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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Happy Christmas for Trevor

All the best for Christmas and the New Year.

For the last 3 months or so a guinea fowl called Trevor has been wondering around Penymynydd roundabout  trying his best to get run over. He's famous on Facebook.
Apparently Trevor hails from Spon Green in Buckley.

There have been numerous attempts to catch him by the RSPCA and others.
A local couple called Duncan and Frances who had been feeding him managed to catch him last week.

Trevor now resides in Gordale Garden Centre where he has loads of new guinea fowl mates.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Friday Night Out

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Redrow 190 Housing Development Enquiry Continuation

After postponement, restarts next Monday 9.30am at The Penyffordd British Legion.
As far as I am aware its for 1 day

Your support against this development would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Accident at Llong?

I have the luxury of not having to go out today. I can watch the world go by on Daily Post, Facebook and Twitter. Below looks like an accident at Llong, happening now. Red means stop. Mobile data is collected in UK and shows whats happening on the roads in Google maps.

Click to enlarge

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

I've started following Bernie Attridge on Twitter

I have a Facebook account and a Twitter account. Thought I'd start following @bernieatto

Its a bit lively....

For those who do not know Bernie is Deputy Council Leader of Flintshire County Council.

I find Twitter very good. I follow all sorts of people including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin.
Theresa May is not impressed with Twitter I think, its too honest. She does have an account.
I retweet stuff to her about 20 times a day.

Any politician not telling the truth gets outed immediately.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

192 Houses Redrow Public Enquiry Part II

Resumes 10 am Monday 11th December 2017 at Penyffordd British Legion

Your attendance required.

There may be time at the end of the day for public comments.If you are around the village at all during the day, please pop in - sign the attendance form and be seen, even if you can't stay. It would be fantastic if, at 5:00pm the room is full of concerned residents.

Please note. On the 12th the inspector and landscape experts are likely to visit the site. We are not allowed to speak to the inspector during the site visit, it could prejudice our case.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Penyfford Youth Club - A Plea from Cllr David Williams

Save our Youth club and Old School!

We do not know what Flintshire County Council have in mind for the building so we need to keep pressure on to make sure that it is not lost. There is an open evening on Tuesday 28th November at 7-00, for ex pupils and former youth club members to have a look around and share memories and old photos. Anybody interested in the building or preserving one of the few heritage features of the village are also welcome to attend. Please contact David Williams if you need any further information.

Email: David Williams

Monday, November 20, 2017

Wrexham Maelor Hospital Map PDF

I have an appointment this week. I am familiar with the hospital but I am going to an outpatient dept of which I am unfamiliar. I'll do a google to find a hospital map.

20 minutes later... zilch.
I am familiar with google search I use it most days.
I'll email them to ask for a map location of the net.........
Another brick wall with email address.

Anyway here it is.

postscript: Map is not dated but it is old. A department I know exists is called something else. Best get confirmation on the way in.
Parking the car an eternal problem. How much time do you allow for parking? How long is a piece of string? I have 3 favoured areas, one normal, one on mud near signs saying do not park and another one on mud around the corner.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Redrow 190 Houses Planning Appeal

In the centre standing the Welsh Assembly Government Inspector. On the left QC for Flintshire County Council. On the right Paul Tucker QC for Redrow.


Redrow Appeal Link

Planning Appeal Basics

Redrow 192 Housing Development Appeal has been adjourned on Day 3

It was deemed that not enough time was available for the completion of the witness testimony*.
Once a witness commences it has to be heard in its entirety with no breaks.

To be continued 11th December at Shire Hall.

* I'm not a solicitor so terms might be wrong

Monday, November 13, 2017

192 Redrow Proposed Development Public Enquiry starts Wednesday

For 3 days

Venue Penyffordd British Legion
Time 10am

Last enquiry I attended went something like this.

Welsh Assembly Government Inspector on the top table
On the left side Planning Officers for the local authority
On the right side agents for the planning application

The Inspector lays out how the enquiry will be carried out.
Including procedures for those who wish to speak.

Residents sit at the back.
Your support at the enquiry is a must.

