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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Penyffordd and the EU

The EU is currently having big difficulty. How is Penyffordd affected? We are a relatively poor country that relies on public sector working and hand outs from the EU.

What affects the EU will ultimately affect Penyffordd. The only bright spot on the horizon being Airbus whose future is secured by its far east markets.

The Slog has the inside story. The comments section has some very clever people commenting.

Have a good weekend but keep the tank topped up.


Friday, March 30, 2012

To be a Councillor Part 8

There of course gotchas. Why can't they keep everything simple? The nomination paper ask for an Electoral Number. This is split into two sections.

1. Polling District Letters
2. Number

First off the polling district letters has got a number in it.
Secondly you can get the above required number off your polling card.
The only problem being it is called "Number on Register"

Just to add to the mix there is also a 14 digit number in the your details on the Poll Card.

This is all made difficult to get you back and to "County Hall" about 4 times.

Petrol Update

A commenter says Asda Queensferry has petrol and small queues.
I thank you.


TUESDAY, 17th. APRIL 2012 in  the

Petrol Update

Gwersyllt has no  petrol and diesel left.

To be a Councillor Part 5

To Shire Hall to get my Councillor Nomination Pack.

Two signatures required then back Monday.

I also have to sign a declaration of secrecy. That's when we ( as a councillor) have secret meetings about residents we don't like. (me)

Petrol Update

Mold Esso has no petrol or diesel.

Crash, Bang, Clang

At 10.00 am this morning a piece of scaffold fell off a lorry outside the Penyffordd Post Office. No one was hurt but it made one hell of a bang.

Which Penyffordd councillors are interested in stopping HGV coming through the village as a short cut. Just the one, David Williams.

The other councillors don't know what the function of a bypass is.

It's not just Penyffordd

Apparently 70 % of drivers are clueless


ps. I see Nikki who hammers through the village in her big black 4x4 every morning has slowed down. Perhaps she's nursing a couple of speed tickets.

Is David Williams going to stand for county

One of the few who isn't a Tom crony. The only councillor who fought for more affordable housing. Penyffordd needs six  Davids on community to break Tom's schlerotic fix on the village.

No proper health care
Village streets a race track
Little facilities for youth
Not a full size football field within the ward.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Penyffordd County Councillor Candidates So Far

Cindy Hinds has said she will stand.
Colin Bithell I have been told is standing.

Cindy has been luke warm over Chester Rd environment concerns.

CB has been hostile. He gets red in the face over parking in his cul de sac though!
Questions have to be asked whether Colin is an honary member of the local haulage association. He said nothing over A55 Warren Bank affecting Chester Rd either.

So far not very good !

Petrol Pump Panic

Rationing Diesel in Gwersyllt to £20 each.
Queues in Pontblyddyn which is selling dear stuff.
Wouldn't want to even have a look at Tesco's Broughton.

Lorry tanker drivers are on £40K a year god bless them.

postscript: If you want a world view on petrol pricing and production look below. The comments section has  some really clever people's views.

Penyffordd Institute Funding

I occasionally speak to committee member John Martin. One of the big bug bears is running an outdated building of poor insulation. In the Flintshire Chronicle today we have Welsh Minister, our AM Carl Sargeant standing outside Llanasa village hall in a photo opportunity. Llanasa people have secured £135K of funding through the Welsh Assembly Government's Community Facilities and Activities programme (CFAP).

Why is Penyffordd always at the back of the queue or not even in the queue when it comes to available grant money?

Colin Bithell in The Leader over transport and doctor's surgeries

Penyffordd councillor Colin Bithell is supporting the campaign to save the scheme.

He said: “In a village like Penyffordd where we don’t have a doctor’s surgery a lot of people need this community transport.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

To be a Penyffordd Cllr Part II

One week to go and still I have no forms to fill in. There are ten places on the community council. How many forms did Scribe Nigel order or receive?

To be sure Penyffordd political leader Cllr Tom Jones and all his cronies will have their forms filled in and returned to Shire Hall.

Not very encouraging. One law for Tom and one law for others. At 85 years old Tom shouldn't be standing, neither should most of his cronies. Cllr Carolyn Thomas of Treuddyn in the last few years has secured over £600,000 worth of funding for their youth whilst Tom and his cronies have sat on their hands.

keywords: schlerotic, Tom's monkey,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Penyffordd and Penymynydd War Memorial Institute AGM

Tuesday 27th March 2012 in the committee room at 7.00pm.

All are welcome to attend.


Thank you Gosafe

Apparently they have been here last week at 7 am. After 5 years of people continuing to speed through our community I have no sympathy. Scores have been caught.

