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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Chief Constable backs 20 mph in villages

SPEED limits throughout Wales should be slashed to 20mph, controversial North Wales chief constable Richard Brunstrom told AMs yesterday.

He believes some of the most dangerous roads are in urban areas where children need protection from speeding drivers.

Wales should follow the example of Scotland and make widespread use of tougher limits, he said.

“We have a much bigger problem, particularly with child casualties, in built-up areas,” Mr Brunstrom said.

“We don’t use play-zones, street-zoning... which is commonplace in much of northern Europe. We scarcely use 20mph limits.

Full article here. The Western Mail

What goes on at Shire Hall Part Two

Cllr Alison Halford ( Conservative) for Ewloe has a blog which is interesting to read. The blog colours do however need changing as the blog colours are very wearing on the eye. So we have a blog from Cllr Arnold Woolley (Independent) and one from Alison. All we need now is one from Labour and the Lib Dems for some balance. Perhaps they are already out there..............

Link Alison's Blog, Arnold Woolley,

Chief Constable Brunstrom lays it out

Mr Brunstrom presented a draft manifesto for policing the roads to the Assembly’s enterprise and learning committee. It warned police will make full use of anti-social behaviour laws against nuisance drivers.

Roadside cameras will be overseen by a new single body for the whole of Wales from April.

The document says police will try to reduce road deaths through educating drivers, but adds: “We will also be resolute in enforcing legislation in relation to speeding, drink/drugs driving, seat belt and mobile phones.”

Mr Brunstrom, the road policing head of the Association of Chief Police Officers Wales, said the manifesto was aimed at police officers to help them focus on ‘what needs to be done’.

Read whole article The Daily Post


Inspector Alun Oldfield not so resolute with regards speeding for Chester Rd, Penyffordd.
In fact he doesn't want to know.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gaucho not

The other day I took a picture of the dog with some horses ( here). I don't like having much to do with horses, they are big and can be unpredictable.
Cue forward to today. I am standing in a field of mud, horse manure and urine that is a foot deep. I have hold of an aluminium gate. Next to me is a horse (the brown one in the link) that has put its hoof through the gate structure and its hoof is trapped in the gate. Its hoof has to be kept in the air due to how its leg is trapped.
Health and safety issues. If the horse panics it will break its leg and possible damage me. I have tried to release hoof from gate but it will not budge. A sense of helplessness pervades.

The owner thankfully arrives with a farmer who has a hacksaw. The lady steadies the horse, I hold the gate, farmer hacksaws through gate and horse is released.
The lady owner has been there before me and gone for help.

This is me in the aftermath the photo does not do justice to the amount of mud I have on me. A foot of mud up my trousers, my hands caked in mud.
I do not want anymore adventures of this kind...................

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Request for FOIE's to Flintshire County Council

have all been "lost" apart from one. This involves giving me traffic data which they are loath to do.
Up to recently they never acknowledged my FOIE's. Now you get a robot reference number. They have an online form to fill in your request.

The problem being you do not get a copy of the FOIE you have sent. I took to copying FOIE's to the blog and email copies to Penyffordd councillors. This of course is no proof that Flintshire County Council received my FOIE's.

So do I start again? I have all the requests I asked about. I just do not have the proof that Flintshire County Council received the requests.

The new robot system of course now proves they have received the request.
Or has the robot system been in place all along?...................................


Firebrigade in Terrace Lane

Last night at 8.00pm. Someone had set fire to some rubbish in a field.
Its made The Leader today.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What goes on at Shire Hall

Here is Flintshire County Council Leader Arnold Woolley's view of what goes on at Shire Hall, Mold.
Not too many dates flying around so you need to make sure what year Arnold is in when discussing Shire Hall issues.

Link Arnold Woolley News

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nick Owen of Penyffordd in The Daily Post

About 85 apprenticeships are on offer this year across Airbus UK’s two sites at Broughton and Filton, near Bristol, which together form the centre of excellence for wing and pylon design and manufacture for Airbus.

Nick Owen, a former apprentice from Penyffordd, said: “I joined Airbus in 2003 as a craft apprentice after completing my AS levels.

“I gained hands on skills and experience whilst completing the craft apprenticeship, then transferred to a higher apprenticeship.

