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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The village of Gwernymynydd has its own website

Something Penyffordd has considered.
Link: Gwernymynydd

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Castle Cement photo from Hope Mountain in the fog

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Changes at the Daily Post

Traditional media are being subjected to large pressures from the internet. Advertising revenue is flowing from paper to internet.
The Daily Post makes adjustments.

link The Daily Post

What gender is the blogger?

Nothing much happening in Penyffordd except you know what so here's a site that analysis's (spelling) the site.

The result:

We guess is written by a man (59%), however it's quite gender neutral.

A Big Thank You to The Evening Leader

for publishing my letter on Wednesday complaining about quality of life in Penyffordd. As previously stated we have well over a 1000 speeding vehicles through Penyffordd each day. We also have 100's of illegal exhausts, also NWP will not back an exclusion of HGV's, siding with Flintshsire County Council over Chester Rd Penyffordd community even though we have a by-pass.
North Wales Police view speeding as anti social behaviour the Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom has stated this but Inspector Alun Oldfield views over a 1000 cars a day speeding through our village as acceptable. It is not acceptable at all and I hope the Evening Leader and the Daily Post will continue expose and highlight the short comings of North Wales Police.

The Neighbourhood Forum in Penyffordd with regards speeding is a complete sham as NWP will not fix it so they remove it from the items of concern then it looks all right in their reports that are reported to the media. In the letter below Inspector Alun Oldfield views the speeding traffic of little concern yet NWP and Arrive Alive have got us down as an area of concern.

North Wales communities want proper policing from an accountable police force not policing by media.

I and others in Chester Rd want to live in a village as laid out in WAG's Manual for Streets not a noisy race track.

Links: 1000 vehicles speeding is ok ( Inspector Alun Oldfield)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New traffic calming measures outside Rhyl schools

Meanwhile no interest is paid to child safety in Penyffordd by Cllrs Tom Jones and Cllr Colin Bithell. Each day children have to battle against 40 - 50 mph traffic through village centre.
Most parents wisely do not let their school children walk or cycle to school as its just too dangerous.

Rhyl / Denbighshire council achieved funding through the Welsh Assembly Government’s Safer Routes in the Community initiative.

I attended a meeting arranged by Cllr David Williams which Cllr Colin Bithell chaired where it was agreed with Flintshire County Council officer Charles Hughes that Penyffordd Junior school would be approached to fill in forms for similar funding. This was just quietly dropped as Colin has no interest in traffic calming what so ever. This led me to state in my election literature that we had missed out on £67,000 worth of possible funding because the bottom line is that Cllr Colin Bithell has no interest in safety which is why I object to him continuing to be a school governor. Same goes for Tom as Colin doesn't do stuff without consulting Tom.

Cllr Linda Vidamour attended the meeting along with about 8 other residents.

Link The Daily Post

Monday, November 24, 2008

An email from Cllr David Williams

Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 4:51 PM
Subject: Attack on Cllr To Jones

My apologies to others who are receiving this e-mail, but as you were all subjected to the nonsense from Colin Hughes last week I considered it necessary for you to view my response.

Cllr David Williams


My answer to David's email in orange

My original email to Cllr Tom Jones in blue at the bottom which was written after a maddening afternoon in the front garden mending my fence watching 100's of vehicles speed through the village. I stay away from the front of the house usually. I think the lawyers call it loss of amenity a charge to be placed against Flintshire County Council shortly.


Re. your e-mail of 21 November.

I took the unusual step of reading your latest e-mail which led me on to your pathetic blog.

Hi David, thanks for your email, I have emailed you before but you have ignored replying to my email thus in my opinion breaking your code of conduct as a county councillor. The blog and emails are the new democracy.

Clearly nothing has changed and you continue to alienate yourself with your ridiculous, inaccurate and unsubstantiated accusations and accounts of what is going on in this village. As normal, everybody is still wrong apart from Colin, and lets not forget Lisa who obviously provides many of the bullets for you to fire.

Lisa is her own person she goes to the Penyffordd Community Council meetings of her own accord. What you and the majority of Penyffordd Community Council are wrong about is your view of our village centre cess pit.