Details here

Update: Cllr David Williams says " You need to register on the first day to speak.
If you or anybody you know wants to speak and can not make it on the first day, somebody else can put the name down for them to speak on the Thursday or Friday.

Carl Sargeant

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Vounog Hill Development Update

Copied from Facebook

Vounog Hill Development Update

Yesterday we met with Strutt & Parker land agents, who are representing the landowner of the fields on Vounog Hill.

It was speculated in social media a couple of weeks ago that surveyors were on the land between Meadowslea and Vounog Hill. Following the meeting we can confirm that plans have been drawn up for 37 homes and the planning application is expected to be published for pre-planning consultation later this month.

In this case the people we met with, and the landowner by implication, appear very community focussed and reasonable. They are aware of the Redrow and other applications and the objections from the community. They admitted that they fearful of ‘missing the boat’ if they wait for the full LDP process (the site has been submitted to Flintshire as a potential LDP candidate site now).

They are looking at a continuation of the line of the Meadowslea houses, connecting them to the road but no further down the hill (see map).

They are aware that we have objected, on principle, to any planning applications that come ahead of the LDP process, irrespective of their content, as set out in the Penyffordd Place Plan (if you haven't signed up to it yet please do it now, we just need your name and address - email

In spite of our position, they are keen to ensure that the development, if built, fits in with the community and causes the least harm. We discussed the proposal in detail and they listened to our concerns for neighbouring residents and the needs of the wider village.

As soon as the proposal plans come through with the detail, we will make sure they are shared and we can provide detailed feedback.

Penyffordd and the future Flintshire LDP

Where we stand at present.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Hanson Cement Proposals

The old equipment is not being replaced. They are to be mothballed. Main concerns should be about what comes out the chimney from the industrial waste that is burned.
Plastic, oil, paint, brake fluid, rubber tyres etc.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Penyffordd Railway Bridge height wrong

Sign for bridge shows  4.1m - 13 ft. When in fact the correct conversion is 13.5 ft. So lorry drivers think the bridge is 6 " higher.

FCC must have known this forever.

* info taken from Daily Post comments

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Spar raided overnight

No PO services at present
Neighbours didn't hear any alarms go off

Current situation
Staff waiting for police. They're hoping for Spar to be open sometime after 11am

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Construction News - More attacks on the village

I saw 2 workmen with fluoro's theodolites on the corner of the field below Meadowslea the other day. I thought strange. Forgot to pass it on........

Tonight it's all over Facebook. When asked workmen said they were going to build housing. A local farmer rents fields. Property owner is based overseas apparently.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Good Village meeting

A packed British Legion standing room only. Presentations of the New Primary School. An awful lot of thought gone into altered design. School traffic the only blot on the horizon. Ongoing discussions on this.

Hanson Cement did a presentation on their new proposed Mill development.

Proposed housing developments were discussed. Current positions and plans of action were also discussed.

The Leader sold

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Village Meeting Wednesday 7pm British Legion

Updates on Redrow 192, Hawarden Rd 32, Hansen Cement application
Penyffordd Group and Village Cllrs will be there

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Hawarden Rd Application for housing development refused today

Hard work done to block this.
Well done those involved.

Here's the meeting video

Hawarden Rd application starts just after 19 minutes

The case representing the developer first

Alan Wight speaks for the village at 29 minutes.

As does Cllr David Williams at 36 minutes.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bird on the loose

Whilst traversing Penymynydd roundabout you may come across a Pea Hen type bird walking on the road. Apparently this bird has come from the Spon Green Area of Buckley.  RSPB have tried to catch it twice as have others.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Very Bad Road

Daily Post   09:33
Crash - Flintshire

Reports of slow traffic due to accident on A5104 between A541 (Leeswood) and Stryt Isaf (Penyffordd).

