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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Things you dont Know

I nearly cut a worm in half today
I use a fork instead of a spade
A google finds that they may have 5 hearts
Also they have regenerative genes.
I try to practise Ahimsa or non-violence
One of the 8 branches of Yoga

Noise makers fall outside my Ahimsa

Don't suffer in Silence in Wales

PDF format. All my favourite noise annoyances at the top of the first page.

Click here

The Case for a Compulsory 20 mph

This morning we drove past Penyffordd Post Office. On the side there are rings to tie your dog to.
There is a dog attached to a lead. There is also a 5 year old child unattached. Mother, father or sister are in The Post Office. So the unattended 5 year old child is walking around next to the dog, 15 feet from a road where cars do 40 mph.

What's a risk assessment to make of that scenario? If I had a child it would be on a lead with me in the Post Office. The sad fact is a lot of people don't do the "what if" question.

So we have to have laws and methods such as traffic calming platforms and Arrive Alive to deal with the great unthinking who pass my house which is on a route to school at 50 mph every morning.

Only they are not in place or being enforced.
Corporate Responsibility got more difficult last week...................................

Preparations ongoing at The Eisteddfod

An Official Complaint to The Arrive Alive Partnership

1 Penymynydd Road

The Arrive Alive Partnership
PO Box 66

Dear Sirs
You will be aware that we have 2000 speeding motorists a day through Hugh Jones the Arrive Alive Safer Roads Officer for Flintshire. Your main remit is to attend accident black spots to calm traffic with which you are successful.

You also attend communities who complain of speeding but have been lucky to have no fatalities.
Over the last 3 months I have repeatedly reminded you of our 2000 daily speeders, the main times that the speeding occurs.

I feel we in Chester Road have as much right as anyone in your North Wales Area to have your employees and equipment.

You are currently failing us and are guilty of Corporate Irresponsibility.
There were new Laws past last week with regards to Corporate Manslaughter.

I feel its time for a couple of visits in succession for your van in Chester Rd at rush hour.
Terrace Lane being the most efficient place as they can't start speeding until they reach the open limit sign.

regards Colin Hughes

An Official Complaint to Charles Hughes Head of Engineering

1 Penymynydd Road
Chester CH4 0LS

Charles Hughes
Head of Engineering
Flintshire County Council

31st July 2007

Dear Charles,

Over 90 days ago you were good enough to attend a meeting at Penyffordd Institute to discuss Traffic Calming measures for Chester Road. I look at traffic calming measures for Chester Rd as a three leg stool with your department's actions required to keep the stool standing. The other two legs being Arrive Alive and North Wales Police. Your department is the most important as you can stop the traffic from speeding through our village road 24/7.

There are two elements to traffic speeding through Chester, Penyffordd.
1. The Danger aspect
2. The noise aspect due to speed of vehicles.

So my complaint is the following.

1. After 90 days there is no start to the traffic calming of Chester Rd, Penyffordd
2. Your planned efforts (that I know of) will have no effect on speeding traffic out of the village. The speeding traffic starts its acceleration curve outside the Post Office, the speed and noise being loudest outside my house, George across the road and Mr Davies' house.
3. Your refusal to grant Chester Road freedom from passing through HGV's even though we have a by pass for their use.

regards Colin Hughes

Flintshire County Council Complaints Procedure

Compliments, Comments and Complaints from our customers helps us to improve our services now and in the future.

Compliments and Comments are recorded on a database and details are passed to the appropriate Directorate for information. All Compliments and Comments are acknowledged, this may include a ‘thank you’ if appropriate.

Complaints Procedure:

The Council has adopted a two step process for dealing with complaints.

Step 1 asks that the complainant contacts the service area in the first instance. The aim here is to resolve the issue. Complaints will be recorded on a central database and if it is not possible to resolve the matter immediately it will be acknowledged within 5 working days. The service area will aim to respond to the complainant within 10 working days from receipt of the complaint.

Step 2 asks that where a complainant is not satisfied with the response they receive from the service area, they contact the Customer Services
Team who will ensure that their complaint is considered by a senior officer within the service area or the Corporate Complaints Officer. A response will be sent within 20 working days.
Compliments, Comments and Complaints from our customers helps us to improve our services now and in the future.

Compliments and Comments are recorded on a database and details are passed to the appropriate Directorate for information. All Compliments and Comments are acknowledged, this may include a ‘thank you’ if appropriate.

Complaints Procedure:

The Council has adopted a two step process for dealing with complaints.

Step 1 asks that the complainant contacts the service area in the first instance. The aim here is to resolve the issue. Complaints will be recorded on a central database and if it is not possible to resolve the matter immediately it will be acknowledged within 5 working days. The service area will aim to respond to the complainant within 10 working days from receipt of the complaint.

Step 2 asks that where a complainant is not satisfied with the response they receive from the service area, they contact the Customer Services
Team who will ensure that their complaint is considered by a senior officer within the service area or the Corporate Complaints Officer. A response will be sent within 20 working days.

How to Complain to the Welsh Assembly Government

Noise is stress

I hate noise. We live in a village that has a bypass. The through traffic shouldn't be coming here. I think there is a Human Rights case against Charles Hughes , Flintshire Highways of malicious intent to cause unnecessary suffering and distress.

Diverted Traffic through Penyffordd

At the drop of a hat Flintshire Highways put some yellow signs up. We are closing the roads for resurfacing. We will divert all these noisy idiots through Chester Road, Penyffordd.

You mention the fact that we are a village with a bypass and could you possibly send all the heavy noisy lorries and cars along the by pass instead and you are looked with incredulity.

Perhaps a noisy protest with recorded sound tapes of the loud lorries played on my loud car stereo outside Charles Hughes' house at 4 in the morning. I will do a couple of weeks in jail to raise the profile.
Although normally it takes quite a bit of protesting to get you to jail. Don't mind the jail bit on my CV.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Humorous Story about a Woman's Mind

Husbands For Sale

A store that sells husbands has just opened in New York City, where a woman
may go to choose a husband.

Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store
operates. You may visit the store ONLY ONCE!

There are six floors and the attributes of the men increase as the shopper
ascends the flights. There is, however, a catch .... you may choose any man
a particular floor, or you may choose to go up a floor, but you cannot go
down except to exit the building!

So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband.

On the first floor the sign on the door reads:
Floor 1 - These men have jobs and love dogs.

The second floor sign reads:
Floor 2 - These men have jobs, love dogs, and love kids.

The third floor sign reads:
Floor 3 - These men have jobs, love dogs, love kids, and are extremely
good looking.

"Wow," she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.

She goes to the fourth floor and sign reads:
Floor 4 - These men have jobs, love dogs, love kids, are drop-dead good
looking and help with the housework.

"Oh, mercy me!" she exclaims, "I can hardly stand it!"

Still, she goes to the fifth floor and sign reads:
Floor 5 - These men have jobs, love dogs, love kids, are drop-dead
gorgeous, help with the housework, and have a strong romantic streak.

She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the sixth floor and the sign
Floor 6 - You are visitor 4,363,012 to this floor.
There are no men on this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women
are impossible to please.

Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store. Watch your step as you exit the
building, and have a nice day!

Noisy Car and Motorcycle Exhaust Systems and The Law

Sorry to bore you with more noise but peacefulness and tranquility are important in communities. Currently Chester Road is subject to a diversion from resurfacing at Penymynydd roundabout. Sunday you could possibly hear 100's of loud motorcycles doing the ton along the bypass. I have no problem with their speed as long as they only kill themselves, that isn't however always the case. Having a body of a 90 mph motorcyclist embedded in your car with your wife and children for 90
minutes must be very traumatic perhaps for life.
Young Guns with loud exhaust systems seem to have multiplied.
In North Wales we have a bit of an issue.
The Police will not currently enforce the law regarding exhaust systems that are against regulations.
VOSA who have the equipment say its a Police job.
The answer of course is the partnership of the two agencies.
Currently they do not appear to be talking.
For Politicians I think this is a golden opportunity. There are many of us voters who hate the noise and many non voters doing the noise. Five pounds on my rates would be a very small price to pay to rid our village of motorcycle and and modified car exhausts.

The EU Directive is here (EU Directive 92/97)

Vehicle categories.
Values expressed in dB(A) (decibels(A))

2.1.1. Vehicles intended for the carriage of passengers, and comprising not more than nine
seats including the driver's seat 74.
2.1.2. Vehicles intended for the carriage of passengers and equipped with more than nine
seats, including the driver's seat; and having a maximum permissible mass of more
than 3,5 tonnes and: with an engine power of less than 150 kW 78 with an engine power of not less than 150 kW 80
2.1.3. Vehicles intended for the carriage of passengers and equipped with more than nine
seats, including the driver's seat; vehicles intended for the carriage of goods: with a maximum permissible mass not exceeding 2 tonnes 76 with a maximum permissible mass exceeding 2 tonnes but not exceeding 3,5 tonnes 77
2.1.4. Vehicles intended for the carriage of goods and having a maximum permissible mass
exceeding 3,5 tonnes: with an engine power of less than 75 kW 77 with an engine power of not less than 75 kW but less than 150 kW 78 with an engine power of not less than 150 kW 80

If I have the right table this we are talking 74 db maximum for a boy racer.

A pertinent question to ask which I found elsewhere is how many vehicles with modifed exhaust systems will have car insurance. The exhaust modification would invalidate their insurance. So they are driving or riding around with no insurance?
Another point is that illegal exhaust systems are being manufactured and sold. Its very easy to locate these companies but The Authorities seem to lack the will to tackle what is against the law. You either have laws or you don't. It's not supposed to be a pick and mix law system.

There should be a modern system to report registration numbers. ie text, email, phone.

Crackdown in Scotland
New Zealand has an epidemic
Do morons have loud exhausts? (and small willies)
Motorcycle Exhausts
Noise Action Week. RAC
Reigate Council Noise Complaints Page
Forest Heath District Council

A newt found under a stone

Click on image

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mike Reid RIP - Comedian

Mr Hahn said: "Mike was in fine fettle form. Only a couple of weeks ago we were having dinner over here and Mike that particular day went to see his consultant had a full medical and they gave him a clean bill of health."

Mike had a heart attack............................................

I often wonder if I should have a BUPA MOT, perhaps its a waste of money..................

I will keep taking mega vitamins.

Didn't rate him till we saw him on Sky doing an adult show, pure class.

An advert for Edge's of Handbridge Chester Quality Butchers on The Great Wall of China

A friend of mine, I have not many. In China recruiting for his company's move into China (Can I say this?) A big responsibility. South African, a huge carnivore, his rib eye steaks are perfection. One of Mr Edge's top customers.
He's got better legs than the trousers suggest.
I regularly apologise for my country's behaviour to South African's wishing to reside in UK.

North Wales Police enter 21 st Century

Whilst Penyffordd Community Council and Colin Bithell CC need a little dragging.
Linda Vidamour, Cindy Hinds and David Williams excepted.
I think Colin hides his email address from me. Although there is an email function to reach him via Flintshire County Council.

Click here to see North Wales Police story.



Mark Isherwood AM

Assembly Member for North Wales

28 April 2006



“The decision by Flintshire County Councillors to expand Broughton Retail Park risks unacceptable damage to the sustainability of local town centres” said Mark Isherwood, Welsh Conservative Assembly Member for North Wales.

Consultants, Martin Tonks Planning, commissioned by the local authority to review proposals to increase Broughton Retail Park, say development will divert trade from other towns and shops.

Mark added:

“Rather than a green light for developers, this is an amber warning for neighbouring towns where trade could be severely hit.”

This would have a disproportionate impact on older people, lower income households and the disabled, reliant upon local shops for goods, services and a social network.

We are told that up to 1000 jobs could be created, but how many jobs will have to be lost in local businesses, retailers and suppliers to make this happen?