“Airbus has encouraged me to continue learning and I am now in the final year of my B.Eng aeronautical engineering (manufacture) degree, as well as being a fully qualified product assurance engineer.”

Read the rest The Daily Post

keyword : HR Mark Stewart

A Letter to the Road Haulage Association

Road Haulage Association,
Roadway House,
35 Monument Hill,
Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8RN,
Telephone: 01932 841515,
Facsimile: 01932 852516

Dear Sirs

I live in a small village called Penyffordd nr Chester we have a bypass. Each morning scum bag lorry drivers speed through our village. Is it possible to inform your members that are situated
around Penyffordd that the speed limit is 30 mph? This limit finishes half way up the hill.

I write this letter as North Wales Police, Arrive Alive, Cllr David Williams and numerous community councillors will do nothing to stop this daily rat run.

regards Colin Hughes
Chester Rd Penyffordd.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An email to Arnold Woolley Leader of Flintshire County Council

Tom and Colin

Hi Arnold,
Excuse the familiarity, we are however now 21st century and I'm sure its all right with you.
Just read the letter in the
Leader congratulating you on your "malaise routing out" at at Shire Hall.

At this end my wife is looking at malaise ( ie the speed protest office). Lisa says I need to buckle under and do more work with this credit crunch coming. Never mind the 1000 odd cars racing through the village everyday.

I've had a little look at your bio. I think this internet stuff is great, my Cllrs Tom Jones and Colin Bithell however want it buried. On your bio it looks like you had a bit of a rough time in East Africa.
I've been to East Africa too. Laurenco Marques, Dar es Salaam and Mombasa. The Day and Night club in Kilindini Rd, Mombasa was the place to go. I suppose however you would be more inclined to be visiting such a place for law enforcement purposes.

Anyway onto my little problem. I'm up against the wall with regards FOIE with Flintshire County Council. I have made about 10 requests nearly all ignored. The first one was for digital traffic data for Chester Rd, Penyffordd taken by Road Safety Officer Hugh Jones. The second one was after Charlie (roads) told our meeting he had no money for traffic calming then spent rather a lot on Tony's patch to make it easier for the suicide drivers from Connah's Quay to go faster.
The other requests are all variations on the speed data theme.

My only request that made an impression was when they told me they had changed the software so I couldn't read the data.
Now there's an added waste, spending money to avoid FOIE's.

Can you ask what happened to my 10 FOIE's. If I can have the speed data I can then show your mates Cllrs Tom Jones and Colin Bithell all the traffic that speeds through Penyffordd each day.
Tom, Colin and Cllr David Williams are all burying their heads in the sand over all this traffic. Hope you like the photo, they are called Tom and Colin and live on Hope mountain.

regards Colin Hughes
Chester Rd Race Track Penyffordd

ps. FOIE office wants sorting big time as they do not know the rules with regard FOIE notification, answering within the time limits and dealing with objections to their answers, that is of course when they deign to acknowledge them.

Link Arnold Woolley

Email Traffic Update to Cllr Tom Jones

Hi Tom
Another standard working morning for Chester Rd
Traffic ploughing through the village as usual
During the trip to school for children as well
You mention in Penyffordd Community Council meeting minutes
January 09 that there are no traffic issues for Chester Rd about 5 times.
Arrive Alive, North Wales Police, Flintshire County Council, Cllr Cindy Hinds, 9 Chester Rd
residents including myself know different.
There are over a 1000 speeding vehicles through Chester Rd everyday.
When are you and your cronies* going to wake up?
regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District
* includes Cllr David Williams
copied to blog fo all to see.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

To Pensarn in the cold

Click images to enlarge

Bullies in Need are a rescue organisation who re home Bull Terrier Breeds.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Time to Leave?

As Grasshopper said to the Master in Kung Fu. Penyffordd used to be a fairly quiet place. Although I do remember it being hard to cross Hawarden Rd before the bypass. Chester Rd and Hawarden Rd are currently used as a race track by more than a minority.
Airbus of course are a major culprit with their employees racing through with illegal modified exhausts.

Currently Chester Rd gets nearly 3000 vehicles a day. I calculate at least a third speed.
After the credit crunch is over it will be 6/9000 vehicles a day with Warren Hall Business Park, Broughton Shopping Park extension and the new Warren Hall A55 exit.