The number of drivers who cut blind corners on this stretch of road is depressing.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

White Van Man trying to steal dogs

An  incident on the Well House estate. Man trying to put resident's dog on a lead. North Wales Police have been informed, information includes registration number.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Penyffordd Property for sale

23 Vounog Hill
Penyffordd, CH4 0EY
23rd Jun
4 Darwen Drive
Penymynydd, CH4 0PJ
9th Jun
6 Cromwell Close
Penyffordd, CH4 0GD
26th May
1 Ferndale Close
Penyffordd, CH4 0NH
5th May

23 Vounog Hill
Penyffordd, CH4 0EY £115,000
23rd Jun
4 Darwen Drive
Penymynydd, CH4 0PJ £105,000
9th Jun
6 Cromwell Close
Penyffordd, CH4 0GD £255,000
26th May
1 Ferndale Close
Penyffordd, CH4 0NH £178,500
5th May

Thursday, July 20, 2017

URGENT: Planning Committee Date

The application for 32 houses on Hawarden Road will be heard by the planning committee at County Hall on the 26th July at 1:00pm.

If you are able to get there to show your support, you would be very welcome. We do not yet know whether the committee will visit the site.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Penyffordd Spar Post Office has issues

No parcel processing. Closed all day yesterday. Still closed this morning. Broughton Post Office nice and friendly. Free parking.

I'm told this has happened before.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Public consultation has now started on Flintshire County Council's Integrated Network Map and Schedule.

Interested in Flintshires future plans for walking and cycling paths in the local area? There is a current consultation on proposed walking and cycling pathways. To make comments on the plan or attend one of the consultation evenings, please see the link below.…/Active-Travel-Integrated-Net…

Active Travel Integrated Network Map Consultation
Public consultation has now started on Flintshire County Council's Integrated Network Map and Schedule.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Plans for proposed new Penyffordd Primary School

are to be published in July. It will be interesting to see how the sudden influx of parent's cars at start and end of day will be dealt with. There's talk of a pick up / drop off point.

Residents wanted to be involved in the design process but were stonewalled by FCC.

How many cars will be turning up at end of school?
50, 100 or 150?  School capacity somewhere near 300.
Pick up time will be a problem. It will be interesting to see how they attempt to deal with it.
Local residents are expressing concern.

The above is happening away from Chester Rd where the current school is.
Should be quieter for those of us who live near present school. :)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Arthur Arnold has died.

Arthur has passed away after illness. Big in the local community. Organised youth football and Chairman of the Penyffordd British Legion.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Redrow 192 Welsh Assembly Government Public Enquiry

is going to be held in October. Most probably at The Penyffordd British Legion.
Details when they are formalised.

Crims Caught

Felon caught for break in's at the end of last year. Well done Police.

Royal Oak Kinnerton Closed

Flintshire gastro pub closes

A gastro pub in Flintshire has closed suddenly.

The Royal Oak in Higher Kinnerton, between Chester and Wrexham, shut its doors with a Facebook message saying it is “closed for the foreseeable time”.

source: North Wales Post

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

192 Redrow houses update

Just an update on Redrow appeal.

The planning inspectorate are carrying out further investigations regarding the application, and on completion of these, residents and those who put objections in will be notified of a start date for the appeal.

Cllr David Williams

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Redrow 190 Houses - Mark Tami meet tomorrow lunchtime - Your attendance Required

Mark Tami is coming to the Redrow site tomorrow - Monday 15th at 12:30pm - layby opposite the Redrow site on Chester Road - it is a photo opportunity, so please make it there if you are around and spread the word!

Mark is also writing to Carwyn Jones Welsh Assembly First Minister on our behalf.

Redrow have appealed to the Welsh Assembly Government over Flintshire County Council's refusal of the above planning application.

Residents and Penyffordd Community Council are on the case!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Penyffordd Community Council seeking help

Cllr Jeff Priddin wrote this elsewhere. I'm bringing it to the top.
The new community council met last Wednesday night and three new councilor's joined us.

The new chairman of the council is David Williams, and the vice chair is Jeff Priddin.

We are looking for some more people to join us and to be Co-opted onto the council if you are interested please contact any one of us.