This can only have an adverse impact on transport and car use, just as Flintshire is proposing cuts to bus services and at a time when cuts in greenhouse gases and air pollution are a priority.

Broughton is already saturated and congested with massive and unsustainable developments. New slip roads will not address concerns about increased traffic throughout the surrounding area expressed by Town Councils and local businesses.

Where is evidence of compliance with the Habitats Directive, required prior to planning permission being granted?

Instead of Ghost Town Britain, we must use policy and planning to support and restore sustainable local communities, local economies, local products and services before they become a distant memory.

Flintshire needs an accountable County Council that listens more, talks less, spends better and starts putting the people of Flintshire first.”

A Beginners Guide to Corporate Manslaughter and Flintshire County Council

Copy to Colin Everett ( New Chief Exec of Flintshire County Council)

As previously stated we are getting 2000 speeding motorists a day through Penyffordd village centre where there are pensioners, children and horses.

The Head of Engineering has the data, knows what's happening for the last 3 months.
Should have known a few years previous that Chester Rd is open season for speeders, most probably did.

Flintshire Highways encourage HGV's by not banning them, The Head of Engineering's excuse lamentable considering we have a By - Pass.

Flintshire County Council gets a similar amount of money as Wrexham Council from the Welsh Assembly.

Wrexham has conquered speeding just about in local communities with creative and effective traffic calming techniques.
Raised platforms, Compulsory 20 mph speed limits, reducing village roads to single long lanes, etc. Rossett village is a good example of proper road calming.

Charles Hughes has limitations because we have black holes allegedly. We are however dealing with life and death here. Who is responsible for holding back on compulsory 20 mph in villages? Charles Hughes? County Councilors?

If someone is run over by a speeding motorcycle, car, lorry or Arriva Bus in a village such as Penyffordd or another undefended village in Flintshire , what is Flintshire County Council's position with regards Corporate Manslaughter?

Flintshire Highways know that speeding is taking place, they have currently done nothing, they will not give us a Compulsory 20 mph speed limit.

The Head of Engineering knows traffic is doing 50 mph on a route to school road from his data.

"We had no money your honour" might not wash with you having new vehicles and the Director for Environment and Regeneration spending money in Flint

Flintshire Highways current planned traffic calming strategy for Chester Rd Penyffordd looks woefully inadequate. Does nothing at all to the Rat Run.

Also grounds for negligence?

Could this be classed as "gross negligence"?

I give you the following :-

Local councils have been established as "corporate bodies" by legislation - section 2 of the Local Government Act 1972. As such, in relation to the offence of manslaughter, they can be treated just like any other company and the same principles of liability apply.

This means, in effect, that a Local Council can be prosecuted only if charges are first laid against:

(a) an individual person and
(b) that individual is senior enough within the council to be deemed in law to be a 'controlling mind' of the council

Is Charles Hughes the "controlling mind" denying Flintshire villages 20 mph compulsory zones?

Is there a Flintshire County Councilor who is a "controlling mind" denying 20 mph zones

Who is the "controlling mind" in Arrive Alive denying Chester Rd its service. We have a good a case as anywhere else in North Wales that does not have a killer road, its just that Colin Bithell isn't shouting.

Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom would be in the clear perhaps because he has called for 20 mph limits

Of course the reply would be"no one's been killed there before"

Reply. Yes but you had data to see there was a large risk.


Corporate Manslaughter for Councils

Prosecution of Barrow Council for Manslaughter

CPS view on Corporate Manslaughter

Another Link

More on Barrow Council


New legislation will make it easier to prosecute County Councils.

The Proposed New Test

An organisation will be guilty of corporate manslaughter if a gross management or organisational failing causes a person's death. The new offence will apply to management failings by an organisation's senior managers - either individually or collectively. The focus has therefore moved from the culpable individual to the aggregation of senior managerial responsibility. (i.e they all go down together)

Gross failure is defined as conduct which "falls far below what can reasonably be expected of the organisation in the circumstances". In assessing whether there has been a gross failure, the proposed law will require a consideration of whether the organisation complied with health and safety legislation and guidance. If a health and safety breach is established, the jury must then consider (a) how serious was the failure, and (b) how much of a risk of death resulted from the failure. Furthermore, the jury will need to consider whether the attitudes, policies, systems or accepted practices within an organisation were likely to have encouraged or produced tolerance of non-compliance with health and safety law.

It will be for the jury to assess whether any breaches of health and safety law and guidance are sufficiently serious to warrant convicting for manslaughter. Unfortunately, with hindsight failures can often appear worse than they actually were. What is clear is that the line between a health and safety offence and a corporate manslaughter offence will not be one that is easy to draw.

Further Postscript removed, apologies CNH

Perhaps we Villages should take action ourselves against the racing motorbikes.

On a certain Sunday we all take down registration numbers of speeding motorcyclists and we report them to the police with extra stuff such as video or photos. Would the Police act? Or put all the registration numbers on a blog and see how many villages each motorbike broke the law in.

Click here for someone with similar views to myself

Sunday Afternoon at Oulton Park or sounds like it.

The motorbikes are out its Sunny, Sunday and its the North Wales Motorbike race track that's the whole of North Wales. Plenty of motorbikes doing the ton along Penyffordd By Pass. I can't see them but I can hear them. I think Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom needs an "Operation Motorbike"
I've taken my tablets.....................

I am angry

Its way past midnight
Everyone speeds through Chester Road many with loud exhausts
3 or 4 a minute
Meanwhile Colin Bithell CC counts gates........................
My protest it will be big and will expose councilors ignorance and stupidity from now till elections 2008
unless you see the issue, stupids.