Each month at meetings you ignore the 1000+ vehicles that fly through our village every day. As I say the fastest village road in Wales.

Your latest attack on Mr Jones is an absolute travesty, and to make such statement saying that he should be ‘pensioned off as not being fit for purpose’ shows what a vindictive and ignorant person you really are.

It's not anything to do with vindictiveness. Tom is avoiding dealing with 1000+ speeding vehicles passed my house each day. I live in the middle of the village a major route to school. If Cllrs Tom Jones and Cllr Colin Bithell wish to ignore all this speeding traffic on a major route to school I deduct that they are not up to the job of governor. As a resident, rate payer I have an opinion which is that above.

Mr Jones is currently Chairman of governors of both Castell Alun High School and Pen-y-ffordd Junior School. Earlier in the year Castell Aluns inspection report described the school as ‘outstanding’ and it is highly regarded as one of the most successful schools in North Wales. Pen-y-ffordd Juniors last inspection also revealed that it is a very good school, which by inspection standards, really means an extremely good school. I presume the risk of getting run over on the way to school is outside the Inspector's remit.

Mr Jones contribution to both of these organisations has clearly been a major factor in their successes. To send out such a disgraceful e-mail that shows absolutely no respect for somebody who deserves better therefore, is unforgivable. There is an article in today's Evening Leader by Michael Youds about the political element in the choosing of school governors. You David as an "independent" are backing both Tom and Colin to be governors.

Penyffordd village politics are 11 "Independents" against one ( Labour)

Their supposed political status is independent but in reality it is Cllr Tom Jones' party.

Cllr Tom Jones made sure with his block vote that he kept myself and Lisa off Penyffordd Community Council so that he kept his power of Penyffordd Community Council. It's politics.

Again I have my point of view which I will keep pressing until you, Tom and Colin see fit to deal with our cess pit village centre.

Personally I have declined to respond to anything you have written since you expressed your desire for harm to come to me to prevent me being successful in last May's elections.

I ( not Lisa) ran a spoiling campaign against you and Cllr Colin Bithell pointing out your complete lack of action with regards speeding. It took you 4 months to hand over a letter from FCC officer Dave Faulkner. That in itself shows your attitude. I intend to stand again next election if you do not address speeding. Thankfully others in the village may now make you do a proper job. Cllr Bithell stood at the last elections for "the family" whilst ignoring 2000 speeding cars through the village each day. Colin may loose a few votes next time if he stands without addressing our village centre environment between now and then. It won't look very good if Colin continues to have rants at me in council whilst continuing to do nothing about speeding. It will all be reported to the electorate before the next local election

However, I can not sit back and let you get away with the unfounded and unnecessary attacks on a highly respected member of our community who has worked tirelessly almost all of his life to serve our villages.

Tom has sat on his backside with regards environment. He keeps our rates as low as possible and so does nothing. Plant a few daffodils but ignore all the speeding traffic that will get one of us run over before long.

We have no village health care, no library, no 5 aside facility. We are just a short cut race track for everyone.

All on Tom's watch.

This is in stark contrast to yourself who has made absolutely no contribution to our village ( I wasn't aware I had to contribute to qualify for a reasonable village environment) (additionally I volunteered to setup a free website with free support but you chose to use someone who would charge £100's of pounds per year which had led to nothing) but has persistently ridiculed residents and servants of the village, and in the process done immeasurable damage to the serious problem of speeding by losing support for the cause with your false accusations.

As you well know, I have always treated you with respect ( not so David ) and exercised a great deal of restraint despite the personal attacks you have made on me and my family.

Tongue in cheek David you take stuff too literally

I have also defended you regularly when people have been calling you the variety of names that I have heard. Following this latest outburst though, if anybody wants to know what I think of you now I will tell them exactly what I think.

No doubt you will try and subject me again to more pathetic abuse, but feel free, I will treat you and the things that you and Lisa want to say with the contempt they deserve. Than you David.

