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Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Night

Three for one

Welsh Citizen Test

First one look easy .............

No cheating using google.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

To Penyffordd Wine Circle

A literary evening. One of the member's daughters recites her own poetry that are based upon her mother in law, father and others.
Jane has created poetry since the age of 6

The flavor is Pam Ayres.

A wonderful evening enjoyed by all

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Capricorn Animal Rescue - Trouble at mill !

There appears to be an attempted hostile takeover from within Capricorn management.

Not sure how Facebook works, I have copied the item verbatim.
Presumably by Sheila Stewart who runs the rescue centre.


Capricorn is a victim of an attempted hostile takeover from within !

We have been informed by one of our volunteers that a committee
member and a part time volunteer are trying\planning to take over the running of Capricorn Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, This particular volunteer, who only comes along to the Sanctuary sometimes on Saturday or Sunday, for half a day, was saying that "there was to be a cleansing before they took over completely and they could then start fresh " .
These two individuals have little or no experience in the care needed for the wide variety of animals in the Sanctuary, they could not provide 24 hour cover for emergencies as we have always done, they could not provide day to day care of the animals and do not have the necessary knowledge to run the Sanctuary on a day to day basis.
They would not be able to keep the charity shops functioning, as they do at the moment, as they could not provide a collection and delivery service.
We are not sure if the word " cleansing " applies to volunteers and staff who oppose them or the types of animals that they do not like to be here, horses, sheep goats, pigs, llama, hedgehogs, lizards, snakes, tortoises, fish, terrapins and birds of prey and the volunteer in question is not keen on dogs either !
We have found out that for the past month our computer systems have been invaded, all our passwords have been changed, we have no control, our e mails are being intercepted and diverted, we have no knowledge of appeals for help and a standard reply e mail has been put in place, that we have not sanctioned. In fact, access into the computers, changing of passwords has not been sanctioned by the Committee and this is not within the policy of the Sanctuary or our Constitution. One e mail that was intercepted was regarding a legacy, luckily we received a hard copy through the post, we had to inform the solicitors concerned that our system has been infiltrated and taken over. The bank also was informed, they are issuing us with new passwords, paypal has already issued new passwords to us,. We have also changed the house and office locks after our keys were found to be missing. We have now added to our CCTV cameras inside and out and have had door and window alarms fitted.
This committee member called a General Meeting on the 30th June, without following protocol as laid down by our Constitution or the Charity Commission rules. She elected the part time volunteer as Treasurer of the Charity. No vote was taken, the meeting hadn't even been opened, it was not a Special Meeting, so this election of volunteer to officer of the Committee is not valid under our Constitution
We are working with the Charity Commission trying to resolve this matter and on instruction we have twice e mailed this individual asking him to return our passwords to us, so far, these requests have been ignored.

I founded Capricorn, I have watched it grow over the last 32 years, and when I was injured in a R.T.A., with my injuries settlement I bought 12 acres of land for the horses and ponies in the care of the Charity, to have grazing land. When my husband died, I used his life insurance to pay off the mortgage of the Charity Shop in Wrexham. I have not only put blood, sweat, and yes, even tears into this Sanctuary, I have also put every penny I have ever had spare to keep it going, to build it up, to make sure that it was always open to save an animals life. I do not want this to end, and it will if these two people are allowed to take over, they are doing it without the support of me or the Committee, staff or volunteers.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Penyffordd Rubbish News

I stopped using Hope recycling as the staff were too much in your face, telling you what to do.
It's called Meet and Greet.

Buckley recycling centre is much larger and much more laid back. You want to know something you ask the staff otherwise they leave you alone unless assistance is required.

Here's the current position

Best quote:-
Cllr Dave Healey said the decision to close the HRC was the “cumulative effect of austerity” and it would bring on the “development of undevelopment in Flintshire”.

Of course for Llanfynydd, Caegwrle, Hope, etc Buckley is a lot further.

I've got a system for turning everything garden waste into compost with the exception of thorn stuff which goes in the recycling bin.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Night

Someone from over here doing rather well over there.

The Red Hot Chilli's manage to get the word "nomenclature" into the lyrics..................

"Please don't look right through me, it hurts my heart when you do that to me"

Sunday Carboot

Sorry for the swear word. Windows 7+ ended all my photo editing software knowledge.
Can't get Corel Photopaint to work. Microsoft call it progress.

The point correct though. If I was doing a carboot I would get there at 8.00 not 5.30am, can't see the point. It's just trade first thing who will pay you peanuts.

With regards the violence point, in 10 years have seen next to nothing with up to 2000 people on the field. There are no police in attendance.