Cllr Jeff Priddin

Cllr David Williams

Congratulations to David on becoming Penyffordd Community Council Chairman

I'll just place this here

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Next Month's Election

We have Lib Dems wanting to allow 50,000 refugees in the country
Welsh Labour  and Plaid Cymru want to turn Wales into a Refugee Sanctuary
Labour nationally all over the place
Tories wanting to repeal fox hunting ban?
UKIP a spent force
Lord Farage (sic) has done his job

I have to wait nearly 3 weeks for a particular doctor appointment
It can be a 90 minute wait if I go on the day
A&E can be a nightmare unless you're actually dying

Some old people struggle with money whilst immigrants are let in and given
free housing, free cash , free schooling, free medical
They have loads of babies as well

Not sure I'm going to bother voting.

postscript: re Lib Dems 50k refugees. There's 100,000 people been waiting for a house for over 5 years.....

Recent Property Sales

Sales recently added within 500m of CH4 0LS   Edit     location

18 Holly Drive £194,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0NE 24th March 2017

16 Hawarden Road £147,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0JE 24th February 2017

13 Corwen Way £148,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0JW 21st February 2017

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Wales' Nightmare

They must be mad.


New Hanson Cement Facility

May 9, 2017

Hanson plans £20m investment at Padeswood cement plant
Hanson Cement is planning a £20 million upgrade project at its Padeswood cement works in Flintshire which will guarantee the long-term future of the plant and its 96 employees.

At the heart of the project will be the installation of a new vertical roller mill for cement grinding which will improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and increase output. Hanson is also planning to invest in new rail loading facilities to allow cement to be delivered by train, reducing lorry movements.

A planning application will be submitted to Flintshire County Council in the summer. If approved, construction work will begin later this year with the new mill fully operational by early 2019.

The Padeswood plant currently has four operational mills but they are old and inefficient. In addition, they do not have the capacity to grind the volume of clinker made by the kiln, creating a production imbalance and resulting in some of the clinker being transported elsewhere for grinding.

Plant manager David Quick said: “The plan is to mothball three of the old mills and install a new vertical roller mill capable of grinding up to 650,000 tonnes of clinker a year. The new mill will be fully enclosed in a building, minimising noise and reducing the potential for escape of cement dust.”

The project also includes construction of new cement silos alongside the existing railway line to load trains for delivery. At present the rail link is used to bring in coal to fire the kilns. In future, three trains a week will be despatched to Hanson’s depots in London, Bristol and Scotland – around 15 per cent of total cement production.

Hanson is holding public exhibitions to explain the plans to local residents on Tuesday May 23 at Buckley Library and on Wednesday May 24 at Penyffordd British Legion Club, both 3.30pm to 7pm.

How cement is made
Cement is a critical ingredient in the manufacture of concrete – the world’s most versatile construction material. It is made by heating crushed limestone and other minerals to over 1,450 degrees centigrade in a cylindrical rotary kiln. The heat is generated by precisely controlled burning of powdered coal and alternative fuels such as waste industrial solvents and meat and bone meal.

As the ground stone moves through the kiln, the elements change to form a new substance called clinker, which comes out as grey balls, about the size of marbles.

After the clinker is cooled, the milling plant grinds it into a fine powder and mixes it with small amounts of gypsum and limestone to make cement. The finished product is then put into 25kg bags and delivered to builders’ merchants or into road tankers and transported to ready-mixed and precast concrete plants for use in a variety of construction projects.

About Hanson
Hanson is one of the largest suppliers of heavy building materials to the UK construction industry. We produce aggregates (crushed rock, sand and gravel), ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, cement and cement-related materials from a network of more than 300 production sites and employ over 3,600 people. We are part of the HeidelbergCement Group, which has leading global positions in aggregates, cement and concrete with operations in 60 countries and 63,000 employees.

Hanson Cement is a leading manufacturer of cement, both in bulk and in bags, and produces Regen (ground granulated blast furnace slag) – a cement replacement in ready-mixed and precast concrete.

Media contact:
David Weeks 01454 332535


Monday, May 08, 2017

Penyffordd All Day Breakfast

was held Sunday at The Institute. Money was raised for village projects.

From Facebook

"A massive thank you to all of those that supported the All Day Breakfast yesterday - it was a brilliant day and we have made a record profit of £1218.30 (nearly £200 more than last year!) - all of which will be invested wisely in improving your community! ❤️

First of all, thank you to all the extremely hard working volunteers who gave up their weekend to support this event. You all worked tirelessly to keep everything running smoothly, you are all superstars." ⭐️

Friday, May 05, 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Accident at Millstone Playing Fields

at 17.35 ish. A young lad lying on the ground in the entrance to the playing. Loads of people in attendance. Ambulance hasn't turned up yet. Can't tell whether he's been knocked down or had an accident on the skatepark. Ambulance has turned up 17.49. Hope he's ok. Facebook will reveal what happened later.