The poster protest commences

Postscript. Linda Vidamour CC points out that traffic was diverted through Chester Rd because a road at Penymynydd roundabout was closed due to resurfacing.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Evening its Chester Road Race Track

Its 7 .00 pm, 100's of noisy cars racing through the village. Our councilors don't have a clue.
Colin Bithell CC posing in The Chronicle.
If he doesn't get his act together I'll rubbish him in every way I can till next election in 2008.
For every puff in the papers, I'll put another poster up and write negative emails and articles to the papers.
Will someone please inform him of this since he doesn't do emails

Friday, July 27, 2007

The EU's Position on Environmental Noise

Proposed Protest Sign

Traffic Noise

We are sure that the motorists who pass our house will leave Noise and Pollution, but never a thought for us!
Paraphrased from here

Colin Bithell CC critical of farmers

for not doing enough to secure their fields against travellers. I don't think gates are much of a defence against portable angle grinders. They go through quarter inch steel like a knife through butter.

I think he should put his own house in order first before criticising others.

Colin managed to find 14 gates open on his travels around Penyfforrd district. He seems to have a large blind spot for speeding motorists in Chester Rd.

Our village environment should be at the top of his priorities instead of posing in The Chronicle leaning on gates.

A Philistine writes to The Evening Leader, I reply.....

Meanwhile three months after Flintshire Highways attended a meeting about 2000 speeding vehicles through Chester Rd nothing has changed.

Our councilors think it not much of an issue. They waste their time with Castle Cement.

Arrive Alive, Flintshire Highways and North Wales Police are currently a waste of space.

Would there be a case for Corporate Manslaughter against the heads of the above organanisations if someone was knocked down outside Penyffordd Post Office?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Carl Sargeant, AM for Alyn and Deeside, is calling on new Minister for Transport Ieuan Wyn Jones to take immediate action on the A494 Road Improvement Scheme.
Mr Sargeant said: “I am calling on Ieuan Wyn Jones to halt the A494 Road Improvement Scheme now. The whole scheme is a nonsense. I don’t want it, and it is abundantly clear that the other local residents don’t want it either.
“I am making it clear to Ieuan Wyn Jones from the start that the local people in Alyn and Deeside are expecting him to take action on this scheme. The strength of feeling locally is enormous.
“This is an opportunity for Ieuan Wyn Jones to prove that he is going to be a Minister who listens to local people, and who takes action in the best interests of residents. I hope that he responds positively to the call.”


Penyffordd Dog Walker

Click on image

The Coal Fields under Penyffordd

Penyffordd Wine Circle July 07 Bash

Mr Crabbes does the Wine Quiz after a very tasty barbeque.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rossett plagued by biting insects

Click here

Most probably horse flies. My wife Lisa will come back with 3 or 4 bites after walking the dog on the field if she is not covered up. Update Colin most probably talking pants.

The ones you don't want are these.
Click here

Lyme Disease is hard to diagnose as it mimics many other diseases and awful to have.
Lyme disease varies widely but can include a rash and flu-like symptoms in its initial stage, followed by the possibility of musculoskeletal, arthritic, neurological, psychiatric and cardiac problems.

Mr Toad of Penyffordd District

Click on image for a better view of
the magnificent Mr Toad (
Bufo bufo).
They are dry to the touch unlike frogs.
Mr Toad finds the noisy speeding traffic not to his liking either. Think I'll send a link to Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom who also has an affinity for nature.
Mr Toad found in the garage during Operation Clearout where Colin is trying to part company with 25 years of DIY materials that will "come in handy".

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Norman nearly poisons The Penyffordd Wine Circle - April 2007

Norman treated the Wine Circle to sample three bottles of mature wine. Richard and Chris brought three as well.

The Mead circa late 1960's about 35 years old

Norman displays Harvey's Blissful Dream made by a member of Wrexham Wine Circle and given to Norman 30 years ago.

Norman decants the brew with all the care of someone
dealing with nitro glycerine.

Dear Alan's Skip's

Your drivers continue to abuse Chester Rd , Penyffordd by speeding through our village. In future I will be reporting registration numbers to our new Beat Manager PC Chris Pullen until your company sees fit to comply.

Chester Road would be quite happy with your drivers using the Penyffordd By - Pass which was built for such noisy polluting vehicles such as your fleet.

Colin Hughes , Penyffordd

ps. From now on your drivers will be getting 3 points or more from Arrive Alive and North Wales Traffic Police who will be using Terrace Lane which is the lane on the right going out of the village towards Broughton.

copy to PC Chris Pullen, your major contracts and The Evening Leader

TNT do Penyffordd Village Shortcut

TNT driver says stuff the By - Pass I'll go through the village. Registration N540 PHB

ps . We have a By-Pass.

Penyffordd Wine Circle meets Wednesday

To the good Doctor's retreat for a barbeque, hope the travellers are not turning up. Not sure if we have the weather booked. Taxi booked for the ride home with Chrissie. Recent form would suggest a soaking. Thursday morning work will be light after having my three glasses of wine, a brisk walk through the dog*ing woods escorted by Lisa to retreive the transport.

Mark Crossley RIP

Mark was killed when he took what looks like a shortcut across the A55 on the way home from a wedding at The Holiday Inn last weekend, knocked down by a Porsche Cayenne at the young age of 34. I knew his dad Colin and I am a friend of brother Mike Crossley. Mark was a bit naive, hardworking, would do anything for you, honest and shy, a lovely human being, target practice for pranks and jokes at the woodyard where he worked which he took in good stead. Sadly missed by all who knew him...................................

At present we daily drive over the markings in the road that reference vehicle positions of the accident by the Police.
We think of Mark......................

Are you fit to be a Councilor if

you think 2000 speeding drivers through your village centre is not much of an issue?
Should a councilor gauge issues according to how many complain or how important the issue is.
Children, OAP's and horses risking their lives in our village centre with 50 mph cars and lorries should be higher up the list than some perceived risk from airborne cement particles. Our village environment spoilt.

The Rat Run know our councilors have little interest, they treat our village with contempt.
Our Councilors near useless at present, its time for some retirements. I realise that Flintshire Highways are preparing plans for calming.

Its the mindset of Penyffordd councillors who have no aspirations in keeping Penyffordd a quiet village instead of a rat run. It no big problem. .............

