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Friday, August 31, 2007

Girls I like

Lisa found this for me, a bit of a change from the grey stuff. May be best to run through once then re-run. Look at the old man's face.

I also like skinnies (sorry slim). Intelligence and character over looks, especially mature.

Flintshire County Council's Answer to various objections to the White Lion Development

Not accepted. Penyffordd and Penymynydd is a Category B settlement which given its size, character and facilities is capable of accommodating new development over the Plan
period within an indicative growth band of 8-15%. Taking into account existing commitments at the Plans base date the allocation together with the Wood Lane Farm Site would result
in a growth rate of 22%. Whilst this scale of growth is in excess of the growth band it is considered to be acceptable given that this settlement is in a highly sustainable location
having regard to road and rail transport corridors and a good range of service provision, as well as proximity to a nearby strategic centre for employment. In addition and by contrast
with other Category B settlements it is free from strategic environmental constraints. The allocation will make a valuable contribution to meeting housing need in the locality including
affordable housing needs.

The allocated site is bounded by the A5104 to the north, residential development along Penymynydd road to the west and a bridleway and existing residential development to the
south. The sites eastern boundary extends marginally beyond the line of development at the Well House Farm estate and is strongly defined by an established thorn hedgerow field
boundary. Development of the site would represent a clear rounding off of the existing settlement in line with Assembly advice in paragraph 9.3.1 of Planning Policy Wales and would
not represent a significant incursion into open countryside.

The Chief Highways Officer considers that satisfactory access can be provided to the site off the A5104 subject to improvement works to create a new right hand turn lane.
Similarly the allocation provides the opportunity to secure improvements via realignment to Penymynydd Road which is subject to a New Street Order.

Penyffordd and Penymynydd has a good range of facilities with the allocated site being close to St John the Baptists primary school and is approximately 1km from the centre of
the village which is well within the National Assembly’s acceptable walking distance of 20 minutes. The provision of health and other facilities is not a Council function and no representations were made by the authorities responsible for such facilities when they were consulted on the plan. The village is also sustainably located by virtue of it’s proximity to the main centre of Buckley and major employment centres at Broughton, Deeside and Mold. Public transport bus services are available for destinations to other centres such as Chester
and Wrexham and the site is some 2km distance from Penyffordd railway station.

Although concerns have been expressed about school capacity, in consultation with the Council’s Director of Education no objection was raised to the allocation. In the event of an increase in pupil numbers there appears to be no insurmountable physical or environmental constraint to
additional capacity being provided at local schools. The site is not within an area at risk of flooding and consultation responses have not indicated that development
on the site will have any flooding problems. Concern regarding the overload of the sewage treatment works is not considered to be an insurmountable constraint to development
considering the potential for developer and/or Dwr Cymru Welsh Water funding to increase the capacity of the existing infrastructure. Indeed, such improvements could only lead to the betterment of the current situation in the community. There are no nature conservation designations on the site however the pond associated with the former gravel workings
is known to contain the Great Crested Newt. Issues relating to the ecological value of the site can be addressed at a detailed planning application stage whereby the design and layout can ensure that any onsite natural features are integrated into the development to provide mitigation measures as recommended by the CCW in their consultation response.

Cindy Hinds CC Petition against White Lion Development

Petition (185 names) against housing allocation due
- too many houses proposed for inadequate services
the village receives
- settlement boundary should revert to current one
- housing is far in excess of village needs and
tantamount to cramming of the worst degree
- the site has a footpath and bridle path running
alongside it and must be protected. It is a haven for
flora and fauna and indigenous creature's habitats.
Access onto Mold Road would make it one of the
most dangerous areas and accidents would occur.
With future proposals at Broughton Hall etc
Penymynydd roundabout would come to a standstill
subjecting the school children to vast amounts of
pollution from traffic
- transport. Before any housing is considered a
traffic impact assessment should be carried out on
all village roads. Roads are not suitable for a vast
amount of traffic. Access is unsuitab;e for
emergency services.
- drainage, sewerage, electricity and flooding.
services need to be upgraded.
- health and community care. Plan has not taken
into consideration the pressure on health and care
services. Hospitals cannot cope with vast increase
in housing in Fllintshire and Wrexham. Village only
FCC must enter into an agreement with the
residents and electors of Penyffordd and
Penymynydd towards services that the
village is at present seriously lacking. This
should ensure, before any amount of
housing on any land within the village can be
considered, that a number of urgent
proposals should be implemented:
1. A full and complete impact study on all
flooding, drainage, sewerage and electricity
2. A full transport impact study on all roads
through, linking and by-passing the village
and a plan to show how traffic management
would be implemented prior to any increase
in housing is considered.
3. A full health and care service impact study
to be carried out immediately to guarantee
health care services can withstand the huge
increase in use that an increase in housing
would bring. Guarantees that waiting times
for hospital and doctors appointments will
not be increased and people moving in are
given a permanent doctor and dentist
4. Public transport which has reduced
drastically be restored fully and assessed

UDP Public Enquiry for Flintshire, Objections from Penyffordd District

A public inquiry will be held to hear unresolved objections to the Unitary Development Plan commencing on 18th September 2007 and lasting approximately ten weeks. This will be held at the County Hall, Mold.

Click here.

Flintshire Unitary development Plan. click here

Timetable - Do NOT rely on this as times and dates are open to change.
Please note that the findings by The Enquiry are NOT binding on Flintshire County Council.

Mrs C Hinds CC Tuesday 25th Sept 2007
Objection Number 4698-17795
Subject Green Barriers.
Thursday 27th Sept 2007
Objection Number 4710-12216
Penyffordd Junior School.
Subject Green Spaces
Tuesday 6th Nov 2007
D Parry 4699-12191
Mr Mrs Hewitt 767-1021,1023,1027
C Hinds (petition) 4702-12198
C Hinds 4698-17718
Red Lion Strollers FC & Cllr David Williams 4721-12248, 18378,18605
Mr Mrs RD Heaton 4724-12255
HSG1-51 GEN2 Policy Reference
Subject White Lion, Penyffordd (they mean Penymynydd)
Wood Lane Farm
D Parry 4699-12189
Mr Mrs Hewitt 767-1022, 1029
C Hinds (petition) 4702-12197
C Hinds 4698-12187
R Davies 1345-1870
Red Lion Strollers FC & Cllr D Williams 4721-12247, 17683, 18375, 18376,18603,18604
Mr Mrs RD Heaton 4724-12253
Policy Ref HSG1-52.


