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Thursday, July 17, 2014

School child nearly killed on Chester Rd Penyffordd yesterday

Not quite sure of all my facts here Edwina .......but here we go.

A schoolchild cycled down the Penymynydd Rd yesterday afternoon after 3.20pm  across the road onto the wide path outside my house then down to the Chinese then did an abrupt left hand turn on to Chester Rd in front of a moving vehicle that managed to miss child.

This scenario a nightmare of mine

Ysgol Penyffordd are aware.
Post office might be aware
Chinese was shut and won't be aware

Media should get permission to talk to council personnel

All Ysgol Penyffordd children are warned of the dangers of traffic on Chester Rd.

Time for compulsory 20mph between garage and institute and Penymynydd Rd to the school.

Note to Cllrs. Some drivers hammer over the speed bumps.

Apart from what I've said, I kno* nothing.


*copyright Private Eye


  1. And a banning of through commercial traffic.

  2. They need to put a kerb or a post to the left of the first speed bump on way into Penyffordd. People barrel down the road and swerve onto the muddy verge to avoid the bump. Seen two cars skid doing this when it's been raining. Accident waiting to happen.

  3. Thanks for this. I see them doing this from my bedroom.


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