Does Penyffordd have the councilors it deserves? I think a day trip to Rossett by our councilors is in order. The Penyffordd Council and Councilors need to raise their game. They undo all the good work they have done over the years by their current blindness to our village centre environment.

Changing the attitude of Young Drivers

In the Evening Leader a 2 page spread about how to change young drivers attitudes. Last month a young girl killed on the A51, another girl rescued after driving into a pond near The Lache.

A drive out at rush hour shows idiots tail gaiting one another in groups at 60 mph.
They are not going anywhere due to road congestion but think nothing about driving near the back of your pride and joy.

The authorities that govern driving test's make you sit an exam but the basic fact that tail gaiting is dangerous and unnecessary in today's congested driving conditions seems to escape their attention.

Not that tail gaiting is the sole preserve of the young, idiots come in all sizes, shapes, age and gender, not usually grandma's though.

I think tail gaiting and bullying by cars behind more of an issue than using a mobile phone whilst driving. Up until recently police in cars must have been doing it for years.

Travellers - Colin Bithell in The Evening Leader

Colin Bithell calls for talks with a liason officer from the National Gypsy Council to find a way to prevent ad hoc camps that are becoming regular in Flintshire. His comments come after travellers take up residence at the Dobshill Hospital that is to be demolished. The site is the subject of a Public Enquiry in September.

A proposed protest letter to be circulated through the village

I suppose the first week of school holidays is not the best time to gather support. The following will be distributed around the village come September. It may have to be altered if Flintshire Highways move into a gear.

Hello Penyffordd Resident,
Very slow progress is being made to stop the daily speeding and the use of Chester Road as a rat run and speeding in other roads in Penyffordd.
Cars, Lorries and Motorbikes speed past my house on Chester Rd by the 1000 each day doing speeds of 50 and 60 mph, motorbikes doing 80 mph. 2800 vehicles each day at present.
1,040,000 a year. At present Chester Road operates as the Second By - Pass.

So far Mark Tami MP and Carl Sargeant AM have made representations to Flintshire County Council.
Mark Isherwood AM is to table a question to Jane Davidson AM the Welsh Assembly Government Minister for Environment and Regeneration.
Our two County Councilors Colin Bithell CC and David Williams CC have started the ball rolling by arranging a meeting with Flintshire Highways which produced positive results that are in the planning stage at the moment. Highways have been on this 90 days. Arrive Alive and North Wales Police will be targeting Chester Rd and Vounog in future.
I have brought this matter to the attention of Penyffordd Community Council on various occasions.
1. Rumble Strips on entry to village from Broughton
2. *A pelican crossing outside the Post Office
An alternative would be a raised zebra crossing where the LollyPop lady used to be.
3. An extra 30 mph sign at the entrance to the village
4. A possible pro active speed indicator sign for entrance to Chester Rd
* not discussed but the removal of double yellow lines would be needed otherwise this would be unfair to the PO.
The above will not stop the speeders in my opinion but it is a start. Other areas of Corwen Rd, Wrexham Road need to be protected from speeders.

The developments of Warren Hall A55 Exit, Broughton Park Extension and the Warren Hall Development will add annually many millions of vehicles using Chester Road, Corwen Road and Wrexham Road as a short cut if we do not act to prevent them. Flintshire Highways trunk roads will not stand up to these three developments, our village will take the brunt. The A494 will pile cars up quicker at Penymynydd roundabout.

At present our Community Councilors and County Councilors do not seem to be taking this matter seriously enough, because only I have complained they think it is not much of an issue, they lack vision. Our main village roads are in danger of returning to the pre By - Pass days at certain times of the day.
1. We should be looking to ban HGV except for access from the village.
2. We should be looking at ways to stop speeding in the village. 5 inch Vertical Platforms although unpopular will stop the speeding traffic in Chester Rd, 24 hours a day and are gentle on vehicles if riden over at the correct speed.
3. Through traffic should be forced to use the By - Pass.
4. A Compulsory 20 mph Zone outside the Post Office
5. A raised platform zebra crossing.
The centre of our village should be a pleasant and peaceful area where children can cycle to school, pensioners can cross the road in safety, horses can be ridden safely. Please take a moment to contact a councilor to register a complaint as they do not see 2000 speeders a day through our village as being a serious issue. People of Penyffordd, your children and grandchildren should not exposed to daily dangerous insult to our village

Colin Hughes, 1 Penymynydd Rd, Penyfford. or Google Penyffordd district

I’m for forming a pressure group to make our councilors see sense. Please contact me if you feel the same way.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Meeting with Mark Isherwood AM

A 90 minute meeting with Mark, an enlightening experience. The traffic situation discussed in detail. He will make representations to the minister concerned in the Welsh Assembly Government with regards to the speeding traffic in Chester Rd, Penyffordd.

A letter to Jane Davidson AM

Jane Davidson AM
Minister for Environment and Regeneration
Welsh Assembly Government

CC. Politicians, Councillors, The Evening Leader

Dear Jane
Good morning, hope you are well. Life is difficult at the moment for those who live on flood plains. Up here in Chester Rd Penyffordd we have issues of a lesser importance. Never the less there are issues that affect our environment.

At the moment I am reading the excellent "Manual for Streets" that your Department is to implement in our green and pleasant land. I don't think its on Dave Faulkner and Charles Hughes' reading list.

Flintshire County Council think that they can allow the building of three large developments north of Penyffordd and leave us to the mercies of millions of extra noisy, polluting lorries and cars through our rural village even though we have a By- Pass.

We currently get 2000 speeding rat runners a day through Chester Rd.

I and my fellow residents of Chester Rd would like your department to to look into this outrage.

Yours sincerely

Colin Hughes

Chester Rd, Penyffordd, Nr Chester.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Travellers move on to Dobshill Hospital site

How Flintshire UDP dismisses Chester Rd, Penyffordd

Click on Image to enlarge.

This is how Flintshire County Council deals with a reasoned valid representation. It just dismisses it.
Name and Personal ID removed but on file.