No more forms for Councillors

I've asked Nigel for a form to be a council candidate. He says he's run out...........
Perhaps its expected the same old lot as last time will stand and no one else?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

British Summer Time begins: clocks go forward tonight


Footpath Stiles in Flintshire

Some fields can have three stiles in 300 yards.
One's that dogs can't get through.
We long ago gave up public footpaths with no facility for dogs at stiles.
Lifting three stone dogs over stiles becomes very wearing.

Our favoured countryside routes are bridle paths.
Councillor Quentin Dodd is to be welcomed for bringing this issue to the fore.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fiona's Ironing Service

County Councillor Cindy Hinds' SPRING NEWSLETTER 2012


Cllr Cindy Hinds
38 Berwyn Avenue
Nr Chester
Tel: 01978 761354

Dear Resident

I hope you all had a good Christmas and wish you well for 2012.  Unfortunately some residents in the village have not had such a good start to the New Year because of bereavements and illnesses.  I have never known it so bad, but let’s hope the spring will cheer us up and we can look forward to warmer days.


Managed Weekly Collections – In parts of Flintshire there has been real problems with the refuse collections and we have had a few in this ward.  As Pen-y-ffordd ward was in the pilot scheme most of ours have been ironed out.  Pen-y-ffordd ward is one of the best in Flintshire for recycling.  Not many residents have reported problems but please contact me if you are still encountering any difficulties or phone 01352 701234.

Street Scene – Street Scene was launched on the 5th March and will be all under one Department.  It will eventually be more efficient for residents and there is now one contact number – 01352 701234.
It covers – Cleansing issues – Abandoned vehicles: Dead animals on the Highway; Dog fouling; Fly posting: Fly tipping: Graffiti removal: Pest control; Discarded needles and syringes; Enforcement, e.g. Litter, Dog fouling; Letter and leaves collections; Waste – Recycling collections; Waste collection and disposal; Maintenance issues – Public conveniences; Car parks; Highways issues – Signs; Flooding on highways; Highway maintenance; Gritting and snow clearing; Street furniture, Fences; Street lights; Street name signs; Grass cutting;

Housing – If you are considering to be housed in Flintshire you must put your name forward as soon as you decide because there is a long waiting list.  For further information please contact Karen Stevens on 01352 701504.

Affordable Housing for Pen-y-ffordd Ward – On the Wood Lane and White Lion sites there will eventually be gifted homes to make housing more affordable for local people.  There is also in the region of £500k from both sites, which will be available to provide further affordable housing initiatives to local residents.
Gifted homes are given by the developer to F.C.C. for local residents to rent to buy in the affordable category.  If the local allocation is not filled then it is open to neighboring wards.  Residents have questioned the definition of “affordable homes” and F.C.C. answer is that they are “subsidized homes.”
As part of planning approval both developers are required to make affordable housing provision for local people.  Flintshire County Council’s Housing Strategy Officer, Penny Storr and local members have worked with developers to ensure that the right affordable housing provision is secured for our village.
The affordable homes will be a mix of home ownership (Flintshire New Build Shared Equity Scheme which allows people to purchase a 70% share in the property) and New Build Rental where the Council is looking to pilot its new initiative “Rent to Save” where part of the rental goes into a deposit fund to allow the tenant to buy a home in the future.  It is essential that anyone who wishes to be considered for either of these developments is registered on the Council’s Affordable Homeownership Register.  For further information please contact Affordable Home Team, Cymdeithas Tai Clwyd, 54 Stryd Y Dyffryn, Denbigh, LL16 3 BW.  Telephone 0345 230 3140.

Housing Stock Transfer – Tenants ballot is now taking place for a decision on housing stock transfer.  I think it would be tragic if this were to happen as there is a necessity for Council housing and also F.C.C. would be losing a lot of its assets.  If the transfer does get the go ahead from the tenants then that is it forever and your local councilor will not be as much involved with housing as is now.

A & B Roads – F.C.C. is carrying out a survey and reviewing all speed limits on A and B roads in the County.

North Wales Police Authority – The Coalition Government is removing all Police Authorities throughout England and Wales.  North Wales Police Authority consists of Magistrates, Independent Appointments and Elected Members selected from the County Councils.
They are to be replaced by an elected Commissioner sometimes called a Police Tsar.  Any person can put their name forward for the position and political parties are considering candidates as well.
The election for the North Wales Commissioner is on the 15th November and will be the same procedure as if electing an M.P.  I do not agree with this change but it has happened and I now look forward to seeing who the candidates will be when announced before the election.
The cost of holding this election for one person will be considerable.

