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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Housing Survey introduced by Cllr David Williams and my thoughts

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If you have an opinion on this place it in comments or write to David on
I agree with David on this issue.

Can I expect to get pensioner accomodation?
My thoughts are do we wish to become a Broughton, or a Buckley?
I think the village is large enough, there is no need for us to become part of an urban sprawl from Saltney to Mold.

It's time to discourage population expansion. More people equals more trouble. Time to pay people not to breed. Time to stop payments for breeding.
Time to control immigration.
Time for our government to start governing.

The survey is here. A Wrexham B.C. and Flintshire County Council initiative

I've tried filling in the form online but I've fell at the first fence. I'm a bit short of an ID number.

Apparently you can fill the form in by just putting in your Post Code, no need for an ID number..............................

"This is the on-line version of the 2014 Wrexham Council and Flintshire Council Local Housing Survey. Please work your way through the survey and select the answers that apply to you or to members of your household. Your answers are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and are protected under the 1998 Data Protection Act which places very stringent conditions on the use of the data. We appreciate that some questions are sensitive but it is not possible for the Council to link responses to individual addresses. Research is being undertaken by arc4 Ltd on behalf of the two Councils. Please type in the ID number printed on the front sheet of your questionnaire (this appears as a number with up to 5 digits (WHOLE NUMBERS) and allows us to match responses to neighbourhood only). Alternatively please insert your full Postcode (e.g. LA11 1AY Capitals and middle space). Thank you."

The form appears to be for those near retirement age. There are over 40 questions mainly click answers. Hopefully not looking for help in the next 10 years myself lol..........................


  1. Construction is a major part of the economy. For every £1 spent on construction there is an increase in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of £2.84. Although this £1 creates construction output it also stimulates growth elsewhere in the economy worth £1.84 of GDP. For example the £1 spent in construction can create jobs for those directly involved in construction such as the main contractor and their sub-contractors and suppliers with the extra £1.84 being spent to extend to those outside of construction such as teachers (teaching apprentices for example), shop owners (new homes means more people in the area needing the amenities sold by shops) etc with 90p within every pound being spent directly within the local community.

    The housing study completed back in 2004 stated that we should be building 240,000 homes per year to keep up with the demand and keep inflation down so housing is more affordable to people.

    How can you not want more housing? It stimulates the economy and for a village like Penyffordd (where I also live) it brings more and more money to the area.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the comment.
    I dont agree. More people equals more crime, more antisocial behaviour. Look at the surrounding towns. I think there are too many people in the UK fullstop.
    We need quality of life and environment, better education, less toleration of crime.

  3. I should also add that I understand most of the money gained by having the new housing has gone for education ie Castell Alun who do not have enough spaces for current secondary school requirements for Penyffordd


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