91 days and Counting

Since the meeting with Flintshire Highways
and Arrive Alive.

The net result so far on traffic behavior?


2000 cars a day speeding through Chester Rd, Penyffordd.

Penyffordd lies asleep whilst

A55 exit Warren Hall
Warren Hall Development
Broughton Park Extension

are planned.

When finished they will add many millions of cars through Chester Rd, Penyffordd.

Through traffic should use the By-Pass.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dear Mark

Since you are asking everyone to smarten up for The Eisteddfod I'll leave my hedge protest poster campaign regarding the 2000 cars that speed past my house daily until after the festivities are over. I'll just straighten up the hedge and get the hanging baskets out.

regards Colin

ps I'm presuming Charles Hughes' boys will not have calmed the traffic by then.

Chaos the Serial Leg Humper

Chaos can open baby gates, clever!

My golfing friend's dog is a leg humper. It's a male thing. Thursday night an English Bull Terrier called Chaos has to see the Dog Behaviorist as he is driving everyone around the twist because of his constant desire to hump legs.
The behaviorist is a lady in an E-type Jaguar. True to type he starts bonking her leg as soon as she comes through the door.
The punk couple could have been invented by Harry Enfield.

This behavior is the result of the young owners, dog owners should have to read a manual on how dogs see the world, perhaps Haynes should do one. In our house we have a dictatorship, the dog has a hierarchy with Dolly the dog at number 2, we are not sure where Lisa's place is in the hierarchy.

A strategy is called for.
a. He goes in the sin bin if he starts
b. He is given lots of exercise pulling a bike around.

Eventually they have to go for the nuclear option C. So he trots into the vets for castration. Shown in full for the audience. I have a shot of his testicles in a dish but I will spare you.

The result a lovely family pet.

Click here to see Victoria humped
Its a bit slow... the loading.

Airborne Cement Fallout Detector in middle of Penyffordd

The Weekly Game is off

The white bit fell off!

A text at 6.15 am. He's not keen. The Northop Marshes have been filling up nicely. 12 inches yesterday and 6 inches over night. I think wimp and turn over (I'm the wimp really). When I finally arise I see his executive decision has been correct. Do I fix the dishwasher and the washing machine? Lisa has been having to do the washing the old fashioned way. Or do I start building my Ark?
Meanwhile the traffic flies through the village. I await Charles' traffic calming measures.................
How long a go was that meeting?
Council's live in a world of their own financed with our money. It's time for a revolution.

Postscript. On of my wood screws has jammed the water pump on the washing machine. I normally find washing machines a mystery but the Haynes Manual on washing machines gives you a sequence and method of tracking faults down.
The machine cycle would not go to spin, it took two hours to find. Good job we haven't got laminate flooring!
The impeller has sheared off. I've glued it back on with araldite, although araldite and plastic do not get on with one another. A new pump about £60 delivered. If I had got someone else to do it, it could have got to £150. You can buy a new machine for £200.
Dish Washer went bang with smoke. Someone has given us a newer one which I will plumb in tomorrow.

Friday, July 20, 2007

To Old Swan, Liverpool

Its Friday teatime 5.00 pm, its rained 2 months of rain in a day, its rush hour and we have to go to Old Swan in the middle of Liverpool.
Three reasons for not leaving the house..............
Dobshill A55 someone has turned over his car and trailer, its usually because they go too fast. The traffic is building up everyone from Merseyside heading for North Wales. A customer in The Bungalow as we go past. Traffic is light as it is all going the other way.
We reach Old Swan with Lisa's navigation. A motorbike has run into the side of a van but doesn't look like he's hurt. Traffic is fairly sensible in Liverpool, loads of Gatso's and I think some heavy mobile camera action in the past. In between the main roads are the islands of houses. Where before you could go off any side road to get to another main road through the houses, this is now impossible because each side road has bollards in the road at mid point forming 2 cul de sacs. A perfect traffic calming technique. Rows and rows of cul de sacs.
A council with vision!

Pollution in China

Click here.

China's Industrial Revolution
They have not learnt from ours.

Local Resident wheeled out by Castle Cement

In The Chronicle a local Padeswood resident ex Castle Cement worker criticizes local councilors for having a go at Castle Cement. He's possibly too close to the works to be threatened by stack fallout.

Our councilors are rightly concerned with the waste substances that Castle Cement, Flintshire County Council, The Welsh Assembly, Heidleberg and The EU want getting rid of.

I think household waste is on the agenda. The problem with household waste is that at present it is not screened and it will contain such nasties as mercury, cadmium or whatever. Does incineration totally destroy these materials?

Further investigation shortly

Mark Tami MP makes a call to Flintshire Residents

to tidy up their hedges and gardens to make Flintshire a showcase to people visiting The Eisteddfod, I have some work to do.....................
Postscript; changed my mind due to the trafic.

Do I live in a village full of Philistines?

My councilors concentrate on Castle Cement whilst cars fly by my house at 50 and 60 mph.
Our village centre environment is soiled.
Cars and Noise and Vehicle pollution kill you faster than the alleged Castle Cement .

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hazel Blears, Locals to Decide on Traffic Calming

Friday, July 6, 2007

Give Local Communities meaningful input into the planning and decision making process

The Green Party today called on Hazel Blears to take her new proposals on local democracy further by enabling local communities to have a truly meaningful input into the planning and decision-making process.
Communities Secretary Hazel Blears today announced that direct ballots would be held in local areas over "big choices" on local council spending, including choosing priorities between "play areas, youth facilities, traffic calming or more community wardens". Pilot schemes could be extended to allow the petitioning of councils to consider policy proposals from the public.

Click here.

Unusual Traffic Calming Methods for Beginners

My favorite trick, a variation on traffic calming frisbee, is traffic calming tug-of-war. Just stand on opposite sides of the road and pretend to pull a rope. Cars will screech to a halt!

Video Click here.

Or The Frisbee Method Click here.