At Chirk anything goes except livestock. Not like Chester Hospital whose advert in the Chronicle is laughable with all its no this and no that and no the other.

If you do a carboot at Chirk, I would recommend parking your car where told, lock the car up and go for a walk. You do not want people rummaging in the back of your car whilst you are setting up. This is the time stuff will and does go missing. The term locusts springs to mind. Anything a trader wants to buy is worth a lot more than they will pay. How do you know whose a trader?
Go 6.00am in the morning.

What can you get at Chirk Car Boot? A cup of specialist coffee, burgers, fresh fruit, power tools, meat, candy floss, plants, books, children and adult clothes and shoes, car accessories, mobile phones, cheese, homemade cakes, furniture, cars, carpets, caravans and boats for sale, antiques, house clearances, home furnishings, garden plants, fortune told and much more.

The poster leaves out house clearers selling boxes of personal possessions, how sad trawling through somebody's life time history, letters, photos, diaries, etc

I remember buying a professor's library, his new girl friend wouldn't allow books in her house lol

Also the fact that one could be in Eastern Europe. Not a criticism they make the place happen.
Don't see many UK lads walking around on a Sunday morning at 8.00am clasping a vacuum cleaner or a big fluffy teddy.

At another carboot what really gets interesting is *filling a bag for a pound. Give him a pound and he'll give you a bag.
The skill is finding £50 of value to put in the bag, then buy another bag, then another.........
It's like " Its a knockout"!

Chirk Carboot runs every Sunday throughout the year, one of the best carboots in England or Wales.
Over 600 carboots on a good day.

This Sunday looks wet according to the met Office.

* Fill a Bag doesn't do Chirk

Scarecrows in Higher Kinnerton

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Penyffordd Education - Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll

If you have children or young adults may I be so bold as to offer you some advice.

Please consider  reading An Intelligent Person's Guide to Education by Tony Little

Here is a man who has spent a lifetime getting to know children well, and has been thinking as hard about what they need as their parents have ... [An Intelligent Person's Guide to Education] is a humane and committed introduction to how the rest of us, parents and teachers alike, can use our own common sense Daily Telegraph

About the Author
Tony Little was educated at Eton College and has taught at various schools in the UK. He has led three schools over the past 25 years and was appointed Head Master of Eton in 2002.

Working with state and independent institutions at home and abroad he has become a passionate believer in the transformative effect of good, modern boarding schools.
Tony Little is The Head Master of Eton. One of the most progressive and imaginative people in British education today he has hitherto kept a low profile. This book, published to coincide with his retirement, sets out his educational fundamentals.

There is a crisis in the British education system. Year on year GCSE and A Level pupils post better exam results, with more students achieving top grades. Yet business leaders and employers complain bitterly that our schools are not producing people fit for purpose. Far from being locked in an ivory tower, a bastion of privilege, Mr Little has used his time as a teacher and headmaster to get to grips with fundamental questions concerning education. He wants to produce people fit to work in the modern world. How do children absorb information? What kind of people does society need? What is education for? Not only is the author one of the great reforming headmasters of our time but he has planted Academies in the East end of London, founded a state boarding school near Windsor and yet is a passionate advocate of single sex schools.

This book is not a text book for colleges of education - it is a book to enlighten the teaching profession and just as much for anxious parents. The book is simply arranged under topics such as authority, expectations, progress, self-confidence, sex, crises and creativity.

Tony Little thinks it is time to ask some fundamental questions, and to make brave decisions about how we make our schools and our schoolchildren fit for purpose.


You may not be sending your children to Eton but there is plenty of sage advice in this book. Apparently the male brain is not fully developed until the age of 28.

Some of you may have some way to go.................

postscript: I should point out I'm an agent of Amazon.

Monday, July 20, 2015



We have a wasps nest in our living room.
The pest control man laughed when Lisa told him where it was.
He has 8 wasp nest visits today.

As a rule I don't kill anything excepting the odd horse fly.
They just will not be told.

We have bee and wasp nests in the garden they are just left alone.

The nest must have 20 or 30 in at the moment. edit joke!
We've had one or two in for days but I thought they had a nest
inside the roof outside that they were coming through the patio door from outside.

Seems its the other way around..................

Just to make things more interesting I've
tried to remove some hifi cables near the nest so pest control have better access.

Some of the cables were in the nest which now has a hole in it.

Swift exit stage left...........................