Wednesday 28th Nov 2007
11-30 Joneston ( their spelling) 2336-4835, 4836
Land on eastern side of Vounog Hill Penyffordd
Policy Reference HSG-OMM STR4


Thursday 6th Dec 2007 12-00
Mr Mrs RD Heaton 4724-12258
Land off Rhos Road,
Policy Reference HSG-OMM


Tuesday 11th Dec 2007 10-00am
Development Securities PLC
The British Land Co PLC
Broughton Shopping Park

Penyffordd Neighbourhood Police Panel

meeting at Penyffordd Institute on September 4th. Time to be confirmed.

Step forward Great Crested Newts (most probably common) of Chester Road Penyffordd

The Magnificent Mr Toad

I'm now not sure whether the newts below are great crested, I think they may be common newts. Any experts around?

Warning. Baby newts may not be able to breath in air. They develop the ability to take oxygen from air as they grow up. I suppose you can treat juveniles as fish! lol
Initially they take their oxygen from water.

In The Evening Leader today protesters in Johnstown trying to get the land fill closed down at Hafod Quarry. They have petitioned the EU and have been successful in getting them to look at their petition to close the landfill. Klaus has been sent for as he is an expert on newts that five lettered word that developers hate. Hafod quarry has great crested newts and so has Chester Rd, Penyffordd.

Should I invite him around for tea to see if we can get Chester Rd closed down. I have a pond full of them may be over 200. Perhaps my garden can become protected.

Of course to start off with we would have to have all the through traffic stopped to limit the chance of one of the newts getting run over.

Please note. The newts live in the pond of their own volition, they are not kept there. No fish are kept in the pond. Most frogs spawn is moved to another pond. The newts are left to their own devices. The adults newts photographed were found whilst moving rocks in the garden. Great care is taken to avoid any damage to the newts.

Links More newts here

Klaus on Wikipedia

Accidents near a local school

In The Evening Leader

Lollipop lady plea after accidents

TWO road accidents involving children have prompted a community group to call for urgent traffic calming measures near a school.

Measures have already been put in place near Rhosymedre School in Plas Madoc, to curb speeding, including 20 mph signs.

But a 10-year-old boy had his foot run over near the school, and in a separate incident on the estate, a seven-year-old boy had some teeth knocked out in an accident.

Plas Madoc Communities First has now asked Wrexham Council to appoint a school crossing patrol worker.

Miriam Beard, a co-ordinator for Plas Madoc Communities First, said: "There are two schools, and we have just opened a day centre and a nursery.

"Last week, a seven-year-old boy's teeth were knocked out, and then a 10-year-old had his foot run over near the school.

"These are not the first incidents that have happened. Somebody was run over a year or so ago, and it shouldn't be happening.

"I have been here four years, and there have been four accidents in that time, in what is a very small area. The have put speed bumps in but they are only in a small area and the people here want a school crossing patrol."

Plas Madoc councillor Paul Blackwell supports the residents' call for a school crossing patrol. and says speeding has been a regular talking point at community meetings.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Safe Route to School

Safe Routes to Schools

Safe routes to schools logo

Our aim is to create a Safe Route to School for every child in the UK.

What is Safe Routes to Schools?

Safe Routes to Schools projects encourage and enable children to walk and cycle to school through a combined package of practical and educational measures.

Safe Routes to Schools projects also:

  • improve road safety and reduce child casualties
  • improve children's health and development
  • reduce traffic congestion and pollution

Safe Routes to Schools projects involve:

  • the whole school community
  • local residents
  • local authorities
  • health and education workers
  • police

Safe Routes to Schools projects are all about working together as a community to make the school journey safer and healthier for everyone.

Successful Safe Routes projects are child-centred, build on small steps to raise awareness and change travel behaviour and benefit the whole local community by helping to create safer, more healthy environments. Each school is different, with its own local problems and possible solutions. Developing a School Travel Plan can help ensure the complete situation is considered and embed safe and sustainable school journeys into the whole schools ethos.

Sustrans runs a national Safe Routes to Schools information service, aimed at schools, parents, pupils, Local Authorities and all those who are interested in Safe Routes to Schools Projects. We provide training, videos, newsletters, factsheets, teachers packs, resources, advice and networking opportunities as well as holding national and regional events and conferences. Additionally we work closely with policy makers and the media to raise the profile of school travel issues and the commitment to make a safe journey to school for every child in the UK.

The Safe Routes to Schools Project has its own website - whatever your interest or need, this website is a one-stop shop for everyone involved in School Travel Plans and Safe Routes to Schools projects.

Sustrans has launched a series of information sheets for parents, teachers and pupils which aim to inform and guide schools through sustainable school travel initiatives. The sheets are available to download free of charge in PDF format from the Safe Routes to Schools website.

We have also just produced a summary of our Primary to Secondary Transition Project (PDF), explaining how to approach that crucial period when young people change schools and maintain their active travel habits.

The Safe Routes to Schools project is supported by the Department for Transport, the Scottish Executive and a number of Charitable Trusts.

20 mph Limits for Route to Schools

In The Evening Leader today an article about BMA Wales calling on The Welsh Assembly Government to put the brake on speeding motorists and designate all walk routes 20mph zones.

The article finishes with :-

The BMA is calling on the Assembly, Sustrans and local authorities in Wales to work on a major joint strategy to identify all major walk to school routes and roll-out a programme of 20mph zones across all parts of Wales.

Dr Lewis added: "Extending 20mph zones to all walk-to-school routes will give parents greater assurance about their children's safety, help make pupils more active but more importantly it will help save more Welsh lives."

BBC Wales

County Councilor David Williams enquires about progress

with regards to Traffic Calming in Chester Rd, Penyffordd. Flintshire County Council say they will report back.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Comment on my Campaign

V said...

Having read through your blog, you are obviously a powerless authoritarian with too much time on your hands! :)

I have taken the necessary steps to make sure I have plenty of time. :)

I have to admit to being a part time dictator. I would banish through traffic through the village. Flint have managed to do this partially

I'm assuming no one has died in Penyffordd even though "everyone is travelling at 40-50mph". You know that a few deaths is the minimum needed before official types actually start to take notice of nutters with too much time on their hands? :)

Perhaps Corporate Responsibilty Laws have altered this position. :(

I'm also wondering if you would be happy to take responsibility for the deaths of people who's ambulances were being held up by your traffic calming measures?