Hat Tip to Adam

20 mph zones for Liscard, Wirral

A go ahead council. Click here

DIY Traffic Calming in Albania

Click here
It works better than what we have at present.
My personal preference would be for a row of bricks. Northop Golf Club has a particular savage traffic calming system just fine for outside Penyffordd Post Office.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Barking Dogs the Bane of my Life - Sorted Perhaps

I am currently building a sanctuary (greenhouse) as far away from the road as possible. There are 2 dogs over the back who bark a lot. An hour and 40 minutes last night around the region 8 -10 pm.
Its not fair really.
I've been on Ebay tonight and for an investment of £12 I have bought a dog barking stopper from Hong Kong, delivery 10 days. Every time the dogs bark they will get 130db of ultrasonic in the ear hole. We can't hear it.
I've needed one of these for 25 years. I thank my Maker for Technology and The Internet.

The dogs bark at me through the fence defending their territory which I don't mind too much as they get called inside within a minute or 2.
The 2 hour job is another issue!

I've fell out with about 4 neighbours over the years for having dogs that bark continuously. One neighbour about 3 times. We are back on speaking terms now. I must have quite a thick file at The Council. They always say "have you spoke to the person who's dog is making the noise" It's a waste of time really, they just fall out with you. Best let the Council deal with it all the way.

You will notice a common thread through my whingeings that being noise.

It is 10. 10 pm and they are going at it hammer and tong. Second night in a row

Flytipping in Dogging Woods

Should I be writing for The Sun with such headline imagination? One idiot leaves bin bags in the middle of the road, then others run them over. One bag was dragged half a mile under someone's car to Dobshill roundabout.
If I email Flintshire County Council perhaps they can do a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) on the rubbish. The council recently won an award for their website. Last time I looked however there is no email address for Flintshire County Council................................
I take that back there a long form to fill in to report fly tipping. How much of the form can I not fill in to get it to send? not much.......................................bah!
Location. From Queensferry turn left at Dobshill garage roundabout past Council depot. Then 1st right

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wrexham County Council's Traffic Calming Plans

Partners & Funding

The Council could not have achieved any of the items listed below ('What have we done?') without the assistance of its partner organisations. The LTP has been implemented through close working partnerships with the following:

  • Welsh Assembly Government
  • Welsh Development Agency
  • Community Councils
  • Private Developers

Accident Reduction

  • Speed Camera Partnership (Arrive Alive) in conjunction with North Wales Police.
  • Measures to slow traffic - 20mph zones, chicanes and buildouts.
  • Measures to slow traffic - speed cushions and road humps.
  • Skid resistance surfacing and junction improvements.
  • Safe Routes to School (Road Safety Education).

The Big Picture

1. A55 exit at Warren Hall
2. Warren Hall Development
3. Broughton Retail Park Extension

EQUALS 5 MILLION pass through vehicles a year through Chester Road,Penyffordd that will not be stopping in Penyffordd but will be providing


Monday, July 16, 2007

Penyffordd Mother drove drunk with children

Flintshire County Council vote on Broughton Retail Park Extension

Meeting Date04/24/2006

In accordance with the Planning Code of Practice Councillor W. Mullin indicated that he had been contacted by the Developer on more than three occasions
At its meeting held on 5th April 2006 the Committee had agreed that this application be considered in accordance with the procedure for dealing with major applications. The Committee had visited the site earlier in the day. Additional observations received since the preparation of the report were circulated at the meeting and the Chairman allowed members an opportunity to read these.
The Committee considered the report of the Chief Planning Services Officer in respect of the application. There had been wide consultation undertaken and the responses received were detailed in the report. In presenting the report the Chief Planning Services Officer advised that this was an outline application with details of siting and means of access included with matters of design, external appearance and landscaping reserved for subsequent approval. The Committee was informed that apart from its Transport Division, whose response was detailed in the report, the Welsh Assembly Government was not a consultee on a retail application of this nature. However it was noted that should it be resolved to grant Planning Permission, there was a requirement for a referral to them. The Chief Planning Services Officer expressed a view that it was significant that the Welsh Assembly Government had been requested to call in the application but in a letter to him confirmed that in their opinion the proposed development did not involve planning issues which would warrant taking responsibility for determining the application from the Council. The report detailed the site history and the relevant planning policies together with a detailed planning appraisal. The Chief Planning Services Officer also expanded upon the relevant policy considerations which were detailed in the report.
The local Member and other Broughton Members present spoke in support of the application and expanded upon the reasons why they felt the application should be approved. There were other Members representing other areas of the County who had a contrary view and felt that this development would be detrimental to the viability of town centres within the County. It had been duly proposed and seconded that Planning Permission be granted. A Member requested a recorded vote and was supported by the requisite five members. On being put to the vote the proposal was carried by 12 votes to 6, the voting being as follows:- For granting Planning Permission Councillors: S.R. Baker, Mrs. D.S. Banks, D. Butler, D.L. Cox, R. Griffiths, E.F. Evans, F. Gillmore, W. Mullin, C. Shone, P.J. Walkden, D.E. Wisinger and J.F. Jones
Against granting Planning Permission Councillors: J.B. Attridge, R.C. Bithell, P.G. Heesom, E.E. Matthews, N. Phillips and H.G. Roberts
There were no abstentions.
That planning permission be granted subject to the conditions detailed in the report of the Chief Planning Services Officer.

Welsh Assembly's Decision on Broughton Retail Park Extension

This report is intended to provide you with the facts and analysis of the facts upon which the Minister has taken the following decision. This decision report does not include information which can be properly withheld under the exemptions set out in the National Assembly's Code of Practice on Public Access to Information.

Mae’r adroddiad hwn yn nodi’r ffeithiau a’r dadansoddiad ffeithiol a ddefnyddiwyd fel sail ar gyfer penderfyniad y Gweinidog. Nid yw’r adroddiad yn cynnwys gwybodaeth y caniateir ei dal yn ôl o dan yr eithriadau a nodir yng Nghod Ymarfer y Cynulliad Cenedlaethol ar Ganiatáu i’r Cyhoedd Weld Gwybodaeth.