Traffic Calming Measures – I have contacted FCC over a number of years regarding traffic calming measures to be placed in various parts of the village.  FCC Has included some of these in the Taith bid relating to road safety for next year.  Whilst the bid has not yet been finalized, and indeed it does have to go through a number of approval processes, it is likely that this scheme will be included in the 2012 / 13 programme of work.  Clearly, this is, as stated, subject to approval and FCC would not wish to raise expectations but at the moment all appears most favorable.
The new traffic calming measures are less invasive safety measures.

Council Tax Charges – At the County Council on Thursday 1st March, St David’s Day the budget was decided and an estimation was given for Band D for Pen-y-ffordd Ward – Community £27.83, FCC £932.39 and Police £214.83 = £1,174.78.

Boundary Changes – The Coalition Government is reducing the number of MPs in Wales from 40 – 30.  It will mean in North Wales that there could be a reduction of 3 or 4.
The present Alyn and Deeside Parliamentary Boundaries are proposed to be increased and include areas such as Leeswood, Gwernymynydd, Mold, Mynydd Isa, New Brighton, Northop, Northop Hall and Sychdyn which will increase the number of voters from approximately 62,000 to 81,000.
These boundaries are still being argued over and discussed at this moment in time.  Whatever is decided upon will be at some considerable cost.


Dobshill – Work on the new ambulance station has now started on the former hospital site and is expected to be in service by October, replacing stations in Flint, Holywell, Mold and Queensferry.  The Welsh Ambulance Service state that is would have no impact on the current service and it would improve care for patients.  It is expected that the service will create 20 jobs to help clean and stock the vehicles.  Some residents have asked if there could be a roundabout at the access to this new development.  Flintshire County Council’s Highways said it would not be feasible and there are no future plans to do this.

Flintshire Highways Department has updated me on the proposed speed limit changes at Dobshill.  The Legal Department informed Highways that the notice was advertised in the local press on Thursday 23rd February together with notices maintained on site.  The consultation period will end on the 23rd March 2012, when they will consider any formal objections that have been received.  FCC said it should be about April / May when the speed limits could be implemented.

I have emailed FCC Estates Department to see what is happening to the old Council Depot and their reply was that due to the economic climate the Police have not come back to them to say what their proposals are but have got till April 2014 to give their answer.  If they do not want the land then it will be back to the drawing board for other suggestions.

Wood Lane and White Lion Developments -  Since 2003 when my objections (which covered every angle you could possibly think of e.g. infrastructure, amenities etc.) first went to be heard before an Inquiry regarding the Wood lane and White Lion site it has been an uphill battle.  After the Inquiry when the Inspectors granted both sites for planning permission, it was virtually impossible for Flintshire County Council’s Planning Committee not to give permission for both developments the go ahead unless there was something really serious.  Both sites have been through Flintshire’s planning system and passed for development.  I have had many meetings with Developers, Planners, Leisure, Legal, Highways, Utilities, etc to try and put forward residents and my own concerns relating to traffic, drainage, amenities, overdevelopment, etc and also voluntary organizations to prioritise what amenities are needed for the village under the Section 106 Agreement.  From 2003 to now I have written, had many meetings with FCC and outside agencies and hit brick walls many times but we are where we are and have to move on.  Also those who represent the village have really worked hard to try and get the most from Developers for the good of the community.

Hanson Cement – A meeting took place on the 6th December 2011 in the Legion regarding Hansom Cement.  Various points were put forward from Health and Safety exposure: Health Protection Agency presented their review of oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and metals from Hanson Cement plant and local air complaints received by Flintshire County Council, Environment Agency Wales and Hansom Cement from 2000 to 2010.
If you feel you want further information, please go on line to

Write to Hanson Cement Investigation, Public Health Wales, Preswylfa, Hendy Road, Mold, Flintshire. CH7 1PZ; or leave a message on the answerphone service on 01352 803686.

Drainage – Residents are still complaining about problems with drains.  If you are having any trouble please let me know.  Also you must contact Welsh Water straight away on 0800 085 3968..

Melwood Close Play Area – Flintshire County Council and the Community Council have agreed on match funding toward a small piece of play equipment.  Hopefully we can make our play areas look more inviting by planting small trees and a few bulbs provided by PACA.

Dobshill Play Area – Match funding has also been given by Flintshire and the Community Council to replace the old piece of play equipment that was taken away.

Pen-y-ffordd Area Community Association (PACA) – The Association is working hard with other organizations to try and achieve the facilities that are needed for this village.  These are the six priorities that have been given to us by local organisations.
  1. Something done for the Scouts / Cubs, Beavers and possibly brownies etc regarding premises.
  2. Pen-y-ffordd Junior Football Club would like to see a youth pitch in the village.
  3. Pen-y-ffordd Senior Football Club would like some assistance in funding for wet room and catch nets.
  4. General agreement that a skate park would be a much needed facility.
  5. Cricket facility.
  6. An area for BMX riding and outdoors adventure.