Update: Apparently young man cuts his leg on fencing. Surgery tomorrow. We wish him well.
Cars in road with hazards drew wrong conclusion.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Penyffordd Wine Society

were very happy to have a talk by local historian Ray Bailey on North Wales Hill Forts. None in Penyffordd but Hawarden has three sites that were hill forts. I pedalled past one in Hawarden for years not knowing it was there.

Ray Bailey MA
Starts page 13.

Mold Hill Fort was also discussed

Flintshire has many Hill Fort Sites, Ray has added many to the list in his searches.
Ray's area of interest are timber hill forts.

Friday, April 21, 2017

A Sign of the Times - Apathy in Local Democracy

County           Estimated number of electors   Number of uncontested seats

Flintshire       18,619                                       12

Nominated Flintshire Councillor Candidates ( scroll down) ( in 2 parts )

Penyffordd Community Cllrs who will be returned unopposed
as there are places for 10 with only 9 standing

As previously mentioned County Cllrs Cindy Hinds and David
Williams will be returned unopposed as we require 2 and only 2 applied.

I see the above form does not show all political affiliations.

Postscript: Parting shots from Alison Halford.....

Thursday, April 20, 2017

BT Internet Services for Penyffordd district

are having problems. I've had emails and seen Penyffordd Facebook comments saying this is so.
We're seeing a few cut offs but only a few minutes at a time. The green box near Holly Drive appears to be causing issues.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hawarden Rd Proposed Development Deadline 21st April

If you feel the village has had enough development please go to the link below and make your objections.
It only takes a few minutes.
Proper reasons for objection.
Reasons matter to FCC Planning.
Pick from that below.

At the bottom of the above link there is another link to a large document that took a lot of time and effort to prepare.
Many good reasons for rejection.
Here it is.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Penyffordd Crime News

Last night there were 8 police cars in Hawarden Rd. People were asking on Facebook what was happening. Apparently they were looking for so and so but he was away on holiday..........

More 192

Looks like I'm running the show...................

Many thanks to The Leader a very good article.
Many thanks also to FCC Planning Committee and Planning Officers.
Many thanks to Cllrs Cindy Hinds, David Williams and Penyffordd Group.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Penyffordd 192 Protest

That's me with the dog. We were asked to frown :)  I now see a few hiding behind signs lol
Anyway they made the effort and turned up.

Flintshire County Council Planning Committee Video discussing the Redrow 192 houses application

This is a recording of this afternoon's meeting of Flintshire County Council Planning Committee discussing the Redrow 192 houses application which was thrown out. Cllrs Cindy Hinds, David Williams and a Penyffordd Group member speak on behalf of the community.

About 60 residents turned up to hear the application.

I presume the link given stays firm, ie. not temporary.
It takes about 60 minutes to go through the Redrow application.
You can fast forward to find our representatives speaking.

Penyffordd Group member 15 mins in
Cindy is about 26 mins in
David is about 31 mins in

Redrow can object the decision to the Welsh Assembly Government if they wish.

Decision Day for The 192

Today at 1.00pm FCC Planning Committee will hear the arguments fore and against the building of 192 houses mainly executive on open farm land.
You are very welcome to attend. Residents will be outside the front of Shire Hall at 12.45am

The Redrow representative will put their arguments forward.

Our County representatives Cllrs David Williams and Cindy Hinds will put their arguments forward against the application.
Also a representative of the Penyffordd Group will speak against the application.

Penyffordd have 5, 5 and 3 minutes respectively to speak.

FCC Planning have advised refusal.
If the FCC Planning Committee refuse planning this makes for a very strong case.

Redrow will have the opportunity to petition the Welsh Assembly Government if the decision today goes against them. If Planning officers and Planning Committee advise against this puts us in a good position. In recent times there have only been two instances where planning has been approved by WAG against the wishes of the two groups mentioned above.