There is an equal case for deaths caused by speeding vehicles in the middle of our rural village. We have a bypass for speedy journeys. Its the fault of speeders that bumps are needed, they are the ones responsible. I note that a road in Ellesmere Port has a sign saying 1.5 miles of humps.

Finally, is it sensible to have a 20 mph limit at 3am when there is no other traffic?

Yes we have a by-pass, I live in a rural village, I like the windows open in the summer.

Is it sensible to have the traffic management requirements of your county being dictated by a nutter with too much time on his hands rather than professionals who know the facts and are not taken in by emotional 'what ifs'?

I see Rossett have proper traffic calming, are they all nutters? You must also put in the category of nutters the Welsh Assembly Government who are backing The Manual for Streets. I think you yourself can be put in the nutter category.

Go on, delete this post - you know you want to - but if you do, it will get posted elsewhere on the internet.

No, its best left on. We have 2000 speeders a day who think similar to yourself in varying degrees. We are only a small Welsh village our elected representatives are on the case we hope.

Padeswood Circa 1870

One would be forgiven for asking why Castle Cement (previous Tunnel Cement) would be allowed by planners to build a cement works in the middle of green countryside. If you click on the map you will see various industries that were present in the 1860's. The atmosphere and environment in Padeswood must have been truly awful.

A sizeable oil industry developed in the 1860's in Leeswood, Coed Talon and Padeswood. Crude oil was distilled from cannel coal and shale. In 1868 there were 22 oil companies around the Mold area.

With the opening of vast oil fields in the USA our local oil industry collapsed after 1870.

On the map are Coppa Colliery, North Wales Coal and Gas Works, Coppa Oil Works and Mold Valley Oil Works.

Coloured Lettering displays are dated as of 2007.

Photo of Baby Badgers

An Email to Dave Faulkner Acting Director of Regeneration and Environment

Dave Falkner
Acting Director for Regeneration and Environment
Flintshire County Council

cc. Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom and PC Chris Pullen

Dear Dave,

Hope you are well and have had a pleasant weekend.
I shouldn't really be taking up your time but there appears to be a "radio silence" over here in Chester Road, Penyffordd.
I've emailed my councilors asking about the current position of traffic calming measures for Chester Road but have had no replies, perhaps they are still away on holiday, or waiting Flintshire Highways reply.

I realise the "route to schools" element is most probably outside the Council's control but a little news keeps one informed.

Weekends here in Chester Road are for the noisy tourists flying through the village at 50 and 60 mph using Chester Road as a short cut, also the occasional loud, noisy 80 mph motorcycle. They treat our village like manure. They add nothing to our environment only negatives, they are dangerous , noisy and unwanted. They should be made to use the By - Pass as should the HGv's.

I see Drury, Buckley are fed up with lorries as well.

Being in charge of course you will be fully up to speed on The Manual for Streets that wonderful plan drawn up by our enlightened Welsh Assembly Government.

We went to Farndon yesterday to a car boot sale which means traveling through Rossett, Holt and Farndon village. Holt is similar to Rossett, the road traffic calmed with platforms, chicanes and humps but not the compulsory 20 mph speed limit of lucky Rossett.

I think it a little unfair that Flintshire County council are prepared to unload an extra 2 million cars with their attendant danger, noise and air pollution a year through Penyffordd with the Broughton Developments.

I consider this more an issue than the alleged pollution from Castle Cement. As you are well aware noise pollution causes stress and speed is dangerous in the wrong places such as a village with horses , OAP's and children.

I find the title and responsibilities that you have been given a little baffling. Regeneration and Environment seem to me to be in conflict with one another. On one side such as Broughton Developments you are looking at expansion, yet on the other side you are supposed to be protecting Penyffordd's environment.

We in Chester Road, Penyffordd look forward to Flintshire Highways forcing the traffic to behave whenever that may be. Perhaps my elected councilors will let me know later on. If I know what's happening I can't really say anything.....................

There are only 2 methods that work. The physical inability of a vehicle to break the speed limit with engineering solutions such as platforms or points on a licence.

I await such innovations as Spanish Traffic Lights and Bi Directional Cats Eye Speed Cameras as our idiot rat run do not understand such niceties as " Penyffordd welcomes careful drivers".

kindest regards Colin Hughes

ps. Nothing I have heard discussed yet deals with speeding traffic past my house at 50 and 60 mph out towards Broughton. I hope Flintshire Highways are going to surprise us!

pps I look forward to writing to your new boss Colin Everett when he starts in September, that is unless the traffic is all tied up, done and dusted, then I retire to my greenhouse and blog.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Tourists racing home

Chester Road the short cut for many 100's of tourists coming back from the centre of Wales. Going at speeds of 50 and 60 mph past my house.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Government response to petition 'Postcard to Wales'

Just in.

Thank you for lodging your views in response to the e-petition regarding the 'Postcard to Wales'.

The 'Postcard to Wales' is one of a number of public artworks whose construction at entry points to Wales is being proposed by Landmark Wales, a partnership of seven local authorities (Monmouthshire, Newport, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Merthyr Tydfil, Flintshire, Wrexham and Ynys Mon), Capital Regional Tourism and the North Wales Economic Forum. Landmark Wales is seeking the funding to construct the artworks from the Big Lottery Fund.

The Welsh Assembly Government Minister responsible for Lottery Policy within Wales is the Minister for Heritage, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM. Mr Thomas can be contacted via or at 0845 010 3300. The Welsh Assembly Government sets the strategic framework within which Lottery distributors in Wales operate, but does not determine which projects receive Lottery funding. Lottery distributors assess all grant applications independently of government.

Landmark Wales is being considered under the Big Lottery Fund's Living Landmarks programme, which is aimed at large scale transformational projects. A decision on the successful projects is due in the autumn and the public consultation referred to in the petition was required by the Big Lottery Fund to progress the application. I am sorry that you felt it was inadequate. If you have any specific concerns about the project you can still raise them with Landmark Wales via their website, (new window).