The number of buses and lorries that drive through Chester Rd is considerable. You can see 4 buses in a minute some mornings. Flintshire County Council have shafted Penyffordd. They build a bypass then continue to use the old main road (Chester Rd) as an alternative trunk road.

Cllr Tom Jones and Cllr Colin Bithell can't see why I complain. They pat themselves on the back planting daffodils every where whilst letting traffic fly through the village endangering children and residents. Penyffordd Community Council should be pressing North Wales Police to do their job properly.

Penyffordd does have decent councillors but they are in short supply.

Cllr David Williams perhaps promised something being younger. I remember my first email to him. I said there was a lot of speeding traffic through the village. He wrote back saying he had loads of issues on his hands and no one had complained to him about speeding in Chester Rd.
Hardly an understanding county councillor. Then later on it turns out he had attended 3 out of 15 county council meetings.

The road by the Chemist looks nice to live is but a bit dear and none up for sale. Or perhaps somewhere out of the village. Yes! I hear them say.

So we shall see.

keywords Mark Stewart HR Airbus, Inspector Alun Oldfield,

Houses sold in Penyffordd

There have been no recent sales added within 500 metres of CH4 0_ we have widened your search region to CH4 0
• 14, Leyland Drive, Saltney Ferry, CH4 0BG - Sold for £100,000 on 12-11-2008
• 17, Somerford Road, Broughton, CH4 0SY - Sold for £126,500 on 07-11-2008
• 4, Queensway, Broughton, CH4 0NX - Sold for £89,000 on 05-11-2008
• 13, Wynnstay Road, Broughton, CH4 0RE - Sold for £75,000 on 29-10-2008
• 23, Mold Road, Broughton, CH4 0PQ - Sold for £113,000 on 21-10-2008
36, Berwyn Avenue, Penyffordd, CH4 0HS - Sold for £175,000 on 10-10-2008


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cllr Tom Jones and Cllr David Williams try to get North Wales Police to gang up on Blogger (me)

Click to enlarge minutes past by Penyffordd Community Council at their January 09 meeting.

Last week we had Penyffordd Community Council trying to get Flintshire County Council to get me shut up with their lawyers, FCC said no way its illegal. Now we have also the following.

My comments ( CNH) against points made below taken from December 2008 minutes.

1. Cllr Tom Jones " Penyffordd Community Council is still being harrassed. The facts do not support the allegations. (regards Chester Rd speeding)
CNH reply. This is a falsehood Cllr Tom Jones. Flintshire County Council and Arrive Alive have the data to prove you are talking through the seat of your pants.

2. CBM Chris Pullen said the problem wa sno near the levels claimed. Several measures has been put in place that had greatly helped the situation.
CNH reply. With an answer like that Chris you should become a politician. If you have seen the data you know it is bad. If you haven't seen the data you should have done.

3. Cllr Tom Jones said he didn't mind being criticised if it was based on truth, but this was not the case.
CNH reply. A complete falsehood Cllr Tom Jones. FCC and Arrive Alive Partnership should hand out the full data but the cowards will not. They let Penyffordd Community Council and North Wales Police hide behind your false statements, or perhaps you are just mistaken :).

4. Cllr Tom Jones suggest to CBM Chris Pullen that they both North Wales Police and Penyffordd Community Council could work together against these.
Cllr David Williams opines that NWP do not wish to do anything about me.
CBM Chris Pullen rightly replies that North Wales Police are a public body and are open to criticism..
Cllr Tom Jones says that Penyffordd Community Council are a statutory body and should not be subject to false criticism.
CNH replies. The criticism as already mentioned is not false. It is a fact. Flintshire County Council and The Arrive Alive Partnership hold the data that show you no idea whatsover on what you say.

18 months on Arrive Alive, North Wales Police, Cllr David Williams, Penyffordd Community Council and Flintshire County Council continue to ignore over a 1000 speeders through the centre of our village which is a major route to school.
Airbus a major polluter of our village environment.

Flintshire County Council, North Wales Police, Arrive Alive Partnership, Cllr David Williams and Penyffordd Community Council working in collusion against the interests of Penyffordd residents.

The Proof in Hugh Jones' magic box. Click here.

keywords: Cllr Tom Jones, Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie, Inspector Alun Oldfield.