Why refuse?
1. The application goes against WAG law and guidelines.
2. A new school is to be built that will NOT cater for the expected extra 400 children that this application will produce. This means school children will have to find their way to other schools in Buckley, Hawarden and Mold.
3. Current village amenities are not sufficient for current residents.
4. Penyffordd's allocation of new build will be double that of FCC guidelines.
5. These houses are not of the type that the community wants as stated in the recent village survey.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Penyffordd Sky at Night

If you look eastish towards Lower Kinnerton at sunset you can see the planet Jupiter the largest planet in our Solar System.

Friday, April 07, 2017

No Elections for Penyffordd on May 4th

Cllr David Walker informs me

"After the nominations for Council have closed ( 4th April) there will be no elections in Penyffordd on May 4th
Both County Councillors returned unopposed.

Only 9 applicants for the Community Council. 

So what this means is that no residents stood for County Councillor apart from Cllr Cindy Hinds and Cllr David Williams our present county cllrs who are standing again.

There was a shortfall for Community Council positions so all those who stood for community council last time and are standing again will be re elected unopposed.

postscript: plus new community council candidates.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Local Bus Hub - Cllr David Walker comments

" Do you not think there is a need for such a service in the light of the latest proposals by ARRIVA. They have decided to reduce the service to Mold and Chester through the village by 50%. As of Monday the 10th April the bus service to Mold and Chester will be every hour. This was done without any consultation with the Community Council and from what I can make out without any consultation with the County Council. The buses to Mold will be 10 past the hour from the institute and on the Hour to Chester from the institute. They have also withdrawn our ONE AND ONLY BUS THROUGH THE VILLAGE ON A SUNDAY. How people are expected to get to work I don't know. "

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Penyffordd Councillor Nominations

Cllr David Williams reminds me that nomination forms for the position of community and county councillor for the ward of Penyffordd need to be in by the 4th April to FCC.

I believe that at least four community cllrs are standing down this time.
Last time I looked there were positions for :-

2 Penyffordd County Cllrs
10 Community Cllrs

County are paid positions, Community unpaid.

Elections 4th May.

David has forms if you want one.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Welsh Assembly Goverment out to lunch

Last Sunday there was a 13 mile queue on the A55 at Conway / Colwyn Bay due to lane reductions.
Plus gridlock off the A55. People were spending 3 hours in queues.
Two days later they decide to have a road census. More queues.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hawarden Rd Planning Application now online

Please respond if you care about Penyffordd remaining a village.

Quoted from elsewhere.

"Just to let everyone know, the Hawarden Road app is on the planning portal and is now open for comments - none of the documents are visible - but we have untl the 21st April to comment - spread the word!

The application reference is 056694."

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Former Cllr Clive Weed

I understand Clive has resigned as a councillor for Penyffordd Community Council.
Most probably old news.
Google and Penyffordd Council website doesn't give a clue.

I also understand that certain longstanding cllrs are standing down and there are new younger candidates ready to stand.

I can remember when the balance of power was a follows.

Independents with a "small c " 9 places
Labour 1 place

How times change.

On an international perspective
Hope Geert Wilders does something in today's Dutch elections.
A very brave man who has to be surrounded by bodyguards all the time.

Interesting times.

keywords: Brexit, Donald Trump

postscript: Penyffordd Community Council Meeting 9th Nov 2016
"The Chairman informed the Council that unfortunately Councillor Dr Clive Weed formally resigned from his position on the Council with immediate effect. The Chair wished to thank Mr Weed for his years of hard work, loyalty and input. He will be sorely missed."

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bus Shelter Blues

Trouble up road....
When I first bought my house 30 years ago BT attempted to put a phone box outside our house.
Also a magnet for youth and others.
Mrs Hibbert the previous owner managed to stop them. BT had done a phonebox base and it was ready to go.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Penyffordd Local Elections May 4th

Cllr Cindy Hinds will be standing for County Council
Cllr David Walker will be standing for Community Cllr

I presume it is a given that Cllr David Williams will be standing for County Council.

It would be good for new faces who have enthusiasm to stand.
Time for those long standing community cllrs to stand aside.