You should also be aware that if the application is successful, construction of the proposed artworks cannot begin until Landmark Wales has obtained planning consent. Each of the pieces of artwork will be subject to the normal planning process in operation within their proposed location. This will include the right for local residents to raise objections.

Speeding Points on Driving Licences

I currently have none. My last 3 were picked up on the Flint By Pass from Bagillt which had just been downgraded from 60 mph to 50 mph. Never saw the van just the letter in the post. I suspect the Arrive Alive van was situated on the old road.

At a social event recently a check around the social circle revealed quite a few 3 pointers, two 6 pointers and a 9 pointer. The current system is fair. You get 3 chances to alter your driving behaviour.

A friend's husband has just gone up to 6 points. He is a slow driver. The first 3 he took on the chin for his son who should have had the 3 points. Then the other week he was a bit slow in altering to a 30 mph and bobs your uncle he's up to 6 points. My friend refuses to take the points on the principle that the 1st set should have gone where they deserved.

The newspapers and television features that try to say that speed cameras do not work are talking twaddle. I have had to alter my driving as many other drivers have.

Its a pity the Police Authorities do not target the many stupid individuals that tail gait you at 2 car lengths from your back bumper. I won't put up with these idiots, I indicate and pull over where safe. I sometimes get people having to reverse because they have ended up so close to my car.

Everyone complains about cameras but the Authorities are just playing at the moment. Perhaps The Road Safety Partnerships such as Arrive Alive need to be privatised.
Then we would see drivers sticking to speed limits.

If I was trained to use a camera and I could hide it in my hedge. In two weeks there would be about about 2500 drivers with 12 points on their licences because they speed through here every day. Airbus and Raytheon would need to hire special buses to take their employees to and from work.
I of course would need protection from some of these these idiots.

Its time The Authorities got real. The Week End Race track which is North Wales could be similarly sorted.

Residents in Drury Lane Buckley calling for a 7.5 Ton Limit

Corporate Responsibility for Councils continued.......

In The Chronicle. County Councilors Dennis Hutchinson and Mike Peers calling for 7.5 ton limit for Drury Lane. They believe lorry drivers are taking a short cut to avoid VOSA vehicle testing centre. We in Chester Road Penyffordd have over perhaps a 100 lorries a day taking a short cut, many of them breaking the speed limit. Flintshire Highways say they need £4000 for the sign for Drury.

Buckley Town Council say tough.

Perhaps Penyffordd's County Councilors Colin Bithell and David Williams should have a talk to Dennis and Mike.
Councilor Hutchinson says if anyone is hurt he will hold Flintshire Highways responsible......quite!

Arrive Alive in Chester Rd Penyffordd

Arrive Alive in Chester Road, Penyffordd. Thank you very much. Your next appointment at a time of 7.15 am Monday to Thursday during school term would be a very efficient use of your much sought after limited resources.

Lets hope the message is passed around about Arrive Alive being in Penyffordd.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chatsworth Country Fair Aug 31st, 1st and 2nd September

Click here

The largest country fair in Britain I think, a reflection of Britsh Country Life. Chatsworth House is also open for a fee. Well worth it if you like old houses.

The Hot Air Balloon Festival in Llangollen 1st and 2nd of September

Mass balloon ascents at 6am & 6pm Friday to Sunday and the amazing night glow on Saturday September at 9.30pm.

Click here

I think the weather needs to be right for the balloons to go up.

I would imagine the balloons look good from the the top of Castell Dinas Bran. Although my wife Lisa finds the walk to the ruined castle on the hill a bit challenging!

Lisa informs me others were finding it challenging too!

Click here.

Some Rules just melt away

Click on Image to Enlarge

The Chief Constable runs a tight ship

Whilst we all use the latest computers and Broadband( Flintshire County Council, Newspapers and MI6) Someone from the Police has logged onto the blog using Windows 98 and a 56K dial up connection with 16 bit colour! Researching that well known pastime of Dogging in Penymynydd woods. For my sins I come top of Google on this subject. I would prefer not to have to discuss dogging or speeding traffic.

Tony Sharps in The Evening Leader again

A month or so ago Tony Sharps was highlighting the speeding in Northop Hall. Today in The Evening Leader reported by the lovely Kate Forrester he highlights the most dangerous road in Flintshire, the notorious Smithy Lane / Oakenholt crossroads. As a regular along this road one can see why accidents happen. Lots of drivers racing on the roads, tailgaiting with heads in the clouds. There is a corner further down passed Iceland Man's ex house where cars come over the white line on the bend every few minutes

He seems big mates with my friend Dave Faulkner, they have most probably known each other for years. So Tony's ok for Pro active lights for the Smithy Lane crossroads and I bet he's getting the Northop Hall speeding sorted too.

To be fair I think Tony has campaigned for longer than our Penyffordd crusade. Tony and myself are members of the same golf club. Although he doesn't know this.............. I thank Tony for his vision with regards the club. Our current owner seems up to the job, even if some of our members moan. It comes with the territory.

ps. If Flintshire County Council made it compulsory 30 mph at the cross roads with lots of road paint backed up with North Wales Police and Arrive Alive it might stop the fatal accidents.

Perhaps I went about this the wrong way. Not that the current method was planned. Perhaps I should have got my bike out and pedaled up to Colin Bithell's house and persuaded him to invite Dave Faulkner ( Acting Director for Regeneration and Environment for Flintshire County Council) for a site meeting here in Chester Road. It's usually very lively after 7. 15 am )

Here in Chester Rd, Penyffordd we await the calming of our daily dose of speeding idiots.

Tony Sharps CC also mentions all the building going on in Flintshire and the lack of proper infrastructure to deal with it.
Here in Chester Rd, Penyffordd we have also the building of houses in Wrexham Areas. Gwersyllt and Brymbo have perhaps 2000 houses built recently. One would expect planners thought traffic would use the Wrexham By - Pass. The problem is it comes to a full stop at Post House Hotel, Chester, this is not a road I would consider at rush hour.

We have seen a vast increase in traffic through the village. Our By-Pass is ignored by large numbers each day. A figure of 2000 seems near the mark. We have yet to add on traffic for Broughton Park Extension, Warren Hall A55 and Warren Hall Business Park.

Are Flintshire County Council happy with allowing an extra 3000? on top of our 2000 through traffic each day. Remember we have a By-Pass.!!!!!!!!!