Both the Wood Lane and White Lion sites will offer a lot more land that will be utilized for the community (bringing us closer to the open space recommendations for our village) and with the correct approach monies will be gained reasonably easy as a contribution to these needed community projects.  We can only work from land that is available to our community.
Christmas Carols – The Association had to have the carol singing in the Institute because of the weather and it went down very well.  The amount of money raised was £80.  When we do events it is very hard to get everything just right and hopefully we can achieve this, this year.  We are always very grateful to those who volunteer to help out.
No community can do without volunteers, they are a must or we would not have all the organizations that are needed for different activities, helping the vulnerable etc.
If you have any other ideas for the carol service please contact me and they can be put forward to the committee.
Charity Walk – There will be a Family Charity Walk on Sunday 1st April at 11 am.
All Day Breakfast – On Sunday 13th May we will be holding our annual All Day Breakfast starting at 9 am.
The Association is hoping to finish the Community Garden this year.  Groundwork is making good the lawn, borders need doing, more trees planted and two bases for two activity tables to be laid.

Pantomime – I always enjoy the pantomime and this year is no exception.  So much hard work goes into preparing these events, learning lines, singing, dancing, lighting, music etc and the costumes.  I thought the three little pigs pink dresses were fantastic, look out all you famous Designers.  Well done, actors, actresses and organisers.

Carnival – The Carnival is to be held on Saturday 16th June at 1 – 4 pm.  The committee is always very grateful for any volunteers on the day.  These events take a lot of hard work and all voluntary so please support them.

War Memorial Institute – If you want to book the Institute the number is 07887752793.  Web site -

Queen’s Jubilee – This year will be remembered for two things the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics.
Royal British Legion and the Institute are hoping to have a joint celebration on Monday 4th June for the Queen’s Jubilee.
Bob Oldham is the main organizer for this event and he will need volunteers and support from the community to make it a success and also he would welcome your ideas.  He can be contacted on 01244 759426.  Bob is also at the Legion organizing the Line Dancing on a Thursday evening.

Along with Cllrs. Linda Vidamour, Edwina Davies and Nigel Jones, Clerk to the Community Council, I have helped in choosing celebratory mugs for all the schools – St. John the Baptist, Pen-y-ffordd Junior and Abbots Lane Infants.  I would like to thank the Community Council for their sponsorship.

Police – It was sad to see the window smashed in our local Pharmacy.  The Pharmacy does well for this village and gives an excellent service.
There, also, have been several thefts of heating oil from villagers.  I do hope the police quickly catch the perpetrators but in the meantime could everyone keep a close watch on their property.
Please be careful when answering your front door because there are bogus Water Board officials still active in the Flintshire area.
Contact nos. Police Headquarters 0300 330 0101 and 101 for Anti Social Behaviour.

Hedges – Some residents have contacted me over people cutting hedges (especially of the hawthorn variety) and just leaving the cuttings on the roads and pavements.  This can cause people to slip and also the thorns can cause damage to bike and even car tyres.  Could I ask anyone who is thinking of cutting their hedge to please bear these points in mind.  Thank you.

Dog Fouling – I am still receiving complaints about dog fouling.  FCC has a dedicated team where they patrol areas (if they have been alerted to the issue) and fine the person who is committing the offence.  Those witnessing the offence, please take not of days, times or descriptions.  Contact nos. 01352 703366 (Enforcement) and 01352 701234 to report where there is any unsightly dog mess in the village.

Local Businesses

It is easy to forget when we do our shopping in places like Broughton Park, which is only five minutes away that there are a number of businesses in our community that need our support.  We have a very well run and friendly Post Office, an excellent prize winning butchers, a very popular and well organized Spa, excellent garage, pharmacy, and hairdressers.  Also there is the British Legion and the opportunity to book their excellent entertainments room.  There has been a change on the Committee with your people bringing fresh ideas.  The Red Lion, which has new proprietors in Claire and Rob.  The Millstone has also changed hands and there have been good reports about the atmosphere and their food.  With new housing coming to the village and an active volunteer sector, if we support our local businesses then our communities will thrive and prosper.

N.B. If there are any other businesses in the village, to my shame I may have left out, please contact me if I am fortunate enough to be elected on May 3rd and I will do my best to include you in my next Newsletter.

M.P. and A.M – Thank you to the Royal British Legion for allowing the M.P. Mark Tami and A.M. Carl Sargeant for their surgeries (about three times a year on a Friday afternoon).  The lounge is used as a waiting room and residents are seen in private in the entertainments room.  Their next surgery is 16th March 2012 3 – 4 pm. 
Their contact nos: are Mark Tami M.P. 01244 819854
Carl Sargeant, A.M. 01244 823547

COUNTY AND COMMUNITY COUNCILS ELECTIONS 3RD MAY 2012 – Residents will be given the opportunity to vote for up to 2 County Councillors and 10 Community Councillors.  I have been selected by my Part to once again stand for both County and Community.