Subject / Pwnc:

Application for call in of planning application for Broughton retail park, Broughton, Chester.

Summary of decision / Crynodeb o’r penderfyniad:

Not to call-in the application for determination

Date of decision / Dyddiad y penderfyniad:

7th June 2006

Statement of information / Datganiad gwybodaeth:



The Assembly Government has the power under Section 77 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to call in an application for planning permission for its own determination.

The Assembly Government considers that development proposals are generally best determined locally by planning authorities that know their area, its needs and sensitivities. The Assembly does not interfere with local planning authorities’ jurisdiction unless it is necessary to do so. Very few planning applications are called-in. Those applications that are called-in are generally considered to be those which raise issues of more than local importance, issues which could include, for example, those that:

· are in conflict with national planning policies;

· could have wide effects beyond their immediate locality;

Perhaps a missed opportunity in hindsight. An extra million cars a year could be described a "wide effect" for Chester Rd, Penyffordd.

· may give rise to substantial controversy beyond the immediate locality;

· are likely significantly to affect sites of scientific, nature conservation or historic interest or areas of landscape importance;

· raise issues of national security; or

· raise novel planning issues.

On 12th May 2006 Flintshire County Council referred the above application to the National Assembly under the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (Shopping Development) (England and Wales) (No 2) Direction 1993 and the Town and Country (Development Plans and Consultation) Directions 1992.

The National Assembly has also received a call in request from Cheshire County Council and a local resident. Mark Isherwood AM has shown an interest in the case. The main concerns are

· The application does not meet the tests for retail development set out in Planning Policy Wales especially with reference to meeting the sequential test. (Effects on Chester City Centre)

· Effects on wildlife (particularly the Great Crested Newt)

The application proposes an extension to the existing Broughton Retail Park (BRP) in the form of a new retail development with associated infrastructure. It is an outline application with details of siting and means of access included and matters of design, external appearance and landscaping reserved for subsequent approval.

The present Shopping park complex comprises 19 No retail units, a pub/restaurant, a fast food outlet and a petrol station totalling 31,150m2 in commercial floor space served by approximately 2000 car parking spaces. The application is to extend the site by adding an extension to he existing Tesco food store, the construction of a new Marks and Spencer store, and an additional retail parade amounting in total to an extra 18,627m2 of retail floor space over an area which is part parking and part landscaping buffer to the south and west of the Woolworth’s store. In addition to the new shops the proposal includes an extra 502 car parking spaces and various local highway improvements with a scheme of landscaping and nature conservation benefits.

The application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement and is subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

The application was originally submitted in June 2004, to co-inside with the withdrawal of earlier applications for the retail expansion, which also includes the upgrading of the A55 interchange. This aspect is now the subject of a separate application (ref. 40534).

The upgrading of the junction is covered by a separate planning application it is now an integral part of the development proposal and, if Committee is minded to grant planning permission to ensure that one aspect of the development will not take place without the other.

The responses to consultations are based on the proposal to extend the retail park without upgrading of the A55 junction. As the material change in the proposal ( the junction improvements) are the subject if a separate planing application no re-consultation has been undertaken on this application, but consultation responses on the application for the junction upgrades, particularly those from the various Highways Authorities/Agencies, clearly have a bearing on the proposed development as it now stands.

Development Plan

Clwyd Structure Plan – first alteration

Alyn and Deeside Local Plan (adopted 2003)

Flintshire Unitary Development Plan (deposit draft)

Planning Policy

Planning Policy Wales – March 2002

Technical Advice Note for (Retailing and Town Centres 1996)

Ministerial Interim Planning Policy Statement – Retailing and Town Centre 2005

How much more Traffic, Noise and Pollution for Chester Rd, Penyffordd?

Old News but new to me.
Flintshire County Council has granted outline planning permission for the extension to
Broughton Shopping Park including 170,000 feet square of new retail floor space plus 27,000 feet square of mezzanine, additional and re-configured car parking, on and off site highway improvements, enhanced bus, cyclist, pedestrian provision, landscape and ecological improvements.

No mention of what happens to Chester Rd. Penyffordd.
Colin Bithell voted against it.

Who is going to stand up for Chester Rd, Penyffordd. This will mean 1000's of more cars per day through Chester Rd.
Broughton Community Council
Denbighshire County Council's Neighbouring County Consultation. (pdf)
Daily Post

Penyffordd Village from Hope Mountain_3

The Blue verticle mark is just below The Institute

Click on the Image

Penyffordd Village from Hope Mountain_2

Penyffordd By - Pass can be seen on the left, Chester Rd to the right.


Penyffordd Village from Hope Mountain

Click Image to enlarge. The Institute can be see if you look carefully.

Wrexham Road in Penyffordd taken from Hope Mountain


A Photo of Castle Cement from Hope Mountain


Castle Cement taken from Hope Mountain.

The smoke in the back ground is coming from Corus in Shotton.
At the time the picture was taken there were no emissions coming from the stack.
The EU, Welsh Assembly Government, Heidleberg and Flintshire County Council want (need) Castle Cement's ability to burn waste. I think there are plans afoot to burn domestic waste. I intend to do a survey and article on industrial incinerators. I seem to remember that Castle's facility runs under less strict rules with regards to emissions.

Broughton and Bretton Community Council Website

Click here

Councilor Colin Bithell mentioned this site last Wednesday at the Penyffordd Community Council meeting but its taken a few days to find it as Google has strange rules about new sites due to "black hat techniques" by website designers. The website gets put into a "sandbox". Unless you have highly popular sites linking to you it takes a while to be indexed. One way I think may help is using a blog owned by Google such as this one.

This is the way Penyffordd Community Council should be going. Using Blogger simplifies the process very much although less sophisticated than Broughton's site.

Broughton's site requires a knowledge of html language and costs money to run and host (I think)
Blogger requires no knowledge of html and is FREE.
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