Flintshire County Council Environment Department have a duty to Penyffordd Residents to block all this traffic from our village.

Business as Usual

Workers from our local aircraft factories continue to storm through Chester Rd, Penyffordd at shift start and shift finish. Airbus have fine sounding words in their Corporate Statement with regards to the local environment around their factories. They have it within their power to ban workers from our village. A phone call to Airbus Filton is a strange experience. "Hello can I have the name of the HR Director in charge of Airbus, Chester?" Answer,we haven't got one.
Email addresses are as rare as hen's teeth.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Big Thank You to The Flintshire Evening Leader

for highlighting the continuing speeding and noise pollution in Chester Rd, Penyffordd by 2000 cars daily. We are effectively the 2nd By Pass for Penyffordd. I hope our County Councilors will press this matter until the traffic obeys the speed limit.

The applying of the Welsh Assembly Government's "Manual for Streets" to Chester Road, Penyffordd.

I hope for a rural village centre with 20 mph compulsory speed limit, the exclusion of HGV's from the village for our children, residents , horses, and pensioners. We have a By - Pass, a lot of traffic prefers the village. Chester Road is currently a Rat Run.

Click Here for the Full Story

Wrexham Council have excellent traffic calming measures in Rossett, Cefn Mawr and Rhosllanerchrugog.
If Flintshire County Council do not slow all the traffic down ( It is within their power to do so) I will write to Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom for permission to protest block Chester Road during rush hour.

My Sun Newspaper send up of North Wales Police here

The Evening Leader phone.......

Am I available for a photo shoot?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Baby killed when car mounts kerb

Click here.
Here in Chester Rd Penyffordd we await Flintshire County Council's efforts to stop our 2000 daily speeders.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Penyffordd Dragonfly

Click Image to Enlarge

There's a larger green dragonfly hopping around the pond. it seems this one is a different make.

Penyffordd Pond Skaters Sunbathing

Click Image to Enlarge

Gerris lacustris

Pond skaters have thin, brownish-grey bodies and small heads with large eyes. They use their legs to move across the pond’s surface. Using a rowing action the middle pair of legs propel them forwards, often at great speed. The back legs act as rudders while the short front legs seize dead or dying insects that have dropped onto the water. They have sensitive hairs on their bodies and legs to detect vibrations and ripples on the pond surface.

These insects are agile and can jump to evade predators. They are common and widespread throughout the UK.

Pond skaters can be found on most stretches of still or slow-moving freshwater. They have wings and are good fliers. In autumn they fly away from water to hibernate, emerging again in late April.



Friday, August 17, 2007

Not in Our Back Yard Please

A proposed development resurfaces in the guise of a new town instead of a bolt on.

Click here

Click Image to Enlarge

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Evening Leader Comment - A Messy Defeat for Local Democracy

Flintshire County Councilors have withdrawn the county's opposition to house building on Meadowslea and Dobshill Hospital sites. Other similar actions of objection to housebuilding have failed. The councilors will take the advice given by Flintshire County Council officials. Penyffordd County Councilor Colin Bithell said " Most of us never wanted housing, we wanted some kind of medical facility. The Leader comment finishes with " New homes are needed but only where the supporting infrastructure can absorb the extra numbers."

My Vision for Penyffordd

Penyffordd a small Welsh village with a By - Pass.
Passing traffic to use the By - Pass.
A 20 mph compulsory zone for outside the Post Office and Penyffordd School area in Penymynydd Rd.
The banning of boy racers with loud exhausts using the village as a race track.
Making it impossible using traffic calming techniques for motorcyclists to speed along Chester Road or elsewhere in Penyffordd
The banning of HGV's except for access.

Some of that nice black road surface that has been laid by Flintshire Highways between Penymynydd roundabout and Dobshill for Chester Rd, Penyffordd By - Pass and other areas of Penyffordd. It is most probably dearer than tar and stones but seems to give a lower road noise.
( I notice that there are no houses where it has been laid)

Our councilors past and present have been asleep on watch. It's time to rescue the village from the rat runners and short cutters.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Children's Safety and Exercise

Plan's to exclude cars from schools.

"Taking measures now, like promoting walking to school rather than taking the car, will have big long-term benefits because it could save money from people who would have needed treatment on the NHS.

"At Children in Wales we want to see the right balance struck between providing areas where children can exercise and maintaining safety, so a car exclusion zone allowing children to walk to school would be a good idea."

Click here

Here in Penyffordd we await Flintshire County Council's attempt at traffic calming in Chester Road, Penyffordd. During school term you can see parents in cars with their children speeding past children walking to school.

Our previous Beat Manager PC Ian millington would visit Penyffordd Junior school to educate children to tell their parents to slow down when they speed. A good approach.

The linked article mentions money for traffic calming from the Welsh Assembly Government. Flintshire County Council are applying for money for Chester Rd Penyffordd.

Meanwhile allowing your child to walk to school in Chester Road Penyffordd remains a dangerous proposition.

Lifestyle Choices for Footballers

Roy Keane the Sunderland manager takes a swipe at modern footballers.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Three Musketeers - Further Adventures

View the following with the thought that one of these children is your child or grandchild.
My first article here

The Three Musketeers plus D'Artagnan returning after a trip across 40 - 50 mph Chester Rd.
Mr Lampard seems good, 3rd job in the road. Currently knocking down the wall from
next door or sounds like it!

The Three Musketeers (Les Trois Mousquetaires) is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, père. It recounts the adventures of a young man named d'Artagnan after he leaves home to become a musketeer. D'Artagnan is not one of the musketeers of the title; those are his friends Athos, Porthos, and Aramis -- inseparable friends who live by the motto, "One for all, and all for one".

This is D'Artagnan on the way to the Post Office. He has just crossed this road that has 40 - 50 mph vehicles every few minutes. The Audi was too close to D'Artagnan at the junction, its an Audi driver thing, they sell lots of these to idiots who have not one second to loose. ( My MP excepted) Education does not appear to preclude one from being an idiot, perhaps our education system?
We come out the house and we are at this same position waiting because D'Artagnan has got his sweets, got on the bike is on the mainroad and is going to turn left into Penymynydd Rd which is my right. He holds out his left arm signalling, we are impressed. He then looses it, he rides in front of our car then up Penymynydd Rd between my car and the pavement on the wrong side of the road.