Out for a walk in Nant y Ffrith

The pigs are being moved to Nant y Ffrith woods, they are supposed to be following the van.

Rob Didier's pigs.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

To Beaumaris, Anglesey

Puffin Island and lighthouse.

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting January 2009

To the Meeting
We turn up dead on 6.25pm so that we don't have to put up with too much awkwardness.
I am at war with the council over its refusal to deal properly with a 1000+ speeding cars each day through the village My last letter published in The Leader on our unique method of choosing councillors not helping matters. All Cllrs are there excluding Cllr Cindy Hinds and Cllr David Williams. David has developed into a fine art turning up late, whether it be 10 minutes or an hour

Meeting is started prompt by Chairman Cllr Joe Bell by 6.40pm everyone is in place.
Lisa, Red Den and myself sit facing Cllr Joe Bell the plus point that you do not get the
icy stare of Cllr Colin Bithell the minus point is the icy draught from the ducting under
our chairs that chops you off at the ankles.

Item No. 2 Minutes.
Various minutes are discussed. At one point Dennis who is not part of the meeting makes a point which is immediately jumped upon by The Chair Cllr Joe Bell who tells Dennis to "shut up." Cllr Stan Davies pipes in shouting "get out!" Dennis is out of order as he knows but so is Stan and the chairman Cllr Joe Bell. What should have been said by the Chair ' members of the public are not allowed to speak and will have to leave the room if it continues.'

Item No 3. Matters arising from minutes. One Item of the minutes discussed was action against me Colin Hughes for material I have put on my blog.
Cllr Hines informs the meeting that she will not go along with this item as it is illegal.

Item No 4 Police Liason. CBM Chris Pullen informs meeting there is little criminal activity in Penyffordd. One councillor reminds Chris of a recent break in which is then discussed. I had my car damaged for the second time a month ago. I have emailed Chris twice to which he has not replied. This is one method how North Wales Police keep crime statistics low. Cllr Colin Bithell is to be applauded for his continuing pressing of North Wales Police over anti social behaviour in the village. Chris says he awaits " metal mickey" the webcam that can be put in street light posting. I heard this said 6 months ago.

Item No 7. Penyffordd Community Council asked the WAG about whether County Councils can impose its own restrictions without consent from Cardiff. The correspondence was passed around After this item I still didn't understand the answer.

The facts are the following Wrexham Council has 20 mph compulsory limits all over Wrexham
Queens Park is nearly all 20 mph compulsory.
Flintshire County Council has compulsory 20 mph speed limits in Shotton.
FCC will make any feeble excuse to avoid the above. Perhaps its a matter of who is going to pay for it.

Item No 11. I have asked for digital copies of Penyffordd Community Council minutes which are public domain. Nigel has been around to the house we have discussed this. Cllr David Williams proposes that this is not allowed. This is the luddite you have elected residents.

Cllr Tom Jones proposes that it is allowed but kept under review.
I think Tom's proposal wins through. The above item took over 20 minutes. Anyone who is computer literate knows that folder copying is a secondary process that once set
into motion would take a few minutes. all files would be kept in a folder so it would just be a matter of copying the folder to a CD. It was also discussed that this mat set a precedent for 100's of people to ask for a digital copy and that this would add greatly to Nigel's workload. Again those who are computer literate relise that this isn't so.

Any Other Business.
School Governorship. The impressive Cllr Margaret Jones brought up a letter that had been sent by Cllr David Williams to all those involved. Cllr Margaret Jones pointed out that many people sent the letter were extremely upset and angry over its contents.
At present we have a new Head Teacher at a Penyffordd school who is going to be subject to an OFSTED inspection and is currently without governors to support her.

Cllr Linda Vidamour valliantly persists with the dangers of Lower Mountain Rd where cars hurtle through. The legal limit is 60 mph. I do not walk along this road it is highly dangerous, it is a single track in many places. It needs lowering to 30 mph and the police need to hammer Airbus and Raytheon shiftworkers.
More councillors are needed that are in the Linda Vidamour mould.

Item 16
Mr. Colin Hughes - The Clerk will report any information received from the Monitoring Officer with regard to what is considered to be false reports and information put out by Mr. Colin Hughes.