Over the last four years I have been proud and privileged to represent you all and have done my best to carry out my duties in a diligent and professional manner.  I believe I have kept many people informed through my Newsletter giving everyone an opportunity to comment or make contact.


Printed and produced by Cllr. Cindy Hinds, 38 Berwyn Avenue, Pen-y-ffordd. CH4 0HS.

Penyffordd schoolchildren to get Queen’s Diamond Jubilee mugs

read further in the Flintshire Chronicle.

Penyffordd runner to take on London Marathon for RAF Association.

Rob Boyce, of Green Park, Penyffordd, will run the London Marathon next month to raise money for the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) – and hopes to raise £1,500.

Read further Flintshire Chronicle

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who wants to be a Penyffordd Councillor?

Will the sheep vote the usual lot in?
Will the usual lot ( Tom's gang) call it a day.

Tom's looking for a finish when he's 90 in 2016.

I often wonder what some councillors do in between monthly meeting.

Will Joe Bell call it a day? Which crony will Tom get to replace him?

Details of applying to be a council candidate are now outside the Post Office.

Or look below.

Link How to become a councillor

Sunday, March 18, 2012

County Council Report – Cllr David Williams - March 2012

Village developments update

White Lion

The White Lion application was approved at the planning meeting in February.  I still feel that we were badly let down by Flintshire, and how anybody can consider a development of 88 houses, with a starting price of £250,000 for 70 of them can be in the best interest of this community is beyond me!  I believe the social mix is out of keeping with what we need and our first time buyers have suffered a real disservice from this decision.

There is also the issue of the 106 agreement for recreation and the fact that this was no settled months ago is another example of the inefficiency of Flinshire planning department.  I hope to have this matter resolved in the next few weeks.

Making the most of the Opportunities from large Developments.

Once the 106 agreement has been settled for the White Lion, the Chief Executive should make his long awaited appearance in the village to see just how poor our amenities are in relation to the development we have provided over the past 30 years.  Hopefully this can be set up for mid April.


Difficulties are still being encountered over the rent demands of the Estate.  Membership is now 27 and at a recent full meeting they were still very up beat over the fact that we now have a strong and well organised group who are ready to set up the allotment as soon as the land is settled.

Speeding issues and Road Safety

New Limits have been advertised and provided there are no legitimate objection it is hoped the new limits will be in place by the end of April.

Chester Road / Post Office
This area is currently under serious review and it is hoped that some form of control will be implemented very soon.

The bypass is due for an official review in the next 3 to 5 months and if it results conclude some means of improvement or enforcement is necessary, this could be underway in the next 6 or 8 months.

Corwen Way flashing signs
Some problems are being encountered over the power for this sign and once sorted out the suggestion is to alternate it with the Hawarden Road sign to retain effectiveness.  This is not set in stone though, and it could end up flashing signs on both roads.  The Hawarden Road sign may need to be moved as visibility of it near the bus shelter takes away some of its effectiveness.

Abbottsford Drive
This matter has been taken up with Head of Highways and it is possible some form of parking restrictions could be put in place and this would be enforced by County enforcement rather than the police.

Civil Parking Enforcement
This consideration was put to Community Councils last June but no response was made due to an oversight.  Any areas where Yellow lines could be removed, or new ones put in need to be suggested to the County who will review the requests.

HGV Vehicles using the village
Please continue to report incidents and offenders as they occur.

Match Funding

The Community Council agreed to the match funding scheme of FCC for the improvement of play provision in the ward.  The application has been recommended for approval and hopefully this will be rubber stamped and our play areas can benefit again from this excellent initiative.

Local Business Opportunities

My recent meeting with Head of Planning Policy was very productive in the opinion expressed was that the suggestions have great potential.  There is a lot of work to do and this will not happen over night and work on this initiative will continue.

Roundabout Landscaping

The officer responsible for this is quite enthusiastic over the potential and site meetings will be arranged in the coming months.

Pot holes, hedges, street lights and grit bins

Please make sure any issues on these matters are reported with details of conversations recorded.

Matters relating to –

            Public footpath – Silver Birch Way Public Footpath
            Hanson Cement
            Skate Park request
            Village Sewage System
            Watts Road / Park Crescent link path
            Web site

Are still in hand but there is no real progress to report.  They are certainly not forgotten and if you require any information on any of these issues, please ask.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welsh Town the Size of Penyffordd district becomes a City

I kid you not.