This road wants closing down. 20 mph Compulsory, HGV's excluded, 24/7 method of traffic calming both directions, that's not Arrive Alive or North Wales Police.
Through traffic to use the By - Pass.

Congratulations to Chris Pullen and Wife

on the arrival of their new baby.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Rate Payer having Trouble with his Council

Peterborough Council are threatening a rate payer with an £80 fine for wearing a tee-shirt with the term "Don't piss me off! I am running out of places to hide the bodies.".
His wife bought it for him in the USA.
I can well relate to that after my week of rage last week where I ended up possibly being reported to North Wales Police by Flintshire County Council.
I am making my tee-shirt up but Flintshire County Council will not be able to impose a fine.....

Life is great in Zimbabwe

The Intrusiveness of The Internet on Black American Celeb's

I'm quite tempted to copy this site but do it on Flintshire County Council, one item shows Lionel Ritchie coming out of a sex shop. Perhaps I'll wait six months and see how Flintshire County Council get on with traffic calming the village.

Click here

Meanwhile the Rat Run has been ploughing through
Chester Road, Penyffordd as per normal.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Arriva Buses, Transport for Penyffordd People

Their Corporate Responsibilty

External initiatives

We were the first public transport company to sign up to the European Road Safety Charter, which aims to achieve a 50 per cent reduction in road accidents by 2010.

Over the past few years, we have won several safety awards:

  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) gold award for 'Managing Occupational Road Risk'
  • The RoSPA merit award for 'Occupational Health and Safety'
  • The Institute of Transport and Logistics 'Excellence in Safety' award
  • The Brake 'Best Risk Managed Company of the Year' supported by highly commended rankings in the 'Safety in Vehicle Maintenance' and 'Road Safety in the Community' awards

Corporate Responsibility Contacts

The Actualitee: Speeding and Noise on a daily basis.

The Noise Abatement Society


BBC Action network


Traffic Noise

Coming up to 100 days, not even a rumble strip...............................

Flintshire County Council continue to drag their feet.
No communication,
2000 speeders daily
Arrive Alive and North Wales Police sit on their hands.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Foot and Mouth for Beginners and some Education

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There are no dead cow pictures just interesting stuff on why we don't use vaccines.

Hey you at The Evening Leader!

Can you get the steaming dead cow in mid air off the front page?
It doesn't make me want to look at the site.

Its not needed ( I see it is now gone)

Education time (from click here)
The Internet gets underneath the whitewash dished out by The Media

Waiting for animals to develop symptoms and then killing them is less effective as a means of preventing the spread of this illness than immediately ring vaccinating the affected area. The Dutch know this. The immunologists know it. It is rejected in Britain by a producer’s cartel who have created a situation where the taxpayer indemnifies them for their business risks and mass slaughter of healthy animals for cash is the raison d’etre of their business.

Jonathan Miller



Dogging in Penymynydd Woods

I see The Evening Leader continue to run with this story. I and my wife use this area as an alternative route to Penyffordd By- Pass which has queues before 9 in the morning rush hour. One hopes all the publicity will perhaps drive them away to somewhere else. Recent events reported in papers would suggest that our area is full of outdoor sex and arsonists. It is not, except for the rat run Penyffordd district is very quiet.
A Google search reveals this is happening everywhere in populated areas of the UK.

The meeting for sex usually takes place at afternoon shift end for local factories and normal end of work times at teatime. My wife and I have a "spot the male in a car" competition. The liberalisation of society, mobile phones and The Internet make dogging very easy.

As a male I have had to alter my ways. I am very conscious of sitting in car parks near male toilets waiting for my wife, I park well away. Male toilets themselves can be a nightmare. I like my toilets clean and clear of people if I have to use them.

Dogging used to be just the preserve of heterosexuals but is now equally applied to male gay activities. The local capital being Broxton which has both sides. The toilets there closed as they are nearly everywhere.

Male toilets and lay byes should be free of this problem. Children and people have the right to walk in woods without running the risk of observing this behaviour.

Since society will not deal with this issue it will run and run. Male sexuality can be extremely powerful, it becomes a curse. It holds a myriad of ways of getting you killed (aids), socially exiled,
divorced or getting you locked up.

This article will boost the number of people finding this site for the wrong reasons. Go away fellas we don't want you here. Our Beat Manager knows what times you turn up.
I see Barrack's Lane has become a meeting place although its a single lane and every body can see why you are there. I don't recommend going off the road there the last time we did because of tractor coming the other way we required our friend Stuart to tow us out..................

The answer is some where local where no member of the public can see what's going on. Wrexham has a gay sauna but its a bit difficult one supposes charging over to Wrexham if the wife is expecting you home...................

The Church and Society in general will not countenance a solution only its removal from our public places, so it will just move around and around wasting precious Police manpower. The Mill Woods in Hawarden, Tinkersdale, Penymynydd Woods then pushed on to somewhere else. We have even seen them up Hope Mountain when doing photos for the Blog.

I see Wikipedia are not quite up to speed on dogging. Click here (don't if you are sensitive)

ps. If you are doing research on dogging try its free to join.

Taken from a site found while Googleing

Dogging and the Law!

Due to the amount of people who are now partaking in the dogging culture, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a very basic guide as to the legal issues surrounding it.

What I would hasten to add, is that I am not a legal brain, I have simply looked at the various documents that relate to 'sexual activity in public places' and used common sense, so please don't find yourself quoting this site if you've been arrested for being naughty!!

There are a number of legal documents that apply to sexual activity in public, but the newest one, and the main one to be aware of is the 2003 Sex Act. This act originally made sex in public view or in a car a prosecutable offence, due to the uproar that followed the bill was rewritten.

The sections of the 2003 Sex Act to pay attention to for doggers are Section 66 Exposure and Section 67 Voyeurism.

2003 Sex Act - Section 66 : Exposure

(1) An offence is committed if:
(a) he intentionally exposes his genitals, and
(b) he intends that someone will see them and be caused alarm or distress.

(2) If found guilty of an offence under this section you are liable to:
(a) on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum or both;
(b) on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years.

2003 Sex Act - Section 67 : Voyeurism

(1) An offence is committed if:
(a) for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, he observes another person doing a private act, and
(b) he knows that the other person does not consent to being observed for his sexual gratification.

