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Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Local Cinema in the offing

Well as local as we're going to get.

Broughton shopping park £13m cinema and restaurant plan unveiled.

Read further NE BBC Wales online.

Councillors ordered to publish contact details online

It would appear I am not the only one who takes issue. I share views of the Information Commissioner for Wales.
During the run up to the elections it turned out ( it was commented) that all previous Penyffordd cllrs had email addresses.


Cllrs Cindy Hinds, David Williams, Linda Vidamour and Clive Weed are all easily contactible by email.

Anyway Tom we're all big mates now. Just pointing it out.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welsh Assembly Government Grant of £300,000

towards traffic calming for Chester and Hawarden Rd. This is very good news.
Neal Cockerton Head of Assets and Transportation said the vast majority of feed back was positive.

Many thanks to Dave Goodban of The Flintshire Chronicle for highlighting this issue.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Traffic Calming Consultation a Success

in terms of resident interest. It was difficult to get to the boards to see traffic calming layouts.
In fact I came away not seeing the proposals for Chester Rd !

It was good to see head highways honcho Neal Cockerton, Head of Transportation and Assets in attendance. His team did a very good job of explaining traffic calming to the attendant crowds.

Councillors from the village included County Cllrs Cindy Hinds and David Williams. Also Cllrs Tom Jones, Colin Bithell and Clive Weed.

I thanked Chairman Cllr Tom Jones for the backing of Penyffordd Community Council.

Introduced myself to Neal Cockerton and thanked him for making the consultation possible

Had a very good talk with Ian Jones Senior Highways Engineer about traffic calming techniques.

He also told me he travelled on one of the last trains on the railway line that used to route through the middle of the village.

Forms were available to fill in with regards traffic calming for Chester Rd and Hawarden Rd, for and against. Officers will now analyse feedback and responses to see what way forward ( or backwards) will be taken.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Traffic Calming Consultation is on Today

at The Penyffordd British Legion between 4.30 pm and 7.00pm ( I think).
Flintshire Highways officers will be there to show models of traffic calming solutions for Chester Rd and Hawarden Rd.

They are there to answer your questions and concerns.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Virgin Mary's Children

We share a common entry at the back with five other properties. We all have gates. On three occasions in the last week our gate which is open to the main road has been left wide open.

We have a bull terrier who as well as being Chairman of Vandalism, Walks, Security is also Chairman of the  Escape Committee.

His road sense is at the same level as a five year old, somewhere near zero.

Last night I said to Lisa I suspected primary school children.

Today all has become clear. 

It seems whilst mum is outside Penyffordd Junior School chatting to other parents her two off spring run down to the bottom of the road, run back and two across Chester Rd and generally cause havoc including running up our alley way opening the side gate.

Apparently when asked where their dad is they say they haven't got one !

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Possible Traffic Calming for Penyffordd in the Daily Post

The Daily Post and Flintshire County Council are to be congratulated for high lighting traffic issues in Penyffordd.

"Cllr Bernie Attridge, cabinet member for environment at Flintshire, said: “The proposed traffic calming measures for Penyffordd are welcomed, and will improve the safety of all road users in the village.
“The scheme has been assessed in accordance with Flintshire Council's traffic calming policy.
“I urge people to attend the consultation event, so they can see for themselves what we are proposing and their view can be taken into account in the development of the scheme.”
Thank you Bernie, You're a Top Man !
I have been getting in a bit of a panic on over lack of lack of advertising of the consultation. Mary Post Office had a letter sent to her home address which is no where near Chester Rd or Hawarden Rd.
Mary has kindly photo copied it and put it in the Post Office window.
I don't know anyone else who has received the consultation letter off Neal Cockerton , Head of Transport Assets, FCC.
I will be out over the next day putting copies through interested residents letter boxes.
I hope both The Leader and Flintshire Chronicle will run the story.

Read full story here The Daily Post

Many thanks to Cllrs Cindy Hinds and David Williams and Penyffordd Community Cllrs for making traffic calming in Chester Rd a possibility.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Blogger in Trouble with Council


You might wish to read the comments section as well.

Molly Bateman has passed away

on Tuesday 12th June 2012

Funeral Service to be held
at The Lady of the Rosary, Buckley
at 10 am on 22/06/2012

Refreshments afterwards at The Penyffordd British Legion

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good Food at the Penyffordd Spar

The Spar have some fantastic bread rolls. Far superior to any others I have tasted. The products are made by Henllan Bread.

The Spar has delivery every other day.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting June 2012

at 6.30pm start . All are welcome to attend. Flintshire Highways officers will be at the meeting to discuss village traffic management.
WRONG!  Highway officials will be at a meeting on 20th June at 6 pm. My mistake. Tx to the person who emailed me pointing this out )

It is hoped that councillors see the benefits of traffic calming to Penyffordd environment. The village being a major short cut for traffic inc HGV between trunk roads to the north and south of the village.