Cllr Tom Jones moved that the item be deleted. Cllr David Williams agreed saying my actions were politically motivated. Cllr Colin Bithell was much aggrieved by my blog. Cllr Bithell should read what Guido says about our Prime Minister. A vote was taken on Tom's proposal which was carried. Cllr Colin Bithell abstained. Cllr Stan Davies did not vote.

During the above debate Cllr Colin Bithel declared that Cllr Cindy Hinds is not subject to any criticism from myself.
As Cindy is well aware this is not true. I criticised Cindy for saying in her newsletter that traffic matters were better. This I think referred to the Vounog but was not specified..

Chairmain Cllr Joe Bell declares meeting closed.

I chat to Cllr Edwina Davies outside in the smoker's room afterwards. Edwina always pleasant.
I currently have a toadying letter on the launching pad regarding comments made by Cllr Tony Sharps that well known Labour councillor with regards public transport not turning up.

Penyffordd Panto 2009

Sleeping Beauty at The Institute on February 6th, 7th and 8th.

Adults £4
Children £2.50
OAP £2.50
Family £10

Tickets from the fragrant Mary at Penyffordd Post Office.

No time mentioned, will get back.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting January 2009

The Prologue

1. Cllr Cindy Hinds was away when the December 2008 meeting took place.
2. Before going away Cllr Cindy Hinds had secured
an agreement with Cllr David Williams over the selection of governors in schools attended by Penyffordd district children.
3. Clerk to the Penyffordd Community Council GNI Jones had visited me to discuss my request for digital copies of Penyffordd Community Council minutes.

4. The Penyffordd Community Council agenda posted in the cabinet at the Penyffordd Post Office showed up to Item 5. The rest was obscured from view. Lisa had to get Mary to open cabinet to photocopy the agenda which had 14 items.

5. Missing from the agenda but showing on councillors agenda were
item 15 which was to ask members of the public and press to leave.
6. Item 16 ( also missing) about me ( Colin Hughes) was then to be discussed in private.
7. Prior to this meeting Clr Cindy Hinds had raised with Flintshire County Council Monitoring Officer Barry Davies the legality of having a Penyffordd Community Council secret meeting to discuss me a resident because of my blog content and letters to The Evening Leader.

I personally have the idea that Cllr Colin Bithell wants me prosecuted for libel. An action he seems unwilling to do on a personal basis. In the old days the likes of Robert Maxwell would issue legal proceedings in an attempt to stop media stories.

8. In a rare email 2 days before the meeting Cllr David Williams accuses me of being a
Labour Activist.

9. Dennis "Red Den" Parry rings me up on the morning of the meeting to say he is going to attend the meeting as he feels Item 16 is illegal. I tell Dennis that I will attend too. The plan is for us two to stay seated ( Lisa to leave) when members of the public are asked to leave before discussing Item 16. It would them have been up to Penyffordd Community Council to end the meeting without discussing Item 16 or to call North Wales Police to remove us from the building.
This would raise the stakes and make us more visible than Klaus.

to be continued....

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

An email from Cllr David Williams

Hello Colin – and the unfortunate recipients of his junk mail. I was just having a New Year clear out when I came across his Christmas message. On this occasion I am glad I had a look, and would like to thank Colin for finally coming out of the closet and making the veiled admission that all this stuff he bombards us with is part of his broader political work as a Labour activist.

He is clearly well assisted by certain individuals, and sadly (and hopefully unintentionally!) more recently by the Leader. This has been obvious for a long time now, but the typical slant on who he compliments and who he criticises shows a clear bias displaying exactly what he is about. He thanks Cindy, Carl and the Leader, then goes on to question what I have done and as normal, attacks everybody else not linked with the Labour Party. He also claims to have missed my sheets from the meetings, (all five of them!) and knows very well that they are with the minutes in the Post Office for anybody to view, but prefers to make demands of personal digital copies and make his usual threats of ‘Code of Conduct’.

Of his gratitude to those mentioned, I must agree, these are very committed and hard working people who I have the utmost respect for. I am not too sure what they have achieved on the speeding front, but would never question the effort they put in. As for him not knowing what I have done, he knows full well that it was my efforts that gained the count down sign, the flashing signs and the rumble strips. Still not enough, but more than anybody else has achieved.