Got stung on the nose by a hornet once removing some ivy.
Not nice at all.
Had to dash through nettles and over a fence with eyes streaming.

postscript: job done, was wondering about a diy job, this would have been a big mistake,
the nest had over 100 adults and eggs, the nest I could see was just a small part.

Wiki quote " The size of the colony ranges from 3000 larvae up to maximum of 8000 larvae, with the queen producing around 200~300 eggs per day for 24 days"

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Local vehicle Accident Last Wednesday

I can't place the accident " Leeswood bridge" ? A541?

I can see the Hanson cement tower.

Looks like the road near the golf driving range.

Dog Mess - Arnold has a good idea

You can't walk along the pavements without one eye on the ground. Don't know what the cost is but it would be very effective. There are trails of dog mess along the pavements some mornings. I think it money well spent.

Some silly suggestions by individuals in the article.

Of course it raises issues with some people, most probably the ones who don't carry bags.
It is an important issue current methods of dealing with it are hopeless.
I presume dna testing is near perfect.

ps. I'm a dog owner.

Nothing Much Happening

Our dog does this trick but not as good as this.
The dog is supposed to be white.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Penyffordd Health

Giant Hogweed what a plant, imported from Russia I think. Normally bi annual. Sets its stall out in the first year then climbs to 14 feet in the second year. Transport spreads the seeds along the highway. The nearest I've seen it to Penyffordd is Northop on the A55. I know where there is a field full of it.

The bees love it.

As with lots of things that are a threat to us, it has to be destroyed. Such is our civilised society. All that it requires is respect and education for us.

Its no good for making blow pipes to fire pips through lol. A visit to A&E with pretty awful skin damage. Your skin bubbles up like the bubonic plague, been there got the tee shirt.

Wiki say cattle and pigs can eat it without harm.

World News

Have you ever thought what the Middle East is all about.
I think the main issue is energy.
If they didn't have oil.......................

Robert Fisk tells it as it is.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Penyffordd Health Quiz

This is Penyffordd's new health centre, where is it?

Perhaps I'm being unfair. If Betty can give Flint Town Council the run around what chance have Penyffordd councillors got.

With the benefit of full hind sight Penyffordd district residents should have been persuaded that using our now closed health centre was the way to go instead of the current position where we have to use the chemist, go to Buckley, Broughton or Hope. Whoops! I've given the answer!

My last local doctor visit was a 90 minute wait for a 5 minute consultation.

Its what happens when you give free health care to every Tom, Dick or Harry who can get into the country who didn't pay didly squat towards our health system.

Welcome to the Euro Zone.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Penyffordd Allotment News

I'm under the impression the above allotments are run by PACA.
( Penyffordd  ____ Community Association)
Which I understand was set up due to the inertia of some of our older community councillors.
Perhaps it was one of those political things.
The Independents dislike Labour and vice versa. A big generalisation but true.
Politics make things happen, they also hinder.

Cllr David Williams tried to set up an alternative allotment site a year or two ago. I've not been past the proposed site but I presume the project died. It didn't help having stupid people in the process. No not you David.

The Millstone site is the one that Penyffordd Community Cllrs voted in April to demolish to get their bright shiny new primary school. (Pen041) LDP

Funny old world.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Blogging a Hughes Tradition

This is my brother Michael's eldest, Alex. (below link)
Half British and half Greek
Super programmer and rock star.

Since we're half way up the country handy for half way stops for his galavanting.
Alex is always welcome.
A gentle giant, not sure where the giant genes come from must be the Greek side.

Garden Beauty

Click on image for a better view

Got one of these in the garden at the moment. It's about 2.5 inches wide at the wing tips. Had to do google image search for large uk moth to find out what it was.

Cllr David Williams to update Community Council on Single Site School


15TH JULY 2015

 A G E N D A

1. Apologies
2. Declaration of Interest – Members Code of Conduct To receive any declarations of interest from Members.
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 10th June 2015 - To receive the minutes and confirm as a correct record and then authorise the Minutes.
4. Matters arising -To review any matters arising from the last meeting.
5. Community Asset Transfers -To review information received following the Expression of Interests made.
6. Millstone Playing Field -  To receive an update in respect of funding.
7. Transport – Bus Routes To discuss the No.3 Bus Route with regard to the Buckley Medical Practice and the removal of the Sunday bus service.
8. Single Site School To receive an update from Cllr Williams. 
9. Open Meeting/Public Questions - To discuss this matter with a view to agreeing a date.
10. Discuss complaints received. - The Craft & Old Lane Penyffordd and Melwood Close Clinic Site (where young boy was injured).
11. Police Report PCSO Mat Gordon to provide a report.
12. Planning Applications -To review and consider planning applications received. i. Ref: 053856. Land side of Talossamme, Abbotts Lane, Penyffordd – Renewal of outline planning permission ref: 049792 for the erection of 1 no. dwelling. ii. Ref: 052377. Bank Farm, Lower Mountain Road. Notification of Appeal Ref No.: APP/A6835/V/15/3025080
13. Notification of Planning Decision - To note planning decisions made by Flintshire County Council.
14. Correspondence - To acknowledge and note correspondence received
15. Any Other Business

Georgia Kaye Edwards

is Miss Junior Teen Flintshire .