It is hoped our elder statesman ( a school governor) who lives in a cul de sac can be persuaded as to the safety benefits of having a traffic calmed village.

Gosafe are here yet again tonight ( 7 pm )

There will be a public meeting following the community council meeting on the 25th June so that members of the public can raise concerns for and against.

Higher Kinnerton are currently having traffic calming installed.

I am of the opinion that a third of Chester Rd traffic is through traffic.

In 2007 Chester Rd traffic levels were 2800 vehicles a day. A third of that is nearly a 1000. Since then A55 Warren Bank has been constructed making the village a lot more attractive as a short cut many of whom are commercial.

This last month has seen HGV coming through the village at about 60 a day at times.

Chester Rd and other Penyffordd roads have the wires down to measure traffic volume, speed, etc.
This will be the eighth traffic measurement of Chester Rd since 2007.

Today Chester Rd has been the subject to a traffic survey outside the Penyffordd Post Office by a company acting for Flintshire Highways?

They started at 7.00 am and were here all day.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I spy with my little eye

Cllr Tony Sharps visiting a councillor at 10.30 on a Sunday morning ........

Penyffordd and Penymynydd Carnival 2012

Saturday 16th June 
Gates Open 1 pm - 4 pm
Admission  - Adults £1 - Children 50p


1.00 pm Bradley Brass Band
1.30 pm Zumba Demonstration
2.00 pm Mountain Harmony Chorus
2.30 pm Bradley Brass Band
3.00 pm Pilates Demonstration
3.30 pm Bradley Brass Band

Where On Earth?
Picture Quiz - 1st Prize - Digital Camera
Go to www.  for details

Raffle Prizes
1st Red Lion Meal Voucher
2nd Millstone Meal Voucher
3rd Tooth Whitening by Cambria Dental Practice

Raffle Draw 3.15 pm in The Institute

Red Lion Carnival Party
BBQ from 4 pm
Bouncy Castle for children.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

To the doctors

That's one of the ones we haven't got in Penyffordd

I've had an outer ear infection.
The end result a slight loss of hearing - temporary or permanent?

I was given various antibiotics - eardrops and tablets.
One antibiotic was gentamycin.

Googled possible side effects of antibiotic reveals - loss of hearing, tinnitus ( which I have slightly) and the destruction of inner ear balance which means you can't stand up anymore without assistance. A kidney toxicant as well.

No mention at the doctors of the above. I decided against the gentamycin.
Didn't tell the doctor though as all I wanted was a referral to an ear specialist.

I have developed eczema along the inner arm and leg areas which I hope  is temporary. This I put down to the antibiotics.

My wife has to carry tablets everywhere to stave off hive attacks after a brush with an antibiotic she can no longer take.

Cure worse than not going in the first place?

Any way it's onward to Wrexham Maelor Hospital  ENT ..............

Further thoughts. If it wasn't for antibiotics 45 years ago I wouldn't be here................ Such is life.

Penyffordd Tennis Club are looking for new members

Coaching sessions are available.
Sarah Douglas the tennis club coach can be contacted on 07564 977745 for information.

Property Sales Penyffordd District

36 Hawarden Road £111,250
Penyffordd, CH4 0JE 23rd March 2012

You can search all these sales totally free of charge by going to

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Thank you to Gosafe

For protecting Chester Rd community against danger and noise. This morning's positioning of the van will catch a few. More would be caught if drivers did not warn one another.
My argument being that if serial speeding drivers are caught more quickly they have less chance of killing or seriously injuring people. When you get six points on your license it's wake up time. That's except for the idiots of course.

Monday, June 04, 2012

We'll Meet Again Some Sunny Day

Thus sang the large gathered assembly outside the Penyffordd British Legion this afternoon. And very good it was too.
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations going very well. All my favourite anthems being blasted out along Chester Rd.
Perhaps we could have had the village shut to through traffic making them use the bypass?

A good afternoon for villagers and organisers after the constant rain yesterday.

keywords: Vera Lynn

Friday, June 01, 2012

HGV Watch

I'm of the opinion that Chester Rd has had somewhere between 300 and 600 20 ton lorries through this last fortnight.
Up to 60 a day.
That's in spite of us having a bypass.

There is some big contract going on. Is it the attempt to stop landfill pollution seeping into the River Alyn at Gwersyllt?

As previously stated I wonder whose side some councillors are batting for. (TJ and CB)
Given the schlerotic inaction over this issue.

We appear to be to be ok for short cuts traffic car or lorry. A major short cut between trunk roads

keywords: Alan Skips, Hollingsworth Bros and others.

ps. Some are under the misapprehension that Chester Rd is a trunk road.
We are neither an A or B road. We are in fact a C road but we are used as a trunk road..