I may have called you a stinker but if you are going to have secret meetings with Flintshire Highways officers Charles Hughes and Derek Kirby about Warren Hall that will affect all of us living on Chester Road then say nothing you qualify for occasional castigation

I send you the emails. Lisa has nothing to with my campaign excepting she sees the benefits of a village centre fit to live rather than Charles Hughes' race track.

David Williams.

It's fair to say that I am in Penyffordd Community Council's face until they address village centre environment properly. Speed kills David and we have lots of it. Our only effort on environment are daffodils. North Wales Police have abandoned Penyffordd, my fault I admit but they were doing a very poor job any way as are Arrive Alive.

North Wales Police Letter saying 1000+ speeders a day are ok. Click here.

regards Colin

Here's my plans for Penyffordd ( comments at the bottom) which are at variance with Flintshire County Council which want to keep Chester Rd a defacto trunk road.

Sent: Friday, 21 November, 2008 23:14:28
Subject: An email to Cllr Tom Jones - re 1000+ speeding vehicle sthrough Penyffordd daily

Hi Tom
Can't see why you wish to continue to be a school governor when you continue to ignore over a 1000 vehicles speeding through your patch each day on a route to school. I think you should be pensioned off as not fit for purpose. Colin Bithell the same.
regards Penyffordd District
A village f'd* by speeding traffic
The worst in Wales

Penyffordd Land Army veteran receives medal

Olive Newport was presented with her medal by Sir William Gladstone, who is an ancestor of the former Prime Minister of the same name and lives at Hawarden Castle.
She married Penyffordd man Norman Jones, and they lived on and farmed a smallholding on the Gladstone Estate in Hawarden for many years until Norman's death.

Link The Evening Leader

Quality of Life Penyffordd

In the Evening Leader tonight an article on Flintshire County quality of life, also a section on have your say.
So I have fired off two letters to The Leader

Link The Leader

Letter 1
Dear Leader
A letter for possible publication.
Re Flintshire County Folk enjoy the good life.
Quality of life in the middle of Penyffordd is very poor. We have over a 1000 speeding vehicles everyday. We have illegal exhausts by the 100. We are used as a rat run.
HGV's come through the village all day even though we have a by-pass. The speeding produces a very noisy environment. No one will do anything about it. The authorities who gathered the statistics did not come to Penyffordd
Perhaps Cllr Tony Sharps would care to meet me for a site meeting one morning, bacon butties and a mug of tea provided for free.
regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

Letter 2

Hi Leader
A further letter for consideration.
You ask in your article on the good life how quality of life can be improved. Here in Penyffordd quality of life could be improved
by banning HGV's as we have a bypass. We get 100's a day.
Traffic calming to slow down the 1000+ speeders that we have flying
through our village centre each day. An even bigger improvement
would be the banning of through traffic to the Penyffordd by-pass.
regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

CBM Chris Pullen to get body cam and tazer?

Link Tazer

Link Body Cam

He'll have that much kit to carry he better stay away from deep water.
My mate Dennis says he scares horses due to his stature.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Marnhull village just like Penyffordd

Villagers down there have more respect for their environment than Penyffordd.
Link Marhull

ps who said tractors could only do 30 mph might want to read the link.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

CSI do Chester Rd Penyffordd

Some low life has damaged my car twice its targeted its personal. Anyway the nice lady from CSI has got a good set of prints.

Some of Lisa's friends

Click image for the best view. Jeff reminds me of Shrek.
Dogs wearing a dickie bow. Jeff's coming down to deal with the low life who is damaging my car.

Why do I question Global Warming

Take a look at The Devil's Kitchen run on how they measure earth temperature.
Warning: other parts of the above blog are not for the faint hearted.

Institutional Whitewash

When reading below letter please bear in mind the fact* there are more than a 1000 vehicles a day that speed through the middle of Penyffordd.
*Arrive Alive data

Click Image to read

key words: Inspector Alun Oldfield, Charles Hughes, Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie, Eastern Division.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Idris Jones Cllr

On our daily walks we have met Idris Jones ex councillor for Treuddyn for 42 years. We had quite a chat. He knows Cllr Tom Jones who wishes to ignore 1000 + speeders a day through our village. Idris was in The Evening Leader recently because a lorry ploughed into the back of his brothers trailer with Idris in it, they had to be cut out. One hopes his brother will recover from his extensive injuries, the prognosis however is bleak. HGV's need new rules. Their driving practice deadly.