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting March 2012 ( February minutes ratified)


The Minutes of the proceedings of the meeting of the Pen-y-ffordd Community Council, held in the War Memorial Institute, on Wednesday 8th February 2012.

Present : Cllr D. Williams, Chairman of the Council (In the Chair)
               Cllr T.W. Jones OBE, Vice Chairman
               Cllr’s C. Bithell, Mrs. C. Hinds, Mrs M.D. Jones, Mrs. L. Vidamour

Apologies for absence were received from : Cllr’s J.W. Bell, Mrs. E. M. Davies, S.E. Davies, Mrs. J. Hopwood.

In Attendance :  G.N.I. Jones, Clerk to the Council.



That the Minutes of the proceedings of the meeting held on Wednesday 11th January 2012 be confirmed as a correct record, and signed by the Chairman, Cllr D. Williams.

204. Matters arising from the Minutes.

Minute No. 177 – Planning Applications
Plan No : 0488992
Proposal: The White Lion Development.
The Clerk had left the meeting, whilst this matter was discussed on 11th January 2012.
Cllr D. Williams wished it to be added to the preamble that he could not support the decision to support the application, for the reason that he did not feel that the social mix of properties served the community, and that a better deal could have been achieved.

Minute No. 182 – Penymynydd Woods – Hope Road
The Clerk informed that he had spoken to an officer of Flintshire County Council, and that they were to visit the area referred to, with a view to obtaining some form of agreement to locate seating.

205. North Wales Police
a) Recruitment of Police and Community Support Officers
b) Theft of Central Heating oil and Access Penymynydd Road
Correspondence from Darren Wareing, Chief Inspector, informed the County of Flintshire will be recruiting an additional 17 Police and Community Support Officers in its efforts to continue to support community policing.
The funding for these additional officers has been made available by the Welsh Assembly Government and recruitment has already started.
With regard to the theft of heating oil, and access only –  Penymynydd Road, Inspector Iwan Jones acknowledges receipt of the Community Council’s correspondence, and informs that he will ask acting Inspector Andy Griffiths to look into the issues and he will report back to the community Council in due course.
Cllr Mrs. D. Hinds informed that she had attended a Town, Community and County Council members’ meeting along with the North Wales Police.  She found the meeting to be very uninteresting, and with regard to the reporting of instances, a shambles.
Cllr T.W. Jones described the meeting as pathetic, it most certainly did not replace the attendance of a police officer at meetings.  Cllr Jones made the point that it is not necessary to have an officer to attend every community council meeting, but it is nice to have a presence, when there is something to report.
Inspector Iwan Jones, at the meeting gave the promise, that if his own phone number is used he would respond.
If a special request was made for an officer to attend a meeting on a one-off occasion, then he would endeavor to have an officer present.
There were no reports of incidents etc, Cllr Jones has the feeling that the police have gone remote.
Cllr Jones had reported that a lady had had her central heating oile stolen on four occasions, it would appear that the theft of the central heating oil is at the moment the biggest problem in the area.

That Cllr’s Mrs. C. Hinds and T.W. Jones be thanked for their report.

206.    Planning Applications.

1.      Plan No:  049324
Proposal:  Removal of existing conservatory, erection of a new porch to side of house, with a large kitchen, with family room and first floor extension to form new bedroom and en-suite
Location: Burfield House, Chester Road, Penymynydd..
2.      Plan No:  049332
Proposal:  Erection of a first floor extension
Location: 14 Cae Vownog, Pen-y-ffordd.

3.      Plan No: 049370
Proposal: Erection of a ground floor extension to provide double garage, utility, shower room and kitchen extension.
Location: Ingleborough, Abbott’s Lane, Pen-y-ffordd.

That applications 1, 2, and 3 above be supported.

207.    PACA Update

Cllr Mrs. C. Hinds informed that at present there is little to report, until Section 106 agreements have been resolved.

208. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

Cllr Mrs. L. Vidamour reported that the sub-committee had met, first of all it was not happy with a coin that had been provided by the Clerk, as it appeared to be inferior, not worthy of the occasion. 
The sub-committee also considered that to present a five pound coin to every child in education would be too expensive, committing the Council to in excess of £2,000 expenditure.
The Clerk informed that he had spoken to the Headmaster of Pentrobin V.P. School and that he was quite happy to go along with Abbott’s Lane, and the Junior School and that the pupil’s could be presented with a commemorative mug.
Cllr Mrs. C. Hinds informed that she had made enquiries with regard to the production of a two pound coin, which may be more suitable, however the supplier was not sure at the moment whether this would be produced.
The Clerk advised that at Abbott’s Lane School there are 106 pupils, at Pen-y-ffordd Junior School and Pentrobin V.P. 125 pupils at each.
The Clerk continued that he had included an amount of £1,200 provisionally in the budget, and that the cost of purchasing 400 commemorative mugs, would be within the budget of £1,200.
Cllr C. Bithell thanked the sub-committee for the work that they had done.
The point was put that there could be Junior School pupils from in the village that attend other schools, for example the Roman Catholic School in Mold.
The Clerk was asked to place an appropriate notice in the notice boards, asking for information with regard to junior school pupils who attend school outside of the Pen-y-ffordd Community Council area.