(2) An offence is committed if:
(a) he operates equipment with the intention of enabling another person to observe, for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, a third person (B) doing a private act, and
(b) he knows that B does not consent to his operating equipment with that intention.

(3) An offence is committed if:
(a) he records another person (B) doing a private act,
(b) he does so with the intention that he or a third person will, for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, look at an image of B doing the act, and
(c) he knows that B does not consent to his recording the act with that intention.

(4) An offence is committed if:
(a) he installs equipment, or constructs or adapts a structure or part of a structure, with the intention of enabling himself or another person to commit an offence under subsection (1).

(5) If guilty of an offence under this section you are liable to:
(a) on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum or both;
(b) on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years.

BBC Dogging and Blogging
Unhappy residents
Men's Toilets

Wrexham Council Loads a Money

I read in The Evening Leader that Wrexham Council have a surplus of £16 million. All their villages seem to have proper traffic calming too.

Wikipedia on Corporate Manslaughter

North Wales Police

are not doing their job. Shift workers from Airbus continue to speed through Chester Rd, Penyffordd. Airbus are being Corporately Irresponsible by allowing their workers to upset our village environment with noise pollution and dangerous speeding in a village that has children , horses and OAP's. Airbus have it in their power to ban their workers who do NOT live in Penyffordd from the village.

We do have a BY - PASS

They have been told about this before but appear to be ignoring Penyffordd Community.
They ignored my last plea for help for Chester Rd, Penyffordd.

Airbus Corporate Statement (Click here)

The highly respected Det Norske Veritas (DNV) company issued the certification to ISO 14001 standards following an Airbus-wide audit in December 2006. This is a recognition of Airbus' application of a robust environmental management system (EMS) to continually monitor and minimize the environmental impact of its production processes and the company's products throughout their life cycle. The life cycle covers design, procurement, manufacturing, transport, in service operations including maintenance, aircraft end of life and recycling.

Airbus President and CEO Louis Gallois said in becoming the world's only aerospace company to receive such broad certification, Airbus underscores its commitment to taking environmental considerations into account for all of its decision-making. It is a testament to Airbus' commitment to the environmental concerns of today, and is vital to ensuring the sustainable development of the global aviation business over the long term, he added.

Environmental innovations pursued by Airbus in the production process include the pioneering use of a greener, chemical-free milling process for fuselage panels; more environmentally friendly painting processes; and steps to minimise energy and water consumption during the production cycle.

For its aircraft product line, Airbus continues to work on quieter and more fuel efficient jetliners. Its A380 is a new benchmark for fuel efficiency and low noise levels, and aircraft such as the A350XWB will push this envelope even further.

Can't see allowing their workers to speed through our village everyday anywhere in the above stuff.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Road Policing New Zealand Style

This one wa shard to find.

Further Better Driving Please, perhaps I'm a little premature

Their site misleads but..............

Sunday 22nd July 2007 – for immediate release annoys Jeremy Clarkson

Road safety website has attracted the wrath of Jeremy Clarkson, after putting up signs promoting the site outside his Oxfordshire home.

The Top Gear TV star criticised the website in his Sunday Times column today (Sunday 22nd July). You can read the column here:

The idea behind the website is that anyone can report motorists they have seen driving dangerously.

Founder Andrew McGavin put up the signs outside Clarkson’s home.

He said: “It was only going to be a matter of time until caught Jeremy Clarkson’s attention. So I thought I’d skip the wait and put up signs right outside his house. It’s odd he suggests I put them up in the night, as a member of his staff watched me do it during the day!”

“I’ve heard that a few drivers have accidentally driven through his hedge in the past. Maybe with these signs up, it will save his house from further damage.”

Despite the criticism from Clarkson, Andrew is convinced his website is necessary and will make a difference.

He added: “New Zealand has a similar website, with stunning statistics. Drivers reported there are 23 times more likely to crash within a year of being reported. That makes it an effective tool in identifying the worst drivers.”

In his column, Clarkson fails to name the website’s proper address, instead joking it should be called The front of the Sunday Times ‘In Gear’ supplement suggests the site is

Nationally, there are now more than 2,750 reports of bad driving on

· Check your number plate and area on the database at

A Corporate Manslaughter Special

Current Scenario.
Wrexham and Flintshire County Council's get the same amount of money from The Welsh Assembly Government, I am told.

Wrexham Council has its villages tied down traffic calming wise. A visit to Cefn Mawr, Rhosllanerchrugog or Rossett shows various methods of mechanical traffic calming that shut down the traffic 24/7 . No 80 mph motorcycles there. They have 20 mph compulsory zones they take their traffic calming seriously. They have a good Chief Executive.

North Wales Police, Arrive Alive and Flintshire County Council know that 2000 vehicles speed through Chester Rd, Penyffordd daily. I have told them the village centre is used by OAP's, horses and children. They have known this for at least 3 months. Flintshire County Council perhaps a lot longer.

Chester Road in Penyffordd is wide open to speeders. I have told them all that 6 year old children are cycling on a road with 50 mph vehicles. Chester Road is a route to school with speeds of 50 mph.
Current plans that I know about do not include any method of making traffic do 30 mph or better still compulsory 20 mph for village centre.

Flintshire County Council who say they have no money are currently proposing to build a skate park in Connah's Quay. Over £50,000 on Wepre Golf Course

Leisure amenities coming before the Safety of Penyffordd residents, also perhaps Corporate Liability.

Last week a Headmaster from Bangor was found guilty at Mold Crown Court of Corporate Manslaughter (Click link below)
IMHO it should have been the Hospital on trial.
Someone once asked me allegedly, were all lawyers bastards or were all bastards lawyers?

Times Online

My Modus Operandi to record Speeding

Some must think this guy is short of something to do. It's not about that, it's about all these people not treating our village correctly. I personally find standing on the path next to the road best. You need to be nearly full on to the car for the best view of the number plate. For best results fluorescent yellow should not be used. A colour that blends in with your background.
It would be best really if you are hidden as you are likely to get someone stopping because they don't like what you are doing. Or make sure you have someone who is "handy" with you. Also best not to do it outside your own house.

All though I don't like the concept it's like shooting fish in a barrel. There is a speeder past my house nearly every minute of the day from 5.00 am to 23.00 hrs.

I use a digital voice recorder the ones that are used for recording notes or letters. I get the number and at least one other factor such as the colour and make of the car as a back up detail , I also mention estimated speed. Its best to set the time and date on dictaphone.
Then its on to to put the speeders on.