Mystery Bird

As a child I roamed the fields well clear of noisy traffic. I was an egg collector but no longer I respect all life that does not threaten me. On our walks which have a natural silence with the puppy who has prodigious levels of energy we have come across a mystery. A bird that I cannot identify.

1. Rich chocolate brown back
2. Larger than a blackbird
3. We think possibly a bird of prey but.............
4. Territory near a marsh
5. Always seen on the ground before being disturbed
6. Flying pattern extremely dynamic.

It is not a jay, sparrow hawk, owl, fowl, ..............................................

To be continued..............

Answer A Woodcock.

Speeding in Penyffordd.... yawn

I've been out this afternoon in the front garden installing infra red security cameras to catch the low life who are damaging my car. The damage is personal as it has happened twice in two different places in Penymynydd Rd. Its either speed ticket related or a community councillor relative possibly those who object to not being allowed to speed through village. Naturally they will live in cul de sacs with speed humps..................hypocrites.

Vehicles speeding through nearly every minute of the afternoon. It's not mentioned in Penyffordd Community Council meetings.

Tom Jones (I take great pleasure from being a cllr and doing f-all) and Colin Bithell (no speeding in my cul de sac) are lining themselves up for further school governorships. How can they do this when over a 1000 vehicles speed through the village every day?

Inspector Alun Oldfield, Arrive Alive and Flintshire County Council are not interested one iota.

keyword: Colin Everett Chief Executive Flintshire County Council, Ruth Purdie, Chief Inspector, Eastern Division, North Wales Police,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cllr Colin Bithell wouldn't give these planning permission

Link Strange Buildings

No BNP members in Penyffordd

Its official. There are a few here below..

"The Wrexham list includes members from across the county, including Rhos, Llay, Ponciau, New Broughton, Ruabon, Coedpoeth, Marchwiel, Acton and Acrefair.

British National Party members in Flintshire came from areas including Mostyn, Mancot, Mynydd Isa, Garden City, Flint, Holywell, Connah's Quay, Northop Hall, Bagillt, Greenfield, Northop, Pentre, Mold, Buckley, Treuddyn, Gronant, Sealand, Hope, Broughton, Saltney.

Many listed members in Flintshire are from rural areas, including Rhydymwyn, Gwespyr, Pantymwyn and Llanasa."

The Leader comments section is worth a read. The Leader

Woman assaulted in Stryt Isa

On Tuesday a woman with a pram walking down Stryt Isa was punched in the ribs after berating a driver who was going too fast. Police are investigating. The Evening Leader are looking for information.
Walking down country lanes especially Lower Mountain Lane is a hazardous affair. One has to constantly be on guard for idiots flying down the road especially at shift end from Airbus and Raytheon.
Its time these lanes have a 30 mph limit and not 60 mph as at present.

key word Mark Stewart HR Airbus

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Police Helicopter out last Friday night at 11.25 pm

over Green Park. Also officers on foot. Three youths arrested. It looks like they had pinched a car.
Perhaps not locally but they were stopped in Green Park, Penymynydd.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bonfire Blues 2008

The two ladies who have organised Penyffordd Bonfire for the last 6 years have decided to stand down after a complaint about the bonfire being too big. 800 people turned up this year.
Penyffordd does not have too many social events of this magnitude.
Lots of money raised, The Institute needs it.
Does this mean a substantial rise in subscriptions for those groups that use the Institute?

Standing down wind of a bonfire should be a no brainer..................

Monday, November 17, 2008

Further to my complaint against North Wales Police

with regards their lack of effort to deal with speeding traffic through Chester Rd, Penyffordd. I have received a letter today from Inspector McClintock in which he states that he has now completed his enquiries with the exception of an enquiry to Flintshire County Council that is still outstanding.

Flintshire County Council remain at the vanguard of communication and cooperation.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Penyffordd Community Council November 2008 meeting

The following may be irreverent in places, a personal view. Start 6.30. All Community Councillors present excepting Cllr David Williams who has never been on time for anything that I know of. Also not present Cllr Jane Hopwood. CBM Chris Pullen was late.