Cllr Cindy Hinds Newsletter May 2012


Dear Resident

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to vote on Thursday, 3rd May 2012 in the local elections.  A special THANK YOU to those who voted and helped me to be re-elected to the County Council and Community Council.  Also elected to the County Council (2 member Ward_ was David Williams.  Colin Bithell was unfortunately the candidate to lose out.  Colin has been through such a hard time dealing with a serious illness and the loss of his wife, Faith, who had been very active member of the community.  I believe Colin is resilient and will continue to contribute to the Community Council and his work as a school governor.

Community Council – Eight members were re-elected to the Council.  Two new members also succeeded, Helen Jones and Clive Weed.  They will be an asset to the Council and wish them well in their term of office.  The candidate that failed was Colin Hughes but I am sure he will continue to monitor village activities and try again in five years time.

Two members of the Council retired, Jane Hopwood and Margaret Jones.  Jane has been a valuable member of the Council and I would like to thank her for her term of service and her friendship.  Like a lot of people in the community, work and family have to come first and I wish her well for the future.
Margaret Jones has been a long standing, diligent and well respected member of the Community Council  She has served this community for 27 years on so many different committees and governorships, always thinking how she can help make our community a better place.  I have been privileged to sit alongside her at Council and learnt a lot from the way she conducted herself and her contributions in debate.  Margaret has decided that she now wants to take more time to be with her husband, who is not too well and I think I can speak on behalf of the whole of the community in thanking her for the public service she has given us and wish both Margaret and Tecwyn all the best for the future.

Results -  County Council – Colin Bithell (362); David Williams (563) and Cindy Hinds (812).
Community Council – Stan Davies (341); Joe Bell (356); Clive Weed (384); Edwina Davies (429); Linda Vidamour (447); Colin Bithel (479); Helen Jones (484); Tom Jones (539); David Williams (601); Cindy Hinds (830).  Not elected Colin Hughes (230).

Local items -  Dove Cottage, Rhos Road, Pen-y-ffordd – On Sunday 5th August 2012 Dove Cottage Gardens is open to the public between 2 – 5 pm.  £3 admission, children free.  There is a plant sale plus tea, coffee and home-made cakes.  I can recommend the scones with fresh cream and strawberries!!!  All monies go to the National Garden Scheme (mainly Cancer Charities).  Mr and Mrs Wallis have been awarded 5 stars by Visit Wales for their bed and breakfast establishment.
If you need Acupuncture or Holistic Therapies Mrs V Williams of Peacehaven, Terrace Lane is on your doorstep.  It is good that we have businesses in our village where we do not have to travel far.

British Legion – The Legion is seeking the support of all ex-service people in our community and asking them to come and view the refurbishment of the club.  They are also renewing their effort to find new members, especially those of the younger age group.  Bob Oldham is leading this campaign 01352 759426.

Police – Pen-y-ffordd District and Kinnerton have been allocated PSCO 2872 Rob Bainbridge.  I welcome this news as I felt over the past twelve months residents have lacked the presence of police in the Ward.  You can contact him on 07854 355040.  If the crime is serious then you must telephone 0845 6071002 or for anti-social behaviour 101. 

Pen-y-ffordd Area Community Association (PACA) – I have to THANK ALL WHO HELPED OUT AT THE ALL DAY BREAKFAST.  (We could not do without you) and to Jess Thomas who organized the event, which takes a lot of hard work.  A special Thank You to those who donated the food for the event and others who gave donations.  The Association make £1,143.00 towards village facilities.

Future Events – Jubilee – Pen-y-ffordd and Penymynydd Royal British Legion on the 4th June at 2.00 pm is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and invites you to join them for this special occasion.  During the day there are all sorts of entertainment and at night a family disco.

Carnival – Please support the Carnival on Saturday 16th June between 1 – 4 pm.  If you can volunteer to help with these two particular events please contact the British Legion on 01244 550089 and Mrs D Week (Carnival) on 01244 547373.

Queen’s Jubilee – Mrs Jean Turner, a lady from our village, has been chosen to carry the torch for the Jubilee from Hickory’s right through the park in Chester.  She has raised thousands of pounds, along with friends from work, for different charities and deserves this honour.

Out of Hours Numbers for Residents – Housing Repairs and Homelessness – Galw Gofal 0845 373 3665:  Street Scene – daytime number 01352 701234 diverts to Galw Gofal out of hours:  Social Services Emergencies are dealt with by the Wrexham Emergency Duty Team 0845 053 3116.
For other matters please contact County Hall in the first instance 01352 702121.
Any vulnerable people who have Carers Cards, are Lone Workers or who have any form of Telecom Equipment may access the service directly – either through their call buttons, pull cords or the dedicated Flintshire number which they would be given when they register to receive the service.
Flintshire has an excellent website where you can make you complaints or access any information -  

Mark Tami M.P. and Carl Sargeant’s A.M. Surgery is on the Friday 15th June between 2 – 3 pm at the British Legion.  MP’s contact no. is 01244 819854 and AM’s is 01244 823547.

Printed, published and paid for by Mrs C Hinds, 38 Berwyn Avenue, Peny-y-ffordd. Nr. Chester. CH4 0HS.
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