You can use pencil and paper or a good camera.

Meanwhile Flintshire County Council prepare our road calming. They have looked at my blog today. I don't think leaning on me will do them much good. We shall see.

Further googling reveals that the above scheme may not be taken seriously by the Police for some time yet.

A Database of Speeding Motorists to be kept

I will keep a database of all speeding registrations. After 3 or 6 months, I or perhaps The Evening Leader could ask under The Freedom of Information Act how many speeders have been cautioned by The Police.

Update . Probably none

A Letter to The Chief Constable about Speeding through Chester Rd, Penyffordd.

Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom
North Wales Police

Dear Chief Constable,
As you are aware we have 2000 car, lorries and buses that speed through Chester Rd, Penyffordd daily. Arrive Alive seem to be a very scarce resource and continue to ignore Chester Rd.
I wonder if you have run the Corporate Responsibility implications past the Force's Lawyers?

Flintshire County Council though on the case are uncommunicative and dragging their collective corporate heels. My anger with them boiled over last week. You will be receiving a complaint from Flintshire County Council about my comments regarding Flintshire Highways. I hope for a change of attitude or a regime change that is currently happening in Chester City Council.

I have found a website called
This site allows small communities to report anti social behaviour by speeding noisy dangerous drivers.

I intend to report every speeder past my house. There are 2000 of them. It will take a month or two and will require starting at 5.30 am and continuing untill 10.00 pm.

I have a very good hidden camera, video and a dictaphone. Although all that is needed to report is the registration and type of bad behaviour which is then past on to you the Police.

I expect all valid reports will be investigated by your officers (or perhaps not read later post). You may be needing extra resources. I am quite happy to pay for a peaceful village as laid down in the Welsh Assembly Government's Manual for Streets

Name and Address Supplied

ps. Loud illegal exhausts are also an issue for many of us out here.

Links Manual for Streets

Monday, August 06, 2007

Road Rage

I find many drivers a pain these days. Tailgaiting and pushing. I have altered my behaviour after talking to PC Chris Pullen.

Aristocrat charged with Road Rage

Click here

It says Range Rovers are 2.5 tons. I would like it to become an offence for vehicles similar to this tail gaiting you at 70 mph. Of course it is an offence but appears to be one not enforced. I find the mobile phone whilst driving offence not as important as the above. HGV's which tailgate I find criminal, the drivers should be banned off the road.

Manual for Streets - The Assembly's Plan for Welsh Villages

This is the Department of Transport's Communities and Local Government Manual for Streets. It is to be used by The Welsh Assembly Government for Welsh villages. On the front you can see children playing just off a village road with a moving car in the background.

This document covers non trunk roads. Currently not sure of Chester Road's designation.

Foreword 6
Preface 7
1 Introduction 10
2 Streets in context 14
3 The design process - from policy to implementation 22
4 Layout and connectivity 40
5 Quality places 50
6 Street users’ needs 62
7 Street geometry 78
8 Parking 98
9 Traffic signs and markings 114
10 Street furniture and street lighting 120
11 Materials, adoption and maintenance 126
Index 138

Some Lesson's from a Legendary Blogger

Steve Jobs is the head of Apple Computers. The blog below is by someone who pretended to be writing Steve Jobs' Daily Blog. I think required reading for myself just in case Flintshire County Council pull up short with their traffic calming of Chester Rd, Penyfford.

The Phishers come fast and furious

This morning emails from :-

Halifax Bank Plc
Bank of America

My Lottery win and the 10 viagra adverts

I have won the Lottery

Batch No: WD18/0065/04RN
Our Ref: SGL/255457004/07
Our Ref: SG-SL/0627/07

Our dear Certified Winner,

The Board of Directors of SINGAPORE LOTTERY PROMOTIONS announces to you as
1 of our 10th lucky winners of this month draw held on 29th of July 2007.
All 10 winning Email Addresses were randomly selected from a batch of
786,000 international emails world-wide. And your email address emerged
alongside with 9 other as the Second category winner.Consequently you have
therefore been approved for a total pay out of $2,500, 000.00 (Two
million,Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars)

The following particulars are attached to your lottery payment order.

(I) Winning numbers:lott22 -55-BBK-22
(ii) Email ticket number:BUK-1188-730-116
(iii)Lotto batch number: 9484-9006-0076
(iv) File Ref. number: 637409467-Nll
(v) certificate number: SG/0067/09

Please note that, you are to contact Richard Fong your claims validiting
officer immediately with the e-mail given below.

Dear Dave (Acting Flintshire Executive for Regeneration and Envirionment)

Hi there
The Rat Run has past through but still plenty of 50 mph speeders flying through
Hope you are enjoying The Eisteddfod
The Brass Bands have been very good
Buckley however didn't get far as they don't speak Welsh in Bwcle (Buckley)
I'm not sure if there if there is any Corporate Hospitality but if there is have
some smoked salmon and red wine on me the rate payer.
I bet it won't be the Tesco cheap stuff I drink.
Here is my offering from the weekend
regards Colin
ps If the emails are too stressful get IT to send me an email address.
pps Someone from London keeps looking at the blog not sure if its
television, a newspaper or MI6

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Three Musketeers

Click on image to enlarge
It's the school holidays. Here we have the 3 musketeers. They are opposite Penyffordd Junior School. Three cars coming down the hill. The yellow bumps are a token, modern cars can go over them fast. Locals speed up and down here taking and picking up their children to the school.

These three are part of a group of maybe ten who ride up and down this road. Chester Rd is at the bottom where cars do 50 - 60 mph. Many 100's each day. Parents are concerned they tell the children not to go into Chester Rd. Really they should be shouting at Flintshire County Council and our Councilors but they are not. (update my councilor tells me different, I ask for an update)

There should be a risk assessment of the village centre, there is not.

Six year olds do not do risk assessment, a lot of parents have too many things to think about.
Our councilors are not fully on the case.

Flintshire County Council has the data, they know how many speed. The measures currently being shown will NOT stop the speeding.

Oh, by the way, 5 year old children ( or maybe 10 yrs old) have started cycling on our 50 mph Chester Road , I have seen 2 of them this morning.
One of the children has a helmet on, these don't work with a 50 mph collision.
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