Georgia has been selected from hundreds of semi finalists to compete in the finals at Blackpool in October. In the Flintshire Chronicle Georgia explains that the function of a teen pageant goes way beyond just a beauty contest. Pageant girls are required to get involved in community events, raise money for charity, to show their caring side.

Georgia explains that getting involved builds confidence, makes you aware of what's going on around you.

I'm sure Penyffordd wishes her well for the finals in Blackpool. Whatever the outcome we have a young girl here that Penyffordd can be proud of.
A role model for Penyffordd youth.

There is a picture in the Chronicle of Georgia, Flintshire County Chairman Ray Hughes and our County Councillor Cindy Hinds.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Quote of the Decade

"I think the big mistake in schools is trying to teach children anything, and by using fear as the basic motivation. Fear of getting failing grades, fear of not staying with your class, etc. 

Interest can produce learning on a scale compared to fear as a nuclear explosion to a firecracker." 

Stanley Kubrick

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Conspiracy Theories - Now there's a funny thing

Found that which is below after following a link.


1. The creation of racism offences.
2. Continual change to create confusion
3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
4. The undermining of schools' and teachers' authority
5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
6. The promotion of excessive drinking
7. Emptying of churches
8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
9. Creating dependency on the state or state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

Any of this look familiar in our modern forward looking society?

I get 9 out of 11.

I think the rest is below. This is just a one off, plenty of others on the case.

To the Welsh Riviera

Conway harbour on quiet mid week day when the kids are at school. I leave the weekend to the tourists.

The best fish and chip shop in Great Britain next to the harbor wall entrance.

Why is it the majority of fish and chip shops murder one of our national dishes.
The chips are very good, the battered cod sublime.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Friday Night


More jobs news.

Nothing happening much in Penyffordd. Gardeners will be waiting for the down pour tonight. Do we pull all our electric equipment including broadband in case of damage by coming electrical storm?

Jo up the road had aubergine plants for sale outside the house raising money for MS. At 9.10 am they were all gone!

Anyway the job. Not in Penyffordd but up the coast.

Been there are on two yoga retreats. No mobiles, no alcohol, vegetarian food, yoga practice morning and evening for two weeks............
You come off the island, if you can get off when you want to, a bit spaced out.

Bishops and priest also go there. Some of them took cases of port and wine.......

How do find your work, do you find it exciting?

I have a friend whose small company has recently been bought by a national company. He is currently being processed to work inside the Borg ( larger company). The larger company admire how the small company works how they deal with customers, their customer retention. The small company have in the past dealt with the larger company, the staff's attitude leads a lot to be desired.

One of the questions asked him was the subject title. Is this a trick question? How do you answer this question? I think if you have a family and mortgage you have to lie.

I have a friend who is an HR director of a big company I should ask him.

I once ( twice) worked for Airbus down the road. The job was in an engineering workshop that was noisy and smelly . I made high precision parts for commercial and military aircraft. I had volunteered to go back to the department I had served my apprenticeship in as work where I was had not yet turned main stream.

After 3 months I got a call for an interview with Gill*banks Jnr and my department manager. One of the questions was part of the title. How did I find my work?

I replied that my work was not similar to being an airline pilot, the job paid the bills, allowed me to go on foreign holidays. Cue office door with another 3 months probation....................

I've sacked about 12 companies over 45 years of work. Sailed close to the wind a few times with one or two.

Currently I work for 7 companies. One of them fires you by robot. Appeals against decision are read by robots.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Local House Sales

Address    Sold    Price   Sold date   Type

5, Bilberry Close, CH4 0LT £126,500 29 Apr 2015 3 bed semi-D

24, Min Y Ddol, CH4 0EB £292,000 08 May 2015 4 bed detached

Acrefield House, Platt Lane, CH4 0HX £495,000 13 Nov 2014 detached 

Bryn Eithin, Bannel Lane, CH7 3AP £355,000 01 May 2015 4 bed detached

To view all Land Registry data for CH4 0LS click here
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