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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Penyffordd Elections 2016

I've got all the paper for a fiver from the carboot
I have free printing facilites.
Tom splits the costs between 8
(postscript I forgot his cronies are diminishing)
If Tom's standing I wonder which yes man will be replacing Cllr Joe Bell?
Its time half of the committee stood down.
We've got no full size football fields for public use
We have no doctors surgery

All that's needed is the hoof work to deliver
Best to get them all out before the certain phone call from FCC CEO Colin Everett (Returns Officer).
He said he didnt like the tone of my literature
I said I didnt like blackmail attempts against my wife when standing for council
Did I mention the late night silent phone calls (no)

How do I get hold of a list of old, gaga and infirm who have a postal vote?
See they always need help when filling their voting slip in.
Just put your cross where my finger is.
You say you'll pop it in the post on the way past

Am I standing for

1. County Cllr?
2. County Cllr and Community Cllr?
3. Or none of the above?

Your decision.

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