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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Memo to Penyffordd Cllrs

The new clerk is hiding information of council meetings on the council notice board. Under instructions from Tom? Or perhaps its in the council minutes. (Joke)

Somethings don't change do they.

I'm going to press this. Its a fundamental right that cllr meetings are available to read.

If not why have a £10000 clerk for 3 days work a month.

Memo also to the Penyffordd clerk. Best you get any "off Penyffordd committee instructions" in writing. Your job is to be neutral and to advise cllrs when they are being unfair and vindictive


1. Secret meeting by Penyffordd Community to get Flintshire lawyers ( very deep pockets) to take action against me for having temerity to suggest 2000 cars a day breaking 30mph on a major route to school was something they didnt want to know about. Previous clerk visited the house to tell me.
He said speeding traffic is nothing to do with the council.  The agenda hidden because only the front page was showing. I should have had a go then.
Notice the modus operandi. Verbal with no record.
What he said to me and a witness is a downright lie. It is a function of council. Not the clerks fault acting under instructions. I wonder if clerks comments to me were discussed in council and who passed minutes? Someone say "don't make us laugh please"

2. Cllrs taking vindictive action with the distribution of grant money in the village. Was it 3 years on the run they gave grant money for their mates and nothing to a society I belong to.

Best you ask the wise heads at County Hall for advice . Don't want you mixed up in the politics.

We remain in the dark ages with a dead hand on the tiller.

What better example than Cllr Joe Bell. How many meetings has he attended in the last 4 years.
What has he done in the last 4 years. A comment made by Joe 2008 / 2012 about flashy signs on Chester Rd during committee was a golden moment.

I presume you cllrs remember that embarrassment

Tom's lot would vote for a donkey if asked to do so !


  1. The above happened is fact.It will have been discussed in private by Tom's gang. If I get any bullies knocking on my door I'll be consulting our PCSO. Perhaps we have a cllr with the minutes discussing their illegal action

  2. A talk with Edwina tonight. Apologies for an insinuations against Cllr Tom Jones.


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