1: That a quantity of 400 mugs be purchased.
2. That an appropriate notice, in accordance with the above, be posted in the notice boards, and other vantage points in the community.

209 Proposed Allotment – Hawarden Estate – Pen-y-ffordd Community Council

Members had been previously circulated with correspondence from Mr. William Hall and Co. Agents for Gladstone Estates, which regretted to inform that a rejection has been received from the Estate’s tenant, who is now saying she does not wish for the proposal to go ahead, and in particular does not want any work to be carried out on the proposed site at the present time.

It is understood the reason for her objection is that she considers the area of land proposed to be used to be too large for the purpose and she is prepared to surrender her tenancy only for the smallest enclosure of land nearest the access track.
The Chairman, Cllr D. Williams informed that he had visited Mrs. Lewis, and in her opinion, Mr W.S. Hall had acted prematurely, and that there were certain small issues which she wished to further. 

Cllr Williams continued that he had had a meeting with the respective allotments tenants and that they did not wish to spend monies, until such time as they knew the clear position, and did not wish to comply with Mr. Hall’s request that planning consent should be first sought.
Cllr Williams continued that the allotment members are disappointed with Mr. Hall’s reaction, and that the group are prepared to look elsewhere.
Cllr C. Bithell suggested that the matter should be left to ride, until the next meeting, where further information may be available.

That the matter be agended for the March meeting.

210. Match Funding Scheme, Improvements to Children’s Play Areas

Correspondence from the Public Open Spaces Manager confirmed the Community Council’s agreement to match fund up to £5,000, for improvements to Melwood Close and Dobshill play areas.  This offer will be reported to a future meeting of the Council’s Executive committee for consideration, the outcome of which will be shared with the Community Council in due course.

That detail of the response be noted.

211. Proposal to Alter the Date of Local Government Elections in Wales.

Correspondence received from the Welsh Assembly Government sought the views on the proposal to move the date of Local Government Elections in Wales by one year from May 2016, to May 2017.
It would appear that the national Assembly Elections will be delayed by one year, because of the Parliamentary Elections, to 2016, which would then clash with the Local Government Elections.
If the Local Government Elections were delayed to 2017, they will then stand alone.
Members were of the opinion that the Local Government Elections should remain as scheduled.

That the Welsh Assembly Government be informed that the decision of the Community Council is that status quo should exist, and that the Local Government Elections should be held in may 2016.

212 Town and Community Council Street Lighting Arrangements.

Correspondence from the Head of Street Scene informed that a Task and Finish group has been established to look at street lighting generally across the County. 
Within the terms of reference, one aspect that will be considered is Town and Community Council lighting and the links to the Street Lighting Service provided by the County.
Members suggested that the County Council could be asked to takeover the responsibility of street lighting from Pen-y-ffordd Community Council.

That the foregoing point be put to the Head of Street Scene.

213 Speed Restriction - Pen-y-ffordd Community Council Area

The Clerk reminded members that he had questioned the Head of Assets and Transportation, as to what traffic calming measures would be introduced for Chester Road.
The response informed that a detailed investigation of any appropriate proposals for Chester Road have not yet commenced, due to the current pressures on completing schemes already in progress.
Any measures identified would need to address the problems currently being experienced, but at present there are no indications as to what these may be.

That a response to the effect that now the current pressure has been eased, then has any proposals for Chester Road been comilied, a response would be appreciated as soon as possible.

214 White Lion Development.

Cllr T.W Jones asked the question as to whether or not the application for the White Lion Development has been determined.
Cllr Mrs. C. Hinds responded that it had been approved by the County Council, but there were Section 106 issues to be agreed.

That the foregoing statement of Cllr Mrs. C. Hinds be noted.

215 Pantomime

Cllr Mrs. C. Hinds referred to the excellence of the pantomime, and asked that a letter of congratulations be communicated to the organizers.

That an appropriate letter of congratulations be communicated to the organisers.

216 Castle Cement Padeswood Works.

Cllr Mrs. C. Hinds informed that there was now a new person in charge, of both Castle Cement and Ribblesdale, as they had merged, the person in charge being Mr. Garry Young.
She further advised that working capacity would now be 50% and that additional staff were to be taken on.