Also present on the public side Jess, Lisa my wife, Mr Hewitt, he of large tracts of building land within the village, Mr Hewitt attends most meetings. Also the couple who live in Station House. Four houses are up for planning permission up the unadopted lane next to their house.

Planning was started as CBM Chris Pullen was late. Gordon Williams had written a 6 page diatribe to the council over his planning application down the unadopted lane. Cllr Edwina Davies thought it required a reply. One un named comment was " the brow beaten ramblings of an idiot". Cllr Colin Bithell was very irate at the planners for passing Gordon's application when the council recommended refusal. The lane has drainage close to the surface and it was felt heavy construction vehicles would disrupt said drainage. Cllr Tom Jones said move on.

The Spinning Wheel has had refusal for knocking down of the pub to build a house.

It seems funny that 4 houses down an unadopted lane get the nod but The Spinning Wheel project gets knocked back.

CBM Chris Pullen is to have a base in the village. He is to have an office in The Spar. GNI Nigel Jones Clerk to the Council is to write to Inspector Alun Oldfield with regards a lap top for Chris.

Penyffordd is to have half a PSCO paid for by Castle Cement Padeswood.

Cllr Linda Vidamour is to produce another Penyffordd Community Council newsletter. Well done Linda.
There was little enthusiasm from most councillors. Just vote us in every 4 years and leave us to it thinking.

Speeding traffic continues wholesale. In my opinion the worst village for speeding in Flintshire.
The old brigade are just not interested. Cllr Cindy Hinds brought up the initiative that Carl Sargeant AM has been pursuing which is a consultation on speeds in villages. Again not well received by the old brigade because they are all mostly Tories whilst Carl is Labour.

Cllr Margaret Jones has received a special award from the WI for community service and helping in the village. There you are Margaret you will be indexed by Google shortly.

Cllr David Williams continues his efforts with regards speeding and through traffic not using the village with Flintshire Highways who would appear to be unhelpful. David hands out his actions done in sheet form as a County Councillor for Penyffordd over the previous month under Any Other Business. This does not go down to well.
David is also unhappy with speed and lack of correspondence when dealing with Flintshire County Council officers.

Flintshire UDP outcome is to be announced on 9th March 2009. ( quote Cllr Cindy Hinds)

Any Other Business should be for last minute items. ( I think). David however is to be congratulated on telling the village what he has been doing. As does Cllr Cindy Hinds with her newsletter that is delivered to most houses in the village.

Any Other Business entails the Chairman Cllr Joe Bell going around each councillor in turn asking them if they have any further items to discuss. Last month Cllr Colin Bithell jumped straight in with a rant about me suggesting Clerk Nigel might not up to the job. This month he tried it again but had to wait his turn. This month was a rant about the granting of Gordon Williams' planning application despite Penyffordd Community Council objections.

On a scale with regards Colin's blood pressure it would seem that Gordon's planning application approval produced a higher figure than the rant against me last month.

Cllr Colin Bithell ran in this years elections as a councillor for the family. Colin continues to show no interest what so ever in speeding traffic through the village. It's village safety Colin! If he does not change his tune on this it will be brought up at the next elections if he should stand.

Congratulations to Nigel the Clerk on his pay rise. One supposes Nigel has had rises being Clerk to Leeswood and also perhaps a larger one for being Clerk to Flint Town Council.

Postscript : Cllr David Williams turned up 10 mins late. Cllr Jane Hopwood after that. Jane had informed council that she would be late.

A letter from the Penyffordd Community Council

telling me off for suggesting our Clerk to the Council Nigel Jones might be better in retirement. Perhaps I should have extended that to most of Penyffordd Community Council. Over a 1000 vehicles every day speed through Chester Rd, Penyffordd. Will speeding be on tonight's agenda?
I think not.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Remembrance Sunday 2008

The weather for the march atrocious. So I think the remembrance confined to a service in the War Memorial Institute. Buckley Band had decided for what ever reason that they would not attend this year.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Inspector Oldfield to investigate local escort

who provides services to the lonely and the disabled. Pity he is ignoring the local rat run and a 1000 cars that speed through Penyffordd every day.