As for my other contributions, if Lisa had reported back to him from meetings accurately, he would also know about my efforts for Dobshill in getting Dave Faulkner to visit the area and accept the problem to start doing something about it, the proposed improvements for crossing outside Hope Green nursery, moves to improve road safety outside Stepping Stones nursery and my push for village 'access only' signs. There is also the proposed improvements for the Millstone junction, the improved and safer pavement at Watts road, the speeding survey that has now gained Corwen/Rhos road more recognition with action in hand, (incidentally, the same survey that Colin received, put on his blog, then three days later e-mailed me demanding a copy and threatening me with code of conduct!). Colin knows all this but his politics clearly comes first.

Unfortunately the Leader has assisted him recently by printing his nonsense letters, including the one over governors which I was obliged to put readers right over. The Leader printed my response, so Colin responds again by thanking me, and then continues with a barrage of inaccurate abuse of the Independents and personal attacks on respected individuals. I attempt to put the record straight again but the Leader decides not to print my response and the truth!

As I have stated, I have no ambitions in politics or as a councillor, and not too sure how long I will be able to keep up the pace of teaching and Council work. I was elected because people know how committed I am to improving my village, and if I find that I am not serving my community to the standards I set myself, I will step aside. As anybody who has approached me for help will testify, when a request has been made of me I have responded by return gaining many successes. Colin no doubt, will throw the fact that he did not get Dave Faulkners letter for several weeks after I received it, and choose to ignore the fact that I informed him of the content straight away. He prefers to neglect the fact that I did not pass on a copy immediately as it arrived two days after my fathers’ stroke and I forgot to drop it off for him!

Colins final statement of having pride on where he lives is laughable. It is obvious how little pride he has in his village where he has done nothing to help our community or environment in the thirty years he has lived here. His constant ridiculing of myself and others not associate with the Labour movement really does show what his real aims are, and has nothing to do with speeding or helping our village!

Have a very Happy New Year, especially the committed and respectable members of all political persuasion who genuinely try to make a difference, who I have the utmost respect for.

David Williams.

No comment needed David. ( Labour Red me ?) Happy New Year to you and your relatives, Dad seems to have recovered well. Hope you keep 1000+ vehicles a day speeding through the village at the top of your priorities.

ps. I note with interest that North Wales Police crime map says that Penyffordd has no problems. I hope you will inform Inspector Alun Oldfield that this is not the case.

An email to the Flintshire Leader

Hi Leader
I see both yourselves and myself are to be excluded from Item 16 on this Wednesday evening's Penyffordd Community Council meeting.
It seems the council do not like views held which may be more enlightening than the sterile minutes churned out each month.
Do you Leader get the monitoring officer look at your newspaper?
By the way Tom, how's my request for passed Penyffordd Community Council Meeting Minites going? It seems to have slipped between the floorboards, perhaps its just Xmas.

regards Colin Hughes
Chester Road Racetrack

ps. Penyffordd Community Council. Have you given up on the 1000+ vehicles* that speed through the village each day? The fastest village road in Wales? You lot are a disgrace. You should be pushing NWP, Arrive Alive and FCC to do their job.
1000+ vehicles equals 1000+ anti social behaviours each day. All those behind Item 16 should resign. They are not fit for purpose.

Penyffordd Community Council get silly

Here in Penyffordd we have over a 1000 speeders* a day who put our children and residents lives at risk and what does our parochial moribund community council do.
They do this.

Community Council Agenda - No. 16 - It states to exclude the public and press from the following item - Mr. Colin Hughes - The Clerk will report any information received from the Monitoring Officer with regard to what is considered to be false reports and information put out by Mr. Colin Hughes.

They can't stomach Penyffordd public knowing what truly goes on in this village. Cllrs Colin Bithel and Joe Bell's recent stirring up over the MUGA an example of how petty these councillors are.

Do Parliament or The Welsh Assembly Government have a monitoring officer?

Link Cllrs messing around

Monday, January 05, 2009

North Wales Police costs rise

for Penyffordd community. Around 5%. Cllr Tony Sharps is unhappy at county level. Theoretically we have CBM Chris Pullen for 20 hours a week. The net result is far removed from reality. Chris has alternative activities far removed from Penyffordd.

1000+ cars speeding through village, North Wales Police not interested.

Link The Evening Leader

keywords: Eastern Division, Inspector Alun Oldfield, Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie.
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