Penyffordd Community Group now give "added value" to our local representatives.
This is not an uncommon situation. Many such groups exist throughout the United Kingdom.

postscript Cllr Jeff Priddin will be standing as well.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Hanson Cement Works looking to expand

Alternative Title: Larger Blot on the Landscape?

Hopefully horizontally and not vertically. They need a new mill and re connection to the rail networks. Perhaps the materials for cement process could be railroaded in? That would mean less HGV. 

Here's a horizontal one.

A vertical one here
Gets a bit technical at the bottom of the article discussing methods of controlling automatic production.

Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis seems to be the way things have gone........
This is clever stuff. Neutrons are fired through the cement dust to help control process.

This might not be happening over the road. Just speculation.
If you want to get up to speed with neutrons Wiki is your friend also.

Community Bus Service - Cllr David Walker

"Can you please publish on your site that starting on the 1st of April there will be a service to the Surgery at Buckley. This will consist of an 8 seater mini bus pick up points will be Vounog Hill Bistre Close St Johns Church Penyymynydd and Dobshill.I will advise you of the times when the County Council confirm them."

Last Night's Meeting

A very well attended meeting. Standing room only at the back. The future options for the community were put before those that were present. Good to see support from Dobshill.

A very well presented meeting with projection slides and explanations of what action needs to be taken. Lots of questions from community members present.

Penyffordd District is fighting over development. Flintshire are planning to build twice as many houses over the next 15 years than are needed ( more on this later ).
We are building for Chester which is against Welsh Law, this must stop.

Good to see County Cllrs Cindy Hinds and David Williams at the meeting.
It would have been good to see Penyffordd Community Cllrs at the meeting even though they had their monthly meeting in the Institute.

What are Penyffordd Community Council doing to prevent the proposed building onslaught?
Will have to look at their website.

Only problem being last night's council meeting minutes will appear in a months time..........
This setup is 20th century and not acceptable in present times with events happening by the week.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Penyffordd Public Meeting 8th March 2017

Welsh Assembly Government Wellbeing Act as related to Flintshire

Copied from elsewhere.

Wellbeing Act
Flintshire County Council have published a consultation document on the Wellbeing Act relating to Flintshire - you can view the summary, local data and the full document online here:

The most interesting bit we have extracted - it basically describes all our ( edit Penyffordd district ) problems in one short section:

2.26.8 Between April 2006 and March 2016 the average completion rate for new dwellings and conversions has been around 405 units per year. The economic downturn in 2007/08 saw a depression in the construction industry, which reduced housebuilding rates.

2.26.9 This reduction in housing completions continues across most of the country, but in Flintshire the past few years have seen exceptional completion rates fuelled by large Unitary Development Plan sites originally identified back in the 1990s being developed. They present a finite land resource for new house building, and once the allocations are built on they are gone. These sites could potentially lose their housing development status as the imminent production of a new Flintshire County Council Local Development Plan (LDP) reviews land allocations, and so there is an incentive to develop sooner rather than later.

2.26.10 Arguably, the recent high build rates could also be due to developers ‘managing’ the market and local supply, particularly given Flintshire’s current position ‘between plans’ and an inability to demonstrate a 5 year land supply, which opens up the possibility of speculative housing sites being promoted. Flintshire’s proximity to areas on the English border which see high housing demand but have restricted land supply also makes the area attractive to the large housing developers, particularly in the absence of an LDP. The neighbouring Welsh local authority of Wrexham also has limited housing land availability, which adds to the pressure on Flintshire. Once Flintshire’s new LDP is produced this speculative development will be curtailed.

2.26.11 The rate of new housebuilding seen in the last three of four years is not thought to be sustainable as there is doubt about long term capacity of developers, particularly when neighbouring local authorities produce their own Local Development Plans (including Chester and Wrexham) and release land for up to 40,000 homes within similar time periods over the next year or two.

2.26.12 Based on the past building rates method over a 5 year and 10 year period the land supply amounts to 6.6 and 8.1 years respectively. The Council is of the view that past building rates method clearly show the actual level of supply, compared with what the development industry is currently achieving on the ground, and is more reflective of recent economic conditions and reduced levels of house building.

