally starts working. First port of call Ebay for a new adsl modem which we win for £1.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Economic Recovery

Nothing happening in Penyffordd except plenty of sun and traffic it's Friday. Perhaps it's best not to pay too much attention to what's happening in the media on the recovery front.

Here's The Slog's take on why we are not going anywhere.
No need to get depressed just don't take any big bets on a recovery happening.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Penyffordd Community Council meeting

Tonight has come and gone.

Will the agenda and minutes be put on the council website?  No.......................
David complains about lack of content for the site but agenda and minutes are two items I would go to the site every month for. ( If you want to look at council minutes they are hidden in the draw near the counter in the post office, that's if someone hasn't borrowed them).

Perhaps it interfers with Cllr Tom Jones' idea that everyone should  be kept in the dark as much as possible except when he needs the votes.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Houses for sale and rent

Discounted property for sale
Are you interested in snapping up a bargain? Below are properties for sale where the asking prices have been reduced - simply click on any property to find out more. Search for all reduced property near ch4 0ls by clicking here.

AddressTypeBedsPriceListed OnReduction
West ViewDetached3£180,00008-05-200822%
Lower Mountain Road3£399,00026-04-20105%
Little Mountain RoadDetached4£275,00020-07-20105%
Chester RoadDetached4£399,95019-01-20106%

Other property for sale
The list below shows what is currently on the market for sale near you. To search for more property on the market click here.

AddressTypeBedsPriceListed On
Hawarden Road3£124,95014-03-2011
Hawarden RoadDetached4£300,00018-01-2010
Well House DriveDetached4£250,00021-01-2011
Y Fedwen ArianDetached4£249,99905-11-2007
West ViewDetached3£180,00008-05-2008

Property for rent
The list below shows properties for rent near you - select any property for more information. To view more results in your area, click here.

AddressTypeBedsRent (pcm)Listed onImplied value*
Abbotts LaneDetached5£1,39525-01-2011£346,200
Chester Road3£62518-06-2010£155,107
Drury LaneFlat2£55023-02-2011£136,494

National market summary
According to newly released Land Registry data, house prices fell by 0.8 per cent in February. In addition to this, house prices have fallen by 1.7 per cent over the last 12 months. This is the largest annual fall seen since October 2009. The average property value in England and Wales is now £162,215.

The number of property transactions has decreased over the last 12 months, from an average of 65,939 sales per month in September to December 2009, to 56,257 in the same period this year.

The East had the strongest monthly growth of any of the regions in England and Wales, with a movement of 1.2 per cent. The North East saw the largest fall of -4 per cent. 

Recent house sales

5 Cromwell Close £210,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0GD 28th January 2011

69 Well House Drive £210,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0LB 15th February 2011

21 Coed Y Graig £225,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0XD 19th November 2010

23 Wats Road £80,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0HD 17th February 2011

You can search all these sales totally free of charge by going to

Friday, April 01, 2011

Welsh Assembly for Wales has been dissolved

This means there will be no assembly members until elections on 05 May 2011. Will we notice the difference?

April Fool's day

No news in Penyffordd today, sorry to bore, letter to the Leader

cc Chief Constable Mark Polin, NWPA
Dear Leader,
A letter for consideration.
Next Wednesday is Penyffordd Community Council's monthly meet. It will be interesting if the predicted wanton vandalism raised on Penyffordd by the construction of A55 Warren Bank exits  by the Welsh Assembly Government and its agent Flintshire County Council will make the agenda. Main roads through Penyffordd which has a bypass are now seeing major increases in traffic volume and density and a vast increase in lorry traffic. My question to the community council is this. Are you happy that we are the biggest, fastest, most unpoliced rat run in Flintshire and if not what are you doing about it?
Colin Hughes

Next week Penyffordd Community Council meeting

Will the vandalism set upon on Chester Rd and others in Penyffordd by the Welsh Assembly Government's "improvement" the Warren Bank exits A55 be discussed?
By vandalism I mean the unpoliced, increase volumes and densities of vehicles through our village including 1000's of percent rise in lorry short cuts.

keyword: Carwyn Jones AM First Minister, Carl Sargeant AM,
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