That Cllr. Mrs. C. Hinds, be thanked for her report.

217 Street Scene

Cllr Mrs C. Hinds advised that a new venture was being launched by Street Scene, covering a multitude of services.
Further details would soon be available.

That Cllr. Mrs. C. Hinds be thanked for the information.

218 Wrexham Bidston Railway Line.

Cllr Mrs. L. Vidamour informed that she had received an email from the above, inviting the Community Council to take up a corporate membership for a subscription fee of £10.00 per annum.

That membership be taken up, a cost of £5.00 per annum.

Defacing of 30 mph signs in Penymynydd

The two 30 mph signs just off Penymynydd roundabout have been sprayed with black paint. One presumes by someone caught speeding by Gosafe on their recent campaign around the village.

Seven weeks to go

Until local elections first week in May.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Penyffordd Sky at Night

If you look into the sky at night at the moment, lack of cloud permitting you will see two large stars near one another.

They are none other than the planets Venus and Jupiter. Venus being the brighter of the two.

The Independent

Huffington Post

Sunday, March 11, 2012

To Chirk Carboot

Still in the top field for the winter. A mild day, many hundreds there. The car boot moves to the big field when the clocks go back.

Gosafe acting strange?

Apparently they have been seen in Chester Rd last week on two occasions between 6.30 and 7.30 pm. That's in the evening and in the dark.

How about some more attention on the morning rat run Gosafe? 
You have the data you know when it happens.

By acting strange I mean doing a proper job.

Still shouldn't complain.

Some local politicians don't mind speeding in the evenings.
They tend to live up cul de sacs, well away from main roads........................

Perhaps we have a new outlook, election approaching.
One where Chester Rd and other roads will be thought of as community centres rather than major short cuts for lorries, Airbus and Broughton Retail Park traffic.
After all we do have a bypass.

To Plas Teg with Penyffordd Wine Circle

If you decide to go it's best to go dressed as if you were going out on a frosty morning. The place is permanently cold.

If you were unfortunate to steal such items as a loaf of bread in the 1600's in Penyffordd you could have found yourself in front of the infamous Judge George Jeffreys at Plas Teg.

Hanging was frequently the punishment. It did not matter whether you were man, woman or child.

Plas Teg is open for guided tours most Sundays. A most interesting place. Well worth a visit.
A big thanks to Simon and Susan for the guided tour. Perhaps I'll add more when I have thawed out........


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Adverts on this blog

There is currently an advert occasionally on this blog with which I do not agree. Adverts are triggered automatically by words. It should go away shortly.

Penyffordd Community Council meeting March 2012

Is tomorrow night. The agenda up on the notice board hand written. Speeding in Penyffordd district is on the agenda.

Monday, March 05, 2012

The A55 Trunk Road (Junction 35, Dobshill, to Junction 36A, Broughton Retail Park, Flintshire) (Temporary Prohibitions and 40 MPH Speed Limit) Order 2012


Penyffordd District Health Advice - Aluminium

Some Penyffordd residents are concerned with what passes through our air. Perhaps they should also investigate what is put in our drinking water. Aluminium allows us to fly around the world. It's use allows many locals to have gainful employment at Airbus.

It also has less pleasant properties. Read the work of Professor Chris Exley in The Telegraph.


Sunday, March 04, 2012

Carl and Marx are coming to town

If you have any issues just turn up. People are usually seen on a first come first seen basis.

My issue is that the Welsh Assembly should pay the costs of traffic calming for Chester Rd and other areas of Penyffordd affected by the new A55 Warren Bank exits.

Martin Rigg has passed away

Please click image to enlarge to read details of funeral and the wishes of the family.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Penyffordd rider Simon Price

Mountain biking: Simon Price wins North Wales title during preparations for age group switch.

Read further The Chronicle.

Eddie Edison RIP

Eddie's fight with cancer came to a peaceful end on 25th of February at his home in Penyffordd in the comfort and care of his family.


I liked Eddie. Always a smile on his face, always willing to pass the time of day. A true gentleman.

keywords: funeral, Chester Football Club, supporter

Penyffordd Wine Circle met last night

A talk about the wines, food and geography of Madeira was given by Richard and Chris. A slide show of island life with samples of Madeiran wine used in aperitif, main course and sweet meals. Chris provided home made soup, bread and cakes.

Arrangements have been made to visit Plas Teg by the group in the next month. Guests are most welcome. Contact can be initially made through the comments section.

Perhaps a Penyffordd councillor might wish to attend?

Gary Speed Testamonial at Cardiff

Cllrs Stan and Edwina Davies attended the memorial football game Wales against Costa Rica at Cardiff.

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