My comments

With regards 2.26.12 and comment stating 6.6 and 8.1 year land supply.

In the above link it states "TAN1 requires each local planning authority in Wales to ensure that sufficient land is genuinely available or will become available to provide a 5 year supply of land for housing. Where a local planning authority doesn’t have an adopted Unitary Development Plan or Local Development Plan (LDP), it is considered not to have a 5-year supply and cannot publish a Joint Housing Land Availability Study, and this is the current situation in Flintshire."

So do we have a qualifying land supply?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fears communities will merge together if housebuilding continues

Cllr Bithell ( Mold) referred to the villages of Penyffordd, Caergwrle and Abermorddu, where serious concerns have been expressed about being merged together through developments.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jobs News

Sam Thompson, 29, from Penyffordd and Spencer Youd, 19, from Penymynydd have joined as Audit and Accounts senior and junior respectively.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Plans for 320 new homes could spell the end for Penyffordd as a village.

Cindy in The Leader

David is also on the case meeting and communicating with FCC planning officials, Welsh Ministers Lesley Griffiths AM and Carwyn Jones AM First Minister.

I think a further public meeting at Penyffordd British Legion will be announced shortly.

All objections will need to be done again for the modified 192 planning application and the other proposed developments.

Are we going to get Carl Sargeant AM on the case?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Roadworks A5104 Best find an alternative route

Unless you like sitting traffic. Lights are 3 way and are happening for about 2 weeks. Deep red and red mean stationary traffic. Screen grab taken at 5.15pm.

Click image to enlarge

Monday, February 20, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

Flintshire - Best Roads in Wales

Something for Bernie to be proud of.

Flintshire County Council has said it is preparing for a programme of road surface dressing works to improve the rural highway network.

The County will be investing £400k at various sites across the network.

Work is expected to start next week on the A5104 Penyffordd to Broughton road.

The work will include a number of route treatment safety measures, replacement of street lighting, traffic sign upgrading and junction improvements along the road.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Meanwhile in Wrexham

Daily rants on Penyffordd Facebook Groups about dog stuff

Quote "Residents concerned about dog fouling in their area are asked to email stating the location and time of day, if known, the dog fouling was taking place."

Not for us though we're in Flintshire.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Welsh MP's and Brexit

They just don't like democracy.

Lets keep voting till we get the right result.

To paraphrase former President Obama " Brexit won, deal with it"

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Items Stolen Penymynydd

4 saddles black country, wintec, albion and eglish saddle and a new energizer all stolen from small yard in Penymynydd Mon Night RM17002578

Sunday, January 29, 2017

HGV's using Penyffordd Village and surrounding trunk roads

Steps are being taken to make HGV drivers use lorry Sat Nav. There doesn't seem a month goes by with HGV's hitting Penyffordd and Caegwrle Railway bridges leading to train cancellations.

Through HGV traffic should not be using Penyffordd village either.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017

Chester under assault

Massive New Housing Development this side of Chester.
3000 extra cars in rush hour is madness. Any of you who have to get into and out of Chester for work will realise this. Not sure how Chester Council are going to square the circle with their " traffic survey".

Monday, January 16, 2017

Proposed Rhos Rd Retirement Homes Update

"The Penymynydd Road site will then be redeveloped. Would a development of retirement homes not be more suitable there, in the heart of the village? What will be developed there otherwise?”
I like the sound of that.
Some might not.

I presume this proposed development was discussed by Penyffordd Community Council last Wednesday. I suppose we have to wait a month until we see the ratified minutes.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Backward Step by FCC over Dog Poo?

Hawarden Road, Penyffordd is a disgrace.
As are many other areas
Flintshire County Council set to do nothing.

If the DNA scheme is 100% accurate surely this is the way to go.

I'm a dog owner by the way.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Oh Dear !


One of the comments.

andrew hennager


How can they lose 80 seats on the Welsh assembly when there are only 60 seats in the first place?

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Proposed Flats for Rhos Rd

In front of Mr Heaton's house........

The question being would you want a set of flats instead of a nice green field if you lived there?
A strange proposed development.

A bit like me wanting flats up the garden.........

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