When are North Wales Police going to provide accountabilty to communities?

Penyffordd Community Forum tonight. CBM Chris Pullen pushed the speeding off the forum because he won't deal with it.
What point are the forums?

Postscript. No forum last night as scheduled. No advance notice of cancellation, no idea.
Postscript 2. Chris says he could not make it and the CBM taking his place was sick.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wi Fi Issues

For the last two days the internet has been very slow. Lots of web pages timing out, emails taking a life time to load.

What is the problem.
1. A virus?
2. Our machines have been recruited on a DDOS attack?
3. Firewalls?
4. Windows messing around.

A month ago I had big trouble installing a new adsl router. So the first thing I do is stop all firewalls on the network. What I forgot about was the Wi Fi side of the router which as default is left open so anyone with a laptop or pocket computer within 100 yds of the house has free access to the internet through our WiFi. Whilst not completely against the occasional sharing I am not up for someone else using our full bandwidth to down load a film etc whilst we struggle to load a web page.

So now the WiFi security is 128 bit enabled. No more free internet to my little friends with laptops.

key suspects clue: China

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An appeal against the avoidance of FOIE reference R001214

To Lynne Fensome
Directorate Support Manager
Environment and Regeneration
Flintshire County Council

Dear Lynne
Thank you for the recent communication with regards Flintshire County Council's continued avoidance of my FOIE. This email is an appeal as recommended by The Information Commissioner against your answer for avoidance of my FOIE.
You state that my request cannot be complied with as the software will not export to Microsoft Excel format.
I say hogwash!
Hugh Jones uses the following equipment of which I have a letter from Arrive Alive confirming this

This equipment comes with FREE software

It specifically says


  • Laptop Connections

  • Real Time View of Traffic Data

  • Graphical and Tabular (MS Excel) Reports

  • Microsoft Access & Excel Output

  • ASCII and WIMNET Output

  • Quality assurance of reported data
So I appeal against the continuing deceitfulness of Flintshire County Council. You have the alloted time advised by The Information Commissioner to respond.

Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

keywords Colin Everett Chief Executive Flintshire County Council.

An email to Tim Newhouse, county councillor for Hope

Hi Tim
Hope you are settling into your new role as county councillor.
I read in the Hope Church Parish magazine that you have issues with speed, just like everyone else who lives on main roads.
I come through Hope daily and rate the main road passed the school one of the most dangerous in the county.
An accident waiting to happen.

I bet you get Airbus shiftworkers with illegal exhausts flying through your village too , just like Penyffordd.
Airbus have an obligation to local villages but ignore their corporate responsibility on local environment.

Flintshire County Council have the following device to measure traffic speed in your ward.
It gives exact speeds, vehicle length, even how many occupents.
Such marvellous technology hidden from our communities.

They are a very shy about showing the data but the more councillors who know about this device the better.
FCC and Arrive Alive have evaded my FOIE's so far on Chester Rd Penyffordd data for which they hold two sets.

Flintshire Highways and Arrive Alive are currently risking lives by not making this data available to communities.
They are acting in a totally unaccountable manner. Perhaps their management need to re read their codes of conduct

I see over in Cheshire county, 12 road deaths in two weeks, not surprising the way a good proportion of traffic races around.

I hope you will support 20 mph for village centres and schools.

Hope you have better luck with Arrive Alive, we get them once every blue moon.
Arrive Alive trying to do a job for which they were not set up to do.

The whole question of how Arrive Alive, North Wales Police and Flintshire County Council tackle speeding in villages needs to be questioned.
As mentioned above they hide the data which shows how poor they operate. It would be good to see the above agencies operate in the real world and be judged just like the rest of us instead of hiding data.

regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

still over a 1000 vehicles speeding through the middle of Penyffordd every day..........................vroom vroom.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Penyffordd Bonfire 2008

Just about the biggest social get together in Penyffordd for the year.
Well done Reith Ingman and his team of volunteers.
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